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ASCL Awards 2018 Gala Dinner Friday, 23 November 2018 Luna Park, Sydney The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is pleased to announce that the 2018 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics (ASCL) Awards will be held on Friday, 23 November in The Grand Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney.

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SCLAA Women in Logistics 2018

The Great Debate Luncheon Progress or Paralysis? Friday, 3 August 2018, Melbourne Join us for gendered discussion gauging today’s climate and reality of women working in the Australian Logistics Industry. SCLAA hosts a multi-generational, multi-gendered panel discussion between Logistics Professionals who bring experience, reality and truths to the table. For more information and to book your seats, see page11.

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SCLAA National Chairman - Amanda O'Brien Amanda O'Brien is the National Chairman of the SCLAA. Amanda is a Transport & Logistics Professional and the CEO and Managing Director of Australian Worldwide Logistics Pty Ltd trading as Xtreme Freight with head office based in Melbourne.

Following on from my last article where I made the point that with the IoT it was important to not forget our communication skills, it is pertinent to note that we continue to face the biggest technological change in human history. The IoT and the sectors that will be most impacted by the IoT will include manufacturing, engineering and transport due to innovations such as robotics, increased automation and smart devices such as sensors and drones. “McKinsey Global Institute believes that the IoT will contribute A$3.9-A$11 Trillion to the global economy by 2025. That would mean IoT Tech contributing about 11 per cent of the world economy by 2025” For global business the key to taking advantage of the IoT era means ironically going back to basics, and businesses future-proofing their operations by re-examining their core purpose. The next step is to re-imagine how that core purpose could be executed using today’s cutting-edge IoT technology and asking the question what can we do now that’s different to before? By 2020 there will be more than 25 million apps connecting 25 billion embedded and intelligent systems using a staggering, 50 trillion gigabytes of data each year. Companies not growing with the IoT will be left behind as connected devices become the norm in almost every application throughout the world. More and more devices can connect quicker with less interference providing data feeds at speeds not previously available to the market. Connected vehicles and appliances as


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

well as various military applications are already in development and not far from implementation. SCLAA will be speaking at the Smart Mobility Conference & Expo coming up in June where the focus will be on the IoT for the Transport & Logistics sector. This summit will enable broad tools enabling transport & logistics companies to keep track of where everything is, expand ways in which T&L firms function-cutting costs can increase efficiencies and create new revenue possibilities. So with this we move into what people like to see and experience and the SCLAA event the Super Hornet Site Visit coming up on 16th May in Queensland at RAAF Amberley Base combines technology and speed with a taste of things in the development of the technology in the military world to come. SCLAA Members will visit No 36 Squadron; view a C17 Globe Master & receive a brief on the C17 supply chain and warehousing facilities. It is an event not to be missed and I am sure that it will thrill our members. With Queensland being very much the focus this month, by invitation of the Queensland Trucking Association, I attended the International Women’s Day breakfast in Brisbane. The group of outstanding individuals who all had a story to tell was exceptional. Belinda Polglase, Project Manager All Purpose Transport and 2017 QTA Trucking Woman of the Year Winner, gave an insight into her remarkable life and what travel, experience and a passion for lifelong learning had given her with one key message Press for Progress. Meeting with the Queensland committee was a highlight of the trip and discussing the incredible work they are doing to enhance the supply chain industry and promote wider recognition of defence and SCLAA in the state was inspiring. SCLAA also took part in the discussion on Gender Diversity with the Canadian Australian Chamber

of Commerce and Drake International. According to Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), women comprise 46.4% of all employees in Australia, nearly half of the entire workforce (Feb 2017). However the stats on women as leaders or board members drop dramatically. The latest percentage of women on ASX 200 boards is 26.2% (AICD, Jan 2018). Interesting strategies on this topic were discussed by René Lalande, CEO Transdev Australasia, Honourary Consul of Canada in Melbourne, Susan Oliver, Founding Chairman Scale Investors and Lisa Williams, Chief Procurement Officer The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources (DEDJTR). It was an honour to be part of such an inspirational panel. SCLAA Director, Mr Stanley Fan recently represented the SCLAA in Bejiing at the 2018 Global Logistics Technology Conference. Our continued partnership with the Australian International Trade Association is important to our Association in continuing to assist

us in highlighting the issues that matter in the Supply Chain, both domestically and overseas. It is timely to note that Chinese investment in Australia has reached the highest level since the GFC, up 12% from 2015 to $15.4 billion last year. Australia is the second biggest recipient of Chinese investment globally behind the US. Investment in infrastructure rose to 28% to a record $4.34 billion, with China’s sovereign wealth fund taking stakes in transport firm Asciano and the Port of Melbourne. And finally don’t forget to nominate yourself, your company or a colleague for the Australian and Supply Chain & Logistics Awards. Running for over fifty five years, this makes them the most prestigious and influential awards in the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport industries. The Call for Submissions for the 2018 Awards is announced in this Newsletter (pages 4 to 6). For more information on the Award submissions visit the Awards page of the SCLAA website or call our secretariat on 1300 364 160.

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Friday, 23 November 2018, The Grand Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is pleased to announce that the 2018 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics (ASCL) Awards will be held on Friday, 23 November in The Grand Ballroom, Luna Park, Sydney. These historic and prestigious National Awards, presented by the SCLAA, have been running for fifty eight years making them the most sought after, recognised and influential awards across the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport industries

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SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Submissions close 7 September 2018


2018 ASCL Award Categories ASCL Industry Excellence Award

ASCL Supply Chain Management Award

This Award recognises and acknowledges outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently engaged across the supply chain industr y. Persons nominated for this most prestigious award will be leaders and will have made significant change to the way a supply chain is managed and improved either academically, physically or technologically. Originally awarded in 1987 and dedicated to Mike Munns, FAIMM, this award remains a cornerstone of SCLAA’s commitment to recognising and promoting the importance of the supply chain industry and its people to continuously improving organisational strength and growth.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. This award recognises an organisation that can demonstrate significant achievement within a section or across their entire supply chain. Nominees should be able to clearly state the design and achieved results of the project or process that was envisaged and then implemented. The trophy was first awarded in 1984 and is dedicated to Doug Beattie.


