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LIVING Living the Good Life MAY 2011 Carolina Veterinary Specialists Providing State-of-the-Art & Compassionate Care

Financial Advice for your new graduate Making a Difference By Making Cranes, Butler High Reaches Out

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Committed to excellence and creating healthier lives in our community. Call us at Matthews Internal Medicine today! 101 E. Matthews St., Suite 200 Matthews, N.C. 28105


Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Sandy Glaspell, Practice Mgr. Eugene Sangmuah, M.D. Gregory Busse, D.O. Eliza Sangmuah, M.D.


Matthews Internal Medicine

MATTHEWS: 428 Sam Newell Rd. Suite 101 BLAKENEY: 8918 Blakeney Prof. Dr.


Providing the latest in dental technology, our new state-of-the-art Matthews office serves your entire family’s oral health care needs. Offering a variety of services at two great locations, our friendly staff is here to make sure your experience exceeds all expectations. Two offices,

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CEREC 3D (One visit, non-metal crowns) Invisalign (The invisible way to straighten your teeth) Sedation Dentistry (IV, Oral, Laughing Gas) Dentures placed onto dental implants where they can only be removed by the dentist Placement and Restoration of Dental Implants



May 2011

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6 • New Grads: Help getting your finanaces in order when entering the real world 8 • Cover Story: Carolina Veterinary Specialists Providing State-of-the-Art and Compassionate Care for our Pets 14 • The Siskey YMCA Makes Some Improvements 17 • May Happenings 18 • Travel Tips for your Next Family Get-A-Way



20 • Butler High Students are Making Art for Hope: 1,000 Cranes to Make a Change 24 • Good Eats: The Fat Man Visits Café 157 26 • Parents: Prevent your child from being a victim of cyberbullying 29 • At your Service • MAY 2011




from the publisher Photo by Lorayn Deluca.

Living the Good life


May is an awesome month to be in South Charlotte! The weather is kind of crazy at times in May but that just means the warmer weather is here and will continue to be here for some time now. What did you plan for spring? Hopefully, you will visit one of the many parks in South Charlotte. There are also a surprising amount of biking trails in South Charlotte that can be enjoyed. Whatever you chose to do this spring do not let the time pass you by; there is so much here to offer. Remember you can also volunteer for your local community and see who needs helping hands. The fresh market is now open and they have some of the best produce around. Please be sure to visit your local businesses including the many restaurants in the area. You can enjoy eating outside at many of them. There are a few new places in town. The “Fat Man” just might be heading that way in the upcoming issues. This month the “Fat Man” reviewed the newly redone Gado Gado which is now named Cafe 157. You may see our entire team eating there from time to time because we love that place! If you would like to invite the “Fat Man” to your favorite restaurant and to possibly review it as well, email or call us to let us know. We will do our best to get the “Fat Man” to your favorite spot. Have an excellent Spring! Let’s Party!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” –Robin Williams

David Simms, Jr. Publisher, South Charlotte Living

May 2011

David Simms, Jr. 3122-100 Fincher Farm Rd. Suite 216 Matthews, NC 28105 704-443-8216

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want to see in future issues! MAY 2011 •

New grads: How to get your finances in order when entering the real world


raduation means no more classes and no more books, but you may find those items being replaced by bills and loan statements. In college, students learn the things that will help them prosper in their careers, but many also leave without a clear understanding of what it means to be financially responsible.

If you haven’t secured steady employment after college, you might want to check with your provider about your loan’s repayment grace period. For example, U.S. Bank student loans allow borrowers six months before they must begin repayment. To learn more about student loan repayment or to find information about private student loans if you are planning to continue your education, visit

Whether you’re entering the real world or you are the parent of a child who is on the verge of graduation, here are a few things new grads need to understand about their Insurance. Another thing that tends to sneak up on finances after leaving college: recent college grads is the fact that they are now in charge of paying their own insurance - most specifically car and health Student loans. These days, it’s rare for students to insurance. Most insurance companies allow students to be graduate from college without student loan debt. What’s covered under their parents’ policies, but once graduation more common are students who don’t entirely know what passes, it will likely be time to find your own coverage. Ask they owe, how many loans they’ve taken out and the best your parents when your coverage on each of these items way to go about paying off their loans. expires and plan accordingly. Also plan for rental or homeowner insurance expenses If you have government loans, examining especially if you don’t plan to live at home consolidation options may allow you to lock with your parents. in at a specific rate, and make payments to fewer places. If you, like many graduates, Check first with your new or potential have private loans to supplement your employers, as that’s the most common government loans, review your repayment place to receive health insurance. If you options with your provider. are unemployed or aren’t covered by an employer’s plan, visit It’s always a good idea to check with your loan provider to check out different options in your state. to see if you can set up an automatic repayment option from your account, since many providers, such as U.S. You may wish to check with your parents’ auto insurance Bank, will give you a lower interest rate if you enroll in provider to see what types of policies they can offer you. At this option. the same time, it’s never a bad idea to shop around to find the best coverage at the lowest rates. • MAY 2011

