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August 2018

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You are invited to the 58th Annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards Gala Dinner These prestigious National Awards, presented by the SCLAA, have been running for 58 years making them the most sought after, recognised and influential awards across the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport industries.

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The Grand Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney


Friday, 23 November 2017


6.30 pm (for pre-dinner drinks) to 11.30 pm


Ladies - Cocktail, Gentlemen - Lounge Suit


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$ 190 inc GST $1,750 inc GST

Submissions close 21 September 2018

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SCLAA National Chairman - Amanda O'Brien Amanda O'Brien is the National Chairman of the SCLAA. Amanda is a Transport & Logistics Professional and the CEO and Managing Director of Australian Worldwide Logistics Pty Ltd trading as Xtreme Freight with head office based in Melbourne.

Over the next ten years, rising expectations, developing technology and the shift to urban living will challenge bricks-and-mortar retailers, online retailers and third party logistics providers (3PLs) alike, putting their agility, flexibility and responsiveness to the test. Disruptors in the supply chain will considerably change the landscape such as the shift to B2C, Short turnaround times, the rise of the machines, visibility, traceability and compliance all part of the unforseen impacts to the supply chain in the next 2030 years. At SCLAA we understand the importance that technology has on our global supply chains and we are continually striving to implement and expand our horizons with innovative events, partnerships and information highways. I remember Dr John Gattorna’s words “Being trusted and reliable, process driven, prefect ready, responsive and innovative is the result of robust processes and that people are the most important driver of supply chains”. Of particular note with technology and ‘blockchain’ being at the forefront of people’s discussions in industry circles, SCLAA representatives attended the unveiling of the Trade Community System in Brisbane showcasing the future of international trade. Held in conjunction with PwC, Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Brisbane, Mr Bryan Clarke - Director of Trade and International Affairs for the Australian Chamber of Commerce, opened proceedings to a full house. Mr Clarke stated that Australia relies on efficient and effective trade to drive its economy. Port of Brisbane’s CEO, Roy Cummins, stated that it is the right time for industry to initiate a reform and modernise to cater to international business. Presentation and live display witnessed how technology is transforming Australia’s international trade environment and opened the arena up to some interesting questions about how data security and the monopoly of Intel would be a telling factor in future collaborative alliances to enable this technology to fulfil its prophecy of a transparent, seamless and integrated supply chain. 2

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

This leads me onto SCLAA’s Women in Logistics event held this year, ‘The Great Debate Luncheon Progress or Paralysis?’, which really pushed the boundaries of what diversity means and how leaders in industry can progress an inclusive agenda rather than an exclusive agenda in corporate Australia. Panel discussions were robust and it was attended by policy makers, regulators and industry experts who became involved in the conversation. Great to see the impact the event had and sure that the conversation for change will continue through next year’s event. View 2018 event highlights and photographs here: It is with this need for inclusion that it was opportune to be invited to attend the group meeting of the Data Reference Group for the development of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and National Action Plan. It was evident that data is needed to improve freight and supply chain productivity and competitiveness. The Department’s General Manager Naa Opoku and senior delegates shared insights into what data sources currently exist? And how can the Strategy initiate steps to build on visibility for industry. The future data strategy will assist to fill gaps to capture what is needed around extensive governance and regulatory frameworks and refine the scope for policy development in formation of the plan. The reference group is assisting the Freight and Supply Chain Taskforce to refine the approach and scope for policy development on data. This is an important National initiative for the Strategy and the Plan within the supply chain. So it would be remiss if we did not celebrate people within the wider supply chain environment achieving great things and making a difference. The Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards for 2018 will be celebrated on Friday 23rd November, in The Grand Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney. These historic and prestigious National Awards, presented by the SCLAA, have been running for fifty eight years making them the most sought after, recognised and influential awards across the Supply Chain, Logistics and

Transport Industries. Sixty-one submissions were received for the 2017 Awards from across Australia and the Asia Pacific, with representatives from China, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia attending the Awards Gala Dinner. To book for this year’s Awards Gala Dinner:

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ASCL Industry Excellence Award

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ASCL Future Leaders Award

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ASCL Environmental Excellence Award

ASCL Training, Education & Development Award

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018



SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018


SCLAA announces 2018 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards Guest Speaker The SCLAA is proud to announce that Commissioner Mr Michael Outram APM, Commissioner of the Australian Border Force (ABF) will be the guest speaker at the 58th Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards (ASCL Awards) Gala Dinner to be held in the Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney on Friday, 23 November. For information on the ASCL Awards, including Award categories, criteria, submission close and the ASCL Awards Gala dinner, click here. Michael has also worked at the national and international level in relation to establishing and overseeing joint agency investigations, intelligence operations and task forces dealing with serious organised crime; in 2004 Michael was appointed as Executive Director, Serious and Organised Crime, at the Australian Crime Commission, where he was responsible for the investigative and intelligence functions of the Agency. Michael played a leading role in developing and implementing national approaches for managing crime targets and with peers from the AFP and ATO, established Operation Wickenby in 2004, which created a framework for future joint agency operations and led to significant recovery of revenue and behavioural change in the sector. Following a secondment to the New South Wales Police Service in 2000, Michael migrated to Australia in 2002 and commenced work at the Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW as the Executive Director Strategic Operations, with responsibility for investigations and intelligence operations.

