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Annual Report FY19 September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019

Transforming lives through learning

FY19 Annual Report


Message from the President

What a year! I have enjoyed reflecting on the vocabulary we have used throughout FY19 to describe it: exhilarating, joyous, celebratory, impressive. Beginning with our Annual Meeting, which featured special guest speakers Zach Terwilliger, Sarah Gray Gund, and Reid Lyon, it truly was a splendid year commemorating our 35th anniversary. We proudly ended the year with a balanced budget and completed the data analysis of our first two Lead to Read pilot schools that showed significant gains across both teacher knowledge and student outcomes. At the same time, 560 students received core services through our evaluation, instruction and social learning/communication programs while nearly 1,000 teachers joined us for professional learning. One cannot help but conclude that this is a very special organization. Our mission of learning for all reverberates not just throughout the Cynthia K. Hoehl building we call home but also in schools where we are partnering with educators to transform learners’ lives. We proudly inaugurated our Lead to Read initiative to bring the science of reading to classroom teachers through systems

Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D.

change. This year we continued to extend our reach with technology through our online Comprehensive Reading Course for Educators, produced by MindPlay, which had its roots in our pioneering course to bring reading research to educators, TIME for Teachers. We also launched Building Blocks for Literacy® online as a one-credit course in partnership with Champlain College – 22 years after



its innovative debut to help early care and education

Board of Directors

providers prepare our youngest learners for literacy

Bud Meyers, Ph.D., Chair

success. And, as FY19 closed, the manuscript for our first book on social learning – Activities, Games, and Lessons in Social Learning: A Practical Guide – was submitted to Corwin Publishers. Few educational organizations address the needs of the total child across both academic and socialemotional dimensions with such integrity. None of these accomplishments would happen in this year or any other without an extraordinarily talented staff supported by generous donors, a hardworking Board of

Donna Austin-Hawley Will Billings Jamie Brandon Tim Corley Ann DeMarle Michael Healy Ellie Kenworthy Justin Molson Tim Neiley Carol Ode Elaine Pinckney

Directors, and our collaborative partners in the field. For

Jon Pizzagalli

my birthday this year, my best friend gave me a decorative

Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D.

plaque that is displayed in my office: “If you can read

Brian Till, M.D.

this, thank a teacher.” All of us at the Stern Center thank

Adam Wing

our colleagues in the schools who every day extend the

Honorary Board of Directors

Stern Center’s mission of learning for all by advancing

Bernice Stern, Chair

the science of reading with us. Seeing the growth in their

Eugene Cenci

students as a consequence of our work together is thrilling. We are living in a transformative time which brings great satisfaction and promise. I am ever humbled to lead this remarkable place we call the Stern Center and am grateful to all as we anticipate our 36th year.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D. Governor James H. Douglas Lewis R. First, M.D. Sarah Gray Gund John M. Hoehl Governor Madeleine Kunin Senator Patrick Leahy G.Reid Lyon, Ph.D. Joan Martin Eugene E. Richards III

Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D. President

Governor Peter Shumlin Ann L. Smallwood Peter Stern, M.D. David Stifler, M.D. Barry Stone




Core Services Social Learning and Communication Services



Evaluations meet the diverse

We worked with nearly 300

needs of clients seeking insight

students this year, including 23

into their strengths and needs.

from the University of Vermont

Our evaluation team, directed by

Larner College of Medicine. Our

Our Social Learning and

Melissa Farrall, Ph.D., welcomed

eLearning platform, generously

Communications Services staff

Kelsey Hanrahan, M.S., School

underwritten by Richard

provides interdisciplinary services

Psychologist, a recent graduate

Tarrant, Jr. and Tracy Appleton

throughout the year, including

of SUNY Plattsburgh. Ms.

Tarrant, builds our capacity

instruction offered to individuals

Hanrahan brings a background

to reach clients regardless of

and groups, evaluations and

in Functional Behavior

zip code: Nearly 30 students

professional learning.

Assessments, Applied Behavior

received customized instruction

Analysis, and autism spectrum

via eLearning from Vermont,

disorder to her work with

New Hampshire, New York,

clients seeking comprehensive,

Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,

diagnostic assessments.

Michigan, and Tunisia.


Core Service Recipients

The Stern Center partners with the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine to provide training for medical students and physicians. Three different training modules for medical students, residents and fellows are


234 Evaluation Clients


Instruction Students

available through the Departments of Neurosciences, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. These Stern Center partnerships are designed to increase knowledge about differential diagnoses of learning disorders. Dr. Melissa

Demand for these services grew this year, as did our staff. We welcomed two new Speech Language Pathologists and welcomed back for a second year a summer intern.


Communication Services Students

“Thank you so much for inspiring me to become

Farrall oversees all rotations. Julia Molson, Psy.D., shares the role of Supervising Psychologist Dr. Molson of the School Consultation Service of the Pediatric Psychiatry Fellowship with Sharon Leach, Ph.D., clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Leach who was named Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of

Vermont this year. We welcomed: Sean Closs, 4th year medical student interested in family medicine and how mental health fits into primary care. He presented information about ADHD and how technology can help manage symptoms and improve outcomes.


We remain on track with Corwin Publishers to release the Stern Center’s latest publication, Activities, Games, and Lessons in Social Learning: A Practical Guide, authored by Julie Erdelyi, M.A., Director of Social Learning and Communication Services. This project is made possible by a generous gift

Deborah Schapiro, Blanche Podhajski, Julie Erdelyi, and Lou Polish

from Deborah Schapiro and Lou Polish. The book is due out in January 2020. Julie also accepted an invitation to the Curriculum Advisory Board for Changing Perspectives, a national nonprofit that offers cutting edge resources to schools to educate students about disabilities and create inclusive and empathic learning environments.

e a more effective teacher.” – 1st grade teacher, Burlington

Haley McGowan, D.O., pediatric psychiatry fellow, interested in the intersection of primary care and mental health, optimizing systems of care to improve access, working with transitional-age youth, and anxiety disorders/ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Dr. McGowan presented on the impact of music on the developing brain.


Student Success With nearly 600 students receiving services annually in our core programs, success stories abound. One of our many proud alumni, Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, was featured on NPR in April for his involvement in prosecuting the WikiLeaks case. Zach received an evaluation and instruction at the Stern Center and went on to the University of Virginia and William & Mary School of Law, where he graduated with the highest honors.

