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PGSA Update One Direction may be the music of choice for undergrads but a new direction is the aim for us (lame…I know). To update you on an eventful postgrad week, we launched our first ‘Bubble Tease’ event, which put a fresh spin on our semesterly ‘Morning Tea’. Not only did we have a variety of awesome flavours but we also got our own Bond University Meme. Woot PGSA!

editor’s report

In contrast, we then hosted our regular ‘Lunch with Alan Finch’ to discuss various issues affecting postgrads and mature age students. Not only were we updated on the progress being made from concerns raised at the previous lunch, we also had the opportunity to have provocative new discussions. Some of the discussion points included the policies behind the application of bell curves, the implementation of separate teaching of postgrads and undergrads, and accessible avenues of communication with heads of faculty.

Second last edition for 121; which means exams are on the horizon! With just over a week left of classes, we hope you’re all studying hard and preparing for the onslaught in the not too distant future. Or just recovering from Frat Party last night. Seriously. An entire day of recovery is definitely needed!

We then ended the week with a night of food, drinks and socializing at ‘Black & White’; a cocktail event on the observation deck of Q1. As the semester comes to a close, we have our final event of the semester this weekend at Burleigh Heads for all those students who have families. This is the time to discuss how much better our parenting skills can be over a few sausages and burgers, while the kids are distracted by the questionable facepainter with butterfly wings. It cannot get better than that.

So if you’re cuddling a bucket, staring at your all day breakfast and wondering what the tits happened last night; rest your weary mind for a while and delve in a little Scopetastic fun. This week we’re a little smaller - but good things come in small packages. Cast your eyes on articles ranging from homeschooling to bowling, and enjoy the photos from last week’s events. We also have an interesting response to an article that was run a couple of weeks ago, that is definitely food for thought.

In sticking to the theme of a new direction, next semester is an exciting one for us. We are officially launching our inaugural ‘OverGrad’. An entire week dedicated to the experienced, bolder and young in spirit. This will include breakfast at the University Club, a public speaking competition, a ‘Cougars & Cradle Robbers’ Don’s night and of course, more bubble tea! Stay tuned for more info.

As for next week, it’s your last chance to submit to Scope for 121! Get typing, get procrastinating, get up on your soapbox!

If you have any feedback for the PGSA, feel free to email us at or find us on our brand spankin’ new website at We can also be stalked on Facebook and Twitter – is twitter still ‘hip’ with you kids? Is the word ‘hip’ still ‘hip’? Just kidding! That’s all from the PGSA!

Looking towards next semester, we’re going to undergo a few changes; because change is good. Also, things can always be improved upon! We’d like to know your thoughts on what you’d like to see, and any comments you have on the current set-up. Keep your eyes peeled for give aways, competitions and vodcasts; all headed your way next semester! That’s it for this week, good luck for any final pieces of assessment and don’t forget to join us at WBTW for a free snag in bread. Until next week, xx


Jorja Wallace

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I moustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later... Georgia Hick





While it may sound like my beard encounters have given me a rather rose coloured outlook, or that perhaps in some instances my view was clouded with a haze of lust, I am by no means blind to the inherent dangers in beard propagation.

The question is simple but for many its answer is as unclear as the origins of time and space. Facial hair: yay or nay? I’ll grant you, I may not appear to be the most qualified person to speak on the topic. True, I am possessed of significantly less facial hair than most people of the male variety. Also true that I’m no master in the field of facial topiary. Yet I can assure you that beneath my veneer of femininity, there is a heavily bearded man with strong views on all things stubble-related deep inside of me. Not in that way... Despite what I may wish. Indeed, I believe it is my inability to cultivate a decent chin growth that authorises me to advise others on the subject. Unlike most men-folk, I can be counted on not to let biases associated with shaving laziness cloud my vision. Furthermore, I doubt many of the beard-boasting male experts can claim much experience of intimacy with a bearded counterpart (I’m excluding gay men from this generalisation, because, let’s face it if you’re a gay man you totally know where it’s at with beards already, and are not reading this article).