The criteria for this award is not limited by industry as all industries have a supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and materials or resource service industries can and do play a vital role in supply chain deliverables.

Any person nominated with demonstrable achievement that has provided change, improvement, education, support, development, implementation or significant results that has bettered their own or general supply chains. Limited to Australian citizens working technologically, academically or physically across the supply chain industry. The judges will look at the sustainability and national and/or international implications of the demonstrated achievements.

ASCL Future Leaders Award The purpose of this award is to provide incentive and recognition to young supply chain professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path. Nominees for this award should be able to demonstrate their passion and commitment to taking the supply chain toward tomorrow. The SCLAA wishes to showcase finalists and provide impetus to continue to attract the brightest to the industry. First awarded in 2009 and dedicated to Vince Aisthorpe.

Criteria: Any person under the age of 30 that has shown proven committeemen to learn and gain knowledge and has applied their achieved skills to deliver improvements within their supply chain field. Particular attention will be given by the judges where nominees have been encouraged and able to use new techniques, technology or developed new processes.


ASCL Training, Education & Development Award Training, education and development remains a vital part of allowing knowledge to be utilised for new ideas and supply chain improvements to be discovered and then implemented This award will be presented to a company that can best demonstrate their committeemen, application and results of providing training, education and development of their people. The trophy was first awarded in 2002 and is dedicated to the late Professor Peter Gilmour.

Criteria Any company nominated for this award must be directly involved within the supply chain industry. The demonstrated development, training and education of person or persons employed by the nominated company is a mandatory requirement to be considered for this award. The judges will pay particular attention to where the supplied training, education and development has led to improvements achieved for both the company and the individual. SHOULD ANY PERSON HAVE ANY ENQUIRES, REQUIRE ASSISTANCE OR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE SCLAA NATIONAL SECRETARIAT. P: 1300 364 160 / E:

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2018 ASCL Award Categories ASCL Information Technology and Management Award Information remains the most important requirement of any supply chain. Information technology is where the majority of supply chain improvements has been made. Nominees for this award will demonstrate where their use of existing or new technology has provided significant improvements to their management of information and/or their supply chain processes. The trophy was first awarded in 1994 and is dedicated to the late Len Smith FAIMM.

Criteria The judges will be looking for nominees that can provide reasonable detail in the determined area where the technology was correctly applied and what - if any - obstacles were discovered and how they were overcome to achieve the information improvement. The technology can be physical, logical, or cloud based applications and the technology is not limited to just pure information although it is expected that information of some sort would be a beneficiary.

ASCL International Supply Chain Award Recognising that Supply Chains know no boundaries, the ASCLA International Supply Chain Award is given to a Company, Association or an Individual that may operate internationally and are able demonstrate their capability, commitment and achievements across any spectrum of the sciences, practices, disciplines or efforts to promote and improve the knowledge and acceptance of the importance of the supply chain

Criteria The issue of this award is not determined from any specific or objective criteria. It is determined to provide evidence, publicity and reciprocity against achieving closer relationships and increased recognition of the supply chain as a global industry. Judging will be limited to 3 judges, not necessarily drawn from the standard judging panel but drawn from persons considered suitable and capable of determining a fitting recipient.

ASCL Environmental Excellence Award The ASCL Environmental Excellence Award recognises corporate leadership contributing to the solution of environmental sustainability within our industry through performance and action. The trophy was first awarded in 1966 and is dedicated to Mr Ken Pike.

Criteria The development or delivery of a service or initiative that significantly contributes to the solution of sustainability through a reduction in energy, materials and or natural resources. Describe the application and applicability to the industry thereby promoting best practice. Describe how the initiative has raised the level of awareness of the environment and sustainability within the organisation.


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SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

CeMAT AUSTRALIA 24-26 July 2018

The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Intralogistics and Supply Chain Management CeMAT is the world’s leading trade show for the supply chain management and intralogistics industry, with events held in: Australia | Germany | China | Indonesia | Russia | Canada | Italy | Turkey CeMAT AUSTRALIA will be held on the 24-26 July 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. In its third year, CeMAT AUSTRALIA will be the platform for the latest industry innovations and for exchanging ideas and insights on the warehouse of the future. The CeMAT exhibition will be a one-stop-shop of the leading technology and service providers in the materials handling and warehousing industry. CeMAT will pair these organisations with visitors from logistics, warehousing, supply chain, IT & finance job functions from a wide variety of industries ranging from FMCG through to resources. As well as cutting-edge product demonstrations on the showfloor, visitors will also be able to access our Knowledge Theatre, which will offer attendees practical take-away solutions to challenges facing end users in the logistics and warehousing industry. There will also be site tours in the program to bring the theory to life. CeMAT will welcome attendees officially at the Industry Leaders Drinks Reception to be held on 24 July 2018. Network in an informal atmosphere with drinks, canapes and light entertainment. Registration is free to industry via

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


Port Competitiveness and Financing Workshop Networking Dinner Port Competitiveness and Financing Workshop Networking Dinner Dr Felix Hui and Professor Colin Duffield of The Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne recently held a three day Port Competitiveness and Financing Workshop in Melbourne, from the 4th April to the 6th April 2018, at The Woodward Conference Centre. During this event, on behalf of the Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) Strategic Research Project SRP 3 team, the University of Melbourne facilitated a networking dinner for senior Indonesian Government Ministry representatives, Industry participants from Indonesia and our Indonesian University partners who attended the conference in Melbourne. The networking dinner took place on Thursday 5th April 2018 at the Woodward Conference Centre, Carlton. Leading Port representative from Australia including CEOs of Ports Australia, Geelong Port, Port of Portland, Port of Hastings Development Authority and from the Port of Tanjung Priok in Indonesia attended. Executive legal, financial, logistics and engineering consultants along with Victoria’s new International Coordination Officer engaged strongly with the Indonesian delegates. The secretary of the National Public Procurement Agency in Indonesia was amongst senior Indonesian participants who attended the workshop and networking dinner. The Consul General of Indonesia, the Honorable Ms Spica A. Tutuhatunewa joined Professor Colin Duffield, Deputy Head of Department, Infrastructure Engineering, in welcoming invited guests to the Networking dinner.