Zach Terwilliger, speaking at the Stern Center’s 1990 Annual Meeting

Zach was the guest speaker at the Annual Meeting in October ‘18. He is shown here with Sarah Gray Gund, his Stern Center teacher in 1990, and Blanche Podhajski.



Cynthia K. Hoehl Institute for Excellence The Cynthia K. Hoehl Institute for

In addition, CKHIE supports school

Excellence (CKHIE) serves as a hub for

districts seeking to provide multi-hour

educators seeking to bring evidence-

instruction for students from our highly-

based best practices to students. The

trained instructional team. Established in

Institute awards grants to support

2008, the Institute honors the memory of

educators seeking to deepen their

Cynthia K. Hoehl, a former teacher with a

knowledge through our coursework.

vision to help all children learn. We take

All of the Stern Center’s professional

great pride in partnering with educators

learning programs are offered through

and school leaders to improve

the Institute, including individual courses

student outcomes.

and workshops as well as our exciting systems-change initiative, Lead to Read.



A student-centered approach to professional learning Lead to Read is an innovative, collaborative professional learning program to help educators ensure that all children become proficient readers. Research studies in brain science for the past four decades confirm that explicit structured literacy works well for all learners. Our customized professional learning program employs systems change to empower teachers with the science of reading while deepening their knowledge about reading instruction. Lead to Read includes three core components: Foundation Building, Coaching & Communities of Practice, and Peer Coaching for sustainability. The Comprehensive Reading Course for Educators™ (CRCE ) is central to the Lead to Read initiative. Released in June 2018, CRCE is a robust online course designed for educational professionals



EQUITY • OPPORTUNITY striving to increase their

Extension of the Comprehensive

knowledge about how to teach

Reading Course for Educators.

reading and spelling. Created by Blanche Podhajski, Nancy Mather,


Janice Sammons, and Marilyn Varricchio, CRCE originated in 1995 as TIME for Teachers and has evolved in scope over 24 years. Educators engaged in our Lead to Read program take this course first, and then work with a Literacy Coach to apply new knowledge within the classroom. To build sustainability, literacy leaders identified within each school complete an additional course: Peer Coaching: An

The coaching elements of Lead to Read are what make it such a unique and sustainable professional learning initiative. Coaching supports teachers as they implement evidencebased reading practices and engage in critical decisionmaking that helps all learners. In this way, coaching sustains effective structured literacy practices that support student learning schoolwide. In Lead to

Jennifer White, Ph.D., Innovation Specialist, manages Lead to Read’s Dr. White coaching components and is designing our online coaching module to bring Lead to Read to scale. Jane Ashby, Ph.D., served as Senior Director of Education and oversaw Dr. Ashby all professional learning activities, including implementation of Year 1 of Lead to Read in both pilot schools in FY19. In June 2019, she returned to her faculty position at Central Michigan University.

Read, our focus is on students. How can we (teachers and

AWARDS CKHIE Grant Awards Each year, 5% of the CKHIE Endowment

In FY19, the Institute awarded nearly

balance is withdrawn to allow the Institute to

$145,000 in grants split as shown below.

award grants. Awards are broken down into 2

Instruction $43,251

categories: • Students receiving a minimum of 5 hours of direct instruction per week receive 20% underwriting to aid in their intensive

Professional Learning $101,749

instruction program. • Individual educators and whole school systems are awarded grants ranging from 20%-60%


Professional Learning

to access Professional Learning services through the Institute.



coaches) increase the reading ability of all students? What aspect of reading theory will increase student success? What evidence-based practices could more effectively address student needs? How can reading instruction be fine-tuned to reach diverse learners?



The coaching aspects of this unique

80 Percent Correct

professional learning model are specific to each teacher’s students and classroom, helping all students become strong readers. The goal of coaching

Spring 84


60 40

72 50




is simple: to provide job-embedded professional learning for educators that


enhances knowledge and application

Segmentation* Deletion*

Total Score*

of evidence-based reading practices 3*



through collaboration, demonstration, observation, and feedback to increase student success.


Percent Correct by Gradet


OUTCOMES Lead to Read Year 1: 2018-19 Outcome Data

• Teachers demonstrated

Combined Pilot Schools: Kindergarten Phonological Awareness Skills Screener (PASS)

statistically significant gains in their



knowledge of literacy concepts that

80 Percent Correct

were maintained throughout the school year. • Students demonstrated statistically significant gains on measures of phonological awareness


60 40




84 72 42

Segmentation* Deletion* 3*




100 80


40 20


1* 2* 3* 4*





and spelling.


Total Score* 4*

1* 2* 3* 4*

1* 2* 3* 4*

Basic Syllable Onset-Rime Basic Phoneme Combined Pilot Schools: Grades 1-4 Developmental Spelling Assessment (DSA)

Percent Correct by Grade

Vermont schools showed the following:




In 2018-19 findings, our partners in 2


Spring 58


51 44 38

40 30 20 10 0

11 4


11 16


28 25




*All growth statistically significant



1* 2* 3* 4*

Advanced Phoneme

Philanthropic Impact Philanthropic support contributes to our mission and furthers our vision: “A world where, through


scientific understanding of learning differences and corresponding teaching strategies, learners of all ages and backgrounds will experience personal accomplishment and self-esteem…a world where education as a whole will progress to even higher levels of success.”


CKHIE Grant Recipients Multi-Hour Instruction for Fiscal Year 2019


Awards to VT Families (4) Awards to Schools Total

$4,112 $18,417 $22,529

CKHIE Grant Recipients Professional Learning for Fiscal Year 2019


Awards to individual VT Educators (76) Awards to Schools plus Other Entities Total Addison Northwest SU Ferrisburg Central School Vergennes Union Elementary Vergennes Union HS Barre SU Barre Town Elementary/Middle School Bennington-Rutland SU Manchester Elem School Burlington School District Burlington High School Champlain Elementary School Essential Early Ed. Center Hunt Middle School Sustainability Academy Caledonia Central SU Peacham Elementary School Champlain Valley School District Allen Brook School Hinesburg Community School Williston Central School Colchester School District Union Memorial School Essex Westford Unified Union SD Essex Elementary School Essex Tech Center Hiawatha School Thomas Fleming School Franklin Northeast SU Montgomery Elementary School Franklin West SU Georgia Elementary/Middle School Grand Isle SU Alburg Community Educational Ctr Greater Rutland County SU Rutland Town School West Rutland School Hartford SD ( White River Elementary Hartford Autism Regional Program Harwood Unified Union SD Harwood Union High School