Michael Outram APM Commissioner Michael joined the Immigration and Border Protection Portfolio on 9 March 2015 and was sworn in as Commissioner of the Australian Border Force (ABF) on 14 May 2018. Michael brings to the ABF over 30 years of law enforcement experience in a diverse range of specialised areas, including community policing, covert operations, criminal intelligence, protective and major event security, public order management, and the investigation of terrorism, transnational organised crime, corruption and other serious crime types. Prior to being sworn in as the Commissioner of the ABF, Michael led the Operations Group, which is responsible for compliance and enforcement operations relating to the movement of travellers and goods throughout the border continuum. From 2011 Michael served as an Assistant Commissioner with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and had responsibility for the AFP’s national protection function. He was responsible for the delivery of a range of protective services including close personal protection, the National Witness Protection Program, uniform protection and special event planning. In 2014, Michael was the AFP’s operational commander for the G20 Summit in Brisbane and the response to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over the Ukraine.

Michael commenced his law enforcement career with the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in 1980, where he spent 20 years in a variety of areas and leadership roles. He served as a detective from 1989 to 2002, rising to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector, and served in the Anti-Corruption Command, Anti-Terrorism Branch and Major Investigation Teams. Michael was awarded the Australian Police Medal in 2014 in recognition of his outstanding service in law enforcement. In 2014 he was also awarded a Master of Business & Technology degree by the University of New South Wales and won a university prize for academic achievement. In April 2018, Michael completed the Harvard Kennedy School executive education programme Leadership in Crises: Preparation and Performance, which he attended having won a Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship.

Straight Talking - David Doherty OAM David Doherty OAM is a past President and Life Member of the SCLAA and a highly regarded logistician. Send your Straight Talk feedback and comments to

A recent announcement by one of Australia’s iconic companies caused me some alarm. Some eight thousand jobs are to be eliminated presumably as a cost saving measure. In real terms the multiplier effect means that many more than eight thousand people will suffer the impact. I am really distressed for the families involved. I wonder what sort of leadership led to the creation of eight thousand jobs that are not necessary. Did these jobs include meaningful work from the Company and the occupants perspective? If so, is that work going to be eliminated or will the remaining staff just have to pick up that work?

A few weeks back a colleague loaned me a book called “Leadership is an Art”, by Max DePree. Although originally written in 1987 it has ideas and lessons just as relevant today. If you desire to transform your leadership then I strongly suggest you absorb the lessons Max De Pree has chronicled in the book. Some quotes that resonated with me from “The Art of Leadership”. Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Guru and leader) once wrote there are seven sins in the world. 1.

Wealth without work


Pleasure without conscience

Macho management should have disappeared years ago, but it is still alive and well in some quarters. Making “tough decisions” is a capability that is much overrated as a leadership quality.


Knowledge without character


Commerce without morality


Science without humanity


Worship without sacrifice

I know from bitter experience that you cannot cost cut your way to growth. Of course, prudent leadership will find the right balance of cost management and growth.


Policies without principle

It is really leadership that I am concerned about. When the real purpose of organisations, including commercial enterprises, governments, bureaucracies and such is lost in the search for power and personal gain then we have lost the plot.

“Giants” (Effective Leaders) in an organisation give others the gift of space in both the personal and the corporate sense, the space to be what one can be. Giants see opportunities where others see trouble.

People are the “true guts” of any organisation. Our activities should be directed at making things better for people. People are the workers. People are the customers. People are the constituents of Parliaments. Real leadership addresses the needs of people!

Communication is paramount in building relationships. The best means of effective communication is behaviour.

Effective Leaders encourage contrary opinions and diversity as an important source of vitality. Leaders owe the company rationality. A rational environment values trust and human dignity and provides opportunity form personal development and self fulfillment in the attainment of the organisation’s goals.

Leaders are obligated to provide and maintain momentum. Effectiveness comes about through enabling others to reach their potentialboth their personal potential and their corporate or institutional potential. We do not grow by knowing all the answers, but rather living with the questions. In a Capitalist system most people never get the opportunity to be involved in the working of the system. A belief that every person brings an offering to a group requires us to include as many people as possible. An organisations values are its life blood. Everything over time tends to deteriorate. A leader must learn to recognise the signals of impending deterioration” These random quotes are just meant to whet appetites for enthusing action to search and learn as a means of addressing future challenges. The people who do the work know most about the work. Include them without reservation in planning and development. A Mentor of mine (Lance Secretans in Canada) says your principles should be on show twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Can you boast that your principles are unshakeable and on show all the time? Supply Chains in pure form demand principled and ethical behaviour to build genuine value sharing collaborations. I wonder how Supply Chains in your environment stack up? Last thing - Politics leaves me despairing for principles and purpose. Governments are supposed to create and support the well-being of all Communities. The Productivity Commission should be turned loose on Parliaments to determine what can be done to make them more effective and goal oriented. Enough said! Pursue your journey as a Leader Giant today. The next generation will be grateful for the legacy. “Democracy is the least worst system”. Winston Churchill"

Why Intelligent Fulfilment is the Future of Customer Experience

Consumers have been enjoying the benefits of online shopping for years. The flexibility, availability of customer reviews, personalised offerings and product suggestions based on past purchase behaviours are only a few of the perks that make online shopping more appealing than a brick-andmortar retail store.