Plan for the future. Earning a steady income can be a welcome change if you were barely scraping by in college, but it can also lead you to overspend. It’s always a good idea to keep your credit card use in check and if you are carrying over any credit card debt from college, it should be the first thing you pay off since credit cards usually carry the highest interest rates. Making full use of your employer’s 401(k) program and starting an individual retirement account (IRA) are also great investments to make early in your career. Investing with these types of tools when you’re 22 or 23 instead of waiting a few years to begin investing can make all the difference in the world when it comes time for you to retire. With your diploma in hand, you’re ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. Start that period off right by making sure you have your finances in order so you can enjoy the income you’ll earn at your new job.


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Spring is here, bringing with it many special occasions: weddings, graduation, family vacations and more. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the perfect time of year to visit us at the Christenbury Eye Center. Our specialized vision correction solutions offer you clear vision with freedom from glasses, contact lenses and bifocals so you can look and feel your best for the big and small celebrations of life.

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cover story

Carolina Veterinary Specialists Providing State-of-the-Art and Compassionate Care

By: Nancy Moore | Photos: Lorayn DeLuca â&#x20AC;˘ MAY 2011

If you’re a pet owner, you’re a pet lover. Our pets are members of the family. They are companions who give unconditional love. They have their own habits, personalities, and attitudes. They bring much joy to children and adults. Which is why, when they get sick or seriously hurt, we take care of them... that’s where Carolina Veterinary Specialists steps in.


ears ago, before I had children, I was celebrating a holiday with a group of friends. All of us were childless young marrieds. As we sat around the table, we talked about our pets. In fact, our pets, always referred to by name, dominated the conversation for quite a while. The stories went something like this: Samantha knocked the Christmas tree over while we were at work; Greta’s favorite toy is the squeaky newspaper; George is so cute when he’s sleeping, et cetera, et cetera. One of my friends said, “Listen to us; we’re talking about our pets like they’re our children!” “They are our children,” I said. Chances are if you’re a pet owner, you’re a pet lover. Our pets are members of the family. They are companions who give unconditional love. They have their own habits, personalities, and attitudes. They bring much joy to children and adults. Which is why, when they get sick or seriously hurt, we take care of them. Most pet owners probably have a family veterinarian for when Pookie isn’t feeling well. But what happens when Pookie has something serious that needs special care and attention?

point. Veterinary medicine has evolved into the same dynamic. CVS offers specialty and emergency medicine for patients with serious or advanced disease. Carolina Veterinary Specialists opened for business in 1993 in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte with a group of veterinary ophthalmologists who recognized the need for full-service veterinary care. Over the course of nearly twenty years, CVS expanded into its five locations – Charlotte, Huntersville, Greensboro, WinstonSalem, and now Matthews. Each location is staffed with multispecialty doctors and provides 24-hour emergency care. CVS doesn’t replace your family veterinarian; they work alongside your regular doctor to provide the best possible care to your furry friend.

There are more than forty doctors in the CVS system. The Matthews location currently has 12, with another doctor joining soon (a medical oncologist). Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Jennifer Merlo, and Dr. Amy Auwarter are the ER doctors, Dr. Kimberly Sheaffer and Dr. Robin Hopwood specialize in internal medicine, Dr. Laura Dvorak and Dr. Greg Arnold are surgeons, Dr. Robert Bergman and Dr. Peter Brofman are neurologists, Dr. There’s something special about this place Peggy Sayer is a cardiologist, Dr. Claudia McFadden Jill Bechtel is the hospital manager of the Matthews is a medical oncologist, and Dr. Phillip Treuil, who location of Carolina Veterinary Specialists (also known brings CVS’s newest specialty, is a radiation oncologist. as CVS). She went to her family doctor because she Other staff includes veterinary technicians, assistants, was having problems with her knee – intermittent pain, receptionists, and administrative personnel, thus adding some limping, and increased pain after exercising. After fifty people to the mix. the doctor took x-rays, he referred her to a specialist who The Matthews location opened its doors on April 2, would then determine the best course of treatment. As Jill 2011. This expansive facility is located at 4099 Campus says, most of us have been referred to a specialist at some MAY 2011 •

On a tour of the building, it appears never-ending... four surgical suites, 40 overnight bays, a room housing a linear accelerator... a CT scan machine and another an MRI. Dr. Bergman says that each of these machines can be used on humans, and, as a matter of fact, some of them already have. other an MRI. As I said earlier, if you didn’t see the sign for cats and dogs, you would think you were in a medical center. Dr. Bergman says that each of these machines can be used on humans, and, as a matter of fact, some of them already have. Ridge Road. Walking through the doors is like walking into an industrial loft, due to the high ceilings. There is a very large reception area that has a television, beverage station, and several benches. The eight exam rooms are along the back of the reception desk. If it weren’t for the signs designating separate waiting areas for cats and dogs, it could pass for your usual medical center.

