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Wolverine Lake Resident Selected as State Finalist in National American Miss Pageant: A2

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Walled Lake Facing Annual $600,000 Budget Deficit



Milford Rotary Wine Tasting Event May 23 The Milford Rotary’s 19th International Wine & Beer Tasting event is happening on May 23 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. at Bakers (located at 2055 S. Milford Rd in Milford.) Activities include: door prizes, silent auction and a raffle for a suitcase full of liquor. Rotttermond’s will provide one lucky winner with a $600+ necklace. The food will be provided by local restaurants along with deserts and non-alcoholic beverages. Tickets can be purchased at Colasanti’s and Milford Rotarian for $40 in advance or by calling Yvonne at 248-756-5936. Tickets can be purchased for $45 at the gate. Proceeds go towards a $2,000 scholarship to each Huron Valley High School (Milford and Lakeland.) If you need more information please call Rich Harrison at 248-935-5556 or Yvonne at 248-756-5936

Teen Advisory Board May 21 On May 21 the Milford Public Library will be having a Teen Advisory Board from 3:30 - 5 p.m. Help plan programs, give suggestions for books, DVDs, CDs, etc., to be purchased, decorate the library for holidays and more. Meet new people and get volunteer credit! Open to Milford residents ages 13-18. Interested teens are welcome to attend this meeting. For more information call 248684-0845 INSIDE One Minute Interview.................2A Education.....................................3A Lake Area News...........................4A Public Safety................................5A Sports..................................... 1A-2B Real Estate............................. 2B-3B Classified..................................... 4B Legal Ads..................................... 5B Community Calander................. 6B

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The City of Walled Lake is facing a $600,000 budget shortfall. Decisions regarding potential budget cuts have not yet been made. At the most recent city council meeting 20 residents voiced concerns of loosing Walled Lake Fire Department personnel.

BY MARK H. STOWERS CONTRIBUTING WRITER Annual tax revenue has fallen and city commitments to a “broken” pension system designed by past city officials and unions continues to put Walled Lake in deficit. That makes for a lively debate amongst residents, city workers and council members as they start to prepare the upcoming city budget that will be voted on in June. City deputy clerk, Tamara Williams, said there were plenty of residents involved in the public comment portion of last week’s council meeting. “There was a lot of public comment and audience participation but it wasn’t an agenda item so there was no action taken on it,” Williams said. “There was a fiscal health of the city presentation done by our finance director.” According to Williams there were 50 people at the meeting and 20 of them participated in public comment. “A majority of the comments were in support of the fire department,” Williams said. Walled Lake Mayor, William Roberts, welcomes citizens to any of the open meetings regarding the budget and other city business. “They are all open meetings – the meeting we had in April was an open meeting,” he said. “The city manager has been working on negotiations with the bargaining groups but they don’t seem like they’ve been very successful thus far. It takes both sides to negotiate.” Colleen Coogan, city fi-

lion dollars a year.” The pension plan has been “historically mismanaged” by both the city and the administrators. And employees have retired with “unbelievable pension payments each month” according to Coogan. “The pension play has very rich benefits.” In addition, current city workers with tenure have put a strain on the city’s finances. “The third piece is that the e m ploy“One ees of is there is “Transitioning to a part-time fire Walled a budget department is one of the suggestions L a k e shortin that presentation to help offset. have a fall of large $600,000 No one is recommending closing the amount that’s gofire department. The police departof paid ing to be ment has already undergone this.” t i m e with them off,” she now until -Colleen Coogan, City Finance Director said. the end of “ T h e time,” she c i t y said. “Under existing property taxes they provides full time wages and full receive $1.4 million less each time benefits for employees who year since 2007. So they have to have been here ten years and reset themselves at lower levels.” are now only working 27 hours Surrounding communities a week. So that extra 13 hours a across Michigan and the coun- week, we pay them to be off but try are also fighting this battle. we still need that work done. So According to Coogan, the city we pay part time people or the has been using employee attri- full time people work it and we tion and outsourcing to fight have to pay them again. So we this battle. City administration need to look at the level of time has been cut by 50 percent since off for full time employees.” At the most recent city coun2007. There are currently only cil meeting last week, 20 res33 full-time city employees. “The second big problem idents voiced concerns over they have is the huge amount losing any fire department perof debt on the pension plan,” sonnel. Residents were heard she said. “There is a $10 million at the meeting but due to the debt load and the debt service budget not being on the agenda, payment on that is a half-mil- there was no action voted on the nance director, is gathering all the needed information for the council to make decisions. “Right now there are no budget cuts because there is no adopted budget. Everything at this point has just been information to council,” Coogan said. “So nothing has been voted on and the Council has not taken a position.” There are three main problems for Council according to Coogan.

Oakland County residents traveled to the polls on May 7 to vote in the special election. The Oakland County Elections Division reports that out of 115,144 registered voters in Oakland County, only 20,413 ballots were cast. On the ballot were various city millages for the school dis-

tricts of Berkley, West Bloomfield and Madison Heights. Voters elected to renew both the operating millage and sinking fund millage for the Berkley School District with over 80 percent of the voters in favor. Residents also voted in favor of a bonding proposal, which would allow the Madison Heights Public School District to borrow $11.4 million to renovate and expand a former ele-







mentary building, build a road to connect elementary and high schools and fund safety upgrades for the district. Fifty seven percent of the voters were in favor with 43 percent of voters against the proposal. Fifty two percent of voters elected to approve a sinking fund millage for the West Bloomfield School District, which would add 1.25 mills for 14 years to create a sinking

fund. Fifty two percent of voters were in favor with 48 percent of voters opposed. Voters re-elected Troy Mayor, Dane Slater into office for another term. Slater was in a close race with opponent Marty Knollenberg receiving 45.88 percent of the vote. Slater received 50.39 percent of the total vote. Slater’s term will end November 9, 2015.





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matter. According to Coogan, there are five bargaining groups in the city that are part of the pension and all five are in negotiations with city manager, Dennis Whitt. If the city stands pat and no concessions are given by the bargaining groups, then the city would have to layoff seven people to make up the deficit. “Seven people off will close that gap,” Coogan said. “Transitioning to a part-time fire department is one of the suggestions in that presentation to help offset. No one is recommending closing the fire department. The police department has already undergone this. Since 2007 they lost 12 employees or 27 percent of the police department.” Coogan is working to give the Council every possible idea to help close the budget gap and is working towards a plan that will actually give Walled Lake a future – and not one that involves an emergency manager from the state. “Is this an optimal position? Absolutely not, but Walled Lake is in a financial crisis. They (the council) have to make some tough decisions. They are in the position of receiving information and requesting addition information,” she said. The Walled Lake City Council held a budget workshop May 11. No decisions regarding the deficit have yet been made. The next Walled Lake City Council meeting will be held May 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers.

The Results Are In: Oakland County Residents Vote in May 7 Special Election BY ALI ARMSTRONG EDITOR



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A2 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wolverine Lake Resident Selected as State Finalist in National American Miss Pageant BY ALI ARMSTRONG EDITOR

The following are excerpts from a telephone interview with Wolverine Lake resident and state finalist in the National American Miss Pageant, Alyssa Jewell.

ing to be around a bunch of positive people. It’s been fun so far and I am excited for the next session. Right now, I feel like I am one of the underdogs because I have never done a pageant before. I’ve never been very girly and when I was growing up I was definitely a tomboy. It’s still weird for me to put on a dress, but I am getting use to it. It’s brining out my feminine side.”

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

fast, you have to really pour your heart out right away. I told the judges a bit about my background. I have performed at the Lions half time show on Thanksgiving for the past three years, so I kind of threw that in so they would know that I have performed before. After the interview I had to wait about a week before I found out if I would be advancing to the next round or not. I got the call and I was so excited.” Do you think your involvement in this pageant has changed you at all?

“I’m a senior at Walled Lake Central High School and I am getting ready to graduate in the fall. I plan on going to Oakland Community College for the first two years of college and then transferring to Western Michigan University for aviation. I want to be a pilot, that’s a big goal of mine. I am in choir and have been for the past eight years. I am originally from a small town in Michigan called Vassar, which is about 15 miles Northeast of Frankenmuth. I moved to Wolverine Lake about six years ago.”

“It’s made me more confident that’s for sure! I know when I was younger I got bullied a lot. I always had big dreams to be an actress and they kind of got shot down when I was bullied. In about 10th grade I really started to come out of my shell, but I can definitely say that this experience has helped me grow more. It’s also helped with my speech as well. I am no longer afraid to talk in front of people.”

Congratulations on your title of state finalist in the National American Miss Pageant. Can you tell me how you got started competing in pageants?

If you advance you will be competing for a national title in Hollywood. How would you feel if you made it to the finals?

“About two years ago I actually got a letter in the mail saying that someone had recommended me for the National American Miss Pageant. I wasn’t sure about it, but a few years later I got the letter again and said ‘okay. I might as well try it.’ I went to the interview and I am so happy I did it.”

“Hollywood has always been one of my dreams, even just to set foot there. I would be extremely honored to be able to go there. I’m just a girl from a small town with big dreams. I am used to having my dreams shot down, but now they are coming true and it is exciting.”

You had never competed in a beauty pageant before. What made you decide to compete in this pageant? “I just want girls that know that you don’t have to be a stick or a model to be beautiful. The self-esteem of young girls is not as strong as it should be in this day and age. I feel strongly about that because I got bullied when I was younger because I was curvier than the other girls. I feel that you don’t have to be thin to be beautiful. That is the main thing I would like to instill in young girls.” How has the experience of your first pageant been? “It’s really exciting! I wish I had done it earlier, to be honest. I think it’s really fun and it’s very uplift-

Alyssa Jewell of Wolverine Lake will be competing at the State Finals of the National American Miss Pageant in July.

Do you plan on competing in any more beauty pageants?

For you, what has been the most difficult part of the experience?

“I believe there is one for 19 and 20 years olds, so maybe next year I will compete. I would definitely do it again.”

“Definitely the entire ‘dressing up’ thing. I am one of those girls that wants to be in sweat pants and a hoodie. Now, I am heels and a dress. It’s changed me.” You are advancing to the state finals which will be held this July in Dearborn. What kinds of things did you have to do to advance to the state finals?

How does your family and friends feel about your involvement in this pageant? “My mom was a little skeptical at first, but my family is very supportive. They have my back, that’s for sure.”

“It was a really quick interview. Because it was so


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A3


Several Lakes Area Schools Are the Best in the Nation BY TORRY YU CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Newsweek and The Daily Beast named several area high schools on their annual ranking of America’s Best High Schools earlier this month. Out of the 2,000 schools that were recognized, all of the high schools in the Huron Valley, Walled Lake and West Bloomfield School Districts were included. Eighty-two high schools in Michigan made the list, with Bloomfield Hills’ International Academy ranking the highest in the state and 30th nationally. They are credited with having a 100 percent graduation rate, an average SAT score of 1957 and an average ACT score of 29.4. In the lakes area, Walled Lake Central ranked seventh in the state and 341 in the nation, with a 98 percent graduation rate, along with an average ACT score of 22.3 and an average score of 4.2 on AP exams. “This could not be accomplished without all of us working hard. Every teacher who works diligently to educate all of our students,” Charles Morgan, Walled Lake Central principal said in an e-mail.

National Rank of Lakes Area High Schools School 2013 Rank 2012 Rank Lakeland 870 910 Milford 1486 n/a Walled Lake Central 341 702 Walled Lake Northern 656 776 Walled Lake Western 1285 n/a West Bloomfield 719 640

*Newsweek and The Daily Beast only compiled the top 1000 high schools in 2012, so Milford and Walled Lake Western High Schools were not on the list.

The rank was created using a standardized z-score with each of the school’s data. Twenty-five percent of the total rank was weighed from the school’s graduation rate; college acceptance rate accounted for 25 percent; AP and IB exams administered 25 percent; average ACT/SAT scores 10 percent; average AP and IB exam scores 10 percent; and the percent of students enrolled in an AP or IB course 5 percent. This comes two weeks after the Washington Post released their list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools, which ranked their schools in a similar fashion Newsweek and The Daily Beast used. However, the rank from the Washington Post creates a ratio of the number of AP, IB and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests that were given at each

school to the number of seniors that graduated in the given year.

