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Report Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect 330-455-KIDS (5437) or 1-800-233-KIDS

Strengthen Protect Preserve Mandated Reporters

There are those who by law are required to report suspected child abuse or neglect as identified in ORC section 2151.421.

• Attorneys • Audiologists • Child care workers • Children service workers • Clergy • Coroners • Day care personnel • Dentists • Nurses • Physicians, including interns & residents • Podiatrists • Psychologists • School authorities • School employees • School psychologists • School teachers • Social workers /speech pathologists • Other health care professionals • Employees of certified child care agencies • Licensed professional counselors • Practitioner of limited branch of medicine or surgery as defined in R.C. 4731.15


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Family S E R V I C E S

Anyone can make a report.

All that is needed to make a report of abuse or neglect is reasonable suspicion.

You DO NOT have to leave your name, but you are

encouraged to give your name in case the screener/worker needs to get in touch with you for additional or clarifying information. The referral source is not disclosed to the family.

What information do I need to make a report?

• Present location of child • Name of child, parents and siblings • Address • Information pertaining to any injuries and how they occurred • Any witnesses • School and grade Although this information is not required in order to report concerns, the more information provided allows the screener to make the best decision possible.

You can make a report 24/7 330-455-KIDS (5437) If your concerns warrant an investigation:

• Report is screened by a supervisor. • Case is assigned to an assessment worker. • Assessment worker investigates and makes the appropriate referrals. • Following a thorough investigation, the case may be closed or transferred to family services with or without court involvement.


• PHYSICAL ABUSE: the non-accidental injury of a child. • SEXUAL ABUSE: any sexual activity upon or with a child. The act may be for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator or a third party. • EMOTIONAL ABUSE: chronic acts which interfere with the psychological and/or social development of a child. • EMOTIONAL NEGLECT: Lack of nurturing, love and bonding • PHYSICAL NEGLECT: Lack of basic physical needs such as clothing, shelter and food • MEDICAL NEGLECT: Refusal to give child life sustaining medication such as insulin • EDUCATIONAL NEGLECT: Refusing to send a child under 12 years old to school for their education.

Report Child Abuse  

All that is needed to make a report of abuse or neglect is reasonable suspicion. In Stark County, OH call 330-455-KIDS