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New, Recent and Bestselling titles for General Practice Dermatology Made Easy 2e Amanda Oakley The ideal rapid clinical reference – guiding diagnosis, advising on clinical features and offering the best treatment options. Dermatology Made Easy 2e has been comprehensively updated but remains designed to help GPs, medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions with confidence.

Paperback | Oct 2022 442 pages | £31.99 ISBN 9781914961168 eBook | £27.19 ISBN 9781914961212


Diagnosis is simplified by providing a comprehensive set of tables which offer differentials by symptom, morphology, or body site – including over 500 thumbnail photos. Amazon review

“Very useful book, managed to identify a wound infection that had been hard to pin point, the pictures are extremely helpful, would recommend to anyone in healthcare.” 

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Made Easy series

Made Easy series Made Easy books are concise, practical guides written for the busy GP and healthcare professional. The books are easy to dip in and out of and the short chapters and bullet points help the reader find the key information they require quickly and easily. Many of the books are bestsellers in their field with several of the titles recommended for medical student courses.

Dermatology Made Easy 2e


Amanda Oakley A concise overview of the common dermatological conditions most likely to present in general medicine. Dermatology Made Easy is designed to help GPs, medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions with confidence. Amazon review

Paperback | Oct 2022 442 pages | £31.99 ISBN 9781914961168

“A highly recommended purchase and a resource I know I’m going to come back to again and again no matter the job role or grade.”  eBook | £27.19 | ISBN 9781914961212

Medical Statistics Made Easy 4e


Michael Harris and Gordon Taylor Contains all you need to know to understand statistics in medicine. Medical Statistics Made Easy has been a perennial bestseller since the first edition was published (it is consistently a #1 bestseller in medical statistics on Amazon). It is recommended worldwide on a variety of courses and programmes, from undergraduate medicine, through to professional medical qualifications. It is a book of key statistics principles for anyone studying or working in medicine and healthcare who needs a basic overview of the subject. It is ideal for non-statisticians who need to understand how statistics are used and applied in medicine and medical research. Paperback | 2020 140 pages | £19.99 ISBN 9781911510635

Amazon reviews “Amazing book for stats. Get it !”  “A great starter in medical statistics for undergraduate (and not-so-experienced) post-graduate students.”  eBook | £16.99 | ISBN 9781911510734


Made Easy series

Allergy and Asthma Made Easy Amtul Salam Sami A concise, practical guide to the diagnosis, treatment and management of common allergy and asthma conditions in primary care. This book guides readers through the basic immunology and pathophysiology and then provides details on all aspects of the clinical assessment of allergic patients: • History-taking • Clinical examination • Investigations and imaging

Paperback | 2020 112 pages | £19.99 ISBN 9781911510352

A broad range of allergies is then presented with succinct clinical advice detailing the causes, diagnosis and treatment of each allergy in turn. eBook | £16.99 | ISBN 9781911510680

Clinical Evidence Made Easy Michael Harris, Gordon Taylor and Daniel Jackson Clinical Evidence Made Easy is a concise and accessible introduction for any healthcare professional looking to understand clinical evidence and data sources. It enables healthcare workers in all fields to understand and implement the results from clinical trials, clinical journals and other data sources with confidence. Amazon review

Paperback | 2014 224 pages | £21.99 ISBN 9781907904202

“Excellently written and very informative in all aspects. Everything you need to know, to be used as a reference book.”  eBook | £18.69 | ISBN 9781907904363

Contraception Made Easy 2e Laura Percy and Diana Mansour A concise handbook containing the latest practical guidance on all common contraceptive methods. Contraception Made Easy 2e is an up-to-date handbook for GPs and other healthcare professionals who need easy access to the latest practical guidance on all the commonly used contraceptive methods. Amazon review “Fantastic book, well written and easy to follow.”  Paperback | 2020 218 pages | £19.99 ISBN 9781911510550

eBook | £16.99 | ISBN 9781911510567


Made Easy series

ENT Made Easy Amtul Salam Sami ENT Made Easy is the ideal clinical text for GPs, ENT trainees, medical students and nurse practitioners looking to manage common ENT conditions. Amazon review “Clear coverage of Med School ENT/Otolaryngology topics”  eBook | £16.99 | ISBN 9781911510284 Paperback | 2017 178 pages | £19.99 ISBN 9781911510055