Rank of the 2013 Most Challenging High Schools School State National 1181st Walled Lake Central 16th Walled Lake Northern 13th 1071st 1679th Walled Lake Western 24th West Bloomfield 17th 1190th On this rank, a total of 2,033 schools were listed in the nation, with 29 of those located in Michigan. Sterling Height’s Utica Academy for International Studies was listed the most challenging high school in the state. All the area school districts offer a variety of advanced placement courses for their students, while Huron Valley’s Lakeland High School hosts the International Academy’s west campus, which offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Walled Lake Western High School also offers the IB curriculum in addition to their AP offerings after being named an IB World School last year to offer the Diploma Programme. Currently, Western and James R. Geisler Middle School are candidate schools to offer the IB Middle Years Programme in Walled Lake.

Walled Lake Student Athletes Commit to Colleges

Walled Lake Central High School hosted a College Signing event for ten student athletes that plan to pursue athletics at the collegiate level on May 3. These ten athletes are Kaitlyn Farthing, Benjamin Gjokaj, Daniel Heyn, Josephine Jackson, Nicholas Marsh,

Front row from left to right: Drew Miller, Josephine Jackson, Kaitlyn Farthing, Bryan Maxwell and Cullen Prena. Back row from left to right: Daniel Heyn, Nicholas Marsh, Alexander Palafox, Andrew Wood and Benjamin Gjokaj

Bryan Maxwell, Drew Miller, Alexander Palafox, Cullen Prena, and Andrew Wood. Kaitlyn Farthing is the daughter of Dawn Averill. Farthing plans to attend Schoolcraft College to play soccer. She plans to study Fire Sciences. Benjamin Gjokaj is the son of Rudy and Indira Gjokaj. Gjokaj plans to attend The University of Detroit Mercy to play lacrosse. He plans to study criminal justice. Daniel Heyn is the son of Bill and Maggie Heyn. Heyn plans to attend Schoolcraft College to play soccer. He plans to study physical therapy or computer engineering. Josephine Jackson is the daughter of Towanna Jackson. Jackson plans to attend The University of Notre Dame to throw shot put and discus for the

Track and Field team. She plans to study Film. Nicholas Marsh is the son of David Marsh and Sandra Bowers. Marsh plans to attend Schoolcraft College to play soccer. He plans to study Business Finance. Bryan Maxwell is the son of Richard and Mary Lou Maxwell. Maxwell plans to attend Western Michigan University to play soccer. He is undecided on his plan of study. Drew Miller is the son of Dave and Diane Miller. Miller plans to attend Defiance College to play baseball. He is undecided on his plan of study. Alexander Palafox is the son of Edwin and Carolyn Palafox. Palafox plans to attend Grand Valley State University to play lacrosse. He plans to study business.

Walled Lake Northern High School Senior Caitlin Crowley has committed to the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) to play basketball. Crowley received a scholastic and academic scholarship from UNOH, which is located in Lima, Ohio. PHOTO BY CHRIS CROWLEY

Cullen Prena is the son of Ron and Laurie Prena. Prena plans to attend The University of Oregon to throw shot put and discus for the Track and Field team. He plans to study business marketing. Andrew Wood is the son of Steve and Michelle Wood. Wood plans to attend The University of Utah to play hockey. He plans to study athletic training.


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A4 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Therapy Dogs International Help Students Overcome Reading Obstacles


students are allowed 15-20 minutes to read aloud to the dogs privately. Prime began working with TDI when she got her You may have seen them on first dog, Sheba, almost 6 years the news lately for their service ago to visit her brother in the in Boston, but for years they have end stages of his life. been working as stress relievers “We grew up on a farm at sites such as Sandy Hook Eleand he loved animals, but he mentary in Newtown, Connectiwasn’t able to see any animals cut; Oklahoma City; and disaster in the nursing homes. Nobody sites of Hurricane Katrina. They brought them by,” Prime said. are Therapy Dogs International “I wanted to try and make a (TDI) and for over 30 years they change so I got my first dog have been bringing joy and hapand started training with the piness to people all across the intention of producing a thernation. apy dog to go in and see my The organization was foundbrother and everybody else ed in 1976 with a dedication to along the way. That’s what the testing, selection and regstarted me.” istration of qualified dogs and After beginning to voltheir handlers for the purpose unteer, Prime noticed such a of visitation of hospitals, nursdemand for therapy dogs and ing homes, other institutions and made the decision to get secany other places therapy dogs are ond dog. needed. The dogs currently work In 2012 approximately at two different libraries, two 24,750 dogs in all 50 states and different senior centers and Canada were registered with Students of Ashlea Weston’s 1st/2nd grade class at Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran School in Hartland have been working with Therapy Dogs International since last year. various schools. TDI. “I say I am paying it forBut did you also know they one on one with the dogs her students acceptance process, the classroom ward, because when I get into can help you read? The Tail Wagin’ Tutors program, worked with TDI handler Mona Prime, are able to build their skills without a situation where I can’t have my dogs as part of TDI, was created to provide who has been working with therapy being intimidated. She even hopes one or take care of them, I certainly hope a relaxed and “dog-friendly” atmo- dogs for almost six years. Her two dogs, day to have a therapy dog of her own in that someone will take the time to bring them to me,” Prime said. sphere, which allows students to prac- Sheba and Gigi, are purebred German her classroom regularly. “A couple of my struggling readers, Shepherds. TDI is a non-profit volunteer ortice the skill of reading. “We did it for the first time with their reading out loud has improved ganization based out of New Jersey. For According to TDI, many of the children chosen for this program have my first and second graders last year,” tenfold,” Weston said. “They can read more information on TDI, other prodifficulties reading and as a result have Weston said. “It has really helped out loud and are volunteering to read grams and how to join visit or call 973-252-9800 developed self-esteem issues. By sit- with my readers who struggle because in front of the class.” When the dogs visit each week, ting down next to a dog and reading, they’re not reading in front of their all threats of being judged are pushed peers and they’re not reading in front of me. They can screw up and make a aside. Last year Ashela Weston, a first mistake and the dogs don’t care, that’s and second grade teacher at Our Savior the biggest part. There is no one judgEvangelical Lutheran School in Hart- ing them and it’s helping to build those land, welcomed the dogs into her class- confidence and phonetic skills.” room. Weston believes that by reading After an initial application and

The dogs are a part of the Tail Wagin’ Tutors program, which helps struggling readers. The dogs and their handler, Mona, visit each week and students are allowed 15-20 minutes to read out loud.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A5

Public Safety Activity


WIXOM – LARCENY Wixom officers were dispatched on May 1 to MSAI Company on reports of copper fitting being stolen. Upon arrival officers spoke with complainant who stated that someone had stolen the copper fitting for the sprinkler system from his business on Wall Street. There are no suspects at this time. WIXOM – PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM VEHICLE On May 5 Wixom officers were dispatched to a residence in reference to reports of larceny from an automobile. Upon arrival officers spoke with complainant who stated that sometime during the night someone stole the listed license plate off their 2003 Chevy Impala. There are no suspects at this time. WALLED LAKE – DISCHARGE OF FIREARM Walled Lake officers were dispatched on May 6 to the area of 950 Leon upon reference of shots fired. Dispatch stated that the caller had heard gunshots east of her residence. Officers arrived and spoke with a witness who led police to the suspect’s residence. Police obtained a 10-gauge shotgun from behind the bedroom door. The suspect admitted to firing one double ought buck round straight up in the backyard. Police obtained all weapons from the residence and the suspect was placed under arrest and issued a misdemeanor citation.

Walled Lake officers were dispatched on May 1 to take a report of a possible hit and run accident. Upon arrival officers spoke with complainant who stated that as she crossed the street, at the intersection of S. Commerce and Pontiac Trail, she saw a black sedan coming southbound up S. Commerce Road. The car then went into the right lane and bumped her son’s bike with its bumper. Complainant did not get a license plate number from the car. There are no suspects at this time. WALLED LAKE – MISDEMEANOR ARREST WARRANT On May 1 Walled Lake Police performed a routine traffic stop. A run of the vehicle’s plate through LEIN revealed that the driver had an active warrant out of Novi. LEIN confirmed a warrant for misdemeanor for larceny out of Novi. The warrant was dated August 3, 2009 with $500.00 bond. Suspect was turned over to the Novi Police Department and was taken into custody without incident. HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP – DOMESTIC ASSAULT/RESISTING & OBSTRUCTING Deputies responded to a family trouble call in the 700 block of Milford Road. Complainant was reporting that her 27-year-old son, a Highland Township resident, was out of control and breaking household items. Arriving at the residence deputies observed the responsible fleeing through the rear door. A struggle ensured and a deputy struck the wooden screen door during the struggle. Deputy received abrasions to both arms and was medically treated at the scene by Highland Township paramedics. There were no injuries to the suspect. Suspect was taken into custody and lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending arraignment.

Free, New Education Tool Focuses on The Dangers of Underage Drinking, Distracted Driving

The Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan (TIA) and the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) recently partnered to create a new traffic safety resource DVD that can be used to educate teens and young adults about the dangers of underage drinking and distracted driving. “Research has shown that education is a vital component to achieving a reduction of traffic crash fatalities and injuries,” said Jim Santilli, executive director of TIA. “This DVD equips public safety officials, driver education instructors and other traffic safety advocates with a powerful resource to educate teens and young adults about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving.”   The DVD includes PowerPoint presentations and videos on underage drinking and distracted driving, speaker notes, and a video depicting a dramatization of a distracted driving crash. It was produced through

federal funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). “Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teens ages 15-20, and distractions and alcohol are key factors in many of those crashes,” said Michael L. Prince, OHSP director. “We hope this DVD will help law enforcement officers and educators talk to teens about the dangers of underage drinking and distractions while driving.”    According to NHTSA, 3,331 people were killed and an estimated 387,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver in 2011. Nationally, alcohol plays a role in a third of traffic deaths and was a factor in 9,878 deaths in 2011.   The distracted driving crash dramatization on the DVD was filmed in Clinton Township and received an Eclipse Award in West Michigan for production

Make Your House A Home...

excellence. It was produced as part of the Remembering Ally campaign in memory of 16-year-old Romeo High School student Ally Zimmerman who died in a distracted driving crash in 2011.    Copies of the DVD are available at no cost and can be ordered by e-mailing trafficsafety@michigan. gov or calling (517) 636-4256.   “I commend the Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan and Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning for their commitment to educating the public about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving,” said Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. “This multimedia resource gives professionals the tools needed to effectively deliver a powerful traffic safety presentation, helping us to save lives and prevent injuries in Michigan.”

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*APR- annual percentage rate for loans $10,000 and above. Subject to application and credit approval. Equity lines of credit subject to acceptable property evaluation and title search. You are required to maintain property insurance. Introductory rate of 1.99% is fixed for transactions posting first 6 months of loan term. Beginning with 7th month a variable rate based on the Wall Street Journal prime rate, currently 3.25% as of 4/1/2013 will apply. The minimum APR is 4.00%, Maximum 25.00%. Lines of credit $100,000 and above will incur closing costs of $500. Annual loan fee of $50, waived the first year. Loan to value not to exceed 80% for owner occupied property and 70% for non owner occupied property. An early closing fee of $350 will be assessed if loan is closed within 36 months. Offer expires 6/30/2013. APR not available for refinance of existing Huron Valley State Bank home equity line of credit.

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A6 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Commentary: Michigan Must Become The Letter to the Editor: Center of Automated Vehicle Technology mit these vehicles on public Michigan roadways through the use of a “Manufacturer” license plate. The governor proposed that we enact laws clearly stating that testing and operating this new technology in Michigan is legal. My bill signals that Michigan intends to be a leader in this field and attract autonomous vehicle companies to locate here. Automated vehicles represent remarkable technology that will someday improve the lives of millions of Americans. As Michigan Department of Transportation Director Kirk Steudle has noted, automated vehicles will make our roads safer and our vehicles more fuel efficient. The technology will also strengthen the economies of the states in which it is based. We must do all we can to make Michigan the leader among those states. SB 169 will help ensure that happens.

