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June 5th Hernando Fat Daddy’s 2 Yr. Ann. Party (Pg 4) June 12th Inglis The Mousetrap Start of the Fun Run (Pg 30)

June 12th Weeki Wachee The Sandtrap $300.00 Daisy Dukes Contest

June 14th FLAG DAY FLY YOURS PROUD & HIGH June 18th Brooksville SAIL INN Annual Luau (Pg. 92) June 19th Weeki Wachee The Mystery Run (Pg 17)

June 26th Weeki Wachee

Tailgators Poker Run 100% Payback / Live Music (Pg 58) Roadqueen: So Ladies you are ready to buy your 1st Bike(Pg 62)

Issue 82

JUNE 2011

DON’T YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO ADVERTISE YOUR Biker Friendly Business in SCOOTERGOODS MAGAZINE Why Scootergoods you ask?

1) We have been available to Bikers for FREE 7 YEARS NOW! 2) We hit your target Audience! 3) Bikers Read Every Page! 4) News Bikers can really use! 5) We have the Lowest Ad Rates for ANY BUDGET. Starting AT $35.00 PER MONTH 6) You get FREE Placement on SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CALL & GET YOUR AD IN! 352-596-3704

5) The Rodeo Monthly Ad Rates 6) Advertiser Index B&W Biz cd. $35.00 7) June Events 1/2 Pg. $55 Full $105 7) Watch Out for Cagers 14) NYC Irish Color 1/2 $75 Full $150 15) Band Info & Websites DonV 352-596-3704 20) National Ride to Work Day SCOOTERGOODS@ YAHOO.COM 23) S&M Bikes Grand Opening 25) The Law Dog 26) Thanks for the Support 29) Thanks Capt Scotty & Cindy 32) SG Bikeshow @ BB MaGees 34) From the Editor 36) Smokeout 12 Painted Ladies 38) Mickeys Cedar Key Run 42) Dave O Memorial Run 47) Brother John 54) Run for Baby James 55) R.I.P. Donnie Holmes 57) Psychedlic Motorcycle Tires? 60) Wayne’s Easyrider Mural 62) Roadqueen 65) HD Gene 66) Made in the USA 68) KILLER to be Sentenced Staff: Editor DonV 69) Notes from Nipples 2 Dog Joe, Beancan,Big Ragoo, 70) Capt. Scotty Becky Boo, Brother John 73) R.I.P. Macho Man Capt.Scotty, Chapdawg,Charlie W, 77) Sandtrap Party Chickenman, Couch, Crazy Bastid 78) R.I.P. Ty Stevens DDay, Freewheelin Franlin 79) R.I.P. Fast Eddie HD Gene, Milkie, No Skool 80) Mickey’s Anniversary NYC Irish, Monkey,Ron Henry, 84) Wayne’s Tech Tip Road Queen, Sparky 87) Benefit for John Schoop Scotergood Randy 88) Big Fish Store The DILLIGAF Society 90) Brando Estate sues Harley

Scootergoods Magazine


Scootergoods Magazine


Where can ya get in for $10 bucks for the weekend and be a part of WILD FUN? The Brooksville Old School Biker Rodeo! Yep another one is in the saddlebag and 3000 bikers can’t be wrong. They all enjoyed live music by The BC Band, Amber Nichol,Terry Cole,Break from Life,Shaky Puddin, Lawless Intent, Kathy Joe & The Bluzification Band & Jimmy Sparks. (See 15 for more info on bands) Also all the Biker Shenanigans the Rodeo is famous for. (Cont. Pg. 8)

Scootergoods Magazine


All Florida Bail 11 Bayport Inn 41 BB MaGee’s 33 Big Fish Store 88 Biker Valley 78 Blue Heron 43 Broken Arrow 82 Brothers PC 73 Bubba’s F&F 66 Buddy’s Tavern 86 Carver Law Back Capt. Crash 21 Chimney Sweep 67 Coney Island 20 Connies K.S. 30 Creative Cyc. 64 Crock’s 36 Cry. River Cyc. 10 CRHD 37 Custom Leather 86 Cycle Alley 54 Cycle Solutions 38 Dam Pub 83 Dallas Inn 29 Dixie’s Pub 9 DNA Cycles 44 DT Store 90 Fat Daddy’s 4 Fireplace 26 Freewheelin Ph. 53 Fun Run 30 Gatorbay Marina 74

Mousetrap 86 Mud Buggz 57 Mystery Ride17 Neon Cowboy 72 Oarhouse 53 Perf. Twin 40 Pine Grove 61 Pit Stop Auto 21 Red’s Cycle 55 Roo’s Pub 89 Ron’sCyc.Sev. 69 The Sail Inn 92 The Sandtrap 76 Giovannis 79 Shed’s Now 56 Grill 301 15 S&M Bikes 22 Hi Tech North 71 Sleepy Hollow 45 Hi Tech Ross 14 South.Powder 69 High Oct. Saloon 16 Stormie’s Too 13 Homosassa Tire 68 Hudson Marine 28 Stix Billiards 52 Ironhorse Parts 95 Sunray 46 Tactical Sup. 29 IRRU 35 Tailgators 58 Homosassa Tire 68 The Hideaway 39 K&K Customs 50 Thunder Inn 60 Knuckledraggers 19 Trikes by Des. 21 Kool Kats 85 Trinity Chops 18 Love Mspts. 93 Venom Cust. 59 Macs Place 91 Wayne’s Cyc. 84 Mad Tatters 12 Wassabi Shop 63 Mickey’s Bar 81 Weekly Dental 55 Mike’s Pub 24 Windy Acres 27 Mooks & Lukes 50



THE NEXT FULL MOON Wednesday, June 15th 2011

3-5th Jacksonville BON Party USA Info UncleBuck 386-659-2910 3-5th Indian Rocks Beach Bikers N Boobs Run 727-698-0078 4th Plant City Bike Fest 4th Beleview “Corn Boil” Alabama Disaster Fundraiser 352-875 6470 4th Spring Hill 3rd Cruising for Critters 5th Hernando Fat Daddy’s 2nd Anniversary Party (pg 4) 5th Webster Cycle Swaps 6th Port Richey Bike Night at Dixie’s Pub (pg 9) 12th Inglis The Fun Run Stars at the Mousetrap ( pg 30) 12th Weeki Wachee The Sandtrap $300.00 Daisy Dukes Cont.(pg76) 18th Brooksville SAIL INN Annual Luau (Pg. 92) 19th Weeki Wachee Mystery Run Starts at Bayprot Inn (pg 17) 19th Putnum Cty. Swap meet at the Fairgrounds 20th Everyplace Ride your Motorcycle to Work Day 20th Port Richey Bike Night at Dixie’s Pub (pg 9) 25th Mulberry S&M Bike Shop Monthly Swapmeet (pg 22) 25th Tampa Bay Area Military Heritage Run 254-466-4505 26th Crystal River Free Pig Roast @ Mickey’s (pg 80) 26th Weeki Wachee Tailgators Poker Run100% payback (pg 58) For UP TO DATE INFORMATION on Events in Florida Please Visit WWW.SCOOTERGOODS.COM WATCH OUT FOR CAGERS As we all know Bikers are greatly out numbered by Cagers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau right now the ratio is 7.7 Million Motorcycles to 248 Million Cars & Trucks. That means we are OUTNUMBERED by around 240 Million!!! That is why it is so important to watch out for them dicks. With all the cell phone use, texting and other distractions Cagers are NOT WATCHING FOR MOTORCYCLES! You have to be the one to protect yourself. Please ride DEFENSIVELY! Keep your High Beam on, make sure your horn is in good working order and do you middle finger curls to make sure it works properly when you need it. PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR CAGERS! “DDay”

Scootergoods Magazine


(Rodeo From 5).You can bring your own booze,camp for Free and see some pretty outragous stuff.It all starts Thursday around noon and people crawl out on Sunday. You can get food from vendors and there is even bagged ice available. The bike and Adult games put on by the Scootergoods Staff have become very popular on Saturday Afternoon. (Cont. Pg. 10)



bi k er o w n e d & o p e r a t e d

Bike Night

Monday June 6th & 20th w/ Miss Dixie 7-10pm Vendors Free Setup B ike S how/ C on t e s t s Fr e e S c h w a g s

Live Music for June

Sat 11th - The Orbs Sat 18th Frank Roberts + Boxcar Tourists

Sat July 9th Memorial Benefit for Art $11 Buckets all the time Tues Karaoke 7 till ~ Wed Open Mic (Come Jam) 7pm Thur BEER PONG 7 till ~ Fri 8-Ball Tournament (Winner take all) Sat Live Music 8pm Sunday $10 Kill-a-KEG and Swapmeet Free Setup

6229 Ridge Rd port Richey, fl


Scootergoods Magazine


(Rodeo from 8) J.O. Batten, DonV & The Chickenman, Founders of the DD-214 Foundation and the Rodeo would like to thank you all for your Support. Also all the Rodeo Volunteers and the Scootergoods Magazine Staff , for all their hard work which helps Disabled Vets from all branches of the Armed Forces.

Also a Big Hellya to the BIG RAGOO ofďŹ cal Emcee of the Rodeo and also Joy of Joy & Syn for here Emcee work throughout the weekend. We are gonna start early and let you all know that the next (Next Pg.)



