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Christmas Selection 2011

Fresh Produce

Fruit & Veg A comprehensive range of both regular and seasonal items are available to you from BWG central billing suppliers. Christmas is probably one of the few genuine occasions in the year when customers trade up and make an extra special effort to make their food experiences memorable. A well-stocked, colourful fresh display with relevant seasonal product can make a huge statement to your customers about the rest of your store your commitment to fresh food retailing. With Fresh Produce, more than any other category, customers buy with their eyes. It’s up to you to dazzle them!

Main selling days The main selling days for veg are the last three days including December 24th. It is important that you target the lines that are on promotion on these days. Freshness is the key with veg in particular, and on these days the following is advised: • Keep stocks tight up to the end of business December 21st. • Remove or reduce any poor quality stock before you merchandise your delivery of fresh stock. • Ensure all Point of Sale and SELs are in place.

Key tips to maximise sales Formulate your display and layout – put your ideas to paper. Draw a layout to prepare your space and put a big emphasis on the best sellers. Consult your price list and look at how you will feature the products on promotion.

Must stock Christmas lines Vegetables • Bag Carrots • Net Onions • Cauliflower • Broccoli • Sprouts • Potatoes Salads • Tomatoes • Lettuce • Iceberg Lettuce • Scallions • Cucumbers Fruit • Clementines • Melons • Galia Melons • Grapefruit • Lemons • Pineapples


Horticulture & flowers Preparation is the key to a successful trading period for fresh produce. The range of products available is comprehensive and are there to help you maximise your sales potential. It is essential that you share the contents of this brief with your staff and managers involved with your fruit and veg department. The information in it is vital to help you maximise your sales. Early contact and planning with your supplier is also a must. They can better accommodate your needs as a result. Make sure that some forward planning is done with your supplier particularly in relation to some of the ancillary and seasonal lines.

A brief overview of the category In the run up to Christmas, sales will begin initially with Poinsettias, then there is a shift in to gift lines, glass and ceramics. Finally, as in the final week, fresh cut flowers become the focus.

Key tips to maximise sales It is important to remember that proper care of plants and flowers is not the responsibility of your supplier. They will make sure that your display is left in very good condition before leaving your shop, but it is up to you and your team to ensure that the display is well maintained and that the care and quality of the stock is kept right. The following tips are important in helping you with this: PLANTS • Where possible plants should be displayed on drip mats and capillary trays. • Plants should be watered from below i.e. water placed directly onto mats. • Plants must not be allowed to dry out. • It is recommended that plants be watered every two days. • Dead heading – Dead flowers should be removed from plants to keep the presentation right. • Plants should be given a feed (baby bio) once a week. FLOWERS • Water in buckets should be changed daily to improve the shelf life of flowers. STAGNANT WATER KILLS FLOWERS! • A small drop of bleach added to the water will kill all the bacteria in the water. This should only be added as part of your daily water change and not instead of it. • Buckets should be only ¼ filled with water, just enough to ensure that the stems are in water. • Time should be taken daily to actually check this. • If they are not in the water at all times it will significantly reduce the shelf life. • It is advised that ¼ inch is cut off the stems every second day. This will ensure that the flowers continue to get water up through the stem. • Flowers and plants need about ½ hour to one hour of care on a daily basis. This is essential to improve the quality and sales of this category.

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Fresh Produce Christmas seleCtion 2011 main selling days salads • Tomatoes • Lettuce • Iceberg Lettuce • Scallions • Cucumbers Fruit • Cleme...