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Project #3  Brochure  Design   Susan  Kemble   MDIA  1194   Cristina  Viviani  

The Audience  

*  The primary  audience  is   families  with  children   aged  2  to  12.    

*  The secondary  audience  is   school  aged  children   going  to  the  aquarium  on   field  trips   *  Nature  lovers   *  University  students   studying  marine  biologist   or  mammal  trainer   *  Tourists  

Design Purpose  

*  The purpose  of  the  booklet  is  to  provide  a  visually   pleasing  design  that  will  catch  the  user’s  eye.  It  will   provide  information  about  the  different  venues  at  the   aquarium  and  offer  high  quality  images  of  various  sea   creatures  and  mammals.  It  will  also  provide  contact   information  (website  address,  physical  address,  a   location  map  and  important  phone  numbers),  hours   of  operation,  and  a  table  of  contents.  

Front Cover  Grid    

Inside Cover  Grid  

Front &  Back  Cover  

Inside Brochure  

Design Elements    The colour theme is a triad scheme. Based on the Adobe Kuler colour wheel my primary colours were blue and orange, with small amount of bright green as an accent. "

Design & Colour" Â There is a lot going on in this design. In order to keep it more organized each gallery of images was grouped together. You feel as if you are looking through an aquarium porthole. To add to the visual continuity you move through the brochure as you would the aquarium, starting with the fish, and moving through to the frogs, then to the outer mammal decks."

Visual Continuity   The  black  penguin  silhouettes   were  used  on  the  front  page  and   then  on  the  inside  pages  They     were  facing  the  images  as  if  they   were  looking  at  the  images  in   the  aquarium.  This  created  a   visual  link  to  the  other  pages.  


*  The typography on the inside and back cover was Helvetica. I chose this typeface because it is a simple, clean style. It complemented the business of the colour scheme and images. The orange and blue colours continued into the typography."

*  The title page was also in orange but I chose Bernard Condensed for “Vancouver” as it was more upright and reminded me of the city buildings. “Aquarium” was in an Apple Casual typeface to add playfulness to the brochure."

The End   Comments  or  questions  

Susan's aquarium brochure  
Susan's aquarium brochure