$25,856 $91,106 $116,962

Ithaca City Schools Northeast Elementary Lamoille North SU Eden Central Hyde Park Elementary Missisquoi Valley School District Sheldon Elementary School Montpelier Roxbury SD Montpelier High School Union Elementary School Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District Underhill Central Elementary Nashua School District #42 Amherst Elementary School Orange East SU Newbury Elementary School Rivendell Interstate SD Samuel Morey Elementary Rutland City SD Northwest Elementary Sch/PPLC Springfield SD Union Street School Southwest Vermont SU Mount Anthony Union High School Two Rivers SU Cavendish Town Elementary School Washington Central SU Washington Central SU Windsor Southeast SU Windsor State Street School Grace Christian School Greenwood School Keenan Educational Consulting Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School Sea of Strengths Academy St. Johnsbury Academy


Lead to Read garners support from five foundations

Byrne Foundation Supports Lead to Read

Our flagship professional

Dorothy Byrne Foundation,

The Jack and Dorothy Byrne

learning initiative, Lead to

Windham Foundation, Rene

Foundation generously granted

Read, received funding for

Bloch Foundation, and

the Stern Center $35,000 in honor

its inaugural year from five

Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg

of its 35th year to invest in reading

foundations, including The

Interfaith Projects (SCHIP).

reform efforts. The Foundation’s

Morris and Bessie Altman

These funding entities helped

support of our Lead to Read

Foundation, which provided

to support our pilot initiatives

initiative made possible the

crucial support for the

in Hinesburg and Hardwick

significant improvement in teacher

development of Lead to Read as

Elementary schools. Impressive

knowledge and student outcomes

well as implementation of the

outcomes for students and

in both pilot schools (see pages 8

pilot phase. Additional funding

teachers resulted!

and 9). We extend our gratitude

was provided by The Jack and

to Mrs. Dorothy Byrne, who also surprised us with a challenge grant for an additional $25,000!

Laughter for Learning The 5th annual Laughter for

of funds to support the Cynthia

raised over $15,000 through

Learning comedy benefit at

K. Hoehl Institute for Excellence.

sponsorships and ticket sales

ArtsRiot raised a record amount

Four shows on two nights in May

to support CKHIE and grants for professional learning. Funds also maintain the Steve Waltien Annual Scholarship, which honors the memory of our beloved former Stern Center Board Chair, who passed away in 2010. We were thrilled that the local CBS affiliate WCAX featured a live interview with two of Laughter for Learning’s gifted comedians.

Andrew Knox, Blanche Podhajski, Kate James, and Steve Waltien




Professional Learning Higher-Education Partners The Stern Center has a proud


tradition of partnering with institutions of higher education. Participants in courses such as the Comprehensive Reading Course for Educators, OrtonGillingham, and Reading and the Brain earn graduate credit through Castleton University. In July we celebrated our third year of collaboration with the Castleton Early Childhood Summer Institute, where we provided two courses to advance the early childhood education workforce: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Building Blocks for Literacy速.

Professional Learning Participants

Building Blocks for Literacy速 Building Blocks

A highlight for Building Blocks

for Literacy is a

in FY19 was the July launch of

robust professional

an online, one-credit course

learning program

based on the live Building

for early care

Blocks trainings. So far,

and education

people from seven states have

professionals to help ensure

registered for the course,

that our youngest learners are

which is available for only

prepared for literacy success

$50 thanks to generous grant

when they enter kindergarten.

funding from an anonymous

More than 4,000 early child

foundation. We remain grateful

care educators have completed

to The Morris and Bessie Altman

this course over the past 22

Foundation for their funding of

years, positively impacting the

the development of the online

early literacy skills of more than

course at the Emergent Media

100,000 children.

Center at Champlain College. An anonymous gift of $105,000 was made to support Building Blocks for Literacy速 in FY19.

Ric Reardon, Reeva Murphy, Blanche Podhajski, and Sandra Cameron at the Early Childhood Summer Institute in July 2019



Partnership with Building Bright Futures promotes early childhood literacy in Rutland

Boys and Girls Club of Burlington

school student participants. As

Three projects at the Boys

Assistant Education Director

and Girls Club of Burlington

commented: “I can say that this

were generously funded by

was extremely beneficial, and

We continue to offer live

Richard Tarrant, Jr. and Tracy

I could not have been happier

Building Blocks for Literacy®

Appleton Tarrant to deepen

with how it went. We made

workshops, as we have since

staff expertise in math, literacy,

our way through much of pre-

1997. In 2019, a unique

trauma-informed teaching

calculus and a decent amount of

partnership was funded by The

practices and social-emotional

calculus. Thank you all for this

Bay and Paul Foundations and


opportunity, I really appreciate

the Turrell Fund to address literacy in the Rutland area. The Building Bright Futures Council

Professional Learning in Mathematics

a result of the Stern Center’s collaboration, the Club’s staff members were better able to meet student needs. The

and truly feel that it was exactly what many of our students needed.”

in Rutland identified literacy as

The Boys and Girls Club’s

their #1 priority and recruited

education team identified their

over thirty Rutland area child

need for training in high-level

care providers to receive

mathematics (specifically pre-

Two Club instructors took our

Building Blocks training. Six

calculus and key components

Wilson Fundations® course

of them completed additional

of calculus) in order to meet the

and received one-to-one

training in mentoring.

needs of several of their high

literacy coaching sessions.

Professional Learning in Literacy

(Fundations is a multisensory and systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program that benefits all K-3 students.) Kara Quinn leads her first graders in a structured literacy lesson at Edmunds



The Education Director said: “Throughout the school year I have managed a caseload of 1-1 literacy interventions with our sister site at the Integrated Arts Academy for 1st and 2nd graders. I’ve found that the


resources I gained from this grant opportunity have helped me immensely in this work. Through pairing the knowledge I gained from the Stern Center and meeting with IAA teachers, I was able to build constructive and effective lesson plans for my students that reinforced the concepts they were learning in school through unique and fun activities. Even though I meet with my core 1-1’s for about an hour a week each, I have seen marked improvement in reading level, writing proficiency, comprehension, and critical thinking, and the assistance I received from the Stern Center has undoubtedly attributed to these outcomes.”

