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Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12




Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

      Dear SCOPEans around the world, Another GA has passed- full of endless productive working hours, but also full of time for creativity and the exchanging of ideas. We met a lot of inspiring people and we had the chance to cross our own borders, to strengthen our values, to reflect on our cultural differences and to grow with every new input. Being part of the IFMSA and participating in a GA is sometimes overwhelming us with impressions and possibilities – after a GA we regularly, and logically believe that we can cause a change in this world. Put back into reality, into our every day environment and culture we might ask ourselves “…was this a dream?” Even if this phase of excitement and energy slows down after some time, the spirit of IFMSA never does- the respect and understanding towards other cultures, the urge to change things to the better. I hope that you could all gain from this past GA- for me personally it was the best GA I have ever attended and at this point I would like to take the opportunity to THANK all of YOU for being part of the (best) Standing Committee: SCOPE! !! We are at a point at which we are capable of improving a lot of things within our SC- we will have the new database, we have completely new and reviewed SCOPE bylaws, we have many new NMOs with a lot of potential to start up the exchange program, we will focus on Evidence Based SCOPE…and last but not least we will have crazy SCOPE sessions at the August Meeting because there are (almost) no bylaw discussions left  Thank you all for your team spirit, your fun ideas, your creativity and motivation, your support, your seriousness, your passion, your craziness and your inspiration! Let’s rock the SCOPE and (ex) change the world….as usual.

Yours, Marianne

You see things and you say “Why?” But I dream of things that never were and I say “Why not?” (G.B. Shawn)

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

1. Morning Show Get to know each other: Forming continents, Kissing/Killing game, Introduction to the Buddy System:

2. Initial procedures First Roll Call, announcement of voting rights, appointment of our fabulous minutes takers: Nienke van Andel, Joao Gustavo Andrade & Makena Mbogori

3. SCOPE in the past 6 months You got updates from the SCOPE International Team and the Support Divisions about the achievements and happenings in the past 6 months. The reports had been sent over the servers before the GA, so the majority of the 30 minutes could be used for QUESTIONS & ANSWERS.

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

4. Presentation Outcomes RMs/SRTs/PreGA Exchanges

5. Presentation of wikiSCOPE by Gal Strauss

6. The very first Bylaw discussions! Before we started discussing the first chapters 1 to 4, we got a brief introduction to the general voting procedures by Alexandre Moser (Vice- Chair MM12). As we were only voting informally every day after the Bylaws discussions, this caused some confusion among all of us. We used a majority of the first bylaw discussions on the conflict of wheter to have “he/she”, “he” or “the student” in our bylaws. In the end we could not agree on any version and now it is not regulated in the bylaws (meanswhatever). Anyways- already at LUNCH I got to hear from different people that have not been in the SCOPE sessions, that we argued one hour on the “he/she” topic. At least we got public attention!! GOAL

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

As the Bylaw discussions took more time than scheduled we had to postpone the first Small Working Group time to the next day… …and after our “CHECK OUT” and preview of the agenda of Day 2 everybody was released to lunch.

After the wake- up and some teambuilding games we had

1. Introduction to the New Database (by SCOPE D) I gave a short overview of all the things that will be implemented in the new SCOPE database as well as on the timeline and the general IFMSA website. The first version should be ready by April 2012 and the absolute deadline for the final version is June 2012. The new contracts of the AM12 should be completely signed in the new database.

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

2. WORKSHOPS How to open a new LC (Reem Aoun) Academic Quality (Jennifer Velez, Carlos Montano) PET (Pre- Exchange Training) (Pablo Vega) How to write E-mails (Martine Favero) Marketing (Fundraising) (Farhood Mojtahedi, Karolina Kolodziejczyk) How to organize a national SCOPE meeting (Frédéric Morin) Power Point vs. Prezi (Luka Vitez, Farhood Mojtahedi) LEO Training (Samuel Zweifel, Susanne Martens) How to organize social program (Marta Wisniewska) WikiSCOPE (Gal Strauss) We had a big variety of different workshops this time in order to keep the maximum participants number per workshop low. Big THANK YOU to all workshop facilitators!!

3. Bylaws discussion & informal voting On the second day we were more professional and had a better system of the informal voting. After each section with green and blue parts (not controversial) we voted with the same procedure as after the red parts (controversial with discussion time). Like this we had more structure and could achieve the discussion and voting on chapter 4 to 6!

