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FROM MALCOLM ROBINSON & CHRIS EVERS Well here we are again, another jam packed edition of our Outer Limits Magazine. Since our first issue both Chris and I have seen it grow and grow and it is now being picked up in many countries the world over. This is very pleasing as the demand for information on UFOs and the paranormal is growing each day.

Many young people are asking questions, questions not just to who we are and our place in the cosmos but to the mysteries that the universe has in store. Like Chris and I, they are sick of being fobbed off by conventional mainstream science who tell us that there is no more to learn that UFOs and the Paranormal are but figments of our imagination and that any further analysis of these subjects are just meaningless. Well I’m sorry this won’t happen on the Outer Limits watch, we are here to bring you what’s current in these fields and to try and stir your imagination and wonder with reports of machines that perform manoeuvres in the sky which seem to defy logic, with reports of people who have passed to spirit and yet appear once more before our very eyes. As far as Chris and I are concerned we are here to break down the doors of ignorance in this country one never learned anything by turning our back on these wonderful subjects just because our peers tell us so. The evidence ladies and gentlemen that we are dealing with machines flying around in our skies is now overwhelming and so compelling that I fail to reason that anyone who is subjected to this wealth of data can’t see it for themselves. At the end of the day people like you the reader, know in your heart that these subjects merit attention hence you are reading issue three of Outer Limits.

Joint Editors:

Please help spread the word. Tell your nan, your gran, and your uncle Sam. But seriously let us all explore together these mysteries and educate ourselves in the knowledge that there are many wonders out there to explore and through exploration we can hope to achieve some answers to the mysteries which at present eludes us.

Chris Evers

Malcolm Robinson (August 2016)

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they? There is a great benefit to the subject in quoting these lower more realistic figures on the basis the lower figure is more palatable ‘just maybe’ for the non-believers to accept.


hen the media wants to report on a UFO encounter writers, researchers and producers are quick to start quoting percentage figures to grab their audience’s attention. It’s a frequently quoted ‘95% of all UFO cases can be explained’ and even those we call ‘experts’ in the subject will quote such numbers in books, articles and in front of live audiences. Quickly followed by ‘You know’ it’s the other five percent’ that are really interesting line. Well anybody who got past first year maths should be able to work out the massive discrepancy in such a quote. If there have been shall we say 5,000 cases a year reported around the world and let’s face it there will be incidents from parts of the world we will never hear about then some 250 of these encounters are unexplainable, project this back 70 years to the time of Roswell and we should have around 17,500 unexplained events.

So which cases can we place in this top ten list? Actually it is probably not even that many… I am sure you all have your own favourite case and also have your own reasons to believe in a particular event. There are some very entertaining and informed speakers on the lecture circuits whether attending Batley Town Hall or The Tropicana in Las Vegas I am sure we believe to have been better informed by attending such events. But have we? The problem is many of our best case incidents are promoted by people who know more about the case than the actual witnesses. These are stories, told by story tellers who intentionally or unintentionally will have put their own take and excitement to cases, in some instances changing events completely.

It would be totally unprofessional of me to name names but I recall the dead pan Yorkshire response given by Alan Godfrey to Graham Numbers like this give the sceptics and debunkers out there real Birdsall’s introduction at a conference back in 2000, After Graham fuel for their negative conclusions around the subject but if we were had given the audience a short 10 minute intro to Alan ‘Ladies and to drop that number down to just a handful of strange events then gentleman, ‘Alan Godfrey’, Alans response was ‘He knows more we can weaken the arguments from such people. about the bloody case than me’. (Love you Graham if you’re listening). In reality there have been less than ten events that have spawned serious investigation, even these cases, after investigation get So which events should go on the list? brushed aside by the powers that be, but they would wouldn’t Roswell

We do have some evidence by the way of the paper trail. Press release, Newspaper headline and alleged witness statements. Alan Godfrey Respectable witness officially reported other reliable witnesses. Cash Landrum Physical effects and medical conditions reported and verified Belgium Triangles Air force release official radar tapes of fighter encounter. Mexican Eclipse footage Multiple cameras viewing same incident Rendlesham Senior military officer confirms sighting STS 80 Possibly NASAs most convincing video tape to date Robert Taylor Physical evidence and a police investigation (Malkys troosers). So there we have seven of the best, The list says top ten but I am struggling to add more that offer actual evidence to back up their validity, feel free to mention other accounts but of the big ones listed above we still have the issue that there is very little solid evidence that you could hold in your hand recovered from any of these cases. I’m sure you’re aware of the claims from the late Gordon Cooper being present when an alien craft landed briefly at an American AirForce base back in the fifties but there is just no evidence to back this up. The Washington over flights, Alien bodies and the list goes on but there just isn’t anything other than the odd blurred photograph or personal account to back up any of these claims. With hundreds of channels available on TV and internet catch up sites just about anyone can take on board thousands of hours of UFO themed documentaries. With this amount of material shared globally one would think there would be two or three gems that could stand up and be counted. There just isn’t. Go back to my introduction, 95% of all cases, the maths just aren’t there, thousands of hours of material, some decent TV budgets all coming up with ‘not a lot’. Ok I hear you say ‘they’d never be able to broadcast the real stuff. ‘Rubbish’ if ground breaking evidence or material came into the hands of any ratings driven Production Company it would be out there in some form or another. A typical example of a case picked up on by TV are the many programmes dedicated to ‘The Phoenix Lights case. What was it that created so much interest in this particular case?

lights and white lights even green lights soaring silently through the night skies of Arizona. It was never reported the other way around. I.e. hundreds of reports were received to news and television companies regarding the giant football field sized triangular shaped craft observed in the night skies and to confirm this we have this interesting footage sent to us by a Phoenix resident. Why would that be? Probably because the reports didn’t flood in until after the video was aired first locally, then nationally. So what does this video show? Image analysis experts were asked to take a look at the material (one such analyst had a real financial interest in the UFO subject) claiming that the light from this object was not normal along with all sorts of exotic reasons why this could be an alien craft. In reality the footage shows several light sources that form a chevron shape (never a triangle as there are only two sides of illumination) then after a short period of time the lights fade away (burn out) in a random pattern, just like those infamous Chinese lanterns the media still promote as UFOs chasing police helicopters and the like. What I see in the Phoenix Lights video is combustible material burning its own fuel source until exhausted, in other words paper balloons or flares. Something that the world’s media turned his into one of the largest UFO events ever to happen.

Another significant event that captured the interest of many US documentary makers was Stephenville. According to the background it seems most of the population of the surrounding area witnessed anything from strange lights to mile wide craft silently combing the night skies.

Well a local news station ran the famous video sequence and reports Residents and Police officers alike went on camera to describe what flooded in from individuals witnessing giant triangular craft with red

they saw but no one’s description seemed to match the video evi-

Was Rendlesham A Hoax?

dence that was presented by other witnesses, at best we saw the In 2003 an ex US serviceman Kevin Conde claimed, "I drove my patrol odd light in the sky, even a Police patrol dash cam could only record car out of sight from the gatehouse, turned on the red and blue emera single light. gency lights and pointed white flash lights through the mist into the air." If you have watched the police action caught on camera shows it seems patrol cars in n the States have had video recording facilities "The bottom line is that, that was not a UFO it was a 1979 Plymouth since the day domestic video was available so the question is did Volare!" explains a bemused Conde. none of the officers on patrol that night capture anything that resembled what witnesses, even Police witnesses went on camera to This has since been discounted due to a clash of the dates claimed It was also well reported at the time that astronomers suggested the redescribe. entry of a Russian satellite was the culprit but don’t forget there were There are a few classic UK cases that appear to be very difficult to two nights of activity and to my knowledge even Russian satellites explain away as nothing out of the ordinary, let’s take Rendlesham don’t re-enter twice. Finally it was suggested that the lighthouse at Forest and Alan Godfreys cases as examples. Orford Ness several miles away on the coast was indeed the simple explanation to the whole event.

simplifying IT Most UFO researchers have discounted the above as sheer debunkary after all Col. Halt had his pocket recorder the contents of which are well known and he even reported the event officially and through Freedom of information requests the Colonels memo/report was made available. There was never any military or commercial traffic documented in the area that could have been mistaken for an alien craft or was there? The following although a bit sketchy was either avoided or forgotten about at the time but is indeed something that might just fit in with the events of the second night. We all know that the twin bases of Woodbridge and Bentwaters played major roles in the defence of Europe during the cold war and that nuclear ordinance was based there. There was also another role that operated from the base. The 67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron (ARRS). Now that's a coincidence. Isn’t it? The witnesses believe they may be dealing with something from outer space when in fact the team charged with recovering such debris or craft works in their own back yard.

The squadron located at RAF Woodbridge, trained in recovery oper- On Friday, 17 December at 7- 9pm 2010, Mark Murphy, BBC Suffolk ations for the Apollo and Skylab programs. This then gets a little Breakfast Show presenter, presented a special programme on BBC more coincidental. Radio Suffolk from the Bentwaters Cold War Museum. This quote from The Smithsonian.

Source: The Smithsonian The Apollo boilerplate 1206, ( Boilerplate was the style of capsule that Apollo astronauts returned to earth in), this was identical in size and weight but nonfunctional) was in the possession of the 67th ARRS located at the Woodbridge RAF, was transferred to the Smithsonian in title only on 29 April 1976. Eventually, in July 1977 a loan agreement was executed between the Smithsonian and the 67th ARRS. Through the 1980s that loan was periodically renewed through various offices of the 67th ARRS. This quote appeared on an Amazon discussion board. Graham Haynes, manager of the Bentwaters Cold War Museum (BCWM), said: "Apollo is the most plausible explanation. It's about the same size as a lot of descriptions of the UFO. "They (67th ARSS) would usually go out into the Deben or just off the coast at Bawdsey, drop the module into the sea and practise recovering astronauts from the module." Mr Haynes said: "The first row of landing lights at Woodbridge were damaged that day. "It's possible the capsule hit those lights, it started to sway under the helicopter and the pilot, thinking he was in trouble, decided to jettison the capsule."

Graham Haynes: on an explanation to the events at Rendlesham.

"The one that seemed most plausible was that the "alien spacecraft" was actually an Apollo space rocket capsule which had been dropped following a helicopter accident early on Boxing Day 1980. "The Woodbridge airbase was home to the Apollo recovery team which would be called out if the rocket landed anywhere other than the Pacific, for whatever reason, it seems the helicopter crew went up on Christmas night and took the capsule out for a trip, suspended below it on chains.

"The helicopter was flying low and it smashed into the runway lights, causing it to drop the capsule into the forest. They then came back the next day to recover the capsule. It was then taken to an air force base in America and, apparently, its dimensions match up with those in the forest supposedly caused by the `alien spacecraft'.

"Lots of people saw lights in the sky that night and there was one couple, who are no longer with us, who swore they saw a helicopter carrying on chains what looked like an upside down ice cream cornet."

So do we have all the facts on Rendlesham? I just find it so strange that the Apollo link to the base is either never mentioned or discreetly avoided in all media versions of the events and I have to say whether believer or sceptic the above information is indeed food for thought.

so low over the otherwise deserted highway that it was causing the bushes by the side to shake. The police officer stopped, propped onto his windscreen a pad that was in the patrol car to make sketches of any road accidents, and drew the UFO. Then there was a burst of light, and the next thing he knew he was driving his car again, further along Burnley Road, with no sign of the UFO. Godfrey turned around and examined the spot where the UFO had hovered. The road was very wet as it had rained heavily earlier in the night. But just at this one location was a circular patch where the roadway had been dried in a swirled pattern.

There is another case that got the newspapers of the day very excited and rightly so, the key witness was a Police constable. Alan Godfrey served his home town of Todmorden a town nestled in the Pennine hills on West Yorkshires border with Lancashire. Alan was on night duty November 28th 1980 patrolling his home town in a Panda car, it was getting towards the end of his shift when a call came over his radio of a report of some cows that had got into a residential area and would he Investigate. The weather that night was typical Pennines it was raining. This is Alans account as described on

Only when back at the police station did he realise that it was a little later than he had expected - although any missing time was probably no greater than 15 minutes from estimates later taken on site. Those aware of this case will know of a strange death some six months prior when Alan was first on the scene at the discovery of Zygmund Adamski. UFO researchers have long connected the two incidents but in truth and in Alans own words there was and never has been a link, Mr Adamski’s death though strange was just that. Then we have the intervention of ‘A list’ (at the time) UFO investigators, who convinced Alan that regression hypnosis might reveal more detail to the case. Personally for this article I will discount the hypnosis and concentrate on what Alan reported, in fact Alan himself will tell you that the information that came out of the regression sessions could be his memories or could be his mind playing tricks.

Police Constable Alan Godfrey was on patrol on the night of 28 November 1980. Just before dawn he drove along Burnley Road on the edge of Todmorden looking for some cows that had been reported missing. They were only found after sun-up, mysteriously relocated in What he is certain of is that this object was nuts and bolts, he once a rain-soaked field without hoofmarks to indicate their passage. said ’If I had thrown my torch at it I would have gone bang’, I know what I saw. Giving up his nocturnal hunt, Godfrey was about to go back to base to sign off duty when he saw a large mass a few hundred yards The media and UFO researchers alike use this as one of the best casahead. At first, he thought it was a bus coming towards him that took es ever and why not? workers to their jobs in town and that he knew passed about 5:00 A plain speaking Police officer as your key witness, officially reported, a.m. trace evidence and then missing time. Personally I can’t believe there has never been a movie. Actually there very nearly was. But as he approached, he realized that it was something very strange. It was a fuzzy oval that rotated at such speed and hovered

promoted the UFO side of things and why not it’s exciting and mysterious but once again there is a trail of evidence that the media seem to discount or conveniently forget about close to this case. This article is in no way aimed at discrediting Alan Godfrey but could it be that in the confusion of the night Alan’s mind was seeing something that was hard to process. I Mentioned trace evidence as one of the criteria that makes this a good case. That evidence was an area of the road that appeared ‘whirlpool dry’, the road and path were still wet from the overnight rain but from where the craft appeared to hover the road and path surface were bone dry. I recall a conversation with Alan many years ago when he told me that an American film company had been in touch and things were moving toward a cinema version of the case. But later it transpired the movie makers had options on two cases, they eventually took the other option and that became ‘Fire in the sky’. So what did Alan see. In his description Alan tells us that he couldn’t quite make out the shape, he thought it was a bus with the interior lights shining through the windows but as he got closer he says it wasn’t a bus at all but a diamond shaped object, it appeared to hovering just a few feet off the ground. The base was spinning but the top half was stationary with windows. As we know Alan sketched what he saw. He tried to contact the police Station but both his in car and personal radios would not connect. One thing that confuses me slightly is the location.

What could have caused this? Councils used small road cleaning vehicles, usually with flashing beacons and a small wheelbase making them appear quite squat on the road. Is it possible that such a vehicle could be the culprit? We would think it mundane today but if in the darkness and through a rain splashed window screen of his patrol car could the flashing beacon have caused the bright light that startled Alan? Like being caught unaware when a camera flash goes off, you can actually hear the flash ‘pop’ in your head. And is it possible that in the few seconds it takes your eyesight to recover could our Alien road sweeper have moved along the road out of sight leaving a swirled area of dry ground in its wake. Does it all sound too simple? Why then does Alan eventually describe the object the way he does?

There was an object that Alan would be aware of that many debunkBurnley Road runs through the town centre of Todmorden and ers have put in the frame, but I’m not about debunking . though no longer in use the Police Station was situated on Burnley Road. The location of the sighting was just a few hundred yards away This is about genuine plausible alternatives. from the station as the road bends out of sight. The Futuro building was designed by a local company as a modular One option would have been to turn round and go for assistance if as quick to locate prefabricated unit. Alan first thought this was an accident, If your radios are down the station is only a minute or two away go for help, but this didn’t hap- It was displayed on land in Todmorden ( bottom right) high above a main road. There are a few of these units around the world ( just pen. I have no doubt that Alan’s recollection of events is as real to him as he claims but late at night coming to the end of his shift could indeed the original confusion have played a part in Alan’s process of deduction. Like Rendlesham Forest the media have always

search futuro building on the net) but they were originally built in the area and shipped out on low loaders.

So much has been written about the Roswell incident that I wont take up space with the details but that said. We know the US Army Air-Force went public with the claim that they had in their possesThe building certainly looks like a prop from a science fiction movie sion a crashed alien craft, in fact they never said it was from outer but one of these was in situ for years, could this have been the space or Alien for that matter, they actually called it a missile. thing Alans mind was comparing to what it was trying to identify during those few moments of confusion. Let’s go back to 1947, the term Flying Saucer was barely a few days old when the alleged incident happened. We can’t be sure of the The downside to all this is that if a simple explanation could have date because the rancher who came across wreckage on his bosses been found at the time a lot of heartache could have been avoided farm didn’t report for some time afterwards. for Alan and his family. It is claimed that Mac Brazel had heard a newspaper was offering a I can understand why many witnesses choose not to share their reward to anyone finding one of these things and on learning of this he went to the Sheriff who went to the press who went to the military who despatched Maj Jesse Marcel to the crash site. At no time did Brazel or Marcel describe a saucer just lots of debris strewn across acres of desert, however Marcels son Jesse Jnr recalls his father stopping by home from his trip to the crash site and waking his mother and himself up to see what Jesse Sr described as something from outer space.

encounters. There are many good researchers and well meaning individuals within our subject but there are those who jump straight to the conclusion that what a witness describes has to be an alien craft or visitor, There are those who manipulate what can be a very disturbing event to promote a book or to get a fee from a documentary producer, harsh words but this has happened. Lecture tours in the USA can attract a large audience, speakers are flown out put up in nice hotels and receive a fee for their time, ok its not fortunes but in a country the size of America you could do ok for yourself doing a conference every couple of months or so. I believe Alans encounter was what it is. It’s the aftermath with the hypnosis and the suggestion that Alan was taken aboard a craft and poked and prodded by robot dwarfs, tall men in gowns and a big black dog that could all be pure invention due to the several sessions of hypnotherapy Alan underwent at the behest of a solicitor who was promoting the story to the worlds media and an author with a book contract. The attention thrust upon Alan by this caused him serious problems at work and although Alan had support from colleagues in the Police Force it was not so from his bosses.

It took the US military over fifty years and three versions of events to come up with the Case Closed official explanation. Which if you like a good laugh is well worth a read. It basically blames time travel. In 1947 the alleged Alien bodies, remember the military or rancher who were first on the scene never saw any bodies were explained away as crash dummies used in the fifties and sixties and the craft shown was part of the 1970 Viking hardware, but really it was a big balloon with foil radar targets attached to it. So time travel it is.


In 1947 the technology of the day was still valve radios and transport was a good tractor or a pair of sound mules.

The Daddy of them all.

Cars were old tech, trucks were old tech and aircraft were still pro-

However, he still stands by his claims today.

peller driven. If you wanted to cross the Atlantic you took a ship.