7992 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy Crystal River, FL 34429

* Sp e c i a l * Valvoline full synthetic oil change $59.95

K en n y

D402 MT90-16Blk front $149.95 D401 150/80 Blk Rear $165 D402 130 & 140 Blk Rear $165 Tube extra if needed

$55 Labor rate 10K service $199.95+tax Genuine HD oil change $39.95+tax

Extended Warranty Work

Repairs - Maintenance - Consignments - Tires


RODEO will be taking place May 10th-13th 2012, so make plans to be there. A Big Thanks to Jeabird and her crew at Dysfuction Junction, who this year donated $3100.00 to the foundation. And like I said before thanks to ALL OF YOU KRAZY MUTHAS that came to party till ya dropped. Beer consumption was a new Rodeo Record this year. And there ain’t no tellin’ how much Hard Stuff was DRUNK! BEER,BABES,BOOZE and plenty of ADULT SHENANIGANS, what more could you ask for SEE YOU ALL IN 2012

Big Ragoo

If you’re still in Jail, YOU DON’T KNOW “JACK”

Scootergoods Magazine



g i n or rv qu Se ll Li Fu

d Chicken Dee’s Friener To Go Only in s 8 Piece D ighs, 2 Legs, 2 Wwiningg:


$ 00

Follo , 2 Th 2 Breasts ice Of 2 Of Then Beans

e o With Ch h & Gravy, Gre slaw Mas Or Cole


All Day!

Domestic 16 Oz Drafts, Longnecks & We lls

No utions Substit


Budweiser Bud Light Amberbock Coors Light Miller Lite Shock Top Yuengling Stormies’ Select Killian’s


Stormie’s Too

9821 Denton Ave. Hudson N


Scootergoods Magazine

Little Rd.

Biker Owned & Operated


Denton Ave.

Hicks Rd.

All Served with Mashed Potatoes with Gravy & Green Beans

Archer St.

Served 4pm-9pm

Monday - Liver & Onions Tuesday - Chopped Sirloin Wednesday - All-U-Can-Eat Fish Fry $7.95 Thursday - 3 Piece Fried Chicken


Brenda St.


Today, two of my bros , Chopper Larry and, Chop, came by for a Sunday afternoon ride. We were interested in trying to see if we could find Billy Joel’s new shop in Oyster Bay which has recently been opened to the public and let everybody see his collection. It was warming up to the mid 50’s to,the perfect temperature for a sunny Sunday putt. As we rode we hoped to find the mother lode bounty of almost every era from the 40’s to 60’s in bike form. We got to the middle of town and we make a left shot up about 2 lights and hung a right, which was 101 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, NY, it was practically across the street from the town hall. (Cont 18)


We would like to thank all the bands that played at The 7th Old School Biker Rodeo for donating their time to help Disabled Veterans. THE BC BAND AMBER NICOL BREAK FROM LIFE TERRY COLE BAND FACEBOOK Terry Cole Show LAWLESS INTENT SHAKY PUDDIN KATHY JO & THE BLUZIFICATION BAND JIMMY SPARKS FACEBOOK Jimmy Sparks If you are having an event you need to BOOK one of these fantastic Bands, WE HIGHLY Reccomend Them !!!

U.S. 301 Ridge Manor, Fl. 352-608-4211 We do the Grillin! You do the Chillin! SATURDAY - SUNDAY FULL BREAKFAST 8am-1pm Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4pm-til?? Sat-Sun 8am-til?? $1.75 Dom. 16 oz Drafts / $2.50 Dom Bottles Complete Menu of Apptizers-Salads-Wings 1/2 Lb. Burgers - Sandwiches - Fish Fry Every Night STOP by on the way to or from The Webster Swapmeet Biker Owned & Operated/ All Runs Welcome Scootergoods Magazine


Live Entertainment FourNites aWeek

Full Liquor 2 Indoor Bars Billiards 2 Dance Floors 6 Big Screen Tv’s

Tattoo Shop open 6 days a week


Steaks Sat & Sun

Doug’s Birthday Don’t Miss the Mystery Ride ! & 1st Anniversary Party StSarutnsdaatyBJauynpeor1t9Itnhn August 19, 20, & 21 For Info Call: BHaigyhpoOrctta3n5e2-355926--316048-82815 Service Dept. - Cert. Mechanics, Parts &Acc.

Full Service Tires while u wait

Tue - Fri Happy Hour 11-8 Free Pool $2 Ln 2-4-1 wells Thur - Ladies Nite 9-12 Tues - Live Oldies Entertainment Free wells & drafts Show 7-12 DJ & Karaoke Front bar 9-close DJ & Karaoke Open Jam Back Bar 8-? Front bar 9-close Fri - Live Concert 9-1 Wed - Line Dancing 7-9 DJ Front bar Ladies Nite 9-12 Sat - Live Concerts 1-6 & 9-1 Free wells & drafts DJ Front bar DJ & Karaoke Sun - Live Concert 1-6 Front bar 9-close

1590 S. US 19 Homosassa, FL

Info call 352-794-6037



(INYC Irish form 14) Well, his shop should have been called, Billy’s toys for big boys. When we walked in there were bikes all over the place, a good 50 or 60 of them. There were old Honda’s, Yamaha’s, Ducati’s, BMW’s, Triumphs, BSA’s, Harley’s, Moto Guzzi’s, a few cool modified vintage Harley’s with state of the art 20th Century technology built in and many altered frames and motors from around the 30’s to the 60’s built in. Even the bike that OCC built for Billy from the Discovery channel was there. But my favorite was this 1952 Vincent Black Shadow an awesome bike that was the answer to Britain’s rice rocket’s of Japan. (Cont Pg. 18)

? Mystery Ride Free Run ? Sunday June 19th at Noon Dice throw at each stop Prizes for “Holdem over” First treats at highest & lowest Stop Bayport 3rd stop dice at last stop Inn For Info call High Octane Saloon 352-364-2815

Please Support 12 pm each buisness at each stop. 4835 Cortez Blvd.

WeekiWachee, FL Another Run for Free Supported by 352-596-1088 Scootergoods Food & Entertainment at last stop

IMPORTANT! Have a safe and enjoyable Ride

Scootergoods Magazine


(NYC Irish from 17) The cool thing about these bikes and this shop was that a quarter of the bikes had battery tenders hooked up to them to keep the battery juiced so Billy could hop on his favorite scoot and it was ready to roll. How cool is that to get to say I want that one and hop and go. It’s nice to see Billy loves to ride as much as he loves his music. We didn’t get to meet the piano man maybe we will run into him on one of his classic rides on the island. If you ever have a chance to go to Oyster Bay in Long Island make sure you stop by and check out Billy’s Shop. The address is 20th Century Cycles,101 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, New York, the phone number is 516-922-3300. Hey Billy, great shop. I’m sure any a Scooterhead would be in classic heaven there. I was!! Hope to see you next time around. NYC Irish



14900 U.S. Hwy 301 S. Starke, Fl. 32091 Scootergoods Magazine


NATIONAL RIDE TO WORK DAY Monday June 20, 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Motorcycle Ride to Work Day. Over a million commuters will participate and demonstrate the positive benefits of riding for transportation, which include: reduced traffic and parking congestion, decreased commute times, and lessened fuel consumption. Andy Goldfine, the event organizer stated. “It is an economical, efficient and socially responsible form of mobility that saves energy, helps the environment and provides a broad range of other public benefits.” The event has also been recognized by proclamation by over one hundred American cities. According to the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Transportation, over eighty million cars and light trucks are used for daily commuting on American roads, and about 200,000 motorcycles are a regular part of this mix. On Ride to Work Day, the practical side of riding becomes more visible as a large number of America’s 8,000,000 Motorcycles are ridden to work. Studies have shown that across equal distances, commuting motorcyclists reach their destinations in less time than those using automobiles, that motorcycles consume less resources per mile than automobiles, and that they take up less space on roads. Motorcycle riders seek improved employer recognition and support for this form of transportation, and more public and government awareness of the positive value of riding. “BEANCAN”

CONEY ISLAND HOT DOGS 1112 East Jefferson St Brooksville, Fl 352-796-9141 Bike Nite Every Other Thursday Call for Dates Scootergoods Magazine


PIT STOP REPAIR 352-563-5222

General Repairs, air conditioning, diagnostics, etc. 3408 N.Citrus Ave. Crystal River, FL 34428

Scootergoods Magazine

Steve Gaither, Owner


Scootergoods Magazine


On April 30th I attended the Grand Opening of S&M Bike Shop in Mulberry Fl. The shop is owned by Sonny & Melissa Brown and focuses on personal service. The party was great, there where lots of vendors,and free beer! Yep FREE BEER! The local Wing House girls where on hand to passin’ out FREE WINGS too! What impresses me most about the Browns is their dedication to motorcycle lifestyle. I spoke with several of their current customers and they all had one main thing to say. “Sonny takes the time to explain the repairs he is going to perform before the bike hits the lift.” The Browns have definatly got it together, in the customer service department. And you are dealing with a family run business!! Their shop is very clean and well organized with a vast variety of products and services to offer. Spectro lubricants are also available along with parts from all major vendors. Once you clear the hussle & bussle of the city on Rte 60 E. the ride is very pleasent through the farm land and woods. So RIDE ON OUT & SEE UM! I would like to thank the Browns for making me feel right at home. (And thanks for holding onto my camera Sonny) To wrap it all up, If you are looking for a pleasent one on one experience Biker to Biker for repairs and service then S&M Bike Shop is where you NEED TO GO! Also if you are looking for used parts be sure to make it out to the Monthly SWAP MEET the last Saturday of the month. You can see pics of the shop and a product list on their website

