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At home, work or on the move? You can enjoy delicious healthy gourmet quality coffee at all times!


EnerGi™ Healthy Coffee comes in convenient individually packaged satchels you can carry with you practically anywhere. Each Healthy Coffee pouch bag contains 20 satchels meaning your last cup of delicious Healthy Coffee will be as fresh as your first one!

For additional information about our products or if you wish to purchase our products please contact our Healthy Coffee associate below.

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Steve Condos Healthy Coffee Australia Pty Ltd ACN 136 852 723 Your Healthy Coffee Associate: EnerGi™ Healthy Coffee products contain very low caffeine (not decaffeinated), natural cane sugar (not processed), non-dairy creamer and Reishi and Ginseng to deliver health benefits for general well being in addition to having you enjoy your love for coffee without the guilt!

Imagine getting all these benefits in your morning cup of coffee!

- Boosts stamina - Supports & enhances immune system - Oxygenates your body - Provides over 150 all-natural antioxidants to fight free radicals - Improves performance - not to mention it TASTES GREAT!! © 2010 TeamDiamond Australia. All Rights Reserved

REISHI AND GINSENG: Powerful Healthy Combination in the most Healthy Coffee in the World

Discover Healthy Coffee

Over 5 Million People in Australia drink coffee everyday because they love it. But they also do it with a little pang of guilt because they know coffee is not particularly good for them. “Coffee is the lifeblood of Australians it’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning” Home Beautiful magazine editor Wendy Moore said. EnerGi™ Healthy Coffee is Delicious Gourmet Quality Coffee with a Powerful Combination of Two of the World’s most respected Health Promoting Herbs. EnerGi™ Healthy Coffee is the first real coffee that not only has the taste people want and the “wake up” they need, but it addresses and solves the problems associated with coffee.

REISHI Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine. 4000 year history. Reishi, ranked number one of the superior medicines also known as “brain food”. Long history of supporting the liver, lungs and heart and known as the “mushroom of immortality” or the “miraculous king of herbs” Healthy Coffee International Inc is focused on bringing health to the world’s most popular and widely distributed drink, coffee.

Our proprietary formulas combine the health benefits of Reishi and Ginseng and other top quality ingredients with the world’s finest coffee beans to create a line of deliciously healthy instant gourmet coffee drinks. In addition to the EnerGi™ BLEND and BLACK Healthy Coffee our beverage product range also includes the EnerGi™ CHAI Healthy Milk Tea and the EnerGi™ BLAST Healthy Energy Drink cold beverage.

Modern Scientific Research. Reishi has no side effects and is High in Vitamin B, C and D and Calcium and Phosphorus

- Balances & strengthens the immune system - Oxygenates the body (fights disease) - Powerful source of antioxidants (over 150 ) - Powerful source of nutrients (over 200) - Cleanses body of toxins (detoxifies) GINSENG Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine. 5000 year history. Recommended for enlightening the mind and increasing wisdom. Taken as a tonic for the whole body, believed to cure lethargy, arthritis, impotence, senility, and many other conditions

Reishi neutralises acid, so EnerGi™ Healthy Coffee is smoother than any cup of coffee you have ever tasted. Coupled with Ginseng which helps to normalise imbalances within the body, EnerGi™ Healthy Coffee is positioned as the most powerful Healthy Coffee in the world. Reishi and Ginseng EnerGi™ BLEND Healthy Coffee has to be felt to be believed. It also lasts for hours; unlike caffeine. In fact one free sample is all it takes to turn a regular coffee lover into a Healthy Coffee lover.

Modern Scientific Research. Ginseng is known to be an Adaptogen - substances that assist the body to restore itself to health and work without side effects even if the recommended dose is exceeded

- increases resistance to harmful stress - reduces fatigue & increases stamina - helps normalise imbalances within the body - helps reduce cell damage (age related changes)

Healthy Coffee Product Brochure  

3-fold product brochure - Discover the Health Benefits of Healthy Coffee