People listened to their radios, went to the movies even sang round the piano or guitar. They read newspapers and comic books so if regular Jack or Jill in the street was asked to draw a space ship where would their reference come from? There was no Star Trek or Star Wars, ET and Close Encounters were some thirty years away but the comic books and cinema serials at the time had Rocket ships. Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and the like. These serials were repeated more times than Dad’s Army. It fair to assume if somebody came across a strange crashed object that

The Bell X1 compared to a long distance passenger plane from 1947. Buck Rogers v Biggles

there would be a fast and clinical recovery operation, this hardware was Ultra Top Secret. There is much rumour and speculation around Roswell and over the years more and more witnesses claim to have been there or played a part in the events but like many other great UFO stories there is little or no physical evidence to back up these sensational claims. The one thing we do know for sure is that the only photographs taken of the wreckage to be made public were photographed by part time reporter and college student James Bond Johnson, the contents of the images show foil, rubber and balsa wood.

This is exactly what the US Military claimed was recovered (Not the resembled a cinema portrayal of a rocket ship then it’s a fair call to Marcells) after the failed Mogul balloon test it concluded was reaccept that they might indeed think this wreck was from outer space. sponsible for the sensational claims around the Roswell Incident. As far as The Roswell Incident stands I doubt we will ever really know Regular aircraft of the day looked nothing like these fantastic craft what happened. flown by Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers, or was there something flying in the skies of 1947 that bore resemblance to these silver screen Please remember these are my own personal thoughts and alternaRocket Ships, something top secret? tive scenarios behind what we as researchers and enthusiasts deem to be some of the very best possible evidence we have. The answer is a definite yes. I am a firm believer that Alien life is out there in abundance and that It was this timeframe that had Chuck Yeager trying to achieve and on occasions we may have had some form of contact here on earth break the sound barrier in secret in the rocket powered Bell X1. but proving that contact is a big job. It looked way ahead of its time, no propellers short swept wings and There has been excitement and disappointment over the years with a pointed nose, painted bright orange it bore more than a slight regenuine researchers doing their utmost to bring evidence into the semblance to Rex Features Rocket ships. public eyes that maybe just maybe supported the truth in our Imagine if one of these Supersonic craft crashed out in the desert

beliefs. Then on the other hand there are those individuals who have tried to fool the public into parting with huge amounts of money with fabricated evidence and witnesses to get a glimpse of The real thing. When the UFO world became aware of the fascinating images captured during the total solar eclipse of 11th July 1991. One man became synonymous with the subject. A seasoned TV and Radio host Jaime Maussan presented hours of footage recorded in his own country some of which was indeed best evidence. But this footage was never researched as claimed videos turned up and Jaime's library grew, eventually 25 years on his goose was well and truly cooked when his Roswell body scoop turned out to actually be labelled as a museum exhibit ‘Childs Mummy’. Putting doubt on anything he has ever presented and putting the work of many genuine researchers into the fruitcake category. There will be more on this next time but until then keep watching the skies and why not take in one of this countries UFO events. You’ll meet some interesting people and hopefully make new friends, you might even learn something. Russel Callaghan. © copyright 2016

The SPI Files! By Malcolm Robinson

Location: Sauchie, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Central Scotland,

Annie, had come

Date: November-December 1960.

to Sauchie to live with her married

Sauchie Pronounced (Saw-Key)


his is undoubtedly the biggest poltergeist case of its kind in Scotland, and that’s a fact. It occurred just a few miles from where I lived at the time. There isn’t a case in Scot-

land that comes anywhere near it. Sadly it was a case that was way before my time, I was only 3 years old when it was going on how I wish though that I had have been older to get involved in this one. This was a momentous case and I often wondered what happened to the little girl who was the main focus of the poltergeist events (Virginia Campbell) and did the classmates of Virginia still remember those bizarre events from all those years ago?

older brother and his







Crescent Sauchie. Virginia was an attractive girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. As with any young child leaving behind their family and friends and moving to a strange place, Virginia was at first most unhappy but at the same time accepted that her parents wanted the best for her as this move was also a big move for the rest of her family. The first few weeks were fine and trouble free but soon the peace was broken by nu-

merous scratching noises which came from various parts of the Well in 1987 I undertook to find out and I managed to track down house, noises that no family member could account for. However, and speak with a few of Virginia Campbell’s classmates who in- as the weeks progressed the strange noises increased in intensity formed me in no uncertain terms that they ‘too’ witnessed some and proved quite unsettling. As if the noises were not bad enough, amazing bizarre paranormal happenings in the classroom. However, the family noticed that various household items would disappear when I tried to interview the aunty of Virginia Campbell, the door only to return at a later date. Ornaments would move of their own was slammed firmly shut in my face, something that in all my years accord with no one near them. But probably the most unsettling of Investigation has never ever happened to me before, what made and terrifying occurrence during these early weeks, was when the it even more bizarre was the fact that this door was only about 500 furniture starting to move around the living room of their own voliyards or so away from where I lived at that time, the town of tion and various doors throughout the house would open and close Sauchie. Somewhat disheartened, I foolishly abandoned all plans to when no one was near them. keep searching for further people involved. However, thankfully that passion and desire to find out more, re-surfaced at a later stage (1994) and I once again was chasing potential witnesses to those events of yester year.

Things were steadily getting worse and the nerves of all family members were getting frayed by the minute. Soon word was spreading about the ‘haunted house’ in Sauchie and being a relatively small

village at that time, quite a few people were getting to know about But first, and before I get into my re-investigation of this most im- it. Back in the family home things were getting even worse and a pressive case, let me take you the reader, a trip down paranormal large and heavy linen chest was seen to rise several inches off the lane and take a look at those horrible events that occurred to the floor and its lid was seen to open and remain open for a short period Campbell household in those winter months of 1960. of time then slam down quite violently. It soon became apparent THE EVENTS AS THEY HAPPENED. The Sauchie Poltergeist effectively began back in November 1960 when an eleven year old girl by the name of Virginia Campbell came to Scotland with her family leaving behind family and friends from the small village of Moville in Donegal Ireland. Virginia’s mother

that when all these events occurred, Virginia was in the house at the time, when she was out, all was quiet and peaceful, and it therefore began to dawn on the family that these events must somehow be associated with Virginia’s presence. EVENTS GO PUBLIC

By now the family were at their wits end and they had to seek out case and in 1994 I decided to look back into the case, and see what I someone who could possibly provide them an answer as to what could find, I was not to be disappointed. was going on, they just couldn’t deal with this themselves. So it was at this point that they contacted their local GP a gentleman called Dr H.W. Nisbet who lived in a nearby village of Tillicoultry Sadly Dr


Nisbet couldn’t really alleviate the situation other than prescribe Before I present my updates on this story, let me give you the reader some drugs to calm their nerves. On the strength of all the paranor- the events as they were transcribed by the local newspaper at the mal happenings put together they soon realised that their house time, ‘The Alloa Journal’. For this, I had to delve into the micro film must be haunted, and on the basis of that, they sought out the ser- archives at the local Alloa library a small town near to Sauchie. Boy, vices of a local Vicar by the name of Reverend T.W. Lund. Mr Lund attended the family home but could offer little support to the family other than to offer them prayers. However, and as a bizarre twist to this case, the poltergeist effects did not just contain themselves to the family home; incredibly they travelled with Virginia to her local school! For any poltergeist event this is very rare, it may happen occasionally, but in the main most if not all poltergeist effects will contain themselves to one location, and that’s usually the home or residence of shall we say’ the victim’ ! One day at school, Virginia’s teacher looked up from her own desk and saw Virginia struggling with her desk lid. Virginia had both elbows trying to force down her desk lid which seemed to have a mind of its own. She at once said, “Virginia what are you doing”? to which Virginia replied “Nothing Miss honest” “Stop that at once Virginia” the teacher replied, and as soon as Virginia took her elbows away from the desk, the desk lid was flapping up and down. what an afternoon that was, phew, it was like going back in time, The screams of Virginia’s classmates resounded throughout the well in a sense it was! A full afternoon was spent in the library going room as Virginia’s teacher looked on open mouthed in disbelief. through page after page of micro film and the following are extracts nd Lots more paranormal disturbances occurred in the school which I from the Alloa Journal of 2 December 1960. In part it reads; will cover in a moment.

“Just over a week ago strange things began to happen to Virginia.

This case did not just go local, it did not just go national, it went Heavy pieces of furniture were seen to move when she entered a world wide and I’ve only scratched the surface of those terrifying room, doors opened when she approached them and then were events that transpired in that house in Park Crescent Sauchie. Now found difficult to shut. Worried and anxious, Virginia’s brother asked as I was growing up and getting involved with research of strange the Reverend T. Lund to try and help and also Doctor H. W. Nisbett of phenomenon, people were still talking about this most fascinating Tillicoultry who was the Campbell’s family doctor. Both men have

been greatly impressed with what they have been told and with “In my opinion, this little girl has certain unusual psychic qualities what they themselves have seen”. “Their concern for the well being and I am convinced that some person who has passed on is trying to of Virginia and their family had increased during the past week be- communicate through her”. “I believe that a responsible medium cause of the effect which gossip and publicity are having upon should be taken to see the little girl, for such a person could certainly them”. “Before she came to Scotland, Virginia lost a pet dog of help her”. “The medium might be able to take over from Virginia, which she was very fond of and a little girlfriend died. Both of these the pressure which is being put on her from the other side, and so occurrences upset her very much. One night when sitting on the bring relief to her”. “I am convinced that this little girl, if properly edge of Virginia’s bed, Mrs Campbell was roughly pushed off, and as looked after spiritually, might be able to help many hundreds of peoshe stood watching, she saw the blankets and sheets rising and fall- ple as the late Helen Duncan did, (a famous Scottish psychic mediing above Virginia while the child made little moaning sounds like um)” someone in pain”

(Helen Duncan was a famous Scottish psychic medium that was ar-

The Alloa Journal in this very large article goes on at great length to rested and charged with witchcraft during the Second World War). state that Reverend Lund and Doctor Nisbet refused to make any Her ‘crime’ was to channel information concerning a British warship public statements or comments regarding this case. As the days that had been sunk before the Admiralty had even released the wore on, further and more worrying strange events occurred within news to the public.) the Campbell household. The National press soon got wind of the story and soon the village of Sauchie was awash with reporters. The Alloa Journal in this 2nd of December 1960 article goes on… “Mr James Henderson, Secretary of the Alloa Spiritualist Church said,

From the Alloa Journal’s sister paper the Alloa Advertiser, I take the following quotes. “Dr Nisbet said, “Virginia is not responsible for what has happened”. “The child is innocent”. “What has taken place was not conjured by

the child herself, an outside agent is responsible”. “Believe me, some-


thing unfortunate has been going on in that house”. “The girl was


hysterical all the time the phenomenon was appearing”. “We decided then to try sedation”. “Virginia was given mild tranquillisers to quiet- I first of all decided to launch an appeal through the local Alloa newsen her”. “If the phenomenon were being conjured by her own imagi- papers for anyone who knew Virginia Campbell to come forward with nation, they would no longer appear if her brain was dulled”. “But any information concerning the events in 1960/61. even though the brain was not working normally, the phenomenon Fortunately a local lady who although she had not been in Virginia’s ‘STILL APPEARED’” Following this incident, in an attempt to alleviate the situation, Virgin-

class, was friendly with her teacher at Craigbank Primary School. The

ia was moved to another house in the neighbouring town of Dollar, lady, who wished to remain anonymous, supplied the telephone unfortunately, this did not improve matters.

number of the teacher, formerly Miss Margaret Stewart, but since

The phenomena followed her and she returned to the house in her marriage to a minister, it’s now Mrs Margaret Davidson. I reSauchie. By now the press were getting wind of the story and the member that call well. As I lifted up the receiver and started to dial Campbell family were being hounded every time they set foot out of the number I thought that if anyone could confirm or deny these their house. It didn’t take long before the story leaked out in the naamazing claims, then it would certainly have been Virginia’s teacher, I tional press. Soon, due to constant press attention, the Campbell’s was not to be disappointed. Here is what transpired on that telewere virtually prisoners in their own house. Other family members as well as friends were tracked down by the media for information. phone call when I spoke to Margaret (Virginia’s teacher) Margaret No matter how hard they tried, Virginia’s family were unable to pro- stated; tect her from the continuous pressure and inevitably the strain began to tell. Meanwhile, the events intensified. The Alloa Journal of 16 th

“Virginia was a shy withdrawn girl, but very pleasant” Although she

Dec. 1960 reports,

wasn’t really forthcoming, she was in every other way quite normal”

“Two Tillicoultry doctors used a tape recording of sound phenomena

“She was also good at her lessons. I had never really heard the word

that had been heard during the ‘psychic illness’ of little Virginia Camp- poltergeist before, indeed, I thought it was the name of some kind of bell, In the Scottish Home Service programme ‘Scope on Tuesday’. The medicine, that’s how naïve I was.” “The first time I became aware of sounds in themselves were not terrifying, but when a child’s voice anything strange was when I had given the class an essay to do”.” The started screaming ‘Mummy, Mummy’; that happened when Virginia class was quiet and all the children had their heads down bent over saw the lid of a linen basket starting to open, the doctors explained their jotters busily writing away. In 1960 we still had the old desks that it was then that the listeners realised that something unusual that had a lid top. Anyway, I looked over at Virginia and noticed that was happening” she was sitting with both hands pressed firmly down on top of her desk lid” “ I rose from my chair and walked over to Virginia. I was then “Mr. MacDonald, Reverend of St. George’s West Church, in Edinburgh, described the sounds and movements witnessed, and he considered

surprised to see the desk lid rise and fall with Virginia trying her best to keep it shut with her hands”.

that there were two possible explanations, and he favoured the explanation that the phenomena were caused by some ‘lower forms of intelligence”

“At this point a child in front of Virginia rose to take her jotter over to my desk, no sooner had she left her seat, than her desk rose a few inches off the floor on its four legs.” “I then explained to the class that

It’s fair to say that whilst all this was going on the Church of Scotland throughout all these traumatic events was non-committal. Which is no real surprise I suppose as the Church tend to distance themselves from episodes such as this.

I would be back I a few minutes and during this time I went to see the school headmaster, a Mr. Peter Hill. I told him that there was something funny going on in my classroom and explained to him what I had just seen.” “Mr. Hill said that he had heard talk of strange things

After my fact finding afternoon in the Alloa Library looking back going on in the Campbell household”. “He then asked to see Virginia through the old micro fiche files of the Alloa Advertiser, I decided to and asked me to explain to her classmates that Virginia would be gostart a re-investigation of the facts in an attempt to find out for sure if ing home for a few days because she was feeling unwell” “I was also all which was said before on this case was true.

to say that there might be talk from others of ghosts centred around

her but they were not to believe this that they were just rumours, this is what he more or less told me to say”

SUPPORTIVE CLASSMATES. During this time, the newspaper hacks hounded poor Virginia at

“Anyway, I went back to the classroom and summoned Virginia over school but thankfully Virginia’s classmates were very supportive to and told her the headmaster wanted to talk to her. As Virginia left her. Indeed, on one occasion as the pressmen gathered at the the room, I found that I could not shut the door behind her and had school gates, a classmate of Virginia’s who bore a striking resemto summon help from three of the children to help me push the door blance to Virginia, put on Virginia’s coat and rushed from the school shut.” “I remember saying to the class, ‘It must be very windy to- building going towards a different direction from where Virginia day!” “Virginia was not distressed at this time”. “I then mentioned lived. Hot on the heels of this masquerading Virginia, were the merto the class telling of what the headmaster had told me to say and I ry band of pressmen hot in pursuit, what happened when they found that the class was quite responsive and very supportive”. THE VIBRATING TABLE Margaret went on to tell me;

caught up with the copy cat Virginia was not stated. Margaret also mentioned to me that she too was hounded by the press and went on to say that there were two incidents that stood out at the time both of which were complete and utter crazy.

“The most unnerving thing that I experienced in the classroom was when on one occasion I was sitting behind my large oak table, Virginia was standing at the other side of the table with her hands clasped firmly behind her back” “Suddenly, a large blackboard pointer cane which was lying flat on my table, started to ‘vibrate’. “ At first it vibrated slowly, and then increased as the seconds wore on” “I sat

One story concerned a woman who asked if she could touch her (Virginia) because she was, “One of Gods chosen ones”. She also recalls receiving a letter from a Witch doctor in Africa who advised her to, “Pound down some bones and dance over them”, this, she was told might get rid of Virginia’s ghosts.

transfixed looking at this, then the table, which was quite heavy, The Church of Scotland arrived at Craigbank Primary School and held started to rise up slowly into the air, and also vibrated” “I put my a service in the classroom not an exorcism Margaret explained, this hands on the table and tried to push it back down but with no suc- however failed to work. And events continued in their absurdity. cess”. “I was quite horrified, but it did not stop there”. “The table Margaret concluded the interview with me on the phone by saying. continued to vibrate as it hovered a few inches off the floor” “ Then the table rotated through 90 degrees so that where I had moments

“These events really did happen, Mr Robinson, I remember them as if it was yesterday, I’ll never forget them”.

before sat behind the long edge of the table, the table had rotated so that it’s narrow edge was now directly in front of my stomach”. “I


looked up at Virginia and saw that she was quite distressed and I Through further research, (Oh how I love digging away!) I uncovered remember her saying, ‘Please miss, I’m not doing that honest I’m another major witness to the events in the Campbell home a Mr. not’. “I calmed her down, just then, a bowl of flower bulbs shot James Carruthers (pseudonym) who at the time of the poltergeist straight across the table”. Margaret went on to discuss with me other aspects of strange

event was closely associated with the family and witnessed many of the strange events taking place.

events that had occurred within the classroom more so the school Here is what Mr. Carruthers had to say to me over the phone, jotters (books) which would rise up into the air and move away from the direction of where Virginia was at the time. These objects never seemed to move towards Virginia, they always moved in a direction ‘away’ from her. Margaret also informed me that she had noticed that strange things seemed to occur on a 28 day cycle!

“On one occasion, I was in Virginia’s bedroom with a number of other individuals and I was standing close to the bed in which Virginia was lying, she had the bedcovers pulled up to her chin. Suddenly I observed the covers making a’ rippling movement’ from the bottom of the bed right up to her chin. I am convinced that Virginia did not produce this effect, there was no movement from below the covers,

i.e. from her legs, just this peculiar rippling movement running up and ginia’s classmates who, more or less confirmed the events of which down the top bedcover”.

their teacher had experienced.

Mr Carruthers continued…” Seconds later, I then observed the pillow next to Virginia which had been plumped up; suddenly take on what appeared to me the shape of someone’s head. A clear indentation of

AFTER THOUGHTS ON MY RE-INVESTIGATION I must admit I really enjoyed looking back at the Sauchie Poltergeist case (Scotland’s biggest ever case of its kind).

the pillow was seen by myself and others in the room. Now during this time, strange knockings, banging’s, scratchings and what sounded like ‘sawing noises’ were coming from all over the room, you couldn’t really pin point the exact source of the noise, ‘it was coming

My telephone call to Virginia’s school teacher proved very illuminating, ‘how I wish that I had have been in Virginia’s class at that time to see all these weird and paranormal events’. Now whether you subscribe to the belief that ‘spirits’ were involved

from everywhere’. Most unusual was the sound of what appeared to be like a ping pong ball constantly being bounced. Virginia was quite distressed by all this” “On another occasion when the Church of Scotland were in attendance in the home, these noises, these banging’s and rapping’s intensified during the exorcism ceremony, they were really loud I remember when the church members started singing ‘The Lord is my

here, or, as Mrs Carruthers puts it, that Virginia ‘herself’ through this ‘suppressed emotion’, somehow caused these events to occur, is a matter of some debate. What is abundantly clear is the fact that these events DID occur, and they were witnessed by sound and very reliable high standing people in the community.