Why Matthews? Location! On my visit to the Matthews facility, I met with Dr. Robert “Bob” Bergman. Dr. Bergman is a neurologist and neurosurgeon who began his career with CVS in 2003 at the Steele Creek location. A partner in the organization, he is chief of staff at the Matthews office. Dr. Bergman was born and raised in West Virginia, and while he didn’t always have aspirations to be a doctor, he knew he wanted to be involved in medicine. His father, a family practitioner, and his stepfather, a veterinarian, had a strong influence in his decision to become a veterinarian.

On a tour of the building, it appears never-ending. There are four surgical suites, forty overnight bays, a break room and conference room for staff, an area for the pharmacy, a treatment room specifically designed for radiation, a room housing a linear accelerator – a device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments (focused beams of Dr. Bergman, along with most staff members, is a pet radiation) for patients with cancer. Behind the building are two trailers, one containing a CT scan machine and the owner. In fact, he and his family own a labradoodle named Dory, a dachshund named Flounder, a cat named Oscar 10 • MAY 2011

You will find it comforting that the doctors who work at CVS only work at that facility and only work in specialty medicine or emergency medicine. This is important – pet owners know that they will communicate with the same doctor, not a team on rotation. Michael (each of his two daughters had a say in the name), and a tarantula named Inky. Inky belongs to Dr. Bergman’s daughter, Catherine, who is nine years old. Inky is her second tarantula and Dr. Bergman says she’s a pretty good size, as far as tarantulas go. According to Dr. Bergman, one of the many benefits of the Matthews location is the easy access to major highways. He points out that the Matthews office, along with Charlotte and Huntersville, completes a triangle-shaped service area, thereby reaching a larger population. Dr. Phillip Treuil, the new radiation oncologist, will serve a 100-mile radius. To help provide better service for this large area, CVS will offer shuttle service for patients undergoing radiation treatment, which will transport patients from any other CVS location. For patients who need extended treatment, the central location makes it easier to visit them. Interestingly enough, other than Dr. Bergman and Dr. Brofman, there are no veterinary neurologists between Athens, GA, and Raleigh, NC.

They’re there when you need them Where do you go in the middle of the night if Pookie’s sick? The Matthews facility, as well as all CVS locations, offers 24-hour emergency care. A doctor is always on site, along with around-the-clock nurses and veterinary technicians. Pookie will have wonderful care and won’t be alone. Some pets, because of the distance between the hospital and where they live, stay at the facility for the duration of their treatment, which can be three to four weeks. Rest assured, that if Pookie needs to stay, she will be loved and very well taken care of. It’s also comforting to know that the doctors who work at CVS only work at that facility and only work in specialty

MAY 2011 •


medicine or emergency medicine. This is important – pet owners know that they will communicate with the same doctor, not a team on rotation.

Giving back to the community CVS supports two charities – Murray’s Fund and CC’s Heart Fund. Murray’s fund was created in honor of Murray, a special little dog belonging to Bryan McFadden. When Murray was diagnosed with cancer, Bryan took her to Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital where he met Dr. Claudia McFadden, a medical oncologist. Murray needed chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and eventually had to have her leg amputated. Dr. McFadden was able to extend Murray’s life by almost one year, precious time for Bryan. Murray also brought Bryan and Claudia together, as they have since married and relocated to Charlotte. Claudia is known as Dr. McFadden in the Matthews location. Claudia and Bryan created the fund to provide financial assistance to owners who have a pet with cancer. CC’s Heart Fund memorializes CC, a poodle diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Dr. Jay Chambers, CC’s family veterinarian, referred CC’s owners to Dr. Peggy Sayer, who practices in the Matthews office. CC’s family established the charity to assist other families who are finding themselves in the same situation, but cannot afford treatment. 12 • MAY 2011

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It’s difficult enough to endure serious illness and possibly lengthy treatment for our pets. Certain criteria must be met, so if you find yourself in either of these situations, and finances are difficult, keep these charities in mind. In the alternative, if you would like to contribute to a charity, please contact one of the offices for information.

• increase profitability • gain new customers • move excess inventory • keep cash available

When and where All locations are open for specialty appointments Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, emergency service is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Referrals to a specialist must be obtained through your family veterinarian. Contact the Matthews office at 704815-3939.

Final thoughts In the words of the great philosopher Winnie-the-Pooh, “Sometimes,” said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

“Trade Makes $ense!”

