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CONTENTS Editor’s Report Here we go again. A big warm welcome to all the old and the new to Sem 112. No one’s told me that every second semester of the year is usually dubbed the ‘quiet semester’. Don’t let the decrease in intake numbers fool you; I’ve had a great first couple of weeks back thanks to some quality newbies. That’s right, quality trumps over quantity anyday. To those who have just started this sem, or the the unlikely few who have been here for a while but have never heard of Scope, this weekly magazine is your guide to current affairs at bond. Sometimes serious but generally lighthearted, Scope is like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, only in magazine form. This week, we’ve picked up where we left off last semester with another smashing edition of Scope. Starting with important information on the first few pages, this edition clicks into gear from page six, with Shannan Smith’s ‘New Mantras for Meditation’. A must read. I let a couple other sub-editors loose this week, and both Mona and Milly took the opportunity by the horns. Mona’s ‘While you Were Gone’ updates you on the world outside of Bond over the semester break. Milly devised a whole board game (loosely based on Monopoly), only that it’s not an actual board game. I hope I won’t have to see anyone rolling dice to play the game, I mean, article. Be sure to read ‘BIAS Social Justice Trip’ to see that we can indeed make a difference in the world. Lessons were learned and people were inspired in that trip, and I hope there will be more of the same in the future. Until next week,

Andra Nasrie

Weekly Busa Report


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Exec Drinks 111 Wrap Up


New Mantras for Meditation




While You Were Gone...


Bond: The Board Game


BIAS Social Justice Trip






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Weekly BUSA Report

The 411 on 112 James Graham Dear Bondies, Welcome to semester 112 – for those who are returning to Bond, welcome back – for those who are beginning here for the first time, welcome aboard! Whether you’re returning for your tenth semester of just beginning your first, it’s easy to see why Bond is the world to study. As you gaze outside and see the blue sky and picturesque views, you sometimes forget that you’re actually at university – let alone one with state of the art facilities and that is only a stone’s throw away from one of Australia’s best beaches. It’s hard to think whether there is anywhere else in the world you would rather be – let alone study. There’s little doubt that the year we’ve had to date has been one that won’t soon be forgotten. This time last semester, I sent out our thoughts and best wishes to those Bondies who were affected by the devastating flooding that ravaged almost all of Queensland – two months later we saw a bus load of Bondies head north to Goodna, one of the worst hit areas, to join the brigade of volunteers in the clean-up effort. Last semester also saw BUSA’s first ever university wide academic competition – the Alumni Student Excellence Medal Opinionated Essay Competition. We saw over 45 students opine on a range of topics, from mankind’s greatest challenge for the 21st century, to whether political correctness has gone too far. BUSA’s next competition is on track to take place later this semester – with another $1,000 up for grabs, be sure to stay tuned for further details. It’s only week one, and we already have a jam packed semester ahead of us. We kick off this Friday with Club Sign on Day and the Avatar Pub Crawl – be sure to get your tickets, this is one not to be missed. We also have a huge semester of sport ahead of us, with Business v Law Rugby, North v South AFL and the ever popular 80’s Tennis Tournament all taking place over the coming weeks. Bond also heads south this semester to Armidale to compete in Northern University Games – a week not to be missed for those sporting enthusiasts among us. We have a great semester ahead of us so be sure to get involved and make the most of it. Over and out, JJG


*** We have moved! – New office located Bld 9 – Accommodation Centre, level 1 *** (Next to Varsity Printing & Bond Bookshop) Careers Clinics - Dates Careers  Clinics  (week  1  -­‐  6)     Part-­‐time  Employment  Strategy  (week  1)        Tuesday  –  17th  May          Wednesday  –  18th  May     Career  Planning  (week  2)        Tuesday  –  24th  May          Thursday    -­‐  25th  May     Applications  that  WOW!  (week  3)   “Resumes  &  Applications  “        Tuesday  –  31st  May          Wednesday    -­‐  1st  June     Interview  Techniques  (week  4)        Tuesday    -­‐  7th  June          Wednesday  –  8th  June       The  Art  of  Networking  (week  5)          Tuesday  –  14th  June            Wednesday  –  15th  June     Post  Grad  Career  Strategy  (week  6)          Tuesday  –  21st  June            Wednesday  –  22nd  June  