The village of

Sauchie was, as the Alloa Advertiser so aptly put it, ‘ Descended’ upon by swarms of the press like one of the plagues of Egypt’ And me,


what do I believe? Well that state that the world is in right now, Mr Carruthers continued,

there must be countless millions suffering from this so called,

“Someone mentioned at this time that animals are to some degree ‘suppressed emotion’ and I don’t think that strange events are occurpsychic, so I decided to test this theory and I took my pet dog along ring to them. Dr Nisbet, who attended Virginia, saw a heavy linen to the Campbell house and even although these same knockings and chest rise up from the floor, now it would take some ‘suppressed rapping's could be heard in Virginia’s bedroom, my dog was at no emotion’ to cause that! ‘Suppressed Emotion’ or Poltergeist? We time disturbed by it all.

My feelings on the matter are that these could argue about it all day. Whether it’s one or the other, or a com-

events have nothing to do with ghosts or spirits. I believe that the bination of both, one thing is for sure, these events are so fascinating shift in environment from a rural farming community life in Ireland, to researchers the world over, but obviously not so to the people leaving behind her friends and such and coming over to Scotland, involved. was, in a sense, a bit of a trauma and that somehow, this suppressed

(c) Malcolm Robinson

emotion was externalised to objects and items close to Virginia”. Malcolm Robinson is the author of three books, UFO Case Files of Mt Carruthers also stated to me during this phone call that he remembered seeing a diary, which was kept by an uncle of Virginia at that time and there was an entry in it that stated that marks ‘appeared and disappeared’ on Virginia’s hands but he had never seen these marks himself.

Scotland (Volumes 1 and 2) and Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain (Volume 1) both books are available from Malcolm’s fourth book, ‘The Monsters of Loch Ness’ (The history and the mystery) will be available soon. Malcolm has lectured extensively on UFOs and the paranormal all over the UK and internationally and

I must admit that I had hoped for a better response to my request has appeared regularly on TV. He is one of the few people on the from people to contact me with information on this case from the planet to have been down in the Loch Ness submarine. readers of the Alloa Advertiser, but there is of course the fact that

(c) Malcolm Robinson. Malcolm can be contacted at Email: area (or just that they were reluctant to talk about what they themany witnesses to this phenomenon may have moved away from the

selves saw!) I did however, track down and interviewed two of Vir-


Available on AMAZON

Coming in August 2016 From Malcolm Robinson The Monsters Of Loch Ness (The History and the Mystery) Examine the details of Scotland’s

Iconic creature. It’s history And Mystery All brought together in one fascinating Book. Search Malcolm Robinson on Amazon... &

the remains of Noah’s Ark. In 1959 the Turkish Air Force were taking photos as part of a mapping survey. One of the images showed a nternet forums are buzzing with talk of strange shape that looked like the remains of a boat. In later years, various researchers bizarre, futuristic-looking structures that have been found in a remote part claimed that this might be Noah’s Ark. According to the biblical story, God destroyed of China. But what are they? Lost cities? Sethe world in a flood because people were cret military bases? Might there even be a evil, but instructed Noah to build a ship and connection with UFOs and aliens? fill it with two animals of every species. According to the story, the ark came to rest on The modern day explorers who have found these weird objects are not brave adventur- a mountain, which many believe to be Mount ers in the style of Indiana Jones. Neither are Ararat in Turkey, near where the 1959 picthey more highbrow heroes like Dan Brown’s ture was taken. Another aerial photo in the Robert Langdon, cracking the Da Vinci Code. same area shows a second structure, labelled These are ordinary people, sitting at home, in the “Ararat Anomaly”. This picture was taken front of their computers, using Google Earth by a US spy plane, fuelling more conspiracy theories. to search for discoveries that they believe might change the world. When Google Earth was first launched, excitGoogle Earth was launched in 2005 and uses ed UFO hunters used it to focus on locations a mixture of satellite images and aerial pho- such as the super-secretive base known as Area 51. Part of Edwards Air Force Base in tographs to offer users a window on the Nevada, this is where many believe the world. The program is immensely popular wreckage of an alien spacecraft that supposand has been downloaded over a billion edly crashed in Roswell in 1947 was taken. times. At first, people used it to look for There are many different theories about Area things like their house, school or place of work. After that, the focus shifted to famous 51. Some believe the Roswell UFO was ‘backengineered’ here, so that the US Government buildings and landmarks. But then people realised that they could use it to take a look could build and test-fly its own UFOs. Others claim aliens are working alongside American at places they’d never normally be able to visit, such as secret military bases. In a socie- scientists on this project, while others think ty where people are worried about Big Broth- that Area 51 is where secret projects into time travel and teleportation are carried out. er and the so-called ‘surveillance society’, Google Earth hasn’t verified any of these suddenly everyone could become a spy claims, but conspiracy theorists have a theory themselves and turn the tables on the powabout that too: once Area 51 was widely ers that be. known (there’s a fictional portrayal of the Even before Google Earth, people occasional- base in the 1996 sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day) the secret projects were moved ly spotted something strange on an aerial photograph. The most famous case involved elsewhere.

By Nick Pope


a structure that some people believe to be

Recently, the focus has moved away from Area 51 and onto a number of weird structures in the Gobi desert in China. What is going on in this remote and desolate area? One structure looks like a giant spider’s web. Is it a man-made crop circle? Have Chinese scientists cracked the code and is this an attempt to establish communication with aliens? Sceptics point out that military aircraft in the centre of this weird pattern make it more likely that this is some military experiment to do with stealth aircraft that are invisible to radar. A bright, silvery-blue coloured runway many times longer than a normal landing strip has also spawned conspiracy theories. While intelligence experts suspect this is something to do with China’s space program, or a secret, prototype aircraft, some ufologists think this is China’s version of Area 51 and speculate that the Chinese may also possess crashed UFOs, or be working with aliens. Another image captures what looks like a second, more elaborate runway, but there are two problems with the runway theory. Firstly, the sheer size of this thing – four times longer than a normal runway. What on

earth (or maybe elsewhere!) would need something that big? Secondly, the brightness of the colour – it looks reflective, but why would you build a shiny runway? It’s a genuine mystery. Another structure consists of 16 massive squares, in four rows and four columns that themselves form an even larger square. Some of these structures seem to have suffered bomb damage, which suggests that this is a weapons-testing facility, but the conspiracy theories won’t go away. Some people have even suggested that patterns like this may be part of a lost city – the remains of some previously unknown civilisation. The most bizarre patterns consist of white grids. What makes them so remarkable is the sheer size – some of these patterns are nearly 20 miles long – and the fact that they’re in the middle of nowhere. One conspiracy theory suggests that these grids are representations of US cities, being used as training grounds for an invasion. Some

people have even tried to overlay these images with US street maps, in attempts to find a match. One massive grid-like pattern resembles a maze or a jigsaw. Experts disagree about this. One analyst thought they might be targets for spy satellites, so that they can be calibrated. Another disagreed and said that all you'd need to do this would be a simple structure like a cross, not something as big and complex as this. Maybe these patterns are being created as part of some bizarre psychological warfare plot to make other countries fearful that China has developed some new super-weapon. Maybe it's just designed to tie up Western spy agencies in hours of speculation. It's even been suggested that the patterns are a hoax - an immense practical joke.

Scotland’s First Reported UFO Abduction

While the debate about these structures continues, the search for the weird and the wonderful is moving even further afield. Google Moon and Google Mars now enable people to take their search beyond Planet Earth. UFO and conspiracy forums claim that artificial structures can be seen there, too. But that’s another story! © Copyright Nick Pope.

The Outer Limits Magazine are extremely grateful to Nick, for his permission to use this article. We shall include more from Nick, in future issues of The Outer Limits Magazine. As always we welcome your thoughts on this subject

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Meet Lea, the 'new human' who says she's had close encounters since childhood

Lea Kapiteli, 22, says she has been contacted by extra-terrestrials since childhood and experiences astral travelling. Photo: Wolter Peeters

system or t takes a bit of courage to do what 22-year-old Lea Kapiteli did different worlds. She said on one occasion she was grabbed around one Saturday night, in April 2016. Far easier to stay at home. the leg and woke up to see a red imprint around her leg. She went public for the first time. The venue was the Ryde Eastwood Of her decision to give her first public talk, she said: "I feel this is a Leagues Club. The organisers: UFO Research NSW. very important topic to talk about. Very few people are exploring it. Ms Kapiteli told the group that it has been happening since she was I'm not the only one who is experiencing this. There are people all five. She sees things. around the planet who are having these encounters and not enough She says she has interacted with extra-terrestrials on numerous occa- people are saying what is really going on. sions. She describes them, knows their names, culture and history. She creates captivating illustrations of what she has seen. There are "There's every help group out there for every topic you could possieven drawings of herself in what she describes as her astral body. bly imagine except this one." Then she goes further. She calls herself a Star seed, Her mother, Sanja Korlaet, said that in the Homo Novis or "new human", said to be highly intuibeginning she was confused and worried tive and possessing multidimensional abilities beyond there could be something wrong with her the five senses. daughter. "A new human is a hybrid of ex"One day at the age of eight she came to tra-terrestrial and human, the me and said: 'Mum, I am not who you think type of person who has had a I am. I am not just your daughter,' which lot of ET or non-human experiscared me. I believe what she is experiencences and who feels like they ing is a real thing. The drawings are of are not really from this strange-looking people. She tells me: 'These place," she said. are my friends, mum. You haven't met them yet.' She is still young and I am not sure she "I have been having conis ready to handle this situation, but she tact for about 15 years. It wants to help other Star seeds." can range from physical encounters to psychic enUFO Research NSW president Mariana counters and receiving Flynn said she became aware of Ms Kapiteli information seemingly through Mary Rodwell, the Queenslandfrom nowhere." The first based head of the Australian Close Encounexperience she says was at ter Research Network, who she said works home in Melbourne. She with a lot of Star seeds and Star Children. woke up and said she "I met Lea and asked her to talk to our knew it was time to leave. She saw a group. I am always wanting to stretch minds and wake people up. I bright light through the window. think the group will be fine when they see her energy, personality "We tend to stop when there is a physical object in front of us, but I and [the] authenticity of her story. I had someone ask me if she's had didn't have any of that instinct. I just kept walking right through the medical tests to prove she has got extra-terrestrial DNA. No. The window. I was in a bright bluish place and saw a woman at the end of tests are very expensive. a path. She was short, bald and with golden skin. She had a red robe "We have to take her on trust, and if people can't handle her story and she was beckoning me to come. that's fine. We are just giving them an experience of a unique young person telling her story and who believes she's telling the truth." "We ended up in what seemed like a classroom with all sorts of people there. Human children, extra-terrestrial children of different races and with different skin colours, some had blue or green skin. There Read more: human children just like me. Some of them were wearing pyjawho-says-shes-had-close-encounters-since-childhood-20160401mas still. I wasn't afraid because this was like Sunday school." gnwjrg.html#ixzz4560PolV2 She says she also regularly has experiences of astral travel, where the Follow us: @smh on Twitter | sydneymorningherald on Facebook body is temporarily left behind, giving freedom to explore the solar



We require your paranormal C.V. eg, what you have done with the media and past speaking engagements. (sell yourself). How people can contact you, your mobile number, e-mail address etc.

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lato, 2,600 years ago described it as a land of many great and wonderful deeds. An island nation which according to the learned, Greek scholar was situated in front of the Pillars of Hercules, in the Atlantic Ocean. The island was larger than Libya and Asia combined. Now, in this island of Atlantis, there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia. So great was the ocean it laid in , that the Mediterranean was described as being like its harbour. Yet there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune the whole body, of the island state of Atlantis, sank into and disappeared in to the depths of the sea. For which reason the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the glorious island. Or so the famous story goes.

Compiled By Chris Evers The Pillars of Hercules Plato, as we have read above described the location of the Island of Atlantis as being “in front of the Pillars of Hercules�. Perhaps we should then first locate these structures? Various locations have been suggested Including the following: The Bosporus, with the Black Sea being the proposed location of the Atlantic Ocean. The

Adriatic Sea actually being named by some as the Who was Plato? Atlantic Ocean and Plato, was born on 21 May, and named Aris- of course The tocles (do not confuse him with Aristotle), in Straits of Gibraltar, to name but a few or about 428 or 427 BC/BCE, he was an of the more acAthenian, philosopher. ceptable locations. Such was his fame he is considered by many to be the most important philosopher who ever lived. He is known as the father of idealism in philosophy. His ideas were elitist, with the philosopher king the ideal ruler. He studied under Socrates, another famous Greek Philosopher. A type of love (Platonic) is named for him. We know the Greek philosopher Socrates mostly through Plato's dialogues. Atlantis enthusiasts know Plato for his parable about it in Timaeus and other descriptions from Critias. He saw tripartite structures in the world around him. His social structure theory had a governing class, warriors, and workers. He thought the human soul contained reason, spirit, and appetite. He may have founded an institution of learning known as the Academy, in a local park known as the Grove of Hecademus or Academus, from which we get the word academic.

Other areas at times have been suggested by various devotees to Atlantis including, the Azores, the straits between Sicily and Italy, areas of sea around Crete and also Greece it self. Also Argentina, Chile, and also the whole of the South American continent. These do not include other perhaps lesser suspected areas of Egypt, and India and also the Bahama islands in the Atlantic itself. The strongest location nominated for many years even in antiquity as been the Straits of Gibraltar. In fact the ancient term for the Straits of Gibraltar was The Pillars of Hercules.

Plato died, in 347 B.C., after Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, had begun his conquest of Greece, leadership of the So are we simply complicating the subject by interjecting these other Academy passed not to Aristotle, who had been a student and then locations, and the truth lies right under our noses? teacher there for 20 years, and who expected to follow, but to Plato's nephew Speusippus. The Academy continued on for several more The Spanish Inquisition! centuries. So he is deemed a trustworthy scholar, a wise and studious person indeed. Taking this to be fact and the truth really is right in front of us, then

let us examine a recent claim to the location of the infamous city of Atlantis. That is the area around Cadiz on the Atlantic coast of Spain and just outside the so called Pillars of Hercules, (The Straits of Gibraltar).

their search. They believe that by using these techniques they have discovered signs of the ancient ringed city underneath the marshland and waterways of the DoĂąana National Park.

Dr. Richard Freund, (middle right image, this page) is the latest academic to enter the Atlantis debate. Freund, who is based at the Uni-

Our image (top left on this page) is an artists impression of how Dr. Freund believes the area suggested, appeared at the time Atlantis occupied the terrain.

versity of Hartford, has claimed that they have found evidence that the city may be buried not under the ocean, but along the coast of Spain in marshlands of the DoĂąana National Park, to the north of Cadiz. Geological studies have shown that at one time this marsh was Our black and white image on the bottom left has the rings as described by many ancient believers, of the lost city inserted, in to the modern Spanish landscape. The image above is a more simplified version of this. More importantly

Tartessos (Location)

there is evidence to suggest that this area as undergone destruction a huge bay connected to the Atlantic Ocean The team used a mixture because of Tsunami incursion, over the centuries. Freund thinks that of Satellite imagery, Radar technology and digital mapping to begin

mon's search for ivory and gold in Tartessos, the settlement in the Donaña area established in the first millennium BC. Fanciful Claims! "He became involved in what we were doing and provided funding for probes through his connections with National Geographic and Associated Producers. He left and the film company told us the documentary would be finished in April or May. But we did not hear from him and are very surprised it has appeared so soon and makes such fanciful claims. "We are planning to offer our own conclusions in a paper to be offered to Antiquity magazine which first published a German claim in 2004 that Atlantis was buried under Donaña."

Tartessos (Location)

Then a German analyst, Professor Rainer W Kühne, said satellite photos of Donaña, west of Gibraltar, seemed to show buried rectangular buildings and concentric circles. The news was picked up by the BBC. It prompted the start of the Spanish investigation.

it is one of these which destroyed the city.

In 360 BC Plato described an island, with the Lost City of Atlantis with its concentric circles of land and water, west of the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar) and since then scholars have argued about how much was fact and how much fiction. Plato wrote it had been destroyed by a natural disaster in 9,000 BC.

After the disaster, he believes the survivors may have moved inland and created a number of what Freund thinks, are memorial sites, to their former capital city, Atlantis. Other scientists that have explored the area do not agree with Freund's conclusion, though they admit that a city by the name of Tartessos occupied the area around the 4th century B.C.. Freund believes that Tartessos and Atlantis may just be different names for the same city. As far back as the 1920's historian Adolf Schulten had suggested that Plato had used the real city of Tartessos as the source for his Atlantis legend. Dr. Freund, history professor at the University of Hartford, believes that this is the most certain that archaeologists have been about the actual location of this mythical city. "Why are we so fascinated by it?" he asked, "It's about the beginnings of civilization," he told NBC Connecticut, " I think we found the best candidate for what was the beginnings of civilization… one of the largest and most ancient cities at the bottom of a huge marsh." He said that some of Atlantis's inhabitants had fled a tsunami to establish similar "memorial cities" which he had identified in central Spain. According to Juan VillaríasRobles, (Left) a top anthropologist with the Spanish government's scientific research body, CSIC, who was part of a team investigating ancient geomorphology and settlements in Donaña, Europe's largest wetlands, Professor Freund appears to have hijacked their work and put a sensational angle on it. "Richard Freund was a newcomer to our project and appeared to be involved in his own very controversial issue concerning King Solo-

Mr Villarías-Robles says the concentric circles the German identified were never found and other circles had either been formed naturally or by man in much later times, probably in the Middle Ages, from when the rectangles are also dated. Nor, he said, are there any "memorial cities" in central Spain. And no stele was ever found in Donaña. But the exciting find his team plan to detail is that of "a geological anomaly" between 2,500 and 2,000 BC when "a high energy event" devastated the Donaña coastal area thrusting pottery shards and bones inland. These have been dated as coming from the third millennium BC and indicate there was a settlement there far earlier than at first believed. "It might have been a tsunami, further analysis is required," admits the Spanish scientist, "It was 2,000 years before more settlements were built. But you cannot say Atlantis was there, we don't go in for farfetched interpretations." Then Villarias Robles himself wrote: I am an anthropologist and historian working for Spain's High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and I am a Ph. D. candidate in Social & Cultural Anthropology for The University of Chicago. I represent a team of Spanish scientists who since 2005 have done research in Spain's Donaña National Park and elsewhere in testing the most obvious material implications of Werner Wickboldt's (Braunschweiger Zeitung, 10 January and 19 February, 2003) and Rainer Kuehne's (Antiquity, June 2004) complex hypothesis regarding Atlantis and the pre-Roman kingdom of Tartessus. Members of the team are, besides myself: Sebastian Celestino (CSIC, archaeologist), Antonio Rodriguez-

Ramirez (University of Huelva, geologist), Angel Leon (FUHEM Foundation, historian and aircraft pilot), Enrique Cerrillo (CSIC, archaeologist), Jose Antonio Lopez-Saez (CSIC, biologist), Victorino Mayoral (CSIC, archaeologist), Tomas Cordero (CSIC, archaeologist), and José Angel Martinez (CSIC, cartographer and aerial photography analyst).

field investigation in Donaña National Park and its vicinity. His work with us there in September, 2009 was part and parcel of "The Hinojos Project," which he did not design nor does he lead.