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I’m a pet owner and an animal lover. I can’t imagine my life without a pet, whether it’s a cat or a dog. While I hope I won’t need the services of Carolina Veterinary Specialists anytime soon, it’s nice to know they are there. ( MAY 2011 •


Siskey YMCA Expansion is Underway By Carol Gifford


“Members can also go to www. in phases, said Haid. The work is and look for the proceeding smoothly and on schedule Siskey YMCA to keep up-to-date to finish by July, she said. with the progress.” Work underway now includes Funding for the project comes from a facility upgrades such as a new reserve building fund dedicated toward interior designed to be attractive and covering the costs of renovations due welcoming with Wifi access in the Formerly known as the Siskey to age and usage and future repairs. social areas. New furniture will be YMCA, the facility is now called the “We hope these changes in our facility added to the lobby. A second entrance Y after the national YMCA changed will increase the scope of our reach will be added to give members access its branding last year. in the community,” said Haid. The to the Children and Youth Fitness Siskey Y has 23,000 members and is Centers. This phase, which began in The $650,000 project began in one of the largest family branches in March, is expected to be finished in March and is expected to be completed the Greater Charlotte Association. July. by July. The renovations are the first done to the Siskey facility in the past The renovation project will create A new yoga and pilates room, to seven years, said Laura Haid, regional new gathering spaces for members be located between the adult locker membership development director to meet and socialize and include rooms, is scheduled to be completed serving the Siskey, Johnston and free Wifi, new fitness equipment and by April. The new room will include Simmons YMCAs. exercise and program areas. This will temperature and noise controls, expand the number of activities and hardwood floors, mirrors on three “We’re trying to keep our members programs, and include relocating and walls and special lights. as informed as possible about the upgrading children’s areas, like the work,” said Haid. “We sent out Children and Youth Fitness Center. In April, renovations were started postcards and e-mails to members and on the Children Center to make keep information in the office. Construction began on March 21 the space larger and add new areas, and the project will be completed including a more efficient check14 • MAY 2011

Photos provided by Siskey YMCA.

he Siskey YMCA, located on McKee and Weddington Rds., is undergoing a renovation project designed to expand exercise areas and equipment, add meeting spaces, and renovate the children’s area and Youth Fitness Center.

in. An additional restroom and new ceiling and floor tiles will be added. This phase is expected to be complete by May 15.

Work will include expanded space with windows for natural light, and new paint, rubber flooring and mirror installation. Equipment will be reconfigured and new free weight Work also began on the Youth equipment will be added. New Fitness Center in April. This area will areas will include: a cardiovascular be relocated next to the Zone, making area, stretch and functional training it convenient for teens to move back area, service kiosks, and office and and forth between the two. It will consulting rooms. An additional include a new design layout, new entrance will be located near the paint and carpeting. This is expected Children Center. to be finished by July. Renovations are also planned for “We are relocating the Youth Fitness the main lobby and corridors, starting Center to the front of the building next in June and scheduled for completion to the game room so that children can in July. These upgrades include new have a centralized space,” said Haid. paint, flooring and signage. Three fitness areas are scheduled Despite the ongoing construction for a “facelift” beginning in May and work, Haid said that members should scheduled for completion in July. not see changes in service. The Fitness, Free Weight and Genesis Center will all undergo renovations. “We expect any disruption to our

members to be minimal,” said Haid. “We are offering the same services but in a modified format when necessary.” The renovation project is not expected to precipitate an increase in membership fees. Haid said that the Siskey YMCA fees are set by the Charlotte YMCA association and are not related to facility expansions. “I think our members support the project,” said Haid. “They are excited about and looking forward to their new Y.” ( Youth Development, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility. The Siskey YMCA: 3127 Weddington Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 704-716-4200


Italian Restaurant & Bar Come enjoy all the flavors of Italy in an atmosphere that will make Italy feel like home. LUNCH

Monday - Friday 11:30am - 2:30pm


Monday -Thursday 5:00pm - 9:00pm Friday - Saturday 5:00pm - 10:00pm MUSIC on Mondays & Wednesdays! Located in the Piper Glen Shopping Center