    6.00pm  –  7.00pm     1.00pm  –  2.00pm     6.00pm  –  7.00pm     1.00pm  –  2.00pm         6.00pm  –  7.00pm     1.00pm  –  2.00pm       6.00pm  –  7.00pm     1.00pm  –  2.00pm       6.00pm  –  7.00pm     1.00pm  –  2.00pm       6.00pm  –  7.00pm     1.00pm  –  2.00pm    


Bld 6_2_11   Bld  6_2_11   Bld  6_2_11     Bld  6_2_11         Bld  6_2_11  

Bld 6_2_11     Bld  6_2_11     Bld  6_2_11     Bld  6_2_11     Bld  6_2_11       Bld  6_2_11   Bld  6_2_11  

If you have any questions regarding these clinics or you would like to make an appointment with the Career Development Centre, please contact Kylie Pamenter -, or phone: 07 5595 3388 4

Exec Drinks 111 Wrap-up Alan White BUSA Vice President (Recreation) In March of this year, the Bond University Student Association held the semesterly Executive Drinks awards night for Bond’s cultural and sporting societies, as well as Bond Faculty Student Associations and various outstanding individuals to celebrate and thank those who contributed to the student experience at Bond over the past semester.

of the above, allowing students to come up close and personal with some of Australia’s most prominent bankers and business executives. Best Event – The HSA ‘Pool Session’ *A special mention to the BSA’s ‘Palaver’ A new event on the Bond social calendar, the HSA were awarded ‘Best Event’ due to their ability to provide a fun, alcohol free alternative that catered for a wide range of students while not asking for much from the hip pocket. The HSA provided Boost Juice and a free BBQ – and allowed students to enjoy the last days of summer by the Bond pool.

Using the new electronic voting system – BUSA received over 150 votes, ensuring there was a wide variety of clubs, societies and events nominated for their semesters work. On behalf of BUSA, I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have contributed to the Bond Student Experience in semester 111. We are very excited to see what semester 112 holds in store.

Best Faculty Student Association - The Humanities Student Association *A special mention to the Business Students Association The HSA were once again awarded ‘Best FSA’ for services that can be attributed to both current President Callum Wood and outgoing 2010 – 2011 President Anna Eraclides. The HSA ran successful events such as Whitehouse and the aforementioned HAS Pool Session, as well as providing a consistent range of academic services and competitions. The HSA of 2010-2011 also heavily invested money back into the Humanities students, purchasing books, cameras and other equipment made available to the HSS student body. The HSA also invested in the refurbishment of Level One of the Arch, the HSS Reception.

Best Cultural Club – Bond Investment Group (BIG) *A special mention to Bond Casual Gaming Society For the wide range of services offered to Bond students, both within the Business School, and for those who hold an interest in the property market and investment market. Further, this semester BIG held professional dress etiquette classes for students, as well as running a highly successful Titans of Industry speakers function. Best Sporting Club – The Bond Touch Club *A special mention to Bond Netball Club Awarded for the consistently high quality of services made available to students in the internal Bond competition held on Monday night. The Touch executive are thoroughly organised, provide food to their players weekly, and make available the game of touch to beginners as well as advanced players. Recently, the competition moved from 6 to 12 teams.

Contribution to Campus Life Award – Liam Auer *A special mention to Jack Ma and Mary Grant Liam was awarded the Contribution to Campus Life award this semester for his high level of involvement at Bond. He was the Vice President (Sport) for BUSA in 2009/2010, as well as being the current Vice President of the Business Student Association. Further, he is the current Chair of Bond Investment Group – who as mentioned previously contributes heavily to the student experience. An exceptional academic, as well as sportsmen, Liam has represented Bond and won Gold at the Australian University Games, and has left a lasting impact on sport at Bond.