Through technology, warehouse operations can become more “intelligent” and anticipate, analyse and adapt product levels to align with demand. Retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies are collaborating and swapping roles in uncharted ways to meet shoppers’ omnichannel product fulfilment and delivery expectations in a plot that is still unfolding.

While the rise of e-commerce across the retail and consumer goods industry is good news for consumers, it’s sending ripples through the supply-chain. With orders rapidly increasing, the demand for faster merchandise deliveries is redefying traditional distribution – with 77 per cent of warehouses struggling to meet new same-day-delivery expectations (1).

For example, by 2028, 93 per cent of warehouses anticipate droids (small autonomous vehicles that deliver parcels via sidewalks instead of streets), will be a key delivery method to meet delivery demands.

Supply-chain management system are under pressure to not only keep products stocked and logged, but to enable seamless product locating for quick and accurate dispatching. With customers demanding for same-day delivery, the outdated supply-chain processes will no longer viable. Warehouse managers will need unprecedented visibility over stock to monitor its journey through the supply-chain including the transportation route. The ‘I want it now’ instant-gratification mindset is feeding consumer cravings for faster and faster delivery, with industry players feverishly working to fulfil demand. Over the next five years 67 per cent of logistic companies expect to provide same-day-delivery .(2) So how do warehouses overcome these new challenges? The answer – intelligent fulfilment.

Within the warehouse, workers are being outfitted with mobile computers that enable quick, automated inventory and cycle counting – for nimble omnichannel order fulfilment. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) solutions are being deployed to give real-time visibility streamline operations and minimise data errors. Furthermore, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are being leveraged to perform traditionally manual tasks such as picking, sorting, inspecting, handling and classifying products for improved efficiency, worker productivity and speed-to-market. Additionally, AI in conjunction with machine learning is able to anticipate, analyse and adapt product levels – specifically around changing ecosystems such as seasonal demand, or even predict future challenges. Integrated order management, real-time scheduling and accurate tracking are just some of the way intelligent fulfilment can help improve the customer experience. Learn more about intelligent fulfilment and the ways consumer demand is redefining the supply-chain.

(1) (2)


SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

Drake International is proud to announce that they are now in partnership with the SCLAA.

Drake International is working in conjunction with the SCLAA in providing solutions to all its members. We are incorporating software that assesses traits and behaviours that are predictive of workplace performance. Known as Drake P3 or Psychometric assessment (see below). Further to this, we are also applying over 50 LMS courses ranging from, workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying, Working at heights, change management, construction site safety to warehouse and store worker safety.

What is Drake P3 and its benefits to your Organisation Drake P3 is a user-friendly system that enables managers to select the highest calibre candidates and maximise the career potential of existing employees. By using Drake P3 as the foundation for any process involving the evaluation of people and teams, your organisation will benefit from:

Facilitating the Growth of Your People Drake P3 is a multi-purpose behavioural assessment tool that empowers you to find, select, manage, motivate, and retain top performers with the right “fit� for your organisation. Integrating user-friendly, online technology with behavioural psychology Drake P3 uses 14,000 mathematical calculations to create each in-depth report, and is proven for its reliability, accuracy and validity in assisting to maximise the performance of your business.

Drake P3 consists of Four expert modules that assist your organisation with the recruitment, development and retention of your staff. Assessments can be undertaken in less than fifteen minutes, either online or on paper with detailed reports generated by the system according to your specific application.

Selection Expert. A precise tool for your recruitment needs to hire a candidate that fits both the role and culture of your organisation.

Performance Expert. This tool assists managers to align individuals with the goals of the organisation by analysing any gaps between their performance and that of their colleagues.

Management Expert. This tool builds a more effective workforce by understanding the behavioural characteristics of both the manager and employee and using that knowledge to communicate and work together as effectively as possible.

Team Expert. This module increase the productivity and performance of your business by having each team member complete a P3 survey in order to understand the behavioural characteristics of your entire team. You can use that knowledge to communicate and work together as effectively as possible.

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018


SCLAA Women in Logistics 2018 The Great Debate Luncheon | Progress or Paralysis?