6414 Rea Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277


Call for your reservation today! MAY 2011 •


16 â&#x20AC;˘ MAY 2011

Books to watch out for this May: What do you get when four women of different occupations (detective, reporter, medical examiner, and lawyer) get together? The Women’s Murder Club. The girls are back fighting crime and solving murders in their tenth novel, The 10th Anniversary by James Patterson. The story opens with the missing baby of a teenage girl; Sgt. Lindsay Boxer is assigned the case of helping the victim. Meanwhile, Yuki Castellano is involved with one of the biggest cases of her life and Lindsey begins to question parts of her case. And if that wasn’t enough, Cindy Thomas, the reporter, may have bitten off more than she can handle while investigating a local rapist. With so much going on Patterson carefully spins another quick-paced, page-turning novel that anyone will enjoy! How could you go wrong with well known author, Robert B. Parker, a detective like Spenser, and an amazing reader - Joe Mantegna? Robert B. Parker started writing the Spenser series in 1973 and the 40th and final installment of the series is finally here, Sixkill. A major actor, Jumbo Nelson, has been accused of rape and murder, and Spenser is asked to investigate. Spenser soon meets and begins to mentor Jumbo’s Native American bodyguard, Zebulon Sixkill, and together they will uncover hidden secrets not only about the victim but of Jumbo too. Book club here we come…the author of Snow Flower and The Secret Fan and the Shanghai Girls, Lisa See is back with her new novel, Dreams of Joy. Lisa See, much like Amy Tan, is known for her ability to describe Chinese traditions and creating intricate characters. Dreams of Joy is about family secrets, a mother’s love for her daughter, and what she will do to protect her family at any cost. Set in the 1950’s, this story revolves around Pearl and her daughter, Joy. 19-year-old Joy has grown up in L.A., and as soon as she discovers who her father is, runs to Shanghai to find him. See how Joy adapts to communist living and the journey Joy and Pearl have to make to reconnect. Rick Riordan author of the Percy Jackson series which involved Greek mythology, has returned with a new series, The Kane Chronicles, which delves into Egyptian mythology. We met Carter, Sadie, and Dr. Julius Kane in The Red Pyramid, and now their back searching for the Book of Ra, but the Egyptian gods will stop at nothing to prevent them from finding it. To learn about other April new releases visit Kristan at Audio Books of the Carolinas! 7868 Rea Rd. Suite I Charlotte, NC 28277 (704)341-0794.

MAY2011EVENTS National Physical Fitness & Sports Month Program - Wednesdays @ Crews Road Rec Center

5/7 Kentucky Derby 5/8 Mother’s Day! 5/14 Matthews Summer Movie & Concert Series Kick-off - Movie @ Stumptown Park, check out for more info!

5/21 Summer Movie & Concert Series Concert @ Stumptown Park 5/21 National Turtle Day Celebration @ Stumptown Park 5/28 SCMS Movie @ Stumptown Park 5/29 SCMS Concert @ Stumptown Park

Find out what’s going on in your community! • • MAY 2011 •


Travel tips for a great family getaway


fter the long, cold winter, spring marks the beginning of a new season - family travel season. Recent surveys point to more Americans planning to take family vacations in 2011, especially to domestic destinations - 35 percent of adults plan to increase their travel this year, according to a Travelocity survey. Even though parents handle most of the vacation planning, kids have their own ideas about what constitutes a great trip. In fact, 85 percent of children ages 6 to 14 say that it is very important to choose a vacation spot where they can spend time with their entire family, according to a recent survey by ORC International. And most children - 93 percent - also think it’s important for their parents to take a break. They want to see their parents disconnect from their laptops and mobile devices and focus more on family time while vacationing.

resort where you are offered amenities on top of the room, such as free Wi-Fi. Great Wolf Lodge (www.greatwolf. com), for example, includes passes to its waterpark with your stay. Searching online is a great way to find these kinds of deals and discounts. Think outside the weekend - If you have flexibility in your travel dates, many destinations have flexibility in their rates. Consider traveling midweek or during nonpeak weekends. You’ll find great room rates and even some economical valueadded packages. Pick a place with plenty to do - Experts say that for each hour you drive to get to your destination, it should be able to offer at least a half day of activities. Be sure there are a good variety of indoor activities too, so your vacation isn’t ruined because of bad weather.

“As families look at their vacation Remember the whole family - Not only options, they should focus on two things should your destination have lots to do, in a destination: first, a place where they it should offer something for everyone. receive a great value for their money, and Don’t forget - this could even include easy second, a place to spend quality time access back to the room or a quiet spot together,” says Emily Kaufman, founder for nap time. Multifaceted destinations, of The Travel Mom (www.thetravelmom. like Great Wolf Lodge, offer a variety of com). “Whether it’s a quick weekend over activities for every age - from the indoor spring break or a longer trip over summer vacation, families waterpark to the spa to nightly story time. With activities ought to maximize their vacation time while getting the for varying age ranges in mind, you can be assured that most for their travel dollar.” your decision is virtually fail-safe. As families look for a break from the usual routine Kaufman reminds parents that above all, don’t forget the without breaking the bank, Kaufman offers the following family in family vacation. The most important thing to tips: remember in planning is that it’s all about spending quality time together with the ones you love. ( Look for great values - There’s no question that families want great value from their getaways. Look for a hotel or 18 • MAY 2011


MAY 2011 â&#x20AC;˘


Making Art for Hope: 1,000 Cranes to Make a Change


ust like the rest of the world, students at Butler High School in Matthews were horrified to hear of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami last month in Sendai, Japan. So far, there are more than 13,000 people who were killed and more than 14,000 people are missing. Entire towns have been wiped out, and the area’s been hit by two powerful aftershocks. The nuclear plant radiation leak at the Fukushima plant, stemming from the powerful earthquake, has now been classified as a level 7, making it one of the most serious nuclear accidents ever. The Japanese people were devastated by these conditions and they need help. The Asian Club (ACC), a group of Butler high school students in 20 • MAY 2011