As you can see, the issue of facial foliage is by no means a simple one; it’s a fine and dangerous line between dirty hobo and trendy hipster (I don’t care if you look like a dirty hobo, but nobody wants to look like a trendy hipster). There is much to be feared in a beard. However while the risks are great, so too are the rewards. In order to help you navigate the rough seas of rough cheeks, I have compiled a few handy tips to help you in your quest to achieve facial splendour without accidentally winding up looking like a sexual predator.

My own relationship with beards dates back to childhood. My own father was a bearded man for a good chunk of my youth, which naturally instilled in me a certain platonic fondness for the bristled look. Yet with the onset of puberty (hormones), and the discovery of the Lord of the Rings (Aragorn. And Boromir. And on some level even Gandalf...), I became geared for the beard in a whole other way…

Beard Tip 1: No Mo = No Go

As the glorious Barney Stinson might say, were he not of the cleanly-shaven disposition, Beard and Mo are like Man and Bro - the two are mutually dependent, particularly when it comes to pulling the ladies. (Note: The beard with no mo may work on Amish babes if you’re that way inclined).

This sense of certainty early in life set me up well to fully appreciate the many wonders the world of beards has to offer. While some of my unfortunate peers had their perception of beard-beauty sullied by repeated juvenile exposure to Amish atrocities, I was free to admire the true masterpieces of facial artistry; from the sensational sideburns boasted by the likes of Presley and Wolverine, to the wiry whiskers worn best by House, and even the fully bearded glory seen on King Trident, Darwin and one Captain Jack Sparrow. Every year as my birthday rolls around (November 6, write that down), I revel in the beauty of men across the country flaunting their first week’s Movember growth; and know I could never have asked for a better gift.

Beard Tip 2: How to not cut yourself when shaving your beard Quite simple. Do not shave your luscious beard.

Beard Tip 3: Length must have a limit

If you can braid sections of your beard and store snacks for later in its frizzy depths you may have gone too far. Alternatively, a more conventional beard is simply unable to contain your awesomeness.

While it may sound like my beard encounters have given me a rather rose coloured outlook, or that perhaps in some instances my view was clouded with a haze of lust, I am by no means blind to the inherent dangers in beard propagation. One must always exercise caution before committing fully to the bearded lifestyle. It’s true that for an unfortunate percentage of the population, the merest hint of chin and lip adornment sees them transformed into the kind of person you hope never to see hanging around a playground. Still more alarming is the curious phenomenon in which a non-ginger sprouts aggressively auburn whiskers. These people, chin-gers as I like to call them, brave the beard at their own peril; as with many things in life, just because Chuck Norris could manage it it doesn’t mean you can.


Beard Tip 4: Being Beard-ass

It’s all too easy to let ‘I’m just not cool enough’ thoughts run rampant in your mind space, much like that Asian kid in School of Rock. True it takes a lot of bad-assery to rock the beard, however in a self-fulfilling prophecy/Catch-22 kind of way, the simple state of having a beard provides one with the cool factor required to rock it. It’s BYO badass (think Obi wan Kenobi, he went from lame to game simply through beard lovin’).




™How about those parent-teacher nights!?∫ Violet Atkinson In my 18 years of life I have never spent a day at school, never had detention, and most definitely never worn a uniform. Yes, I was homeschooled. As soon as the formidable words homeschool slip from my lips, I can already picture the expression on your face: surprise. This look will be followed by an assumption of hippy or intellectually elite, and then a stream of questions will be rapidly fired: “Is your mum a teacher? You are really smart then, right? How do you actually have friends?” Blah, blah, blah.

