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Issue 4 Week 9 Sem 113

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Jorja Wallace

Whattttttttttup Scopeeopeeope fans, West side is da best - no East (lulz) side is da best...

through your alarm means working at 200% within the same time frame (AHHHHHHHHHHH).

It’s the WEST (best) edition everrrrr. You’ll notice our very own Hannah ‘Westlife’ West has taken it upon her fine self to contribute 99.9% of the content this week. What of it? It’s been a sporting week at Bond. Deal.

Look Imma be honest with you - it’s not my favourite edition so far (but that could be for a variety of factors...), but hopefully it finds a place in your heart. With a faulty iPhone alarm, several missed deadlines, numerous assignments and a general flat mood this week, imma be happy to see the back of it.

With six pages of photos (apologies if you’re not in them (or if there’s doubles) - take it up with Cal ‘Bookcase lover’ Wood), eight pages of features and 28 pages of AWESOME; there’s sure to be something in Scope this week to satisfy your needs.

But you enjoyyyy - Wallace out (short and sweet this week whattup).


From incest to waxing to piking to sport - there’s a little bit of something in the Week 9 (Week 9 WTF) Scope for everyone. Mind the mistakes and forgive the delirium, sleeping

Cover photo by Shaun Rotman email us at:




USA v ROW Just last Thursday BUSA collaborated with the Basketball Club to present United States of America, versus the Rest of the World basketball match.

What a semester for Sport at Bond! Maybe it’s just me, but I think there is definitely something in the water. Our Australian University Games results exceeded everyone’s expectations. We’ve seen two successful exhibition sporting events so far in North v South AFL and USA v ROW Basketball, and last Friday all achievements were accumulated and recognised at the University’s annual Blues Awards.

September often sees a large intake of American study abroad students, making for a highly competitive game. However, ROW took out the main game in true style by 12 points.

AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY GAMES If you didn’t read Scope in Week 4, you probably don’t know the good news. Bond University was the winner of the Doug Ellis Trophy (per capita champion university), at Australian University Games here on the Gold Coast.

Coached from the sidelines by Green and Gold AUG’s representative Jake Jones, the team had an impressiver performance. Well done ROW. BLUES AWARDS Last but by no means least, Blues awards were held last Friday night.

This is only the second time Bond has won this prestigious award, and is a reflection of the hard work, number of participants and achievements of all students involved.

Nominations this year were of a particularly high standard across all sports. Thank-you to all the clubs and individuals who put forward nominations.

This award given to the University had the highest number of competitors in comparison to their number of enrolled full time students at the said tertiary institution, and then the amount of points accumulated from their respective results.

Blues Awards recognises those who have shown leadership or service to their given sport, or who have achieved at a what can only be described as an elite level.

Our results didn’t end there. It is clearly a reflection of the depth of talent we have here at Bond, which again, is reflected in our results at Australian University Games. See page 24 for the full list of students and clubs that received awards.

Bond University had five members of its Australian University Games team recognised for their achievements, being awarded with Green and Gold selection. Green and Gold teams are selected from each of the 29 sports with the intention of recognising, acknowledging and rewarding individuals who were exceptional performers at the games.

I hope you are as impressed as I am at the extent of our sporting achievements here at Bond. Hopefully we can continue to excel across all sports in 2012.

Bond students who achieved Green and Gold selection: • Jake Jones – Basketball • Glen Horner – Beach Volleyball • Julian Killewald – Golf • Bridgette McDougall – Mixed Netball • Cian Mulchay – Waterpolo

Yours in sport, Hannah West Vice-President (Sport)

NORTH v SOUTH AFL Personally one of my favourite sporting events, North v South AFL did not disappoint this semester.

Raising more than $450 for the club, players bravely auctioned themselves to the adoring women in the crowd, with James Oldfield pulling $250 for his club.

he t o t s r e t Let Editor to say? dent. Have something -lee.wallace@stu e Editor at jorja th to r tte le a Send Max 100 words. Monday. please. Deadline: 4pm ory statements cks or defamat ta at l na rso pe No

A successful collaboration between BUSA, the HSMA and BUFC saw representative teams from the North and South of the country go head to head (literally in the case of James Fitchett who suffered concussion just three minutes into the game), in a tussle for regional glory. The AFL club wrapped up proceedings with a new addition to the run sheet, a players auction. Raising more than $450 for the club, players bravely auctioned themselves to the adoring women in the crowd, with James Oldfield pulling $250 for his club.






Oliver Kidd

“What is a ‘pike’?” I hear you ask. To be totally honest, I’m frequently taken aback by the vast array of people who have never heard the term – let alone a ‘perfect pike’. Maybe it’s because of the implied discretion placed on those who pike to be increasingly subtle when using the word. After all, not using the word when piking is also rule #1 of the perfect pike. If your pike-ee (person you’re piking on) knew what the pike was, then tell me – I implore you – how could the pike-or (person piking) pike an effective pike upon that very same unsuspecting pike-ee? The funny thing about a pike, is that it is both a verb, a noun, and also, awesome.

advocate for being antisocial. I am an advocate of friendship preservation. I am the captain of the SS Friend, and so long as I pike effectively, this ship is not sinking. It may seem, to those who have until this day remained blissfully ignorant of the pikes going on right up in their faces, that piking is a bad thing. It might be, it might not be, but the fact remains, if you pike efficiently, friendships remain intact. Piking is a way of being a socially selfish person, and all the while maintaining those friendships you prioritise ahead of re-runs of Border Patrol. I first piked around the age of five. It was such a long time ago, yet my first junior school swimming carnival seems like only yesterday. I was but an amateur at that stage, full of confidence – lacking in experience. How did I get out of swimming that day? Unlike every other girl in my graduating class, whose bodies coincidentally synchronized the shedding of their uterine walls, I did not play the stomach pain card. Instead, I naively said that due to a pre-arranged piano lesson, I would be unable to make my race. There are three problems with that pike, the first being that it is overly flexible. My house coordinator immediately moved me into a different division that didn’t coincide with my race. The second is that you can prove it wrong. A quick check with the music department would have ended it all. Finally, and most importantly, it’s an A Grade liar’s excuse. Everyone always goes for the ‘other commitment angle’. Don’t do it. Rookie error.