Matthews interested in learning about Asian culture, decided to hold a fundraiser to help. In just three days, the club raised $430 to be donated to the American Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. “We thought that it was a great project for ACC to help others realize that people are in need and that we should help out, even if the need is from other countries,” said Tran Nguyen, 18, a club member from Matthews. “What was perfect was that this club is about Asian culture and it just happened to hit Japan. We didn’t want that to happen, but it did.” The ACC’s fundraiser theme is based on a popular Japanese story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a true story about a young girl, Sadako, who developed leukemia from the

radiation after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The girl was trying to make 1,000 origami cranes in hopes of being granted the wish that, according to folklore, said if you created 1,000 of the cranes, your wish would be granted. Sadako wished to live, but she died before she could finish the 1,000 cranes. After her death, her friends and family completed the 1,000 cranes. Her efforts resulted in a statute of her holding a huge crane in the Hiroshima Peace Park. Each year on a Japanese holiday, thousands of people visit the statute and leave cranes, wishing for peace around the world. The book is often used for peace education. “We chose to do 1,000 cranes because there is a legend that 1,000

Photos provided by utler High School.

By: Carol Gifford

folded paper cranes can make a wish “We chose to do 1,000 come true,” explained Jessica Le, 14, cranes because there is a a freshman club member. The club legend that 1,000 folded members set up a donation table paper cranes can during Butler lunch periods to collect money. “Each person who donated make a wish come true.” wrote a wish for Japan’s recovery. “If 1,000 cranes are folded, hopefully Butler’s wishes will come true and Japan’s sufferings will end soon.” “The Asian Culture Club members were so enthusiastic about the project and they basically organized the entire event themselves,” says Allison Spohn, ACC advisor and a math teacher at Butler. “They made their own posters, brainstormed slogans like organized times and dates. They have ‘1,000 Cranes for Change,’ ‘Be an been folding origami cranes like crazy, Inspiration, Make a Donation,’ and

and so far, have about 650 completed cranes.” Spohn said the ACC was organized three years ago to learn about and share different types of Asian culture, including music, food, holidays, art, movies and Asian pop culture and martial arts. Student members represent cultures from Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. There are about 25 members, both Asian and nonAsian students, she said. It was easy to interest Butler students in the cause. “Students thought it was a great idea. A lot of people thought “why cranes?” but after they heard the story they thought that it was unique and wanted to contribute. Because donations were

True “Own Occupation” Disability Insurance

MAY 2011 •


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Students fold the cranes on pieces of origami paper that students have and written their wishes on and purchased. “We’ve been trying to get our entire school, not just club members, to help out in making the cranes,” said Teresa Truong. 50 cents per crane, they ended up donating even more because they thought it was so cheap for a donation,” said Nguyen. “People felt bad for Japan because Japan has been so unlucky.” Making 1,000 origami cranes is a lot of work. Students fold the cranes on pieces of origami paper that students have and written their wishes on and purchased. “We’ve been trying to get our entire school, not just club members, to help out in making the cranes,” said Teresa Truong, 17, from Matthews. Students in Spohn’s math classes have also helped out after she told them the story and asked them if they’d like to participate in making the paper cranes. “They were so excited to turn square paper into something so beautiful, and actively participate in a good cause,” said Spohn. The cranes will be on display at Butler High School to “raise awareness among students and as a symbolic effort to raise hope for those in Japan,” said Truong, “and we hope to find an organization to take or actually send the cranes to Japan.” (

WANT TO HELP? People who want to contribute to the Butler High School Asian Club’s Fundraiser for Japan can send donations to: Red Cross -- Please put Red Cross Japan in memo line c/o Asian Club Butler High School PTSO (Collecting the money for the Asian Club) David W. Butler High School 1810 Matthews Mint Hill Rd. Matthews, N.C. 28105

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WELCOME TO TO MORE MORE FREEDOM FREEDOM AND AND FUN FUN IN IN SENIOR SENIOR LIVING. LIVING. WELCOME There’s something very special about life at Willow Grove. It’s a warm, accepting community of neighbors who feel like family. It’s a devoted staff providing unrivaled service, compassion and care. And it’s the unique feeling of being right where you belong, a feeling of being home.