Best Small Club Event – Bond Investment Group’s Titans of Industry *A special mention to Casual Gaming Societies ‘UniLan’ This new award is given to an event that while only being available to a small number of students – is of an extremely high standard, and allows students an enjoyable, insightful and intimate event to attend. Titans of Industry was all


New Mantras for Meditation Shannan Smith And here we go again. Our three short weeks of bliss are over and we have dived once more into 14 long weeks of little sleep (though this may have been a holiday feature for some); lots of stress; and plenty of assessment frustration. The lucky among us are doing it all for the last time; but there are plenty of us who aren’t – and another lot for whom all of this is new. For those who fall into the latter two categories, keep reading, because I’m about to provide you with eight little mantras to see you through the first five days of 112 (or the last three of the first five days, really). As for those of you who fall into the former category? Keep reading anyway – c’mon, take a trip down memory lane!

Mantra One: I am not alone

For newbies, reading Scope on a weekly basis is one of those ‘classic uni experiences’ – you pretty much have to do it.

Yes, one of University’s saving graces is that it offers you the opportunity to make friends. Seeing them in lectures/tutes/and around the place should (hopefully) provide at least some motivation to get out of bed.

Mantra Five: More Thursdays at Don’s What’s not to like?

For those just starting, I offer an alternative interpretation: you’re not the only one who is going to get lost finding classrooms or feel clueless in lectures. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

Mantra Six: Gotta love making money* It’s likely that since you’re now going to be bogged down with uni-work, you won’t be able to work at your other job(s) as much as you could during break. You’ve probably also just paid your fees, your SAM and spent an exorbitant amount on clothes you’ll never wear again (whilst sober) to attend Tight ‘n’ Bright. BUT: Week One offers you the opportunity to sell your textbooks, so... hello $70 rebate on last sem’s $150 investment! It’s almost like payday.

Mantra Two: Clean slate For new students (particularly schoolleavers): Despite what you may have been told, university courses do not serve to consolidate what you’ve learned over the past twelve years. Everything you need for your degree, you’ll learn here. So take a deep breath and let it go slowly; your break before study (and the associated memory strain) is not going to be the end of you.

*For this mantra to work for those starting this sem, it is necessary to consider money saved by attending the second hand book sale as money earned .

For continuing students: New semester, new subjects, new lecturers – maybe even a new degree? Chances are, you’re off the hook: you can clear out everything you learned last sem to make way for the new stuff. Unless of course you’re doing a degree like Med, for which it’s probably important to remember what came before...

Mantra Seven: It’s not for long That’s right, thanks to Bond’s much-lauded fast-tracked degree structure, we can all take consolation in the fact that (most of us) will face the back-to-uni blues for a whole year less than everyone else!

Mantra Three: One step closer

Mantra Eight: A new beginning

Every day spent at uni is one day less until you are doctor- ing/ lawyer-ing/reporting/building/ conferencing/travelling/changing the world

To finish on a more serious note, the start of 112 really does represent a new beginning – and not just for newbies. For those of us who received grades that weren’t quite what we’d hoped for – and could, upon reflection, remember (at least in part) more nights spent at Don’s than spent on the books – now is the time to try to reassess. Our GPAs won’t disappear, but they can improve. Yes, cringe-worthy as it may be, I am going to leave you with a ninth adage: It’s never too late to make a change.

Mantra Four: At least there’s Scope? That’s right, we’re back for another semester, so you no longer have to feel empty on Wednesdays at around lunch time when you would usually be picking up your copy of the paper and sitting down for a leisurely read - of every article on offer.


O Week

Photographer: Bella Baldwin

While you were gone... Simone Mizikovsky Whilst you were perfecting your tan on the beaches in Bali or drinking yourself to oblivion in Thai nightclubs, the world kept on ticking. Yep, that’s right, various news cycles came and left, but rest assured, we here at Scope won’t leave you out of the loop much longer.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is dead Unless you were hiding out in an Afghani cave all holidays with Bin Laden’s remaining family members, you would have to be aware of this breaking story. On the 1st of May, International hide and seek World Champion, Bin Laden, was found and killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan. News of the death brought a sense of relief worldwide with many Americans celebrating outside the Whitehouse until the wee hours of the morning. The assassination has had a few unwelcome ramifications though, relating to US-Pakistan relations mainly surrounding the small issue of national sovereignty. Oh and that other little issue that the Pakistani’s didn’t seem to know that bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad, even though it houses a military base and a military academy. Awkward turtles aside, as Obama rightly stated in his first Whitehouse press statement following the event, “And on nights like this one, we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al Qaeda’s terror: Justice has been done.”

