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Protective Behaviours NEWSLETTER

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Edition 4 2012 A Safety Awareness Programme to promote safety and well-being for children, young people and families Welcome to the Protective Behaviours Newsletter for the South East Our aim is to share information, practice and ideas about Protective Behaviours. If you have any examples of how you have been using Protective Behaviours please do email us. This newsletter is produced termly.

Protective Behaviours training for Health Visitor and Social Work teams across the city We have been very busy during the first 3 months of this year developing a training and workbook specifically for health visitors, early years’ visitors, social workers and social work resource officers, to use when working one to one with parents, young people and children of all ages. This is part of Brighton and Hove’s Transformational training programme to equip staff with tools to meet the needs of families in the city. The trainings are now underway with good feedback so far! Free PB trainings for anyone working with children & young people in Brighton and Hove are still available; see our website for more details.

Protective Behaviours Groups for Parents: ‘Feeing Good Feeling Safe’ The groups at Tarner, Roundabout, Moulsecoomb Children Centres continue, with positive feedback. They run once a term. One of the intended outcomes for the Transformation Programme is that there will be a group at every Children Centre across the city. Please contact the Children Centres for information about times and dates.

Protective Behaviours Network Meetings: The network meetings are a perfect opportunity to get together and share ideas and practice around Protective Behaviours. Our next meeting is on June 14th Time: 10.00 – 1.00 with lunch provided Venue: Valley Social Centre, Whitehawk Way Brighton BN2 5HE To book a place, please go to the following link: 8889 February’s network meeting attendees included: Marg Elson, Health Visitor, and Rachel Flattery, Early Years Visitor, from the Early Permanence Team. They talked about their experience of adapting PBs for the 12 week programme that they run for young parents. Being continually creative to keep motivation going and participants interested were the biggest challenges. Eileen Maclean, a Learning Mentor from St Marks School, talked about how she uses PBs in her work. Her demonstration of using the ‘Feelings Rocket’ to help manage anger was really helpful. Using board games such as chess to explore safe and unsafe choices is another way she works with 5 – 11year olds. Charlotte Lench works for Scope and is using PBs in a group of people with a range of learning difficulties. She found that using some of the songs from the ‘Sing Yourself Safe’ CD (available from our resource library) really helpful in reinforcing the themes. Out of her work we are hoping to collaborate and produce a practical guide for using PBs with clients with differing learning needs

Protective Behaviours NEWSLETTER Edition 4 2012 page 2 Safety Awareness Programme to promote safety and well-being for children, young people and families Participation work with young people Longhill Safety Squad are a group of Yr8-Yr11 students who, with the support of Safety Net’s Participation Worker Emma Lacey and Longhill High School’s Learning Mentor Jill Robson, have been working together to make the journey to and from school on buses safer and more enjoyable for everyone. They were invited to share their achievements at a large scale event, “Reducing Inequalities through Engagement” at the Dome in February. Longhill Safety Squad met with other charities, M.P.s, Councillors and those that make decisions in the Council. Some of the Longhill Safety Squad members have made a short film to share the day with you that you can see via the Safety Net Kid’s website; Well done Longhill Safety Squad. All of us at Safety Net are very proud of you!

Children at Coombe Road and Fairlight schools have been exploring ‘risking on purpose’ in partnership with Adventure Unlimited at the rock court.

SNAP Transition work The summer term is upon us and with transition as a focus for this term we work with children to identify worries and concerns about going up to secondary school. We use ‘Stop,Think,Go’ and role play to explore the choices we have to keep ourselves happy and safe.

Raising Aspirations Shooting Stars is a raising aspirations programme interlaced with Protective Behaviours and has been delivered to 60 children at Coombe Road and Fairlight schools.

Early Warning Signs at Fairlight School


Our next meeting is on June 14th Time: 10.00 – 1.00 with lunch provided Venue: Valley Social Centre, Whitehawk Way Brighton BN2 5HE To book...

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