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The Fat Man hangs out at

Cafe 157!


s my loyal readers can attest, I “The Fat Man” accept invitations via email. The all-new Café 157 sent me an email inviting me, and the entire staff at South Charlotte Living Magazine to come and “hang out”, and of course, sample the new menu. Usually I provide a review based on the experience that myself, and perhaps 2 or 3 others with me would have, thus simulating what the experience would be like for you, your family, or date night. This review encompasses something a little different, a business meeting with our staff, hanging with several friends (the South Charlotte Living Magazine team are all friends as well), and of course sampling the menu. I arrived early to ensure that we would have a good spot for our meeting and to go over a few of the details since we would need some privacy for the company meeting part of our visit, but we would still want a casual, friendly, laid back sort of experience. George & Dora are very accommodating no matter what your particular needs may be. There are several options for seating, large circular booths, long tables, even outside seating in a beautiful garden-like atmosphere. The outside seating area is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a cold beer after a long day at work.

24 • MAY 2011

It was just a little chilly when we went, so we opted for a long table that would seat 12 of us comfortably. I typically have concerns when I am with a group this large since it can be a challenge for any server to keep up. Let me assure you, large groups are no problem here. Our service was excellent; the wait staff did a great job keeping up with our group. We were served a feast of the chef ’s specialties. The Mediterranean Swimming Fish Bowl (recipe attached) is AWESOME, a must try. Casual food offerings were, fried pickles, black and blue warm chips, a breadbasket with olive oil and fresh herbs, and calamari. We also enjoyed an authentic Greek salad, and the pan-seared beef shoulder topped with cognac mushroom sauce, wow! We got to meet Chef “Mo”, what a class act, he explained how some of the dishes were prepared, and this made us realize the amount of talent required to serve food this good. It is no accident that George and Dora choose Chef “Mo” and his specialties to be a vital part of the Café 157 dining experience. Accompanying our meals were some excellent red and white wines, George is a master at selecting wines to compliment your meal. I also had the privilege to try one of Dora’s signature martinis. I would

be remiss if I didn’t mention the desserts (my wife’s favorite of the ambience. George, Dora, and the entire staff ensure part of the menu) the Crème Brulee & the cheesecake are that you have a pleasant experience. Impress your date by our favorites. asking to speak with Chef “Mo”. Café 157 is a great place to have lunch, dinner, or just to hang out with friends, the bar area is very classy. The surroundings inside and outside are beautiful and peaceful. The outdoor seating features a garden-like setting complete with a fire pit and fountain.

When it comes to great places to eat, having a great time, or just hanging out with friends “Trust the Fat Man” Café 157 has it going on. Perhaps you should suggest to your boss to have your next “company meeting” at Café 157, you are sure to score points. (

I can just see myself sitting around the fire pit with a few friends having a drink or 2 and telling stories, embellished of course. This is still a great place for “date night” because

Serving for One

4oz. salmon 3 jumbo shrimp 3oz. calamari 1 1/2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil 1 diced medium tomato 1/4 teaspoon tomato paste 1 table spoon shallot 1 tea spoon of minced garlic 1/2 table spoon toasted cumin 1 tea spoon of fresh cilantro Salt and pepper to taste 1/3 cup of chicken stock Dash of cayenne

Pictured with one of Cafe’ 157’s Signature Martinis

Preparation Method: Sautée salmon, shrimp and calamari in extra virgin olive oil with shallot and garlic Add tomato and tomato paste Add chicken stock and simmer until stock reduced to half Add cumin, cilantro, cayenne, salt and pepper to taste Garnish (optional): Toasted garlic French bread *Recipe courtesy of Cafe’ 157, George & Dora, and Chef “Mo”

Bon appetite!

MAY 2011 •



Prevent your child from being a victim of cyberbullying


yberbullying, the bullying of a person through the use of an electronic device such as a computer or cell phone, is becoming a growing national problem. Anyone can be a victim of cyberbullying, but students are frequent targets. From fake Facebook pages, to the posting of embarrassing videos and photos, to Kick a Ginger Day (harassing red-headed people based on a 2005 episode of South Park), more than 20 percent of today’s U.S. students, ages 10 to 18, report being a victim of cyberbullying (26 percent for girls versus 16 percent for boys). Because of a number of highly publicized cases of cyberbullying - including most recently, the suicide of a Rutgers University freshman whose roommate posted a video of the student having sex in his dorm room - colleges, school districts, law enforcement and state legislatures are taking action to address cyberbullying.

cyberbullying. Start the conversation by asking your child if he has heard about other kids at school who have been victimized. Because girls are more likely to be targets of cyberbullying, ask your student about groups of girls being mean to other groups or a specific girl, or if they’ve heard about boys texting inappropriate photos of girls.

More than two dozen states have specifically enacted legislation or updated statutes to address the growing problem of cyberbullying, according to, the leading online resource for legal information. Most new laws mandate that school districts enact policies involving cyberbullying, and take steps to suspend or expel students who engage in it.

Watch for signs. Does your child seem withdrawn?