Healthcare Economics Made Easy 3e Daniel Jackson A clear and concise text written for those working in healthcare who need to understand the basics of the subject but who do not want to wade through a specialist health economics text. It will equip the reader with the necessary skills to make valid decisions based on the economic data and with the background knowledge to understand the health economics literature. eBook | £16.99 | ISBN 9781911510857

Paperback | 2021 148 pages | £19.99 ISBN 9781911510826

Practice Accounts Made Easy 3e Ann Tudor A concise guide for the busy GP who wants to understand the basic principles behind their practice accounts. This book will help if you have ever found yourself confused by: • a balance sheet • capital accounts • profit-sharing ratios It will also help you to understand how practices are paid: • the differences between payments under the GMS, APMS and MCP contracts • the effects of transitioning from PMS to GMS contracts • the mechanisms for claims and payments • property and other reimbursements, including the Premises Costs Directions • the new GP Retention Scheme Amazon review

Paperback | 2019 126 pages | £19.99 ISBN 9781911510451

‘This book is bang up to date and incredibly easy to follow. Contains useful and up to the minute information, and serves as a great source for reference.’  eBook | £16.99 | ISBN 9781911510468


General Practice

The Art of General Practice Soft skills to survive and thrive

David Bartlett A collection of life experiences, anecdotes and suggestions from an experienced GP and GP trainer focusing on the emotional intelligence required to be a great GP. The Art of General Practice is a short text written by an experienced GP and GP trainer. It is a book which will help focus the mind of the reader (GPs of all descriptions: young GPs, returners to general practice and even jaded GPs) on what it means to be a GP. Too often general practice focuses on guidelines, ever-changing targets, incentives or the academic side of medicine and the art and craft of being a GP is forgotten. Amazon review

Paperback | 2018 136 pages | £16.50 ISBN 9781911510192

“A delightfully written book by an experienced GP. A GP who is obviously sensitive to all of patient’s needs as well as his own. Hopefully he and other GPs will always have the desire to help others no matter what their circumstances, even if at times they have to put others medical needs before their own. He sounds a true professional doctor who would always help a person in need and lead by example.” 

Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Updated edition A handbook for hunters of skin cancer and melanoma Cliff Rosendahl and Aksana Marozava A handbook to help dermatologists, dermatoscopists and GPs easily differentiate between benign and malignant tumours, leading to fewer unnecessary biopsies and earlier treatment of cancers. Based around two easy to follow algorithms, Chaos and Clues and Prediction without Pigment, the book shows all dermatoscope users how to confidently diagnose skin lesions earlier and with greater precision.

Paperback | 2023 384 pages | Price: £39.99 ISBN 9781914961205

In addition, this handbook also provides coverage of: • the microanatomy of the skin • specimen processing and histopathology • the language of dermatoscopy to help name and define structures and patterns • approaches to skin examination and photodocumentation • revised pattern analysis as an additional diagnostic algorithm • dermatoscopic features of common and significant lesions. Using over 450 high quality images the authors provide a detailed algorithmic approach to assessing the skin; an approach that has been successfully taught to thousands of doctors around the world. eBook | £33.99 | ISBN 9781914961229


General Practice

The GP Consultation Reimagined A tale of two houses

Martin Brunet A new and creative way of thinking about the consultation in primary care, for both trainees and practising GPs. The book features a unique Two Houses model to help the reader move away from completing a series of tasks to focusing on the two key objectives at the heart of every consultation: •

Working out what matters (The House of Discovery)

Deciding with the patient what to do about it (The House of Decision)

Using the rich metaphors contained within these houses, the book explores common pitfalls that can beset those who are learning the craft of consulting in primary care, and encourages the reader to fill their toolbox with the skills needed to develop their own patient-centred consultation style. Paperback | 2020 190 pages | £21.99 ISBN 9781911510598

Amazon review ‘Really well written and imaginative. So good to have a fresh look at how the GP consultation can be enhanced to improve patient care and shared management. Highly recommend this book.’  eBook | £18.69 | ISBN 9781911510666

Improving the Mental Health Consultation

Introducing a short circuit tool to aid patient understanding and dispel stigma

Shammy Noor Improving the Mental Health Consultation provides a simple ‘short circuit’ tool to help GPs and other healthcare professionals to explain mental health problems simply and effectively to their patients. The tool is straightforward, easy to convey within the confines of a 10-minute consultation and extremely effective in helping to break down the stigma that patients often feel. The tool has been developed and refined during over ten years of consultations in primary care. The detailed explanations of how to use the tool during the consultation, along with the extensive case studies, will help you to improve your mental health consultations and so help your patients deal better with their diagnosis. Paperback | 2022 272 pages | £24.99 ISBN 9781911510970


