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Walled Lake Transformation Underway


Green Schools – Nestboxes:

Saturday, April 20 at 11 a.m. at the Environmental Discovery Center located at Indian Springs, it is possible to have bluebirds, chickadees, tree swallows and other native birds nesting on your school’s property or in your yard! Participants will learn how to be a great nest box landlord with many tricks, examples and tips to help you succeed. Fee: $3 per person. Preregistration required. Call 248-625-6639

Earth Day: April 20

A park-wide cleanup effort Saturday, April 20 at 1 p.m. at the Environmental Discovery Center located at Indian Springs will give you and Mother Nature something to feel good about. For more information please call 248-6256639.

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Above: As part of the DIA’s Inside Out Program, reproductions of famous art pieces were brought to downtown Walled Lake. Paul Gauguin’s “Self Portrait” was placed at 239 Common Street in Walled Lake. Right: Thomas Couture’s “Drummer Boy” was placed outside of Cycle Therapy Bicycles on Walled Lake Drive. Center: “Warrior With Two Pages” by Peter Paul Rubens was placed outside of the Walled Lake Community Education Building. Bottom: “Nocturne in Black and Gold” by James Abbot McNeill was placed on the beachfront at Walled Lake Drive.

Photos by Valerie Kemp


With the help of the local community, one resident is being the change she wants to see in Walled Lake. Local Valerie Kemp is brining art to downtown Walled Lake. “I joined the Urban Design Committee in Walled Lake because I wanted to be the change that I wanted to see in Walled Lake that never quite happened,” Kemp said. “I’ve lived here for 21 years and always thought it was a really quiet town on the lake…and it just never really became what I thought it was going to be.” Once on the committee, Kemp introduced a 10-piece sculpture exhibit as a city proj-

ect, but it was soon rejected because of a lack of funds. The first piece of public art brought to Walled Lake, a sculpture by John Sauve, stands at the corner of Walled Lake Drive and Pontiac Trail. The sculpture was leased to the city for two years. “I’ve always wanted to bring more art into Walled Lake,” Kemp said. “I heard about the Detroit Institute of Arts Inside Out project, I applied for Walled Lake to be a part of that program and we got accepted. I just kept thinking ‘oh my gosh, this is the change to really springboard off this project and get more people on the art train.” Through the DIA Inside Out program, five reproductions of art pieces from the DIA have been brought to Walled Lake. The five pieces include Thom-

as Moran’s “The Fisherman’s Wedding Party,” Paul Gauguin’s “Self-Portrait,” Thomas Couture’s “Drummer Boy” and more. The five art pieces have been placed at locations throughout Walled Lake including at Mercer Beach on Walled Lake Drive, outside Cycle Therapy Bicycles and outside of the Walled Lake Community Education Center. Kemp decided to create a program around the DIA’s Inside Out that would foster economic development. She created the passport program, called “Art, Walk n’Shop,” which runs now through the end of June. Through the program visitors can pick up a passport at any one of the 18 Walled Lake businesses participating. Once a business is visited, you receive a

stamp as proof of visitation that gives you 10 percent off your purchase. At the end of the program all passports will be collected and three winners will be selected to win prizes which include: a one week time share in Weston, Florida; $250 in gift cards and merchandise; and $100 in gift cards and merchandise. Some of the businesses involved in the passport program include: Haang’s Bistro, Bayside Bar and Grill, Cycle Therapy, Dairy Queen, Pepino’s, The Corner Car Hop and more. Kemp has also organized for two mural projects to be painted downtown. “I wanted to get more art into walled lake so that when the u


Support Continues for Teacher after Spinal Cord Injury BY ALI ARMSTRONG EDITOR

248.360.7355 scan to Call

Walled Lake Central High School student council members stand with former teacher Kirk Pedersen. The school recently held a volleyball marathon, which raised $23K to support the Pedersen Foundation.

Kirk Pedersen, also known as a rising symbol of strength, has been recognized as an inspirational figure in his community for years. Pedersen was a physical education teacher for the Walled Lake School District for 14 years. He is the recipient of both the Physical Education Teacher of the Year award and Innovator of the Year award from the State of Michigan. Throughout his career, he has acted as a model for students, staff and community members. His fitness resume includes the completion of a marathon, an open water ocean swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco and biking over 100 miles in a single uninterrupted ride. On October 25, 2008 during a

bow-hunting trip, the tree stand he was using was defective and collapsed. He fell 20 feet to the ground and was knocked unconscious. When he woke he could not move or feel below his shoulders. His injury classification is an incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, C5, ASIA Level B. Pedersen says that he still has not made a complete transition to the extent of his injuries. Today, he lives with his parents where he is under their care. “I’m still not there. I’m still working on it and trying to figure out where I fit in this world like this,” Pedersen said. The community has stood by Pedersen as he makes the transition. Charity events, donations, silent auc u





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