The Hinojos marshland stays dry from May through October. We selected September for doing the said tests in 2009 partly because of schedule considerations for all parties involved and partly beEarly in 2009, four years after it started, UofH Professor Richard cause we wanted the water table to be as low beneath the ground Freund became interested in our project (coded name, "The Hino- as possible. His sentence "Part of our project is to help [teams jos Project"), came to visit us and offered his collaboration with a already in the field] figure out how to solve the problem that they number of geophysical tests that we had planned but could not have" we find patronizing. He again must be referring to a proafford at the time. Such tests, relatively fast to do but very expen- ject different from ours. sive, were to be carried out by a major engineering consulting firm in Canada, Worley Parsons. Funding was to be provided by an The mentioned "German researchers" (namely W. Wickboldt and internationally renown filming company for scientific documenR. Kühne) examined many photographs of 1996 from the IRS sateltaries, Associated Producers, in return for the production of a doc- lite, not just one, and eventually identified what seemed to them umentary on the controversial subject of Atlantis to be purchased two rings and two rectangles. The rings were corroborated by our and broadcast by the U. S. National Geographic Society. Because independent images. The two rectangles, however, turned out to of our common scientific interests, and out of congenial fellowship be smaller than those they had figured out. We identified six among colleagues, we agreed to the proposed collaboration. more rectangles, two more rings, two circles and a trapezium-like form. Although most of these forms do look like blueprints of The tests were carried out in September, 2009. Professor man-made structures, we have reason to believe they cannot date Freund's presence at the site (the marshlands of Hinojos within from pre-Roman times. In all likelihood, they date to the Muslim Donaña National Park), together with cartographer Phil Reader period (AD 711-1250). Part of the reason for this conclusion, ironiand the Worley Parsons team, plus the Associated Producers cally enough, comes from the geophysical tests of the subsoil we crew, amounted to less than a week. had planned and Professor Freund obliged by getting in touch with Worley Parsons for the task.... These tests were part of a larger, longer investigation that comprehended other tests: photographic documentation and analyNo walls of any kind have been found in the research area in the sis; core-drilling of the soil; pollen, lithic and fauna analysis of the Park. With regard to the "ritual cities", Professor Freund might be cores obtained; archaeological survey of the area and probing of referring to the site of Cancho Roano, in the middle Guadiana river previously selected features; and searching of the relevant ancient basin, Estremadura, more than 100 miles north of the Park. We texts and scholarly literature. took him there, out of courtesy. The hypothesis advanced by W. Wickboldt in 2003, and elaborated by R. Kühne in 2004, that Plato's story of Atlantis might be a poetic or symbolic cover for the historical existence of the kingdom and city of Tartessus, or of an earlier cultural formation in southwestern Iberia, had been seriously argued for long before; e. g., by a number of humanists and scholars of Golden Age Spain such as Juan de Mariana and Jose Pellicer de Ossau in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is also ancient, the understanding, that the island enclosing the capital of Tartessus or of Atlantis, or both, could have been located somewhere in what is now Donaña National Park or its vicinity. As early as 1634 humanist Rodrigo Caro put forward this argument for the city of Tartessus in his authoritative work Antigüedades y principado de la ilustrísima ciudad de Sevilla. Also, in the 20th century, so have Antonio Blazquez (El periplo de Himilco, Madrid 1909) and Juan Fernández Amador de los Ríos (Atlantida: Estudio arqueologico, historico y geografico, Zaragoza 1925), also from Spain; so also we have the Frenchman, Georges E. Bonsor (El coto de Donna Ana, Madrid 1922) and the German Adolf Schulten (Tartessos: Contribucion a la historia antigua de Occidente; Madrid 1924), among others. n his statements for The Hartford Current, quoted in your article, Professor Freund must be referring to a research project other than ours; a project which only incidentally may concern serious

Cancho Roano Cancho Roano is an impressive stand-alone shrine or temple, a rectangular structure surrounded by what appears to be a ceremonial moat. The entire site occupies a surface about 25 m long and 20 m wide. Found by accident in the 1970s, Sebastian Celestino and his team worked at the site for many years afterwards and became internationally renown for it. The structure dates to the late Tartessian period, roughly 600-400 BC. At the threshold of the only doorway to the inner side of the structure is a stele (apparently put there to secondary use) of the kind known as "warrior steles," collected since the 19th century from various areas of Estremadura and neighbouring locations and dating to the late Bronze Age in Southwestern Iberia (roughly 1000-750 BC). Sebastian Celestino is also an expert on this side subject. The original significance and function of these steles is unclear. When we were at the site, Professor Freund came up with the suggestion that the structure of it (apparently a sacred place surrounded by a moat that was not utilitarian) might have stood symbolically for a micro-replica of a city on an island, this city being the capital of the realm of Tartessus. I found the suggestion interesting, and worth pursuing it. Yet in your article Professor Freund seems to assume that Tartessus and Atlantis was one and the

same thing, which is a moot point. It also assumes that the capital city of July 2006. The second one lasted five weeks from mid August to mid Sepsuch a realm was on an island. The city of Tartessus probably was. There tember 2009. The team was both interdisciplinary and international. It are some ancient testimonies to that effect. included archaeologist Sebastian Celestino Perez, archaeologist Tomas Cordero Ruiz, biologist Jose-Antonio Lopez-Saez, archaeologist Victorino Mayoral Herrera, historian and anthropologist Juan Jose R. Villarias RoYet we have found no trace of the material culture of Tartessus in the bles, archaeologist Enrique Cerrillo, cartographer Jose Angel Martinez, all marshlands of Hinojos. Another possible "symbol of Atlantis" is the of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), historian notched round shield represented in many of the "warrior steles." We Angel Leon Conde of the Fundacion Hogar del Empleado (FUHEM), and have no doubt that these shields represent actual shields, made of skins. Although not one has ever been found in Iberia, some have turned geologist Antonio Rodriguez-Ramirez of the University of Huelva. up in Ireland, which was in contact with the Atlantic coast of Iberia in the late Bronze Age. I enclose a reproduction. Professor Freund seems to be This team was joined by historian Richard Freund of the Maurice Greenunaware of this fact. berg Centre for Judaic Studies of the University of Hartford, geographer Philip Reeder of the University of South Florida, geophysicists Paul Bauman, Jennifer MacDonald and Laurie Pankratow, all of Worley Parsons, We did find remains of ancient wood in our core-drilling of the Park's Calgary, Canada. sedimentary deposits, but the C-14 date obtained is c. 3,100 B. C. instead. We did come across a layer of methane, but cannot rule out that it is a natural phenomenon. Methane has been encountered in nearby The tasks of the expeditions included an archaeological survey, test excalocations, revealing decay of organic matter carried there by the Guadal- vations, geological drillings including sediment analysis, pollen analysis quivir and other rivers. and micro faunal analysis, radiocarbon dating, aerial photos taken from a pilotless airplane and a balloon, and geophysical tests including ground penetrating radar, magnetometry and electric resistivity tomography. Finally, when talking about "Atlantis in Harlem," Professor Freund must The archaeological survey in the Pacil de Cardales and the Horno del Mal be referring to the said George E. Bonsor. He was indeed famous and a good archaeologist, and lived in Spain. But he was not Spanish. He was Tiempo yielded many pottery sherds in both areas. Typologically they date from the Muslim period from the 8th to the 13th century AD. Two French, with an English background. clay statuettes detected in the Horno del Mal Tiempo date typologically from the Roman Imperial time, but were probably deposited there much Kühne Speaks out! later. Pieces of a pottery-made plate detected in the southern part of the Cano de Cardales date from the Visigothic period, 5th to 8th century AD. The Archaeological Search for Tartessos-Tarshis-Atlantis and Other Human Settlements in the Donaña National Park Authors: Rainer W. Kühne

Geological drillings up to depths of 18 metres in the Veta Carrizosa yielded a sand layer in the clay subsoil. This provides evidence of a high energy event, either a tsunami or a storm flood, during the third millennium BC.

This article reports about the preliminary results of an archaeological expedition to test this theory. The preliminary results of the expedition include evidence of either a tsunami or a storm flood during the third millennium BC and evidence of human settlements from the Neolithic Age to the Middle Ages.

Aerial photos showed several rectangular forms in the Horno del Mal Tiempo and several rectangular and circular forms in the Pacil de Cardales. The lengths of the rectangular forms vary between 20 and 230 metres. The diameters of the circular forms are about 100 metres. Of particular interest is one rectangular form with a length of 45 metres and According to previous geological investigations, the marismas of the a width of 40 metres which is situated at 36◦5705300N and 6◦2104800W Donana National Park have been submarine since the end of the last Ice in the Horno del Mal Tiempo. Aerial photos provide evidence that the Age. Because of sedimentation they became marshy islands within the form has been surrounded by a rectangular ditch. Pottery sherds and Lacus Ligustinus either already during the Roman times [1] or as late as fragments of building rocks were detected within this form during the the Middle Ages [2]. As a consequence, no permanent human settlement archaeological survey of July 2006. The two above-mentioned clay statuhas been possible in the marismas until recently. On the other hand, pre- ettes were detected within this rectangular form in 2009. vious studies provided literary evidence of ancient cultures within the Donana National Park. These cultures include Tartessos, Tarshish, and The geophysical tests provided further evidence of man-made forms in Atlantis . the Horno del Mal Tiempo and the Pacil de Cardales. Within one circular Tartessos was suggested as the model for Plato’s description of the capital and geography of Atlantis. According to Plato, Atlantis was situated in the Atlantic Sea , i. e. the Atlantic Ocean, beyond and in front of the Pillars of Heracles, (Hercules) i. e. the Strait of Gibraltar, and facing the Gadirean country, i. e. the city of Cadiz. The capital was situated 50 stades, i. e. 9 kilometres, from the sea. It was situated within a large rectangular plain which had a south coast. It is reasonable to identify this plain with the rectangular valley of the Guadalquivir south-west of Sevilla and to locate the model for the capital of Atlantis within the Donana National Park.

form situated at 36◦5603800N and 6◦2203200W in the Pacil de Cardales regular patterns are shown in the variation of the degree of resistivity to electric currents at a depth of 3 to 5 metres underground. A fragment of a brick, probably from the 12th or 13th century AD, was discovered on the surface of this form. A rectangular form with a length of 230 metres and a width of 140 metres situated at 36◦5702700N and 6◦2300600W in the northern part of the Pacil de Cardales has previously been interpreted as a possible remain of the silver temple devoted to Poseidon and described by Plato . It is an elevation with a height of some 30 centimetres above the surrounding area. Further work is required in order to decide whether the rectangular and circular forms seen in the aerial photos of the Pacil de Cardales are remains of the capital of Tartessos.

Media reports on the possible location of Tartessos-Atlantis in the Donana National Park motivated a team of researchers to perform two And so the Spanish inquisition continues, will Atlantis be discovered in expeditions in the Donana National Park. The first one lasted from 9 to 14 South-Western Spain, or has it already?

By Andrew Homer Introduction

en would have been working underground producing Mercury and Pegasus aero engine parts. The complex had everything required for Drakelow Tunnels, on Drakelow Lane between Kinver and Wolverley working underground including workshops, offices, kitchens, canin Worcestershire, is aptly named. Drakelow in Anglo Saxon refers to teens, toilets and even several bars. There was also a concert hall to a ‘dragon’s mound’ or burial ground. Drakelow Tunnels are thementertain the wartime workers. In true 1940’s style the workers had selves buried deep into the sandstone beneath Kingsford Country canteens but the white collar staff had their own separate dining Park. Drakelow and the surrounding area are subject to many reports room. Small battery powered trucks were used to transport materials of alleged paranormal activity. In August 2008 an opportunity preand finished goods through the network of tunnels. These trucks sented itself to carry out some research inside the tunnels. Given that could move around freely as they were not restricted to running on at the time this was not at all a well-known location we were intertracks. In addition to all of this the RAF also had their separate area of ested to see what, if anything, a medium with no previous knowledge the underground complex where uniformed RAF personnel would of the area would make of it. Although the events described here have guarded and administered the storage and distribution of essentook place in 2008 this is the first time they have been reported. tial aircraft spares. Quotes used have been taken directly from an audio recording made at the time. During the 1960s and through to the early 1990s Drakelow took on the role of a nuclear bomb shelter. Initially designated Regional Seat of Government for Defence Region 9 (RSG9) Drakelow continued to be upgraded throughout the cold war with additions such as nuclear blast proof doors to augment the natural protection from radiation afforded by the sandstone above. In the event of a nuclear war contact would have been maintained with the network of similar Regional Seats of Government throughout the country through a telecommunications system which ran through the complex and a BBC radio broadcasting studio would have provided information to those still left alive outside. Fortunately Drakelow never needed to be activated for this purpose.

Main Entrance, Concealing Nuclear Bomb Proof Doors Brief history of the tunnels Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory began life as a shadow factory for Rover to produce aero engine parts for the Bristol Aeroplane Factory. The tunnels were constructed over the period 1941 to 1942 from a design by Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners (Brooks and Pevsner, 2007). The initial intention was that aero engine production would be switched to Drakelow should Rover’s existing surface factories be bombed into submission. Explosives were used to blast out Second Avenue Towards West End Of Tunnels the 3.5 miles of tunnels and not without serious accidents. One of the worst happened in October 1941, when a roof fall in Tunnel 1 claimed the lives of three men including Harry Depper who is buried Paranormal activity locally (Stokes, 2004). Once completed the whole underground area was split between the Rover Shadow Factory and an RAF storage fa- Drakelow Tunnels and the area surrounding it have long been subject cility for aircraft spares. At the height of its operation men and wom- to reports of strange phenomena. Whilst investigating an unconnect-

ed case an odd sighting was reported to me dating from the winter of 1989 and I was able to interview the principal witness, Michael. He was driving his wife and daughter back home around 11.00 pm at night along Drakelow Lane and had just passed the nuclear bunker on the left. Michael clearly saw three figures emerge from a light mist and drift across the road from right to left in front of him.

Tunnel 1, Where 3 Men Lost Their Lives In A Roof Fall

They appeared to be floating in the air and clearly illuminated in the car headlights. He described them as being solid looking and wearing dark habits with hoods as if they were monks. However, there is no record of a monastery ever being in the area. David Taylor (2013) makes the interesting association with three hooded Celtic deities, the Genii Cucullati. Whilst there was no monastery there certainly was an Iron Age Celtic hill fort, Aylesbury Solcum, which lies immediately above the Drakelow tunnel complex.

recorded in 1st Avenue, Government Department, near one of the nuclear blast doors (Homer, 2015). There was no-one anywhere near the area concerned and a thorough search revealed no clue as to what might have happened. However, other groups have reported incidences of stone throwing in the same area.

Tunnel 3, By The Wartime Kitchen & Canteen Research results

The idea behind our research was to see what, if anything, someone claiming mediumistic ability might be able to pick up from a location which would give little clue as to its history. We were fortunate in knowing of a medium, Teresa Clarke, who was very interested in being involved in such an experiment. We also had what we considered to be the ideal location in Drakelow Tunnels. Teresa, our medium, did not live locally and would have had no knowledge of the Drakelow tunnel system as at the time (August In the tunnel’s themselves 1940’s wartime music has sometimes 2008) fewer people had access unlike today when it is frequently been heard seemingly coming from Tunnel 1. When the source of booked out to paranormal groups and is hopefully to become an the music is investigated it abruptly stops. Strange mists have also underground museum. The following is a chronicle of the events been seen in the shadow factory part of the complex particularly in that took place during our investigation. and around Tunnel 4. On one occasion a caretaker’s two German We had previously agreed that the author would be the only one Shepherds were transfixed by what appeared to be a misty figure of our team to contact Teresa in order to limit as far as possible in Tunnel 4. The dogs ran off terrified and would not return any prior contamination concerning the location. Obviously (Drakelow Tunnels, 2014). People often experience the feeling of transport had to be arranged for Teresa as she could not be told being watched and some claim to have been touched or even where she was going beforehand. It would be reasonable to aspushed. One of our guides, Roger, had the experience of seeing a sume if inviting someone to an allegedly haunted location they figure he described as a ‘be-trousered leg’ disappearing around one of the doorways in a fully lit tunnel. This figure has been given might expect the location to be a house, historic property, pub or the name ‘Oswald’ and is purported to have been one of the work- something similar. Not in this case. One of the first questions Teresa asked was whether the location was safe. In those days Drakeers killed during construction of the tunnels. However, there aplow was reasonably safe but you still had to be careful where you pears to be no evidence to support Oswald as having been a real person and the identities of the two other workers who died along went. We were to be taken around the site by two experienced local guides. I asked Teresa why she thought it might not be safe. with Harry Depper are not known. Neither are the names of two Her impression over the telephone, having been given no clues at workers who were tragically mangled to death when they were riding the conveyer belts out of the complex. It is likely that Oswald all, was of a dark place with things lying around and she asked if it was some sort of factory. Of course, Drakelow had been a shadow was named by one of the many ghost hunting groups who nowadays frequently hire the tunnels for investigations. Odd events do factory during World War II. Naturally I gave no clues whatsoever continue to occur underground at Drakelow. On a recent investiga- apart from assuring Teresa that she would be safe and accompation carried out by the Stourbridge Independent Paranormal Socie- nied at all times. ty and attended by the author a tremendous bang was heard and

On the night of the investigation I collected Teresa and we drove

the 20 odd miles to Drakelow. The entrance was quite difficult to find especially in the days when the Drakelow Tunnels were less well known. Teresa had no idea where she was. Our little group was shown around by two guides, Roger and Ian, from the Drakelow Preservation Trust which looks after the tunnels.

connected with the earlier use of the tunnels as a shadow factory. At the time I could think of no reason why 14 year old boys would have been in the tunnels but this was to quickly change. Our second guide, Ian, asked me whether I would like to see a part of the tunnels not included in the occasional underground tours. We made our way to a section of the tunnels I have been unable to find on subsequent visits. At one point a very On entering the tunnels Teresa immediately felt ‘almost like I was walking tattered wartime poster was still attached to the wall. There was enough into an aerodrome’ and referred to the war (WWII), aircraft and RAF perleft to later identify it as a propaganda poster showing a Supermarine Sea sonnel. When Drakelow was a shadow factory it was used to both make Spitfire flying over a British aircraft carrier with the caption, ‘Great Britain aero engine parts and also to store aeroplane spares as Roger later conwill pursue the WAR AGAINST JAPAN to the very end’ (Imperial War Mufirmed, ‘Drakelow would have been occupied by the RAF as a storage area seums, 2016). The presence of this poster emphasised the fact that we for the RAF. The factory made aero engine parts’. RAF personnel would were very much in the original WWII shadow factory area of the complex. certainly have been here. As well as picking up on male workers Teresa Further on into the tunnels were some of the original ladies toilets and also felt that there were women working down in the tunnels: Ian invited me to go and look at some wartime graffiti still on the wall of ‘Women here working, their hair the end cubicle. Clearly scrawled here were the words, ‘Fancy a boy of tied up in scarves … packaging, fourteen – lovely’. Needless to say this fitted in perfectly with what Tereputting things into boxes … typesa had said about fourteen year old boys being associated with the tunwriters clicking … quite a few nels. Ian explained that boys generally left school at 14 during the war women down here’. and some were employed both in the construction and operation of the shadow factory. In fact, children could leave school at 14 up until the 1944 Butler Act which then raised the school leaving age to 15. On re-joining Teresa and the rest of our little group we made our way into Tunnel 1. At one point Teresa suddenly began to feel very uneasy saying that she didn’t ‘like the feeling in this bit’. As we went further into this area of the tunnel she started complaining about feeling a pressure on her back pushing her down. As we carried on she began to get quite distressed and reluctant to go any further. She was feeling that that there was:

Tunnel 4, By The Old Rover Offices At this point we had not seen any ladies toilets which of course would have provided a major clue! Roger confirmed that there could well have been women packers in the tool store. Drakelow did not produce complete engines but aero engine parts which would have been packaged. Teresa also had the impression of: ‘A cart going up and down on wheels … metal trucks on wheels. Looked like they should be on tracks but these weren't’.

