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Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Ocala Hilton Formal Invitation to follow 352-622-7363


For more Information: Sharon Jank 352-895-9885 Connie Brown 352-694-7884

January 2012● Royal Legacy Newsletter ●

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President’s Message Happy New Year, Ladies:

2012 Officers President: Sharon Murry 1st Vice President: Donna Crippen 2nd Vice President: Sharon Jank Secretary: Gail Tuck Treasurer: Connie Brown

2012 Board of Trustees Corinne DeVault, Carol Emmett, Diane Houtz, Barbara Griffin-Hunter, Lois Johnson, Michelle King, Diana Lammermeier, Melissa McNichols, Gwynn Pealer, Phylliss Silverman, Susan Smith, Jeanne Thomas, Cecilia Truesdale, Roz Watson, Eglaes Younger Past President: Lydia Kuttas

Check out our Website: See the many photographs posted on our website, as well as our website videos. Share with your friends and family.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Membership Information:

For membership information or pledges and dues contact: Roz Watson at 8615637 or DIRECTORY CHANGES: Address email - telephone corrections send to: Barbara Griffin-Hunter to her email at or mail to Ocala Royal Dames Attention: Barbara Griffin-Hunter P.O. Box 6163 Ocala, FL 34478

I expected to spend the quiet holiday season leisurely gathering information about current Royal Dames issues so I could start being President at the January Board meeting. Wrong. The holiday started with an emergency Board meeting December 14 to address a long list of Royal Dames who had “resigned.” Many didn’t intend to resign, just didn’t remember to pay their dues. We’re glad to have you back, ladies. At that Board meeting, Barbara Griffin–Hunter was reappointed Directory Chairperson and Roz Watson was appointed Pledge and Dues Coordinator. Our bylaws allow the President to convene an emergency Board meeting when she thinks one is necessary. Since my preference is to involve as many people as possible in decision making, I do not plan to call Executive Committee meetings this year. If quick action is warranted, I will probably call an emergency Board meeting. Sharon Jank, Connie Brown, and their committee are hard at work planning the Tiara Ball for February 25. The committee’s plans are exciting. The Ball should be fun as well as elegant. In deference to the economy, ball ads are less expensive than they have been other years. This is a good opportunity to take an ad yourself and to ask friends and businesses to donate to cancer research. We are working on donating our third million dollars to cancer research and education now. Every Dame and every dollar count. Can the Royal Dames count on you? My columns this year will discuss what the Board is doing. Since we haven’t had our first formal Board meeting yet, I want to mention some strategic issues that, if the Board agrees, we will address this year: - Bylaws, of course. Our activities and the projects we are funding are broader in scope than was intended in our articles of incorporation. I have asked Past President Chris Hildner who was the longtime chair of the Funds Allocation committee to convene a meeting of Past Presidents to discuss this issue and recommend to the Board actions they think we should take to resolve it. We also will reconsider some of the bylaws changes recommended by the 2011 Bylaws Committee. The approval process will be different this year. A proposed change will originate with the Board manager of that function. The Board will discuss the change. If the Board tentatively approves the change, member comments will be solicited in the next newsletter. After member views are considered, the Board will take a final vote. If the change is approved in the final vote, the change will be given to the Bylaws committee to insert the appropriate words in the appropriate corporate document to effect the change. Our attorney will be asked to review the change for legal sufficiency. The last step in the process will be to submit the proposed change to the membership for a vote at the Annual Meeting. With all this prior coordination, there should be no surprises at the Annual Meeting. - Duties of the Treasurer. When the Royal Dames bylaws were written, ORD was limited to 125 members. We had one category of membership, two annual fundraisers, a membership brunch and a social. We donated our funds to one place. We now have twice as many members; five categories of membership; many fundraising, membership and social activities; and we fund many projects in many places. Last year the Board hired an accountant to help the Treasurer. We will be looking at all the financial activities this year. Special congratulations to Naida Rasbury, who was a member of the cast in the original production of Porgy and Bess. She travels to New York this month to see the Broadway opening of the new Porgy and Bess and to attend the cast party. None of us who have heard Naida sing are surprised that she sang on Broadway. The Royal Dames have two types of members, both equally welcome. One type supports cancer research and education by her pledge. The second type supports cancer research and education by her pledge and by working on ORD projects. The second type makes many friends. There is nothing like a Dame! Sharon Murry