Social-Emotional Learning

Orton-Gillingham Institute

Our courses in the social-

The Orton-Gillingham Approach

emotional realm are designed

is the underlying foundation

to help educators use best

of all multisensory structured

practices to improve school and

literacy instruction. The

classroom climates and build

Orton-Gillingham (OG)

positive social interactions.

Institute at the Stern

Students can have difficulties

Center is accredited by

with social communication

the Academy of Orton-

due to a variety of conditions,

Gillingham Practitioners and

including Autism Spectrum

Educators to deliver OG training

Disorder, attention issues

and mentoring. This fiscal year,

and/or emotional-behavioral

220 teachers participated in our

problems. For many children,

OG programs.

symptoms related to trauma and toxic stress levels are routinely misdiagnosed as behavioral issues and /or learning disabilities. Professional learning on trauma-informed instruction helps teachers and caregivers better understand how trauma, poverty, and other stressors impact childhood development, behavior and learning. In FY19, 122 participants took our socialemotional courses.

“After completing the [Stern Center] course I couldn’t believe that I had not been required to take this course prior to being certified to teach reading and writing to my students. I now believe that the knowledge I gained from this course is critical to teaching and understanding how to teach literacy.” –from a teacher



Wilson Language Training® We celebrate 11 years of

Dyslexia Symposium with Dr. Nancy Mather

partnership with Wilson Language Training, an organization whose mission is to provide professional learning and ongoing support to literacy educators. Since the mid-1980’s Wilson Language Training has been dedicated to its motto, “Literacy for All.” This year we provided Wilson Training and Fundations K-2 workshops to 283 educators.

Dr. Mather

everyone with a deeper understanding of dyslexia, the development of reading and spelling, and evidencebased instructional methods

Nancy Mather,

to improve phonological

Ph.D., presented

awareness, decoding, spelling,

a half-day

and reading fluency. Dr.


Mather is a Professor Emerita

on dyslexia

at the University of Arizona in

assessment at

Tucson in the Department of

Montpelier’s Capitol Plaza in

Disability and Psychoeducational

March. The sold-out audience

Studies. She is a co-author of

learned about the importance of

the Woodcock-Johnson IV and

teacher knowledge in supporting

has co-authored two books on

student achievement in reading,

interpretation and application

especially for students with

of the WJ IV. Dr. Mather is also

dyslexia. Using her trademark

coauthor of the Comprehensive

blend of good humor, practical

Reading Course for Educators,

examples from 40 years of

along with Blanche Podhajski,

working with students, and solid

Marilyn Varricchio and Janice

evidence from brain research,


Dr. Mather dispelled myths about dyslexia, and provided

“There’s no way to measure it. I wasn’t able to read in 3rd grade. I received Stern Center instruction from 3rd grade to 7th grade. At the end of 7th grade, I was reading and writing at a 12th grade level. Now I’m applying to elite colleges. I owe a massive debt of gratitude to the Stern Center.” –former student



Academic and Social Gains for At-Risk Learners


Partnership with Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center 2019 meant the end of the first

Stern Center to work one-on-

made up of psychologists,

three years of funding from the

one with new and/or struggling

psychiatrists, behavioral

Canaday Family Charitable Trust

learners in the classrooms

interventionists, nurses, and

in support of our partnership with

and to support classroom

others, in order to better

Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation

instruction by differentiating

support students both inside

Facility. Fortunately, it also

lessons for the various levels of

and outside the classroom.

marked the beginning of

need within each class. We also

• Over the three years of the

another generous three year

monitored progress regularly

grant, students demonstrated

grant from the Canaday Family

to inform instruction, to guide

the greatest academic gains in

Charitable Trust to continue

intervention, and to track

2019, when Social-Emotional

this partnership. This initiative,


Learning and Communication

which is also supported by the

• We provided professional

became a focus of professional

Bernard F. and Mary Ann Powell

learning in social-emotional

learning. Students made an

Family Foundation, The Kelsey

communication and self-

average gain of 3.9 grade level

Trust of the Vermont Community

regulation for the clinical team

units over the year!

Foundation, and National Life Group Foundation, supports staff and students at Woodside in several ways.

• We increased instructional time and expertise by providing two expert instructors from the



In honor of Blanche’s upcoming retirement in

of the President. It will operate under our

August of 2020, several members of the Board

investment policies to guard the principal in

of Directors, together with the Development

perpetuity. The endowment will effectively

team, launched the Beacon for Learning

reduce the Stern Center’s annual operating

Campaign: Honoring Blanche’s Enduring Vision.

expenses and allow us to continue to strengthen

This Campaign will establish the Blanche

our core service areas—customized instruction,

Podhajski President’s Chair Endowment, in

evaluations, and communication services/social

honor of our Founder. The purpose of the

learning—as well as our professional learning

endowment is to help support the compensation

for educators, including Lead to Read.



Scholarship Program Soars in FY19 We are grateful to our growing list of scholarship donors, whose legacy we honor by providing expert educational services to students in need. Thanks


to the generosity of others, we awarded the following scholarships:

Annual Scholarships • Michael Allen Annual Scholarship • Kusiak Family Scholarship • Dr. John LeConche Memorial Scholarship

• Blanche M. Podhajski Memorial Scholarship • Paul Post Memorial Scholarship • Eleanor “Chris” Pratt Memorial Scholarship • Paul Toomey Memorial Scholarship • Lester Wallman, M.D. and Elizabeth Wallman Memorial Scholarship • Stevenson H. Waltien Jr. Memorial Scholarship • Patricia M. Zyber Memorial Scholarship



Endowed Scholarships • Charles Bartlett Scholarship • Eileen Bonner Botjer Memorial Scholarship • Leslie Watson Botjer Memorial Scholarship • John Connell Scholarship • Ursula Crews Memorial Scholarship • T. Peter Doremus Jr. Memorial Scholarship • Friends of the Stern Center

Memorial Scholarship • Katie Doremus Halsey Scholarship • Herbert L. Martin, M.D. Memorial Scholarship • The Podhajski Family Scholarship • Humbert L. Riva, M.D. Memorial Scholarship • Neil Shapiro Memorial Scholarship • Smallwood Family Scholarship

• Pat Green Memorial Scholarship • William Cameron Hagedorn

Countless notes of appreciation from families and students demonstrate the immense impact of our annual scholarship program. Scholarship support provides access to Stern Center services for many students who might not be able to receive the learning support they need to thrive. This note of appreciation from a 12-year-old boy captures the sentiments beautifully.

