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Dairy Category Overview There are three main areas to focus on to achieve additional sales in this category for Christmas. 1: Cream – there is an extensive range of creams both flavoured and whipped available. Consumers will trade up to these more indulgent products. Sales of these lines are growing each year and retailers should ensure that these are must stock lines on the fixtures. Please ensure SPAR Cream is supported, if available in your area. 2: Long life creams – these lines offer safety if you sell out of fresh cream. 3: Milk – consumers will increase their purchase of milk to ensure that they do not run out over the holiday season.

Planning Please ensure that you work closely with your local suppliers to maximise your range in a timely manner. In some cases, additional chilled display units may be available from Glanbia, so please book early with them if your store has such capacity.

Display Please use the suggested layout if space permits.

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