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Christmas Selection 2011

Party Food

Party Food Category overview This range is very much focused on the Christmas season, and driven by promotion activity. BOGOF activity was the driver in 2010 and we will repeat this for 2011. We’ve also extended the range to 6 SKUs.

Planning This range needs dedicated space to have impact, and for customers to see it in store. Please plan to feature it in your promo fridge where possible. As well as Christmas itself, New Years is another huge opportunity for this range. The shelf life on your last delivery will be sufficient to keep this range on sale for the intervening week, so ensure you keep the focus and the offer highlighted. Rotation of each delivery is key to get you to New Year with in date stock. Range: • Indian Selection • Chinese Selection • Spring Rolls • Cranberry & Brie Wonton • Garlic Mushrooms • Shrimp Rolls

Order, Delivery Schedule and Shelf Life This year we have removed Vol Au Vents due to the short date issues. The entire remaining range has a 10 day shelf life and will be delivered from week 50. The pre-order for this is required by Friday 25th November. Deliveries are from Thursday 1st December.

Contact PRM Ltd. 028 9262 0200.

SPAR Brand Party Essentials The following Own Brand products are available all year round, but please make every effort to support this range at least for the Christmas period which will compliment your overall party offering. Available from Traditional Cheese are: SPAR Brussels Pate 150g SPAR Green Pepper Pate 150g SPAR Sliced Chorizo Salami SPAR Sliced Pepper Salami SPAR Sliced German Salami SPAR Hummus 170g SPAR Marinated Green Olives 165g SPAR Olives & Soft Cheese 165g SPAR Summerkiss Tomatoes SPAR Green Pesto 100g SPAR Trio Hummus 210g

08 Party Food  
08 Party Food  

Party Food Christmas seleCtion 2011 order, Delivery schedule and shelf life Range: • Indian Selection • Chinese Selection • Spring Rolls • C...