‘The Great Debate’: Hunting the White Elephant in the Room. The SCLAA 3rd Annual Women in Logistics Luncheon 2018 On a sunny August afternoon in the Southeast Suburbs of Melbourne, there was a gathering of professionals ready to meet, greet, eat and…. well, debate. The single goal of the afternoon: to hunt down and expose the ‘white elephant’ in the room. The SCLAA held our third annual Women in Logistics Luncheon and what an afternoon it was. Amanda O’Brien, Chairman of the SCLAA opened the event as a “call to action”, while Jodi Broadbent, key note speaker, spoke of her beginnings as a traditional family transport operator who quickly rose to the top of the Australian Transport Industry at the highest levels in Canberra. With the serving of the entrée, the exciting part of the afternoon began. Erica Gilcrist, Director - SCLAA, led a panel discussion between industry experts ranging from freight forwarding, L&D and I.T., to recruitment, fertilizer and automotive. The group was a representative mix of both men and women from three generations of the Australian workforce. The opening topic addressing the average pay disparity between female and male Australian workers created quite a stir in the room lasting well into the Main Course. The second topic

covering parental leave created an even bigger discussion with many audience participants sharing not only their opinions, but their own experiences. Dessert was hailed in with the third and final topic addressing the Supply Chain, Logistics and IT industries as traditionally male-dominated and potentially discouraging to women overall. The day was brought to a wrap with the facilitation of a lively auction conducted by Simone Curley of Love & Co, with the proceeds donated to ‘Buy a Bale’ and supporting drought stricken Australian Farmers. All up, it was a truly unique and engaging afternoon, and a real testament to the commitment of today’s professionals working to level the playing field for everybody in the Australian Workforce. Extra special thanks to our Sponsors, Members, Guests and Panelists for making this year’s event a truly informative, interactive and enlightening day to remember! Erica Gilcrist SCLAA Independent Director

View Photographs

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Women in Logistics Luncheon Panel: (L-R) Neerja Narayan (Seqirus Australia), Kelly Moy (Hudson Australia), Lydia Kendray (Leadership Management Australia), Kim Mole (Ameropa), Peter Trahanas (Formerly Globe Motors), Denise Daday Shipping Line Professional, retired) 12

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

Introducing the SCLAA's New National Partner – Gallagher

The SCLAA welcomes new National Partner, Gallagher. As a not for profit Industry Association, run by members for members, our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

Gallagher Overview Insurance isn’t always front of mind for business owners, but having the right type and right level of cover in the event of a claim could make the difference between staying in business, and closing your doors for good. That’s where Gallagher can help. We’re one of Australia’s – and the world’s – largest insurance broking and risk management companies with more than 125,000 clients in Australia alone, including hundreds in the logistics sector. Our relationships with leading national and international insurers means we can manage insurance programs for SCLAA member business of all sizes, with our expertise including:• Motor vehicle and fleet • Public liability

• Cyber liability • CTP • Trade credit • Workers compensation • And much more… Insurance can be complex and it’s easy for business owners to undervalue their assets or not fully appreciate all the risks they face. Gallagher can help you with this through our no-obligation, complimentary insurance review, making sure your business has the cover you need to protect you from the unique risks your business faces. It won’t take long, but will be well worth the time for the peace of mind it will provide to both you and your business.

How to take up the offer You can request an insurance review, at a time that suits you, online in moments here. You can also request information on any of our insurance products or services from that page. Alternatively, for an informal discussion contact Gallagher’s Brendon Kropp on 0408 550 542 or email brendon.kropp@ajg.

• Marine transit • Management liability

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018


Localz Celebrates Product and Office Launch

Localz Celebrates Product and Office Launch Localz had a lot to celebrate this month with product launches for our latest Localz Collection and Localz Field Services solutions, as well as moving into our fab new Melbourne office. We had an awesome party to celebrate – it was great to see some of you there. You can see if you can spot yourself in the highlight reel. We are excited about the latest release of Localz Collection, which is built for the Iconomy customer, who wants everything when, where and how it is best for them. Collection options are a key part of any logistics ecosystem. Without a smooth collection process, the delivery doesn’t work. Whether that be drivers collecting from drop-off areas, customers collecting from store or 1 hour delivery drivers collecting orders from a store for delivery. Localz knows where each part of the puzzle is in real-time, the person, the parcel, the driver and the collection attendant. With these smarts, Localz ensures that the collection process is fast and simple, both for the person processing the collection and the person picking up. So customers receive their parcel in the way they want, when they want and where they want it.


SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

Localz Collection is used by Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s and Countdown. You can see how it works in this video

Localz Field Services makes the job easy for anyone working in the field by bringing transparency to the day of delivery. Localz recently conducted research that suggests that field service personnel lose 23% of their working day to absent customers. This is mostly made up of lost time due to customers not being there when they arrive and customers rescheduling at the last minute. Logistics and delivery businesses have known similar challenges with first time delivery rates for many years. Localz Field Services takes last mile delivery technology to mobile workers, reducing missed appointments and providing a better service to the customer. No one wants to wait at home all day for a delivery or to get their meter fixed – Localz uses real-time location to ensure Iconomy customers get what they want, when they want it, first time. Localz Field Services is used by British Gas and Autoglass. You can see it in action in this video.