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Interview with Bill Pollock Erica Gilcrist - Director SCLAA On the 6th of April, I had the absolute pleasure of being able to meet and speak with Mr. Bill Pollock, Founder and CEO of Drake International. For those who may not be entirely familiar, Drake International is among the largest of staffing and recruitment companies globally. With operations in 11 countries around the world, Drake International provides much more than simple staffing solutions. They are an endto-end provider of human resources services, performance improvement, consultative management, permanent staffing, temporary staffing and technology solutions. Mr. Pollock himself is an exceptionally presented, softspoken, 90 years’ young Executive whose company’s origins form what is today’s modern temporary staffing agency. And whilst Drake International is much more than a successful global giant in the human capital industry, Bill’s story from then 1951, to now, is a story chock full of ‘world firsts’ against an almost rags to riches backdrop. Please enjoy the following Podcast with Bill and hear about his humble beginnings in Winnipeg, Ontario (Canada) to the 40th Floor of Collins Street in Melbourne Australia, just one of the many Drake International Offices around the world. To find out more about Drake International, please visit their website at

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


Straight Talking - David Doherty OAM David Doherty OAM is a past President and Life Member of the SCLAA and a highly regarded logistician. Send your Straight Talk feedback and comments to

A recent event at RMIT University comprised an induction and introduction for new students in Logistics and Supply Chain. Speakers from Industry, including our own SCLAA Board Member and RMIT Graduate Dan Esdaile, provided the aspiring Students with some exposure to the long journey in front of them. As I sat and listened in the dark auditorium, I felt a sense of foreboding for these young people. From the perspective of the Port of Melbourne a speaker explained at length the efficiency improvements that have come from significantly increasing automation. There can be no argument about the cost benefit and process effectiveness that has resulted from these technological advancements. However, the corollary is that the number of people employed at the wharf, and in related activities, has certainly decreased ominously in a relatively short time. Other logistics operations have seen similar changes. Warehousing bears no relationship to the situation even ten years ago. Employment opportunities have decreased and a continuing to decline. So, listening in the audience at RMIT I was suddenly a bit alarmed about what the Supply Chain and Logistics employment opportunities of the future will look like. It easy to assume that senior planning and strategic Supply Chain roles will persist along with business transformers, purchasing specialists and technology savvy people, but is it likely that the


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

RMIT Class of 2018 will be meaningfully employed in the jobs they currently aspire to. Supply Chain and Logistics are not the only professions and/or industries impacted in this way, but they are at the forefront of technological advancement and business transformation. Perhaps the future lies in that observation. If we are the forefront of change, can our students pick up the mantle to develop, design and influence future transformations in Supply Chain and Logistics. The balancing of supply and demand remains a critical success factor. Are there discoveries to be made by our next generation professionals to exploit new systems and attitudes with demand planning. Digital business and on- line retailing, with the attendant new delivery expectations and methods, also requires new logistics thinking. Collaboration and information sharing have long been acknowledged as necessary elements of real value chains. There is certainly scope for development of true collaboration – or collabotitian (collaborate where you can and compete where you must) . The next generation of Supply Chain aficionados will need to be expert Collabotitioners. I imagine new jobs will form around that need to develop new forms of Collaboration and relationship building. The point of my ranting here is that old jobs and old attitudes will not sustain our profession. If Supply Chain is really about transformation, then we must collectively transform the related jobs and develop new strategies to ensure our graduates and practitioners find meaningful work, and

deliver meaningful results to businesses, our profession and our country. It won’t happen if we sit around telling students the future is bleak because of automation and technologies advancement. Did you see the recent news report (was it “fake news”) that the Leader of the free world - Donald Trump - accused Amazon of causing a huge loss in the US Postal Service. I don’t know if that is right, but it raises alarm bells about the effect on line retailing and related delivery demands are having on our own Australian Postal Service. Apart from cost pressure there is already an evident deterioration in delivery times across Australia. I don’t want to see Auspost go down the gurgler through failing to transform and disregard its real purpose. All businesses need to maintain a courageous attachment to the real purpose for their existence. Auspost is not a throwaway retail outlet for cheap merchandise. Its real purpose is to provide a cost-effective delivery and logistics service to all Australians. Franchising may not be the best model. I guess the future really depends on the next generation standing up and taking responsibility. Meanwhile, those of us with some experience need to also stand up and nurture, enthuse, excite and sustain those young people now struggling to learn, gain experience and find a way to the future. Generations working together for the benefit of all Australians is a good way to proceed. A book I refer to frequently (“Management of the Absurd”) suggests that, ” f you aren’t a Mentor go and be one, and if you haven’t got a Mentor go and get one”. Its never too soon and never too late to take that suggestion on board.

“The future ain’t what it used to be” (Yogi Bera?)

SCLAA Women in Logistics 2018 The Great Debate Luncheon | Progress or Paralysis? Friday, 3 August 2018

When: Friday, 20 October 2017 Time: 12noon to 4.00pm Venue: Leonda By The Yarra Cost: $170 per person 2 Wallen Road, Hawthorn, VIC $1,700 for table of 10 Complimentary parking on site.