I first piked around the age of five. It was such a long time ago, yet my first junior school swimming carnival seems like only yesterday. I was but an amateur at that stage, full of confidence – lacking in experience. I’ll explain it as best I can. It’s when you commit to do something, maybe by accident, peer-pressure, obligation, out of kindness, to save face, or mistake of fact, and then decide that really you don’t want to do it. The pike comes next. It’s when you don’t do it. You’ve piked. You’re a pike-or. You’ve just piked the shit out of everyone. The trick is, you need to pike and make everyone else think that you haven’t. That’s the perfect pike. It’s when you don’t go, and everyone else feels bad about it. They’ve messed you around. They’ve stuffed up your day. You’re just dealing with it the best you can. Because you’re the nice guy, right? Wrong. You’re a bad person. No one else knows it though. You’ve piked the perfect pike. Just try and wipe that smile off of your lazy, Doritocheese-covered face.

There are four levels of ‘successful’ pike – some more so than others. Firstly, we have the Fool’s Pike. You removed yourself from the attendees list somehow, but not only does everyone know you lied to them, you looked like a fool doing it. Secondly, the Liar; everyone knows you lied, but it made sense and you got out of it. Thirdly, the Piker’s Pike; you piked like a true Piker. You didn’t go, and no one has the right to get upset at you. Finally, and the purpose for this article, the Perfect Pike. You didn’t go, and it was their fault, not yours. You’ve made them think they stuffed you around. Who gets the ‘good friend’ points? You do. Kudos.

“How do I do it?” you ask. Welly, welly, welly, well. I can tell you, but first a qualification. I am not antisocial. Nor am I an



How to Achieve the Perfect Pike Step 1: Lay the foundations.

Step 4: Make them apologise to you.

The key to having someone consume your pike without a second thought is groundwork. Don’t be too complex though. For example, if you’re going to be a fool and claim to be sick to avoid a night on the town, at least support it with a few ‘I don’t feel well’s leading up to the big Pike. I like to always have a bout of tonsillitis building up in my body.

The Piker’s pike ends at Step 3. The Liar ends at Step 2, and the Fool’s Pike barely satisfies Step 1. The Perfect Pike will go all the way to Step 4. If there is any change of plan, anything at all, be it the movie, the movie time, the start time, the end time, the theme, the attendees, the mode of transport, or the temperature: this is reason enough not to go. They knew you could barely make it, but you wanted to come. Now they’ve gone and stuffed it all up.

Personally, I’d go with the ‘time constraint’. Make clear that you have other things on, or that the time of the event is key. For example, “Will the movie be done by 10? I need to be somewhere at 5 past. I’m still coming though!” Something on early the next morning is also a good one. Keep in mind the three errors I mentioned earlier.

You know you’ve piked the perfect pike when they apologise, or say that they understand your absence. Well done, my friend. You’re a true piker.

Often it’s better to flat out say you can no longer go, but then change your mind and say you’ll battle.

Be careful, though. Mastering the perfect pike is a dangerous tool. You’ll soon realise that you went to most things because you felt you had to, and now you don’t. You’re a master of the perfect pike. It is a fantastic tool, but use it with caution, friends.

Step 2: Urgency. Continuing with the earlier example, say that the event has been moved forward, or even just stress its importance. Fake a text message, and confirm that you’ll need to be there right on 5 past, so you might just need to leave the movie a little earlier. Be clear that you’re still going though.



If you’ve gone with tonsillitis, this is where you develop a fever.

Step 3: The pre-Pike. This is the key step. Some scholars say that the pike itself is the key; I disagree. If you’ve done a good pre-Pike, then the pike itself should be a walk in the park. The pre-Pike is where you make the pike-ee accept in their mind that it would be reasonable for you to withdraw, but then you commit the saintly act of putting the friendship first. How do you do this? Well, it is difficult. Push the situation to the brink of believable. Don’t go into too much detail about your excuse, but make it clear that you really shouldn’t be going. You are though. You’re a good friend.

If there is any change of plan, anything at all, be it the movie, the movie time, the start time, the end time, the theme, the attendees, the mode of transport, or the temperature: this is reason enough not to go. Be prepared for some of your wiser companions to call you on this. They’ll say things like, ‘You don’t really have a baptism,’ or ‘Stop being a bitch, I’m sick too!’. You’ll be surprised the effect that a chorus of ‘bitch!’s can have on a person. Stay strong though; don’t forget that this is the key step. Make them believe that you really shouldn’t go.



Naim Mridha ‘M.A.D Global Health Group

For many, it’s an ambiguous word thrown around by health professionals; a recognizable, yet distant concept not really pertinent to their lives. However, with World Diabetes Day (November 14) approaching, it’s important to remember that for the 275 new patients every day in Australia, diabetes is a harsh reality. With 1.5 million Australians estimated to be affected by Diabetes, it is not impossible that we know someone with the condition. The commendable advocacy and awareness of Diabetes campaigns have resulted in increased awareness over recent years. Nevertheless, research shows an overwhelming majority of Australians don’t believe Diabetes is serious and more alarmingly believe they have a lower risk of developing it than they actually do. So, what exactly is diabetes and how does it work? Diabetics have higher than normal blood glucose (sugar) levels, due to a lack (Type 1) or improper functioning (Type 2) of insulin. Insulin, a hormone released by our pancreas, is essential in regulating blood glucose concentrations. When we eat for example, insulin is released into the blood stream to allow glucose into liver, muscle and fat cells (for energy), effectively lowering blood glucose concentrations. Overweight and obese people are most at risk of developing diabetes (up to 4 times more likely) – an eye-opener considering that 61% of Australia’s adult population is classified as either overweight or obese. The positive news is that type 2 diabetes (the more prevalent form) can be prevented through a change of lifestyle factors; maintaining physical activity, a healthy weight and food habits can reduce the risk by up to 60%. Early diagnosis also plays an important role.


Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed at an early age, but people develop Type 2 diabetes later in life with less specific symptoms. Fatigue, excessive thirst and urination, excessive eating, poor wound healing and unexplained blurry vision are common symptoms of an abnormal blood glucose concentration. The complications (especially if untreated) can be quite serious: blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease just to name a handful. The takehome message, is to see the GP as soon as one recognizes something is not quite right.

With 1.5 million Australians estimated to be affected by Diabetes, it is not impossible that we know someone with the condition. The prevalence of diabetes in Australia has large and wide spreading reaches. Anyone thinking it does not cost us is grossly mistaken, with an estimated burden of $3.2 billion a year. Correcting dietary and activity habits is paramount in preventing diabetes, and awareness is undoubtedly an underpinning determinant. On November 14th, over 160 countries around the world will be marking World Diabetes Day. Making A Difference (M.A.D), Bond’s ‘Global Health Group’ will be ensuring that Bond University marks the day in emphatic style with guest speakers, food, fun activities and lighting the university blue for a night. We encourage everyone to highlight their calendars, don blue and fully embrace the day!


Student Timetables Ross Healy

As the jump from high school to university is a big one, many changes can be noticed - particularly in regard to one’s timetable.

If one wants to be able to go out, one needs money and, therefore, must work, but this would result in poorer grades.

Where once high school students had to attend classes from Monday to Friday with free periods, university turns school timetables on their heads.

If one wants more sleep and good grades, then a social (or working) life gets rejected. So how does one win?

While some university students can boast a two-day week, others may not be so lucky and have university for five days, though they may only have one class on some of those days.

Unless one has a Time Turner in one’s possession, the answer is good ol’ fashioned timetabling. Students should sort out a workable (and realistic) timetable that takes a little bit from each section.

It is then that three factors come to produce the ‘typical’ university student: study, sleep and a social life. It may seem that university students have more time than they ever had in a week, but most students could tell you this isn’t always the case.

While we may not get all the sleep we feel we need one week, we may have had that opportunity to have a good social night out. In order for grades not to falter, it is in one’s best interests to work one’s life around one’s academic calendar and take breaks when they’re needed.

Finding the time to juggle a part-time job to sustain one’s interest with study in tandem is no easy feat. And every year it seems like it gets even harder.

That is to say: weeks 5 – 7 and 11 – 14 should focus most on sleeping and studying, while the rest can be used for a social life (within moderation).

With social commitments, internal and external university expenses (textbooks and car fuel, for example) the stress and pressures laid on the student are many.

For those who cry ‘witchcraft!’ at the possibility of being able to sleep well, study hard and have a social life, they may be right if a Time Turner is used.

The real question is: ‘How do other students manage to have a social life and have good grades?’

The real question is: ‘How do other students manage to have a social life and have good grades?’

+ A

BUT they would be wrong if the answer comes down to good timetabling skills, and, of course, the will to follow through.

Going back to the factors of a university student: study, sleep and a social life, it seems that one may only choose two but not all three. If one wants good grades but also want a social life, one must sacrifice work.


Katie Domeracki Laser Pros: Painless, no worries after the first year of treatments! Over a lifetime, it works out to be the cheapest method by far. Cons: Cannot reverse the process and it’s gonna cost ya initially (approximately $3500). Tip: Research your laser removal clinic well, because there are a lot of dodgy ones out there.

Hair has always been a problem. We either have too much of it where we don’t want it - that is, our vag, our armpits, or even our bum cracks; otherwise, we have none where it should be, or it starts turning grey against our will (hint to where I was referring).

Often, we do not think about it until we are faced with the many choices on the supermarket shelves. We like what's cheap and easy to use, but not necessarily what's best for us.

Chemical Pros: Painless, takes 15 minutes to do; relatively cheap; lasts longer than shaving. Cons: Risk of chemical burns; smelly; can be uneven; not to be used on sensitive areas; residual roots. Electrolysis Pros: Approved by the Food and Drug Administration; very effective, only needs to be repeated every now and then; if regrowth occurs, then it is finer and thinner. Cons: Expensive; time consuming; painful; risk of scarring; and it can be hard to find an experienced practitioner.

But to be overly hairy can definitely be social suicide. So, for the girls (and the boys with too much chest hair), I’m about to weigh up the pros and cons of the fascinatingly evolved ways to remove hair. As the title of this article suggests, it is the question of waxing or shaving that plagues people, but we seem to forget the other main contenders to remove these dead cells (if you didn’t know hair is dead cells, then I suggest you relearn life - LOL JKS), these being:

So as you can see, we have been so desperate to become hairless that we have resorted to painful treatments to keep the dreaded growth away. Either way, I think we all just choose what is most convenient for us but the perfect system is yet to be found. Perhaps instead we will evolve to not grow unwanted hairs and, like we think of the apes as hairy, our future ancestors will look back at us in disgust – but the verdict is still out!