Well when us humans were invented/ created/wherever you think we came from, there were no teachers; we figured out how to do shit by just giving it a go and, eventually, we separated into our professions by finding out what we were good at and passionate about. Okay so let’s establish that no, in my spare time I did not hug trees, nor did I display savant-like qualities. I lived in a high-rise right in the middle of Surfers Paradise, not with Frodo and the Hobbits in Middle-earth; and no, my mum was not a teacher. Being homeschooled allowed me, among other things, to live in Malaysia for a time, travel the world, meet lots of people, do a ridiculous amount of surf life saving, and study on the beach (I had a killer tan). You might be asking okay, so if your mum is not a teacher how did you learn? Well when us humans were invented/created/ wherever you think we came from, there were no teachers; we



figured out how to do shit by just giving it a go and, eventually, we separated into our professions by finding out what we were good at and passionate about. So, I mostly taught myself. I loved history, literature, piano, and many other things; so I would read, read, read and practise, practise, practise. I never had to do homework at night or on the weekends because when I studied, I really studied. Yes I ended up with a better grade than I actually expected, but how does this prove homeschoolers to be abnormally smart? What homeschoolers are really good at is time management, because we know that when we finish study for the day we can do whatever we want. There were no confines of staying inside the schoolgates until 3:30pm waiting for the bell to ring. It is at university that most of us will realise that time is an invaluable commodity. So now, here we are in the present. I am 18, in my first semester of law at Bond and honestly, it is killing me! I always wondered why, before I started university, people would look at me like I was terminally ill when they found out I was to study law. Well, I now know that it was for a number of reasons. It could be the incessantly heavy reading, or it could be the obsessive research (quite literally, trying to find the relevant section is enough to enable you to draw similarities between yourself and a deranged bloodthirsty animal). It might also be the fact that we never shut up. Yes admit it, we have to be the most opinionated bunch on campus; sometimes I feel sorry for the other students who have to put up with us. All of this aside although I am dying a slow, legal death, I wouldn’t have it any other way. One day I know through persistent study, it will click and I might finally understand. I love it here. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the overly helpful tutors, seminar leaders, and the constant stream of emails from LSA. I don’t feel like ‘just another student’ and, in comparison with a lot of friends at other universities, I have it Pretty. Damn. Good.



Stop F%@#!ng Swining Anonymous

It is hard to know where to start, or how to express my past week in words. However, I will try. I too have now worn a pig suit for a week. I too have been judged, questioned and stared at. However, the fundamental reason for this condemnatory behaviour, is that I was wearing a f*cking pig suit. It had nothing to do with me as a person, nor did it have anything to do with society’s problem with me as a person; my downfall was the pink and white polyester atrocity (complete with satin trotters) I wore these past seven days. I am no stranger to the phenomenon of the ‘evil eye’, or the feeling of hundreds of onlookers focusing their gaze on the outsider. However, if this sort of response was not preferred, perhaps choosing to wear a pig suit for a week was not the most ideal choice of action in a scenario in which that was OBVIOUSLY GOING TO HAPPEN. Gee, I wish I walked into my 4:00pm tutorial on Thursday, sat down next to a mate and he just casually said, “Hey bro, nice pig suit… you catch the latest Vampire Diaries?” Instead, I was greeted with a flurry of ‘laser beam eyes’ and what smelled like week old honey hickory ham (how ironic).

H1N1 inf luenza, or the Swine Flu, is the closest any one of us here at Bond could come to being associated with the mud bathing, bacon-rich animal to which you are comparing us. This anger does not summarise humanity’s reaction to outsiders, except when we deliberately choose to be the outsider. The suit is more like a shield from people, and their less-than-pleasant reaction is a response to us choosing to remove OURSELVES from the norm. H1N1 influenza, or the Swine Flu, is the closest any one of us here at Bond could come to being associated with the mud bathing, bacon-rich animal to which you are comparing us. As far as I’m concerned, however, ‘suiting-up’ in a costume to look like one does not call for social ridicule because we are being unique. Rather, Bond University students call this type of behaviour something very different: attention seeking. University life, particularly as condensed as it is at Bond, has no place for deliberate attention seekers. Individuals who are unique by life choice in study habits, opinions or religion, have the right to be protected against social ridicule, because these choices are instances of ‘being yourself’. So unless our old mate Darwin pulls himself out of the grave and admits he missed a rather important step in human evolution, attention seekers can take their opinions “wee wee wee all the way home”. Oh, and one more thing. Even though this strays from my own personal sphere of ‘give-a-shit’, I feel obliged to point out that William Maulden, who coined the quote, “fugitive from the law of averages”, was talking about men in war escaping the “costumes” society put them in. He most certainly was not encouraging people to climb into them. Interesting.