Introducing the SCLAA's New National Partner – Zinc Consulting

The SCLAA welcomes new National Partner, Zinc Consulting (Australia). As a not for profit Industry Association, run by members for members, our ability to support the SCLAA infrastructure and to expand is highly dependent on our National Partners. We ask all our members to support our valued National Partners where they can.

Zinc Consulting Overview Zinc Consulting specializes in real world application of Automation Intelligence for Back Office systems using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI. We help companies to achieve significant EBIT improvement through a combination of cost reduction plus revenue acceleration outcomes utilising existing IT infrastructure, work processes and databases All Robots developed are 100% eligible for Federal Government R&D Grants which Zinc can also provide assistance in securing for the project. The ability to manage costs whilst increasing sales & revenues is now mandatory if a business today is to remain competitive, which is why Zinc Consulting has specialised in Automation Intelligence as part of your organisations Digital Transformation. / 0425 772 100 / 0419 375 834

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018



SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

Focus on a Member Victorian SCLAA Committee Member - Rohan Alexander

What is your current occupation? I recently completed my Masters in Supply Chain Management from RMIT University. After graduation, I completed a 6 month internship with Metro Trains Melbourne, working in their procurement department focused on providing market intelligence at various stages of the sourcing process. At the moment I am in the process of exploring potential opportunities in the supply chain field.

Why did you join SCLAA? I wanted to be part of an organization that would help me better understand the supply chain industry in Australia through my interactions with industry subject matter experts and through attending events where I could learn about the latest trends in the industry. I look forward to being part of a community that is in the business of exploring new trends in the supply chain management space and my hope is to be able to leverage my skill-set to be able contribute to these discussions going forward.

Why did you choose supply chain? Prior to my Masters I worked as a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing industry. During my time in manufacturing I was always fascinated with material movement. I was lucky enough to be exposed to certain aspects of the supply chain such as procurement, inventory management and supplier management, after this I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in supply chain.

What is the proudest moment of your career? While working in assembly planning for a heavy machinery manufacturers, I was awarded “performer of the quarter�. During the planning stage of a new product the senior members of my team had left the organization and I was put in charge of the entire assembly planning. The project was delivered on time without any quality issues. This was the first time I was really out of my comfort zone and I was able to meet the challenge head on.

What are your career aspirations? I would ultimately like to lead operations for a large logistics/supply chain management company. In order to aid my journey along that path, I would like to be a category expert within the operations side of the supply chain industry within the next 5 years or so.



Gary Pearce - ACT/SNW President Support for our Farmers Defence and Industry Conference held in Canberra In the role of ACT/SNSW President, I had the privilege of attending the Defence and Industry (D&I) Conference and Gala Awards night held in Canberra at the beginning of August. The annual D+I Conference is a key event for Defence and Industry engagement, incorporating award presentations, government announcements and contributing to collaboration in the Defence and security sector; the evening came alive with informative, thought provoking presentations from Defence and industry leaders along with Q&A sessions and networking opportunities. The Conference was an opportunity for Industry to discuss with Defence officials acquisition and sustainment investment opportunities. It is also an opportunity for Industry to present its ideas and concepts to the Defence community. I had the opportunity during the networking breaks to put forward SCLAA details and promote the areas where SCLAA could benefit Defence and Defence Industry. A majority of the 800 plus delegates, Defence, Prime Contractors and SME’s were there to raise the profile of Defence capability, and promote products, with the hope of being part of the $200 Billion Defence spend over the next decade. The main point I learned during the Conference and networking was that the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) navigates the path into Defence for SME’s. Over 1000 businesses have benefited from CDIC business support, facilitation and guidance services, enabling supply chain readiness for Defence capability. Other points included a $650m investment with the Defence Innovation Hub over a decade to support Defence Industry, and the Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC) is a roadmap for Defence Industry involvement to support the ADF. The aim of the D&I was collaboration was to develop ways to work together, share resources and gather information to discuss the way forward. The Gala Awards night was held on the evening preceding the Conference, where the ADM’s Essington Lewis Awards were presented, recognising excellence in collaboration - it was great to see the wide-ranging organisations rewarded for their efforts and achievements. If SCLAA members require any information or contacts into Defence and Defence Industry please do not hesitate to contact me, and I can at least point you in the right direction.

You would have seen the recent email from Amanda O’Brien stating that all proceeds from the Women in Logistics luncheon auction are being donated to Rural Aid’s Buy-a-Bale campaign. Rural Aid is a registered not-for-profit organisation supporting our struggling farmers. To further increase our support and assistance, the ACT/SNSW Division is encouraging all members to contribute in any way they can to the Buy-a-Bale campaign. All donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible. Donations can be made online (https:// or through the ACT/SNSW Division (our Events Coordinator, Mike Steele, has registered as an authorised collector for Rural Aid) – we will also provide tax receipts where required). If you would like a donation barrel or posters for your office area, please let Mike know and he will make the necessary arrangements (mike.steele@ Apart from cash donations, we would also like to hear from anybody who might be able to source and/or provide transport of water, hay or other livestock feed products to farmers throughout the regions. The forecast is that this drought still has a long way to go, and we plan to maintain whatever support we can offer for the duration.