• Epilating • Shaving • Laser • Chemical • Electrolysis Let’s be honest here, how many of us have actually thought about the best way to remove unwanted hair? Often, we do not think about it until we are faced with the many choices on the supermarket shelves. We like what’s cheap and easy to use, but not necessarily what’s best for us. And that’s where I come in! Waxing Pros: Easily accessible, cheap and regrowth can take up to three months. Cons: Hurts like a bitch; the stickiness and pain makes it a fairly timely process and you must wait until your hairs are a decent length before you can do it each time (1cm or so). Epilator Pros: Is similar to waxing in that regrowth takes up to three months; it is very cheap, not sticky, and the actual product can last for up to five years. It also keeps your skin smoother and nicer to touch than waxing does. Cons: Hurts more than waxing (apparently – I am too scared to try). Shaving Pros: Painless, quick, and fairly cheap if you get a long lasting razor. Cons: Regrowth is really quick and the skin becomes a lot drier! And the chance of cutting yourself is really high… especially when shaving your knees. Myth: Regrowth is thicker. Lots of research has proven this is not true. Google it. However, the tips of the hair become blunt instead of sharp.



An Incestuous Twist

Jayde De Bondt

Imagine meeting someone at university - this university - who you believed to be your ‘soul mate’, only to discover after five years of dating and conceiving a child together that you are, in fact, brother and sister. Sound like the plot of a slightly disturbing movie? Unfortunately, last Saturday, this became a reality for a South African couple, reported the British Daily Mail.

“Psychiatrists even argue that the natural repulsion brothers and sisters feel growing up together as children acts as an inhibitor to incest,” the Mail said, which would mean if two siblings were to miss out on this time together as children it could be considered almost logical to develop powerful feelings like love (the nonplatonic kind) in adulthood. Disturbing, isn’t it?

Really, if you think about it, how hard would it be to fall in love with your brother or sister if you didn’t know they were your brother or sister? You would probably share pretty compatible interests and personality traits.

Apparently, the couple met whilst studying and it was only when they decided to get engaged they thought it appropriate that their parents meet each other. At this meeting, it was revealed that the couple’s parents were once married, but divorced in 1983 due to accusations of cheating. In turn, the children were separated and hadn’t known of or seen each other since the respective ages of eight months and two years. Naturally, the couple are shocked (as you would be), and are left questioning what to do now - which is what makes this story so sad. However, not everyone can have their perfect happy ending.

Although it may make you cringe a little when you think about it, it is an interesting thought experiment. What would you do, and would you even want to know? To be honest, I believe I’d rather remain ignorant to the situation than know that the man I’d loved, conceived a child with and was about to marry was my brother. Ignorance is bliss, right? Because I just don’t see how I would be able to deal with an incestuous twist such as this within myself - even though it is not uncommon to hear of such cases, and people overcoming them.

Despite the tragedy of this story, I am curious to know whether the couple would wish the truth had remained buried. I mean, in not knowing what they are, they could continue to live a reasonably normal life. Now, the couple is the topic of conversation - not just in their town, territory or country, but internationally. This type of gossip, I can only assume, would destroy a person’s mental health…and I can’t help but feel sorry for them. Really, if you think about it, how hard would it be to fall in love with your brother or sister if you didn’t know they were your brother or sister? You would probably share pretty compatible interests and personality traits. Yet, there would still be some differences between you that would keep the relationship interesting.

All I can say is thank god I don’t have a brother…I hope. (Oh, and get your parents to meet each other early on, just in case).



POOL SESH Photographer: Caroline Kovac



Photos supplied by the HTSA

MID SEM SPLASH Photographer: Shaun Rotman



Photographer: Shaun Rotman


Photographer: Kenny Kagiah




Justice: Audio, Video, Disco | Album Review My first introduction to Parisian music duo and heirs apparent to Daft Punk, Justice, came with their remix of Simian’s “We Are Your Friends”. When they followed up with “Waters of Nazareth”, a cacophony that combined the dirtiness of hard rock with a sledgehammer of the “French-touch”, I was hooked.

on French-house at its best. It’s full of funk and a great party tune all around. The titular track of “Audio, Video, Disco” filters some nonsensical lyrics (come on – it’s Justice we’re talking about here) with a fast-paced backing loops, building and crescendo-ing in fine fashion.

Justice’s debut album, †, was a statement. From the opening track of “Genesis” that served as forewarning of what was to come, to the highly-strung “Stress” that aurally tea bags you, Justice were canvassing the high priests of French House – Alan Braxe and Daft Pink circa Discovery with “D.A.N.C.E.” and the stomping swagger invoked by Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” and Justice’s “Phantom” and “Phantom Pt. II” – but dialled the volume up to 11 and dropped any semblance of subtlety to achieve stadium rock scope.

And yet despite me liking a majority of the tracks on Audio, Video, Disco, I’m left feeling a little hollow on it, even after repeat listens. In sitting down to write this review, I had to methodically go through each song, making note of each song; this shouldn’t have to be done with truly ground-breaking albums. Unlike †, there is a distinct lack of identity to each of the individual songs, particularly once you move out of the onetwo opening and closing combos of “Horsepower” and “Civilisation”, and “Helix” and “Audio, Video, Disco”, respectively.

And here we are with their second feature-length album, Audio, Video, Disco. The prog-rock underpinnings are blindly apparent; this is no longer your electro-style Justice. They haven’t, however, dropped their stadium-rock aspirations. The opener, “Horsepower”, brings plenty of exactly that to the table. Organs open up the scene, with some of their dirtier synths coming in to remind you that you’re still listening to Justice.

Production and attention to detail has never been Justice’s strongest points, an admission that they freely make. But I think their lack of grounding and familiarity with ‘70s prog highlights their lack of proficiency here. I can see what they were trying to do, and the concept is great, but ultimately falls flat on execution. I feel they should’ve have dropped more ridiculous moments a la the guitar solo’s in “Aerodynamic” and “Digital Love” from Daft Punk’s Discovery if they wanted to really succeed at this.

