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How To Contact Ombudsman Four ways to reach our ombudsman:

Phone (330)451-8866


Mail/In-Person 221 3rd Street S.E., Canton, 44702

Fax (330)451-8090

Stark County

Job & Family Services Children Services Division 300 Market Ave. North Canton, OH 44702 Child Abuse/Neglect Report Line: (330)455-KIDS Foster/Adopt: (330)451-8789

Ombudsman Program

Child Support Division 122 Cleveland Ave. N.W. P.O. Box 21337 Canton, OH 44701 Customer Service: (330)451-8930 Payment information:

Human Services Division 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, OH 44702 Cash, Food & Medical Assistance Customer Service: (330)451-8861 Customer Service e-mail:

New Applications: (330)451-8500 JOBS/Child Care: (330)452-4661 SCJFS Mailing Address & Executive Offices 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, OH 44702 (330)452-4661 STARK COUNTY

Job &


Job &





SCPUB 003 7/13

When Should You Contact an Ombudsman? • When you have questions about the agency’s rules, procedures, and policies.

Role of the Ombudsman • Listen to both sides of the issue • Act in a fair, unbiased manner to help resolve concerns • Act as a bridge between customer and Staff

• When you have been denied a service to which you believe you are entitled.

• When you are confused by the system. • When you feel that your civil rights have been violated.

• Act as a neutral party • Listen to you • Clarify confusing rules, laws, and policies • Investigate your concern or inquiry in a confidential manner • Explain what is happening and why • Provide a timely response • Mediate conflicts when necessary • Help file a formal complaint

If you do not agree with an action or determination decision on your benefits by Stark County Job and Family Services, you can ask for a state hearing. To request a state hearing, call 866-6353748 The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is a public agency which manages federal funds. Laws do not allow for discrimination in managing programs that use federal funds. The types of discrimination include sex, race, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, or handicap. If you feel you have been discriminated against, send your complaint to:

• When you feel you are being treated unfairly or that no one is listening.

What Will the Ombudsman Do?

You have a right to a state hearing

Before you contact an Ombudsman

• Have you spoken to Customer Service? • Have you spoken to your worker? • Have you spoken to a supervisor? • If your concern is about a nursing home or in-home care, have you contacted the Area Agency on Aging’s Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman at: 1-800-421-7277?

Civil Rights Office of Internal Administration Ohio Department of Job & Family Services 30 East Broad Street, 32nd Floor Columbus, Ohio 43266-0423


The role of SCJFS ombudsman: -Listen to both sides of the issue -Act in a fair, unbiased manner to help resolve concerns -Act as a bridge be...

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