By Sen. Mike Kowall 15th Senate District

The future looks bright for Michigan. After a decade of economic stagnation, high unemployment and bleak prospects, we are on the path to a strong recovery. In the past, manufacturing was king, with automobile production at its core. Today the auto industry continues to play a vital role in our economy, with our state being home to more than 330 companies that engage in automotive research and development. These businesses spend a whopping $11 billion annually on R&D. The state is positioned to be the leader in one of the emerging, high-tech segments of this industry: automated vehicles. Automated vehicles are capable of sensing their surroundings and navigating without human input. In his State of the State address, Gov. Rick Snyder said he wanted to establish Michigan as a leader in automated vehicle technology to attract jobs stemming from this developing industry. We must pursue this vision. Michigan is the birthplace of the automobile industry, and we continue to be at the forefront of advancements in automotive engineering. That is why earlier this year I

introduced Senate Bill 169, which would position Michigan to become the center of automated vehicle technology in the United States. As of October 2012, three states have passed legislation regarding autonomous vehicles: California, Florida and Nevada. Currently, there are no defined federal regulations regarding this technology. My measure would help ensure that research and development expenditures and taxes related to automated vehicles stay in Michigan. SB 169 would per-

Senator Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, is the chair of the Senate Economic Development Committee and vice chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation. He serves the citizens of the 15th Senate District, representing western Oakland County.

Dear Editor, As a taxpayer and former teacher, I am appalled at the recent, unanimous, vote by the Walled Lake Schools Board of Education to privatize school bussing. I cannot help but wonder how many of you crunched the numbers YOURSELVES before voting. Not long ago, the district I taught in was faced with similar financial issues. However, that Board of Education chose to put all of the issues “out there” so that the public could be aware of the difficult decisions they would soon be making. The bus drivers in that district took pay cuts, gave up sick days and contributed more to their medical benefits in good faith. The same as the Walled Lake Schools bus drivers have done. When the vote came in, the board chose not to privatize bussing. In the end, when each member had crunched the numbers, they realized that it would take very few extra dollars to maintain the level of driver expertise, safety for the children and confidence of the community. How many of the Walled Lake Schools Board of Education works for minimum wage, pays a good portion of their medical benefits and has the lives of hundreds of children in their hands every day; rain, shine, sleet, ice or snow? How many of the board members values human welfare considering the state of the economy right now? How many of the board members have children that will be riding on those buses with strangers? Shame on all of you for putting our children at risk, maintaining your own level of compensation, and not making the public aware of these issues sooner. It is my understanding that all of these bus drivers will have to apply with the new company and IF they get a job will have to forfeit pay, which is at the minimum right now, as well as benefits. They will also not be paid by the district for sick days they had accumulated. In fact, I can’t blame those drivers for using their sick days, if they aren’t going to be paid for them; too bad they all got sick on the same day. In closing, privatization satisfies the bottom line, that being financial, however it does not address the best interests of our children with respect to quality and quantity. I hope that the board will consider re-evaluating the privatization decision and the intended, as well as unintended consequences. Sincerely, Suellen Trionfi Wolverine Lake

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A7

Commerce United Methodist Church Makes Headway on Chapel Renovation Efforts

The Commerce United Methodist Chapel was moved from its original location in 1957. Today, members of the historical committee are working to restore the chapel’s interior to its earliest records, which date back to the 1940’s.

BY ALI ARMSTRONG EDITOR When the original chapel of the Commerce United Methodist Church was moved in 1957, members of the church never thought it would be suitable for worshiping again. Today, after approximately a year of renovations members of the congregation are getting closer and closer to worshiping in the chapel that dates back to 1842. The Commerce Episcopal class, which later became a church society, erected its first church in 1842. By 1957 the congregation had grown and needed a bigger building. Property was bought and an addition was built. The chapel was moved to its new location on Commerce Road. Members of the Commerce United Methodist Church Historical Committee have been working to renovate the nearly 200-year-old chapel’s interior to bring back the look from its earliest records, which date back to the 1940’s. “Some of us were getting upset because they wanted to bring stuff into the chapel that didn’t really fit and I said ‘don’t waste your money on pews that don’t even fit in here. Lets put that money and bring it back to the way it used to be,’” Linda Kornatowski, member of the Commerce United Methodist Church Historical Committee said. Renovations to the chapel include restoring the hardwood floors, new light fixtures, a newly installed fire suppression system and more. “We are trying to get the chapel to go back to its earliest records of how it looked,” Kornatowski said. “We want to preserve history. We have some of the original pews and it will look almost exactly like it used it. We want to have a child sit and know that maybe their grandfather or grandmother sat in this pew. “ Originals as well as replicas of the chapel’s pews will be made and placed in the chapel.

Kornatowski says the historical committee would like to have pews available for family members to purchase in the memory of a loved one. One part of the chapel in its complete original form that will not be renovated: the bell, which dates back to the 1800’s. “The bell has been rang for hundreds of years. We still ring it on Sundays,” Kornatowski said. “Ringing the bell is like brining the past with us.” Once renovations are complete, the chapel will primarily be used for worship services but will also be available for small services, weddings or funerals. Kornatowski and her sister, Laura Kontesti, have been attending the church since they were children. “When they wanted to do something as far as renovations, I had emotional ties and just wanted to see it done right,” Kontesti said. “Let just keep it the way it was. We won’t have to tell a story about the way it used to be, lets just keep it that way.” To help fund the renovations of the chapel, the church has sponsored many fundraising efforts including an Antique Appraisal to be held May 19. The Commerce Untied Methodist Church’s Chapel is recognized as the oldest Methodist church in Oakland County and is one of the oldest in Michigan. The church received a historical marker from the state of Michigan in 1986 and underwent another addition in 2008 to meet the growing needs of the church, which now holds over 600 congregation members. An antique appraisal will be held at the Commerce United Methodist Church May 19 from noon to 4 p.m. The Commerce United Methodist Church is located at 1155 North Commerce Road in Commerce Township. For more information call 248-3633935

“We are trying to get the chapel to go back to its earliest records of how it looked, We want to preserve history.” -Linda Kornatowski, member of the Commerce United Methodist Church Historical Committee

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A8 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

12th Annual Wixom Founders Day Celebration To Be Held May 19 BY ALI ARMSTRONG EDITOR

The City of Wixom will be holding its 12th annual Founders Day Festival May 19 at Gibson Park. Activities and events are set to include kid’s pony and train rides; mechanical bull rides; old fashioned games and crafts; basket and candle making; butter churning; an old tractor and vehicle display; and much more. There will be a pie-eating as well as a pie-baking contest. Sisters of the Union will have a tent set up offering a living camp demonstration. The marching band from Walled Lake Western and the jazz band from Lakeland High School will also be performing. “Everyone will be baking cookies over the campfire,” Linda Hinkley, parks and recreation supervisor for the City of Wixom said. “They will also be showing what the ladies did while the men were off at work, like keeping up the home fires.” New to 2013 is a Huron Valley Civil War Display, kid’s archery by Proud Lake DNR, Old Town Shopping District and more. According to Deanna Magee, community service director for the City of Wixom, the Founders Day Festival began 12 years ago after there was an interest in sharing the history of Wixom. “We had the Historical Wixom House and there was just community interest in that type of thing...We started out small and it has gotten bigger and bigger,®” Magee said. “The concentration was to be kind of an old fashioned day but with a focus on family.” Attendance this year is expected to surpass the 2,000 who attended last year’s festival.


The Huron Valley Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission, Sisters of the Union and many more will be a part of the four civil war camps at the festival this year.

“I think it’s a good family activity for the afternoon,” Magee said. “There is something there for everybody.” The 12th annual Wixom Found-

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Walled Lake Downtown Development Authority Presents Fifth Annual ‘Bill Compton Support Our Troops 5K-Run


Williams Lake Rd.


Union Lake Rd.

The Walled Lake Downtown Development Authority will hold its fifth annual Bill Compton Support Free Home Delivery Program Our Troops 5K-Run and 1M-Fun Walk on Sunday, No Limit • Coupon Expires 6/15/13 May 26 at 9 a.m., to support local military charities. N This non-timed event will start at the corner of Cooley East Walled Lake Drive and Ferland Street in Walled Lake Rd. Lake’s Historic Lakefront District. After the grand 8174 Cooley Lake Rd. opening celebration that includes an Honor Guard White Lake 48386 flag ceremony, participants will follow a course that takes them along the shores of Walled Lake. Runners and walkers will enjoy a post-event brunch provided by the Uptown Grille and Great Harvest Bread in Commerce Township. Named in memory of Bill Compton, a highly decorated World War II veteran and long-time resident of Walled Lake, this event raises funds Families demand more. More fun. More comfort. More peace of mind. And all at a to they benefitwant theseit military charities: the 4-stroke Veterans great price. That’s where the VX Series wins them over every time. A compact, lightweight of Foreign Wars (VFW) Marine engine delivers the sporty performance, fuel efficiency and YamahaLawrence expect. Sims Wixom 2269 and OperaThe extended swim platform features a padded step and more than 15 gallons ofPost deck storage – just tion Hug-A-Hero. a few of the features that make this the best-selling PWC of all time. Everything This about Yamaha’s event is openVX to Families demand more. More fun. More comfort. More peace of mind. And they want it all at a individuals and groups of Series is designed to keep your family riding until the sun decides to call it a day. great price. That’s where the VX Series wins them over every time. A compact, lightweight 4-stroke all ages. Pre-registration Marine engine delivers the sporty performance, fuel efficiency and Yamaha reliability you expect. entry fees are: $15 for inThe extended swim platform features a padded step and more than 15 gallons of deck storage – just VX SERIES WAVERUNNERS DELIVER dividuals; $100 for famia few of the features that make this the best-selling PWC of all time. Everything about Yamaha’s VX lies (up to five members); THE MOST AFFORDABLE EXCITEMENT ®

For more information visit www. or call 248624-2850

The Wixom Founders Day Festival will feature a pie-baking and pie-eating contest.

Home Medical Equipment & Supply


er’s Day Celebration will be held May 19 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Gibson Park in Wixom.




The fifth annual Bill Compton Support Our Troops 5K-Run and 1M-Fun Walk will be held May 26 at 9 a.m. in Walled Lake’s Historic Lakefront District.

and $25 per person for groups or clubs with more than ten members. Registration fees have increased by $5 person and $25 per group. For more information about the event, go to or contact Jennifer Stuart at 248-926-9004 or e-mail

Series is designed to keep your family riding until the sun decides to call it a day.


Families demand more. More fun. More comfort. More peace of mind. And they want it all at a great price. That’s where the VX Series wins them over every time. A compact, lightweight 4-stroke Marine engine delivers the sporty performance, fuel efficiency and Yamaha reliability you expect. The extended swim platform features a padded step and more than 15 gallons of deck storage – just a few of the features that make this the best-selling PWC of all time. Everything about Yamaha’s VX


Series is designed to keep your family riding until the sun decides to call it a day.


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for maneuvers, and respect others around you. Don’t drink and drive. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT ®

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A9

Walled Lake Art Projects Near Completion BY ALI ARMSTRONG EDITOR

Action Program, which involves people having their portraits taken so the photographs can be displayed in the community. A city map was scheduled for installation in downtown Walled Lake May 4, but due to unforeseen delays did not get put up. The installation date has been adjusted to sometime before Memorial Day. Walled Lake School Consolidated District art teachers Andrea Novak, Mary Grosvener and Cindy Scarpace along with artist volunteers Nick Lidster, Gary Riley and Valerie Kemp have been working on the final production of the map. For more information contact Valerie Kemp at

The creative teams behind a variety of art projects coming to Walled Lake have been making progress. Photos for an Earth Day mural project were taken on April 20 at Bayside Bar and Grill. On May 19, photos from the mural titled “Water…and It was Good” will be placed outside of 105 Liberty Street and throughout Walled Lake. Forty-five photos of residents, which somehow incorporate water, will be enlarged for outside display. Professional photographers Jon Kopacz and Jennifer Hansen took the black and white portraits. Kopacz and Hansen are affiliated with the Inside Out Project Group


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Photos from the Earth Day Mural Project will be installed on May 19th in Downtown Walled Lake.