The Royal Wedding Ah yes, nothing like a bit of royal romance to lighten the mood of international news. Finally, after five months of planning, Prince William of Wales (second in line to the British throne) and Miss Catherine Middleton wed at Westminster Abbey on the 29th of April. Now if you weren’t one of the reported 24.5 million people who tunned in to the festivities, here is a quick run down. - The bride wore a Alex Burton designed Alexander McQueen dress with a 2.7 metre long train, some say a disappointment from Diana’s 8 metre long train and a Cartier tiara lent to Kate by the Queen. - The bride’s sister, Pippa Middleton was smokin’. Now, I know as much as the next British citizen that it sucks when your own sister shows you up at your royal wedding, but that’s life. Pippa, dubbed P-Middy by the tabloids, is unfortunately engaged but feel free to visit to lay tribute to her backside. - Julia Gillard wore a David Jones and Myer number for the wedding (according to the Sydney Morning Herald) in order to celebrate Australia’s *cough* top designers. - Following the service, most British citizens ran for the tea and bikkies, with the UK National Grid reported that its figures showed a huge surge in demand for power, equivalent to one million kettles being boiled. - For their honeymoon, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, spent a week on the tiny island of Desroches, 150 miles by helicopter from Mahe, the main island of Seychelles. They spent a small $6,000 a night.

Azerbaijan is a country?

The Republic of Azerbaijan “is the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, located at the crossroads of Southeast Europe/Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south”, as Wikipedia politely informed me, and won the 2011 Eurovision contest. 43 countries competed in 2011, with two pairs of identical twins and over 100 million worldwide viewers. Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal of Ell/Nikki were voted Europe’s favourites, after scoring 221 points with their romantic love song, Running Scared. It is the first time that Azerbaijan has won the contest in its 56-year history, having only joined Eurovision in 2008. Other special mentions should go to Israel’s entry, transgender Dana International and her hit ‘Ding Dong’ as well as Moldova’s entry presented by Zdob si Zdub wearing cones on their heads and performed with a girl on a tricycle.

Oh Libya Just to make sure you are entirely updated with world news, there have been developments in the Libya Saga. On May 16 the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague sought arrest warrants for Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya, his son and his brother-in-law on charges of orchestrating systematic attacks against civilians that amount to crimes against humanity. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for further updates on this interesting but sad news cycle.



So you’ve just passed go. You’ve collected your $200 student allowance and you’re well on your way to Mayfair Street. Scratch that. You’re back to square one, and you’re standing like a fish out of water gazing up at unfamiliar sandstone walls. There may well be several reasons why you look goggle-eyed. You may be a newbie, trying to suss out the inner workings of the Bond social ladder. You may still be ticking in holiday mode and need to reset your settings like the Duracell Bunny. Or you may have drank your thoughts dry, lost all your brain cells and asked 5 essential questions upon waking the next morning: “What? Where? When? Why?...WHO!?” Needless to say, winning the game may take some work. Roll the dice and see where you land.


Now here’s a bit of tough luck. You’ve landed yourself in jail. Looks like someone had a bit too much fun at Don’s last night. Ok, so I know your law profs generally say to call them if you land in trouble, but try avoid the awkwardness of the situation by thinking before doing. That is, think about the beer, then do what it takes to fix up your mess.



In the meantime, your colleagues have jumped ahead to the MLC. Plenty of chitter chatter and gaming - I meant studying - going on there. With loud noises, constantly changing coloured lights and bubbly faces, this is borderline nightclub. You try convincing people to get you out of jail but they are too busy with Wii Tennis to hear your cry for help. Sleep comes easily now.