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WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? The Dames work hard and visibly to raise funds for cancer research and education so it is important to be aware of what we do with it. We have three directions of giving: 1)research, 2) endowments and 3) projects. Let’s look at the research component. We have a 2-year cycle for research funding. 2011-12 is the last year for Dr. Erin Dunbar’s brain tumor research at UF and Dr. Amod Sarnaik’s pancreatic cancer research at Moffitt. In July, we should receive their final financial report and narrative of results. In October 2011, we sent our Requests for Proposals to UF and Moffitt. The proposals are due to us on February 24, 2012. When we receive the proposals, the members of the Funding Allocations committee review them and we send them to a team of cancer doctors in Ocala who rate the projects. Dr. Norman Anderson gets their ratings and he meets with the Funding Allocations to share the thinking of the doctors. Then the committee discusses which proposals to recommend to the ORD Board, usually at the April meeting. Upon board approval, the researchers will receive a $25,000 check for the first year (2012) of their research. The researchers must send us periodic financial reports and a year-end narrative of progress. Next year (2013) in April, the committee will recommend continuation of funding to the board and upon approval, the second $25,000 check will be sent. Each researcher gets a total of $50,000 ($25,000/year for two years) and is eligible to apply once more if they need more time and money. We have 2 endowments at the University of Florida and 2 endowments at the College of Central Florida. The money we gave for these endowments was matched by the State of Florida, a program that has been discontinued. So the total we have made available for research, projects and endowments (including State match) is $2,012,179. Isn’t that a wonderful result of all the work we do!?

The Sunshine Committee is available to send members Get Well & Sympathy cards. Please notify, Member of the Board or call 352622-7363

The Next Membership Directory will be dated January 2013 Do we need your photo? If your information in the current directory is incorrect and was not corrected on the separate mailing that you received recently, please contact Barbara Griffin Hunter at 873-3033 or with your corrected information. We have about six years’ worth of membership photo’s to catch up on so if your photo is not in the current directory, please contact Barbara Hunter at 873-3033. Or, if you wish to update your photo in the directory, just phone to schedule your photo to be taken. Since this directory will first be handed out at the December Annual Meeting, it will need to go to a printer by mid-October. So please pay your pledges/dues by April 30 to insure your information being included. Thank you and Happy New Year! Barbara G. Hunter

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TIARA BALL NEWS Donations are needed for drawings for Fund Raising at The Tiara Ball, examples of possible items, Beach Houses, Vacations, Dinner Packages, Artwork, Etc. If you or someone you know could help by donating an item of value please call Connie Brown 352-694-7844 or Sharon Jank 352895-9885. Purchasing space in The Tiara Ball program is another way you can help in the fund raising. The prices are as follows: Page - $125 1/2 page - $75 Business card - $50 Back cover - $300 Inside back cover - $200 Please call Bernadeth Paraiso 352-216-5493 or Pat Sasso 352-5120513 to reserve your space. The next Tiara Ball meeting is Jan.11th at 10:00 at Country Club of Ocala,light lunch provided. Please come and join in the fun and fellowship as we prepare for our 26th Tiara Ball.

January 2012● Royal Legacy Newsletter ●

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PRESENTING THE 26TH ANNUAL TIARA BALL “THE SNOWFLAKE BALL’ FEBRUARY 25, 2012, OCALA HILTON PROGRAM ADVERTISING ORDER FORM DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 18, 2012 Name ___________________________________________________________ Street ___________________________________________________________ City ________________________State ________________Zip _____________ Please check: Back Cover $300 _____ Inside Back Cover $200 _____Full Page $125 _____ Half Page $75 _____Business Card $50 ______Other Donation __________ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Method of Payment Make check payable to: Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc. Mail to: Post Office Box 6163, Ocala FL. 34478. Credit Card Name ______________________Amount $ _______ Acct No. ________________________ Type of Credit Card _______Expiration Date ______ Zip_______ Contact No. _________________ Signature: _____________________________________________ Thank you so much for your support. For more information: Bernadeth Paraiso 352-216-5493 or email at Pat Sasso 352-512-0513 or email: A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION (SC-11575) AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING 1-800-435-7352 WITHIN FLORIDA. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. The Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc. does not employ professional solicitor, thus receives % 100 of contributions