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A10 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Community Calendar

Milford Rotary Wine Tasting Event May 23 The Milford Rotary’s 19th International Wine & Beer Tasting event is happening on May 23 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. at Bakers (located at 2055 S. Milford Rd in Milford.) Activities include: door prizes, silent auction and a raffle for a suitcase full of liquor. Rotttermond’s will provide one lucky winner with a $600+ necklace. The food will be provided by local restaurants along with deserts and non-alcoholic beverages. Tickets can be purchased at Colasanti’s and Milford Rotarian for $40 in advance or by calling Yvonne at 248756-5936. Tickets can be purchased for $45 at the gate. Proceeds go towards a $2,000 scholarship to each Huron Valley High School (Milford and Lakeland.) If you need more information please call Rich Harrison at 248-9355556 or Yvonne at 248-756-5936 Teen Advisory Board May 21 On May 21 the Milford Public Library will be having a Teen Advisory Board from 3:30 - 5 p.m. Help plan programs, give suggestions for books, DVDs, CDs, etc., to be purchased, decorate the library for holidays and more. Meet new people and get volunteer credit! Open to Milford residents ages 13-18. Interested teens are welcome to attend this meeting. For more information call 248-684-0845 Family Fun Day May 23 On Thursday May 23 from 10 11:30 a.m. the Milford Public Library will host a Family Fun Day. Duplo blocks, puzzles and lots of learning toys for all ages will be available in the community room. Drop in with your family and meet a friend for some playtime at the library. Help your children get ready to read with learning activities. No registration is required. Storytelling and Sing Festival May 18

The 3rd annual Storytelling and Song Festival will be on May 18 from 7 - 9:30 p.m. at Fisk Farm (located at 9180 Highland Road in White Lake.) Special guests are: officially named Michigan’s troubadour for his life long commitment to preserve Great Lakes folk music and culture, Neil Woodward. Neil’s performances pay tribute to light keepers, migrant workers, sailors, soldiers, teachers, mothers, fathers, lumberjacks, railroaders, farmers, hobos and auto workers. Admission at the door is $10 per family. Jeff Doyle is the King of the Campfire and Premier Storyteller as he shares his wild, funny, and scary tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Jeff captivates listeners of all ages. This is an event that you will not want to miss. Admission at the door is only $10 per family. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous May 18 Are you having trouble controlling the way you eat? Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a free twelve step recovery program for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating, or bulimia. A public information session will be held on May 18 at Crossroads Presbyterian Church (located at 1445 Welch Road in Walled Lake.) This information session will be from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Meetings are held every Friday at 6 p.m. at this same location. For more information or a list of additional meetings throughout the U.S., or locally call 781-932-6300 or visit Commerce Township Breakfast May 21


Please join us as we celebrate Michigan Week and the Annual Community Awards presentations on May 21 at Edgewood Country Club (located at 8399 Commerce Road in Com-

Presenting Sponsor

Parking: Old Wixom Road (South) to K-Tool Drive, turn (West) Across from Wixom Food Mart

OLD TOWN ACTIVITIES & EVENTS Old Tractor & Vehicle Display Wool Spinner Butter Churning Blacksmith Candle Maker Basket Making Horse Saddle Display Wood Carver Historical Society Table Sheep Shearing & Petting Farm Presidential Doll Display Historical Picture Display Kids Pony & Train Rides Mechanical Bull Rides St. Matthew Child ID & Art Station Inflatable Sheepshank Sam Trapper John Old Fashioned Games & Crafts Sun, Water & Seeds 4 H Club Sarah Banks Patriotic Letter & Art Display Wixom Ladder Fire Truck


12:50 1-1:30 1:00 1:15 1:30 2-3:00 2:15 2:45 3-4:00 1 - 4:00

Opening Ceremonies - Color Guard by VFW Neu Wixom Dance Academy Performances Pie Baking Contest - Judging Begins Kids Barnyard Hay Stack Dig Patriotic Songs by Wixom Christian Elem. Walled Lake Western Band Pie Eating Contest Pie Eating Contest Winners Announced Lakeland High School Jazz Band Civil War Camps: 8th Arkansas / 22nd Mich. Company K Volunteer Infantry; Michigan’s 15 Volunteer Infantry; Sister’s of the Union; Huron Valley Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission

NEW FOR 2013 Sean Tracy– Veterans Project (WWII Model Airplanes) Huron Valley Civil War Display Michigan’s 15th Volunteer Infantry Sisters of the Union Old Town Surveyor, Old Town Shopping District, Kids Archery by Proud Lake DNR, Friends of the Library , Wixom Public Library

CONCESSIONS: Ellen’s Hotdogs, Cadie Sue’s BBQ

(Pulled Pork, Sausage & Peppers)

merce Twp.) Doors open at 7 a.m. and breakfast is served at 7:30 a.m. For advance tickets please contact Commerce Township Treasurer at 248-960-70 Meijer and Simply Give The Commerce Meijer store launches their Simply Give promotion. How does it work? When you are shopping at the Meijer in Commerce, by the checkout there is “Simply Give” donation cards that can paid for with a $10 donation. Meijer will take that money, combine it with their matching donation and both will automatically donated to Hospitality House Food Pantry. Grant Writer Needed If you have experience writing state and federal grants and are looking for some very satisfying volunteer work, Community Sharing needs your help. If interested, please contact Barb Maher at 248-8890347 for more information. Lasagna Dinner May 17 Four Towns United Methodist Church is having a Lasagna Dinner on May 17 (located at 6451 Cooley Lake Road in Waterford.) The dinner will be from 5 to 7 p.m. and will include lasagna with garlic toast and salad bar. Adults are admitted for $7.50 and children ages 5 to 12 are admitted for $4. Children under 5 are admitted free. Carry outs are available. Kensington Heron Days Sunday May 18 and 19 Heron Days at Kensington Metropark will be held on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 from noon to 4 p.m. This free program features a live bat presentation, native tree and shrub sale, live insect exhibits, a book sale, heron rookery viewing and Rosco The Clown and his magic shows. Call for details at 810-227-8910

Kensington Homeschool: Digging Fossils May 23 The nature center at Kensington Metropark is hosting Digging Fossils on May 23 at 1:30 p.m. Using slides and specimens, patrons will examine early life on earth, then search for prehistoric fossils at Kensington’s gravel pit. Fee is $4 per student. Preregistration required. Parents will be required to drive to the gravel pit inside the park. For ages 8 to 10 years. Call 810-2278910 for more information. Pottery Workshop: Native American Techniques May 19 A pottery workshop event will be held Sunday, May 19 at 1 p.m. at the Environmental Discovery Center in Indian Springs. Experience hands-on history as you make your own pottery to take home, using techniques borrowed from the eastern Woodland Indians. Fee: $5 per person. Preregistration required by calling 248-625-7280 Commerce United Methodist Church Antique Appraiser Fair May 19th On Sunday May 19 the Commerce United Methodist Chruch will be hosting an antique appraiser. From noon to 4 p.m. antique appraisers Fred Fleming and LaVere Webster will be there. A $5 donation for each item - 4 item limit, if not worth $5 you will not be charged. One hundred percent of donations go toward the renovation of the chapel at Commerce United Methodist Church. There will lunch items for sale for a small fee.

Speed Date Your Career For Teens May 21

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • A11 On May 21 at the Commerce Township Library from 7 - 8:30 p.m. teens can find a perfect career path. A teacher, librarian, firefighter, cosmetologist, professional musician and more are waiting to meet you! It just might be love at first sight! Grades 6 and up are invited to attend. There will be snacks and prizes. No registration is needed. If you would like more information please call 248-669-8108 Habitat Clean Up: May 19 and June 2 at Johnson Elementary Spring is here! It’s time to show our pride in our school and clean up our outdoor habitat. We will be weeding and putting down mulch. Many hands will make quick work of it. If you’re interested in helping, clean up times are: Sunday, May 19th from 2 – 5 p.m. and Sunday, June 2nd from 2 – 5 p.m. Every minute of your time counts and we appreciate your help! Please bring gloves, rakes, wheel barrels and any other materials to assist in our efforts. Please contact Patricia Merrion to volunteer at patriciamerrion@gmail.comor or call 248.880.0739 Dublin Community Senior Center Would you like to start walking, but do not want to walk alone? The benefits of walking are many! Join the Walking Club on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Our walking club can provide friendship and motivation. Walking together will help us achieve goals and keep our spirits high. Enjoy a

juice and fruit bar after our walk while visiting with friends Come on and walk with us! Please call or come into our Dublin office to sign up. For more information call 248-698-2394

to everyone and is located at Gibson Park, 49805 Pontiac Trail. Some of the events include the 2nd Annual Pie Baking Contest, Antique/Classic Tractor and Vehicle, and more. To register for events call 248-624-2850.

Loan Closet in White Lake Township

Highland Adult Activity Center We’re on the search for community members with the desire or curiosity to garden. The Highland Adultactivity center is hosting a community garden project. The Highland Community Garden will be located behind the facility. The plots are 4 X 10 and are available to rent for a fee of $20 and a deposit of $20. We have 4 X 5 plots available for $10 and a $10 deposit. Easy garden 2 X 4 spots are available for $5 and a $5 deposit. A “Build A Box” $150 donation is corporate sponsorship fee needed to launch the project so if you are or know a business owner that would like to sponsor our “Build A Box” program please have them call Heidi at the center at 248-887-1707. This project is open to everyone.

Loan Closet in White Lake Township offers a Durable Equipment loan closet for those in need of medical equipment. For more information, call The White Lake Township’s Treasurer’s Office at 248-698-3300 – ext.4. Tea, Fun and Fashion May 20 Richardson Senior Center (located at 1485 E. Oakley Park in Commerce) will be hosting a Tea, Fun and Fashion event on May 20t at 10 a.m. Please reserve your seat by May 16 by calling 248-926-0063 Soup, Sandwich and Movie Day on Thursdays At the Richardson Senior Center (located at 1485 E. Oakley Park Road in Commerce Twp.) will serve lunch and provide an afternoon movie. The cost is $3 per person. Please reserve your spot in advance to ensure a seat. For more information call 248-926-0063 The City of Wixom 12th Annual Founders Day Festival May 19 The city of Wixom will be hosting the 12th Annual Founders Day Festival from 1 – 4 p.m. The event is free

Spring Craft Fair and Treasure Trunk Sale May 18 The Highland Adult Activity Center will be having a Craft Fair/ Treasure Trunk Sale and the Highland Beautification Plant Sale on May 18 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. There will be food vendors present with treats for the morning and lunch for the afternoon. Come watch the parade, go shopping and get something to eat. For more in-

formation call 248-887-1707 Highland Community Parade May 18 The Highland Community Parade will start at 10 a.m. on May 18. It will start out at W. Livingston Road and run to John Street. There will be floats, local school bands, Color Guard, VFW, American Legion and the Oakland County Mounted Patrol. Everyone is welcome to come. White Lake Township Library: Michigan’s Vanishing Train Stations May 22 On May 22 from 7 – 8 p.m., Michigan Notable book author, Michael H. Hodges, will discuss the train station’s architectural evolution and role in American life since 1830. Copies of his coffee table book, “Michigan’s Historic Railroad Stations,” will be available to purchase and have signed. Registration available online at or by calling 248-698-4942 ext. 2 Do you have an event you would like included in our community calendar? Contact Roxanne Schepansky at 248-360-7355 ext. 16 or e-mail her at

CITY OF WALLED LAKE AUTO AUCTION YEAR: 2008 MAKE: Ford MODEL: Crown Victoria VIN #: 2FAFP71V68X126391 COLOR: Black MILEAGE: Approx. 85,000 YEAR: 2007 MAKE: Ford MODEL: Crown Victoria VIN #: 2FAFP71W97X128028 COLOR: Black MILEAGE: Approx. 82,000 YEAR: 2006 MAKE: Ford MODEL: Crown Victoria VIN #: 2FAFP71WX6X153227 COLOR: Black MILEAGE: 88,827 YEAR: 2003 MAKE: Ford MODEL: Crown Victoria VIN: 22FAHP71W23X221797 COLOR: Black MILEAGE: 93,736

Eight Bearded Dragons were born this week at The Flower Factory in Highland and three more eggs are still incubating and ready to hatch. Owners Frank and Nicole Lynn were given an adult pair of Bearded Dragons by a client who was unable to care for them. After a few months of living peacefully at the store, Nicole noticed that there were eggs in the habitat. They called a local pet store who explained how to separate the eggs from the parents and incubate them so that the eggs would be safely born. The Flower Factory is on M59 at Waterbury in Highland. Stop by and visit the newborns.




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IMMEDIATE JOB OPENINGS White Lake, MI – Sanctuary at White Lake has immediate job openings available at its newly-constructed 12,000 square foot rehabilitation and long-term care community. If it is your calling to work with our residents, please join our team! Sanctuary at White Lake 10770 Elizabeth Lake Rd., White Lake (Just south of the intersection of M-59 and Elizabeth Lake Rd) Positions available are: • Part-Time CENAs for Afternoon Shift The Anam Cara (CENA) is the title for Caregiver of the Residents living within the Sanctuary. The foundation of the Sanctuary model is the relationship that exists between the Anam Cara and the resident. The Anam Cara is more than a friend or caregiver but someone who accepts the responsibility to care for the body, mind, and spirit of those in the Sanctuary. The Anam Cara’s responsibility is to welcome all into the communities and provide a safe place of refuge and Sanctuary. • Full-Time Clinical Resource Manager (RN) The Clinical Resource Manager will conduct and coordinate the development and completion of the resident assessment in accordance with the requirements of this state and the policies and goals of this community.