Get out of Jail

You’ve scored big time. Check out the glitz and glamour from above by feeling somewhat superior from your tower in the sky. You can pretend to play God here, watching little people text on their phones, panic over assignments and rush to and fro between faculties. It’s funny how the little people don’t stop to consider what they are really doing with themselves. Little chess pieces ready to be all or end all. Piece of friendly advice: balance. You can still have fun if you work hard and play hard. Stop to smell the roses once in a while.

Looks like your lucky day. You score a Get out of Jail Free card. You stand on your soapbox wearing your Roman toga and direct a speech toasting your freedom. The sun kisses your skin. You look over at the passers-by, ordinary students just like you, and think: what is the point of the game? Is it really about winning or having fun? It all comes down to this. We are all winners here, motivated, highly ambitious, fun-loving and hardworking. Let’s face it - we all win a piece of the pie: a highly enriched university experience. At the end of the day, we should just take full advantage of our time here and enjoy the ride.

Gym/Sports Hall Community Chest Guess you can’t hide all that fat behind your big winter jacket now, can you? After all, if you start now you won’t have to suck it out later (this is the Gold Coast after all). On your way out, can you please tell the sad kid on the side that planking is not a sport.

Sports Hall. Ouch. If you’re not playing sport here, you’re running hoops with your pen come exam time. Just take it easy, don’t stress and pack a million pens. Chances are one will work on the day.

Pay SAM $110. Not bad at all you will get stacks of benefits in return such as unlimited use of the gym and student discounts. Well worth your while if you want to rock in style.

The Ornamental Lawns This one’s a real charmer on those lazy summer days, with good ol’ Wednesdays by the Water running up the chill factor. The smell of sausages and vegie patties is in the air, mixed with the scent of sweat, laughter and a hopeless sense of procrastination. You’ve got the status of a student written all over you. Music on repeat, fountain sprays on your skin and reminiscing friends. What more could you want? You decide to set up camp here.


Pub Crawl

Four steps ahead, you’re invited to Pub Crawl, Avatar-style. Bond’s mascot, the Bull Shark is there too, dancing like he’s the life of the party. So there you are contemplating whether half the people here decided to paint their birthday suits blue instead of wearing actual costumes. Sometimes it’s best not to know.

(Warning: This is not actually a board game. This is an article) Milly Arsic


The Student Opportunity Fund grants you $1000 to undertake an internship. Now that’s a bonus! Move forward one square.

Th i n k i ng Steps Roll up, roll up. Move six steps in front. Real nice. Though, it takes some getting used to with those Thinking Steps really messing up your flow. I mean, sure you can talk the talk with your legalese or medical jargon but if you look like an idiot doing it, you will lose your street cred here. I generally find either one leg does all the work, or I skip a few steps in the process.


Next dice roll wakes you from your stupor. You’ve landed yourself on a spot frequented by many. We call it the Main Library. It involves actual work through the use of a surprisingly imperative organ known as the ‘brain’. It also involves a horrible word designed to make you fail: temptation. Yes folks, it will be all around you. The tempting glare of the computer screen demanding you check the latest Facebook updates to satisfy your thirst for gossip. That weird guy singing a country song on your left, thinking he is enriching your musical understanding. The annoying girl deep in thought, clicking her pen on a two-second basis like no tomorrow (don’t you just hate that?). Steer clear from these awful distractions by placing a sticky note on your computer screen with the words: VICTORY IS MINE, SUCKERS.