Scootergoods Magazine


Scootergoods Magazine



*Helmets* The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. Anyone who has ever sat astride a large touring motorcycle and traveled a major cross country artery like the Pacific Coast Highway or Blue Ridge Parkway, knows there are very few things in life that are more enjoyable than the euphoric feeling you get from such a journey. However, having traveled from State to State, it’s a good idea for the cyclist to know the helmet use regulations within their individual State. Most bike shops sell a motorcycle Atlas which contains all of the State’s various motorcycle laws and restrictions and can be picked up and kept in your saddlebags for quick reference. Also, every State’s Highway Patrol (FL Hwy Patrol, GA Hwy Patrol, ETC)should be contacted when you are planning your journey to learn the respective State’s helmet and traffic laws. In addition to complying with the various State’s traffic laws, there is the moral debate going on between the user and nonuser of helmets. Most riders I’ve encountered feel that this should be an individuals’ choice, and given my liberal background ,I would agree with this line of thinking. However, I feel that a cyclist should, in making their “choice”, have all of the facts , the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY regarding helmet use and nonuse. First and foremost is the safety issue. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that in the event of an unfortunate accident, one’s head would fair much better hitting the asphalt at 70mph if it was enclosed in a DOT certified helmet. The downside, of course, is the restriction, uncomfortableness, hot and visual restrictiveness associated with the helmet’s use. Even the most expensive and custom helmets are cumbersome and make the above described ride less pleasurable. The second consideration would be, (Cont. Pg. 28) Scootergoods Magazine




Thanks for Coming to the Rodeo Back in 2007 when the 1st Old School Biker Rodeo took place we had around 600 folks & the money was donated to 2 downed bikers. After that Event J.O. Batten, DonV & Chickenman founded the DD-214 Foundation to aid disabled Vets and have continued the Rodeo Tradition. Since then thanks to the help of countless volunteers and the Scootergoods Magazine staff, attendance has risen dramatically to over 3000 at Rodeo 7. With the contribution from Number 7 the total raised from 6 events will be $115,000.00. It is our hope that on May 10-13th 2012 we can get 4000 of you out there to Party with us. Thanks also to Brother John, Big Ragoo and the Staff of SG for all their hard work helping to put on the Bike Games & Adult Events & Wanted Mag & Rider Now Mag for helpin’ get the word out. See all you MUTHA’S NEXT MAY 2012.

THE FIREPLACE Wood Gas & Electric Fireplaces Wood Stoves Gas Logs

Installation,Service & Repairs Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning VINNY -352-795-7976

Scootergoods Magazine


Windy Acres Farm Halloween Bikefest Scootergoods 7th Anniversary 01350 Miller Blvd, Fruitland Park, FL 34731 This is an OVER 21 Event. No Glass Bottles Please.

Dry camping: Tent & RV. Thursday, October 27—Sunday October 30, 2011. $15.00 per person for the whole weekend. Saturday AM Poker Run. Bike Show, Bike & Adult Games Saturday afternoon. Saturday night: Costume and Campsite Decoration contests. Live music Friday & Saturday 7-11pm

Games & Fun

(352) 408-7308, Scootergoods Magazine or Scootergoods Magazine


(Law Dog From 25) of course, the legality of using or not using the helmet, depending on the individual State’s laws, as described above. However, probably the single most important consideration and ,unfortunately the most overlooked reason to wear a helmet is how it would affect your case in the event of an unfortunate accident. Florida is a Mitigation/Contributory Negligent State, meaning that if the Plaintiff’s own actions contributed to or in some way worsened their situation, then the at fault driver can use the Plaintiff’s own negligence to reduce the recovery that the Plaintiff would ultimately receive. The most common “Mitigation Defense” is the Florida seatbelt defense. That defense allows the defendant in an auto accident to argue to the jury that the jury should reduce the Plaintiff’s award by the percentage of the injuries received by the Plaintiff that were caused by the Plaintiff’s (Cont. Pg. 31)

Got a Hottie that wants to go Fishin’? Make sure your Boats is Ship Shape

Call DAVE at HUDSON MARINE 727-862-3637

14329 Old Dixie Hwy. Hudson, Fl. 30 yrs.Experience! Hours M-F 9-6 Sat 10-4 10% discount on Parts W/ Repair Outboards,Inboards,Rebuilds Sterndrives,Fiberglass & Gelcoating REPAIRS & Bottom Painting Scootergoods Magazine


Dallas Inn 352-245-5002

Full Liquor Bar - Package Food - Entertainment Happy Hour M-F 4-7pm

Route 301 Summerfield Fl. Patrick & Sheila Strickland Owners

I would Like to send out a HUGE ATA BIKER to our own Capt. Scotty & His Wife Cindy for feeding the entire volunteer crew at Brooksville Old School Biker Rodeo 7.They did a great job smokin’ meat and assembling 100’s of sandwiches,delivering them on Ted’s Golf Cart.

Scootergoods Magazine



7745 S. Florida Ave Floral City, Fl 352-254-0007 New Hours: Mon-Tue CLOSED Wed-Fri 12pm-5pm Sat-Sun 10am-5pm HAD A GREAT TIME AT THE RODEO! We have NEW in the store, Ridge Tack Light Weight Summertime Riding Boots and Sova Hand Painted Leather Handbags A Thank You goes out to all our Wonderful Customers. Can’t wait to see you! Ride Safe!!! Scootergoods Magazine


(Law Dog from 28)failure to use a seatbelt. For example, if the only injury received by a Plaintiff in an automobile case was severe facial lacerations caused by the Plaintiff’s face striking the windshield, the defense could argue that the Plaintiff should recover nothing in that the facial lacerations were caused solely by the Plaintiff’s failure to wear his/ her seatbelt. This defense can be devastating to a Plaintiff’s Personal Injury case if the jury feels the Plaintiff should have worn the seatbelt that would have acted to avoid his/her injuries. The helmet defense is very similar to the seatbelt defense in that the at fault party can ask the jury(and in most cases get a jury instruction from the Judge) directing the jury to reduce the Plaintiff’s award of damages by the percentage of the Plaintiff’s damages caused by their failure to wear a DOT approved helmet. Statistics dictate that most catastrophic motorcycle injuries are significant head injuries from a rider’s head striking an inanimate object or the ground after an accident. Therefore, the Plaintiff’s award in a motorcycle case can be tremendously reduced, if not eliminated in most serious motorcycle accident cases because the rider was not wearing a DOT approved helmet at the time of the accident. In short, although a life changing ride as described at the beginning of this article can be diminished somewhat by the use of a restrictive/cumbersome helmet, the benefits of having worn that helmet in the event of a catastrophic accident far outweigh the negative affect it has on an otherwise awesome ride. In conclusion, if you’re going to ride without a helmet, DON’T HAVE AN ACCIDENT, SO SAYS THE DAWG. Any further questions or inquires on this matter, please feel welcome to call the DAWG @ 352-568-8770 or 1-855-MY-LAW-DAWG.

WWW.CARVERLAWDOGS.COM Scootergoods Magazine


May 22nd Scootergoods Traveling Bike Show at BB Ma Gee’s, brought us a hot sunny day with a parking lot full of bikes. Scott & the BB Girl’s kept the cold adult beverages flowing & Lawless Intent did an outstanding job of keeping good ole rock & roll jammin’.

There where some outstanding looking bikes to be judged by Wayne from Citrus Cycles in Floral City. The following are the results of the bike show: Best of Show - #16 Charlie - 03 Iron Works Custom Chopper ,Best American 1st place #15 Rich 01

H-D Soft tail Springer , 2nd place #12 Randy Johnson 08 H-D Soft tail Heritage, 3rd place #7 Rich 03 H-D Fatboy - Best Custom Chopper 1st Place #3 Larry 03 Custom Build, 2nd place #9 Pete 07 Custom Build - Best Touring #1 Carmine 07 H-D Street Glide , 2nd place #13 Chap Dawg 98 H-D Fatboy, Best Old Skool #5 David 73 VW Trike, 2nd place #6 David VW Trike 72 - Chap Dawg 98 Harley-Davidson Fatboy, Best Custom Bagger #12 Randy Johnson 08 H-D Heritage Soft tail - Best Trike #2 Red 01 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic - Best Lady Rider #11 Jackie 97 H-D Heritage, Best Sportster #4 Ted 94 H-D Sportster - Best Rat #5 David 73 VW Trike. Thank You - To all all that attended. . A big hell yeah goes out the Big Ragoo for Emceen’, (Next Pg.)

Scootergoods Magazine



Happy Hour 4-7pm M-F & All Day Sunday $2.50 Wells $10 Dom. Buckets Try Our Famous Wings & Pub Grubb Poker & Charity Runs Welcome 12400 Countyline Rd. Hudson/Spring Hill, Fl 727-861-1769

& the Carver Law Group for sponsoring all the awards. Look for The Scootergoods Staffs next traveling Bike Show to be at Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor July 24th. “Brother John” Scootergoods also Salutes our Veterans Pictured above.