Drive for 35 Campaign Succeeds To expand our circle of

called Drive for 35. Parents, as

all who donated and helped us

supporters, especially among

well as professional learning

meet the donors’ challenge in

parents of our students, an

participants helped us meet and

honor of our 35th anniversary.

anonymous family helped us

exceed our goal for the Drive

launch a new initiative this year

for 35 Campaign. Thank you to



Staff, Board, and Volunteers Team Up for Signature Benefit at Shelburne Farms’ Coach Barn

Staff News Our staff grew in FY19 as we welcomed new team members across departments. Julie Cadwallader Staub, M.S.W., joined us as Director of Development after serving as


Director of Vermont’s $36.9M Race to the Top grant to improve school readiness for Vermont’s children. She brings a diverse background in grant management, early education, and nonprofit management. Julie is also a poet whose work Jane Lindholm, Elaine Pinckney, Kara Quinn, Blanche Podhajski, Doug Rumsey, and Michelle Cannon

has been published in national

The Signature Event was a

For the first time, we featured

Sandra Cameron, M.Ed.,

spectacular success this year as

a panel discussion which was

MOTR/C, assumed the role of

an educational, heart-warming,

expertly facilitated by Vermont

Professional Learning Director.

and community building event.

Public Radio’s Jane Lindholm and

Sandra has more than twenty

Over 110 people attended, and

included Doug Rumsey (a Stern

years of experience in the field

we received over 50 donations,

Center alumnus), Kara Quinn (a

of early education, curriculum

ranging from $25 to $10,000,

first grade teacher at Edmunds

totaling over $35,000. As in past

Elementary), Michelle Cannon

years, our lead sponsor was

(parent of a current Stern Center

Northfield Savings Bank.

student), and Elaine Pinckney

journals and anthologies.

(Superintendent at Champlain Valley School District). Each contributed enormously to painting a comprehensive picture of the Stern’s Center transformative impact on students, teachers, schools, and school districts.

Stern Center staff at the Coach Barn included (from



Amy Ducey

Julie Cadwallader Staub

design and assessment. Two

Gatch, M.S.Ed., Mollie Burke-

Structured Literacy Coaches

Bendzunas, M.S., CCC-SLP,

support our Lead to Read work:

Laura Bryant, M.A., Fellow/

Amy Ducey, M.Ed., A/AOGPE

AOGPE, Corrine Gardiner,

and Erin Manahan, B.S., AOGPE,

M.A.T., A/AOGPE, and Kelsey

and they bring a wealth of

Hanrahan, M.S.

knowledge and experience to their work with educators and

Erin Manahan

students in structured literacy. Other new staff include Kendra McKim, M.S.L.P., CCC-SLP, Ann Sandra Cameron

m left) Karen Cannon, Heidi DeCarvalho, Patty Durham, Jessica Stoehr, Diane Meyer, Barb Moore, SJ White, Abby Roy




Staff List FY19 Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D.


Jane Ashby, Ph.D. Shirley Bate, M.Ed., CAGS

Senior Director of Education OG Supervising Fellow-InTraining Research Assistant Speech-Langauge Pathologist Development Coordinator OG Supervising Fellow Speech-Langauge Pathologist Instructor OG Supervising Fellow Instructor Instructor Speech-Langauge Pathologist Building Blocks Professional Learning Provider Development Director Professional Learning Director AP/AR Assistant Special Gifts Liaison Instructor Professional Learning Provider Instructor Instructor Human Resources Director Accounts Manager Structured Literacy Coach Intake Coordinator Social Learning And Communication Director OG Supervising Fellow Director of Evaluations Instructor OG Supervising Fellow Instructor Special Educator Instructor Professional Learning Provider Evaluator Professional Learning Provider Instructor Structured Literacy Coach Speech-Langauge Pathologist Instructor Neuropsychologist Structured Literacy Coach Finance Manager OG Supervising Fellow Instructor Evaluator

Clara Behrman, B.S. Meredith Bergeron, M.S., SLP Robin Bertrand, B.A. Jane Bettencourt, M.S. Laura Bonazinga Boyea, M.S.,SLP Sandra Boyer, M.Ed. Laura Bryant , M.A. Cecilia Bucca, M.F.A. MacCall Buckley, M.Ed. Mollie Burke-Bendzunas, M.S., SLP Brenda Buzzell, M.Ed. Julie Cadwallader Staub, M.S.W. Sandra Cameron, M.Ed. Karen Cannon Laurie Caswell Burke, M.Ed. Candace Condry Bowles, M.S. Paula Costello, M.Ed. Kathleen Cummings, M.Ed. Nancy Daniels, M.Ed. Emily Dawson, B.A. Heidi Decarvalho, B.S. Amy Ducey, M.A. Patricia Durham, A.S. Julia Erdelyi, M.A. Christine Evans, A.A. Melissa Farrall, Ph.D. Dylan Fitzsimmons, M.S. Marcella Fulmer, M.Ed. Corrine Gardiner, M.A. Ann Gatch, M.Ed. Barbara Greenwald, M.Ed., CAGS Jeffrey Hagstrom, M.S. Kelsey Hanrahan, M.A. Eileen Harris, Psy.D. Elaine Hazelett, M.Ed. Linda Hunter, M.Ed. Jessica Jablonski, M.A. Gina Kells, M.Ed. Sharon Leach, Ph.D. Erin Manahan, B.A. Elizabeth Marcus, B.S. Kerri McDonald-Schaub, M.Ed. Janice McGuire, M.Ed. Catherine McKelvey, M.S., CAGS


Kendra McKim, M.S.L.P., SLP Kathryn McLane, J.D. Jennifer McMannon, M.Ed. Diane Meyer, Ph.D. Julia Molson, Psy.D. Barbara Moore, B.S. Lauren Morse, M.Ed. Sandy Murphy, B.A. Jane Nathan, Ph.D. Nancy Nugent, B.A. Janna Osman, M.Ed. Marcia Perry, B.S. Peggy Price, M.Ed. Elizabeth Rainville, M.S.Ed., SLP Pamela Reynolds, M.Ed. Spencer Rosner, M.A. Abigail Roy, M.A., NCSP, CAGS Colleen Schuster, M.Ed. Leslie Sem, M.Ed. Michael Shapiro, M.B.A. Christopher Shaw, M.Ed. Tracy Stein, M.S.Ed., NCSP Shaun Stephens, M.S. Janet Steward, M.Ed. Jessica Stoehr, B.A.