Join us for gendered discussion gauging today’s climate and reality of women working in the Australian Logistics Industry. SCLAA hosts a multi-generational, multi-gendered panel discussion between Logistics Professionals who bring experience, reality and truths to the table. Over the past couple of years, this thought-provoking event has hosted successful women from various reaches of the Australian Logistics Industry. They’ve told their stories about their career trials, tribulations and triumphs. Australian business as a whole has come a long way in recognising the value of the working woman. But are women in Logistics soaring to the heights of their male counterparts? Are barriers being broken at a rate that recognizes as true progress? Are opportunities, promotions and pay parring with the men? These questions and others are the next level of milestones and opportunities that matter. All sides will be represented on the day with open, honest, and we hope a bit of spirited discussions. This is a genuinely a unique event that will challenge your thinking, inspire you into action and assist you to make collaborative change. By attending this event you will be championing diversity and ensuring stronger working relationships between men and women. This is where we you can put into practice ideas that will bring immediate economic and social benefits to your organisation. Encouraging diversity in the work-place across the country, particularly in non-traditional sectors, while highlighting the need for men and women to support each other through collaboration is a must. Ask your colleagues to attend so that they can also participate as well as learn how to facilitate inclusive conversations; ask the right questions and create action!




Division Report Gary Pearce - ACT/SNW President Our membership numbers in the ACT/SNSW Division continue to fluctuate due to our relatively mobile workforce. However, we continue to enjoy the support of our very loyal long term Corporate and Individual members, many of whom are now approaching their 10 year service awards. We also continue to welcome new members each year, who bring new talents, perspectives and diversity to our team. One of our longest serving corporate members, the Canberra Airport, conducted their annual Open Day recently and hosted record numbers of visitors from Canberra and surrounding regional centres. Below is a brief article and a number of images from the day Canberra Airport’s 8th Open Day on Sunday, 8 April was the biggest ever with more than 15 aircraft and for the first time, an exhibit featuring a C-17 Globemaster, which is integral to Australian supply, humanitarian and disaster missions. The weather was beautiful, allowing more than 30,000 visitors to share this unique experience. Feedback from guests and across social media platforms showed the event was a success. 2018 marks the first time the event was held on the western side of the airport precinct, allowing for larger event grounds to help this year’s large crowds move freely among many exhibits. Exhibitors included ACT Emergency Services Agency, Australia’s Border Force, Women in Aviation, the Royal Australian Air Force and Navy and a phenomenal display of aircraft from both private collectors and commercial airlines, including Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia. Australia’s number one aviator, Matt Hall, put on several mesmerizing aerial displays that delighted visitors from across the region.

A number of our members also recently attended a breakfast meeting of the ACT Branch of the Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN), which was attended by Ms Kate Lundy, ACT Defence Industry Advocate, and other special guest speakers. Given the importance and relevance of the Defence industry to our local SCLAA Division members, we are planning a similar SCLAA event in the near future. The purpose of this event will be to encourage and enable active participation by our members in both the ongoing the Defence “conversation� and the extensive procurement programs being undertaken by the federal government over the next ten years.

Thought for the month: Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. (Peter Drucker)

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


SCLAA ACT/SNSW - Working with Defence Tuesday, 5 June 2018 This event presents the perfect opportunity for small to medium business enterprises in the ACT and surrounding regions to learn more about Defence procurement plans, and how they might participate. When:

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


7.30am - 9.30am


EQ Cafe Lounge, Equinox Business Park 70 Kent Street Deakin, ACT


Members: $25.00 Non Members: $30.00


Paid parking available

Breakfast will be provided.

Many small to medium businesses in the ACT region believe that the future Defence procurement plans only apply to the larger companies - those that will build the ships, planes and vehicles or supply the uniforms and equipment needed to arm the Australian Defence Force throughout the 21st century. But who supports the companies that support Defence? The purpose of this networking event is to unveil the roles that can be available to many SME businesses in our region to be involved, directly and indirectly, and share in the opportunities that will become available through the Defence procurement plans.


Presenters: Kate Lundy - ACT Defence Industry Advocate

Kate was appointed as the ACT Defence Industry Advocate in 2016 to work with defence businesses, government and education institutions to promote the exceptional capabilities of companies in the Canberra Region to assist further growth and diversification of the local regional economy. Kate was a Federal Senator for the ACT for 20 years, holding a number of portfolios relating to technology, innovation, sport and multicultural affairs before retiring in 2015. Since then, Kate has been appointed to the boards of the National Roads and Motoring Association (NRMA), The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, the Australian Sports Technology Network and the Australian Cyber Security Research Institute. She is also now the ACT Local Industry Advocate, supporting Canberra region businesses to access ACT Government procurement opportunities. Kate Lundy was appointed as the ACT Defence Industry Advocate in 2016 to work with defence businesses, government and our education institutions to promote the exceptional capabilities of defence companies in the Canberra Region to assist to further grow and diversify the Canberra region economy. Ms Lundy was a Federal Senator for the ACT for 20 years, holding a number of portfolios relating to technology, innovation, sport and multicultural affairs before retiring in 2015. Since 2015, Ms Lundy has been appointed to the boards of the National Roads and Motoring Association (NRMA), The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, the Australian Sports Technology Network and the Australian Cyber Security Research Institute. Ms Lundy is also the ACT Local Industry Advocate, supporting Canberra region businesses to access ACT Government procurement opportunities.

Mr Graham Priestnall MBA, MA (Maritime Policy), BA (Social Sciences) Chairman, Australian Industry & Defence Network - ACT Graham is the current AIDN-ACT Chairman and a past National President from 2008 - 2013. He is committed to further development of the links between small to medium business enterprises and Defence, having worked for both Primes and SME’s in the past, together with a 27 year career in the Royal Australian Navy. Graham has held senior roles with a number of high profile and Defence-related companies, including ADI Limited, Thales Australia, Nova Systems and QinetiQ. Graham also has extensive experience in defence industry policy and has been a member of several boards and Committees advising the Commonwealth on initiatives to increase the skills and capacities of Australian small and medium companies in the Defence sector.