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Sealed Bid Addressed To: Deputy Clerk Tamara Williams 1499 E. West Maple Road Walled Lake, MI 48390 Phone: (248) 624-4847 Fax: (248) 624-1616 NO later than 10 am on May 29th, 2013 Bids to be opened in City Council Chambers at 10:30 am on May 29th, 2013 Vehicles Open to Inspection 8am – 5pm Monday thru Friday at Police Dept. All Winning Bids Subject to City Council approval on June 4th, 2013

• Full-Time Nurse Manager (Clinical Care Coordinator) Please apply online at, then click “Careers.”

A12 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Detective: Clues to Determine and Deter Unwanted Animals in Your Yard, Garden Holmes and Watson, Riggs and Murtaugh, Starsky and Hutch - when it comes to sleuthing out just what critter is munching on your spring garden, you may feel like your partnership with Mother Nature is as contentious as any that ever graced the big, or small screen. After all, how are you supposed to fight the “crime” of a decimated garden  if you can’t identify the suspect who’s been devouring your daylilies? And while Mother Nature may happily grace your garden with rain, warmth and sunshine, she may not always be on the same team when it comes to keeping critters out of your gardens and landscapes. Foraging pests can destroy your yard, literally overnight. It is possible to thwart garden thieves, but first you have to know what animals have been dining on your plants and shrubs. Once you’ve identified the culprits, you can settle on effective animal repellents that will persuade pests to leave your garden alone. Here are some facts to get your detective work under way: Devouring deer  - Ragged bites,

typically a foot or more above the ground indicate deer damage. Deer are notorious for devouring gardens and landscapes. You’ll see them, and their offspring, every year, making dinner of your daisies, daylilies and other ornamental plants. Ravenous rabbits - If plant damage is low to the ground - a few inches above the soil - and includes stems clipped cleanly at an angle, you’re probably dealing with rabbits. These fourlegged foragers will eat just about any kind of vegetation, including your fabulous flowers, bushes and other woody plants. If you don’t want bunnies nesting and raising families near your garden, remove brush and other debris that could provide them with shelter. Voracious voles -  When flower bulbs disappear from the ground or plant roots go missing, chances are you have voles - mouse-like creatures that burrow underground and that are highly destructive to gardens. Exit holes are further indications that voles are tunneling under your garden. Teeth marks around the base of trees, droppings or trails in the grass can also indicate the

presence of voles. Greedy groundhogs - Mounds of dirt beside burrow entrances are a sure sign of groundhogs, a garden pest that eats just about every type of green plant. Groundhogs can destroy a garden. These solitary herbivores live in burrows underground. Capricious chipmunks -  The onscreen antics of Chip and Dale might charm your children, but the presence of chipmunks in your garden is nothing but bad news. Damage to flower bulbs, plant shoots and leaves, uprooted plants and dug-up roots are all signs you have chipmunks. Their underground burrows may be a challenge to spot since the entrances are usually only about 2 inches in diameter and not surrounded by noticeable dirt mounds. You can curtail their activity by removing yard debris where chipmunks hide. Salacious squirrels  - While you might think of them as mostly the enemy of anyone with a bird feeder, squirrels can also cause damage to gardens. They live in colonies, digging underground tunnels and mounds in grassy areas and around trees that can lay waste to gardens and landscapes. Once you’ve identified the culprits assaulting your garden, you’ll need the right tools to take care of them. Most traditional pest-control measures - row covers, netting, noise deterrents, predator urine or even human hair strewn around the yard - simply don’t work. Fences can do the job, but they’re expensive and you may live in a community that restricts the type and height of fences you can erect. Some small animal repellents, however, do work. Bobbex-R is all natural, environmentally friendly and prov-

en effective at protecting ornamental plantings from small, four-legged garden critters. In testing by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, the product - which works through smell and taste aversion - received a 100 percent efficacy rating at repelling rabbits. Usable in any weather, it won’t burn plants or wash off. Use it as a bulb dip to deter underground damage, or spray it at the mouth of burrows to prevent animals from re-entering. Safe for humans, pets, birds and aquatic life, Bobbex-R contains no petro chemicals. To thwart deer damage, try Bobbex Deer, an all-natural repellent made from a combination of ingredients, including putrescent eggs, garlic, fish, clove oil and vinegar. By mimicking predator scents, this fear repellent also tastes unpleasant to deer. The product is more effective than nine other commercial repellents (including coyote urine), according to independent testing by the Connecticut AG Station. Testers gave it a 93 percent protection index, second only to a fence at 100 percent. For more information on keeping wildlife away from your yard and garden visit

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • B1


Waterford United Lacrosse Thumps Walled Lake Unified BY CHRIS WALL CONTRIBUTING WRITER

The Waterford Unified women’s lacrosse team scored 1:30 into the game and never looked back as they beat Walled Lake Unified 11-5 on Monday, May 6. 

Stacy Nguyen scored quickly for Waterford in a KLAA Lakes Conference game at Pierce Middle School. Waterford Unified kept the pressure on goals by Krissy Smith, Briana Holland, Amanda Barnes and Bailey Cristofori to take a commanding 5-0 lead with 13:48 to go in the first half. After a Walled Lake timeout, the Lady Gladiators got on the board with a goal by Kortney Diaz

with 12:10 to go in the half.  Walled Lake scored again on a great shot by Amanda Brunt at the 6:25 mark.  Samantha Wais got a goal for the Gladiators with 1:27 left in the half cutting the lead to 5-3. Waterford (3-7) broke the game open in the second half as they scored 5 unanswered goals to build a 9-3 lead with 8:08  left in the game.  Krissy Smith, Briana Holland, Bailey Cristofori and Brittany Dupuis scored two goals apiece to lead the offensive onslaught for Waterford. Goalies Emily Stieber and Kyley Hartel combined to hold Walled Lake to just five goals on the evening in a wide-open game. Kortney Diaz scored Walled Lake’s lone goal of the second half with 1:25 left. Waterford Head Coach Jeff Gillespie was very pleased with the effort.  “Our passing was good tonight. We moved to ball very well through the middle of the field, which allowed us to score on transition. We did a good job of pressuring the ball through the midfield which caused multiple turnovers.” Left: Bailey Cristofori scores for Waterford Unified in the 11-5 win over Walled Lake Unified on Monday, May 6. Below: Angelita Yerena with the quick shot for Waterford in the 11-5 win over Walled Lake.

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Lakeland High School

B2 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Walled Lake Northern Varsity Lacrosse Wins 2013 City Championship

In a victory over Walled Lake Central, the Walled Lake Northern Varsity Boys Lacrosse Team won the 2013 City Championship last month.


The Walled Lake Northern Varsity Lacrosse team won the 2013 City Championship in an exciting game vs. Walled Lake Central. The game, which was played at Central, saw the WLN Knights get out to an early lead, but the WLC Vikings recovered quickly and went into halftime with an 8 - 4 lead. The second half went back and forth before WLN scored their fifth goal, which seemed to ignite their offense into scoring an additional seven goals before

games end. The WLN Knights strong second half performance rocketed them to a 13 - 10 defeat of their WLC Viking rivals.   Having previously defeated their other crosstown rivals, the Walled Lake Western Braves, by a score of 9 - 4 on April 13, this victory over WLC found the WLN Knights regaining possession of the Walled Lake Varsity Cup trophy and the Walled Lake City Lacrosse Championship for 2013.  First season WLN Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach Ryan Jay and Asst. Varsity Coach Russ Brandt were more than happy to gain these honors for their WLN Varsity squad. “The boys showed tremendous character in their second half comeback. It’ll be a game we’ll all remember for a long time to come” Coach Jay said.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • B3

Sports Re-cap

land Varsity scored on an RBI double by Alexa Flores scoring Madison Burgess. Kelly Merkle went a perfect 3-3 at the plate for Lakeland Varsity. She homered in the first inning and singled in the third and fifth innings. Kendall Johnson and Hannah Szajner added to the score with powerful bats.  Johnson tripled in the 2nd and Sznjer tripled in the 6th. Annika Wiesinger put together a nice outing. Rochester managed just one hit off of Wiesinger, who allowed no earned runs, walked one and struck out three during her two innings of work. Selena Hicks got the win for Lakeland Varsity. She allowed two runs over four innings. She struck out four, walked one and surrendered five hits. The top of the first saw Lakeland Varsity take an early lead, 1-0. A solo home run by Merkle started the inning off. 


Walled Lake Central High School

WLC (6) vs. Milford (4): Heading into the top of 9th, WLC had two outs when Isabella Buttazzoni drew a walk, Rachael Janette hit a single. With two on and two outs, Morgan Stacey came to the plate and hit a single to drive in the two runs to give WLC the lead. Kennedy Crawford, lead the way going 2-4, two singles and four RBI’s. Rachael Janette, was also 2-5, with three runs scored and two singles. The winning pitcher going the complete game was Kaitlyn Wolschlager. Kaitlyn faced 39 batters, allowing eight hits and 0 earned runs for the Vikings.  LHS (6) vs. Troy Athens (5): Quarterfinals She also had 6 K’s and 1 BB. Pieper Tournament: Lakeland Varsity and Troy Athens traded the lead nine times, but Lakeland Varsity WLC (3) vs. WLN (0) Game 1: Kaitlyn ended up on top with a 6-5 win in six innings over Wolschlager pitched her first no hitter of the season Troy Athens. and career, one walk shy from a perfect game. Kaitlyn Lakeland Varsity finally managed to grab the lead faced 21 batters, allowing no runs and no hits, strik- after a strong sixth inning. An error scored Hannah ing out nine and allowing one walk. Szajner and gave Lakeland Varsity the lead for good. Offensively, Mackenzie Bonar led the way going Szajner went a perfect 3-3 at the plate for Lakeland 2-3 with two singles.  Kaitlyn Wolshlager was 1-3, Varsity. She singled in the second, fourth, and sixth with a double and one RBI.  innings.   Selena Hicks got the win for Lakeland VarsiWLC  (5) vs.  WLN (13) Game 2: In game two, ty. She allowed one run over two 1/3 innings. Hicks WLC was lead by Kaitlyn Wolschlager who was 3-4 struck out six, walked one and gave up three hits. with three singles and one run scored. Taylor Krumm Troy Athens jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in was 2-4, with two singles and one run scored. Kayla the bottom of the first.  Gibbons was the losing pitcher for WLC.  She had Lakeland Varsity scored two runs in the third two K’s and two walks on the day.   inning, and then followed it up with two more in   the fourth. In the third, Lakeland Varsity scored on Oxford Invitational a groundout by Brooke Beale, scoring Karissa GawWLC (19) vs. Adams (3) ronski. WLC (13) vs. Oxford (10) WLC won the Oxford Invitational beating RochLHS (5) vs. Regina (4):  Semifinals Pieper Tourester Adams and Oxford  on Saturday, May 11.  Se- nament: Lakeland Varsity outlasted Regina  on Sunnior captain, Taylor Krumm, led WLC. Taylor was day after six lead changes, squeaking out a 5-4 win at 6-7 on day, scoring six runs and two RBI’s.  She had Pieper. two singles, one double, three triples and three walks Lakeland Varsity pulled out the win thanks to a for the day.  Freshman Kaitlyn Wolschlager contin- strong seventh inning. Lakeland Varsity went up for ued to shine both at the plate and in the circle. For good on an RBI single by Aliva Grunwald scoring the day, Kaitlyn was 8-10, with five runs scored and Kendall Johnson. Johnson put herself in scoring pofour RBI’s.  She had six singles and two doubles for sition with two extra-base hits for Lakeland Varsity. the day. Kaitlyn was the winning pitcher against She homered in the fourth inning, singled in the fifth Adams.  Emma Klaserner was the winning pitcher inning, and tripled in the seventh inning. against Oxford.   Selena Hicks got the win for Lakeland Varsity.   She allowed four runs over five innings. Hicks struck Lakeland High School out three, walked four and gave up seven hits. Pieper Tournament at Memorial Park Lakeland Varsity’s Kelly Merkle, Karissa GawLHS (6) vs. Rochester (2): Lakeland Varsity out- ronski and Johnson combined for nine hits and four lasted Rochester  after four lead changes, squeaking RBIs. out a 6-2 win at Pieper. Lakeland Varsity took the lead Lakeland Varsity jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the third inning and held on for the victory. Lake-