Scootergoods Magazine


Not since the senseless acts of Hank Earl Carr a couple years back,has a more henouis and senseless crime been commited. Last month a 21 yr. old women attempted to kill a cop and did manage to take the life of a innocent Hernando Cty. Biker. The woman was stopped for irratic driving in Hudson slipped away from the cops while she was HANDCUFFED and the chase on! Was proceedure followed by the officer who stopped her? Should they have chased her through the morning traffic? The bottom line is she was chased and hit and killed Henry F. McCain, 66 of Spring Hill. at a estimated speed of 75 to 85 miles per hour. Henry never new what happened!!! And to make matters even more unreal she drove on with flat tires endangering even more lives. As far as I am concerned punishment should be swift and severe. Hopefully it will not take 20 pretrial hearings before she stands trial and is convicted. ( I did not mention the Drivers name in order to assure justice is served for HENRY Mc CAIN without her lawyers claiming prejudice, which could impede her trial) But we all know the story! On another note,many of you are aware of my involvement as one of the founders of the DD-214 Foundation and the Brooksville Old School Biker Rodeo benefiting Disabled Vets. Well after 7 events wondering when justice would come to the mastermind of the 9-11 attack on innocent,Men,Women and Children, finally Osama Bin Laden is Dead. We would like to thank the Navy Seal team who went in and killed that DICK, the leader of a terrorist group that has reeked havoc on the world for a long time. God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America.