Foodbank Hamper Packing Day – 7 December Every year year the Supply Chain & logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) and the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in collaboration with other industry associations, spend their Christmas Party differently. Rather than holding the standard Christmas Party the AIP Members are invited to be a part of something very special; packing 1000x Family Hampers and 300x Ladies Hampers which are given to Foodbank to help those in need during the holiday season. Over the last seven years, our industry has packed over 6500 hampers to the value of in excess of $700,000 for people in need, with all of the items either donated, or the funds raised by the Association and the wider industry. We invite you, your staff, colleagues and families to come and help us pack the hampers on the 7th of December. All ages are invited to attend this special event with the oldest volunteer to date being 85 and the youngest 5. Help us make a difference in someone else’s life. The Foodbank Christmas Hamper Packing Day is designed around people being able to "give" at this time of year to those a little less fortunate than us but also to receive. Therefore, the format for the day commencing at around 10am at Eagle Farm Race Course and co-sponsored by the Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) includes: 10.00am Registration. 10.30am Welcome and outline of the day. 11.00am

Commence packing of 1000 food Xmas Hampers and 300 Ladies Hampers

12.30pm: Lunch (provided by the BRC) and includes gourmet sausages, variety of salads and breads. Note the cost of entry entitles you to two alcoholic drinks from the bar (beer, wine or champagne) with a cash bar available as well. Coffee, tea and soft drinks will be available free of charge throughout the day. 1.30pm

Packing resumes.


Complete packing and begin clean up. Commence karaoke and Xmas Carol "sing off, draw raffle and network with attendees.


Thank-you and conclusion of day.

Please note: as part of the day’s activities you may be allocated various roles of "decanting" product, packing food and/or ladies’ hampers, participating in Xmas Carolling as well as encouraged to celebrate Xmas with like-minded people at this special time of the year. A Monster Raffle will also be run to help us to start to collect monies for next year’s hamper pack. REGISTER NOW: ttps://


SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018




Brian Lynn - WA President There been loads happening since the last SCLAA WA newsletter last reported on events. Standalone and/or cobranded events have been held at Edith Cowan University (Supply Chain Psychology for Success), Michael Page (Digital Transformation of Your Business), SAP (Roy Hill/Bristlecone) and Designtec. All were well attended by a diverse mix of experienced and young professionals and Supply Chain and Logistics students. The SCLAA WA is particularly proud to be forging a relationship with Edith Cowan University (ECU), the second such WA institution after Curtin University, an SCLAA National Partner, to offer Supply Chain and Logistics courses. The amount of interest engendered by the Illuminate Group’s presentation at the Psychology for Success event at ECU was a testament to the appetite for SCL qualifications; an audience of 70+ students, academics and business professionals.

The flagship of the SCLAA WA calendar to date was May’s return of the WA Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics Awards, a joint venture between CILTA and SCLAA. A thoroughly entertaining evening in an excellent venue overlooking the Swan River saw some excellent Awards submissions. Both organising associations are indebted to their committees and the event sponsors and of course all who supported the event by attending or making the evening so memorable. We look forward to continuing to stage the event annually to celebrate the local talent in the industry. Still to come this year is a variety of events, including a visit to the new Roy Hill Distribution Centre, a demonstration of drones at ECU, Future Leaders Group Events featuring the aforementioned Tegan Case, and last but by no means least, the 19th Peter Smith Memorial Golf Day. There are still opportunities to sponsor and/or participate at the Golf Day on 5th October, one of the flagship events of the SCLAA WA calendar. For more details go to the SCLAA Events page, respond to one of the emailed flyers, or contact Brian Lynn, State President.

Western Australian Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics Awards Winner of the Public Transport Authority and School of Management Curtin University Western Australian Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018 Young Professional of the Year Award Tegan Case - Shell Australia Winner of the Western Australian Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018 Excellence in Training and Professional Development Award Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers

Winner of the Western Australian Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018 Excellence in Transport Planning, Supply Chain and Logistics Awards - Fremantle Ports

Winner of the Western Australian Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018 Innovation Award - Fremantle Ports

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018



Division Report

Joshua Holmes - NSW Director Wow its August! Firstly, I would like to welcome our newly joined Members and Partners, also sending out a huge Thank you for the ongoing support from all our Existing Members, Corporate and National Partners - who have continually given their time, resources and shared opportunities around their busy schedules throughout the year. Thank you to all the committee members who have been actively working on setting up events, we couldn’t do this without your efforts and contribution! Since 2009, when I first got involved with the SCLAA, the association has evolved so much, and its wonderful meeting and seeing a more diverse group of people and companies attending events, and being active in this space, its exciting times ahead! The 58th ASCL Awards are just around the corner, there is already some great submissions coming in, if you haven’t started, better start cracking and getting them in before the extended deadline of 21 September! It’s not too late, happy for anyone to contact me directly to discuss. This year we are returning to Luna Park Sydney, in the Grand Ball Room, both Members and Non-members are welcome, bring your partners and colleagues for a fantastic night out, showcasing industry excellence and fantastic achievements! NSW committee has been busy confirming event dates for the remaining part of the year, so please keep an eye on your calendars in the next couple of weeks. We are also looking at other events or ideas for next year, so please get in contact and get involved. Joshua Holmes +61 (0) 450 465 637