David J Szabo, M.S.Ed. Michelle Szabo, M.S.Ed. Lori Van Allen, M.S., NCSP Stefanie Waite, M.Ed. SJ White, B.A. Theresa White, M.A. Jennifer White, Ph.D. Carol Wieland, M.S. Edward Wilkens, Ed.D. Patricia Willette, B.S. Jennifer Wade, M.Ed. Marilyn Varricchio, M.Ed. Nancy Mather, Ph.D. Judith Storer

Speech-Langauge Pathologist Instructor Instructor Grant Writer Evaluator Research Associate & Administrative Assistant for Instruction & Evaluations Instructor OG Supervising Fellow Research Director Front Desk Administrative Assistant VP For Advanced Learning Instructor Director Of the OG Institute Speech-Langauge Pathologist Professional Learning Provider Instructor Evaluator Instructor Instructor Chief Operating Officer Instructor Evaluator Speech-Langauge Pathologist And Evaluator Professional Learning Provider Executive Assistant To The President and Social Learning And Communication Intake Coordinator Instructor Instruction Director Evaluator Communications Director Professional Learning Coordinator Professional Learning Provider Learning Innovation Specialist Instructor Special Projects Advisor Professional Learning Provider Instructor Professional Learning Consultant Professional Learning Provider and Consultant Professional Learning Provider


Thank You for Your Support Visionary Circle

Advisor Circle

$100,000 & UP Anonymous The Morris & Bessie Altman Foundation Canaday Family Charitable Trust Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation Peter & Margie Stern Elizabeth Woods

$2,500-$4,999 The Paul Post Fund of the VT Community Foundation Donna & Jake Carpenter Greg & Megan Cluver The Oakland Foundation Irene DeVivo Bronwyn Dunne Gerald & Virginia Hornung The Gerald & Virginia Hornung Family Charitable Fund Ed & Brynn Kusiak The Mill Foundation Pizzagalli Foundation Jon & Jennifer Pizzagalli Dolores Podhajski LeConche Blanche Podhajski & Ken Kreiling Bill & Maureen Post ArtsRiot (Speak Easy Arts) William Schubart & Kate Robinson Schubart George & Carol Terwilliger Tulgey Wood Foundation Thomas & Ellen Wilkins

Luminary Circle $50,000-$99,999 The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation Hoehl Family Foundation

Founders Circle $25,000-$49,999 Anonymous Ann A. Mergens Foundation The O’Connell Family Charitable Fund Allen & Bonnie Reid Martin

President’s Circle $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous Robert Botjer Tim & Shelly Corley Spare Time Entertainment

Director Circle $5,000-$9,999 Elizabeth Archangeli The Windham Foundation Robert Barrie & Melissa Farrall Ryan Botjer Fidelity Charitable Forever Endeavor Software Sarah Gray Gund The Hampton Foundation Michael & Alison Healy Steven & Paula Johnson The Kelsey Trust of the VT Community Foundation Justin & Julia Molson National Life Group Foundation Northfield Savings Bank Foundation NY Community Trust Bernard F. and Mary Ann Powell Foundation Frederick Alcott Pratt Chris Pratt Opportunity Fund of the VT Community Foundation Louis Polish & Deborah Schapiro Ann and Frank Smallwood Incentive Fund of the VT Community Foundation Ann Logie Smallwood Elizabeth Steele Robert Stern Peter Swift & Diana McCargo The Visionary Fund Susan Scheu Woodworth

Ambassador Circle $1,000-$2,499 Anonymous (2) The Benevity Community Impact Fund Will & Pam Billings Betsy Ann Boutin Tim Burke & Laurie Caswell Burke Gene & Ann Cenci Bob & Suzie Crews C. Russell de Burlo Rene Bloch Foundation Evergreen Evaluation Patricia R. Farnham Turrell Fund Mitch & Kim Fleischer IBM Gerald & Jaclyn Kaminsky Paul & Ellie Kenworthy Ewins, Kowalski & Swett Wealth Management M. Kraus & Company Stuart & Mary Lollis Main Street Landing Company Joan Martin Robert & Polly McEwing Michael Metz & Denise Shekerjian H. Bud Meyers & Ruth Farrell Eric & Jane Molson Patricia & David Mueller Tim Neiley & Ellen O’Brien Paul & Carol Ode Janna & Donny Osman Simon & Pia Pearce QOR360 Kinetic Furniture Of Vermont Renah Blair Rietzke Family Don & Sandy Rendall

The Carmel Hill Fund PEDS ONE Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects Gerry & Peggy Shapiro Michael & Marjorie Stern Tim & Julie Van Voris Jared & Danielle Waite Waite Design & Engineering LLC Ed & Jill Wilkens Adam Wing & Jeanne Landau The Big Wood Foundation Kenneth Zyber

$500-$999 Jane Ashby Julie Cadwallader Staub Barbara Riva Coates Christopher & Susanne Davis Ann DeMarle & Jim Reda Richard & Nancy DiVenere Frank & Ducky Donath Dan Feeney Katie & David Halsey David & Anne Hauke Sam Hoar & Eve Pratt Hoar Arthur Margolin & Kenneth Kahn Momentum Physical Therapy, PLC North Star Leasing Company Pesky Family Foundation William & Gail Savage Michael & Mary Scollins David & Barbara Somero Robert & Christine Stiller Barry & Carol Stone Frederick & Betsy Tegatz Unilever-YourCause David Usher Vermont Agency Foundation Stefanie & Miles Waite David & Nancy Westbrook

$250-$499 Anonymous(2) Neuberger Berman David & Carol Angus Scott & Carol Boardman Tim & Breah Bollom & Family Julie Bonanno Jac Huntley John & Kathryn Connell One Day In July Staige Davis & Sarah Spink Donahue & Associates Mary & Tom Evslin SymQuest Fusun Floyd Amanda & James Gartland Valerie Graham Donna Austin-Hawley & Gary Hawley Elaine & Frank Ittleman Isobel Kreizel Mark & Debbie Mast Madeline Miles Geoffrey Miller & Beth Buttles-