Bowling and the Fine Art of Curving Max Lamprecht

Bowling was quite average before I learned to spin bowl or curve bowl. For that matter, my scores were also fairly mediocre, ranging up around the 80 mark. I first really started to learn during a tournament league at AMF Bowling in Robina; it was quite difficult to get the hang of it. Hopes did drop a bit when I kept on trying to spin the ball, but always managed to end up with a shot that went straight as an arrow or ended up in the gutter. However, the satisfaction I received when I finally managed to get that 13-pound lump of plastic to hook back into the pins was enormous. The reaction from my friends was satisfying too. Their responses varied and included exclamations of: “What the...?”, “How did you do that?!”, “Magic?!”, and, “He’s cheating!” So here’s the secret. I first started to learn to curve bowl by not using my thumb. You only put your middle fingers in the ball and do not use your thumb at all. Then there is just the method to get down. To get that spinning/curving movement from the ball, you simply need to start with your hand at the underside of the bowling ball and then bring it in an anti-clockwise movement (if you are right handed, otherwise it’s the opposite direction), so that your hand ends up facing down and above the ball when it leaves your hand. When bowling, you want to time your strides so you aren’t walking up to the line and stopping - it needs to be one fluid motion.



Hopes did drop a bit when I kept on trying to spin the ball, but always managed to end up with a shot that went straight as an arrow or ended up in the gutter. However, the satisfaction I received when I finally managed to get that 13-pound lump of plastic to hook back into the pins was enormous. There may be a downside to this though, despite how great it sounds. I cannot bowl the same anymore, or it is very hard. I have developed my own inverse curve (quite a strange technique I must say, as I have not seen it used much by anyone else). Usually when you spin-bowl, the ball tends to curve the opposite direction to which hand you are using. For example if you are using your right hand, to spin you would bring your hand over in an anti-clockwise movement, and the ball will curve to the left. My own version of this technique allows me to curve the ball to the right, even though I am right handed. Through developing this skill I have simultaneously lost the ability to perform a normal spin-bowl, or even to bowl traditionally anymore. This means I can’t help but humiliate my amateur friends.



Elevator Do's and Don'ts Kyle Manning

Allow me to introduce Mr Elevator, arguably one of the greatest beings of all time, whose birth was inspired by the eternal idea that the trip from A to B should require as little physical effort as possible.

higher than a PG rating, consider pausing the discussion for the short duration of the journey. Inappropriate conversations can also include flirting, or accusing fellow passengers of being the spawn of satan.

What’s that you say? You’re already familiar with Mr Elevator? You have an intimate relationship with him, to the point where you are allowed to call him by his first name, ‘Lift’?

Do engage in polite chit-chat, if you are so inclined. Why not make the trip less uncomfortable for everyone with a smile and a kind, “How are you today?” Other possible lines include: “Awful weather we’re having”, “Looking forward to the end of semester,” and, “I thought the elevator renovations would have made them faster.”

Well, sorry. I just assumed that you’d never met him based on the way you’ve been treating him. All he asks is that you follow a few simple guidelines as he selflessly supports you on your vertical journey. That’s enough abstract personification for now. The fact is there are a number of unwritten policies and customs that apply to you when you enter this sacred room. Here are the fundamental rules for ensuring you don’t offend your fellow passengers.

Don’t get in if the elevator is full. Imagine a glass full of water. An extra drop such as yourself won’t cause the glass to overfill, but it does make the difference between the drinker casually picking up the glass, or having to bend down and sip the water before it is safe to move.