LHS (9) vs. Utica Ford (6): Championship game Pieper Tournament: Down four runs in the fourth, Lakeland Varsity recovered thanks to Kelly Merkle’s single in the fifth, and pulled out a 9-6 win over Utica Ford to win the Pieper Tournament for the 5th consecutive time. With the score tied at four, Merkle came to the plate and singled, plating Selena Hicks. Merkle racked up three RBIs on four hits for Lakeland Varsity. Madison Burgess racked up three RBIs on four hits for Lakeland Varsity. She singled in the first, fifth, sixth, and seventh innings. Lakeland Varsity got the win thanks in large part to Annika Wiesinger’s dominant, eight-strikeout performance. Wiesinger allowed one earned run, five hits and two walks over six innings. Utica Ford jumped out to an early 3-0 lead in the bottom of the first. The lead was Lakeland Varsity’s to lose after the fifth inning. More runs came home on a two-run single by Burgess and a two-run triple by Hicks. Lakeland Varsity built upon its lead with three runs in the sixth. A single by Burgess ignited the offense,, plating Karissa Gawronski. That was followed up by Merkle’s single, bringing home Burgess.  Lakeland’s record:  22-4


Walled Lake Central High School WLC (10) vs. Fowlerville (5): Central defeated Fowlerville by a score of 10-5. The winning pitcher was Drrew Miller pitching seven innings. Miller gave up five runs, five earned, five strikeouts and one walk. The hits wear lead by Brendon Besh who went two for three and hit a three-run homer. Zach Kallgren went three for four and Connor Jefferies went two for four. WLC (13) vs. St. Clair (2): Central defeated St Clair by a score of 13-2. Connor Jefferies pitched six great innings, only giving up two runs on two hits. The hits were lead by Connor Jefferies who went three for four along with Zach Kallgren who went three for four. WLC (4) vs. Grand Blanc (3): Bret Gustafson pitched a complete game and got the win. He had three strike out and two walks. Gustafson his record to three and 0. The hits were lead by Drew Miller went three for three with one RBI and Mike Morelii went two for three with two RIBI.


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in the top of the third. Madison Burgess singled to ignite Lakeland Varsity’s offense. A stolen base then moved Burgess from first to second. Merkle singled, plating Burgess. Lakeland Varsity put up one run in each of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. In the fourth, Lakeland Varsity scored on a solo home run by Johnson. 

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All sports Duck Lake on a quiet street, and lovely bay to the main lake. Master with walk in closet and steam shower, fireplace in great room. Skylites. Formal dining. Updated windows and more! Over 2200 square feet ranch plus a finished walkout! 4 bdrms on main level, 3.5 baths, Side turned garage. Concrete driveway. Paver patio and stamped pathways. Power awnings, gas BBQ. Wet bar in walkout and 2 additional bedrooms possible! Have all this for $389,900! (1770I3) MLS# 213039236




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Beautiful 2.6 acre estate with carriage house located in one of Milford’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Grand entry foyer welcomes you to a soaring great room, first floor master suite, gourmet kitchen, extra wide hallways, two staircases to upper level, upstairs is another suite and a jack & jill. Walkout lower level with fireplace and tons of storage. Gorgeous landscaping provides for incredible views both inside and outside. Garage parking for 5 cars. $795,000 2811 Tall Timbers


Spacious ranch home in move in condition. New windows, cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, lights, doors, flooring, furnace and a/c inside, new siding, well & paved circle drive outside. This well maintained home also features beautiful landscaping and a large fenced yard. Located on a quiet street minutes from both Duck and White Lakes. $114,900 4771 Woodside


Well cared for ranch style home in beautiful condition located in the village of Milford. Walk to Milford’s downtown shops and restaurants and drop your canoe in the Huron River right across the street. Hardwood floors, beautiful solid wood doors, 9’ tall walkout basement, all of this on a large lot just under an acre in size. $105,000 764 Oakland Ave.

BJ JASCHUK (248) 684-1065 office 248-891-5159 Cell


A must see for all horse lovers!!! 60 x 30 Kentucky Steel Barn with Build your Dream Home Today! 2 stalls and room for Brighton Taxes!! 2 more. Ride into Kensington Underground Utilities Installed. Park through your own backyard. Natural Gas Hook Up. Open Floor Plan Ranch Close to Downtown Milford and w/Stone FP in Great Room. Major Freeways. Call Me Today!! Call Me Today!! MLS# 213026083




On All sports 540 acre White Lake. Oakland Counties 6th largest lakes. Recreational use only. 50 feet of sandy beach and room for 6 cars on lot. All sides fenced and has double door gate. Boat hoist may stay.Your own private slice of paradise.Dock your boat and jet skis here! Close to White Lake Inn. Cash or land contract possible. $74,900 (000J3) MLS # 213040280

560 N. Milford Rd. Milford

MLS# 213037413


2 ACRE LOT - PRIVATE ROAD BIG Price Change to $22,000 and ready to go. Seller wants to sell. Gently rolling and in a nice area of only 7 homes. Half mile from pavement. Quiet Country living near Marion Twp on 2 acres of rolling property. Near Tangers and 10 miles from freeway off Coon Lake Road and Dutcher. Call Bj with Real Estate One 248-684-1065*308 or 248-891-5159 ©Real Estate One, Inc., 2013

B4 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013

General Bearing Corporation


•CNC PROGRAMER/SET UP• We are an aggressive and growing CNC machine shop. We are looking for people who can Program and Set Up OKUMA Mills and Lathes. Paid Holidays, Health Care Benefits, Life Insurance, and 401K Retirement Plan Apply in Person and ask for JJ Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm 4527 Old Plank Road • Milford, MI. 48381 • (248) 685-0961 ext. 233

General Bearing Corporation


•CNC OPERATOR• We are an aggressive and growing CNC machine shop. We are looking for people who can operate OKUMA Mills or Lathes. Paid Holidays, Health Care Benefits, Life Insurance, and 401K Retirement Plan Apply in Person and ask for JJ Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm 4527 Old Plank Road • Milford, MI. 48381 • (248) 685-0961 ext. 233

General Bearing Corporation


Mature people wanted for full time shop help and machine operators. Wixom Area Location. Paid Holidays, Health Care Benefits, Life Insurance, and 401K Retirement Plan Apply in Person and ask for JJ Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm 4527 Old Plank Road Milford, MI. 48381 (248) 685-0961 ext. 233

“Buyer demand is high. Interest rates are low. Homes are selling fast with many receiving multiple offers. Visit to learn how I can save you thousands on the sale of your home... it’s really elementary.” Gary Volker

3DX Real Estate 42705 Grand River Ave. 48375 248-330-4086 Visit for a very special sellers’ offer.

General Bearing Corporation


• Sunnen Hone Operator • Can you set up or operate a Sunnen Honing Machine? We could use your help. Full and Part Time Positions available Experience is a must. Paid Holidays, Health Care Benefits, Life Insurance, and 401K Retirement Plan Apply in Person and ask for JJ Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm 4527 Old Plank Road • Milford, MI. 48381 • (248) 685-0961 ext. 233

Reach every residence in your chosen zip code by direct mail. Send your sales flyer inside the Spinal Column newsweekly For as little as 3.5¢ per address! Call 248.360.7355 ext. 2 or email:

Commerce Market Center Diane Kroll - Team Leader Call about our new agent and veteran’s scholarship programs. 248-360-2900


Randy Wilcox

Keller Williams Realty LORRIE BAILEY


248-224-7653 Direct 248-685-9661 Office


We make it simple... That’s what we do!


2900 Union Lake, Suite 210 • Commerce Township

Wilcox Realty Group

2900 Union Lake Road #210 • Commerce Twp, MI 48382 Email: Fax: 248-438-5523


COMMERCE TWP. Great Lake Sherwood Home with ample yard, 2 docks and a deck at the water. Home has updated windows and hardwood floors on BR level. This quality home also has a Florida Room and is tastefully decorated. Close to Milford and only a few minutes from the main lake. This Lake Sherwood waterfront home is modestly priced and is in move in condition.

HIGHLAND TWP. Prestwick village golf community professionally decorated former model home has many upgrades and features including; first floor master w/ jetted tub; hardwood floors; large chef’s kitchen with island and solid surface counters; crown moldings and custom built in cabinetry. $329000.

A Beautiful Home in Huron Hills. Open the Front door to a Huge Great Room with Fireplace. Unbelievable Kitchen with so Many Cabinets and Granite Counters. Huge First Floor Master Suite. sep Jetted Tub and Shower. Walkout Finished Basement with Professional finished Full Kit Bar. 2nd office/bed in BSMT with Full Bath.Large Deck Overlooks Pond w/built in Gas Grill Has waterfall in Backyard. 3 Car Garage Circle Dr.



Whether Buying or Selling a Home…

Christine Atkinson I Specialize in Referrals and I Appreciate Your Help!

Office 248-406-2909

• Cell 248-310-8572

Email: Visit my website CHRISTINEATKINSON.COM

JUST LISTED - SOUTH LYON Newer construction without the wait! Gorgeous Pinehurst colonial within walking distance to community pool tucked away in cul-de-sac. 3 car side entry garage, stately entry, hardwood floors, spectacular kitchen with Corian countertops, great room w/soaring ceilings and fireplace. Master suite w/ private bath & WIC. Basement finish started with full bath. Clean, move in condition.



Live the sporting, swim, fish - Right from the convenience of This 1249 sq.ft. Condo is move in ready!! 2 bed, 2 bath, new carpet t/o, you All-Sports Cedar Island Lake waterfront home! 3 bedrooms, 2 upgraded appliances, Maple Cabinetry & finished lower level. Located just a baths, 1814 sq. ft. Maple cabinetry t/o kitchen w/ door wall leading to spacious deck, formal living, family room w/ fireplace, oversized 2 car short walk from the community pool & hot tub!! $159,900 MLS: 213042775 garage on huge corner lot! $269,900 MLS:213000713



New England style home features huge heated FL room. 2 master suites, 4 full baths, + 2 1/2 baths. 3474 sq.ft. Wet bar, 3 fireplaces, finished L/L w/ walkout & 3+ car garage!! $624,900 MLS:213012335

3 acre vacant parcel on All-Sports Cedar Island Lake featuring frontage on the main lake canal & Huron River. Located between 326 &334 Vista Terrace. Endless Possibilities!!! $139,900 MLS#: 213026902

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 • B5

Public Notices Your Right To Know Check The Spinal Column Each Week For Listings

CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF HIGHLAND ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS June 5, 2013 7:30 P.M. Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held on June 5, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at the Highland Township Auditorium, 205 N. John St., Highland, MI 48357.


To consider: Case #: 13-05 Parcel Id #: 11-13-203-005 Property Address: 3006 White Oak Beach Variance Requested: These variances are for home renovations, some without permits, to an existing home.

The Wixom Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing at the next meeting scheduled for Monday, June 3, 2013, for the following topic:

PUBLIC HEARING FOR SPECIAL USE #13-006: ROYAL TRAILER, 28930 WIXOM ROAD, WIXOM, MI 48393: The applicant is seeking special use approval to use the rear yard of the site for the outdoor storage of trailers that will be primarily for-sale. The building will be occupied as the corporate headquarters for the company along with the sales and service department. The Municipal Code, Section 18.09.040 (F) requires approval from the Planning Commission for this request. The property is located at 28930 Wixom Road and zoned M-1, Light Industrial. The parcel number is 22-08-100-013. The regular meeting of the Planning Commission begins at 7:30 p.m. and will be held in the City Council Chambers in the Wixom City Hall; 49045 Pontiac Trail. Persons having any questions on this matter are urged to attend this meeting. Please contact the Building Department at (248) 624-0880 for further information. Catherine Buck, City Clerk City of Wixom (248) 624-4557

Residents within 300 ft. will be notified by mail. Notice is further given that information will be given and written comments will be received regarding the request during office hours Monday through Friday at 205 N. John Street, until the date of the hearing. Phone # (248) 887-3791, ext. 2. Margie Brockway Chairperson S.C. 5-15-2013

S.C. 5-15-2013



Huron Valley Schools will be receiving bids for the following bid package: This is to notify the property owners of the City of Walled Lake that the City Code Chapter 34, Division 2 Weed Control is in effect. Chapter 34, Division 2, Weed Control, provides that weeds and grass shall be cut as often as shall be sufficient during the months of May, June, July, August and September, to prevent the accumulation or growth of weeds, grass, brush, dead, dangerous, diseased or insect-infested trees or other rank, noxious, poisonous or the otherwise harmful vegetation to a height greater than eight (8) inches. When such growth or accumulation occurs in any subdivision in which buildings have been erected on sixty percent (60%) of the lots included in that subdivision, or when such growth or accumulation occurs on land along improved pubic street to a depth of two hundred (200) feet, or on land within two hundred (200) feet of any structure designed for human occupancy or use, it is hereby determined to be detrimental to health, comfort, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the City and is hereby deemed to be a nuisance. This nuisance must be abated, destroyed or removed by the person responsible for the property.