BIAS SOCIAL JU A difference in your own backyard When you step off a plane into blistering heat, no phone reception and no hospital for hundreds of kilometres, its not hard to realise how far you are away from home. When you sit in a classroom with a 17 year old boy who has spent his entire life in and out of foster care, the justice system and who reads at year 4 grade, it’s not hard to presume you are in a third world country. What is hard to swallow is when you realise that the plane which dropped you seemingly in the middle of nowhere, actually didn’t even leave the Australia but instead flew into what could be your own backyard. This was the reality for 14 Bond students who willingly sacrificed the majority of their short holidays to attend St. Teresa’s Agricultural College in Abergowrie, an almost entirely Indigenous boarding school for young men. They knew it wouldn’t be glamorous, working not 9am to 5pm, but instead working 6am until 12am in the classroom, on the sports fields, in the dormitories and with the boys who call this amazing school home. For what seemed like almost a lifetime, but was in truth only a few hours more than a week, our fellow students opened not only their mind but their hearts to boys who simply steal your breath away. Reading this article cannot accurately give you a description of the amazement, arduousness, surprise nor wonder that it was to work with these amazing young men. You cannot adequately illustrate how hard it is to work with children who have been told they are too dumb or too worthless to make a life for themselves, and still manage to make even a small impact in their lives in just a week. You cannot easily paint a picture of the emotions that run through your veins when you see a child who has simply gotten used to failing, for the first time in their life, succeed. You cannot sufficiently depict the wonder of the worlds oldest continuing Indigenous culture, the stories and history and heritage. What I can do is tell you that these 14 Bond students managed to, at the very least, make a significant and amazing impact in the life of Australia’s most disadvantaged children. Although many of us do not realise, we live in a country where the United Nations in 2005 said house the world’s second most disadvantaged people in terms of living conditions, our own Indigenous brothers and sisters. Some of our own people suffer literacy and numeracy rates well bellow the standard that would see them succeed in today’s world. This is not an essay nor an opinion piece designed to make you feel guilty, but instead is an article which is meant to open your eyes and provoke your emotions. Next time you tell yourself you are too small, too busy, too far away to make a difference, tell yourself this: Change can be made in your own backyard, for your own brothers and sisters. Contact BIAS President to see the difference you can make. Ricky Macourt President The Bond Indigenous Awareness Society ricky.macourt@student.

STICE TRIP 2011 The Boys of Abergowrie A new beginning had begun new friendships had been sprung As the unknown lay ahead 14 bondies took a leap and tread into Abergowrie college and for eight days they worked having significant emotional jerk Surrounded by mountains and a starry sky the boys never gave up hope and scored the winning tri but it was basketball that reached the warrior within and led the boys to a glorious win On the oval their spirits run free the boys becoming each other’s family They grow together day by day their faith in the heavenly father leading the way The mountainess scenery enabled escape a surreal view that opens the gate The myths and legends of stories past scared the girls as they walked along the night path Towards the small green house which was home for a week gave the bondies a place to put up their feet for the days were long and tiring but growing forever inspiring Bright futures ahead for all the boys prospects of uni all part of the void tafe is an option and so is a trade but as long as they’re happy my goal has been made Inspiration was drawn as our hearts where torn the emotions running high as we left and said good bye. -- Gemma Lloyd

They’ll take you to the Candy Shop!

Ava Phillis

It’s Palaver time and the Business Students’ Association is here to satisfy your sweet tooth with a hint of hedonism on Thursday June 2, week three. The delectable evening will see Don’s Tavern be transformed into Candy Land, opening doors to the fantasy world at 7.30pm. After the first three weeks of classes we all deserve a little sugar, spice and all things nice, with our sugar daddy Arc Aquisitions and Holdings placing the cherry on top. Now that the Gold-en Coast has frozen over, it’s time to embrace the abundant party favourites and say no to hibernation. Ignore the clouds outside and step inside Don’s Tavern to reveal a realm of rainbows! We are under strict instructions by Social Director Lizzie Harrington to “dress deliciously” so ditching your jeans, thongs and skate shoes is a must if you wish to stay on her sweet side. Whether you choose to build a candy stockpile to better your personal insulation levels or you wish to stay warm by burning it up on the dance floor, swapping your Snuggie for a sizzling ensemble is a must. If you’re lacking ideas I suggest drawing some inspiration from Katy Perry’s hit song California Girls, I know I’d like to see someone shoot whipped cream out of a sequined bra successfully. Buses will collect frosted adventurers from Don’s at 11.30pm to continue the exploration of Candy Land at Shooters. To gain access to Candy Land, be sure to attend the Business Breakfast on Tuesday, week three to purchase your passes for $40 SAM or $60 non-SAM. Your tickets include VIP entitlements, tempting treats and something to arouse your aesthetic appetite. Dress to fulfil your most indulgent dreams and join us for a night of sweet, guilt-free bliss.