Registrations close: 29 May 2018

Email: 14

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Phone: 1300 364 160

SCLAA Queensland No 36 Squadron (C17) and Super Hornet Site Visit Royal Australian Air Force, Amberley Base Wednesday, 16 May 2018 SCLAA Members will have the opportunity to visit No 36 Squadron to view a C17 Globe Master and receive a brief on the C17 supply chain and warehousing facilities.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Royal Australian Air Force, Amberley South Amberley Road


09:30am - 12noon


SCLAA Members - No charge Non Members - $25.00

SCLAA Members will have the opportunity to visit No 36 Squadron to view a C17 Globe Master as well as a brief on the C17 supply chain and warehousing facilities. The site visit will include: •

In-house brief on C17 Supply Chain presented by No 36 Squadron and Heavy Airlift Support Program Office.

Tour No 36 Squadron Warehouse facilities.

Tour C17 on the tarmac.

Tour Super Hornet on the tarmac, pending availability.

Registrations close on 2 May 2018.

Numbers are limited. Book Now.


1/3 SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


QLD Division Report Mark Healing - Qld State President The start of 2018 has been quite an eventful period with a number of the Qld Committee being involved in a number of activites. International Skills Training for trainers and Assessors program launched in Vietnam Queensland President Mark Healing CPL was invited to present at the program launch in Vung Tau, Vietnam in early March. Queensland University of Technology (QUT), in collaboration with TAFE Queensland, developed a program that aims to provide 23 teachers from VET colleges and trainers from logistics enterprises with competency-based training, assessment skills and a qualification based on international standards. The

activity provided customised and contextualised TVET Trainer and TVET Assessor courses [based on the Australian International Skills Training (IST) courses] tailored to the Vietnamese context. The short course focused on the skills and assessment required for the following five (5) occupations: Logistics Administrative, Warehouse Operator and Supervisor, Freight Forwarder, and Forklift Operator. Mark presented an overview of vocational education choices within the Australian Supply Chain Industry. He also provided the students with an overview of the SCLAA Organisation and what we do within the Industry. Mark is seen below presenting to the group.

Mark Healing, Qld State President, presenting in Vung tau Vietnam


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Committee Increase Queensland Vice president George Hodgson initiated and facilitated an Expression of Interest to existing members to join the Committee. We are happy to report that two new members are joining the Committee. The Committee welcomes Louen Burck and Andrew Robertson to the team and thanks all others who applied.

First Event of the Year Griffith University hosted the first QLD SCLAA event for 2018. Internationally renowned expert in constraint innovation, Lewis Trigger, shared his wide range of experience and knowledge gained from private and defence organisations. Lewis discussed several topics including every system has at least one constraint, the six steps for unlocking value from “ Defining the system’s GOAL” to evaluating the constraint and identifying new constraints. Further discussion related to managing performance and applying Constraint Innovation to KPI’s. The SCLAA would like to thank Lewis, Dr Wu and Griffith University for this entertaining and informative presentation.

Matthew Guthrie with Lewis Trigger (centre) and Dr Vu (right)

Lewis Trigger presenting SCLAA Newsletter April 2018



SCLAA QLD Networking Drinks and Trivia Night Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Come join SCLAA Qld members and colleagues for drinks followed by a night of Trivia at The Glen Hotel. The first drink is on us. Date:

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Venue: The Glen Hotel 24 Gaskell Street, Eight Mile Plains Time:

Drinks to start at 6:00pm Trivia registration from 6.45pm Trivia: 7pm to 8pm


SCLAA Members - No charge Non Members - $20.00


15 mins from the Brisbane CBD. On site parking available. Trivia is not about being the smartest person in the room, though most Logisticians are quite smart! The night is about having fun where you can socialise with fellow SCLAA members and colleagues, answering questions, whilst eating and drinking. Who knows, you might just learn some fun facts and win prizes. No minimum or maximum for team sizes. Trivia registration commences at 6:45 pm. Get a group together and join us for an awesome night of great food, drinks, and trivia, run by The Glen hotel.

Registrations close Thursday, 7 June2018


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

‘Why Android is perfect for the operational revolution’. The operational revolution is happening now. Demands on the warehouse are tougher than ever with customer expectations driving the need to turn around inventory rapidly. To meet challenges operators are adopting a mobility workforce structure to streamline tasks and introduce a new level of visibility into operations. The potential of a mobile workforce is ideal for companies that are looking to stay ahead of existing competitors and keep up with new industry disruptors. Businesses implementing mobility into their workforce can expect to gain: • Productivity – through using advanced operating systems, devices, and purpose-built software applications that speed up workflows • Efficiency – via processes that eliminate waste or complexity • Accuracy – with advanced data collection capabilities that reduce the soft and hard costs associated with errors But to harness the full potential of this revolution, businesses will need to equip staff with the right tools and software solutions. Smartphone-style enterprise devices can aid in providing an intuitive experience for users, similar to the devices they use at home. This reduces training times and allows staff to be productive from day one.

helped drive this widespread adoption of Android is its relatively open nature, allowing businesses to tailor devices and programs to their specific needs. Additionally, upgrading OS and devices allow for revision of workflows. By incorporating a review of processes alongside the introduction of new mobile technology, businesses can aim to complete tasks faster and with fewer resources. This also helps eliminate costly and time-consuming errors which occurred using the prior system. This may be as simple as incorporating a 2D barcode scanner into a mobile device rather than relying on manual barcode entry, or it could also involve more sophisticated processes such as app-based task interleaving. In turn, this will lead to greater accuracy and faster task completion. There is no denying the importance of the operational revolution and the move to a mobility structure. Smart companies have the chance to effectively equip their staff for this new era of business – with those adapting quickly turning this opportunity into future business success. The operational revolution is happening now. Discover the opportunities to increase warehouse productivity, efficiency and accuracy HERE.