922 U.S. Hwy. 41 Inverness, Fl34450 352-637-5118 M-F 8am-12am F-Sat 8am-2am Sunday 1-Mid

======= Weekday Specials ======

Happy Hour 8 am - 12 pm Well Drinks $1.00 ( juice $.25 extra) 16 oz Draft Beer $.75 Happy Hour 4 pm - 7 pm $.25 off ALL Drinks

~~~~~ Week Night Specials ~~~~~

Monday - DART NIGHT 7 pm - 11 pm (with $.25 off all player’s drinks) Tuesday - SHUFFLEBOARD NIGHT 6:30 pm - 11 pm (with $.25 off all player’s drinks) BEAT THE CLOCK: All Well, Draft and Wine .7-8pm $.75 , 8-9 $1.00 , 9-10 $1.25 , 10-11 $1.50 Wednesday - Bowling & MEN’S NIGHT 7-11pm BOWLING & POOL* Happy Hour ALL Night * Thursday - LADY’S NIGHT 7 pm - 11 pm All Draft, Wine or Well Drinks 2 for 1 POKER RUNS & BENEFITS ALWAYS WELCOME Scootergoods Magazine


Scootergoods Magazine will once again be taking a trip to Rockingham N.C. for the Horse BC Smokeout. They are making a Call out to all Picassos and perverts! On Saturday, June 25, 2011 beginning at 11 am the Painted Lady contest kicks off at the 12th Annual Event. The event is limited to 25 models and each one will strip and become a living canvas. Each lady is painted with latex in the shop’s colors that enter. The 25 models will be vying for $ 1,000 in prize money. People’s choice voting will determine the top 5 painted ladies and two-hundred dollars will be awarded to each winning artist. All supplies (women not included) will be provided by the Smoke Out!

Join Us for our 1st year anniversary party and Pig Roast Fri/Sat Jun 1 & 2 Live Wire Band Saturday July 2nd. Fri June 8 Karaoke w/ Neon Leon in t n o e u Comcheck olook ! & r new ou


Sat June 9 Jimmy Sparks Band Fri/Sat June 15 & 16 Electrik Fence Blues Band Fri June 22 Karaoke w/ Neon Leon Sat June 23 The Quitters Band Fri/Sat June 29 & 30 James Blooze Band Weekend entertainment is 9pm-1am.

We are biker friendly Plenty of Bike parking

Poker Runs & Benefits are always Welcome

20199 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Dunnellon, FL 352-465-0500 Scootergoods Magazine


Citrus County Street Vibrations Would like to thank the Biker Community for their TREMENDOUS SUPPORT of the Event held May 6-8th.

Thousands of Dollars were raised to help support BIG BROTHERS & BIG SISTERS!

We look forward to an even GREATER EVENT NEXT YEAR! Sponsored By Harley Davidson of Crystal River Mickey’s Bar, Love Motorsports Citrus Cycles &The Plantation Inn Scootergoods Magazine


Well the weather cudn’t have been better for the 2nd Cedar Key ride. As you can see from the pics that quite a few showed up. Once again we all stayed together for most of the ride. It was cool enough for us to take our time at each stop and the ride between em. At the Key we all just wandered around having a good time and of course chowing down each at our own favorite place. My mushroom & swiss burger was awesome, cudn’t even finish the fries. Stopped at the Trap on the way back which is always a good idea. Next time George does another Key ride, those of you who cudn’t make it should. It’s a great time for bikers to RIDE together just for fun. Keep the topside up! Freewheelin Franklin

Scootergoods Magazine


Starts at 10:30am at The Seaside Inn 5330 Treadway Dr, Port Richey, FL (727) 846-1112 Stops; Thunder Tavern Rockin’ Horse Farm, Di’s Pub, Ending at The Hideaway with a band and food. Additional Sponsors,Custom 4 wheel drive,Randall Love, Indigo Equine Assisted Therapy Works,#1 Tanning, Minuteman Press,Wicked Choppers, Blue Water Press


THE HIDEAWAY Located Across from the USA Flea Market 11720 U.S. Hwy. 19 Port Richey, Fl. 727-861-3521

Scootergoods Magazine


Memory Run For Eileen ‘Widow” Ezerosky 1968-2011

Sunday Ju1y 10th Starts & Dam Pub High Noon KSU ??? (After a couple) Buddy’s Mac’s Place Sleepy Hollow IR-RU She touched us all and will be Sadly Missed

Scootergoods Magazine


B a y p o r t

I n n Ashley, Suzanne, Karen, Stephanie, & Tanya Would like to welcome you to the Bayport Inn

Happy Hour M-F 4-8 pm 2-4-1 Margaritas All Day Everyday Sunday is Biker Appreciation Day

Live Entertainment on our covered Tiki Deck

1.50 Bloody Mary’s 1.25 Drafts Til 4pm Friday-Saturday-Sunday Bucket Specials Sunday June 19th The Mystery Run Starts Here Poker Runs & Benefits Always Welcome & Appreciated

4835 Cortez Blvd. Weeki Wachee, FL


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On Sat. May 15th a herd of us met up at The Dam Pub for a tribute ride to David Ough. Dave passed last December and we all miss him greatly. David was the driving force behind the Lessburg Bike Fest Volunteer Army,& never missed one in the 14 years he was in command. This was a run to talk of the man and for us all to get some sort of closure. I would like to thank The Dam Pub, Pine Grove Lounge The Dallas Boot

Kool Kats, and especailly Adrian Parker and Crew at the Blue Heron Bar for their support in helping us celebrate the life of David. And no I did not get all owery with this story,cuz David would’nt have wanted it that way. WE MISS YOU and you will never be forgotten. R.ide I.n P.eace David Ough

Scootergoods Magazine


New Summer Hours Open Mon.-Thurs 10am-8pm Fri.-Sat 10am-10pm Sat - Sun Only Breakfast 8am-10pm Sunday 8am-8pm

Happy Hour Mon-Friday 3-6pm

Monday-Friday $5 Lunch Specails (Til it’s Gone) $4 Breakfast Specials Starting at 8am Tuesdays 2-4-1 House Drafts during Happy Hour Wednesdays Mystery Bartenders 6-8pm Saturdays Live Bands 1-5pm Sunday Karaoke 2-6pm Parties & Poker Runs always welcome! So come back to the Original Blue Heron Bar and Grill, Good Old Times with Good Old People! Scootergoods Magazine


We Just Got A New Portable Dyno Tuner

DNA CYCLES 8546 Leo Kidd Ave Port Richey, Fl 727-264-8861 GRAND OPENING PARTY Saturday July 16th 2011 NOON-Til??

Come out and get your Bike DYNO TUNED Music - Food & Merchandise Vendors Scootergoods Magazine



10333 Gobbler Dr. Floral City Fl. 352-726-3242 WWW.WALLOWATTHEHOLLOW.COM

JUNE LINEUP All Shows are Saturday 12-4 / Sunday 1-5 Music by; Sat 6/4 Adrian Ray Band Sun 6/5 Brown Brothers Band Sat 6/11 Jimmy Sparks Band Sun 6/12 Adrian Ray Band Sat6/18 Adrian Ray Band Jenny Rimmer Fathers Day Sun 6/19 Surf n Turf only $5.00 Sat 6/25 Jimmy Sparks Band Sun 6/26 Brown Brothers Band

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Sunray Saloon 2451 se hwy 41 morriston 32668

Happy Hour mon-fri 4-6 w/ $1.00 drafts monday - Happy hour 4-6 w/$1 drafts free pool 6-9 tuesday - Happy hour 4-6, wear sunray t-shirt get 2nd drink on us wednesday' - happy hour 4-6 w/ $1 drafts, 6-9 .50 wings w/ $5 pitchers Thursday - $1.50 ln 3-5 & free pool 6-9 Fri & Sat nites 8-12 live country music with the “sunrays” sunday's---jam sessions - 5-?? all musicians welcome

check in often to see what’s goin on at the Sunray saoon COME PARTY With US UP UNDER THE BIG OAK TREE ALL OUTSIDE SPECIAL EVENTS INCLUDE food LIVE ENTERTAINMENT & $10.00 BUCKETS

we are inviting any & all bands for our battle of the bands event July 4th weekend $50 a band pls contact sonny, linda, or tee @ 352-528-3100 asap all food is prepared by our very own "Kracker Kurt" 352-528-3100 we are biker friendly & WELCOME ALL POKER RUNS, & FUN RUNS

Scootergoods Magazine


Brother John Well the 7th Old Skool Biker Rodeo is in the books & I hope everyone who attended had a great time (did not see anyone not having a good time). We were out there for the duration & it still amazes me that every Rodeo I will see pictures of someone that I did not even know was there or hear about something happening after the fact. Even with the Scootergoods Harley (golf cart) we made the rounds several times & still missed shit (only goes to show that a lot of people having a lot of different fun). That golf cart sure made it a lot easier on my legs & got around much more than I have had in the past. Sure it sounds like a sewing machine with a bad case of the farts but can’t expect it to be a new one it’s 34 yrs old. Sure got a lot of positive comments on it though! The weather was great as the rain Friday morning turned out to be a blessing - prior to the rain, every step left a cloud of dust. The rain settled the dust down for the rest of the weekend. Now did Carmine the “Big Ragoo” do a great job or what! Sure he got distracted a couple of times (male hormones kicking in) but can’t say I blame him. He does make things interesting & takes control. A big biker “Hell Yeah” goes out to him! Another big biker “Hell Yeah” goes out to Joy - she does not get the credit that she has earned! She was out there the entire 4 days playing tunes & making announcements that would not be there without her. Thanks - Joy! Another outstanding job! J.O & Suzie’s wedding Saturday night was way cool when Chicken Man escorted Suzie in with his old jeep. The wet t-shirt contest was also outstanding. The Ladies performed with outstanding “Biker Class” & seemed to have as much fun as the crowd watching - another big biker “Hell Yeah”! The bands & sound man we also great throughout the entire event. If you missed Amber Nicole Thursday night - you missed a real treat. This young lady is really good with great stage presence (hope she comes back). Saturday May 14th took us on the Dave O memorial run up in Lake County. We started out at the Dam Pub in Lake Pan (had to get one of their bloody mary’s). From there we headed to the Pine Grove Lounge in Wildwood where the barmaids made it a very interesting stop (Dave O would have been proud). Then it was off to the Dallas Inn in Dallas/Summerfield. While we were enjoying (Cont 51)

Scootergoods Magazine


6408 Rowan Rd. New Port Richey, Fl. 727-494-7693

(Formally Chickies Pub)

Happy Hour 7 Days a Week NOON - 6pm $2.50 Dom. Long Necks 1st - 3rd Friday DJ 7-10 pm 2nd - 4th Friday Live Music 7-10 pm Poker & Charity Runs Welcome 727-773-1095

K&K 1504 Palm Harbor Blvd. Palm Harbor, Fl. 34683 Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Saturday: 8:30am-12pm

Custom Builds Repairs & Service Tires, Detailing Conventional & Synthetic Oil Changes, Harley Service Plans $65 per Hour (Our Parts) $80 (Your Parts)

Closed 1st Sat. Every Month Scootergoods Magazine


(Brother John From 47) an adult beverage or two mother nature decided to piss on us just enough to get the bikes wet - oh well it’s Florida & was for Dave O. Wiped the seats off & we were off to KoolKat Saloon in Belleview. Enjoyed a cold bottle of suds to help wash down them dam good free shelled peanuts. We saddled up again for our final stop at Blue Heron Cove in Weirsdale. We got as far as Lake Weir when mother nature open up on us out of no where & we got soaked real quick. When we finely made it to the Blue Heron we looked like a bunch of drowned kittens (at least I brought a dry shirt along). The party was already in full swing with a shit pile of people that I don’t know where they came from (they sure was not on the run but managed to put a big dent in the food - some on the run did not get to eat - not good). Adrian the owner had shot a couple of hogs & Billy the cook did a good job cooking them up. Bill Couch & Don V provided all the fixings while Lester kept the cold one’s flowing in the bar. Dave O we miss ya & always will - you were a quality man that I had the honor of calling a friend. I hope that this become’s an annual event. As reported by the AP - President Dick Wad has done it again. His campaign promise of deportation of illegal immigrants & immigration reform has been shit canned (as always blaming someone else - the Republicans). He knows that he does not have a chance in hell of being reelected by the “REAL AMERICA”, so he is calling on Congress & all “Latino’s” to push Congress to provide a pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants prior to the 2012 elections. Again WTF! On a final note: Mark your calendars for July 24th for Scootergoods Traveling Bike Show at Stix Billiards in Palm Harbor - Huge air conditioned full liquor bar. Look for further details next month - polish em up riders. Ride Free - Ride Safe - Ride Again - Brother John