Milford and Lakeland High Schools Pools & Fitness Re-grout & Tile Repair A pre-bid meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 12:00 PM (noon) at Lakeland High School, 1630 Bogie Lake Road, White Lake, MI 48383. Bid documents are available online at http://www.hvs. org/bids/ or by going to the District’s web site, and clicking on Quick Links, then selecting Bid Registration & Information. Sealed bids should be submitted to Sandra Elka, Supervisor of Purchasing, Huron Valley Schools, 2390 S. Milford Rd., Highland, MI 48357. Bids are to be submitted no later than 1:00 PM local time on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. The District will not consider or accept a bid received after the date and time specified for bid submission. Bids will be publicly opened immediately following the close of receiving bids. No oral, email, telephonic or telegraphic proposals shall be considered.

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons having ownership or other interest or control of lands to permit this growth or accumulation. When such growth or accumulation occurs, grass and weeds must be mowed or cut, dead or diseased trees, shrubs, bushes, etc., must be destroyed and/or removed.

In compliance with MCL 380.1267, the bid shall be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing any familial relationship that exists between the owner or any employee of the bidder and any member of the board, or the superintendent of the school district. The bid shall also be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing whether the bidder is an Iran Linked Business in compliance with PA 517 of 2012. The Board shall not accept a bid that does not include these sworn and notarized disclosure statements.

If the offending growth or accumulation is not abated, destroyed or removed, the City is authorized to order the removal during the months of May, June, July, August and September as many times as necessary, and charge the cost to the person responsible for the property including the addition of a 20% administrative fee, said costs to become a lien upon the said lands, and if these costs remain uncollected by the 15th day of September, the City Council shall cause the uncollected sum to be placed on the City Tax Roll.

Certified check or Bid Bond by an approved surety company must accompany each proposal in an amount not less than 5% of the bid amount. Price proposal shall be good for a period of no less than 60 days from the bid date, unless otherwise noted.

Tamara Williams, Deputy City Clerk

The Board reserves the right to waive any irregularities, reject any or all bids, or accept any bid when in the opinion of the Board such action will best serve the District’s interest. Bonnie Brown Secretary, Board of Education SCN: 05.15.2013

SCN: 05.15.2013



2012 Budget Year - January 2012 - December 2012 Revenue


Interest Earnings Miscellaneous DDA Events Donations Food Vendors Sponsorship TIF- Captured tax collections

2,414.38 0.00 0.00 25.00 0.00 1,800.00 160,686.38

Total Revenue


The property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget will be a subject of this hearing. The 2013 proposed property tax levy includes the following:

Description General Operating Additional General Operating Local Road Improvements Bike Path Major Road Program DPW & Fire Cap. Improv. Water Debt Total Millage

Expenditures DDA Director Salary Recording Secretary Office Supplies Organization Design Dues/ Education Advertising/ Printing Rent/ Utilities Horsin’ Around Promotions Miscellaneous Economic Restructuring Capital Improvement Projects Four Corners Maintenance DDA Events

32,820.29 1,020.00 765.25 110.40 743.60 2,451.61 1,179.26 8,403.27 5,500.00 6,916.52 11.65 6,613.31 33,269.92 5,047.70 3,000.00

Total Expenditures Debt


Taxable Value


4.6461 1.5844 6.8344 13.0649

11,551,710 11,551,710 11,551,710

53,670.40 18,302.53 78,949.01 150,921.94

PRE 15,956.92

Non-PRE 134,965.01 -5,604.32 129,360.69

Total 150,921.93 -5,604.32 145,317.61

Prior Year Personal Property Tax Collections


Total TIF Capture

149,191.75 Real



Base Year Taxable Value (2001) 2012Taxable Value

25,206,390 37,738,340

6,099,410 5,119,170

31,305,800 42,857,510

2012 Captured Taxable Value




The DDA has two plans. In 2003 Oakland County opted in and agreed to accept the 2001 base value for capture. We don't have any bonds related to the DDA district at this time.

($3.5000 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)


($1.1500 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)


($0.3000 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)


($0.8700 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)


($0.4500 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)


($1.9000 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)


($15.7129 per $1,000 Taxable Value)


Millage Rate



General Property Taxes Building Permits & Fees State Revenues Misc. Department Revenues Interfund Transfer

2012 Tax Levy - Collection from July 1, 2012 - February 28, 2013

Total Township Levy Delinquent Personal Property Total Capture Collected

Explanation ($7.5429 per $1,000 of Taxable Value)



Ad Valorem Oakland County Oakland Community College Township Total

Mills 7.5429

Public comments, oral or written, are welcome at the hearing on the proposed budget for FY 2013-2014 and the proposed property tax millage rate. All interested citizens, groups, senior citizens and organizations representing the interests of senior citizens are encouraged to attend and to submit comments. The proposed budget, as summarized below, will be on file in the office of the City Clerk for public inspection.

107,852.78 0

Number of Jobs Created in DDA District

The City Council of the City of Wixom will hold a public hearing at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, in the City Council Chambers at the Wixom Municipal Center, 49045 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393, on the proposed annual budget for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014.

Legislative City Manager Assessor Building Legal Counsel and Assistance Clerks Information Systems Financial Administration General Operating Building Maintenance Cultural Center Fire Police DPW Board of Appeals Board of Review Planning Committee Senior Citizen Committee Parks & Recreation Interfund Transfers

EXPENDITURE TOTAL Revenue In Excess Over Expenditures

$7,273,642 349,243 1,077,637 856,545 1,208,132


10,765,199 AMOUNT 15,876 296,743 167,211 337,495 58,950 178,953 115,031 392,292 704,738 61,410 317,356 982,088 3,192,728 1,605,129 3,200 1,150 103,000 60,142 412,055 1,420,458

$ 10,426,005 $ 339,194

A copy of the entire proposed budget and additional background materials are available for public inspection from 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at the Clerk’s Office at the Wixom Municipal Center, 49045 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393.

B6 • Wednesday, May 15, 2013


PUBLISHERS NOTICE Advertising published is subject to rate card or contract conditions, copies of which are available from the publishing group. Ads are subject to approval before publication, only publication constitutes acceptance. We reserve the right to edit, reject, cancel or reclassify any ad. If an error by the newspaper should occur, the newspaper’s responsibility for that portion of the advertisement in error is limited to cancellation of the charge or publication in the following issue. The publishing group shall not be liable for any loss or expense that results from publication or omission of an advertisement.



SCRAP METAL: Aluminum $.30- .65/lb. Copper $2.102.70/lb. Brass $1.00- $1.50/ lb. Auto Rads $.90 - $1.20/lb. 1011 Decker Walled Lake Mann Metal Corp. 248-960-1200

“Mini Storage Depot will sell at public auction, contents of Units Numbered (G501, Dennis Vassell- Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes), (O1352, Colin Tober- Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes), (O1340, Bobbie Robinson- Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes, Trunks), (O1337, Kevin Ohl- Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes, Suitcases, Toys, Sporting Goods, Tools), (O1322, Kevin OhlHousehold Goods, Furniture, Boxes, Suitcases, Toys, Sporting Goods, Tools), (N1205, Rachel King-Lloyd- Boxes, Suitcases), (D229, Joseph Iscaro- Toys, Motor Vehicles, Other Vehicles/ Trailers), (O1314, Myra FinneyHousehold Goods, Furniture, Boxes, Trunks, Toys, Sporting Goods, Tools, Equipment), (O1325, Cyril Charron- Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes, Suitcases, Sporting Goods, Tools) on Friday May 31st at 2:00pm, for back storage fees owed. The auction will take place at Mini Storage Depot – 46550 Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake, Michigan 48390. We reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

COUCH, light green, like new $400.00. Side Table wood veneer, $10.00 Foot Stool with Storage free. You Haul. Call 248-736-7770 For special needs children have new standing Dani, wheel chair, bed rails, and bed pads. 2 new Colombian car seats. Call 248881-6380 or 248-242-6876 FOR SALE: 33 inch Kohler white executive chef solid cast iron double sink. Includes two stainless steel baskets. $150.00 Call 248-926-0492 HARTLAND. Spacious 2288 sq. ft. 2 story home. Offering 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, spacious kitchen w/appliances, covered front porch and unfinished bonus room above the 2 car garage. $180,000. England Real Estate (248)887-9736 GARAGE SALES ANNUAL FRIENDS OF CAMP DEARBORN FLEA MARKET: 9am to 4pm May 18th at Camp Dearborn in Milford. Admission is $3.00 per vehicle Vendors space available Contact Cathie 313-204-4503 BRENTWOOD HUGE SUBDIVISION SALE: May, 16-19, Thursday – Sunday 9am-4pm. Off Carey Rd or Off Boogie Lake Rd. STONEGATE & COMMERCE PINES: Subdivision Garage Sale. Welch and Oakley Park, Commerce Township. Thursday 5/16 Friday 5/17, and Saturday5/18. 9am-4pm. TWIN LAKES SUB SALE: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 16th, 17th, 18th, 9-5pm. Sunnybeach and M59 TWO FAMILY GARAGE SALE: Large floral arrangements, many household items, new King size fleece sheets, clothing, country and misc. items.1656 Oak Grove. Maple/ Decker, Walled Lake. May 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th. 9-5pm HUGE GARAGE SALE IN HIGHLAND!!!!! Clothing, Housewares, Toys, Books, Tools, Electronics, Christmas Items and more! Thursday-Saturday May 16th-18th 7am4pm. Cash Only 620 Dunleavy Dr. Highland. West of Duck Lake Rd. and North of M59 GARAGE/MOVING SALE Furniture, exercise equipment, vacuums, Christmas decor, Kitchen /office items. May 16th-18th. 9-5pm 1934 Grasmere, Wixom Wexford Mews Subdivision. GARAGE/ESTATE SALE: May 18 & 19. 8932 Cooley Lake Rd. White Lake 8am-5pm. Furniture, Clothing, Books, And Miscellaneous Items. MEGA SALE: High End Kitchen items. Professional Camera equipment, Many paintings, and lots more! Thursday-Saturday May 16th-18th, 9-5pm. 405 Steadfield, Commerce HUGE MULTI FAMILY SALE: Lots of kids stuff and home goods. Thursday-Saturday May 16th-18th 9am to 6pm 2218 Hill Road, White Lake GOLF MANOR SUB SALES: Located on Commerce Rd. just west of Union Lake, west of Clifford Smart Middle School. Thursday May 16 - Saturday May 18 9AM to 5PM RESERVE AT TALL LAKE SUB SALE: White Lake off Highland near Lowe’s. May 16-18th 9-3pm ZANY MISCELLANY T.M.S. SALE: Spring clean-out. Thursday-Saturday. May 16th18th. 9-5pm. 3870 Foxthorn Court, Milford 48381. Tons of brand new and used stuff. Clothes, Toys, Crafts, Furniture, Household Decor. and more. Visit for more information. UNION LAKE GARAGE SALE: 29th annual spring garage sale. 3937 South Shore Dr. off Richardson. May 16th & 17th. 9-5 MOVING SALE: 4690 Cooley Lake Road between Duck Lake & Boogie. North of Commerce Rd. Wednesday-Friday. Furniture & Antiques