Whats Been Happening? Our Thought Leadership Series - Autonomous Vehicles was a great success, with some fantastic innovative speakers, Matthew Lloyd, Quirk Designs, Mark Tipping, VP Teslas Owners Club of Australia and Bernard Lee, Head of Autonomous Delivery Program. With our last year’s Future Leader Winner, Primo Danieletto engaging a great QA session, following with plenty of ongoing discussions and networking into the night over a few ales and vinos at the New Hampton Hotel! Kindly sponsored and supported by National Partner Vertical Talent, Procurement, Supply Chain & Operations Specialists - Big Thank you! How exciting is the evolution, we are seeing with this technology, innovations and solutions, with even more advancements just around the corner.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (THMA) held a site event late last month, that was so much more than a normal ‘site tour’‌.. TMHA celebrating 50 solid years here in Australia, helping industry with the ever evolving MHE, we had the opportunity to step into their ‘back office’ and observe behind the scenes, sharing their processes, challenges, and history, giving us an overview, the past the present and the future of MHE. Thanks to Ian Raffan for his informative tour, with his classy orange Jacket. Steve Parbery Corporate Account Client Manager aka MC of the day, giving the guests a fun, up and personal talk with AFL legend, Adam Goodes. He is so much more than one of the greatest AFL Football Stars in our history and it was fantastic to learn so much more about Adam, his passion, his integrity, the challenges he rose against to become the man he is today, as a humble successful Leader into business and community too. Adam stayed for pics and chatted with all the guests. Big Thank you! Side note: Its worth watching Anh’s Brush with Fame with Adam Goodes – series 3 episode 3. We also learned about the changes happening with MHE leasing, discussing the pros and cons of rent or buy, giving us all same great tips with our P&L from CFO Rob Watkins. Levent Hassan, GM of Service shared some great information around leveraging Telematics showcasing some of the mind- boggling innovations and technologies Toyota are currently using and further developing with their customers. OMG‌That wasn’t all – We finished off the afternoon with wine tasting & canapes! Which was a great finish of the day with a CHEERS to all for a wonderful event, meeting new people, networking and taking away some vino knowledge with us, to share with family and friends when we got home‌. And pretend we know what we are talking about! đ&#x;˜Š Another BIG THANK YOU to George Malamatinis and all the Team at TMHA, for your warm welcome and hospitality and the ongoing support as one of our National Partners.

Whats Coming Up As Chain of Responsibility changes are fast approaching from October 1, we are holding a Breakfast event on the 20th September. Transport, Shipping and Logistics Lawyer, Nathan Cecil and group of industry experts will be sharing some need to know information with Q&A and networking opportunities, this event is hosted and supported by Holding and Redlich, with superb views overlooking our beautiful harbour and headlands. This has limited numbers and you will find more information on our website. Supply chain businesses will have a new positive and proactive duty to ensure the safety of transport operations within their supply chain. Maximum penalties are being increased to $3 million for corporations and $300,000 and up to 5 years in jail for individuals (including Executives). These changes mean that CoR compliance risk must be addressed by every business in the supply chain, including importers/exporters, manufacturers, warehouses/ distributors, construction companies and transport and logistics service providers. We have another great site visit, date to be confirmed, many people have missed out in the past – so keep an eye on the calendar and your e-news for further information. If you would like to get more involved, sponsor or offer some suggestions please get in contact with us.


Division Report

Charles Edwards - VIC State President

Wow! So much has happened in SCLAA VIC/TAS since the last newsletter issue. Five great events across Thought leadership, Breakfast Series, site tours, the 2nd annual Mentoring Program launch, and of course the fantastic Ideathon premier!


It has been a very busy and hugely rewarding period for the division. The Ideathon and the evening pitches did not disappoint, congratulations to the winning team “School4sort” who took home $2000. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from your collaboration with PitchBlak!

On 1 August 2018, the SCLAA successfully launched their second annual Mentoring Program! The program consists of the program launch, Vative yellow belt training, career workshop and several informal mentoring touch points. Events will span from August to December 2018. A total of 32 mentees / mentors are participating in this years program (compared to just 10 participants in 2017.