‘Something falling against me and I can’t push it away … something terrible could have happened down there [pointing to a specific area of the tunnel] … something awful down there’. As we walked past this area Teresa began to feel better and said that the pressure on her back was easing. Without any clue or hint from our guides or anyone else, and after walking a considerable distance through the miles of tunnels, Teresa had correctly identified the exact spot where the three workmen digging out Tunnel 1 had been killed in the roof fall of October 1941. Conclusion

In fact such a battery powered metal truck was discovered in the tunnels left over from the old WWII shadow factory. Teresa had no knowledge of this when she was giving what was quite a good description of the one remaining electric truck.

Most if not all that Teresa was able to pick up on referred to the use of Drakelow as a shadow factory during WWII. This is perhaps not surprising as thankfully Drakelow never needed to be made operational as a Regional Seat of Government in the event of a nuclear war.

After such a promising start when we progressed further into the complex Teresa came out with some information which at the time appeared to make no sense. She had the impression of 14 year old boys being in the tunnels ahead of us, ‘moving back, about six of them’. Teresa described them as wearing, ‘caps, shirts and braces’, suggesting that the boys were

One of the difficulties in working with a medium is that there is a tendency to recall the things that make sense (the hits) and filter out anything that is wide of the mark (the misses). Added to this there is the possibility of ‘cold reading’ taking place where information is unintentionally given and picked up on by the medium. To counteract this in our work with

Teresa the whole investigation was recorded on two separate devices, one being a backup for the other should we have had any equipment failure. Two things stand out from the recording. Firstly, Teresa is not supplying a continuous stream of information. She relates only what she says WWII World War Two, Graffiti Inside she is picking up in differLadies Toilets ent parts of the tunnels. Secondly the things Teresa does concentrate on (RAF personnel, 14 year old boys, metal trucks and particularly the location of the rock fall) were all descriptions of things we were able to later confirm to her even though the presence of 14 year old boy workers was only discovered on the night of the investigation itself. All in all this was a fascinating exercise to be involved with and carried out at a time when knowledge of the Drakelow underground complex was not nearly so much in the public domain as it is now. All credit is due to Teresa Clarke for allowing herself to be tested in this way following the strict protocols imposed by our group.

667. Drakelow Tunnels, (2014), Paranormal Activity. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 31 March, 2016]. Homer, A., (2015), Drakelow Tunnel’s unexplained footage [online video] Available at: <> [Accessed 7 April, 2016]. Imperial War Museums, (2016), IWM PST 15001. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 6 April 2016]. Murphy, G. and Ballou, R. (eds), (1973), William James on Psychical Research (New York: Augustus M. Kelley), p. 41. Stokes, P., (2004), Drakelow Unearthed: Revised Edition (Drakelow: BCS / Paul Stokes), p. 5. Taylor, D., (2013), Here be Dragons and Ghosts...The Coiled Serpent and Otherworld Hoodies. [online] Available at: <http://> [Accessed 3 April, 2016].

Of course it would be erroneous to generalise about mediumistic ability from just this one exercise. It would also be very difficult to reliably replicate today as the possibility of contamination through prior knowledge is that much greater given the explosion of paranormal tourism and public interest in allegedly haunted locations reflected in the plethora of television shows and websites. Replicating such field experiments anyway is notoriously difficult due in part to the number of uncontrolled variables present which could be influencing the results one way or another. However, perhaps the last word is best left to William James commenting on his own work with the medium Leonora Piper (Murphy and Ballou, 1973): ‘If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you must not seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white’. Acknowledgements Grateful thanks to Steve Potter for the interior tunnel location photographs, West Midlands based Parasearch for organising the original research investigation and of course to our medium, Teresa Clarke, for her complete co-operation in this project. References and further reading Brooks, A. and Pevsner, N., (2007), The Buildings of England: Worcestershire (New Haven and London: Yale University Press), p.


Both Malcolm and my self are pleased to announce that our online presence is now available at the above address. Online you can find articles from the magazine as well as a selected group of documentaries to watch. There are also biographical details about both Chris and Malcolm… Do let us know what you think and what we can add to the site, to make your visits more enjoyable.

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By Kevin Goodman

Warminster's long and controversial UFO history The modern era of the mystery began early on Christmas Day, 1964. Arthur Shuttlewood (see image on left )reported in his book The Warminster Mystery: "The air was brazenly filled with a menacing soundâ&#x20AC;?. "Sudden vibrations came overhead, chilling in intensity. They tore the quiet atmosphere to raucous rags and descended upon her savagely. Shockwaves pounded at her head, neck and shoulders." Other such "sonic attacks" which occurred at around the same time in different locations around the town were later reported. Shuttlewood, at the time was the features editor on the local weekly newspaper, The Warminster Journal. Within weeks, the floodgates opened, and the phenomenon was christened "The thing" by the locals, as no one had actually seen anything that could be attributed to the cause. Very few of the townsfolk had never heard of UFOs or 'flying saucers' at the time. By June 1965, the bizarre sounds had begun to decrease, and soon strange objects were being seen in the skies around the town. Shuttlewood amassed a sizable file on these sightings, and it was not until September, 1965, when he reported seeing a UFO from his home, that he became a believer in the enigma. Shuttlewood soon became the voice and champion of The Warminster mystery.

ty, and some would say notoriety.

Within weeks, thousands of people began to converge on the town to see this strange phenomenon for themselves. Such was the concern of the local populace, that a public meeting was held in the town over the August Bank Holiday. Such was the interest, by not only the press, but the public, the venue, which was the town hall Some students of the Warminster enigma believe that Shuttlewood was filled to capacity, and many were left outside, unable to take became so immersed in the whole concept, that logic went out of part. the window as far as he was concerned and he became a guru to BBC West filmed a half-hour documentary in 1966, entitled Pie in those who came to Warminster to see the phenomenon themselves. the Sky. Of all the programmes recorded about events in the town, Probably, the iconic most image of Warminster's UFO activity is a this is by far the most level and fair, although the interviewer seemed photograph, taken by Gordon Faulkner in 1965. It shows a typical bemused by the whole subject. 'flying saucer', which is so enlarged that the grain of the film emulDue to his belief, and the mass of reported public sightings, Shuttlesion is clearly visible. ( Gordon Faulkner and the image above right) wood was by now contemplating writing a book on the events in the Faulkner handed the picture to Shuttlewood, and told the reporter town. The Warminster Mystery was published in 1967 by Neville Spearman, followed a year later by Warnings from Flying Friends, to "do as he seemed fit with it". which was self-published by Shuttlewood. Shuttlewood sent it to the Daily Mirror. It was printed in the paper on 10 September 1965. It gained the town a vast amount of publici- Sightings of "The thing" continued, but, by the early 1970s, they

were beginning to decline. This was partly due to Warminster now breakfast to sky-watchers who were visiting the town. Mrs Tedderbeing old news, and the numbers of sky-watchers on the hill Shepherd, who was a co-owner of the centre and had a 50% stake in dropped due in main to lack of nationwide publicity. the property, withdrew her support, leaving the Paget's to continue to run the centre with rapidly dwindling funds. Ken Rogers, began publishing The Warminster UFO newsletter in August, 1971. With mounting pressures on them and the local UFO researchers becoming more hostile towards the Fountain Centre, the publication of the Fountain Journal became more sporadic. Issue 11, dated only 1977, was the last to be published. Paget later wrote two books on the subject of UFOs, UFO-UK [while culled many reports from his now defunct Fountain Journal] and The Welsh Triangle in which he told of the story and his own investigations into the South Wales flap centred on Saint Brides Bay in the late 1970s. Another research group, UFO - Info, had set up in the town. This new group, which, unlike the Fountain Centre, was run and staffed by unpaid volunteers. Shuttlewood had two further books published in the late 1970s UFO Magic in Motion, and his final book, More UFOs over Warminster in 1979. Due to ill health, Shuttlewood retired from reporting incidents and sky watching around 1980. He died in Warminster in 1993. So what does the future hold for Warminster and its rich and diverse UFO history? Warminster will always remain an enigma. It is now Shuttlewood's third book on the phenomenon was UFOs: Key to the largely forgotten in the annals of British UFO history. New Age, which was published in 1971. This book, of all the titles written by Shuttlewood, is probably the most contentious of all. Whether Warminster was a cultural/social event or a genuine Shuttlewood's own personal theories seem, by today's standards to Ufocal, far too much time has now passed for any accurate investigations to be made. One thing is certain however. Despite all the new be quite absurd. research into the phenomena in this quiet Wiltshire town all I can say is this: something The Warminster UFO newsletter continued publistrange did happen there. I know. For a time, I cation into 1973. Shuttlewood, it seems took a was part of it. sabbatical from writing books for a number of years, but still took an active part in sky-watches Warminster, despite 50 years from the initial and the local UFO scene. In the same year, The event, refuses to die. In 2009 and 2010, two Warminster mystery was published in paperback conferences were held in the town, which by Tandem books. raised the profile of the event. Five years later, I organised a fifty year celebration event, held at Late in 1975, or early 1976 saw a new research The Old Bell Hotel which to my complete surcentre open in the town. The Fountain Centre, prise was a total sell out, and it raised over located in Carlton Villa, Portway, this was run by £1000 for charity. Peter Paget made a rare UK Peter and Jane Paget. Another project they appearance at the event in 2015, and such was planned was the publication of The Fountain the reception from the attendees, this year we Journal, a bi-monthly magazine centred on the are at it again... September 3rd, 2016 at the UFO sightings reported in and around the “Old Bell Hotel” in Warminster. So if this fasciWarminster area. Shuttlewood joined the editorial nating slice of British UFO history has piqued team early on, before the publication of issue one. your interest, why not come along? This was in part due to the input of Shuttlewood himself, until he had a protracted period of ill(see page 33 for details-editor) health. Enquiries about the up and coming event, at the The first three issues, which were edited by the Paget's, Mrs Tedder-Shepherd and Arthur Shuttlewood, contained time of writing this article, can be sent to warminstermuch more information on the local UFO scene than later issues. Shuttlewood bowed out, and at around the same time, The Flying Saucerers, was published in November 1976. (middle of page image). Kevin Goodman is the co-author of two books on the Warminster Along with Jane's mother, Mrs Margaret Tedder-Shepperd, the Mystery: UFO Warminster: Cradle of contact [This tells of his interest Paget's renamed the property Star House with the intention of run- in the subject and his experiences in Warminster during the 1970s] ning not only a research facility in the town, but to offer bed and and History of a mystery [A book which chronicles the 50 year puzzle that is Warminster’s “Thing”]

My name is Derek Tyler. I am a researcher with decades of experience and a wide variety of sources to draw on. I have spoken with lots of people who are considered to be among the top researchers in the world and consider many of them to be my friends. I have interviewed over three thousand abductees over the years and am both an alien and a military abductee myself, as well as having had sightings which were unrelated to abductions, two of which involved both UFO’s and military aircraft (one of these was seen from close range in a sighting which lasted for 42 minutes, involved a pair of F16’s and was unquestionably an alien spacecraft which was considered to be unfriendly and potentially dangerous). I am the author of a book called “Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth”, which will be released in July of this year and will available for purchase on It will be followed by a book entitled “Alien Contact: The Last Days of Earth”, which is still in the process of being written. They are the product of many years of research and experience, divided into two volumes because it was simply impossible to make it all fit into a single book. I recommend them to everyone, not for reasons of personal gain but because I’m sure you will find them both to be highly interesting and informative as well as providing you with lots of information which will be useful to you during the course of your own research and which has never been published anywhere before. The following article is an excerpt from the second book, “Alien Contact: The Last Days of Earth”, which I hope you will find both instructive and enjoyable. Many people are hoping for a full and public disclosure regarding everything connected to the subject of UFO’s, aliens contact and human interaction with intelligent, non-human beings—including individual contact and governmental contacts--to be undertaken by the United States government. A large number of people have pointed out that it appears that we are being slowly drip-fed information from a variety of sources including statements from high-ranking officials, intentional leaks and the work of UFO investigators which is slowly preparing humanity to accept the idea of alien contact—as well as the fact that it has already occurred—on a widespread basis. They view this as evidence that full public disclosure is just around the corner and that we are at long last fast-approaching the day when it will become a reality. I am personally convinced that those who anxiously await such an announcement are engaging in wishful thinking and are fooling themselves. There are a number of reasons I take this view and I will elaborate on them throughout the course of this article.

without any question, literally change everything about how we view both the universe and ourselves. It will also instantly turn many fields of study on their head, completely revolutionizing many disciplines of science as well as anthropology, history, medicine, religion and philosophy. Never before has there been anything in our history which can even remotely approach the impact that an official announcement that contact between ourselves and one or more alien civilizations has occurred will bring about. Our long-held ideas about virtually everything we have come to believe is true will be shaken to the core…and it will happen instantly, should full public disclosure by the American government come to pass.

Some make the quite reasonable argument that, since such contact will inevitably affect every citizen of planet Earth, the information which has long been kept secret rightfully belongs to the entire human race. They point out the fact that restricting information about alien contact and a possible alien presence on and around our world As you read it, please keep in mind that it is not necessary for me to to the domain of a tiny handful of elite power-brokers who are for all be right about every factor I mention or every argument I make: as intents and purposes nameless and faceless as far as the public is the reader will see (and hopefully agree), it is really only necessary concerned would be an extremely difficult thing to justify on a moral for a single argument of mine to actually be correct in order for those or ethical basis. in charge of the information at the highest levels of government to These are difficult ideas to argue with and I will not make any have what is in their opinion a compelling reason to maintain the attempt to contest their validity here. The difficult truth we must face official policies of secrecy and denial. is, in my opinion, the fact that neither of those high-minded and selfContact between humanity and what we would consider to be intelli- evident concepts will in the end have anything whatsoever to do with gent aliens clearly represents a tremendous, unprecedented event in a decision on the part of the government to proceed with full public human history as far as the public is concerned. Such contact will, disclosure. I doubt they will even be considered, much less affect the

calculations of those in the halls of power. Many things will certainly come into play in any debate about the advisability of going forward with full public disclosure, but those arguments—which are perhaps the most ethically sound and logically compelling ideas of all—will, I feel certain, not even come up for discussion. If, as seems virtually certain, the American government has had constant, ongoing contact with multiple non-human civilizations for the better part of a century at the time of this writing, one cannot fail to observe that the idea that information about alien visitors should be the property of the human race rather than the exclusive domain of a few Generals and the heads of some intelligence agencies has apparently had no effect whatsoever on the decision to institute and maintain a policy of unprecedented secrecy and blanket denials from all departments of government. In other words, nobody cared about it before and it’s extremely unlikely that they are going to start caring about it any time soon. Another thing to consider is that the only source which would be considered acceptable to the public when it comes to announcing full public disclosure is the President of the United States. It is generally accepted that the President himself is not fully informed about either the full extent of the alien contact which is taking place or the full range of projects associated with alien lifeforms and technology. I agree that this is certainly the case, and from the point of view of the military it only makes sense that it would be. Within the top levels of the military/intelligence/corporate apparatus which now controls access to the full amount of information having to do with alien contact, the attitude is this: In a few short years, any President will be out of office. At that point, he or she will never again issue an order of any kind to the military. But the aliens will remain, as will the many projects which involve either working together with aliens at secret facilities or making use of alien-derived technology in other military projects. It would be foolish, from their point of view, to take the risk that some well-meaning dogooder such as Jimmy Carter who happened to temporarily hold the office of President to throw a monkey wrench into the machine by arbitrarily deciding to go public and disclose the facts relating to alien contact. It is believed by many that President Kennedy had intended to do just that, and that this is the reason he was killed in Dallas in 1963. In order to prevent such a circumstance from

arising again, the President is given only limited information about the true situation regarding alien contact and join human-alien projects and it is given only on a need-toknow basis. Though some people believe that the President of the United States has full access to all levels of classified information, I think that such a belief is quite naïve and is almost certainly incorrect. The process of vetting individuals for security clearances at the level required in order to have total access to this type of information literally takes years even if it is fast-tracked—and that includes vetting the President himself. By the time the procedure could be completed, any President would either be out of office or close to it, making the entire exercise irrelevant and pointless. Though the American President has the power to initiate global thermonuclear war simply by picking up his telephone and speaking a few words, he is not considered to have a high enough security clearance to be fully-informed about all aspects of alien contact and there are many levels of clearance which are simply not available to him no matter who he asks or what orders he gives. This illustrates another big problem, both in terms of disclosure and in terms of national security in general: the people who make the decision to exclude the President from full access to this information—and thereby limit his ability to oversee or terminate any projects involving intelligent aliens or their technology—have never been elected to any office or been given proper authority to make such decisions by any duly elected official. They have taken such authority only themselves, without legal authorization, and in doing so have subverted an enormous degree of power and influence in direct contravention of the terms of the United States Constitution and legal mandates. What’s more, it is not even possible to identify with certainty who these people are. They exist in a shadow world of anonymity, virtually unlimited funding and access to alien technologies which are many thousands of years ahead of anything the rest of the human race has ever seen. This combination of circumstances almost certainly makes this tiny, elite handful of unelected officers and officials the most powerful people who have ever lived. They have the ability to do as they please with this alien technology, for good or for ill, and to do so without any regard to the law. They do so without any form of supervision. There is no one who has the ability to oversee or restrain their activities and nobody who holds them accountable to the public in terms of morality or ethics.