Miller Tish & Susan Mooney Mary Powell & Mark Brooks Paul & Joanne Reiss Seventh Generation Foundation Lili Ruane & Will Smith Mark Saba & Karen Paul Stephen Scheu Haviland & Dolores Smith Richard & Roberta Stein Paul & Brenda Stephens David Stifler & Mary Allen Stifler David & Laura Stiller Sweeney DesignBuild, LLC Katherine Toomey Michael & Val Toomey Lee & Ann Van Voris John Vogel & Judy Music Waite-Heindel Environmental Management James Wick

$100-$249 Anonymous Michael & Marion Abajian Kathy & Saul Agel Bren Alvarez Thomas & Janet Bellavance Randy & Robin Bertrand Ellen Bessette Tina & Joseph Bissonette Gerri & Sam Bloomberg Linda C. Boardman Doug & Kelli Brooks Scott & Lori Brown Nicole Carignan & David Raphael Michael & June Carrera Albert & Margaret Cicchetti Pam Clark Zacharie & Cynthia Clements David & Cathleen Cohen Richard & Rose Colletti Helen Lynne Collins Edwin & Nancy Colodny Sally Conant Carol Johnson Conard Paul & Nancy Cotton Nini Crane Phyllis Crews Anthony & Janet Di Blasi Sam & Anne Dixon Joanna & John Ellis-Monaghan Lewis & Sandy First Stephen & Kelly Fiske Jim & Susan Fitzpatrick Donald & Suzanne Foss Milton & Carolyn Frye Chris & Jan Gannon David & Peggy Gelinas Kate Lalley & Scott Giles Barbara Greenwald Al & Barbara Gross James & Mary Ellen Hebert Carol Hinkel Steve & Margot Holland Maggie Holmes

We thank all those who made gifts supporting all kinds of learners. If we have inadvertently omitted any names, we apologize and ask you to contact us with the correction. This listing includes all donations received during FY19:September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019, including pledge payments made for previous years’ pledges.




Andrea Kelly & Laura Ramirez Peter Kreisel Harlan & Linnea Lachman Kate Larson Kathy & David Leo-Nyquist Kelly & Walt Levering Fund Jonathan & Margaret Lowell Christine Maloney & David DeBoy Keith & Lucy Marston Patrick & Jill McCaffrey Thomas McCullough Diane Meyer Donald & Susan Miller Don & Cheryl Mitchell Bob & Toni Monsey Nick & Beth Nichols Paul & Dorothea Penar Frederick & Janis Peyser Peter & Leigh Phillips Robert & Patricia Phillips Elaine Pinckney Matthew Plasse Paul & Gina Plunkett Shelley Richardson Kendra Rickerby Patrick Robins & Lisa Schamberg Sylvia Robison Andrea Rogers Jocelyn Secker-Walker Chris & Judith Shaw Joseph & Margaret Sheehan Art & Gail Shinners David & Patti Smallwood Michelle & Dave Szabo Brian Till Jesse Beck & Kevin Veller James & Bonnie Wallman Leigh & Mary Karen Wheeler, Jr. S.J. White Sam & Clare Wool Scott Yeager & Christine Packard Walter & Jane Yusen Matt Zahn

$50-$99 Anonymous(2) GianPiero & Victoria Anelli Greg & Julie Brown Ben Cadwallader Cathy Chamberlain Catherine & Perry Condon P. M. & Paula Costello Don & Lynn Cummings Jean Thompson DeCell Cliff & Kim Deetjen Alan & Linda Elrick Barbara L. Fisher Paula Flaherty Marylin Fletcher Brian & Janet Harwood Kris Hoffman Daniel & Susan Hudson Peter & Joyce Klinkenberg Alan & Jane Lane Jack Long & Delight Wing Sara and Jack Lylis Ted Marcy & Kim Hornung-Marcy Duncan & Belle McDougall

John & Roberta Morrison Allan Morton & Claudia Renchy Nancy Nugent John & Robin Orcutt Greg & Diane Peters Garth & Clara Peterson Nancy Post Peggy & Matt Price Gay Regan William & Wendy Schroeder John & Cindy Senning Lauren Shanard & David Smalley Katharine Shepherd & Bern Terry Ben & Debbie Taggard Jo-Anne Unruh & Kenneth Kramberg Cordelia von Conta David White

Up to $50 Anonymous(4) Shawn & Cynthia Allen AmazonSmile Foundation Janet Astore Iris Berezin James & Carol Bouyea Sandy Boyer Sandra Cameron Karen Cannon Brian & Sherrill Crabtree Emily Dawson Heidi & James DeCarvalho Kyle Dodson Patty Durham Jay & Dorothy Federman Larry & Linda Godard Recille Hamrell Kimberly Harrington & Jon Hughes Susan Harrington & Ellen Andersen Gina Kells Erin Manahan Betty F. McGill Mary McGrath Kathryn Mclane Jonathan Mishcon Barbara Moore Amy Newlove Marcia Perry Elizabeth Rainville Martin & Julie Richards Alfred & Maggie Rosa Beatrice Samuelson Peter & Gayle Shaw Tracy Stein Eliane Strip Rup & Patricia Tandan Peter & Marie Thomas Joan Wulfson

Gifts in Memory of: The names of those being remembered appear in BOLD letters and are followed by the names of those who made the gifts. Leslie Watson Botjer Robert Botjer Ryan Botjer Will Cameron Hagedorn Joyce Cameron

Ursula & Jack Crews Kathy & Saul Agel Brian & Sherrill Crabtree Bob & Suzie Crews Phyllis Crews Patrick & Jill McCaffrey Mary Duffy Gary Julian Michael Flaherty Paula Flaherty Pat Greene Anonymous Ellen Bessette John Greene Dale Jones Robert & Betty Jones John LeConche, Ph.D. Dolores Podhajski LeConche Herbert L. Martin, M.D. Scott & Lori Brown David & Peggy Gelinas Joan Martin Thomas & Doris McCullough Andrea Rogers Paul & Brenda Stephens Marion Martin Richard and Roberta Stein Marion McEwing Robert & Polly McEwing Blanche M. Podhajksi Irene DeVivo Charles M. Poser, M.D. & Joan Poser David & Peggy Gelinas Eliane Strip Paul Post Bill and Maureen Post Paul Post Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation Nancy Post John & Cindy Senning Roselyn Potters Richard and Roberta Stein Eleanor (Chris) Pratt Frederick Alcott Pratt Chris Pratt Opportunity Fund of the VT Community Foundation Humbart L. Riva, M.D. Barbara Coates David Schapiro Deborah Schapiro & Louis Polish Neil Shapiro Tim Burke & Laurie Caswell Burke Al & Barbara Gross Harlan & Linnea Lachman Ann A. Mergens Foundation Mark Saba & Karen Paul Gerry & Peggy Shapiro Joseph & Margaret Sheehan Matt Zahn

We thank all those who made gifts supporting all kinds of learners. If we have inadvertently omitted any names, we apologize and ask you to contact us with the correction. This listing includes all donations received during FY19:September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019, including pledge payments made for previous years’ pledges.



