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Kim Hyldahl C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R , MOS MOSH

What is the background story to Mos Mosh?

Mos Mosh was born in 2010. The first collection concentrated on jeans and pants – well-fitted, made of high-end fabrics and with a clear visual signature. Quickly the brand grew and expanded with raw and delicate tops, rugged jackets and fine leather garments. Where does the name Mos Mosh come from?

I think Kate Moss is the most stylish woman in the world. I am fascinated by her and how she never puts a foot wrong with how she dresses. Even in a pair of skinny jeans and a blazer she looks faultlessly cool. So, this is where the name Mos Mosh comes from. In March I was thrilled to have Kate dressed head to toe in Mos Mosh at a celeb packed party in Germany. The Ozzy biker jeans she wore have become our best seller! How would you describe the signature of Mos Mosh?

Our collections are uncomplicated, simple, stylish and hard to live without. With a focus on unexpected details and quality fabrics we combine elements of Southern European sophisticated styling with cool Scandinavian silhouettes. What are you looking forward to the most about showing at Scoop and the City?

We already have a very strong customer base of premium boutiques up and down the country who are selling Mos Mosh exceptionally well, so our expectations for Scoop are to meet new and exciting retailers who want to join the Mos Mosh family and be part of the phenomenon. •Rary by Michael Van Der Ham •

Scoop and the City: SS17  
Scoop and the City: SS17