Scope Review

Dexter I had never seen Dexter until about one month ago. The only reason I could think of was I hadn’t seen it from start to finish, which can easily ruin a show and causes some initial confusion. However, I made such endeavours these holidays, and I enjoyed every second of it. Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, is a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide. He is brilliant at his work, extremely intelligent and homicidal in the most beautiful of ways. Dexter has an ever present methodical look on his face, perfected by Hall. For those who haven’t seen the show, this is a result of Dexter being unable to feel standard human emotions. Without giving too much away, he has suffered great tragedies in his life. As a result, he is a cold, ruthless individual. Oddly, the audience is drawn to this protagonist. You cheer when he gets his man and gain some sick sense of relief and satisfaction as his blade (or other weapon of choice) is driven into the chest of the victim. More on that later, though.

Album of the week: The Antlers - Burst Apart

The main plot of the story is Dexter’s life, and how it revolves around Miami Metro’s hunt for serial killers. Each season focuses on a different killer. Respectively, they are the Ice-Truck Killer; the Bay-Harbour Butcher; the Skinner and the Trinity Killer. Each episode usually features some form of murder; typically at the hands of our noble analyst Dexter. Why make a show such as this though? A show where the main character kills people? Who in their right mind would watch it? Sickos, Weirdos and Sado/ Masochists? Strangely, it’s normal people. The reason for this, in the humble view of this author, is the inherent desire for revenge and punishment for the most vile of people. Dexter kills murderers, who must meet a strict code administered by Dexter. Generally they are people who get away due to crafty defence attorneys, but the occasional person is released on Dexter’s wishes, and the ‘cleansing’ begins. It is difficult to write a review about this show and to not release too much information. The viewer is given information piece by piece. There are subtle hints which allude to who the killer may be, and with a little investigative work, a viewer is able to assemble the Dexter puzzle. As one of the highest rated TV shows on IMDB, it is no surprise that this is such a brilliant show. I haven’t met anyone who dislikes this show. Having seen the first four seasons in the past month, I can vouch for how great this show actually is. So, sit back, relax and vicariously wreak havoc on murderers in the comfort of your own home. Before you know it, you’ll have blood slides in your AC unit and a false bottomed trunk in your cupboard. Enjoy, and happy killings.

Rating: 8.2/10 -- Peter Clayton

Track of the week: Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

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Describe your ideal first lady. This is tough. Abby Bartlett, but fit. Smart, but not too smart. Good looking but not too good looking. Nah, she’s gotta be good looking. Ralph Lauren or Lacoste? Ralph Lauren for sure. And I hate people who pronounce it as Lau-renn. He’s American, it’s pronounced Lauren like the name. Favourite thing about being on BUSA? Being able to contribute to the unique student atmosphere at Bond and having the opportunity to work with a very talented and dedicated team. Favourite food? There’s nothing that I won’t eat. I eat a lot of weird stuff. I used to not be able to eat olives but I can eat them now. If you put a gun to my head and ask me what my favourite meal is, I still wouldn’t be able to tell you. Favourite colour? Blue. I hate green because it looks disgusting.

What’s a day in the life of Graz like? My TV turns on at 7am to ABC News and I watch half an hour of it. By the time I’ve had a shower I’ve had my espresso and then I go down to have breakfast. Most of the next 1012 hours are spent either meeting with people on BUSA, staff, dealing with emails (I dealt with 138 emails yesterday). I then do an hour or so of exercise. Dinner is next on the agenda and then I watch one of my many shows before bed. I’m watching How I Met Your Mother at the moment. Ideal holiday destination? I’d love to climb the tallest peaks in every one of the seven continents. Message for new students? Make as many friends from all over the world as you can, go to all the events. Make the most of the unique experience that is Bond. Watch out for Sam Hourigan though.

Scope 112 Week 1  
Scope 112 Week 1  

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