From anxiety to OCD and chronic fatigue to fibromyalgia, the book also provides detailed coverage of diagnosis and classification using ICD-11 and DSM-IV, and management using the latest NICE guidelines. eBook | £21.24 | ISBN 9781914961106

General Practice

Managing Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care Lee David A practical guide to help those working in primary care to recognise and treat anxiety disorders. Using a consistent approach it provides an overview of the most common anxiety disorders and for each describes how to: •

recognise each disorder

make the diagnosis

explain the condition to patients

manage each disorder, including using simple 10 minute CBT strategies to encourage self-help Amazon review

Paperback | 2020 332 pages | £29.99 ISBN 9781911510390

“A VERY useful and practical book I highly recommend this useful and practical book aimed at GPs and anyone else working in primary care. The book covers each anxiety disorder in detail, broken down into useful sections, and includes an overview of each condition and some simple self-help strategies that can be used to support patients.”  eBook | £25.49 | ISBN 9781911510697

Managing Obesity

A practical guide for clinicians

Saffron Whitehead and Gul Bano Written specifically for non-specialists (GPs, junior doctors and medical students) who increasingly need to treat obese patients. The book begins with an overview of the causes of obesity, the mechanisms that lead to individuals becoming obese and the health issues associated with being obese. Later chapters discuss how obesity can be managed, including advanced pharmacotherapy options and surgery.

Paperback | 2019 160 pages | £21.99 ISBN 9781911510178


General Practice

Practical Procedures in General Practice 2e Suneeta Kochhar

Paperback | 2021 168 pages | £26.99 ISBN 9781911510796

An updated guide for any GP looking to establish a minor surgery service, covering: • setting up a minor surgery clinic • accreditation • patient selection and assessment • basic operative procedures • diagnosis and management of skin lesions • joint injections • long-term contraception, including LARCs • specialist procedures such as carpal tunnel decompression and non-scalpel vasectomy which may be undertaken by GPs with extended roles If you are one of the many GPs looking to reduce referrals and provide a better service to your patients by developing a minor surgery DES, then Practical Procedures in General Practice will help. Amazon review A well presented and written read- would definitely recommend to any GP, especially those involved in practical procedures.’ 


A case-based approach to management

Nidhi Sofat, Zoe Rutter-Locher and Helen Oakley A practical guide to the diagnosis and management of common rheumatic disorders, using real case histories. This book summarises diagnosis and patient management based around the latest guidelines and expanded treatment options, including the scientific rationale upon which these treatments are based.

Paperback | 2021 212 pages | £27.50 ISBN 9781911510642

To aid understanding, the book: • features real case histories to illustrate the range of clinical presentations and how these can be managed • covers all common rheumatic disorders, from rheumatoid arthritis through crystal arthropathies to fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions • includes a dedicated chapter on paediatric rheumatology • provides advice on physiotherapy including links to recommended video demonstrations The book is written for clinicians, nurses and physiotherapists working in musculoskeletal medicine, in addition to GPs, and doctors preparing for the Specialist Certificate Examination in rheumatology. eBook | £23.38 | ISBN 9781911510918


General Practice

Urgent and Out-of-Hours Primary Care A practical guide for clinicians

Hardeep Bhupal Practical guidance on the diagnosis and management of the acute medical conditions seen most commonly in an out-of-hours setting.

Paperback | 2022 210 pages | £24.99 ISBN 9781914961014

Covers over 200 acute medical conditions commonly encountered when working in an urgent and primary care setting

Colour photographs provide the reader with further important information on assessing patients presenting with acute medical conditions

Key ‘red flag’ features are highlighted in boxes

The latest guidance and prescribing information is provided

Uses a consistent approach: each condition features discussions of presentation, assessment and management

Offers practical guidance on how to use telephone triage, video consultations and home visits effectively Amazon review

‘This is a really well written book; concise yet full of useful information without going into unnecessary details. The compact size means it is easy to take wherever I am working and also easy to quickly find information when needed.’  eBook | £21.24 | ISBN 9781914961113

Using CBT in General Practice 2e The 10 Minute CBT Handbook

Lee David How to use CBT within a typical 10 minute consultation. Using CBT in General Practice, second edition provides GPs with an overview of the basic principles of CBT and shows how these principles can be applied within a typical 10 minute consultation. The book is written in a user-friendly, interactive and practical style and focuses on realistic ways to make CBT work by helping patients to make positive changes to their lives. Amazon review ‘Easy to dip into chapters with suggestions you can take straight into your next consult - very easy to read, has improved my mental health consults immeasurably’  eBook | £25.49 | ISBN 9781907904622 Paperback | 2013 320 pages | £29.99 ISBN 9781904842934