Don’t get in if the elevator is full. Imagine a glass full of water. An extra drop such as yourself won’t cause the glass to overfill, but it does make the difference between the drinker casually picking up the glass, or having to bend down and sip the water before it is safe to move. Awkward, really. The only difference here is that all the other drops of water will spend the trip silently fantasising about your head getting stuck on the other side of the closing doors.

Don’t participate in sexual conduct while in the elevator. No matter how tempting it is, no matter how attractive the other passenger is, just don’t do it okay? You never know who might be standing on the other side as those doors open.

Do wait for the next elevator. Don’t be over-eager to close the doors. That button label may look like a pair of doors sliding closed, but it’s actually an ancient hieroglyph that translates as “the person pushing me is an impatient bastard”. Allow the doors to close at their own pace. If absolutely necessary, be sure to check that nobody is approaching the elevator when you press the button.

Speaking of attractive, don’t stare at a fellow passenger. It just makes the whole experience uncomfortable for everyone. Do look absently into the distance. Think: if someone were to observe you right now, you want them to believe you are brainstorming something brilliant that requires your absolute focus. Pick a spot on the wall or the space between your shoes to minimise the potential for super-awkward eye contact.

Do hold the lift for a person walking towards the lift. It’s just common courtesy. Picture yourself running late for a class (or to increase the drama, something you actually care about), and watching a person inside the elevator allowing it to close. They see you, they watch you hustle towards them, but they do nothing. This person is the spawn of satan, and you do not want to become him/her.

So there you have it. The key tricks to keeping the other people happy, keeping yourself comfortable, and making Mr Elevator feel that his rights are being respected. Oh no! More abstract personification! Quick, cut the article before he writes more!

Don’t have inappropriate conversations. This particularly applies to friends travelling together. If before the trip you were talking about something





WEEK TEN Photographers: Shaun Rotman (pg.12 & 13) | Liam Byrne (pg.14 & 15) Events: Live ‘n’ Loud | Black & White




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Alright… I saw the movie. Every silly girl I knew had said to me, ‘It’s not that good, it just gets you really pumped for a party.’ Does it? Does it get you pumped for a party? Much like a really erotic music video? YOU’RE A MORON! Well stupidly I went and saw the movie… and boy do I want to party. Seriously I can’t even explain how much I want to go to a huge party after this movie. It doesn’t really make me want to do much else though. From the first shot of the movie you’re thinking, is it too late for me to go and get a refund or a ticket to Hunger Games? I’ve been informed that someone’s already written a Hunger Games review… I bet it says good things. By the second scene though, you’re more angry that the party hasn’t started. The whole first half of the movie is trying to prove that these guys really are losers. I don’t get it though… they don’t seem like their lives are that bad. They have friends, they aren’t ‘lads’ and they don’t have girls hanging off of each of their arms. They do have a really hot friend though. Which is where I think the movie falls apart. Their lives aren’t that bad, and there’s no real reason for the party. ANYWAY! They have a party, and it looked like a pretty good time. It does take a heavy turn towards the end though. Everything is building up, and you can pretty much guess what hap-


pens; neighbours complain, gate crashers turn up, stuff gets broken, the police get called, pets run away, and then BOOM all of a sudden you realise just how bad everything has gotten. To be honest, I found myself sitting there the whole movie wanting them to call the party off. At every turn. “JUST TELL THEM TO LEAVE, IDIOT!” But obviously no he doesn’t, and then he creates something Cory Delaney would be proud of. In fact, the last scene is pretty much Corey Delaney, which made me wonder if that was where the movie idea came from. My main problem with the movie was that everything apart from the music video scenes was lame. That makes sense because a music video director did it, however it was kind of annoying. Also, the acting was atrocious. And then his dad was totally cool with his car getting smashed. He was like, “Oh! Well you’re popular now so everything’s daisies”. No. That’s not how it would go down. Anyway if you like music videos and are easily amused, go and see it. 2.5/5

