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CATERING MENU 2009 Corporate Catering - Meetings - Special Events & Parties

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Scoff Corporate Catering: Eat well – Work well! Scoff corporate catering is the no-frills, informal solution to office dining. We have put together a really simple but delicious menu plan designed for you to serve yourself thus keeping costs to a minimum. We haven’t allowed ourselves to be seduced by overly glamorous packaging and presentation choices, preferring instead to put all the emphasis on the quality of our ingredients. We’re talking ‘flavour before flamboyance’ every time. That way, you and your team can enjoy honest, delicious, healthy food without breaking the bank or standing on ceremony. To make the process as simple as possible we have five options to choose from at varying price points: Option 1: Filled rolls, little salad boxes & little pasta boxes. Handmade to order. Delicious, fresh ingredients and a far cry from the mass produced versions. From £3.35 per head Option 2: Finger food for when you just want to provide a few nibbles. From £6 per head Option 3 : Simple but tasty hot meals. An informal and economical way to feed the team. Good for team briefings. From £6.25 per head Option 4: A more sophisticated selection of main courses with a choice of sides. Good for board room lunches or entertaining clients. From £11.75 per head Option 5: Bespoke catering. Call Steve on 0772 028 8726 if you would like something tailor made to your individual requirements. ADD PUDDINGS AND SOFT DRINKS FROM THE LIST AT THE BOTTOM Large Order Discounts Orders for 50+ people: 10% discount Orders for 100+ people: 15% discount What makes us different? • • • • • • • •

All our dishes are homemade from scratch in our own kitchens and are 100% natural. All ingredients that can be produced in the UK are sourced from the UK. We support traditional British farmers by buying direct from small producers at a fair price. We seek out the best produce, not the cheapest. We only use British free range chicken, pork, duck and eggs. Our British beef and lamb are the outdoor, slow growing, grass-fed variety. We only use organic British milk & butter. Our fish is always from sustainable sources.

• •

We try to ensure all imported ingredients are organic or fairly traded. We respect the environment by choosing recycled paper and sustainable packaging where ever possible, minimising food miles and supporting responsible farming.

Great tasting food you can trust. Notice period For numbers up to 20 please allow 24 working hours notice. For numbers between 20-50, please allow 48 working hours notice (although if you are tight for time it’s worth giving us a call as we will always endeavour to help if we possibly can). If you would like us to cater for greater than 50, please call us to discuss your requirements on 0772 028 8726. Because we use small, select, traditional producers a little extra notice is very helpful for larger orders. MENUS OPTION 1: Filled rolls, Little Salad Boxes, Little Pasta Boxes Minimum Order £35 Rolls: All with a mixture of salad leaves. Choose from white or wholemeal bread Meat & Fish (all with a mixture of salad leaves) Free range roast chicken Free range roast chicken, roast med veg & pesto mayo Home cooked Devon Ham with mustard mayo Pork sausage & mustard Mayo Roast free range pork with apple sauce Pot roast beef with horseradish Organic Poached Salmon with Lemon mayo Christmas Turkey with homemade cranberry sauce Vegetarian (all with a mixture of salad leaves) Homemade hummus with roasted Mediterranean veg West Country Cheddar & chutney Free range egg mayonnaise

£3.40 £3.75 £3.45 £3.45 £3.45 £3.45 £3.95 £3.75 £3.35 £3.35 £3.35

Little Salad Boxes (all with a base of mixed salad leaves) These are individual servings, perfect for a light lunch Scoff superfood salad (V) Chickpea, cous cous & lentil salad with minted yogurt dressing (V) Pasta salad with roasted Mediterranean veg & pesto dressing (V) Traditional Greek Salad (V) Pasta, spinach & pesto salad with toasted pinenuts & parmesan (V) Organic poached salmon, potato & bean salad

£3.45 £3.50 £3.75 £3.45 £3.35 £4.45

ADD: Free range roast chicken OR organic poached salmon White or brown buttered roll or flat bread

£1.50 £1.00

Little Pasta boxes (served hot) Penne pasta with: Beef Bolognese Pesto & roasted Mediterranean veg (V) Mushroom, spinach, garlic & cream (V) Roasted butternut squash, feta, pinenuts, sage & chilli oil (V)

£4.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.95

OPTION 2: Finger buffet A varied selection of both warm and cold items to serve as nibbles with drinks. To avoid spoiling on route, these are packaged ready for you to transfer to your own serving platters on delivery. We can supply disposable serving platter/napkins etc if required. Sm:serves 8-10 £75

Lge: serves 16-20 £120

Cold Olives Hummus & tzatziki dips with crudités & tortilla chips Stuffed vine leaves Warm Spanish omelette Falafel Mini organic salmon & smoked haddock fishcakes with tartare sauce Honey & mustard rare breed sausages Garlic bread OPTION 3: Chow down with the team Simple easy going grub to feed the troops. Tasty and filling, it’ll keep them all going for longer than the Duracell bunny. Available in small or large sizes. Small feeds 8-10. Large feeds 16-20. The price includes the side dishes described. MEAT Beef Lasagne Served with green salad and garlic bread

Sm: £75 Lge: £135 Beef Chilli

Served with organic brown basmati and wild rice, green salad, sour cream & tortilla chips.