Android-based devices such as Zebra’s latest enterprise optimised Android range are rapidly emerging as a dominant force . Outside of rugged business applications, Android already has the biggest install base of any OS in the world . What’s

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018



Division Report Brian Lynn - WA President

The Western Australia Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics Awards 2018 Award Categories, Call for Submissions and Sponsorship Opportunities The Western Australian Transport and Logistics Awards have been held since 1996 and have become a highlight in the WA business calendar. They have grown to become the pre-eminent Transport & Logistics Industry awards in WA through the voluntary efforts of the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (WA) (CILTA), generous sponsorship, the spirit of fellowship between those who gather, and most importantly the outstanding calibre of the individual and corporate award candidates. The Awards have become recognised by Industry and Government as pre-eminent in recognising outstanding performance by individuals and organisations and it is anticipated that they will be just as successful in 2018. Members of the organising associations represent all major supply chain, logistics and transport related industry sectors including FMCG, retail, freight logistics, manufacturing and mining. A crowd of 140 Transport and Logistics professionals is expected to attend the Awards event, which will be held on Saturday 26 May 2018 at Matilda Bay Restaurant (Roe Room) overlooking the beautiful Swan River and Perth City. Please diarise this important date so you are available to join us. Also spend a moment to ponder the great things that your Company and staff have achieved, and consider nominating for one of the award categories. To register to attend the WA Awards dinner, click here.


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

MEGATRANS2018 10 - 12 May 2018

MEGATRANS2018 is the first freight and logistics trade expo to encompass the entire supply chain, from warehousing to final mile delivery The show has attracted a large 200+ exhibitors and is gathering momentum. MEGATRANS2018 Show Director Simon Coburn explains who the target audience for the show is. “Firstly, it goes without saying that the fleets and freight services operators play an absolutely critical role in the movement of goods. They are buyers of the products and technology across the entire trade floor, from warehouse equipment and technology through to trucks, trailers and related component,” said Mr Coburn. “These companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency and productivity. That’s what they’re coming to see,” he said. “But the largest audience segment for MEGATRANS2018 is going to be the buyers of freight services. That is, FMCG retailers like Coles, Woloworths and Metcash; food and beverage manufacturers such as Lion Dairy & Drinks and Coca Cola Amatil; retail importers on a large scale including companies such as IKEA, Fantastic Furniture, The Good Guys and Retravision. These are the sorts of companies that we are targeting and expecting to attend, who have a vested interest in understanding the supply chain and seeking efficiencies in that process. MEGATRANS2018 organisers have also created an infographic that identifies the audience focus for the event. A full size version can be downloaded HERE To book your space at MEGATRANS2018, contact Michelle James on 0422 616 054 or Michelle.James@ For tickets, register online at

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018



Division Report Tim Charlton - NSW State President 1. NSW Update 2018 is shaping up to be a good year for members in NSW. Off the back of the volunteer committee’s hard work we are continuing to offer new events and opportunities to members. Our first thought leadership event was held on 26 April and we’re close to finalising the first group of NSW SCLAA mentors and mentees. If you’re interested in giving back as a Mentor or would like to participate as a Mentee, sign up via the SCLAA website or email us at As always, we look forward to welcoming others in the industry who would like to be part of this community to network, learn and gain access to exclusive opportunities across NSW. Don’t hesitate to reach out via email or through LinkedIn. Regards, Tim Charlton NSW President

2. What’s been happening? An update from Adam Dwyer (VP of Marketing) We had another successful SCLAA tour at the Australia Post parcel facility on 27th April, the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the tour and hospitality of the Graham Redman and Patrick Jordan. Interesting info: 38,000 x square metre footprint or twice the playing surface of ANZ stadium. The machines sort and scan parcels on 2.88 kms of conveyor belts that move at 2.4 metres per second. The roof captures 44,000 litres of rain water which can be stored in water collection tanks and reused. Some of the feedback we received from attendees was: • “State of the art Facility, highly knowledgeable presenter, well organised” • “Tour guided by knowledgeable team members, who could answer all questions and provide a great level of detail on the facilities capabilities”


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

• “I liked the level of access we were given to the site. The level of detail that was given was really good and it was great that the presenter was very open about the facility and its operations. The use of wireless earpieces to facilitate communication was great and made hearing everything that was said much easier. I really enjoyed this event” • “A great application of automation to improve an operation and presented very well by the Australia Post Team. The use of the earpieces made hearing the talk presenter some much easier.” • “Exposure, information opportunities”



The emerging Supply Chain Talent Crisis


Stakeholder Engagement

An update from Stakeholders)





Looking after stakeholder engagement over the past few months the SCLAA has seen a tremendous amount of activity. Our cohort is expanding, which is a testament to some of the initiatives we have organised since late last year. We have had tremendous feedback about how we are enriching the experience for our members. This great feedback is stemming from our best of class site tours which are giving a look under the hood to best practice operations for our members and the wider community. The committee is really focusing on what the members are after and we’ve really dug deep to bring thought leadership events and mentor/mentee mixers. On top of this, we have been quite selective with the partners we are bringing on board.

our community. This will be seen over the coming months through opportunities with our member’s careers, personal branding, latest technology and good old fashion networking with peers. It’s a great time to be a part of the SCLAA and we have a lot to offer. If you want to hear more, reach out on LinkedIn, email or call.

4. What’s coming up? An update from Emory White (VP of Events) We are working on more events for the rest of 2018! Stay tuned and make sure to register once the opportunities are released to members.