And the pace is frenetic. Following from “Horsepower” is “Civilisation”, a track you’ll recognise from recent Adidas ads. It builds the tension and teases you out over an extended intro and then brings the familiar Justice touch over a surprisingly strong hook. Floating in the background is a loop reminiscent of the intro to The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly”, which was a nice touch. The first university DJ who can drop this into their setlist, instead of the latest dubstep remix of a mediocre dance track, can come and collect a beer from me. “Ohio” falls flat for me, but “Canon” brings the goods with a stomping riff complemented by loops that build the tension throughout the track. “Brianvision” evokes the palette cleansing “Valentine” from † and tops it off with a stellar synth-solo at the end. “Newlands” is another performer with a stunning hook and a nice blend of filter house and rock. Apparently “Helix” only made it on because Justice’s record label manager and fellow DJ, Busy P, insisted on it. If that’s the case, we all owe him our thanks – this is Justice’s take

With that all said, however, this is by no measure a bad album. And I also think it will redeem itself even more when played live. Again, the parallels between Daft Punk and Justice are evident: Human After All was a polarising record that came into its own on the Alive 2007 tour. Audio, Video, Disco is likely to do the same. We just have to hope that Justice survive their next four year bender – a pretty valid concern if you’ve seen their tour doco, A Cross the Universe. Justice has always been a polarising group, a trait probably exacerbated by their cheeky irreverence for the source material that they’re currently being inspired by. Audio, Video, Disco is no different in this respect, and is one of the better electronic albums to come out this year. In an era saturated with horrendous Skrillex remixes and shallow made-for-Ministry of Sound tracks, a little bit of daring and complexity is appreciated. Go out, buy this, and crank up the volume for maximum effect.



MUSIC, ARTS & REVIEWS | SCOPE The gaming world this year has been graced with several new treasures and labours of love by developers including Rocksteady, EA and Naughty Dog. However, in my honest opinion, one game has stood above all to claim the title of “Best Game of 2011.” Now to disappoint all Playstation and Nintendo fanatics, I won’t be reviewing the highly anticipated end to the Uncharted series or one of those infamous “drag on” Nintendo franchise additions like Pokemon Black, White or every-othercolour-left-in-the-spectrum-that-hasn’t-been-usedin-a-pokemon-game-to-date. No. I talk of the Epic Games’ off planet warfare masterpiece, Gears of War 3.

Now all gamers reading this would be asking, “but Spazz, honestly you can’t be reviewing Gears 3 now? It’s been over a month since it’s been released!” Well guess what I’ve been doing for the last month that rendered me unable to review the game? Playing it. This monumental end to the Gears of War franchise is the epitome of all that is great in the world of gaming, sporting spectacular graphics, and an easy-to-maneuver game setting for all newcomers. The incredible story line and re-vamped multiplayer option will surely tickle all Gears veterans’ fancies. The story follows Delta Squad’s final stand for survival against the Lambent and Locust hordes of the planet Sera. Wrought with depression, despair and even death, the squad led by Marcus Fenix must fight their way through countless enemies of all grotesque shapes and sizes to ensure the continuance of the human race. It may seem on the surface to be a game for males, however as a female gamer myself, I’m of the honest belief that there is something in this game for everyone. Gamers of all kinds – female, male, old, young, experienced, novice – will find something about the game that they love. Whether it be the old biting sarcasm of Damon Baird, or the newest and most bad-ass addition to the Carmine clan. From the classic lancer chainsaw to the new utterly explosive sawed off shotgun; even the old ‘one-whack-in-the-face’ wretches to the new annihilating lambent berserker. Gears of War 3 has anything and everything a game could want for and more. It is the perfect end to a perfect trilogy, and if you decide buy an Xbox solely for the purpose of playing this game, you’re making a good decision.




I believe that a film achieves the status of ‘beautiful’ when it manages to seamlessly convey emotion and atmosphere between its dialogue, music, and cinematography. What Drive manages to accomplish in its 100 minutes is something that I haven’t witnessed so pronouncedly since A Single Man; a film that expresses such conventions through palette swaps, juxtaposing (the lead character) George’s mindset between death, life, and eventually death again. While Drive mightn’t visually alter as drastically, what it draws from the music and acting really sets this film apart from everything else out at the moment. Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a professional wheelman residing in Los Angeles. Clients are driven to the job, given a strict five-minute window to conclude whatever business they’re partaking in, and then driven out to safety. Any deviation from the plan and the deal is off. Legally, he is a part-time stunt driver and car mechanic. The result is a life of reticence, shying away from those who live nearby – except Irene. Their relationship is short lived however when Driver’s one act of altruism sends this relatively small cast into a whirlwind lined with mobsters, blood, and burnt rubber. Through Ryan Gosling’s introspective demeanour, and a seriously brilliant score, Drive establishes a duality of expression. While Driver often displays little emotion, the music acts as a reflection of all the underlying feelings. This makes the experience all the more engrossing when you begin to see Driver unravel as his options become less and less available. The outbursts of violence and passion, oddly, aren’t gratuitous as they are in other films. Director Nicholas Winding Refn does a superb job of slowly weaving together these expressive planes into a showering of gory visual extravagance. These powerful scenes are so organically integrated in to the film’s story. In fact, everything seems to flow in such a natural way that you forget that the film actually has little to do with driving (resulting in a law suit in the USA). Each actor performs his or her role brilliantly. Ryan Gosling is excellent in his portrayal of a cornered man. His and Carey Mulligan’s on screen chemistry give their relationship such verisimilitude. Ron Perlman, Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks are also sublime in their roles. Their performances are critical in co-creating the atmosphere that makes Drive so engrossing. The music. My god, the music. Maybe it’s my childish fandom of that synth pop sound but when you have artists such as Kavinsky, College, and Desire contributing to the soundtrack; it really makes the whole experience touching. A tragedy transcribed to audio. This is the mix tape I would send to a girlfriend, begging for forgiveness. The soundtrack features tracks from the above groups, but also a large portion of scored music that tangles itself perfectly between them. Each new track symbolises a transition through the film’s arc. Even as I listen to the soundtrack while typing, my mind conjures up a replay of its respective scene, right now being the jaw pounding elevator sequence. Drive is something special. It isn’t glamorous, but a visceral thriller that grips you in all the ways that cinema can and I deeply implore everyone to go watch it. It is an incredible movie backed by one of the best soundtracks you’ll hear this generation.