We have continued to build upon our strong base of keystone events, which continue to draw bigger crowds. It’s great to see more and more of the supply chain community getting behind our Thought Leadership, Breakfast Series & best practice site tour events which serve to drive knowledge through the industry, while at the same time having fun and creating lasting networks over a beer, coffee or slice of pizza! In the same light, our mentoring program this year has just launched, 300% bigger and better! We launched this year’s program at PwC, not only has it grown substantially in size, but we have added much more to the program, including a 1-day yellow belt Lean Six Sigma hosted by Vative. As we head into the back end of the year we have something special on the books. The SCLAA will be launching our first Thought Leadership Series full-day extravaganza conference! We will be bringing the best of the Thought Leadership series into an epic conference. Watch this space as more news becomes available! As a member, we hope you always feel welcome to suggest events that you want us to run for you. We also welcome you to get involved in our fun and talented committee of over 25 active members! Get in touch at - Charles Edwards (VIC/TAS President

What’s next? As always, we are busily working away at creating the next big events for SCLAA VIC/TAS, watch this space as announcements will soon be made on the following upcoming events: •

Breakfast Series #3 – everything supply chain

Networking Drinks – to blow off some steam!

More site tours – of best practise facilities

Thought Leadership Conference – the launch of our full day conference! 26

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018

1 August

During the launch, mentees and mentors were introduced to the program, objectives and calendar of events. Our external facilitators (Selection Partners) also ran a 1 hour collaborative session. Here mentees and mentors got to know one another through some informal activities, agreed on expectations and formulated a plan for their relationship going forward. After the event, participants were invited to a SCLAA Thought Leadership event at WeWork. Overall the program launch was highly successful, and we are looking forward to the next event.

- Rhett Richardson

WAREHOUSE 360 Thought Leadership Series #3, 1 August Our third Thought Leadership event of 2018 didn’t disappoint. Another incredible turnout on the 1st of August to discuss the in’s and out’s of Warehousing. On the night we covered warehouse hardware, software, the importance of IT & Supply Chain Control Towers. As always, we barely scratched the surface on the night and now look forward to our next event. As discussed on the night, in a perfect Supply Chain, warehouses don’t exist, but we all know the perfect supply chain doesn’t exist!!! Whether its B2B or B2C, behind every B there is a C and warehouses continue to play an integral part in the Supply Chain. Thanks to WeWork for hosting the event, our sponsors, speakers, members and guests for another magnificent night. Watch this space for the next chapter in the Thought Leadership Series.

- Kyle Rogers

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE BREAKFAST SERIES #2 17 July The second SCLAA Breakfast Series event saw a full house of 40 SCLAA members enjoy a hot breakfast and coffee @Trunk Melbourne over topical discussions on Operational Excellence, delivered by Vative and A big thank you to Peter Nemtsas for his talk on application to organisations broadly, and to Saar Davidi’s case study and lessons learnt in seeking operational excellence via technology driven implementations at Catch. Cant wait for #3!

AUSTRALIAN SUPPLY CHAIN TECHNOLOGY SURVEY REPORT PUBLISHED In February 2018, the SCLAA and Swinburne University of Technology conducted a national survey to assess supply chain and logistics professional’s perceptions and actions towards nine key emergent technologies expected to impact the industry over the coming decade. The paper draws some interesting insights. Some technologies are seeing significant investment already, and others offer opportunity due to differences in expected impact-versus-investment in particular sectors. Takeaways include IoT and Big Data Analytics being the most anticipated technologies, with potential competitive advantage opportunities lying across these technologies and Blockchain. Which technologies will truly change the industry landscape? Which are just hype? Should we be focusing our efforts in one area or another to remain competitive? Find out move by viewing the free white paper here:

- Charles Edwards

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018


TO BE DISRUPTED! The “Ideathon� for Supply Chain Professionals, 22 June - - Krystian Ostrowski What started out as a conversation in June 2017, turned into an opportunity which brought to life the first ever To Be Disrupted Ideathon. The event took place on the 22nd of June 2018 at awesome workspaces provided by PwC. Straight away it should be said that without the support of the SCLAA, RMIT, PwC, Pitchblak along with all the crew, presenters, and participants. This event would not have been as successful as it was. In that regard, a huge thank you! What we did was take the concept of a hackathon - working away on a problem continuously - and combined it with the structure of a design thinking workshop; to create the ideathon. We started with two goals in mind, the first was to bring industry professionals and mix them in with the students and up and comers who are looking for guidance. The second was to see what teams could come up within a single day of hacking away. We really didn't know if it would work and with that in mind, we settled on two problem statements for the day, one dealing with last mile and other with waste. What we ended up with was staggering, the ideathon achieved all it set out to. People from industry merged with students and concepts with no answers were merged with pragmatic solutions. Our first ever ideathon was a huge success thanks to these contributions of hard work, taking the chance, and unlocking the full potential of what people can create - even when you only have 12 hours to work with. Our winners were a team of three who came up with School 4 Sort, which addresses the long-term management of waste through a school-wide education program. ]As far as we can tell and along with all the feedback, everyone is revved up and ready to take on the Ideathon 2019 and so are we, watch this space to see what comes next...

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018  

SCLAA Newsletter August 2018  

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