|16| MAR

PGSA's Black and White Party ANNETTE BERGMANN & EMILY BROWN Saturday night was a great night for all who attended the Postgrad Black and White event, which was aptly held at the luxurious Q1 building all the way up on the observatory deck. Starting off what I like to call the ‘white’ part of the night (the part that we all remember), where one can still recall details and conversations, mostly. It all began when we ventured up in the hugely long, yet surprisingly quick elevator to the top of the building. Aside from the ear popping it and nausea, it was definitely the first bit of fun for the night, allowing all the guests to make a grand entrance into the party, full of joy and excitement ready to tackle the open bar and scoff down free food. All of the guests were treated to a beautifully clear night that boasted spectacular views of the Gold Coast nightlife. There was plenty of mingling, lots of laughter and the DJ was in fine form. As the night progressed, the bar tab depressingly dried up (much to the dismay of many patrons, myself included) and speeches began to slur. Everyone was loosening up and ready to party until the sun came up. As the clock approached 12, signifying the end of the official event, it became increasingly clear that not many people would be going home just yet.

memory. Onwards many trudged to Broadbeach with many cab drivers hearing interesting, highly personal and entirely inappropriate personal stories from the sound minded patrons who rode in the back. Once arriving stylishly and completely gracefully in Broadbeach we headed into LOVE… well most of us got into LOVE anyway. Hazy from the amazing free drinks at the Q1, it is hard to say what really happened but I shall try and conjure some form of truth and accuracy. The venue was great, there were people everywhere and we were all in fine form. The mood was great, the mingling continued – if not a little more messily and in some instances a lot more ‘passionate’ then before – and everyone was dancing the night away. With most of the people staying until near closing time in the early hours of the morning, the party was a definite hit. This event was not only a great excuse to drink free drinks and dance with attractive strangers, it served as a great distraction from the stress that almost every normal person feels around this time of semester. It was a great way to meet some new people, albeit we may not remember their names anymore, but it was a great night to let your hair down and relax for once. The team did a great job in organising this amazing event and should be commended for their efforts.

And so begins the entrance into the ‘black’ part of the evening, the part that slowly starts to slip away from conscious

The Hunger Games Premiere PARIS FAINT

It’s been a while since I’ve attended a premiere midnight release, because usually when I force myself go, I have an attention span that can only be measured in milliseconds and I fall asleep before the end. Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to say that during my attendance at the midnight release of The Hunger Games, I didn’t even feel like dozing. Not even a bit. I’ll admit to you all right now, I haven’t read the books by Suzanne Collins (I know... *sigh*) but if it’s any consolation to you literature puritans out there, after watching The Hunger Games in movie form, I’m definitely getting the hard copy on my next paycheck. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the plot of The Hunger Games I’ll do my best to replicate it. However you’d probably be better off seeking out a die-hard fan and listening to them chew off your ear for eight hours explaining every intricate relationship, and every subtlety that occurs throughout the whole series (because they won’t stop at a simple summary... trust me).


Okay, so the story is set in the post-rebellion future where there is a massive class divide between the rich and the poor. The tradition in this time is that one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the lower class districts, be ‘offered’ as tribute to the retribution for the rebellion against the Capitol. This inevitably means that we get to see little kiddies fight to the death (slightly more awesome and slightly less disturbing than you would think). We have our heroine Katniss, fighting in the games for her little sister. We have our hero Peeta wanting to fight for his life and the affection of our heroine, and we have their mentor Woody Harrelson... looking completely baked as always. I highly recommend that you go see The Hunger Games, just because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The women look like they’ve just been pushed into a fairy-floss machine, and the men look like seedier versions of Serj Tankian mixed with puffy sleeved court jesters; it’s magical. Also the fight scenes are mentally good, the action blows your mind, and the scary looking monkey-dog-lions frighten the absolute balls off you. Go and see it. Now.

| 17| MAR


That’s It for Res Wars 121!