It should also be remembered that these people have at their immediate disposal groups of highly-trained special operations troops whose primary function is to kill people and that there is no potential target which is out of their reach. They are extremely good at their job and have access to the very best equipment and resources in the world. If ordered to carry out a “kill” order, they will do so without hesitation, will never be caught or held responsible for their actions and can easily have their memories chemically erased in a way which will leave them with absolutely no memory of ever being involved in a specific operation. It is a fact of the modern world that if elite American special forces are given the order to terminate someone, no matter who that individual may be, the target will almost certainly be dead within 48 hours and the killers will never be apprehended. Even if a sitting President were to decide that he wanted to proceed with full, public disclosure, therefore, he would be unable to cause such a disclosure to take place. He would have no way of knowing the full extent of the situation and no way of gaining such information. He would literally not even know who to ask, where to look or what to look for. When it comes to full public disclosure, the decision to go forward with such an announcement is not even in the President’s hands. And nobody else would be believed, no matter what they might say about the subject. It should be pointed out that such a thing as “partial disclosure” is also not a realistic possibility. There are too many people involved in the field of ufology who, either through their own experience in classified operations or by having learned from those people, who do know what type of information to look for, how such information is being utilized and who controls access to it. If some type of partial disclosure were to be attempted, these people would immediately—and very publicly—demanding that the rest of the information be released and identifying what that information was and where it could be found. Such individuals, who were formerly either disbelieved or disregarded by the public at large, would suddenly find that their statements were considered to be front page news and that their credibility with the public had skyrocketed overnight to a level where the outcry and demand for the release of such information would very quickly become overwhelming and impossible for even the government to effectively resist. When all of these things are considered, it might seem that something such as full pub-

lic disclosure is all but impossible to actually produce in the real world. Far from being something which can be forced simply by a Presidential order, in practical terms there is no way for the President to gain access to the full array of information, to know what that information might include or even to know with certainty who controls it and what is being done with it. It is, therefore, both ironic and highly alarming that these things are among the least of the problems associated with the idea of full public disclosure. In spite of their apparently intractable nature and the fact that none of them can be solved by any methods at our disposal, they can almost be said to pale into insignificance when compared to the actual content that a statement of full public disclosure would be virtually certain to include. I will offer an example of what information might—and almost certainly would—be contained if a full and public disclosure were to actually take place. I of course have no way of knowing for sure all of the intimate details which might be associated with such an announcement, but as I mentioned earlier it is not necessary for me to have such precise knowledge: virtually any of the things on the following list, taken alone and without regard to any of the others, would almost certainly be considered to justify the continued imposition of strict secrecy and official denial from the point of view of those at the top levels of the political/military/intelligence/corporate hierarchy. In other words, any item on this list which happens to be accurate would in all likelihood be sufficient reason to prevent full public disclosure from taking place. Consider now what the effects would be if the President of the United States were to appear on worldwide television and publicly announce that contact between the U.S. government and multiple alien races had already occurred, was ongoing and that the following statements were true:

5) “Many of the alien spacecraft which we have attacked over the years have belonged to races which appear to have friendly intentions and to be friendly toward humanity in general.” 6) “The United States military forces do not have the ability either to effectively defend our nation from hostile alien attack or to protect our population from hostile alien activities, including the abduction of civilians.” 7) “In the late 1950’s, the United States government signed its first treaty with an alien power. This was done in an illegal and unconstitutional manner, without the advice, consent or even the knowledge of Congress, on the authority of the President alone. In spite of its clear and obvious illegality, we have been bound by the terms of that agreement ever since.” 8) “The group of aliens we signed a treaty with back in the 1950’s were members of this hostile group. Their activities continue to this day and we are unable to contain or prevent them. The agreement itself, known as the Greada Treaty, was basically a document which laid out the terms of our surrender as a nation. We probably should have told you about this earlier, but we didn’t. Sorry about that.” 9) “Under the terms of the Greada Treaty, we agreed to allow alien beings to abduct, perform medical experiments on and sometimes to kill members of our civilian population in exchange for occasional advances in technology, most of which had military applications. We could not have prevented them from doing so in any case.”

1) “Of all the many intelligent races which are known by our government to exist, humans are by far the least intelligent and least advanced of all. We not only lack the ability to ever catch up to 10) “United States military forces have been responsible for the these other races in terms of technological capabilities, it is believed we may not even have the ability to truly understand many of their majority of the abductions which are typically blamed on aliens and technologies, much less be able to replicate them at any point in the specifically on the alien races known as the Type II Greys. We utilize technology which allows us to appear to be aliens ourselves, to prefuture.” vent our people from ever being identified or caught during such activities.” 2) “Some of the alien races and groups which are known to appear to be friendly toward humanity. Many are neutral. Some are 11) “Agents of our government have killed literally thousands of overtly hostile and operate according to an agenda which is directly harmful and lethal both to individual humans and to human society our own citizens in order to prevent the facts about alien contact as a whole. They represent a clear and present danger to our people from being known to the public. These people committed no crimes and their terminations were all technically acts of premeditated first and to our world.” -degree murder on the part of government officials and military troops who were given the orders to kill.” 3) “Despite having the most expensive and highly-advanced air force in the world, the United States does not control its own air12) “It is known to us that a number of alien races, including sevspace and never has. Alien spacecraft have the ability to outmaneueral of those we have signed formal treaty agreements with, utilize ver, outrun and outperform our best fighters in every way.” or consume either human blood, human body parts or living humans as a food source. We are unable to stop them from doing so 4) “We have so far lost well over two hundred of our fighters and have both allowed and assisted this activity to take place. It is during encounters with alien spacecraft, some of which were initiatongoing at the present time and we lack the ability to protect our ed by them and some of which were initiated by us. We have occacitizens from the threat of being terrorized, mutilated and literally sionally been able to shoot down their unarmed scout vehicles or to eaten alive by advanced alien beings who reside in underground cause their craft to crash by utilizing powerful radars which interfere bases here on Earth and in other bases located nearby.” with their guidance and control systems. It is far more often the case, however, that our top-of-the-line fighters, along with their 13) “Our moon, Mars, the moon of Saturn known as Titan and pilots and crew, have been shot down or simply vanished during other locations in our solar system have long been inhabited and hostile encounters with alien spacecraft.”

controlled by groups of aliens who are known to have an intrusive, parasitic and hostile agenda so far as humanity is concerned.”

spacecraft has occurred and the locations of such crashes have been contained and controlled by forces of the American government and secrecy imposed upon all who were associated with such operations. Control of these crash sites has at certain times required that United 14) “No manned spacecraft is allowed to venture beyond Earth States special forces be inserted into foreign countries and ordered orbit without first being given permission to do so by the aliens to commit acts of war against them, including intentionally opening which control our orbital space. Such permission is almost never givfire on their troops and killing them when it was deemed necessary. en. The planet Earth has been placed under a quarantine and we are, These acts of war have been overlooked by those nations only after for all practical purposes, trapped here until further notice and not we have agreed to secretly provide them with multi-billion-dollar allowed to leave.” payments—bribes, if you like—to pretend these actions never took place.” 15) “The United States has secretly established relationships with many of the alien races and groups known to visit or—in some cas21) “One of the overtly hostile alien races which has long occupied es—to permanently inhabit Earth and/or nearby worlds including the our world in bases located deep underground, and which continues moon. This includes hostile alien races and groups, some of which to do so, are known as the Draco. The Draco are approximately twice appear to have every intention of eventually owning and controlling the size of the average human and at least ten times as strong. Their our planet. Such control would result in either the enslavement or technological capabilities are literally hundreds of thousands of years the elimination of humanity on a global basis.” beyond ours. Also, they are reptilian in nature and look virtually identical to the classical depiction of Satan, horns and all. We pre16) “Parts of our government and parts of our military have been sumed that this news would upset many of you, as would the news engaged in actively assisting alien forces in their operations which that we have long been working side-by-side with them in secret are aimed against the civilian population of Earth. This activity inunderground and undersea bases. We also presumed that most of cludes assisting and allowing them to locate, kill and consume huthe public would not react well if they were informed that the Draco mans on a regular basis. We recognize that this is almost certainly an enjoy eating humans alive, particularly babies and young children, activity which most of you would find offensive and unacceptable, after first engaging in horrendous acts of torture and mutilation but our people have been engaged in it anyway. We would like to against them.” extend our sincere apologies to the American people for this, while at the same time informing them that we currently have no plans to 22) “We felt that the public would be even more upset if it were discontinue such activities and that the civilian population lacks the to be revealed that certain of our military forces have assisted the ability to force us to stop.” Draco in this activity by abducting children from around the world and turning them over to the Draco for eventual consumption. The 17) “The various interactions with alien powers and projects asso- Draco have agreed to remain for the most part in their underground ciated with alien races and technology acquired from them has inbases so long as we continue to feed them. And we want them to volved acts of high treason by every American President since, and remain in those bases…so we have every intention of continuing to including, President Eisenhower and continues to the present day. feed them. We would like to officially apologize for this and also to The only exception to this has been President John F. Kennedy, who make you aware that locked doors and windows won’t stop us from was eliminated due to his refusal to engage in such actions. It has being able to pick up your children and have them fed to the Draco also involved acts of high treason on the part of many of the highest- inhabitants of this planet. Which, as I believe I already mentioned, ranking officers in our military, the leaders of our intelligence agenlook exactly like what we think of as the devil or Satan.” cies and many of the forces under their command.” 18) “All of the activities just described have been carried out with callous disregard for the civilian population and the best interests of the United States as an independent and free society. If brought to trial in American courts, along with the release of information which has been classified Top Secret in order to protect them from prosecution, all of these individuals including myself would surely be found guilty and most would be executed according to our laws.” 19) “United States military aircraft have for the last several decades been engaged in modifying the composition of the atmosphere on a worldwide scale in a way which will make it more suited to the needs of our alien visitors, who have been coming here for literally hundreds of thousands of years and have no intention of leaving. This has been done with direct disregard for the best interests of American citizens and the human population as a whole.” 20) “There have been many instances where the crash of an alien

23) “There are many more things which could be said and much more information I could share with you today as part of the public disclosure demanded by many of our citizens. But it is my opinion that you have been given quite enough to consider for the present time and that any additional disclosures should be delayed until the information presented during today’s briefing has sunk in and been adequately digested by the general public. Once again, we are sincerely regretful for any inconvenience our activities may have caused to any members of the civilian population, including those who have been literally eaten alive by gigantic reptilian aliens who look exactly like the devil, who already control most of our government and military at the highest levels—did I forget to mention that?—and who have every intention of retaining permanent ownership of planet Earth and of harvesting its human inhabitants as though they were livestock. We hope that today’s public disclosure has pleased those among you who have for so long agitated for it and demanded it of your government and your President. You’re welcome. Thank you and have a nice day.” © Copyright 2016 Derek Tyler





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Authors note: The spelling of magic is deliberate and stances or perception altering techniques, that same realdesigned to separate it from the stage illusion and ity may be viewed in a different, non-physical manner trickery employed by illusionists. and the same may be true of our perception of what we call ‘the supernatural’. Likewise, what we actually see with our eyes and recognise as a solid object (e.g. our Forward ubiquitous steel ingot) does not exist in this manner once ‘The devil and his demons can, according to the literature, it is in memory. manifest themselves in almost any form and can physically Rather, its shape and mass is reduced to a collection of imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with stored electrical signals with which we create our internal glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialise and world model. Perhaps this is one of the great ironies of dematerialise in these stories, just as the UFO’s and their our materialist world, a ‘solid’ object that consists of ensplendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through ergy, once observed, is both stored and retrieved as enerwalls and other supernatural feats’ [John Keel, ‘UFO’s, Opgy, and as we have seen this is the nature of reality. If this eration Trojan Horse’, p.192]. is true, and what we see, smell, touch and feel is achieved At first sight the title of this article reads like an example through a series of electrical analogues that can vary with of bad science fiction cinema from the 1950’s, but the re- the individual, then it may indeed be possible to reality is perhaps closer to the truth than one might imag- arrange and alter the physical world by the application of will. Perhaps the best method of understanding the flimine. Some of the concepts are not easy to embrace and this is not surprising because in order to do so, the reader siness of reality and how fluid it is comes from an obsermust be prepared to accept possibilities that might con- vation made by the late philosopher and author Alan Watts (1915-1973), who said, ‘Reality is a Rorschach ink flict with their personal world view. However, there is HTTP://CHRIS0597.WIX.COM/OUTER-LIMITS-MAG blot’. Although he encapsulated the entire concept in six one thing that might make the paradigm shift easier. If the reader already unquestioningly accepts the existence words, as we have seen, the possibilities are endless and of a God and therefore Jesus Christ, and accepts that the bounded only by the imagination. I make no apology for acts and miracles of God, Christ and the saints are in es- dwelling on this subject because it is absolutely fundaBoth Malcolm and my self are pleased to announce that our mental to appreciating what magick is and how it funcsence magick, then what follows is little different. online presence is now available at the above address. tions. Online can find the magazine as well as a From theyou outset wearticles shouldfrom be prepared to accept that selected group documentaries watch. There are alsoorigi- The Method both UFO’s andoftheir occupantstodo not necessarily biographical details about both Chris and Malcolm… Do let For millennia we have apparently been visited by entities nate from other star systems or galaxies, or at least, not us know what you think and what we can add to the site, to that have no natural home here on this plane, they are in the accepted sense of vehicles traversing the gulfs of make your visits more enjoyable. interstellar space. Likewise we should also be prepared to the demons and devils of old. Those that did not come accept that these ‘machines’ if that is what they are, and here, for whatever reason, by themselves, have been dethe ‘beings’ they contain, might not be real in any mean- liberately invoked by people who breached the thin, iningful sense. In fact the entire enigma may hinge on how visible curtain separating the dimensions without fully we interpret reality, for there may be more than one real- understanding how they achieved it, nor in many cases ity and each one may be slightly different depending on fully appreciating the consequences of their actions. An early account of contact with beings produced by rituals how one perceives it. and for want of a better word, ‘magick’, comes from the Reality Bites chronicles of the Elizabethan alchemist and magickian, Our standard perception of reality is that it exists in the Dr. John Dee. According to these records, Dee along with form of a tangible object or thing, like, for example, a his ‘scryer’ or clairvoyant Edward Kelley, encountered steel ingot, which has mass, is solid and therefore ‘real’. ‘little men’ who travelled around in ‘A little fiery cloud’. The material forming the ingot, which is of course ener- The contact allegedly achieved by Dee was attributed to gy, exists at a specific frequency and we exist at the same the use of ‘Enochian’; a cabalistic language that he creatfrequency therefore we perceive it as solid and not as the ed and claimed was the language used by angels. swirling mass of sub-atomic particles that it actually is. However, under the influence of hallucinogenic subIt should be understood that the use of the term, angels,

Barmston Drain

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a warm spring evening in the ancient parish of Sculcoates, a place that has now been swallowed up by Hull, but in centuries past a massive thriving parish in its own right. Today few remainders exist of its existence with the exception of three cemeteries and a drainage channel, known locally as Barmy Drain; you would think that this was in fact Hull. Nestled between industry, as it was in the Victorian period, paint factories, oil storage facilities, and chimneys dominate the skyline in parts. A Victorian school, now closed, a Victorian alms house, and a few Victorian mills and factories are still present, many closed and boarded up, but a reminder of its past. The drain itself dates back to 1798 when a drainage act was passed that allowed the creation of the Hull and Barmston Drain, basically a long, almost straight, drainage channel that stretches 23 miles from the River Hull, across the carrs and salt marshes, and heading towards Beverley, Barmston and Driffield.

In 1849 the drain had its first case of suspected murder, when 24 year old Thomas Hatton was found floating in the drain. In 1892 another tragedy took place at the drain, when George Sowen murdered his two sons, aged four and six, before taking his own life. All three were dragged from the drain.

The drain has also been the scene of paranormal activity, when in 1998-2000 a night watchman, working at the now demolished Needlers confectionary plant that stood on the eastern side of the banks of the drain, reported hearing children singing and playing on numerous occasions. He reported them singing â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ring a ring a roses,â&#x20AC;? and when he looked out of the window there was nothing to be seen. He menRunning parallel to the River Hull, it has attracted fishermen, tioned this to his boss who informed him that not only was it a common occurrence, but it dates back to WWI and WWII hunters, hikers, and swimmers, and with it great tragedies. when staff would throw cheeky chocolates out to the chilSince 1824, when the body of 19 year old Master Teesdale dren during rationing. was dragged from the drain in July of that year, almost one death a year has been recorded along the drain. Some years In recent years Needlers has gone, but I had my own experithese death tolls increased, hot weather drawing in groups of ences at the factory, having worked night shifts there for children to swim, many of them not making it back home. some years. When the factory was closed and demolished a

housing estate was built, now named Needler’s Way, but again residents have reported ghostly children, both along the drain and at the nearby by cemeteries.

nearby mills and factories. The story took a stranger twist, however, when I announced I was working on researching Barmston Drain.

These cemeteries dominate Sculcoates Lane, with two large expansive Victorian cemeteries sitting at either side of the road. They are part burial ground for thousands of Sculcoates residents through the years, part nature reserve, with the local neighbourhood association planting new trees and flowers around the site.

A gentleman, whom I have known since 2001 contacted me to inform me that he had seen “something” on Barmston Drain that defied explanation. He went on to tell me that as a youth, with his friends, they had seen a large four legged creature, stood upright, prowling the drain side.

A little further east, towards the River Hull, Sculcoates Lane turns into Air Street, the site of an even older cemetery. This was originally St. Mary’s Church, the parish church of Sculcoates, but today it is now a burial ground devoid of a church, the holy place being demolished and removed further west along Sculcoates Lane.

He got away as quickly as possible and explained to his mother what he had seen, in turn she informed him that dogs and cats went missing a lot, and locally the “Beast of Barmston Drain” was not only known, but feared. Years later this gentleman was with his wife and they both spotted it by the drain, this time it had in its jaws a German Sheppard dog! It saw them, stood upright, and jumped over an eight foot fence, alarmingly still carrying the dead dog in its mouth! Now I struggled to take the story seriously, fair enough, I have two eyewitnesses, but even though I have known them for years I thought they were teasing me.

Between the three cemeteries stands numerous industrial yards and buildings, some of which are empty, but this was once a thriving community, housing thousands of employees for the

But, to my shock, other witnesses came forward. Within the space of 6 months I had seven eyewitnesses all reporting strange experiences on the drain, most of which involved the “Beast.” With this in mind, and listening to clearly very scared people, I

set off armed with some equipment in a bid to capture evidence of the “Beast of Barmston Drain.” Starting off at Green Lane and Wincolmlee, the first stretch of the drain, between this junction and Swann Street, can be seen but not accessed. It has very steep banks, and approaches the clough that leads under Wincolmlee out into the River Hull. At Swann Street, however, one can join the drain and walk on the eastern side until you reach Barmston Street and Lockwood Street, where a bridge takes you over the drain to the western side. Here you get magnificent open views of the drain with little foliage and an open almost flat grassed field. This stretch covers about 0.2 miles and is the best viewing spot along the drain. To the west stands Bridlington Avenue, a well built habited area with hundreds of houses, and to the east a number of industrial units stand along Northumberland Avenue. Eventually we reach Fountain Road with its ornate red brick bridge, off in the distance to the east is Fountain Road School, an imposing board school that once housed the children of Sculcoates. Once across the road, and remaining on the western side of the drain we hit an incline and a track, which whilst not an officially designated track, takes us up along an embankment and into a thick tree line. It’s hard to see much at this point, although we can hear the noise from the housing estate off Bridlington Avenue, occasionally the tree line breaks enough to see across the drain, where we are met with hundreds of allotments, and in the distance the Northumberland Avenue Alms house. This raised embankment is the highest part of the drain and offers great views across towards the River Hull and East Hull. We scan the drain for any evidence of wildlife but other than ducks, chickens, and a goat, we do not see anything strange.