January 2012● Royal Legacy Newsletter

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Annual Meeting December 6, 2011 Ocala Hilton

Calendar of Events

•Board Meeting January 18th, 10:30am @ Country Club of Ocala •Shop Talk January 30 @ CCF •Board Meeting February 15, 2012 •Tiara Ball February 25, 2012 **Board Meetings are open to all members**

January 2012● Royal Legacy Newsletter ●

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ORD Birthday Update… By Naida Rasbury and Bern Paraiso January 2012

December 2011 Birthdays Wow did they have a party or didn’t they! They invited the entire Annual meeting to join them in their celebration. The problem was that only two of the celebrants were there, but, nevertheless they had a table full of well wishers. Since December is a difficult month to stir up interest for a birthday bash it’s been decided that the December people will probably join with another month for its celebration. Details will be available as the year progresses.

FEBRUARY 2012 Margaret Anderson Beverly Bradshaw Gigi Cockes Nancy Curtis Kathy Dinkins Carol Drongsky Virginia Gamble Edna Kilmark Christine Hildner Lynn Holtmeyer Kathleen Kollar Mary Ellen Poe Donna Meyerhoven Shirley Stone, Cathleen Taylor

05th 11th 16th 22nd 02nd 13th 25th 16th 25th 14th 20th 28th 09th 23rd 28th

MARCH 2012

------------------------------------JANUARY 2012 (Jan 18th, Hilton, 11:30am) Donna Bowen Irene Brooks Janet Chitty Pam Duke Judy Green Monica Haufler Suraida Kamal Sonya Nassar Bernadeth Paraiso Kitty Potapow Susan R. Smith. Sherry Swigert Kellean Truesdell Betty Whiting

09th 19th 15th 31st 06th 30th 27th 04th 05th 04th 06th 03rd 31st 23rd

Janet Bencsik Christine Benbow Rudelle Berry Jane Booth Molly Buffington June Cianciola Jane Crosby Gwendolyn Etheridge. Barbara Fitos Kathy Gilbert. Barbara Griffin Hunter Patricia Jordan Tara Kimbel Dianne Lane Donna Maguire Linda Mcgruther Paulette Millhorne Charlee O’reilly Nancy Porter Becky Schatt Patricia Sokol Michele Stone Char J. Strack Audrey Tenny Wendy Turner Mary Williams Constant Witter

28th 07th 21st 19th 10th 01st 31st 04th 14th 15th 09th 01st 21st 25th 16th 25th 25th 14th 29th 07th 24th 30th 30th 13th 07th 27th.. 28th

January 2012● Royal Legacy Newsletter ●

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Cookbook News

Gail Tuck and Sharon Murry hosted an afternoon social for our incoming Board of Trustees at Gail’s lovely home on Wednesday January 4. One of the favorite appetizers on a table laden with good food was a sausage dip brought by Sharon Murry. When asked for the recipe, Sharon said, “This is Paula Howard’s recipe from Dining with the Dames.” Sharon considers Dining with the Dames to be an excellent cookbook. She sells cookbooks by preparing recipes from the book when she takes food to pot luck gatherings. She also prepares cookbook recipes when out- of-town friends visit and gives her guests cookbooks as souvenirs of their visit. Audrey Tenney enjoys baking cookies. She decided to bake every cookie recipe in Just Cookies and has completed more than half. She gave bags of cookies to her friends for Christmas. You can create interest in our cook books by sharing recipes with your friends. Please do.

Limited Supply Available The Just Cookies Cookbook is wonderful for families (and Grandmas). It is chock-full of more cookie recipes than you could ever make — so select carefully. The book is delightfully illustrated by local schoolchildren. Donation $10.00

Wine and Dine with the Dames has a wide variety of

recipes, all favorites of our members, and highly 'doable.' It is a fun book to read, and can result in many delicious meals for family or guests. Donation $20.00

Available at these locations: Studio 200 8075 SW Hwy. 200, Ste. 113

Or call and pick up:

Gemini Salon and Day Spa 3415 E. Silver Springs Blvd.

NW: Lydia Kuttas 351-2620 NE: Chris Hildner 694-2349 SW: Kathy Dinkins 236-5322 SE: Sharon Murry 347-8760 SE: Corinne DeVault 274-0718

Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc. PO Box 6163 Ocala, FL 34478

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