LAW RUGBY: Charlies Henley (charles.henley@ TOUCH: Zoe Kaesehagen (

BUSINESS RUGBY: Greg Russel ( TOUCH: Caitlin McNamara (

NAME: Jessie Jattke DEGREE: Communications HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? This will be my 6th WHY BOTHER? There will be cheerleaders there, enough said. NAME: Rupert Pedler DEGREE: Law/Commerce HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO?4 WHY BOTHER? It’s BYO, it’s guaranteed drama (probably not the game though) and to see the Business boys hold hands before the game like the French. NAME: Jodie Bewicke DEGREE: Arts/Law HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? Enough to have learnt how to finally throw a touch football WHY BOTHER? It has nothing to do with the library and it involves Cheeseburgers. NAME: Samara Whaleboat DEGREE: Sports Management HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? 1 WHY BOTHER? Supporting spectator.

NAME: George Duddy DEGREE: Property Development HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? Been to 3 WHY BOTHER? Get to score multiple try’s against Law.




NAME: Nikki Freeman

DEGREE: Architecture HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? 2 WHY BOTHER? To see everyone! NAME: Charlie Henley (Law rugby captain, coach, and chief selector) DEGREE: Law/Commerce HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? I’ve played 7. WHY BOTHER? To show that Law is not just a better degree than Business but is also better on the rugby field. NAME: Rosie Viner DEGREE: Forensics HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? 2 WHY BOTHER? Boys in short shorts. NAME: Catherine Goodall DEGREE: Sports Science HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? 2 WHY BOTHER? Good to catch up with everyone, show some support. NAME: Andy Dennis DEGREE: Law/Communications HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? 6 WHY BOTHER? Being able to watch some local sport in a social environment.

NAME: James Pointon DEGREE: IR HOW MANY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? 2 WHY BOTHER? Good study break!


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SPORT Hannah West Spectacular Gold Coast weather last Wednesday made for perfect Ultimate Frisbee conditions, as our four resident teams took to the sports field to take on the battle for ultimate glory. Very quickly, AC threw down the gauntlet to the remaining residences, with participation numbers that Green Machine could only dream of. Their skills on the field were also enviable, as they were the only team to win all three round robin games. All time rivals, A Block and B Block were tied in second place on a count back leading into the finals. This resulted in a sudden death decider match in which the boys stepped up the physicality and intensity, dragging the girls along too.

Team Rest of World ran away with the win at last Thursdays basketball exhibition match in the Sports Hall, final score 54 - 42.

In the final, B Block went down to a well-rested AC unit who concluded the day as the shining winners. Playing for 3rd and 4th places, a tired A Block, after their sudden death game against B Block, handed over the 3rd place to Green Machine, which was indeed their only win for the night. AC also took out MVP for both Girls and Boys, which places them in good perspective for the rest of the semester. This week, Res Wars is back in the Sports Hall for Basketball, where the AC will be fuelled by American pride to represent their national sport.

Blues Awards

The event, which is run each semester by BUSA in conjunction with the Basketball club was commentated by Gold Coast Blaze commentator Adam ‘Tallie” Thornley. Stress was high in the BUSA office on Thursday afternoon, as it became clear playing singlet’s were not accounted for. However the initiative and creative flare of Sam Jones, BUSA’s Sporting Clubs and Events Director ensured the players were kitted out in style in time for the first game. While numbers were low for the lead up game early on, the main game drew a big crowd who got behind both teams, especially the USA supporters who were vocal all match. Down time between games saw the Bond University Cheerleaders perform their routine as a rehearsal leading up to cheer nationals in two weeks time. The next sport exhibition match is a long term Bond rivalry between the Business and Law faculties in Grudge Week rugby in Week 10.

Hannah West

Rest of World dunks USAs best at Bond 22

Hannah West Last Friday night in the Princeton Room Bond’s elite athletes congregated to celebrate the past 12 months of sporting development, achievement and results both in the Bond community and within the outside community. James Graham discussed the achievements of Bond to date, including the impressive Bullsharks brand we’ve all come to know and love and the new uniform, which was proudly showcased during Australian University games, adding to the professional appearance of Bond. Sports man and sports woman awards for 2011 were awarded to Ben Daley and Jade Neilsen respectively. Firstly Ben’s achievements in Rugby for the year included: playing 17 of 18 matches for his representative side; being a member of the all-defeating Queensland Reds Rugby Union side; a Wallabies representative player; and finally being named the Queensland Reds “Spirit of the Reds” for his consistent attitudes and behaviour. Our Sports Woman Jade is an equally impressive candidate for the award. Her achievements in swimming over the past few months include: entering the Australian World Championship swimming team; claiming bronze in the Australian Swimming championships; and selection into the FINA world swimming team, where she won a silver medal in the 4X200m freestyle team. Jade also took time out of her busy pool and study schedule, to compete at Australian University Games, where she took out the 200m Freestyle event. This year’s Blues awards were driven by a lot of depth in the nominations and the awards given out on the evening. The standard was extremely high and everyone should be congratulated on their sporting achievements from the past 12 months.