At this point we descend back to ground level and cross what was the old York and North Midland Railway line, now a cycle and footpath, and head over to the next section of the track. Here the bush on either side of the drain gets thicker, and the drain itself is filled with an abundance of wildlife including several species of duck, some of which are nesting. This stretch of track has a large school field to the west, which cannot be seen due to the high bushes, scrub, and thick foliage, and on the eastern side stands a large empty industrial site, once the location of the J Holmes and Son Tannery, known as Sculcoates Tannery, and prior to that a brick and tile yard. The area is thick with trees, bushes, and nettles, but we see numerous birds, ducks, and other wildlife along this stretch. We pause for a moment and discuss the possibility of there being enough wildlife here to support a large creature, and come to the conclusion based on our observations that there could possibly be enough birds in the area to support a large feral dog. Scanning the drain sides with cameras and other equipment we see nothing strange, so continue along the drain side to Stepney Lane, crossing over the lane, but pausing on the bridge over the drain we again scan the banks of the drain, but other than a few ducks, nothing out of place. We walk along this stretch filming as we go the ducks on the far side of the drain, they appear to have created a nest, but we cannot see what they have in the nest. We continue on and head towards Sculcoates Lane, the drain at this point is open with a track along the side, but the eastern side is heavily guarded by years of tree growth and thick nettles. On the western side a thick patch of trees and shrubs hide the housing estate and the industrial units. As we approach Sculcoates Lane we stop at one of the stone benches that sporadically sit beside the track, waiting in silence, watching, and recording. It’s very peaceful, and as the sun goes down we cross over to the other side of Sculcoates Lane and head up the side of Abbey Way, crossing over a little steel bridge into Needler’s Way, and then back again a little further along. All the time recording and observing, chatting about the stories and the area’s history, but we find no evidence of a werewolf. As we pack up for the evening and prepare to head home we check out social media to see if any more stories have been reported, instead we find careful reminders to “go careful,” “pack silver bullets,” and “wear good running shoes.” We didn’t find the “Beast of Barmston,” at least not tonight, but we will return, and next time we will have more people eager to see what is being reported along this lonely stretch of “Barmy Drain.”

The SPI Files! By Malcolm Robinson

APRIL 30TH 2016.

went on to speak about some of the Belgian UFO sightings and the UFO fleets of Mexico where hundreds of white spheres were seen One of the many enjoyable things about being involved in UFO & in the sky. Case after case was presented and some complex and paranormal research is the lecturing. I have been very fortunate to frightening cases were given such as the UFO terror in Brazil (!) Yes have given lectures all over Europe. And, I’m pleased to say, there look it up. are a few first’s in there. I was the first Scotsman to give a lecture on UFOs in America when I lectured at the 18th Annual International He then finished his talk looking at ancient aliens and the strong UFO Conference in Laughlin Nevada 2009. I was also the first Scots- possibility that man has interacted with aliens in the past and he man to give a lecture on UFOs in Utrecht Holland when I lectured at showed some interesting examples to showcase this. Gary also a UFO Conference 2009. Another country that I have the privilege spoke briefly about the Starchild skull that strange hybrid skull of being the first Scotsman to give a lecture on UFOs at was in which if truly real means that aliens have interbred with humans. Strasbourg, France when I lectured at a UFO Conference 2010. An- Gary finished his talk by saying other country that I have lectured at and again was a first, has been that in his opinion, full UFO Ireland (twice) I often say for a laugh, “It’s when they stop asking disclosure will happen by the me to lecture that I know that I am on the way out” year 2033, (a lot would hope that it might happen before I must confess I get as much enjoyment at lecturing at say a knitting then!) club than I do at a major UFO Conference (you know what I mean!) And boy could I tell a few tales at what happens in the bar of all BEN EMLYN JONES >>> these venues across Europe, phew but we’ll leave that for another Next up was Ben Emlyn Jones day! Anyway ex police officer Gary Heseltine who is heavily into According to a press report that UFOs and has been a major player over the years and works tireI read a few years ago about lessly to provide valuable information through his magazine UFO Ben, it stated that it was after TRUTH staged his very first Southern Conference which was held at the birth of his daughter that the beautiful High Elms Manor near Watford. Ben started to believe the world <<< GARY HESELTINE was not quite what it seemed. An ex hospital porter Ben set up A jam packed audience filled the venue a group entitled Hospital Porroom and first up was Gary Heseltine himters against the New World Order or (NPANWO) for short. Ben self who presented an overall view of Ufolfirmly believes that a lot of conspiracies have a lot of weight behind ogy where he spoke about some classic them these include 9-11 and the Moon landings to name but a few. cases such as the McMinnville UFO, the I had to raise a smile when I read in that press report that he filmed Captain Mantel case, the Roswell incident, himself chopping up his passport because he objected to the the events at Rendlesham Forest, Project amount of information it held. He was quoted as saying, “I didn’t Blue Book, UFO radar cases such as the want to be part of any Big Brother state,” Washington incident and more. He then

Anyway back to Ben’s lecture. Ben started off by speaking about certain people within the Exopolitics community and the so called ‘New World Order’ Most of the early part of Ben’s talk was taken up by him speaking about Sir Eric Gairy who was the first president of Grenada and who campaigned for a special group within the United Nations to be set up to Investigate the UFO problem. Such a committee was set and although it did cause a stir for a while it sadly didn’t have the desired effect that he and others felt it should. Ben went on to discuss the famous Linda Napolitano (Linda Cortile) the so-called ‘Brooklyn Bridge Abduction’, (November 30th 1989) her abduction was witnessed by several people one of whom included the then Secretary General of the United Nations Perez de Cuellar. Ben also spoke about certain American Presidents and them alluding to the possibility of alien life. Ben then went on to speak about the work of Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project followed by the amazing incident that Robert Sallas experienced back on March 16th 1967 where he stated that 16 nuclear missiles became non-operational at two different launch facilities as UFOs hovered above witnessed by a few security guards. This for me is one of the best cases to substantiate the reality of an extra-terrestrial or interdimensional presence over this planet. Ben then spoke about the work of Steven Bassett and the Disclosure Project who are still trying to impress upon the world that UFOs are indeed real and nothing at all to do with Earth based technology. Ben then gave us all food for thought when he spoke about the oil and gas companies who would be put out of business if other forms of power were introduced (some say we already have substitutes that could be used that but these are suppressed!) Following this Ben spoke briefly about animal mutilations were they really caused by UFO activity, and if so, for what reason! And then Ben took part of his shirt away to show the audience where he believes an implant was placed at the top of his left arm. The audience sure were getting their money’s worth with this talk. All in all Ben gave a very interesting talk which covered a lot of ground.

conference organiser Gary Heseltine wanted me to. This is the predicament that I face in that many of the UFO community know all these cases off by heart and I feel that I am short changing those people who have seen and heard these cases before. Admittedly when I asked the audience for a show of hands as to who has ‘not’ heard about the A70 and other cases before, more than half of the audience raised their hands and stated that they hadn’t, so that at least was good. I have so many other UFO talks that I could have given at the High Elms Manor but I did what I was told by the gaffer and it went down well. Should I ever give this talk again then it will only be given to a ‘non UFO audience’! <<< ALAN FOSTER Last up was Alan Foster another seasoned lecturer who lectured alongside me and others in Laughlin Nevada back in 2009. Alan is an accomplished speaker and discussed with the audience a combination of angels V aliens, crop circles, and asked the question, are these so called UFOnaunts so different from the spiritual beings and deities of old? He spoke about ancient scripts and how many of them referred to beings that came from the sky he also spoke about genetic engineering and the distinct possibility that we humans have been altered throughout millennia by beings from elsewhere (If I caught the gist of his talk correctly) Alan covered much ground in his talk and went into implants, UFO abductions, animal mutilations, remote viewers, Near Death Experiences, the crowd were lapping it up. Much of Alan’s talk was taken up by the so called Turin Shroud, and the Vatican and UFOs, wonderful stuff. Some of the more interesting bits that I personally got out of Alan’s talk was when he spoke about angels coming to people in their hour of need, in times of crisis etc. However, I did ponder as to why angels were so selective and did not apparently come to everyone in their hour of need. He spoke about people finding feathers in their room when windows and doors were locked. Were these feathers signs of spirit! Funnily enough, Alan told me later that when he was speaking about this, someone in the audience pointed to Alan’s feet, he looked down, and there was a feather!

The conference finished with a Q&A session with all the speakers hosted by Gary Heseltine. It had been a great day with a full house after which some of the audience joined the speakers at the 900 year old (and haunted) White Hart Hotel in St Albans where they participated in some alcohol consumption till the early hours. I was staying MALCOLM ROBINSON >>> at this hotel and boy was it a maze of corridors upstairs with low ceilNext up was my good self ings and even my bedroom floor was on a slope. I tried to stay awake with a talk that I’ve given a and look out for ghosts but tiredness got the better of me and soon I thousand times before and was asleep. My thanks to Gary Heseltine for inviting me to speak and promised never to give again! I’d like to wish Gary all the best with his UFO TRUTH Magazine and It was the best of my Scottish UFO cases. This was a combination of further conferences. UFO cases from Bonnybridge, to the Livingston UFO Incident through to some of the best Scottish photographic cases finishing up with the (c) Malcolm Robinson May 2016 controversial Fife UFO Incident (otherwise known as the Falkland Hill NB:- some photos with this article were taken by others. My apoloIncident). The only reason that I gave this talk again was because gies for not knowing which ones were which for credit.

they found little more than broken flowerpots, knocked over with flowers strewn about. The cops soon departed, having some laughs at our expense. “

The experiences of two sisters: Ilona and Ivana Podhrázská, from the Czech Republic And their contact with humanoid extra-terrestrial beings

“After that bit of excitement, our mother recalled the moment just before we rang the doorbell – that she too had heard something strange outside. She’d been ironing in the kitchen that evening and heard strange sounds from the yard – stomping and grunting or snorting noises. She thought we might be pulling a prank on her but she was also nervous that we were not home yet. So she turned off the iron and began to go to the living room thinking to keep an eye out for her returning daughters – when she heard the doorbell.

We had confirmation of something peculiar having taken It all began in the summer 1992 when Ilona was 26 years old place but the experience itself, remained inexplicable for some time to come. It was, however, also the beginning of a and Ivana was 16. As Ilona relates it; great many unusual experiences that have followed us through “ It was evening and we were returning home from a concert life ever since. “ of folk music. I was unlocking the gate leading into our front yard, when the gate inexplicably bounced back at “Several days after this incident, we became acquainted with me. It seemed to have hit something soft and sprung forcibly Mrs. Jarmila from our own home town of Telč. It hardly seemed a mere coincidence, but really far more a synchronous back to slam shut again. That was strange. I tried again to open the door as my sister Ivana stood behind me and looked and meaningful event. on. The streetlights were just coming on, but inside the Mrs. Jarmila described to us how she communicates with spirgate was something very peculiar – strangely lit against the its using an Ouija board. Of course I wanted to try – right then darkness of the yard.“ and there. “There inside the door was a odd-looking being of small statOn a circular white platter, Mrs. Jarmila had delineated a cirure – perhaps 120 cm (4ft tall). Its head was disproportioncular shape and along its perimeter inscribed the letters of the ately large and the body quite thin. The being arose and alphabet and cardinal numbers. She also had a small shotflew up and over the outside wall, making a sound like the glass turned upside down. It was a perfectly normal, classic fluttering of wings –easily mistaken for a spooked chicken tryOuija configuration. We both put a finger on the upturned shot ing to escape. Of course my sister and I were scared – a breakglass and it began slowly to move from point to point. in or a robbery in progress perhaps? We rang the doorbell to "Ghosts" began to respond. let the folks know we’re there at the door and in that moment I was surprised at how readily they responded and with what we heard a very deep, masculine voice – not directional, but utterly banal language – indeed, often outright proemanating from some strange, hard to describe place – fane. Communication was very slow that first time, but in a somehow coming at once from the depths as well as the heights. We both, however, heard my name – ‘Ilona’ – clearly few days I tried it again – this time, with my sister Ivana. The shot-glass now sped across the paper and hit the points of the pronounced and repeated – three times. What were we to alphabet with unbelievable speed and determined firmthink?” ness. There was an unmistakable clarity to the quality of this “All we could think to do was to bolt and make a run for the new communication. The glass now moved as if pulled by a police station. They wasted no time and quickly brought us powerful magnet to the chosen letters. It quickly spelled out back in their squad car. But, when they searched the grounds,

the message; ‘I am not a ghost. I am an alien from the planet E -Lie-Lyee, located 39 light-years away and we live in the twelfth dimension. We are glad that you accept us and believe in our existence. In America they call us EBE – Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. My name is O-Lie. And we are here to offer you a helping hand. “

claiming to be from another world. But O-Lie has been very convincing in his assertions and given us evidence on many occasions that he really is a different identity from another world. In 1994 we received very concrete proof.”

“We went to the town of Znojmo, in southern Moravia at the invitation of Ukrainian physician, Dr. Alla Kulikova. Alla was at ‘We are humanoids, composed of hydrogen molecules. We the time conducting sessions in her own style of psychohave a mutation at the level of technology, which allows our energy, which she called “suggestology". Approximately thirty bodily construction to maintain itself through a material mani- of us met that day, including the local priest. Everyone was, festation of energy. This means that we can transform ourof course, anticipating a communication with our humanoid selves as is required and have directed metamorphoses- even EBE contacts.” to the point of existing as a nebulous gaseous substance or “During his communication, the EBE communicator suggested merely pulsing energy. In our bodies we have a circulating that we could all see evidence and confirm for ourselves the white liquid where you have blood and we have only four finreality of their existence by coming back and assembling outgers. We feed from ambient energy much as do your plants.’ side the building later that evening at 23:00 hours (11PM). He “They proceeded to tell us that Ivana is endowed with a spe- said that they’d perform a flight demonstration for us. “ cial power. She is a sort of naviga“After half an hour’s wait, we got the tor – one capable of mediating shock of our lives! computer-transmissions to other A round, luminous object appeared and people. “ ‘Often’, they told us. ‘ along its the perimeter were many blue we measure the pressures over and green blinking lights alongside a few your electrical generation red ones. The craft was flying quite low. It plants. Not all of our research is, zigzagged left and right in manoeuvres I’d however, something we can actudescribe as sudden or jerky – flew out and ally discuss with you. ‘ away, making the turn and coming full cir“The EBE called O-Lie then asked cuit back again. Seven times we witnessed that I (Ilona) release the glass and it’s coming and going in a very compelling demonstrajust allow my sister Ivana to hold it. Since she took over the tion. Some people there began to weep for joy. Mostly we receiving of messages my role has become that of scribe were dumbfounded – struck speechless – clearly having an jotting down what she receives into a notebook. O-Lie has takemotional experience for which words failed us. I now know en to writing much shorter, abbreviated remarks, which have unequivocally, that these communications are for real and proven to be a far more efficient means of communication come from creatures who do indeed accurately represent than are full grammatical sentences. Early on, O-Lie had been themselves as extra-terrestrial. communicating with a certain level of grammatical shortcomings, but he learned quickly and now writes far better – but he I wish to offer my gratitude to the editors of this magazine for allowing me to share this information with your readership. I also finds it expedient to use special code words and shorthand means of communication worked out with Ivana and in value your co-operation greatly. Sincerely this fashion we’ve received quite a bit of highly interesting Ilona Podhrázská and unusual information. We continue to communicate with Translated by : Ladislav Hanka O-Lie here and there – generally several times a year – essenTo whom it may concern . This text was translated by Ladislav tially doing so when the feeling comes over us that we are Hanka from the Czech original. I am pretty completely bilinsupposed to do so.” gual and a native speaker of American English from the upper “Early on, we wondered if the EBE called O-Lie was not perGreat Lakes basin of the USA descended from Czech parenthaps misrepresenting himself or otherwise deceiving us – if age. this wasn’t just a ghost having a good time with us and only

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(West Lothian Council Replace the Plaque)

Artists Impression of the others may Livingstone UFO and related well go up to By Malcolm Robinson strange orbs the site in the Readers might like to know that I have been in contact over the summer and past year with people from the West Lothian Council and also place signage their Forestry Department. This is to ask them to place signage of their own. in Dechmont Woods which point the way to the scene of one of Stuff the buScotland’s most famous UFO Incidents, (The Livingston Incireaucracy she dent) Briefly, forestry worker Robert (Bob) Taylor witnessed a said, we’ll do large spherical object hovering a few feet above the grass in a it ourselves. clearing in Dechmont Woods of which two spherical balls with Colin Stead spikes on them came rushing out from beneath this object and shared his ‘attacked’ him. The police, who were involved with this case, concern that treated it as an assault by person or persons unknown. I was any sinage put up in the forest may well be destroyed as apparalso involved in this case and for me I can safely say having met ently even a wooden bench on a path leading into the forest was Bob a few times prior to his death in 2007 that he was honest as set on fire! the day is long. Never have I met a more sincere and honest witness.

