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At this moment in time thousands and thousands of people are seriously investigating the possibilities to start with at work at home career. Either through starting a work at home business, a work at home job, taking surveys, or other opportunities available. You should consider yourself in good company looking at the facts. According to Yahoo, 148000 people conducted a search through yahoo using the keyword "work at home" which certainly makes this a hot topic. Even more so when you take in consideration that yahoo only counts for 21% of all search engine traffic. At this moment in time you should not care about the other hundreds of thousands of people, you should focus on your own work at home related goals and dreams. The title of this article states " work at home - the truth revealed" and that is what I would like to talk to you about. The truth is: You, as well as every single other person, can achieve their personal goals through a work at home career. I can almost hear you think, yeah right, if that is true, why is not everybody well on their way to personal freedom. The answer to that is very simple. You can compare yourself with a gold medal winner at the Olympics. He only achieved this through hard work, exercise and determination. His willingness to commit himself 100% to his goals and dreams. This is the same for those who want to work at home and make it worth their time. A few simple facts: 95% of people who work at home fail miserably. Facts show that 95 out of every hundred who start to work at home will not achieve the goals which they have set themselves. A very good friend of mine ,who was extremely dedicated, invested hours, weeks, even months into his personal goals. Just recently I discovered that he was not dedicated anymore and gave up on his dream. This unfortunately is reason #1 why most people fail. Loosing track of what is important to them. Knowledge costs money.

I am almost stunned with disbelief when somebody writes to me with the excuse that they are afraid to invest into a program or e-book I recommended. If you are one of those people not willing to invest into your work at home career, you might as well quit now. Why are you so special that all the knowledge needed to succeed working at home should be given to you for free? Work at home means investing in yourself and learn from those people who already achieved what you want to achieve. Also, every single work at home program which is sold through the internet comes with a money back guarantee meaning that you can test drive any program for 60 days and if it didn't work you are entitled to a full refund. 100% risk free! Once you are 100% dedicated towards the work at home opportunity of your choice success will have already come your way within those 60 days. Quick Cash with Work at Home Does not exist. This rumor needs to be ended right here and right now. Ask any person who became successful with a work at home career, they did not achieve it through some kind of quick cash miracle. They will all tell you that it took them a lot of time and hard work to get where they are today. Work at home is extremely rewarding when done correctly but it will never be a fairy tale. Dedication is the Correct Answer. With work at home it is the same as with everything, only sheer dedication and the will to succeed will bring you the so much desired end result. It took me two years to achieve my first goal which was firing my boss. These days I am my own boss and set my own hours. Keep in mind that this dedication should be shared with your partner if you have one. You should discuss how many hours a week you are willing to invest into your work at home career and which goals are achievable within a certain time frame. Set goals which are measurable and reward yourself once you have achieved one of the goals. Try to let your partner participate where possible and do not forget to invest time into your private life as well. Otherwise your work at home will be all that you'll have left in the end. Finally, starting to work at home can be the most rewarding decision you ever made but it can also give you headaches and worries when heading the wrong direction. Ask for help when needed, either through forums or through a mentor. There will always be somebody willing to point you in the right direction when asked nicely. Welcome to the wonderful world of Work at Home.

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