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The Essential Foreign Exchange Point of Sale & Inventory Management Tool

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Who are SCL? SCL (Stanton Consultancy Limited) are a Brighton-based firm who specialise in travel money and prepaid card systems.

What is UltraPoS Small Business Edition? UltraPoS Small Business Edition (USBE) is travel money point of sale and inventory management software specifically designed for small and/or independent businesses. A standardised version of our bespoke UltraPoS software, USBE has everything a small business needs to manage a travel money service.

Why Choose USBE? Selecting USBE to automate your travel money service will help to eliminate error-prone manual processes increasing efficiency and maximising profits. USBE’s functionality gives you increased control and complete visibility. USBE Key Features:       

Buy and Sell Foreign Currency & Travellers Cheques Daily Exchange Rate Feeds Stock Maintenance Rate Maintenance Real-time Reports Security & User Controls Ease of Use

Buy & Sell Foreign Currency and Travellers Cheques USBE is set up to enable the sale and purchase of foreign currencies and travellers cheques. The system streamlines the whole sales process, making it quick, accurate and painless for both the customer and the teller.

Daily Exchange Rate Feeds A daily exchange rate feed can be imported to your set up of USBE. As an independent company we can receive rates from most currency suppliers. However, if you prefer, the option to manually input your rates is available.

Stock Maintenance USBE allows you to add, delete, and move currency to ensure branches and tills are efficiently stocked.

Rate Maintenance As a USBE customer you have complete control of your rates, for example, the ability to make ad-hoc rate changes to enable competitive rates and price matching.

Real-time Reports USBE offers a plethora of reports, including (but not limited to) profit and loss, transaction, stock value and exchange rate . The reports give you an accurate view of your travel money business at the moment they are generated by you.

Security & User Controls Anti money laundering and compliance functionality to help you meet your legal and regulatory obligations such as setting mandatory fields for completion and sanction list checking. There are different user permissions available so you can ensure members of staff only have access to the areas relevant to their role.

Ease of Use Intuitive and easy to use USBE requires minimal training as its screen layout and drop down boxes closely resembles a Windows application.

New USBE Features for 2011 As a result of customer feedback in this year’s survey the following new features have been added to USBE to enhance the service offered by our clients

New Customer Type A new customer type, ‘preferential’, has been added to USBE, this enables clients to offer a different rate to a select group of people, for example staff, online customers, corporate discounts, promotional offers and so on .

New Product Type Clients can now select ‘Miscellaneous Product’ to buy or sell other non -currency items such as maps, phone cards or gift cards.

Money Transfers The new money transfers feature allows clients to record the send and receive of money transfers from any provider of this service. USBE will provide a field to enter a serial or reference number for the transaction. This is a method to record money transfers for reporting purposes only and will still need to be processed through the money transfer service provider’s system .

Buy Back Guarantee The Buy Back Guarantee (BBG) feature means that clients now have the facility to offer their customers the option to sell their unused currency back to them at the rate they purchased it, for a fee. The details of the BBG will appear on the customer’s receipt, which they will need to bring with them with the unused currency they wish to sell back.

Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to purchase any hardware to use USBE? The only hardware needed to use UltraPoS is a PC and a printer in order to issue receipts.

Which applications can I use to run USBE? Internet Explorer 7 and 8 must be used to run USBE, it currently does not work on other applications.

Can I access USBE from any PC? What facilities are in place to restrict access? USBE is deployed over the internet which means you can access it from any PC. However, each user has their own user name and password, which means only authorised personnel are able to access the site.

Do you recommend any currency suppliers? We are an independent company and as such do not favour one supplier over another. However, we have contacts with several different suppliers and would be happy to pass on these contact details to you or make introductions.

How long does it take to complete a transaction? Less than 30 seconds for a typical simple transaction. Users have the option to use either the mouse or keyboard & can also programme function keys as 'shortcuts' to commonly-used features.

Testimonials Sharon Munro, CEO, Barrhead Travel “Using USBE, we can access the flexible features and performance of SCL’s UltraPoS system; but at a price that is affordable for our size and scale of organisation. With a range of real-time reports - from monitoring transactions to calculating profit and loss - USBE provides us with a holistic view of our travel money business across the participating branches.”

Michael Gianotti, Owner, Pure Travel “My staff found USBE very intuitive and there is no doubt it has helped us make noticeable efficiency improvements. We just look more professional and effective in front of our customers. ”

Chris Childs, Managing Director, Channel Ports “It has been an instant hit with all our staff and I am sure regular travellers, most of whom are truck drivers, will have noticed how quickly we are able to meet their travel money needs. We had a very tight schedule to be up and running, so we were mightily impressed at how the web-based service was so easy to implement and how cost effective the whole package is.”

Danielle Bellamy, Manageress, Carats Jewellers & Pawnbrokers We’ve been in the jewellery business for many years but Foreign Exchange was completely new to us. We expected some revenue but did not anticipate an immediate return. With USBE, we were pleasantly surprised. We actually started to make money from day one. In fact, since using the system, our footfall has gone up so much that we have now expanded into the shop next door.”

If you have any enquiries please call us on:

+44 (0)1273 666600 Or email: Stanton Consultancy Limited Pavilion House 6-7 Old Steine Brighton East Sussex BN1 1EJ

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UltraPoS Small Business Edition Brochure