Malcolm Robinson holding the Plaque

The Plaque

Anyway, back in 1992, some members of the society that I founded back in 1979 Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) commemorated this incident with the help of the Livingston Development Corporation (LDC) Members of the press were there as well. Sadly a year or so later vandals prized off the plaque on the stone cairn and it has never been replaced that is, until recently. A friend of mine, Colin Stead took his sister and her husband up to the site of the incident on Saturday 11th June 2016 and lo and behold the sign was there. It would seem that the West Lothian Council have listened to my request and replaced it, that said, they have still to place signage up in the forest pointing the way to the site and a proper display board at the site to explain what actually happened. Anyway, at least the plaque is back. That said, because it is basically screwed into the rock it will be very easy for someone to use a screwdriver to prize it back off and they have a souvenir! Colin Stead placed a photo of the plaque up on my Facebook site (see photo above) which drew comment from SPI’s Alyson Dunlop who was quoted as saying that much as she appreciates Arthur C Clarke’s work (Arthur is mentioned on the plaque) this is not about Arthur C Clarke it’s more about the witness Mr Taylor and he isn’t even mentioned! I totally agree with Alyson it does seem strange that he doesn’t get a mention. Alyson further stated that she is fed up with the council dragging their heels by the placement of the signage and that she and some

The following is what I submitted to West Lothian Council last year’ Dear Sir/Madam, This may sound quite an unusual proposal for the setting up of something in Dechmont Woods/Deans Woods but if you bear with me I’m sure you will see why that this could increase tourism to this area. As you may know, one of the world’s most famous UFO encounters occurred right in the very heart of Dechmont Woods to West Lothian Forestry employee Robert Taylor back on November 9th 1979. The police were involved with this case as were the forensic division at Bathgate police station. All this came about when Forestry worker Robert (Bob) Taylor witnessed what he described as a spherical object hovering in a clearing in the woods. Furthermore, what resembled two second World War sea mines dropped down from beneath this hovering object and raced towards him grabbing him on each hip then rendering him unconscious. This case, as I say, is one of the biggest in the world and has been featured in TV Documentaries not only in this country (which I have been part of) but also in America, Canada, Japan and many more countries. Back in 1992 our society, Strange Phenomena Investigations (with the help of the West Lothian Council) placed a stone cairn on the site with a brass plaque commemorating this event. Just

recently I was filming with Channel 5 for a programme on this event (due on our TV screens either in July or August this year 2015) and the area is in sad need of a tidy up and the brass plaque has been stolen from the cairn. MY PROPOSAL So what I would ask is this. LUWebDocsByKey EnglandEastAngliaNoForestRendleshamWoodRendleshamForestCentreUFOTrail If for some reason the links don’t take you to the site, please type in a Google search bar Rendlesham Forest UFO trail. FUNDING Of course the big thing in this is money and funding, where does the money come to implement all this? My question is would the Livingston Council have some money in its pot for changes/modifications/upgrades to Woodlands? If so could possibly the money come from this? Alternatively would you be able to get a Government Grant which could help?

You may not know this, but your woods receive visitors each Newspaper report from The year from people all over the world Daily Mail, 2007 who want to see this site. But there are no markers or stand up plaques to guide them to the correct spot. This I feel should be corrected with small wooden markers placed along the fire breaks. Moreover, there should be a proper stand up metal/ steel board of which would should the illustration of the object, a photo of Bob at the site, some info on the incident itself

The scene in Dechmont Woods

At the end of the day this is an idea to help promote not only the actual incident but West Lothian as a whole. And would you believe, waiting on the outcome of your decision, I have a few Scottish Newspapers ready to run with the story of which your help will of course be mentioned. I think it’s a great idea, and one which let’s be honest you felt as well as back in 1992 you placed the actual cairn with original plaque there.

SPI Meeting at the scene in Dechmont Woods 1982, Robert Taylor is in the middle.

and some of the police reports. In this way, those visitors who travel to Dechmont Woods would be able to find the location easily. Tourism is always a big thing for any town or city and as we know, there are many tourist attractions across Central Scotland you could use all this information in your own West Lothian tourism brochures. Now believe it or not, this is not such a crazy idea and the reason why that is, is that this has already been done in the United Kingdom at another forest, Rendlesham Forest where the local authorities saw the tourists flock to a UFO incident that occurred in their woods. They set up a woodland trail with markers etc... and are now part of their tourism package. I have included some URL links below of which if you click on them, this will take you to their site and you can see what I mean.

So guys it’s over to you, think of the publicity for the area, think of the tourism angle with information on this on your web sites and tourist magazines.

I do hope that you can set the wheels in motion and make something that not only the people of Scotland can visit, but people from around the world. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Malcolm Robinson. SUMMING UP So dear reader, we may have the plaque back in place, it’s now time to get the signage sorted. The Outer Limits Magazine will keep you posted. (c) Malcolm Robinson

Nestled in the mountains of Virginia, I grew up in a quiet town called Hillsville. Nothing truly spectacular had ever happened there…but little did I know it was about to. We lived on the outskirts, about 10 miles from town and two miles from my nearest grandmother. Back in those days of no cell phones or social media, there was little to do except play sports, watch television or visit family. It turns out that 1968 was a year in which many events were history changing to America. What happened?

door and went outside. Fifteen seconds later we heard him yell for all of us to come outside immediately. We all quickly jumped up and headed for the porch, with my sleepy sisters following the stampede, not really knowing what was going on.

Breathless and excited, I took ten quick steps on the porch and my life became a surreal dream. Instantly, everything I knew to be true was forever re-arranged. I could see Bear with his head pointed up towards the sky. Hesitantly, I peeped out from under the eaves of the porch.

In April, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. A few months later, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Boeing announced its first 747 “Jumbo Jet” and the fastest rocket speed clocked was 24,200 mph, the speed necessary to escape the gravitational pull of space according to NASA. Another memory was later that year in December, Apollo 8 would have the first manned space craft orbiting the moon. It was the time of the Beatles, mini-skirts and go-go boots even in small towns. My family home was secluded, with a huge tree and large yard. It included a meandering creek we enjoyed splashing around in during hot days. I was doing well in sixth grade, with science being my favourite subject. I was a straight “A” student and loved school. My favourite band was Steppenwolf and my favourite colour was baby blue. My favourite clothes were cut off jeans and a t-shirt with a peace sign on it. That is the memory I have of myself back then.

Debra explains that the marks on the ground where very similar to these...

My heart thumped loudly within me at the unknown image I saw emerging from behind the branches of the huge willow tree in our yard. Steadying myself, I braced my hands on the balustrade of the old Victorian house my great grandfather had built. Time seemed to stand still, as if we were frozen for those few moments. Moonlight had bathed everything in a pale It was a quarter to midnight and my whole family was crowded glow. in the living room. My three younger sisters were nearly The stars flickered brilliantly in the night sky. They looked so asleep, but at twelve years old I was wide awake and watching close you could almost pluck them from the air. The bizarre a scary movie. craft seemed to be out of a movie not reality. Yet there it was Just about the time Godzilla was preparing to wreak havoc on looking menacing and intimidating, casually advancing tothe first small Japanese fishing town his mighty gaze fell upon, wards us and we were directly in its path. my mom spoke up. “What in the world has that dog been barkAll six of us were standing silently, gazing up from the porch. ing at for the last twenty minutes? Someone should look and The night was fully illuminated and we could see clearly as see,” she said, annoyed and not even looking up from her sewBear continued to bark twenty feet away from us, staring ing. straight up at the ominous object which was advancing in the My dad got up and went over to the window to see what our sky. Labrador, “Bear”, was barking at. Briefly pausing a few secNervously, he would trace circles with his nose to the ground onds to look through the curtains, he went over to the front

like he was searching for a scent and glance up with his hackles raised while he followed the path of the object below from the ground.

No one had a voice to speak, not even my youngest four-yearold sister who talked non-stop. Now fully visible and the length of a tractor trailer, the lens shaped craft moved to a standstill as if observing my family. Red, blue green and white lights raced around the craft, rotating through the mid-section. It appeared to be a dull silver colour and there was no sound from it at all. Moonlight reflected eerily on part of the craft. It rose up over the tree and was directly in our view. It was not a plane; it was not a helicopter. It was nothing anyone had ever seen before. Oddly, the air seemed to be charged around us, as if something was different. The hairs on my head an arm stood up to tell me this was something unknown and potentially dangerous. I was spell bound and frightened at the same time. Briefly, it hovered there, not more than 800 feet above us. How long we stood immobile there I could not tell you, but seemingly after a few minutes it slowly rotated to the left and floated towards the main highway a mile away. Bear was at this time quite agitated and followed it barking with his head pointed up towards the sky. Instantly, like the flood gates had opened, we all burst out talking at once. My two youngest sisters were scared and sobbing. “Dad, we need to call someone!” I grabbed his arm and pulled him to go inside and call the sheriff’s department My dad looked down at me and slowly shook his head. “We can’t Debra.” He started to walk inside to get his keys. “They will think we are crazy. It’s best to leave this alone. They will just say these things don’t exist.” He got in his old truck and went to get Bear at the end of the road, where the object was zipping out of sight. I just stood there, hoping to catch one more view of the strange craft and from that moment on, I knew no one could ever tell me that UFO’s don’t exist. They would be a liar if they did. Why should the truth cause people to say you are crazy? I thought to myself as I tried to sleep that night.

had moved close to Wytheville, Virginia and they woke up to find bizarre kidney bean shaped marks in a triangle pattern in the back yard. Thousands of reports had come in over a short time period to the town and surrounding areas. Military, police and citizens all made reports of the objects. Later, Danny Gordon, a radio personality, wrote a book called,” Don’t Look Up.” I kept a copy of those marks in my parent’s yard and years later I matched them up with similar marks of a UFO case in Sweden. Also, I haven’t seen them but in talking to one of the guys involved in the Rendlesham Forest case they are similar to marks they saw which were associated with that nowinfamous event. Years later, after my first sighting and I was in my twenties, something happened again that was indeed a puzzle to me until years later. I was lying in bed, unable to go to sleep, thinking about what I had to do the next day at work. My bedroom was on the second story and my yard sloped down into a heavily wooded area. The room was in total darkness. Suddenly a brilliant white light flooded the room. There were no homes or roads anywhere behind my house and to get the experience of what I saw would have taken a spotlight as big as a car. All I remember after that was hiding under the cover and barely being able to breathe. The next memory I have is waking up in the morning. I vaguely began thinking about the light, but soon dismissed such thoughts due to my busy schedule. Two days later, I had memory of a bizarre dream. I was standing in my living room looking out the front door. I saw a truck pass in front of my house and slow down. Its lights went out suddenly, as if it had lost power in an abrupt manner. Quietly, three humanoid beings walked straight into my home. I could not see their faces clearly, as if they were intentionally made blurry. One of them raised its arm and waved towards the library. The message was relayed to me telepathically that they had read every book on the shelf. I asked them where they came from and they created imagery in the air. I know this now was a holographic map, but in 1978 I had never even seen or heard anything about holograms.

Forty-eight years later, I am still wondering the same thing. They relayed to me information about themselves. They told The difference now is that I have an answer. Years have passed me they consumed a golden coloured substance where they by and there were other events that occurred. came from, in place of food. As they spoke of it, the image was There were mysterious nights me or my sisters woke up fright- placed in my mind and I could see what it looked like. On my shelf was a book of religious teachings and I asked them if ened because something was coming into the window or the they knew anything about it. The word Sumer and Sumerians room, but we didn’t know what it was exactly. We just woke flashed in my mind which I realized later came from that book up in terror. We had no idea what was really happening. on my shelf. There was a time during a 1987 UFO flap when my parents

I seemed to float up through the ceiling and then to some other place. Later, when I came back through I knew nothing of what happened there. I was in my home alone and I had the sensation of my memory being dissolved slowly like water down a drain. My mind held onto one word; Sumerian, which I repeated over and over as to not forget. Of course, I immediately forgot the word except it started with an “s”. I would not remember it until 2006. Nearly four months after that incident, I lost a pregnancy and was rushed to the emergency room. My doctor had given me a blood test and I had taken an over-the-counter test. Both had resulted in positive readings. On the day I was leaving the doctor said something odd to me. “Are you sure you were pregnant? We found absolutely nothing in your uterus. No foetal tissue or anything.” I was devastated by the lost pregnancy. It was years later that a seasoned and well-informed researcher named Derek Tyler helped me put the synchronicity of the events in my life and the UFO history together. Not only him, but another researcher as well after that. Suddenly, things clicked that didn’t make sense before. Why hadn’t I put all these together? That is the power of their mind control over us that’s why. I felt invaded of my rights as a human being to say the least.

What is the truth? The people who have been abducted, the people who have actually witnessed UFO’s, such as myself and millions of others worldwide know that it is real beyond a shadow of doubt. It chose us beyond our control and permission. We are disclosure. Nothing will ever change my mind. No government faction or public announcement is needed by myself and many others. The people who have the suppressed data by our government know that it is real. UFO witnesses are portrayed by the government as being either dishonest or mentally unbalanced, a strategy they implement specifically to discredit those of us who come forward and speak the truth about our experiences. They do everything within their power to intimidate and discourage us from telling our stories. It is the hand of oppression exemplified in all forms of UFO research. People who stand up to tell the truth are harassed, made fun of by family and co-workers, threatened by men in black and strong-armed to be silent. If that doesn't work, they "make you disappear." Who owns knowledge? The men in power were born the same way we all were. We are all a part of humanity and because we were born does not mean we have to bow down to democracy gone wrong. It’s called freedom.

I no longer stand misinformed or silent as my family did back then. There are millions of people telling their stories from all Looking back in time, I see the connection of my life events and the UFO sighting. It began there at twelve years old. I had areas of the world. Famous people such as astronauts, military been abducted. And it was not just me: my sister came forward personnel, doctors, lawyers and you name it They are stepping forth in honour and at peril to their own lives. These are heroes in 2004 after having the same “white light” experience. She in the true sense of the word. We must not be silent ever again. knew nothing of mine because I never told anyone back then. Every time someone comes forward I am renewed for humanity as a whole. We will get through this. Now I am a radio host for a show called Notes from the Underground. I still like Steppenwolf and hippy clothes. Speaking as a researcher and person with an investigative mind, I have real- I hope you are brave enough to be supportive of truth seekers ized the worst thing we can do as a part of humanity is to be and people who speak out even though they have been told to silent. remain silent. I am asking you to take away all the restraints The thought of coming forward as a witness or an abductee is intimidating. There is much to lose and little to be gained by doing so. But I have come to understand that it is a far worse thing to have the knowledge that you have undergone such a strange and transformative experience and to remain silent about it. If we were all to remain silent, the world would never hear our story and never become aware of what is really happening, not just to me but to literally millions of other innocent victims across our country and around the world.

brought on by an out-of-control government which is willing to kill its own people to suppress and control information, as if the knowledge of its existence is and should remain their personal property. It was never theirs to begin with.

Stand up and be counted. I am.

You may contact me by e-mail at: Information about UFO technology and extra-terrestrial life has or on Facebook at hi-jacked by our country and many nations. Every faction Underground-536531709858989/ of our government hides it, uses it and claims ownership for their own gain.

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The subject of UFOs has been hotly debated.

Are UFOs space vehicles from another world? Are they top-secret military aircraft of some kind? Or are they simply a figment of our imagination? If we are totally honest none of us really know for sure, but one thing we can say with complete accuracy is that whatever UFOs are, they do not respect any international boundary or border. UFO sightings have been made on every continent on earth and quite probably in every single country as well. Malcolm Robinson is a UFO & Paranormal Researcher with nearly 40 year's expertise and has had `hands on' experience with each of the cases contained in this book. Malcolm has lectured extensively on UFOs and the Paranormal all over the UK and Ireland and was the first Scot to lecture on American soil in Laughlin Nevada in 2009. Malcolm has appeared regularly on TV both here in the UK and all over the world and has assisted newspapers and radio stations with information on UFOs and the Paranormal. The full story regarding the wave of UFO sightings over the town of Bonnybridge is given here, as is the full story of Scotland's first `reported' UFO abduction. Other close encounter cases are also looked at in great detail. In the publication of Malcolm Robinson's first book, he looks to enlighten you with the most fascinating UFO cases that Scotland has to offer. This work is not meant to be definitive, instead it is Malcolm's own reflection on his research and thoughts on what represents to be Scotland's most intriguing and unexplained UFO cases. UFO Case Files of Scotland has been published by Healings of Atlantis Ltd and is available from or

This is an epic book, a book that clearly shows that Scotland as a country has been touched by the UFO presence. This book will leave you with little doubt that mankind is dealing with a very real and bona fide phenomenon, as the witnesses in this book can clearly testify to.

FROM Outer Limits Magazine joint editor Malcolm Robinson is a noted and experienced researcher Read more on his research in to Scotlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AMAZING REAL LIFE ALIEN ENCOUNTERS

UFO and Paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson takes a look at the hundreds of UFO sightings that have been witnessed in the Scottish skies. Our journey takes us from the Scottish Borders up through to Central Scotland and onwards to the very tip of North West Scotland, areas of which have been subjected to some amazing UFO sightings. This book follows on from Volume 1 and contains fascinating witness accounts of objects which do not conform to normal helicopters or aircraft. We hear of puzzling UFO accounts coming from ordinary housewife's to Military personnel, everyone has a story to tell and you'll find them all here in this fascinating book. Malcolm Robison is one of the foremost UFO and Paranormal researchers in the United Kingdom. Malcolm has lectured extensively on UFOs and the Paranormal all over the UK, Ireland, France and Holland, and was the first Scot to lecture on American soil in Laughlin Nevada in 2009. Malcolm has appeared regularly on T.V. both here in the UK and all over the world and has assisted newspapers and radio stations with information on UFOs and the Paranormal. He is one of only a handful of people in the world that has travelled down into the murky depths of Loch Ness in a submarine. This is a fascinating book that will make you sit up and recognise that Scotland as a Nation has also been touched by the UFO presence.

Published by: 11th Dimension Publishing Available from: Or www. ISBN Number: 978-1-907126-12-3 Price: ÂŁ14.99

Announcements Both Malcolm and my self would like to make one or two small but yet we feel, significant announcements concerning the magazine.

Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain has been published by

We are happy to say that Outer Limits Magazine, will be going bi-monthly beginning with the very next issue. That’s right from 1 October, 2016 you will now be able to keep up to date with the world of the paranormal up to 6 times a year instead of 4…

Healings of Atlantis Ltd and is available from,

Also, we are making plans to hold a conference here in the UK in 2017… This is currently in the very early planning stage and we hope to bring you more information on his exciting prospect very soon. We do of course wish to present the most up to date information from the most relevant speakers…

ISBN NUMBER: 978-1-907126-06-2

This is where you come in, HOW? I hear you say. Send us an Email to with the name of the researcher you would like to see and hear speak. The Conference will be held in Kingston upon Hull on or about September 9, 2017. See the next issue where we hope to announce more details.

And also

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Ghost's and hauntings... these words convey to some individuals, an in-depth fear of the paranormal. The chilling thought that deceased persons have in some cases, returned from the grave to once again appear, if only in shadowy forms, and to fill us with fear of their grimly presences, is a fact that few seriously minded persons cannot now dismiss. Strange tales of ghosts and hauntings can be found from all corners of the earth and records show that accounts of ghostly presences go well back into antiquity. As a researcher on the paranormal, Malcolm takes from his files, incredible tales of ghosts and paranormal events. He also shares with us his own ghostly encounters of which he has had more than his fair share. This book covers some amazing cases from haunted council houses to haunted castles. Malcolm brings forward personal accounts from people who have had first hand dealings with ghosts. Their testimonies will shock and in a court of law these would be hard to dismiss. Malcolm has lectured extensively on UFOs and the Paranormal all over the UK, Ireland and Holland, and was the first Scot to lecture on American soil in Laughlin Nevada in 2009. Malcolm has appeared regularly on TV both in the UK and all over the world and has assisted newspapers and radio stations with information on UFOs and the Paranormal. In this his second book, Malcolm clearly shows that within the pages of this book, evidence can be found of ghosts that will make even the biggest of sceptics sit up and take notice. Britain is known worldwide for its ghostly tales and this book contributes to the growing testimony that shows that whatever we may think ghosts are, there is no denying that, come what may, they are real as the cases from frightened witnesses in this book clearly show. A stunning and frightening look at some of Britain's ghostly case files. Read on if you dare.

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