4. Liaison Officer’s Presentation Our beloved LO’s gave us an introduction to their daily work within IFMSA. See the presentation here:

5. Small Working Group Time Small Working Groups (SWGs) Topic Evidence Based SCOPE Tracking late CAs in the database Joint projects SCOPH SCORP Website SCOPE content Joint PDT (SCOME, SCORA, SCORP) NEOs/LEOs/CPs relation status Cancellations We are full for July

Facilitator Luka Vitez Frédéric Morin Marianne Koch Farhood Mojtahedi, Karolina Kolodziejczyk Carlos Montano Aleksandar Lukic, Terrence Ho Khadija Benomar Susanne Martens

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

We had various SWGs on relevant current topics within SCOPE. Every SWG facilitator received a protocol to fill in for easy follow up of the outcomes. The first gathering within the SWGs was assigned to define the objectives of the SWG and to get to know each other.


The AF market was loud and noisy as usual- and FUNď Š I hope that all of you managed to deliver/receive the documents you needed for your students! In order to have the AF market a bit more organized we had two ground rules: 1. Never leave any table unattended and 2.only document collecting/no distribution. The SWG time in the afternoon was extremely productive- most members of SWGs showed up and were motivated to work on improving our Standing Committee.

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

We started the 4th day of the sessions with one hour of SWG time, which could be used individually in each SWG according to its topic. After a short break we moved on to a more serious topic- the motion on suspending Nigeria from the SCOPE Exchange program until the MM2013. In the SCOPE D report I had included the report on investigations and clarified the situation we are facing in Nigeria. Due to lack of communication and inconsistencies the exchange program cannot be guaranteed at the moment and I therefore brought in a recommendation to suspend Nigeria. The GA voted with absolute majority on the suspension of Nigeria until the March Meeting 2013 during which they will be able to regain their status within SCOPE. After the voting on Motion 1 the SCOPE International Team had to bring up another serious issue due to some happening of the previous night. It came to our ears that a so- called SCOPE Party had been organized on the rooftop without informing any member of the SCOPE International Team and without any announcement. We found it necessary to bring in another motion in order to prevent this situation in the future:

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

The Motion passed nemo contra!

From there we directly continued to our two- and- a – half hours marathon through the remaining 7 chapters of our beloved SCOPE Bylaws. We managed to finish ALL! (We probably have to credit that partly to Anastasias (NEO Greece) birthday, which supplied us with the rescuing sugar-boost: a chocolate cake and a nice break) Day 4 finished with some adrenaline infiltrated applause on the last informal vote‌

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

1. The very last day of SCOPE sessions started with one hour for the Workshops where you once again had the option to choose between various different topics. After the distribution of the SCOPE Certificates we headed on to …


Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

Who was the seconder? BVMD Germany was the first NMO to raise the voting card although the air was filled with country flags after seconds…. The adoption of the SCOPE Bylaws of the March Meeting 2012 in Accra, Ghana PASSED NEMO CONTRA! Once again one very big and honest THANK YOU to all Bylaws SWG members who made the new bylaws reality: Nienke van Andel (IFMSA Netherlands) Eva Otoupalova (IFMSA Czech Republic) Raed Zughul (IFMSA Jordan) Terrence Ho (IFMSA Taiwan) Amen Ben Hamida (Associamed Tunisia) David Ekow Arku (FGMSA Ghana) Maria Aroca (AECS Catalonia) Laura Bertani (AMSA USA) Sherif Abolfotouh (IFMSA Egypt) Abedalrazaq AlKukhun (IFMSA Saudi Arabia) The initial SWG March 2011 to August 2011 After capturing the historic moment of SCOPE on video we moved on to

3. SRT presentations! We will have three Sub Regional Trainings in the upcoming months:

SRT Lithuania 15th- 18th March SRT Slovakia 12th – 15th April SRT Egypt 30th April- 3rd May

Marianne Koch, SCOPE Director 2011- 12

4. Presentations of SWG outcomes (sent in a separate file) And not to forget….our wet pool action as final CHECK OUT of the SCOPE sessions @ March Meeting 2012…. P.S.: I found my camera! It was in Fred’s bag…..

SCOPE sessions report MM2012  

The summary of the SCOPE sessions from March Meeting 2012

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