Is Yoga actually a sport? Linda Woelk

I must admit I enjoyed the awkward moment when someone from the cardio and weights room next door smiles at you after you tell them you are on your way to your yoga class. It is that smile that made me write this article - a smile that simply says “Yoga, that’s not a sport, that is not physically challenging”. This article is for everyone who has ever experienced a similar incident and would like to share with every one of those weight addicts that your body is physically challenged to the limit at each yoga session.

After successfully completing a popular yoga pose (I apologise I don't remember the name anymore), which by the way rather looked like a position taken straight from the Kamasutra book, I felt like I had reached my maximum level of embarrassment. And not to sound like a complete expert on the topic now, I must admit that before my first yoga class it did cross my mind that maybe yoga is really just a fancy way of stretching with a few extra breaths and some meditation thrown in for good measure. But I quickly learned better! I myself am more of a team sport person, but I thought I would give Yoga a try, just to make up my own mind about yoga as a sport or as what it should be called. I must admit that I should have undertaken some more research, before attending my first

session, as there are some rules to adhere to. First of all, there is a specific dress code in Yoga that is quiet different from what I usually wear to my Volleyball training. I felt quiet awkward walking into the room in my shorts, t-shirt and sport shoes, especially once I realized everyone was wearing a singlet, leggings and most importantly no shoes. Within seconds I identified myself as the ‘Yoga newbie’. I felt as if it was my first day at school. First Fail! Secondly, I quickly learned that there is no way anyone can ever look stupid when doing yoga. After successfully completing a popular yoga pose (I apologise I don’t remember the name anymore), which by the way rather looked like a position taken straight from the Kamasutra book, I felt like I had reached my maximum level of embarrassment. The final lesson that I learned from this first yoga class is that it is more intense than any other sport I have ever done before. No joke – For an entire week I could not properly walk up the Japanese Thinking stairs to the library. There were muscles hurting in my body that I had never felt before. Whatever Yoga was initially invented for - a program to better one’s inner self - it has undergone some serious changes. It is not only ranking high on the popularity scale of all sports, but has also developed itself into a physically challenging fitness program. After my first Yoga class, I conclude that Yoga can be seen as an “instant” fitness program that combines some form of treatment for the soul and an intense workout of the deep muscle tissue in the body. I believe that all those people, who usually condescendingly smile in disrespect of Yoga as a sport should try a session themselves and then come and join me on my next walk of pain up the Japanese Thinking stairs.


Hannah West


Bond University Half-Blue selection rewards those athletes that have attained strong results at a national or regional level. In order to be honoured with Half-Blues selection, the student must be currently enrolled at Bond University, be a member of at least one sporting club and competed at a regional or Australian University Games, unless they were already competing at another event. The recipients were: Jayde de Bondt Jake Jones Glen Horner Julian Killewald Bridgette McDougall Cian Mulcahy

Rob Libeau Laura van Stekelenburg

Honourable mention: Cheerleading Club

Bond University Blues selection is a performance based award that is given to those students that show success at a national or international level in their chosen sport. In order to be honoured with Blues selection, the student must be currently enrolled at Bond University, be a member of at least one sporting club and competed at a regional or Australian University Games, unless they were already competing at another event. The recipients were: Alexander Beck Ben Daley Veronica Kelly Jade Neilsen Annalese Smith David Upton

AFL Club Bond University’s Champion Sporting Club for 2011 is the Bond Bullsharks AFL Club. After playing practice matches throughout 2010, the club entered into the official AFLQ competition in April, taking on sides from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and playing out of their home oval in Robina. A mixture of experience and enthusiasm took the squad all the way to the Grand Final, to only just fall at the final hurdle. Off the field, the club has consolidated its financial position and is looking forward to a strong 2012 performance.

Team of the Year

A purely results based accolade, Team of the Year recognises the highest ranked Division 1 or Open side at the Australian University Games. After coming off a strong lead-up at the Northern University Games, this team were narrowly pipped at the post by a strong Griffith-led charge, but nonetheless, it was a very solid performance including representative Julian Killewald named in the Green and Gold Representative side. The 2011 Team of the Year goes to:

Sporting Silks recognise dedication and leadership at either a sporting club or administrative level within the University. The following students have demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to their clubs or sports: Max Wolthers Caitlin Sippel Taylor McPhail Kaitlyn Lewis Sam Hourigan Jacqui Hagger Emma Lago

Outstanding Service to Sport recognises an individual who has exceptionally contributed to the betterment of sport at Bond, as well as having furthered the aims of the University in the sporting arena throughout the whole community. This year, two outstanding students could not be split and will both be recognised:

Champion Club



Outstanding Service to Sport

Men’s Golf

Sportswoman of the Year Sportswoman of the Year: Jade Neilsen. Sportsman of the Year: Ben Daley.


