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INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico SEDE LEGALE : Regione Pertinace, 8 – 12050 TREISO D’ALBA (CN) ITALY TEL. 0039 (0) 173 293246 UFFICI E STABILIMENTO:Viale Industria n.21 - 23 Z.I. Fraz. Motta – 14055 COSTIGLIOLE D’ASTI (AT) ITALY TELEFONO 0039 (0) 141 969566 (2 linee R.A.) FAX 0039 (0) 141 969468 Cap. soc. € 40.000 i.v. P.IVA COD. FISC. N. ISCRIZ. R.I. CN 03262930047 NUMERO REA 276142 e-mail

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INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico

The Company SCM INSONORIZZAZIONE has been in the industrial soundproofing sector since 1978, designing, manufacturing and installing soundproof systems for machinery and noisy areas. With its many decades of experience as a manufacturer SCM can deal with every aspect of the problem of noise pollution in all sectors involved. The process of noise reduction in an industrial area must be the consequence of an in depth study followed by a detailed design that changes from situation to situation. These actions must aim at achieving a correct cost-benefit ratio and at guaranteeing that the original objectives are met. In production areas it is also necessary to focus on protection, and as much as possible, on improving those same production needs. The technical consultancy services that SCM offers before, during and after installing each of its works, together with the fact that it really works with the Customer, are the best guv arantee to obtain the best final result. The SCM design service technicians are all aware that laws and standards related to this year are constantly evolving, and already take steps during the bidding stage for soundproofing, using a preliminary design stage to schedule everything necessary to satisfy the needs of the Customer.


INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico

SOUNDPROOFING CABINS These are designed and constructed to soundproof noisy machinery and assembly lines. They are made using metal frames, and can be completely disassembled to enable easy maintenance to the soundproofed machines. Modular panels are used to dampen the noise and come in different thicknesses and compositions, designed according to the type of noise present. The SCM cabins come with many accessories, including doors, large viewing areas using special glass and ventilation, lighting and air-conditioning systems, just to give a few examples. The SCM cabins are designed, depending on the sector they are to be used in, to isolate production lines in the mechanical, wood, rubber, paper industries; and they can also be specifically designed for the chemical, food and wine industries. Each part of the cabins is made in compliance with current laws and they also include certification.


INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico


INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico

MOVABLE BAFFLES These are an excellent solution for soundproofing mobile equipment and tools, or when it is not possible to soundproof the actual machinery. The noise can be considerably reduced with correctly positioned movable baffles; they perform best when the noise absorption characteristics of the area they are used in are also modified. The movable baffles manufactured by SCM are made up of mono-absorbing or bi-absorbing panels assembled on a frame that normally comes on casters. The baffles are right-angled so they can be used to create actual working cabins. APPLICATIONS • • • •

Welding and grinding cabins Screening between machinery Boundaries of production lines Building works in urban areas


INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico

HANGING BAFFLES These acoustic insulation elements are used to absorb noise and reduce the sound waves that are reflected off the inside surfaces of a given area. In a factory, the largest reflecting surface is usually the ceiling; so hanging baffles are the most commonly used. The noise reverberation in the area to soundproof is analyzed and the obtainable benefits are verified before deciding on hanging baffles or otherwise. The SCM baffles are made with a metal edged frame that supports the soundproofing material made from polyester fiber in different densities. On request, they can be supplied in different sizes and with accessories for positioning them.


INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico

OUTDOOR ACOUSTIC BARRIERS The outdoor acoustic barriers are architectural soundproofing structures created specifically to deaden extraneous and disturbing noises that come from different sources. It is fundamental to draft a map of the noise relative to the zone to protect in order to identify the best types and sizes of barriers to use in order to reach the set objectives. The acoustic barriers that SCM makes are supported in suitable frames fixed at the bases and are preset for the insertion of the damping. The damping may be transparent, made up of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) in different thicknesses depending on the needs, mounted on special frames, or of 100 mm thick modular panels, made from pre-varnished sheet steel containing soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials, protected and kept in place by drilled sheet metal placed 20 mm from the acoustic insulation. The top of the barriers is normally finished with a special element designed to reduce diffraction at the edges of the sound waves.


INSONORIZZAZIONE S.r.l. A socio unico

The design SCM INSONORIZZAZIONE has developed a special design office with the aim of finding suitable solutions even for the Customer that proposes the problem of noise without the aid of adequate technical support. Because SCM has always been committed to satisfying this type of need, it develops a preliminary project after using a noise meter to measure the initial sound levels, essential to be able to guarantee the final acoustic performance that is the objective of the operation. In light of the experience it has built up in the soundproofing sector, we can finally conclude with the statement that the best results are obtained by adopting an "Interactive Design" system with the Customer, implementing real collaboration every step of the way, ranging from the original analysis to carrying out the work.

INSONORIZZAZIONE S.R.L. Viale Industria, 21-23 14055 COSTIGLIOLE D’ASTI (AT) ITALY TEL. 0039 (0) 141 969566 FAX. 0039 (0) 141 969468



SCM INSONORIZZAZIONE has been in the industrial soundproofing sector since 1978, designing, manufacturing and installing soundproof systems...

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