CARS/TRUCKS/ MOTORCYCLES UNWANTED AUTOS LLC: TOP $ paid for any: *Junk *Non running * Wrecked Cars $275 & up 248-467-0396 BOATS/OUTDOORS DAVE’S MOBILE MARINE • Pontoon Hauling • Outboard, I/O Repair “We come to you “ • Buy & Sell Motors (248) 666-9248 PONTOON HAULING: Local & Long Distance. Summer Storage $59.99. Snowmobiles, Trailers, Snow Plows, RV’s. Fenced, Gated & Lighted. Spring Start Up and Repairs. Let us sell your pontoon. Tom 248-681-4250. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE HARTLAND. Private treed 3.44 acre setting w/this 4 bedroom Cape Cod. Offering 1931 sq. ft., nice kitchen w/island, french doors to deck from dining area, spacious living room. Unfinished bonus room, walk-out lower level & 2 car garage. Plus 30x40 wood barn. $189,900. England Real Estate (248)887-9736 REAL ESTATE RENTALS LOOKING TO SELL, PURCHASE OR RENT? Call Arlene, Keller Williams Realty. 248-912-4628. Sales / Purchases / Leasing and Relocation THINGS FOR FREE FREE: Upright Player Piano 41 rolls, pump & Electric motor. Hammond Console Organ. Beautiful, runs great. You Haul. Call 248- 363-6584 FREE: Plywood ramp for disabled person. You Pick Up 248-666-9166 Free 22 inch T.V. Excellent working condition. Call 248-894-6636 VACANT LAND TYRONE TWP., Rohn Rd., W. of Denton Hill. Peaceful setting with this 2.5 acre parcel. Rolling & partially wooded walk-out site on private drive. Perked & surveyed. $44,000. England Real Estate (248)887-9736 HARTLAND. Clyde Rd., W. of Fenton Rd. Fantastic 10 acre parcel. Let nature surround you! Walk-out site possible. L/C terms available. $119,900. England Real Estate (248)887-9736 HARTLAND TWP. Hyde Rd., N. of M-59, E. off Fenton Rd. Wooded, up north setting w/ this 2.6 acre parcel. Walkout site. Perked & surveyed. $59,900. England Real Estate (248)887-9736

EXPERINECED FINISHER NEEDED. Must be dependable and have own transportation. This is a Full time position. Call 248-887-8424 DIRECT CARE WORKERS OAKLAND COUNTY: $8.25/ hr South Lyon $9.00/hr DCW Certification (MORC,CLS,TTI,Hazey) Current CPA/FA Certification. Valid MI DL w/ no suspension history in past 3 years. Enhance, Inc. 248-979-4287 EMAIL RESUME: MECHANIC; Independent auto repair shop looking for entry level mechanic. Must be dependable have own Tools & Transportation ASE or State Certification and clean driving record. Full time position call 248-685-1969 COUNTER CLERKS; Full or Part time or Students. For location in Novi. Call 313-537-8050 asks for Steve any day before noon. CASHIER & COUNTER HELP; Detroit Gun Club in Walled Lake is hiring Part time. $8.00 an hour. Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. Call Scott at 248-789-1034 GENERAL LANDSCAPE LABOR: Good work ethic. Must have driver’s license. Some experience helpful. Call Dennis 248-388-7862 Busy OB Practice Looking to Fill Two positions MEDICAL ASSISTANT and FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST Experience Preferred Part/Full Time Please fax Resume 248 926-9020 CLEARVIEW ELECTRONICS is looking for a professional individual to assist in installation of TVs, audio/video and automation systems. Experience a plus but not necessary. Apply in person. 3355 Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor. (248) 681-8509 EXPERIENCED ONLY CARPENTERS: All around remolding carpenters. Needed in Walled Lake/ Commerce area to start right away. Must be dependable. Truck and tools needed. Also need siding & framing crews. Contact Mike at 248-390-3977 HOUSEKEEPERS: Independence Village of White Lake is looking for FT & PT housekeepers for day and afternoon shifts. Must be detail oriented, dedicated and able to pass drug test/background check. Fill out an application in person or fax your resume, attention Housekeeping, to 248-360-7626 NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500.00 weekly potential. Info. 1-985646-1700 DEPT. MI-2319 POSITION AVALABLE: • Growing infant/toddler room needs experienced person. • Experienced Teacher Aide Join our wonderful school and great staff. Fax resume to 248-363-8893 Email Office Cleaning Evenings Monday thru Friday Novi Area Corporate Cleaning Group 248-313-9880 AMERICAN HOUSE MILFORD SENIOR LIVING: Hiring Part Time Office Help and Part Time Housekeeping. Apply in person at 700 Napa Valley Dr. Milford WORK WANTED ANNA’S RESIDENTIAL CLEANING SERVICE: Trustworthy, Dependable and Affordable Rates. 1 Time Clean, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly. 248-881-3389

LOT FOR SALE: Beautiful view on the eighth green of Garland’s Fountain Golf Course includes golf membership. $25,000.00 or best offer. Call Chris at 248-563-4945



TONY’S APPLIANCE SERVICE Servicing all Major Appliances *Hot water tank 248-360-0213 / 248-698-8819

DU-IT-ALL HOME CARE IMPROVEMENTS Try our refacing Kitchen specials. Ceramic tile *Formica Tops & Kitchens *Exteriors/ Interior Painting. Complete basement and all other interior work, including electric plumbing etc. Call Today! 248-891-7072 Licensed and Insured

Asphalt/Pavement KEITH’S SEALCOATING: *NO SPRAY *ASPHALT REPAIR & GRAVEL FILL SINCE 1983 (248) 623-7282 ATTORNEY FESSLER LAW CENTER: 40 yrs. Experience Specializing in Chapter #7 and Chapter 13’s Bankruptcy. FREE CONSULATATION Collaborative Divorce & D.U.I.L.’s 248-666-4445 Richard D. Fessler – Attorney Former State Senator (Debt Relief Counselor) CABINETRY Elegant Woodworking *Mantels *Fireplace Surrounds *Furniture *Entertainment Center *Custom Cabinets *Crown Molding *Kitchen Cabinets *Custom Bars Harold Canfield 248-363-3804 CARPET INSTALLATION BOB”S CARPET Carpet installer has low prices on Carpet, Pad, and Installations. Lots of room size remnants at $4 per yd. Also re-stretching and repairs. Free Estimates. 35 years experience Bob 248-681-5771 CEMENT/ CONCRETE MARCUCCI CONSTRUCTION ( As seen on ABC Extreme Makeover) 30 plus years experience * All Concrete Work * Driveways * Footings * Brick and Block * Stamped, Expose Agg. * Licensed and Insured Tom 248-486-5900 Wixom C & G CEMENT    Quality Workmanship Residential- Commercial  In business since 1970. STAMPED CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS  FOOTINGS       GARAGE FLOORS BLOCK WORK     FREE ESTIMATES Michael 248-363-4783 MILFORD LOCATION  248-684-5928 DOORS THE DOOR STOP Since 1980 Garage door springs and door openers repaired and/or replaced Call Anytime 248-624-4042 (cell) 248-640-6298 DRYWALL R & D DRYWALL & PAINTING *Hang & Finished *Small Repair *Texture Repair *Plaster Repair *Wet Sand - Ron 248-673-7665 ELECTRICIANS MASTER ELECTRICIAN Insured & State Licensed 25 years experience. Prompt, Courteous Service. FREE ESTIMATES. ALL TYPES OF WORK Competitive Prices 248-683-7985 EXCAVATING

HELP WANTED TEACHER AIDE/OFFICE: Need classroom experience. Part or Full time. Walled Lake/ West Bloomfield area. Email resume to administrator@

Service Directory


J.J.M. BACKHOE SERVICE LLC Backhoe service & landscaping. 38 Years Experience. Small or Large Jobs. Fully insured. Free Estimates. 248-624-6458

ROOFING D & D ROOFING: *Spring Roofing Specials. Gutters, Gutter Guards, Siding, Soffits Windows and Trim. Call Doug Dible 248-431-6243

ROOF REPAIRS: Missing shingles replaced. Chimney flashing resealed. Leaks stopped Vent stack **HONEY-DO**                 flashing replaced.    HANDYMAN     Complete roof inspection Honey-Do Lists          service. Guaranteed work. Elec.- Plumbing            30 years experience. Drywall – Painting Call Doug Miller Carpentry – Tile          248-360-0344 Finished Basements  and Bathrooms              CALL GARY NOW       SIDING/ TRIM 248-320-5360           OVER 20 yrs. Exp.   I.D.C. Home Service LICENSED &  INSURED Siding, Trim & Soffit Guaranteed Professional D & S HOME REPAIRS Installation Lic./ Ins. REMODELING References available *Additions *Garages *DryBob 248-363-0589 wall *Painting *Plumbing *Electrical *Tile *Marble *Kitchens *Baths TILE *Basements *Decks 33 years... Licensed J.M. Tile & Marble Custom 248-684-4175 Work *Remodeling *Quality 810-714-3058 Service *New Construction *Repairs *Grout Sealing TOTAL HOME SERVICE *Licensed and Insured 35 years experience John Miller 248-505-8865 * PLUMBING * HEATING * CARPENTRY * DRYWALL *ELECTRICAL * NEW GLASS-TILE-MOSIAC SERVICE * KITCHENS CERAMIC INSTALLED: * BATHS * CERAMIC TILE Back Splash from $175.00. “The job your husband Bath Floor Walls from $3 a sq. ft. will do tomorrow.” 34 years, Insured, 248-887-2366 References 248-667-1739 GEM – TILE – STONE HOME/ OFFICE CLEANING TRASH/ DEBRIS REMOVAL COLLEEN’S CLEANING SERVICE is coming to your Progressive Transportation neighborhood BOOK YOUR Specializing in *Appliances SPRING CLEANING NOW *Furniture *Debris Removal Residential / Commercial 20 *We haul cars too! Call anyyears experience *Insured time for estimates & great *Local upon request. Call for service 248-887-4892 FREE Quote or Questions 248-974-5104 TREE SERVICE LANDSCAPING COLLEGE STUDENT: FULL LANDSCAPING SERVICES INSURED Call Shawn Larkins 248-931-0295 LAWN/GARDEN SERVICE ART OUTDOOR SERVICE: Spring Clean UP! Weekly lawn service. Full landscape service. Shrub Trimming, Gutter Cleaning & Weeding and Brush Removal - Fully Insured Call 248-625-5719 GRASS GROOMERS INC. Commercial and Residential. Experienced and Insured. For all your outdoor maintenance needs (spring cleanup, lawn service, mulch, and much more.) Family Owned & Operated. Call Today!! 248-9269993. A.T. MAINTENANCE Low-cost, Weekly Lawn Maintenance - Spring Clean Ups - Professional, Owner-Supervised Service -Free Estimates (248) 804-6327 PAINTING/ DECORATING FARR’S PAINTING: Interior & Exterior Painting of all surfaces. Wood Repairs, Caulking, Staining. Drywall Repairs & Water Damage. Free power washing w/ paint job. 248-477-7764 248-345-3308 VS PAINTING WINTER SPECIAL - Save 10% this season on exterior / interior painting, drywall repair & wallpaper removal on small or big jobs. 25 years experience. Licensed and Insured. Same day free estimates. 248-894-3239 POWER WASHING FARR’S POWER WASHING: Deck Cleaning Sealing & Staining. Deck Repairs & House Washing. Mold & Rust Removal, Exterior Painting, Brick Pavers Cleaning & Sealing. 248-345-3308 248-477-7764

MAXON’S TREE SERVICE * Trimming * Tree Removal * Stump Grinding * Lot Clearing * Firewood & Wood chips “We deliver sand, gravel, top soil.” Licensed & Insured Free Estimates 248-887-2190 STUMP GRINDING      AFFORDABLE        Free Estimates             Prompt Service                  Fenced yard accessible     CALL  248-425-0155

KODIAK TREE SERVICE Trimming, Topping, and Removal. Landscaping and Land Clearing. Stump Removal. Free Estimates Insured 30 years experience Call 248-921-9097 WATERPROOFING Dry Basements, LLC We repair: *Poured Walls/ Concrete Blocks *Waterproofing *Cracked or Bowed Wall *FoundationRepaired/ Replaced *Underpinning *Crawl Space and Encapsulation *Licensed & Insured *Ron Heck, Builder 248-420-0116 WELLS BOB WYCKOFF WELL SERVICE “If you have questions, we have answers!” *PUMPS *TANKS *WELL REPAIR 248-310-0917 Emergency Service Visa & MasterCard McPherson WELL SERVICE *PUMPS *TANKS *WELL REPAIR 2, 4, & 5 INCH Emergency Service 7 days a week 248-363-6464 All credit cards accepted

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