Sm: £70 Lge: £130

Pork & Beef Meatballs in a rich tomato sauce Served with penne pasta, green salad, & garlic bread

Sm: £75 Lge: £135 Shepherd’s pie

Served with seasonal vegetables

Sm: £70 Lge: £130

FISH Creamy fish pie Served with seasonal vegetables

Sm: £80 Lge: £140

VEGETARIAN Roasted Mediterranean vegetable lasagne Served with green salad & garlic bread

Sm: £70 Lge: £130

Vegetarian Chilli Served with organic brown basmati and wild rice, green salad, sour cream & tortilla chips.

Sm: £65 Lge: £125

Root vegetable & Cheddar crumble Served with green salad & garlic bread

Sm: £70 Lge: £130

OPTION 4: Hot Buffet Menu This a great option for boardroom lunches or entertaining clients. Prices are per person (minimum order - 10) and includes: • Your choice of 1 main dish • Your choice of 2 side dishes (or 4 for orders for 20+) Example order for 20 people: Baked stuffed chicken breast X 10=£137.50 Superfood salad & mixed salad leaves for 10 Duck Confit with an aromatic jus X 10=£120.00 Mashed potato & braised red cabbage for 10 Total cost: £257.50(incl.VAT)

Step 1 – choose your main dish (minimum order for each dish – 10) CHICKEN/DUCK Baked stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon £13.75 per person Goat’s cheese stuffing flavoured with garlic & thyme. Served with roasted tomatoes.

Duck confit with an aromatic jus £12.00 per person Melting duck leg with a light orange jus scented with star anise

Coq au vin £14.00 per person

Leg quarter of chicken slow cooked in red wine with button onions and homecured pancetta.

Tarragon chicken £12.00 per person

Leg quarter of chicken in a tarragon cream sauce with a dash of Madeira

Thai green chicken curry £12.75 per person

Our own recipe green curry paste finished with coconut milk (medium hot).

MEAT Beef braised in West Country Ale £11.75 per person

Tender pieces of beef, slow cooked in real ale from the Otter Brewery with caramelised onions, mushrooms & thyme

Saddleback pork chop £12.75 per person Braised in cider with apples, rosemary & cream

North African lamb & chickpeas £13.75 per person Tender pieces of lamb in a tomato-based sauce with aubergine, chilli and ginger. Served with minted yogurt on the side (medium hot).

FISH Poached organic Salmon fillet with parsley pesto £13.75 per person VEGETARIAN Warm roast Mediterranean vegetable & Puy lentil salad with griddled Halloumi cheese £11.75 per person Dressed with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

Step 2: Choose 1 side dish from each group. For orders greater than 20, choose a maximum of 2 different dishes from each group. Need some help choosing? Just ask! SIDES Group 1 Mashed potato Slow oven-cooked potatoes with red onion, rosemary and garlic Buttered new potatoes Fragrant jasmine rice Organic brown basmati and wild rice

Group 2 3 steamed seasonal vegetables Mixed salad leaves with home sprouted seeds and balsamic dressing Braised Puy lentils Braised red cabbage Scoff superfood salad: quinoa & bulgar wheat with broccoli, cucumber, tomato, sprouted seeds, mint & parsley in a light lemony dressing

Aromatic cous cous

Spiced chickpea, cous cous and lentil salad: with roasted squash, sweet potato & minted yogurt dressing

Scoff superfood salad: quinoa & bulgar wheat with broccoli, cucumber, tomato, sprouted seeds, mint & parsley in a light lemony dressing

Spiced chickpea, cous cous and lentil salad: with roasted squash, sweet potato & minted yogurt dressing

PUDDINGS, DRINKS ETC Bread roll & Butter £ 1.00 each Something Sweet Boxes of our homemade Chocolate Brownies Will satisfy even the most intense chocolate craving! Small box of 6 Brownies: £6.00 Large box of 12 Brownies: £10.00 Individual Puddings Steamed treacle sponge Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce Warm chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce Lemon polenta cake Warm apple almond & calvados cake Baked lemon cheesecake Real vanilla custard sauce 100ml Langage farm double cream 50ml

£3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £3.95 £1.50 £0.60

Langage farm clotted cream 50g


ICE CREAM 500ml all at £5.25 Alder Tree Summer fruits Alder Tree Rhubarb & Ginger Roskilly Organic clotted cream vanilla Roskilly Organic Chocolate Roskilly Organic Cornish Fudge Roskilly Organic Lemon Sorbet

Drinks Innocent Smoothies 250ml £2 Strawberry & Banana; Mango & Passion fruit Wholearth Organic Drinks330ml £1.25 Lemonade; Cola; Sparkling Cranberry Luscombe Organic Drinks from Devon £2 Apple juice (240ml); Ginger Beer (320ml); Elderflower Bubbly(320ml) V water – Water with vitamins 500ml £2 Shield; De-stress; Glow; Kick Harrogate Spa mineral water 500ml £1.00 Still or sparkling

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