We have a strong focus making sure the organisations we partner with can bring value to

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018



Division Report Charles Edwards - VIC State President 2018 is in full swing and it’s been a busy start to the year for SCLAA VIC/TAS. We’ve already held successful events including the 2018 Launch Event, a guided tour of the fully autonomous VICT and the first thought leadership series event for the year, “Disrupting the food Supply Chain”. You can read more about these events overleaf. An exciting pipeline of events lies ahead including an exclusive tour and dinner of Carlton United Breweries on 26 April. The second Thought Leadership Series event for 2018 will be held on 16 May on the hot topic “Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain”. The SCLAA and Swinburne University are also proud to have released our collaborative deep-dive analysis into the National Supply Chain industry’s perceptions and actions towards disruptive technologies. You can view the full survey report findings here. As a member, we hope you always feel welcome to suggest events that you want us to run for you. We also welcome you to get involved in our fun and talented committee! Get in touch with me with your suggestions or queries at - Charles Edwards (VIC/TAS President)

What’s next? Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Thought Leadership Series #2, 16 May As the Supply Chain and Logistics industry moves toward a fully digital, data-driven future, a powerful new tool has appeared on the horizon: Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI. Today, AI is more than new, old hype as it is forging ahead to transform how businesses operate and thus reshape the way humans work. Still, public understanding of its concepts is limited and the impact on the way we understand our world today is currently being debated intensely. During our next Thought Leadership event, we will explore and dissect how AI is disrupting the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry specifically. We will cover the basics AI and its benefits, case studies and how your business can begin to apply its potentials. Our last event sold out fast, so be sure to grab your tickets early. - Kyle Rogers 24

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Carlton Breweries Logistics Tour + Dinner Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is one of the most iconic beer companies in Australia with their history dating back to 1824. The Melbourne brewery produces more than 20 great beers and packs around 420 million litres of beer each year – that’s 1.1 billion stubbies or 280 Olympic swimming pools! In this tour we will explore 150 years of Melbourne’s brewing history, gain insights into the brewer's craft & supply chain process and learn the secrets of the iconic Abbotsford brewery. It should be a great evening with a full dinner and drink included! Places are filling fast, secure your ticket here. - Charles Edwards

To Be Disrupted - Industry Collaboration, Date TBD The SCLAA is excited to be hosting its first Ideathon in collaboration with the RMIT School of Business IT and Logistics on 22nd June, 2018. Combining students, industry professionals and anyone who likes to challenge the status quo. This event will have participants work in teams and use design thinking and problem-solving methodology, to come up with innovative solutions to real world logistics problems! Teams will have a chance to pitch their solutions at the end of the day to an esteemed judging panel with a chance to win a cash prize and further mentoring to bring their idea to reality! If you want to get involved, or know anyone who would be interested, make sure you head to out our event page here and register. The 12-week capstone program will run after the Ideathon and is tailored to RMIT Business IT and Logistics Masters students. We are excited to announce a collaboration with Brightstar Corporation, who we will be working with closely to further develop the program agenda, over the coming weeks. Stay tuned! - Jesse Wilson

Mentoring Program We are very excited to announce the launch of our much new and improved mentoring program in 2018! Building on the success of this award nominated program last year, we have kept the best parts of our existing program and a whole lot more. For mentees the program offers incredible value, with the following key activities to take place: • Objective and goal setting workshop • One on one coaching from an experienced mentor • Lean six sigma “yellow belt certification” from Vataive • Dedicated Career Workshop • Free entry to all SCLAA thought leadership and networking events If you are a young professional looking to expand your skills and grow your network, or a mentor looking to develop and grow the talent pipeline, this program is for you. There is a minimal time outlay for a big reward. Please click here to register your interest.

2018 Highlights Thought Leadership Series #1, 7 March The SCLAA hosted its first Thought Leadership event for 2018 last week at an exciting new venue in the Melbourne CBD, WeWork. The buzz and energy in the room was evident throughout the evening. Fittingly for a food tech event, we were left with full bellies as everyone enjoyed catering by Deliveroo. We had a fantastic turnout with over 60 attendees came to hear from industry experts on what the future of food looks like in the supply chain industry.

Full Auto: A tour of Victoria International Container Terminal We relaunched our site tours in 2018 with the first visit to Australia's first fully automated container terminal! Victoria International Container Terminal is situated in the Port of Melbourne at Webb Dock East. The site has achieved an ISCA Leading Rating for both its Design and Build and has been recognised for its dedication to innovation in 2017 by winning the SMART Infrastructure Project Award at the National Infrastructure Awards. As well as winning the award for Supply Chain Innovation & Technology at the 2017 DCN Australian Shipping and Maritime Awards.

Thank you to Angeline Archariya, Matt Kuperholz, Tiffany Gould and Jeff Bourne for their involvement and the SCLAA committee for their hard work in making this event run smoothly. Our next event is on AI in supply chain which you won't want to miss. Keep your eyes peeled! - Jesse Wilson SCLAA Newsletter April 2018



Division Report A charter bus took over 50 attendees around the fascinating site. We followed actual inbound cargo as each step featured the cutting edge in terminal operations technology. Lastly, we were treated to information on future developments along Webb Dock. - Federick Nasol

2018 Launch Event To celebrate the New Year, the SCLAA held our annual launch event on 6 February at the Aer Rooftop Bar in Melbourne’s CBD.

Melbourne’s weather shone through and the committee and members from over 30 different SC&L companies came together to celebrate the new year on the sunny rooftop bar. Thought provoking discussions were had, with members tackling the counterfeit wine industry and others running organisations which integrate the sharing economy into logistics and trace proof of providence for food across the supply chain with advanced pallet technology. Looking forward to the next event! - Charles Edwards

FOCUS on a Committee Member Callum Maxwell | Consultant - Xact Solutions, Committee Member

What is your current occupation? I’m currently a consultant with XAct Solutions. XAct is a management consulting firm with expertise in supply chain and related industrial property solutions. I was lucky enough to join XAct in the second half of last year and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Why did you join SCLAA?

I joined up at the start of 2017 as a way to meet like-minded people in the industry. Being a relatively young professional in the field I wanted to learn more about the Australia Supply Chain community and grow my professional network. I am naturally quite an extroverted person and the SCLAA has given me an opportunity to discuss my passion with other interesting people.

Why did you choose supply chain?

I don’t think choose is quite the right word. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at university and went through the usual graduate process of applying for as many positions as you can. I was lucky to pick up a Graduate role at Mainfreight, and I guess the rest is history. I was later informed by my parents that I used to spend a lot of time as a child playing with trucks, so maybe it was fate. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without it!

What is the proudest moment of your career?