Paul Toomey Katherine Toomey Michael Toomey Ann & Lee Van Voris Timothy Van Voris Lester and Elizabeth Wallman Helen Lynne Collins, Ph.D. Dr. C. Russell de Burlo Madeline Miles Main Street Landing Company Paul & Dorothea Penar Michael & Mary Scollins Cordelia von Conta James & Bonnie Wallman

Gene Richards James & Maureen McFadden Gene & Julie Richards & Family Albert & Margaret Cicchetti Sam & Clare Wool Abigail Roy Scott Yeager & Christine Packard Bernice and Milton Stern Michael & June Carrera Jane Yusen Stern Center’s 35th Anniversary Blanche Podhajski

Stevenson Waltien, Jr. Kate James Andrew Knox Steve Waltien

Michael & Peter Stern, Ph.D. Arthur Margolin & Kenneth Kahn

David Tutherly Watters Tom & Ellen Wilkins

Peter & Margie Stern Geoffrey Miller & Beth Buttles-Miller Robert Stern

Zippy Joseph & Margaret Sheehan Kenneth Zyber Blanche Podhajski Patricia Zyber Ken Zyber

Peter Stern Michael & Marjorie Stern

Tracy Appleton Tarrant Kim DuBrul Ed Wilkens Gerald & Virginia Hornung

Gifts in Honor of:

Woodworth Family Stephen Scheu

The names of those being honored appear in BOLD letters and are followed by the names of those who made the gifts.

Bonnie Reid Martin Pizzagalli Foundation

Michael Allen Ed & Brynn Kusiak Friends of the Stern Center Betsy Ann Boutin Frank & Ducky Donath Robert & Betty Jones Elizabeth Woods Sarah Gray Gund Carol Terwilliger Joan Martin Marylin Fletcher Kusiak Family Ed & Brynn Kusiak Jennifer McMannon Susan Harrington & Ellen Andersen Diane Meyer, Ph.D. Julie Bonanno Jon & Jenn Pizzagalli Paul and Gina Plunkett Blanche Podhajski, Ph.D. Tim & Breah Bollom & Family David & Cathleen Cohen Sally Conant Michael & Mary Scollins Barry & Carol Stone Tom & Ellen Wilkins

In-Kind Donations:

Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects Ann and Frank Smallwood Incentive Fund of the VT Community Foundation Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation Tulgey Wood Foundation Turrell Fund Unilever-YourCause Vermont Agency Foundation The Visionary Fund The Windham Foundation The Big Wood Foundation

Corporate Supporters: ArtsRiot (Speak Easy Arts) Donahue & Associates Evergreen Evaluation Ewins, Kowalski & Swett Wealth Management Forever Endeavor Software IBM Corporate Donations Jac Huntley M. Kraus & Company Main Street Landing Company Momentum Physical Therapy, PLC Neuberger Berman North Star Leasing Company One Day In July PEDS ONE QOR360 Kinetic Furniture Of Vermont Spare Time Entertainment Sweeney DesignBuild, LLC SymQuest Group Waite Design & Engineering LLC Waite-Heindel Environmental Management

Foundation Supporters: The Morris & Bessie Altman Foundation AmazonSmile Foundation The Benevity Community Impact Fund Rene Bloch Foundation The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation Canaday Family Charitable Trust The Carmel Hill Fund Fidelity Charitable The Hampton Foundation Hoehl Family Foundation The Gerald & Virginia Hornung Family Charitable Fund The Kelsey Trust of the VT Community Foundation Ann A. Mergens Foundation The Mill Foundation National Life Group Foundation Northfield Savings Bank Foundation NY Community Trust The Oakland Foundation Pesky Family Foundation Pizzagalli Foundation The Paul Post Fund of the VT Community Foundation Bernard F. and Mary Ann Powell Foundation Chris Pratt Opportunity Fund of the VT Community Foundation Seventh Generation Foundation

“Giving liberates the soul of the giver.” –Maya Angelou

We thank all those who made gifts supporting all kinds of learners. If we have inadvertently omitted any names, we apologize and ask you to contact us with the correction. This listing includes all donations received during FY19:September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019, including pledge payments made for previous years’ pledges.



Financials September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019 REVENUE BY TYPE OTHER SERVICES 2%








FY19 Rev







FY19 Rev 26



Stern Center Financial Summary for Fiscal Year 2019 (9/2018-8/2019)

Unrestricted & Scholarship Funds

Permanently Restricted Funds

Temporarily Restricted Funds


Revenue Evaluations Instructional Services Communication Services Professional Learning Other Services Subtotal Services

$588,979 914,494 218,583 591,444 71,520 $2,385,021

$0 $0

$0 $0

$588,979 914,494 218,583 591,444 71,520 $2,385,021

Scholarships Contributions & Grants Other Income Discounts & N/C’s Reallocations for Operations Services Funded by Grants Total Revenue

(155,642) 279,184 46,977 (25,700) 156,500 434,129 $3,120,469

721,972 (156,500) (602,488) ($37,016)

226,107 $226,107

(155,642) 1,001,156 273,084 (25,700) (168,359) $3,309,561

Expenses Salaries/Wages Benefits Supplies/Postage/Copying Facilities Marketing Spcl Events/Prsntatns/Mtgs Staff Development/Training Travel Finance/Legal/Audit Miscellaneous Transfers T/F End TRNA Misc - Program Related Overhead Recovered / Charged Total Expense

2,193,002 421,957 158,185 215,652 32,136 15,547 22,271 33,671 43,476 15,296 (64,000) 30,069 $3,117,260

250 29,062 9,002 375 7,160 514 64,000 $110,363

31,298 $31,298

2,193,252 421,957 187,247 215,652 41,137 15,922 29,431 34,185 74,774 15,296 30,069 $3,258,921

Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets before Reallocations for Capital Reallocations for Capital









Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets





All figures represent unaudited financial results.



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Stern Center Annual Report FY19  

Stern Center Annual Report FY19