Attention Mo Bro’s & Mo Sista’s: Free Grill’s Burgers are on!!!! Mo season is heating up and already there are some fabulous looking flavour savers around Bond! Equally as impressive is our current ranking in the UniChallenge! Bond is currently a close second, being trumped only by the University of Canberra. But I know upon hearing this Bondies will be outraged that we are being beaten at a competition, and a money raising competition no less. So I expect to see this amount double by the time Scope has been printed! If you haven’t already donated to your mo bro’s and sista’s make sure you visit the Movember website and give generously to this great cause! Your mo-tastic benevolence will be spread among the following fine programs: - TheProstate Cancer Foundation of Australia - BeyondBlue - The Awareness and Education Program - The Global Action Plan We are only at the start of what is sure to be a furry and To claim this reward you must be reg- fabulous four weeks of unadulterated hair growth so we look forward to your continued support and generous istered with the BUMA Bond Uni Mo Appreciation team online and have donations over the duration of Movember! raised $40! Also, dont forget Movember 18th, which is “Have Sex with a Man with a Moustache Day”........dooooo it. Still not registered? Join the BUMA team at Peace, Mo x register

ODDS & ENDS | SCOPE HOT MW3 The beach 60% attendance/ participation marks GSR Moustaches ‘Under Par’ Golf Day this Friday Roast beef sandwich special New season of Big Bang Theory Cal Wood being cool with bookcases Nicki Minaj booty implants NOT Potentially losing your BF to MW3 Mid sem exams in Week 9 Pauline Hanson on Celebrity Apprentice People who can’t do their two times tables

BOND CLASSIFIEDS BUPS presents the screening of PLEASANTVILLE | TONIGHT | 7PM | 06_03_27 | YES WE WILL BE BREAKING BREAD COVERED IN TOMATO BASED SAUCE, CHEESE AND SPRINKLED LIGHTLY WITH VARIOUS MEATS AND VEGETABLES. OR JUST MEAT. OR JUST VEGETABLES. FUTSAL TOURNAMENT Bond’s first All Bond Futsal Tournament Registration ends Wednesday Week 9 Details: 5 vs 5, Bond Sports-hall, during Saturday / Sunday of an upcoming week $5 SAM | $10 non-SAM The sign-up sheet is in the sports centre. You can sign up as individual or as team.


Are you selling, looking for, interested in, running an event etc. etc.? Then this section is for you! It’s free for all students, all you have to do is send an email to with all the relevant details (name, goods/services, contact number etc.), plus your student ID (so we can verify that you’re a student). Bond FSAs/clubs/societies are welcome to use this section to advertise their events PROVIDED they do not spam it!!! MAXIMUM 50 WORDS DEADLINE: 4PM MONDAY EACH WEEK


Nicki Minaj’s sad excuse for a new song Cold/flu season


SDSA Industry Come along and join industry guests for food, drinks, networking and games.

WEEK 9 THURSDAY 10TH Tickets $10 (sam) $15 (non-sam) Food and Beverage Provided (Venue) - Black Board (Time) - 6.15pm for a 6.45pm start (Dress) Business Attire (Finish) 9.00pm

Tickets available for purchase from the

ISDA reception during normal business hours.


Numbers limited

Please remove by 11th November

Sustainable Development Students Association

H A A A A VE Y O U M E T . . . ? Name: Madeline ‘Fair Trade’ Wardelworth. Age: I don’t think we should discriminate on the basis on age… or anyting for that matter. Degree: Benevolence majoring in altruism. Beginning Semester: 101 Hometown: Child of the earth. FB Relationship Status: Strong independent woman… I don’t need no man. Star Sign: I move with the moon. eyes and see the mess we live in (aka caged eggs at the Bra). Ideal date location and companion? Tim Costello serving starving child a buffet of hopes and dreams in Africa… Kenya take me there? Do you call a snail without a shell naked or homeless? Pursuant to S1923(a)(ii) snails without a shell are referred to nomads (snails without borders). The material point being snails are animals with feelings too. What food would you be and why? A huge free range egg omelete so I could feed all the starving children in Africa. What is your study motto? Don’t have fun, get it fucking done! A genie grants you three wishes - what are they and why? World peace, end world poverty and for people to open their

Do you judge other people for their past indiscretions? No people can change, look at Nike! If you could swap bodies with anyone at Bond for a day, who would it be and why? Anthony Spegal so I could cancel our contract with COKE, the devil drink! Choose: never washing your bed sheets again, or never washing your towel again. I don’t wash either to preserve water. Captain Planet he is my hero… taking pollution down to ZERO! Weirdest place you’ve had a sexual encounter? In the COKE factory so I can empathise with Indian children when they get screwed over by the company.

NEXT WEEK: Nominate yourself or dob in someone else to

REMEMBRANCE DAY Lest we forget. Take a moment of silence on the on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month as a sign of respect Wednesday by the Water 12pm - 1pm | ADCO Amphitheatre.

Whitehouse Buses leave Dons 7pm | Metricon Stadium Whitehouse is set to amaze you with a new phenomenal HSA Language Fest location, Metricon Stadium! Great bites, great company 12pm - 3pm | ADCO Amphitheatre and of course ‘VIP Entitlements’ are guaranteed! Brazilian Dancers, Sumo Suits, Delicious French Tickets on sale under the arch | Mon-Fri | 10am-2pm Desserts and a whole bunch of international vibrance. $50 SAM | $75 Non-SAM There will also be a French, Spanish, Chinese and BUUNSA Debating Competition Japanese speech competition. 3pm - 6pm No extra study required - participants will be given BIG EDGE Speaker Series their topic on the day, and 30mins to prepare. 6PM - 8 PM | ISDA Living Lab (BLD 03_01_01) Teams of 3 or you can be allocated to a team. A session presented by Benjamin Seumahu, Senior Sign Up | Manager, Audit, KPMG, discussing the role of the auditing and accounting professions - what they do, what challenges they face, and how to succeed.

Thursday Night at Dons 9pm - Midnight Get excited, HAPPY HOUR is officially on from 9-10 pm every Thursday at Dons! Get your mates down early and kick off your night the right way!

BIG Management Competition 10am - 3pm | Business Boardroom Do you want to gain an edge in the intensive internship and graduate recruitment process within many Consulting and Professional Service Firms? Fantastic prizes are available! Sign up sheets on BSA Office door or email

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