Set boundaries. It’s critical to talk to your child

about cyberbullying - what it is and what to do if your

Ask about friends or other kids. Your child child feels threatened. In addition, parents should set clear

may be reluctant to open up about being the victim of 26 • MAY 2011

boundaries about your young person’s use of technology.

Photos: ARA Content

Here are some tips from on what parents can do now to prevent cyberbullying, and what to do if you suspect that your child is being singled out by cyberbullies:

Reluctant to use some forms of technology? Maybe depressed? These are generalizations, but if you’ve noticed any changes in your child’s behavior, he or she may be the victim of technology torment. Have you noticed your child exiting out of a computer screen or smart phone quickly when you walk into a room? Is he or she spending an increasing amount of time on the Internet each day (specifically at night) or using multiple online accounts? Your child could be a cyberbully.

Clearly communicate your expectations for responsible use of technology and that, while you respect your child’s It’s illegal. Cyberbullying is serious and, in a handful privacy, you intend to monitor it. Explain the consequences of states, illegal. If your child is involved in cyberbullying if you believe your child is abusing or misusing technology another child, he or she could face legal consequences, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and you, as a parent, could become an e-mail account or mobile device, embroiled in a lawsuit if the parents or if it is interfering with their school of a student victimized by your work. child sue your child for emotional damages. In a growing number of cases across the country, students “It’s just a joke.” Many kids are being held responsible for may not perceive that they are cyberbullying, facing consequences involved in cyberbullying. Creating that range from expulsion from a fake Facebook page, sending school to prosecution. embarrassing photos of another student to each other with a cell phone or other actions involving the Passwords are private. Tell Internet or mobile communications may be perceived by your kids not to share their online passwords with friends. kids as “normal,” what other kids at their school do, or as A common way that kids bully each other online (posting “a joke” or “prank.” In fact, based on school policies or hurtful comments or sending fake messages) is to do so local or state laws, those “jokes” could get your child in a from another kid’s account. lot of trouble.

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Providing state-of-the-art and compassionate health care of unsurpassed quality to your companion animals. We are committed to being the leaders in animal health care for your loved ones. Our compassionate staff, sophisticated equipment and facilities provide the most sophisticated veterinary care in the Carolinas. • Emergency Medicine • Surgery • Avian/Exotic Pets Behavior • Cardiology • • Internal Medicine • Neurology • Oncology • Ophthalmology • • Radiation Oncology • Radiology • Rehabilitation •

EMERGENCY LOCATIONS Charlotte: 704-588-7015 Matthews: 704-815-3939 Huntersville: 704-949-1100 Greensboro: 336-632-0605 Winston-Salem: 336-896-0902 4099 Campus Ridge Rd. Matthews, NC 28104 • 704-815-3939 2225 Township Rd. Charlotte, NC 28273-3903 • 704-504-9608 12117 Statesville Rd. Huntersville, NC 28078• 704-949-1100

( MAY 2011 •


Friends don’t send embarrassing photos. Make

it clear to your child and his or her friends - it is not cool to send embarrassing photos taken at school events, parties, dances and other events to other students, who may ridicule or taunt the student in the embarrassing photo.

It can haunt you. What many kids and adults don’t realize is that what you post on Facebook and other social media can remain accessible on the Internet for years and years. Those hurtful comments, snide remarks and embarrassing photos (including inappropriate photos of their bodies or body parts) can be searched by college admissions offices and future employers. What many kids and adults don’t realize is that what you post on Facebook and other social media can remain accessible on the Internet for years and years.

You know your DOCTOR,

Do you know your


Here, we treat you like family. 1730 Matthews Township Pkwy. Suite A1, Matthews, NC 28105 (next to Lighting & Bulbs Unlimited)

P: 704-814-0154 F: 866-452-5245 28 • MAY 2011 Giant Genie QTR pg_OCT 2010.indd1 1

10/13/10 2:23:56 PM

Others are watching. Parents should strongly

recommend to their kids that they never, ever post or send to anyone photos of themselves in sexually suggestive poses. There have been numerous legal cases of boyfriends forwarding photos of their girlfriends (or ex-girlfriends) to other students. Such photos can make their way to the Internet and into the watchful eyes of child porn addicts.

Monitor e-mails with teachers. It’s sad, but true: Students can be intimidated and bullied by their teachers and school coaches, too. Insist that your young person always copies you, the parent, on any and all messages with their teachers and coaches. School policy. Find out if your school has a policy about cyberbullying. Many schools are just starting to develop these policies (in some states, schools are mandated to do so under state law). Unlike physical or verbal bullying that takes place on school grounds, most cyberbullying takes place outside of normal school hours. Going through your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO or PTA), advocate that your school set a policy for cyberbullying outside of school hours. Safe place. Cyberbullying is very real and it is possible

that your student could at some point be one of its victims. Ask your school to create a safe place or resource for kids to report cyberbullying - such as a voicemail tip line - and ask your school to invite speakers to address the issue. (

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