This is a tough one. There were some challenging times early on and I remember a particularly hairy period where I was working as an allocator for a Chemical LTL company. After 6 months of 12 hour days, I was awarded a Service Recognition Award by my company. I’ve not been shy of confidence since.

What are your career aspirations?

In the short term, I want to increase my exposure and understanding in the industry. Supply Chain is an increasingly exciting place to work, and technological and sociological changes are having a greater influence. With all the talk of automation and AI and robots, we will continue to need intelligent people to integrate these developments. I am excited to be involved as this continues into the future.


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

SCLAA VIC/TAS Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain & Logistics Wednesday, 16 May 2018 As the Supply Chain and Logistics industry moves toward a fully digital, data-driven future, a powerful new tool has appeared on the horizon: Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI. Today, AI is more than a new, old hype as it is forging ahead to transform how businesses operate and thus reshape the way humans work. Still, public understanding of its concepts is limited and the impact on the way we understand our world today is currently being debated intensely. During our next Thought Leadership event, we will explore and dissect how AI is disrupting the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry specifically. We will cover the basics AI & its benefits, case studies & how your business can begin to apply its potentials. Our last event sold out fast, so be sure to grab your tickets early. When:

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


WeWork on 152 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Members: $30.00 Students: $30.00 Non-Members: $50.00 6.30pm to 9.00pm


Registrations close 11 May 2018

Parking: Inner City. Take Public Transport if possible Pizza, beer and wine will be provided


Dr Simon Dunstall Research Director Decision Sciences Program CSIRO Data61

Alan Dormer CEO Opturion

Dheeren Velu Head of AI & Cognitive Business, CBA Strategic IT (Aus/NZ)


Phone: 1300 364 160 SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


2018 Global Logistics Technology Conference Stanley Fan, SCLAA Director The SCLAA was invited by Mr Michael Guo, CEO of the Australian International Trade Association, to attend the 2018 Global Logistics Technology Conference and trade mission to China held from 19 to 23 March. SCLAA Director, Stanley Fan, attended the Conference on behalf of the SCLAA. The conference and trade mission included attendance of the 2018 Global Logistics Technology Conference in Haikou organized by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, the China – Australasia Logistics Cooperation Forum, a visit to the beautiful cities Kunming and Guiyang, meetings with leaders and representatives of Hainan, Yunnan and Guizhou’s Provincial and Municipal Government, Department of Trade and Investment, as well as accredited logistics entrepreneurs and potential investors and exploring further logistics cooperation opportunities of China and Australasia. Stanley Fan’s presentation at the 2018 Global Logistics Technology conference, included: • The SCLAA’s mission and vision; • The SCLAA international strategic alliance, including the APLF and CSCMP, and global perspectives; • The SCLAA national strategic alliance, major events – including the ASCL Awards – and industrial corporations; and • International Partnership opportunities.


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Stanley Fan and Steven Moon - President Australia Federation Free Trade PTY LTD

Stanley Fan attended the 2018 China Logistics Technology Awards ceremony

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


Left to right Stanley Fan, Michael Guo - CEO of Australian International Trade Association; Paul Sansa Deputy Consul-General (Commercial) Senior Trade Commissioner, Hon. David Koch – Former Government Whip of the Victoria Parliament, Steven Moon - President Australia Federation Free Trade PTY LTD Paul shared information on strategic alliance between Australian and China on area of international trade, agriculture, education and mining etc.

Stanley Fan meeting Han Ning Lee Chairman Chamber of Commerce of Guizhou Province. The meeting was discussing potential collaboration opportunities on international trading and supply chain / logistics alliance between Australia industry and Guizhou Province in China.


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

(Feng Dan – Director of International Cooperation Office, China Branch of Australia International Trade Association ; David Koch – Former Secretary-in-general of the Government of the State of Victoria, Australia, Former Chairman of Sino-Australia Friendship Association of the State of Victoria, Australia ; Stanley Fan – Director of Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia; Liu Yuhai – Vice Mayor of Guiyang Municipal Government ; Michael Guo – CEO of Australia International Trade Association ; Tan Chengzhong – Deputy Director of the Emergency Office of Guiyang Municipal Government ; Cai Xinhong – Director of Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce ; Liu Song – Executive Vice President of Guiyang People’s Association for Friendships with Foreign Countries) “Guizhou has become a pioneer in China's big data development due to its beneficial climate, power supply and network infrastructure. Big data is being widely applied in government management, business and daily life. Multinational companies, such as Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, SAP, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, etc., are flocking to Guizhou,” said Stanley Fan, Director of the SCLAA.

Stanley Fan visiting Hainan Medical University meeting with Dean of International Nursing School and also school heads. The meeting was to explore potential educational collaboration opportunities between Wenchang College and SCLAA education partners.

SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


Stanley Fan presenting to students from Guizhou University of Finance and Economics

Stanley Fan meeting Xing Ling Director of Admissions Office/Dean of Wenchang College. The meeting was to explore potential educational collaboration opportunities between Wenchang College and SCLAA education partners.

Stanley Fan visiting Qiang Zhao Vice- President of Truck Alliance


SCLAA Newsletter April 2018

Stanley Fan visiting Guiyang Longmaster along with Taigao Li (first left) Minister of Economic Aflairs, Guizhou Federation of Industry and Commerce Guizhou General Chamber of Commerce.

By the end of July 2017, Truck Alliance had 4.5 million registered vehicles and 880,000 corporate customers. More than 140,000 transactions go through the company's books each day with total freight charges exceeding 1.7 billion yuan ($260 million). (Source China Daily) “Truck Alliance is an Ubertype Chinese company for heavy vehicles and a global "unicorn",” said Stanley Fan. Stanley also said “It is amazing to see how fast Industry 4.0 been rapidly developed and largely implemented in China. There are huge opportunities for SCLAA and AITA to facilitate benchmark and collaboration between Australian companies and Chinese corporates in logistics and supply chain.” SCLAA Newsletter April 2018


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