For all the latest event news & flyers between publications visit WWW.SCOOTERGOODS.COM Scootergoods Magazine



Live Music TBA $1.00 Dom. Drafts $10 Kill-A-Keg $2.75 Wells $2.50 Dom Long Necks $2.50 Corona & Corona Light Vendors Wanted NO FEES Salvation Saloon Services Sunday 10am Scootergoods Magazine


Happy Hour 2-7 Daily

Ladies Week 9-12pm (every night) Ladies drink free wells and drafts

D.J. Clint 7 Nights

Sundays Ridein get2nddrinkfree

Sunday’s Live Music & Free food Karaoke in the Tiki Hut


2581 NW Hwy US 19 Crystal River, Fl


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None of our fellow Bikers new Little James Kaufman, a 2 yr old boy with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. But 142 bikes turned out to ride and raise money for his treatment on April 30th 2011. Several local Shops and Busineses got onboard too,donating both Money and

raffle prizes. A BIG ATA BIKER to Joey “Saint” Ulto for all his hard work organizing this benefit. The 52 mile ride, raised nearly $6000 to help with the famlies mounting expenses. Once again the turnout for this run proved that BIKERS CARE about the children in their communities,and will go the extra mile to help in any way possible.


Scootergoods Magazine


R.ide I.n P.eace Donnie Holmes 1950-2011

Veteran, Biker & OfďŹ cer of the Brooksville American Legion, He was an originator of the Brooksville Chapter of Legion Riders.. He organized and led many runs for charities.. Donnie was Tampa born and raised... He died of cancer at the age of 61

Biker Owned

Scootergoods Magazine


SHEDS NOW of Florida Inc 4301 E Goodwin Ct Inverness, Fl. Call Mick 352-860-0111 352-634-5183

At “Sheds “Sheds Now” Now”ititsisour ourmission missiontotoprovide providethe thebest bestquality quality At building with the best possible service. They range in size from fron to 6x8 to 24x30. Quality built floors witht.g. 3/4pressure t.g. pressure 6x8 24x30.Quality built floors with 3/4 treated treated plywood,2x6 floor roof joistspanels, 16” on so One solidhave peice plywood. One solid piece don’t roof panels,so they don’t have problems leaks, stroms problems with leaks. Triple hurricane clipwith connectors to roof are’nt so a worry. Allaren’t buildings are wired Will to store plate, storms a worry. 4” lag with boltselectric. connected wall any toy plate, from awith beautiful nice bassare boat or Hot bottom full topHarley plate. to Allabuildings wired with Rod! INSTANT Financing Rent to Own Program, No electric. Will store any toy with fromour a Beautiful Harley to a Nice CreditBoat! Check. Buildings Startwith at $1190.00 inc. Delivery, Set Bass Instant financing our rent to own, no credit Up & Anchors. Ask about our Veterans Discount. check. Buildings start at $1290.00 Includes set-up and WWW.SHEDSNOWFLORIDA.COM anchors. Ask about our Veterans Discount.

SHEDS NOW of Florida Inc 2nd Location Acadia, FL 941-629-9955 941-623-3742


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Where did they get that Acid? Psychedlic Motorcycle Tires? What the HELL? Here’s the deal! These guys have created a series of interchangeable molds, [In their Cleveland industrial-park setting] which are then filled with recycled, vulcanized rubber. While molten, they infuse themwith an electric, tie-dye effect. These tires are 1”-deep treaded for excellent traction and they claim you will get 100,000 miles on one of these skins. They will be made available, June 14, 2011. Also available in Solid Colors Yellow, Red and Blue



HAPPY HOURS: Mon-Fri / 3:00-7:00 PATIO - KITCHEN OPENING SOON! 1330 US 19 NORTH, HUDSON. NEXT TO WHITNEY SEAFOOD 727-378-5873 Scootergoods Magazine


Sunday June 26th 2011 Tailgators Poker Run 7 Cards Best 5 $7 Entry Fee Starts At Tailgators 8129 Cortez Blvd, Weeki Wachee, FL KSU @ 11:30 AM

Mudd Buggz 1330 U.S. 19 North, Hudson 727-378-5873 BB Magee’s 12400 Countyline Rd, Hudson 727-86/-1769 The Sail Inn 6017 Broad St., Brooksville 352-796-1877 Roo’s Pub 19201 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville 352-799-7200 Sand Trap 10508 Nicasio Rd. Weeki Wachee 352-597-4379

Ends at Tailgators W/Southern Rock By “Lawless Intent” Bike Show W/Huge Trophy for Best Bike All Poker Run Money Collected Will be 100% Payback Info CALL 596-0034 or 263-5121

Biker Friendly Poker Runs Welcome 8129 Cortez Blvd. Weeki Wachee, Fl. Scootergoods Magazine


Home of the NEWEST FRIDAY BIKE NIGHT Lots of Drink & Food Specials like a $5 Steak Dinner

Full Service shop for ALL your Custom Needs.We also do all H-D Extended Warranty Work & Collison Repairs

American V-twin Oil Change $39.99 2nd Sunday Every Month SWAP MEET 9-5 Free Vendor Set-Up Food & Drink Specials Lots of Parts

7430 U.S. 19 New Port Richey, Fl. Cycle Works 727-816-8700 Hours M-F 8:30am- 6pm Sat. 10am-4pm Bar & Grill 727-842-8371 M - Thurs. 11am-11pm F-Sat 11am-2am Sun 11am - 9pm VENOM II NOW OPEN 16418 U.S. 19 Hudson, Fl 727-378-5850

Scootergoods Magazine


Leave it to Wayne at Wayne’s Citrus Cycle , Downtown Floral City Fl. to do something awesome.This Mural of the famous trio from the 1969 Biker Cult Classic EASY RIDER now graces the east wall of his shop done by Artist Terry Klaaren of Tampa Now you can have your mugshot taken for your very own wall of fame with the Mural & while you are there you can check out the shop and shoot the schitt with Wayne. Perhaps even get your Oil Changed! So Stop On By!

The Thunder Inn

5210 N. Florida Ave. (US 41N.) Hernando FL

Biker Owned & Operated 352-465-7707 Stop in and make some new friends!

Cold Beer and Stiff Drinks

Air Conditioned for maximum comfort Friday 17th - Bad Kitty Sunday 26th - Union Jack 3-7pm

Come in & listen to some great music! e Pool Friday Nites 7-close Scootergoods Magazine


Pine Grove Lounge 8647 N US-301, Wildwood, FL

(352) 748-7755

Tues. “Free” Pool All Day

BIKERS “ALWAYS” WELCOME Happy Hour M-F 4-6 pm $2.00 Dom. Longnecks $2.50 Wells Poker & Fun Runs Always Welcome


$2.50 Bloody Mary’s Wed. “HOT SEAT” Thurs. $7.00 Pitchers ALL DAY Scootergoods Magazine


ROADQUEEN So you’re ready for your first bike and you gravitate towards the Sportsters like so many other women before you. Why? Is it the weight? The C C’s? I would like to give you my reasons for looking at some other bikes too and why I think the ever popular Sporty may not be the best choice for a First Bike. “Weight is nothing compared to the center of gravity” according to Ray Howard at Crystal River Harley Davidson. When you sit on a motorcycle your knees should be bent. It gives you better leverage. I am a tall woman and I find when I sit on a Sportster you sit on top of the bike with your legs straight. There’s no leverage and it makes it hard to back up. Women are too focused on numbers. 562 lbs vs. 726 lbs. If you are comfortable in the seat you will find the handling of the bike much easier such backing up, U- turns etc. Try sitting on a Harley Softail Deluxe and then sit on a Sportster. The seat height is a full inch shorter on a Deluxe. This will make a huge difference in handling. In speaking with Tony Canario at Citrus Cycle Center the Yamaha V Star 650 is another great bike to look at. The larger front wheel on these bikes make a huge difference in handling in my opinion. They grip the road better handling gravel, sand and road cracks with much more stability. You won’t be blown all over the road at highway speeds like a smaller bike. I also feel you are less apt to outgrow it so soon as your riding abilities improve. A smaller bike has a much harder time keeping up on the highways. I mean after all ladies we didn’t start riding just to hang out in town did we? In closing my point is don’t just look at the weight or CC’s. (Next Pg.) Scootergoods Magazine


Don’t be intimidated by a bigger bike. Sit on it. Get a feel of your feet flat on the ground. Are your knees bent? Can you back up? If you feel like you can’t lift the bike off the kickstand Tony adds this tip: “Turn the handlebars all the way to the right while you are standing on the kickstand side.” I tried this on all my friends bikes and my own. I can now push my own bike into the garage without having to start it!! All these years and I never heard that tip! Have Fun, Ride Safe, Till Next Month, Road Queen We at Scootergoods would love to hear from you!! Write me Leave me your phone number and email address...Please feel free to share a picture and your story. It’s a great way to encourage other women who are interested in riding. Tell us a bit about how you first started riding or share your most memorable ride.

WASSABI SHOP SMOKE &ADULT GIFTS ====== 2 Location ====== Florida’s Best Selection of Glassware Vaporizors & Smoking Accessories **** Open 7 Days A Week **** Check us Out , You won’t be sorry! “Take a trip & Never leave the farm”

6185 U.S. 41 Floral City 352-726-8158 Hrs. 10am-10pm

10220 SR 52 Forest Aces Plaza Hudson, Fl. 727-378-5896 Mon-Wed 10-8pm Thurs-Sat 10-10 Sun 12-6pm

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9371 Lakefront Rd. Weeki Wachee, Fl (352) 596-3000 *We are the only cycle shop open in the area on Monday*

MAY SPECIAL Spectro Oil Change W/Chrome Filter $35.00 + Tax Most Bikes/Synthetic Extra (Bring Ad with you)

$19.95 Computerized Nitrogen Tire Filling Emergency Road Service (352) 596-3000 Largest CHROME ACCESSORY Shop in the Area Special Orders No Problem (3-5 Business Days) CERTIFIED H-D & Metric Techs H-D Warranty Work / LED Lights Installed HOURS Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 5:00pm Saturday:10:00 - 2:00pm Sunday:10:00 - 4:00 www.creativecycleworks.com We Accept Credit Cards Scootergoods Magazine