Alan White

Res Wars Week 10 certainly saved the best for last as the Res Wars season came to a close with Mixed Netball. While many may consider this sport an easy, breezy ‘non contact’ game for girls; bear in mind that as I write this article, my ankle sits in plaster, a moon boot and I walk with crutches from a recent ‘contact’ on the netball court. So the game of netball is not as easy as one is led to believe. The netball week saw a fantastic turnout by all res areas, making for competitive games across the board. Most noticeable were some new female recruits from the struggling AC and Green Machine, who while having not played Res Wars until last week, were certainly able to show the boys how it is done! The AC kicked things off against fellow underdog Green Machine, who has saved their best participation levels for the last week! A number of skilled recruits allowed Green Machine to take a commanding lead throughout the first half. With Henry Norris not only quick on his feet, but also the only male who understood the ‘no stepping’ rule, Green Machine surprisingly set the standard high. Once super skilled overseas import Viko Muliaga understood the rules of the game, it became rather close in the lead up to the final minute; but Green Machine held strong to take out a convincing win. Res War’s top two teams, who hold a fierce rivalry (A and B Block) then squared off in the next game. With an abundance of extra players, substitutes were a plenty for A Block. A number of highly skilled players such as Jayde De Bondt and Rhys Larsen led the charge, as A Block stormed home very comfortably. Continuing their winning ways, albeit with half the team still learning the rules behind ‘obstruc-

tion, contact and stepping’, Green Machine accounted for B Block in a tight tussle with the leading team changing three times in the last half alone. Continuing to pile the wins on the board after a dominating semester, A Block comfortably accounted for the fast improving AC Red Devils who were beginning to find their netball groove. Going into finals, the AC Red Devils seemed determined to ensure they would not finish last in a sport many of them had picked up only a mere half an hour ago. Taking a strong 4-1 lead over B Block going into half time, they would certainly have been on track. However, with a Filly Bragg inspired fight back, B Block ran over the top of the AC Red Devils with under 30 seconds left in the game. The surprise of the night was Green Machine not finishing fourth, but with outstanding efforts from Henry, Caitlyn, Lucy, Grant and a host of new Green Machine members; they were in the final. The task however was always going to be tough against the mighty A Block. Again Jayde and Rhys led the A Block team to a strong and consistent win, taking out Green Machine 8-5. Caitlyn and Grant from Green Machine were voted MVP’s for the night! We will see you at Res Dinner on Thursday night for the end of semester celebration and final announcement of results! Remember to fill out the Res Wars 121 survey on Bondsync so that we can make next semesters program the best yet. Netball Results: 1st - A Block 2nd -Green Machine 3rd - B Block 4th - AC Red Devils


Sally-Ann Davies

Do you represent Australia in a sport? Or do you compete at a National level? Do you struggle to meet all the expenses of training and competing whilst studying at Bond? Then you should become a member of the Bond University Elite Athlete Program – BESP!

the efforts of Campus Life and the Development Office, there is now an ‘Elite Athlete Fund’. It has been set up to support studentathletes to participate at national or international sporting events. Funding of up to $2,000 is available to members of the BESP program, with a total pool of $5,000. So if you are an elite athlete, and you would like some financial support to help with any of the expenses of your sporting endeavours, get involved with “BESP” on BondSync; and get your funding applications in to Jackie Heffernan at the Office of Student Experience to see if they can give you a helping hand to achieve your best at your chosen sporting pursuit. Good luck!

Most of you athletes at Bond should be aware of this program by now, and after


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Bondy takes final stroke to the London Olympics Jennifer Younger, Bond Sport Officer It has been an exciting week for Bond Sport as our very own Bondy, Jade Neilsen has secured her ticket to the London Olympic Games in July. Jade touched the wall fifth in the 200m Freestyle final at the Olympic swimming trials in Adelaide to secure her place in the 4x200m Freestyle relay. “It’s a bit surreal, I’m going to become an Olympian,” she said. “This is so special; it’s so desired to get to this level.” Jade will turn 21 while over in London, making this moment even more memorable for her. Not only has Jade made the Australian Olympic Team, but she has also been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Australian University Sport Female Athlete of the Year. This award acknowledges

the achievements of the best Australian University female athletes, assessed on university sport performances as well as contributions made to university sport during the nominated year. Jade competed at the 2011 Australian University Games where she claimed gold in the 200m Freestyle. “It’s very surprising to hear that I have been selected as a finalist for such a prestigious award. It’s great to be recognised for representing Bond.” The AUS Female Athlete of the Year will be announced on Friday 18th May at the AUS National Conference in Sydney. If any Bond students have sporting achievements they wish to share, please email the Sport Officer at

