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A Dedicated Chauffeur for a Prestige Car A Chauffeur is a person who is employed to drive a luxury motor vehicle. Such an employee can be employed by an individual employer who owns a prestige car for his/her personal use; or by a company that offers luxury motor vehicles along with chauffeurs for hire. Government agencies can have their own vehicles and employ a melbourne chauffeur for each one of the vehicles. There are also plenty of companies, now, that offer chauffeur services. However, originally chauffeurs were always considered personal servants to the owners of the vehicles. With the change of time words acquire different meaning and the original connotation of the term moves into oblivion. The term “Chauffeur” is no exception. It is a French word and derives from the French term “stoker”. This is because the earliest versions of automobiles were all steam-powered. These vehicles would require specialised employees to stoke the engines in order to activate them. Even the early vehicles that would run by petrol or gasoline would have to be ignited by someone in order to start the engine. In those motor vehicles a person would have to pre-heat the cylinder heads by hot tubes and that would help start the engine. In the old days of the automobiles, the prime task of chauffeur cars was to ignite the engine and thus start the journey. In those days, it was also the responsibility of a chauffeur to maintain a vehicle. Whether it was a horse-drawn carriage or a large luxury sedan, a motor coach or a limousine, the chauffeured cars melbourne of the vehicle had to mind all the maintenance work starting from daily cleaning to solving all the possible mechanical problems. Today, there is not much difference between a chauffeur and a driver who drives the private car of a car owner. Today, even such service providers are there that offer professional services of rental cars or limousines driven by chauffeurs. A chauffeur’s job depends on certain legal requirements. Local jurisdiction and the class of the vehicle that he is driving also play a crucial role in authorising the person as the legal chauffeur of the vehicle and deciding on his permissible salary. A valid legal permit might be all that is needed in some cases, whereas, in others, certain specific standards are paid greater heed to. These standards include health, age, driving experience, general knowledge of the local roads, whether any official training received, and whether the driver has any criminal record in past. Depending on the foresaid standards an additional professional licence is required in some cases. In further addition to all these, a limousine company might require to offer an extra training session to their chauffeurs. This specialised training enables the aspiring chauffeurs to understand the mechanism of the large prestige vehicles better. They get specialised in defensive or even evasive driving techniques. This way they can ensure proper measures of

safety for themselves and the passengers sitting inside the limousines. These specialised training sessions hone the new chauffeurs and make them professionals who can drive confidently in adverse weather and road conditions. James McFarland, The professional, has vast experience on driving. Click here to contact him or to know more about him along with zero drivers, chauffeur, car rental, taxi, taxi fare calculator, designated driver please visit website :, You can also follow him on twitter This content has been taken from :

A Dedicated Chauffeur for a Prestige Car  

A Chauffeur is a person who is employed to drive a luxury motor vehicle. Such an employee can be employed by an individual employer who owns...

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