HOLY SCHITT! We have been running hard since the beginning of May. April 23rd we went out for another round of strip clubs for our friend Carl’s birthday since he had so much fun on my birthday run. About 20 bikes and a few cages met up at the Sail Inn and we made our rounds in search of single moms in need of our financial support. Im happy to report it was another success! Next April 30th was a HUGE BENEFIT Run and HUGE success thanks to so many of you that came along for the ride! We did a Ride for Baby James with about 142+ bikes,over 311 people with about 6k raised for this little boy in dire need. ATA Biker to Joe”The Saint”Ulto for scrambling for many weeks to put this all together. We started out at Creative Cycle Works,The Sail Inn, Felony’s then finished off at the Pickled Parrot for eats and a boatload of door prizes and giveaways! It’s get togethers like this that make me proud to be part of this huge brotherhood of bikers! Just goes to show you how much good we all do when someone is in need! May 1st we got together for a Birthday fun run for Mandie and we hit all sorts of good spots. Sail Inn, Sleepy Hollow, High Octane, out to the waterfront and ran into Jimmy Sparks kickin it to a huge crowd of folks. Can’t leave out the BIGGEST EVENT OF ALL! The 7th Brooksville Old Fashioned Biker Rodeo was a HUGE Success!!! Over 3000 people of all kinds made it down to Party in The Pasture! A HUGE ATA BIKER goes out to each and everyone one of you that came and those that donated their time,talents and patience to make this whole thing come together. As the event grows, so does the list of people to thank behind the scenes and you all know who you are! (Cont. Pg. 67)

Scootergoods Magazine



I was asked by a reader if there are any American Made Motorcycle Lifts available. Here is what I found out!! Located in America’s Heartland - only 90 miles north from H-D Headquarters, in the town of Wrightstown,WI. J & S Jacks has been making lifts for 15 yrs. and there is a Lifetime warranty on all J&S Jack products. (Except Bottle Jacks)

Lo at ts of Bu S bb mil a’s es

And here is another DEAL from J & S They offer a 5% Military Discount (Call 1-866-884-5586 to receive the Military Discount.) Also this bike lift is compatible with all H-D motorcycles, and most Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Victory, Big Dogs. So there ya have it. Made Proudly in the USA, & sells for $359.00 + Shipping “DonV”

BUBBA’S Fin & Feather Bar


Pool Darts Games

Hours Noon - close 7 days Happy Hour 5-7

for Com a c e on old in on e

10930 SE 201 St. Inglis, Fl 34449

Sat & Sun Ride In Specials

Special Events $10 Buckets Biker Friendly

Scootergoods Magazine 66

(HD Gene from 65) Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Batten on their wedding nuptials and a big thank you to them, Don V,The Chickenman & The Scootergoods Staff for starting this event and watching it bloom into what it is today! See all the adult sheninigans on www. and watch the site for the many more coming events! Until next month! Ride Safe & Live Free! HDGene & SweetJerseygirl

Photo By Freewheelin Franklin

Scootergoods Magazine


Fellow Bikers Killer to Finally be SENTENCED Well it took a freakin’ year and a half but finally the sentancing phase of Ruth Perez is gonna happen June 17, 2011. Perez has pleaded guilty on all charges of DUI with Serious Bodily Injury, DUI and Causing Damage or Injury, and DUI Manslaughter in the death of fellow biker “Diamond” Dave Mackish” The crash took place in 2009 and Perez was only arrested and charged after several hearings on the case. And now still after the sentencing phase is due to take place Perez is still allowed to be FREE! What the F##K! Judge Donna Mackintosh laid down the following stipulations. Stating Perez cannot or consume or possess alcohol, nor operate a motor vehicle. Perez COULD be sentenced ANYWHERE FROM 4 TO 24 YRS. And we hope she gets the maximum!!!!! “Beancan” More Outragous Schitt-- A Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy pulled over Land Rover because it had expired tags. As the deputy dismounted from his motorcycle, the driver Jacob Eugene Guyor threw the SUV into reverse. The motorcycle was knocked beneath the wheels and dragged about 100 feet. That Idiot has since been arrested for attempted murder of a police officer & distruction of a police motorcycle. It seems after the incident he abandoned the Land Rover out in the country, the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend. ‘2 Dog Joe”

Scootergoods Magazine


Notes from Nipples: Dear Nipples, This cute chick at work made it quite obvious she wants me to come over & “change her oil” if you know what I mean. I love my wife, but what the hell, rings don’t plug oil leaks and you only live once! What should I do? Midnite NO Rider Dear NOT Ridin, Your name answered your own question! Take some time to get up on top and RIDE! Just sayin, Love Nipples

Scootergoods Magazine


What’s up Brothers and Sisters: This month we look at the food at the Old School Biker Rodeo, and there was plenty to choose from. We have all been there now since the beginning so we know the drill but lets look at It a bit closer OK. Since I have been just cooking for staff the last cpl yrs i have had a chance to get out and try some of this stuff even that people are pissy I ain’t done Ribs or Chicken in a bit I guess I will have to press the old smoker out or retirement and keep the peeps happy so ya never know mite do er next year (get me motivated). On the BBQ side my friend Dave had a cool rig and some good stuff ya know the smoking Colt Peacemaker what a rig and hes a good cook to, Ribs, Butts, Dawgs, Turkey legs and Burgers to name a few good food and a good price and he wants to sell me the rig well if i get some cash up I will get that man toy you bet your ass! As always Sweet Jersey Girl has the late nite food fix going with brats dogs boiled peanuts right up front with the action more good food as well. Ah the new kids, the British girls and the Fish and Chips that was some good food for sure and they will be back I’m told a nice change of pace too. in fact I tried a little bit of almost all the stuff and all was good the hogies were good the steak sammy’s were good the chicken stuff was good the highwaymen always have a good spread a new boiled peanut guy had some good goobers Nacho Mama had some great food and breakfast and COFFEE early ye ha there was just about every kinda food ya need at the Rodeo and ya gotta give these guys credit its a hard game to set up in a remote place keep food safe, cooked, hot, and please a bunch of party animals all weekend I know I have done it and it is WORK I’m sure I missed some names and stuff but all the vendors did a great job I make it a point to go around and ask how there are how its going are they having fun doing well thanking them for being there. All the vendors were helpful and very polite thisyear and that’s always good as tempers can rise with all the spirits Scotty flowing but hell only a small cpl of deals went down so it was a non issue really. As the self proclaimed food guru of Brooksville (Cont. Pg.74)

Scootergoods Magazine



“ Where Quality is Never Sacrificed”

Parts and Service, Custom Builds, Performance Motorcycles, Machine Shop Diagnostic Service, Painting, Certified Power Commander Service

$55 Hr. Labor Rate 7014 Division Ave, Hudson, Fl. 727-819-0933 Scootergoods Magazine


Neon Cowboy 11451 Bellamy Brothers Rd. Dade City, FL. 352-588-0032

Sundays at the Neon Cowboy 1st Sunday Conch Critters , Free Cookout 2nd Sunday George Marshall Live’ Hot Dogs or Hamburgers ONLY $1.00 3rd Sunday Twisted Logic Chicken Quarters and all fixins’ $3.00 4th Sunday Harold Jones Live Hot Dogs or Hamburgers ONLY $1.00 Daily Drink Specials, Frozen Drinks Happy Hour Every Day 10am-7pm

$10 Domestic Buckets EVERY MONDAY & THURSDAY $2 Buck Tuesday’s ALL Domestics $2.00 Scootergoods Magazine


Randy “Macho Man” Savage Randy “Macho Man” Savage, a pro wrestling icon died on Friday May 1953-2011 19th 2011 in Pinellas County, Fla., at age 58 after reportedly suffering a heart attack while driving, leading to an auto accident. Born Randall Mario Poffo, he was the brother of Lanny Poffo, also a former pro wrestler under the handle “Leaping” Lanny Poffo. From the late 1970s until the early ’90s, Savage was considered one of the great inring workers in the business. In his prime, he was a quick and fearless daredevil known for his intensity, which bordered on scary at times. His unique interviews were among the most recognizable in the industry, imitated by people in and out of wrestling to this day.

Scootergoods Magazine


(Capt. Scotty from 70) I am very happy and proud of all the food vendors as well as the merchants to have that many so close and all get along and do well is great to see If anyone has any gripes or ?s get hold of me and I will get with the right people and try to help you out, we want all our vendors food or otherwise to have fun and make enough money to not go away pissed off. Cindy and I were able to serve up over 300 pork Sammy’s this year free to our staff and security as well as the local county sheriffs on duty at the gate and could not have done it without the Ted’s and all the golf cart help we had to make the rounds through out the weekend them damn Sammy’s took hrs. to smoke and bang they were gone we had some healthy appetites this year with staff and such and we are happy to have kept em fed when they were so busy and could not get away. oh and did I mention did ya get a drink ate Dysfunction Junction man I did wow do they give you your moneys worth my god! Jaebird keep it up look forward to seeing you all soon and next year ate THE RODEO “Until We Eat Again” Captain Scotty

Gatorbay Marina 10320 Cty Rd. 44 Lisbon, Fl 352-365-2177

H-Hour 1-4pm Monday - Friday Wed. 5/4/$8 Dom. L Necks All Day Thurs. .75 cent Drafts 4pm-Close Friday All U Can Eat Fish Fry $7.99 Sunday $1.00 Bloody Mary’s Saturday 4pm - til Close U Peel Shrimp A.Y.C.E. $9.99

10% Off Food for Vets ALL THE TIME Scootergoods Magazine


Windy Acres Farm Halloween Bikefest Scootergoods 7th Anniversary 01350 Miller Blvd, Fruitland Park, FL 34731 This is an OVER 21 Event. No Glass Bottles Please.

Dry camping: Tent & RV. Thursday, October 27—Sunday October 30, 2011. $15.00 per person for the whole weekend. Saturday AM Poker Run. Bike Show, Bike & Adult Games Saturday afternoon. Saturday night: Costume and Campsite Decoration contests. Live music Friday & Saturday 7-11pm

Games & Fun

(352) 408-7308, Scootergoods Magazine or Scootergoods Magazine


Sandtrap Bar & Grill

10508 Nicasio Rd Weeki Wachee 352-597-4379 4.2 Miles North of the Hwy 19 / 50 Junction

Sunday JUNE 12th

$300.00 Daisy Dukes Contest Live Music By “Lawless Intent” Food for Everyone

Fun Starts @ 2pm - til ? Regular Menu also Available ½ lb. Angus Burgers Starting at $4.95 Jumbo Chicken Wings Every Tuesday All Day/All Nite $1.00 Off ALL BOTTLED BEER Saturday Nite Pool Tourny 8pm Til $10 Entry Pays 1st-2nd-3rd Wednesday FREE POOL 7-11pm Different Food & Drink Specials Daily Check us out on Facebook Scootergoods Magazine


Sunday May 15th The Sandtrap had a Mega Bash. FREE Oyster and Clam Roast for all. Also in the mix was a Wet-T, and Best Dancing Contest. The place was packed, with bikers and local folks,all enjoying the Music of Lawless Intent. Owner Jeff is planning to do another Bash this month on SUNDAY JUNE 12th,starting at 2pm. It is just