On behalf of the Bond community, the Scope team and the Bond University Student Association (BUSA) would like to congratulate Jade on her tremendous achievement, and wish her the best of luck for the London Olympics in July.

Bond Rugby Trys Again

Maximillian Wolthers

Bond University Rugby club started the new season in second grade with a solid win against Beaudesert by 35-14. Having to travel away for the first game of the season was never going to be easy, but the team dominated from the start with the opening try almost scored in the first 30 seconds that unfortunately was disallowed for a forward pass. Excellent work from Peter Grover saw him charge down a kick to score immediately and get the first points of the season, with the resulting conversion calmly converted by Zac Taylor. A lapse in concentration allowed Beaudesert to score shortly after to level the scores. However, from that point onwards Bond Uni stepped up another level and continued to dominate the game with the backs spreading the ball wide at every opportunity; as evident by the next four tries scored by the backs with Michael Burke, Kerwin Sawnson, Bennett Dunn and Wade Chalker all scoring. Unfortunately, the game was ended in the second half as a deliberate late hit on Kerwin left him unable to continue and the referee decided to halt proceedings with an ambulance needing to be called. Fortunately, no serious injury occurred and Kerwin will be back in a couple of weeks. Bond have their first home game of the year this Saturday at 3pm against Nerang, so come along to the fields and show your support and get behind your uni, as Bond is aiming to continue their successful start to the season.


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Lachlan McCarthy Deputy Chair (Media), BIG

Since its inception in 2008 the Bond Investment Group (BIG) has been a leading organisation within the wider Bond University student community, through the provision of opportunities to pursue interests in the areas of investing, and a variety of domestic and international business topics. Since that time BIG has undergone a significant degree of organic growth in a range of areas, and has steadily developed a reputation for excellence through challenging accepted perceptions and broadening horizons. Potentially the most fundamental component of the BIG story was the inception of the George Street Review (GSR) publication. Named after the street which courses through the heart of Australia’s largest financial district in Sydney, the publication was composed of articles written by a small number of dedicated members of the founding committee, in addition to the occasional contributions from members of the business journalism field. Since then, after much deliberation, it was determined that there was a significant gap in the market in terms of effectively reaching a wider audience. However a significant problem then arose, as the publication existed at that point (primarily hard copy, manually printed newsletter; albeit much more advanced model of the original version); such aspirations would be extremely difficult to achieve. As such, it was decided that a distinct change in approach and methods were necessary to make the transition effectively.

paradigms and turn them on their head, BIG would like to announce the launch of website. The aim of the venture is to create the premier student-run business news outlet which features articles from students, academics and industry insiders from around the world; targeting individuals who are looking to broaden their business awareness. Through utilising a strictly online-focused medium, we envisage that the concept has greater scalability and prospects for growth than ever before, which can be exploited to achieve additional gains in the future. It is important to remember that given that the site is still in its start-up phase, it will be undergoing tweaks and improvements over the coming weeks to ensure that it is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. To help us out with this, please send an email through to gsreview@bondinvestmentgroup. org and let us know what you think! Staying true to the mantra of the group, we refuse to stop here; so long as our members continue to think BIG, we will continue to create new initiatives to help challenge their perceptions and broaden their horizons. In the meantime though, be sure to check out and join the conversation! Think BIG, Bond Investment Group.

So in keeping with the modus operandi of the group in striving to challenge perceptions and accepted


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