the sorta Shenanigans Scootergoods Readers love, too! I think this is a monthly event that you should not miss! Also it is a stop on a poker run which includes great biker friendly stops. Tailgators,BB Magees,Mudd Buggz, Sail Inn & Roo’s. The Sandtrap was the starting & ending point in May. Jeff had Free Coffee & Savery Cornbread for all the riders to start off with. Thanks Bro, we will be back next month. And if you where’nt there (Yeah you readin’ this story),then come out on JUNE 12th for the next event. And bring out those Daisy Dukes Ladies and take a Crack at winnin’ some money. Cold Beer Live Music Food for All WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

Scootergoods Magazine


There was a huge turnout for Jessica’s son Ty Stevens at Mickey’s. It’s so sad that such a young man met with an unfortunate accident but our whole community showed how much we can support each other. The auction proceeds provided lots of funds to help with the unexpected expenses. The music was provided by 5 different band members volunteering together and of course George was there for us with food & drinks. Doug (of High Octane) was the auctioneer and donated a custom urn. Jessica wants everyone to know how much it meant to her & family to see everyone there and tremendous thanks for all the hugs & kind words that means so much to her! Freewheelin Franklin

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Most of us who knew Fast Eddie were pretty shocked to learn that he had passed. Not quite 50 is way too young to leave. We had a nice showing at Mickey’s for his celebration of life cause Eddie celebrated life every day which is one of the reasons he was special to so many of us. I got to meet his mom & brother and would like to let them know we all wish them peace in their sorrow over their loss. He will be missed but not forgotten. Freewheelin Franklin

GIOVANNI’S Restaurant-N-Pub

2404 N. Florida Ave. Hernando, Fl 34442

Come get a Woody

Mon - Free Pool Wed - Jammin w Jimmy Sparks & BJ Mens Nite 50 draft 7-11 Thur & Sat - Tunes w Bekah Come sing along Sat - Ladies Nite Free drafts 6-8 Sun - Tailgate Party Kitchen open Tue-Sun - Pub Grub


Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3 till 7 3 woody’s for $2.50 Scootergoods Magazine


Mickey’s Turned 2 May 21st

Scootergoods Magazine would like to send out a Huge ATA BIKER to George at Mickey’s Bar in Crystal River for turning 2 years old on May 21st, 2011. The party was attended by fellow bikers from Citrus Cty. and beyond. Thanks also to George for his support of the Biker community helping bothDowned Bikers and Local Charities. We look forward to the 3rd. Ann.

Scootergoods Magazine





hwy 44, Crystal River, FL


“The New Fun Run” Sunday June 12th Start at Mouse Trap 11:00 am Ends at Mickey’s Bar

Sunday 19th - Fathers Day Guys - 1st Drink on George Sunday 26th Another Great Free Pig Roast Friday Nites - Bike Nite Every Sunday Free Grub

happy hour m-f 4 till 7 Pub grub available join mickey’s happy hour club

Find us on Facebook/Mickeys Bar 352-563-0302 Poker Runs & Benefits always Welcome Scootergoods Magazine


Cherokee,Crazy Mike,Anna & Chrissy- Now serving our NEW & LOYAL CUSTOMERS at High Octane Saloon every Friday-SaturdaySunday,located in Homosassa on U.S. 19. We are Biker Owned and Operated,specializing in all your Biker needs. We have the largest selection of patches in Florida, and can sew them right on while you wait. We can also make your custom patches & have a large selection of leather goods. Our latest product is All Sterling Silver Native American Jewelery and much more! If we don‛t have it,we will find it for you! Stop by visit & browse & say Hello, while you enjoy the surroundings at High Octane. It is like NO OTHER BIKER SALOON IN FLORIDA. For Info on our products call 352-442-5872 or Email Scootergoods Magazine


THE DAM PUB 4666 CR 300 352-569-9306 Lake Panosoffkee, Fl.

(Take CR 300 off CR 470 2mi. South of SR 44 E)

• Full Liquor Bar with Smoking

• Live Band Fri. Nite/Sun.2-6pm • Happy Hour Weekdays 4-7pm • Bikers Specials Every Saturday • Free Pool Wed. Nites 6-11pm • Texas Hold’em Mon. 6pm,Thurs 7pm • Kitchen Open Daily • Bowling and Dart Machines • Excellent Bloody Mary’s Daily

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TEKTIP 7 This month’s tech tip is very simple. It’s about the best cable lube you have ever used. First, take some 3 in 1 oil, just like your grandma used to keep in one of the drawers in her kitchen. Then get some anti-seize lubricant by Permatex. Dump about half of the 3 in 1 oil out and add approximately 1 tablespoon of anti-seize. Shake well, and you’re off. This is the best stuff in the world to lube clutch cables, throttle cables and even speedo cables. not to mention all of your shift and brake linkages and their pivot points. It also can be used to lubricate your saddle bag locks, hinges and their pack latches. The graphite in the anti-seize help the lube not to run out of what you are lubricating. Especially the locks and latches. Happy Motoring! Next month’s tip - “Lighting the Way”. Scootergoods Magazine


9980 E. Hwy 25, Belleview, Fl 352-245-1099 100” Screen High Definition TV

Biker Owned & Operated Poker & Benefit Runs Always Welcome Dedicated Motorcycle Parking with Plenty of Seating inside and on our 2 outside shaded decks. Scootergoods Magazine


BUDDY‛S TAVERN Ladies Night Wednesday DJ IZZY 8-MIDNITE Friday-Sat. DJ IZZY 8-MIDNITE HWY 301 1/2 Mile North of Bushnell

For Info Call 352-793-3749

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The turnout for John Schoop was great! Friends, family, and Bros showed up to give their support to a fellow biker who has done the same for so many before. It was good to see John able to make it out with us, which touched us all in our hearts. The ride was excellent cause once again the weather was perfect. We stayed at each stop a little longer than usual so we could share stories and thoughts which made the day even better. We got to High Octane for the music, food (which was off the chart!), and the auctions and drawings. Thanks to everyone for coming out to show your support for fellow biker John Schnoop! Keep the top side up, “Freewheelin Franklin�

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Big Fish General Store & Deli

Biker Owned & Operated Right On the Withlacoochee River

8271 W. Cty. Rd. 48 Bushnell, Fl 33513 (352) 793-4733 HOURS 10 - 7pm TUESDAY-SUNDAY RIDE ON IN NEXT TIME YOU COME BY

Breakfast Sandwiches Only $2.99 Boars Head Deli Sandwiches 6 Inch $5.49 12 Inch $7.49 All the Time Or On Friday, Saturday, Sunday Pulled Pork Dinner ONLY $5.59 Pulled Pork Sandwich $4.49 BBQ Rib Dinner $7.50 (All Dinners include Cole Slaw & Baked Beans) You can eat right out by the River & wash it down with an Ice Cold Dom. Beer Poker Runs Always Welcome Scootergoods Magazine 88 Owner Glenn Busby

We would like to welcome The Big Fish General Store to our list of Biker Owned Advertisers. The store sits on the Withlacoochee River and is owned by Florida Native Glenn Busby. Here’s the deal, Glenn is a straight forward Biker with great food and cold beer to offer,along with other General Store Items. You can sit out front of the store or go out to the covered pavillion by the river which has 6 tables. (Great if you are caught in the rain out on 48) Glenn has his own smoker and gets up early Friday through Sunday to cook his mouthwaterin’ BBQ. And ya gutta go in and get your picture taken with Harlee the Wooden Hog,& rub him for good luck. I will admit I lost my focus when I gandered at all that ICE COLD BEER and the ample supply of snacks. I will most surely be stoppin’ in all the time to visit with Glenn & Lindsay for a sandwich and a frosty Lager out by the river. Oh and by the way Glenn I noticed people driving by with heads out the window smellin’ that Pork & Ribs. Also many of our Biker Brothers & Sisters have already been stoppin’ in on their way through, to stretch their legs and enjoy the food and Ice Cold Beverages. AND YOU SHOULD TOO!


19201 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, Fl. 352-799-7200

“Get Punched at Roo’s on Tuesday 5 times, we’ll kick ya back on the 6th” Friday-Saturday Karaoke W/ Jersey 9-1am Happy Hour Monday/Wed/Friday 4-8pm

Owners ... Faye & Kelly Millward Scootergoods Magazine


In 1953 Marlin Brando played Johnny Strabler in the landmark biker movie The Wild One’s. In the movie Brando Rode a Triumph. But now in 2011 Harley Davidson, who is notorious for protecting their brand,is being sued by Brando Enterprises for using his name on their “Brando Boot” without permission. B.E. claims the Harley-Davidson Brando boot line infringes upon and misappropriates Brando’s name. Estate lawyer, Jeffrey Abrams said “It is interesting that Harley-Davidson - a company that is vigorously protective of its own brand - would seek to exploit an iconic property without benefit of a licensing agreement. The flagrant disregard for the law by Harley-Davidson cannot be tolerated. It is our mission to protect the Marlon Brando name and we will pursue any company or individual who infringes on these rights meant to benefit the Brando family,” SO now the Boot is on the other foot it would seem for Harley Davidson. Ride up Window for Cigarettes etc. Ready made Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches Cold Beer,Lotto,Fresh Pressed Cubans

American Owned & Operated

Scootergoods Magazine



Cold Beer/Biker Friendly Hwy 41 North just over the Citrus Cty. Line in Floral City, fl. U.S.A. 352-637-6442 OPEN M-Sat 10am - Til Sundays 1pm- Till

May 21st MAY DAY PARTY Celebrating “Celebrity Birthdays” 1pm -til??? Thursday Night 8pm Silver Strike Bowling Tournament $5 Entry Winner Take ALL (Bar Tab to High Hand) FREE POOL Friday’s 10am-6pm Bikers & Poker Runs always welcome!! Free Primitive Camping always Available. New Happy Hour M-F 4-5pm & 7-8pm Domestics ONLY Drafts $1 Bottles $2 Cans $1.75 Scootergoods Magazine


The Sail Inn

Hwy 41 Brooksville Full Lick Her Bar 352-796-1877

Saturday June 18th ALL DAY Annual Luau & Kays B’Day Bash Music W/ Better Late Band So Come get LEI’D at the Sail Inn Free Buffet,Free Music,Free Fun Every Saturday Live Music 2pm-6pm June 4th Jimmy Sparks June 11th Cruzin for a Bluzin June 25th Cruzin for a Bluzin

Bike Nite Thurs. June 9th & 23rd W/ Joy & Sin 6-10pm $10 Dom Buckets $2.50 Wells $2.25 Dom. Bottles All Day Everyday 10oz Drafts $1.25, 16oz Drafts $2 $2.50 Mich Products, $2.75 Imports, Pitchers $7.00, Wine $4.00 Wednesday is Ladies Nite 2-4-1 Wells & Drafts for the Girls

Sunday $2.00 Bloody Mary Special 10am - 2pm Bar-Ba-Lew’s BBQ Available to eat in or take out

Sun-Mon-Tues 10-6pm

Thurs-Fri-Sat 10-9pm Wed. Closed

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Support the Bike Shop, that Support YOU!


365 West Gulf to Lake Hwy. Lecanto, Fl At Countryside Motor Corp Consignments Welcome We Honor Extended Warranty’s Great Deals on Used Bikes H-D Service starting at $155.00 CUSTOM DYNO TUNING We will beat Any WRITTEN ESTIMATE PERIOD Call us at 352-746-7655 PROVEN PERFORMANCE SINCE 1990

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