Exam Preparation

Essential Guide to the RCA for the MRCGP Talha Sami This full-colour book provides a practical guide to help nervous candidates, and particularly International Medical Graduates (IMGs), prepare effectively for the new RCA examination, with useful advice on: • Common pitfalls • Working with your practice team to identify the patients you need • Obtaining consent • Differentiating between low and high challenge cases, and which topics to avoid • Setting up the technology for telephone, video and face-to-face consultations • How to perform well in each of the core domains Amazon review Paperback | 2022 182 pages | £21.99 ISBN 9781911510963

‘Very well presented and incredibly helpful for any GP trainee sitting this exam. This information won’t be found elsewhere’  eBook | £18.69 | ISBN 9781914961021

Applied Knowledge Test for the MRCGP 4e Questions and Answers for the AKT

Nuzhet A-Ali This fourth edition contains over 500 questions which comprehensively cover the curriculum. The book features questions in all the formats that feature in the AKT exam: single best answers; extended matching questions; rank ordering; picture format; algorithm completion and the recently introduced ‘complete the gap’ question types.

Paperback | 2017 220 pages | £28.50 ISBN 9781911510093

The newly added questions cover important topics such as: • management of low back pain • contraception and pregnancy • the new fit notes •   diagnosis and management of people with skin problems • acute eye problems

CSA Cases Workbook for the MRCGP 3e Ellen Welch, Irina Zacharcenkova and Jennifer Lyall BMA Book Awards: • Winner of Young Author prize • Highly Commended in General Practice category Over 110 cases and a mock exam aligned to the new RCGP curriculum! This is the latest edition of the original CSA Cases Workbook, designed to be used by GP revision groups practising for the CSA examination – now with 36 brand new cases! Loose-leaf | 2019 760 pages | £54.99 ISBN 9781911510406

The ring-bound design makes the practice consultations as exam-like as possible – allowing each member of the revision group to act as ‘doctor’, ‘patient’ or ‘observer’ and to take out just the pages they need. Amazon review ‘Excellent resource for CSA revision. Well thought out with useful and relevant scenarios. Would recommend’ 


Exam Preparation

CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP 4e Jennifer Stannett and Sarah Osmond CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP is the ideal book to help you to revise and prepare for the CSA part of the MRCGP exam. A standardised format is used throughout to help you to improve your: • data gathering • interpersonal skills • clinical management Amazon review ‘Loved how the different themes are summarised concisely. Allows you to take an efficient history and even discuss management in the way the RCA examiners like.’ 

Paperback | 2020 280 pages | £29.99 ISBN 9781911510574

eBook | £25.49 | ISBN 9781911510604

CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP 4e Thomas Das This latest edition has been comprehensively updated to include new information on the latest clinical evidence, national guidelines, and from the recent medical literature: • all existing cases have been revised • new cases have been added to cover pre-diabetes and premature ejaculation • psoriasis, sore throat, thyroid disease and the PSA test are covered in even more detail Amazon review ‘It provides a succinct evidence based summary for clinical scenarios and gives a great range to help cover the RCGP curriculum. The summary of the guidelines used is helpful to signpost trainees to the most up-to-date guidelines to help consolidate any learning.’ 

Paperback | 2018 308 pages | £29.99 ISBN 9781911510208

eBook | £25.49 | ISBN 9781911510246

Patient-Centred Consulting for the MRCGP Using the RCGP competences to improve your consulting

Chinedu Odina This book aims to help readers develop a consulting style which focuses on the needs of the patient rather than resorting to a formulaic approach to questioning. Amazon review ‘I got to know about this book only a few weeks before my exam. I was able to alter my consultation pattern and noticed straight away that the techniques from the book worked very well.’ 

Paperback | 2017 250 pages | £29.99 ISBN 9781911510062


Patience, Patients Everywhere Nor any time to think Fran Orford Fran is a widely-published cartoonist with a special interest in medicine and healthcare. His cartoons regularly appear in Private Eye and GP Magazine, amongst others. This collection of his witty and acerbic cartoons poke fun at the absurdities of General Practice, from the endless form-filling and shifting targets driven by a top-down bureaucracy that doesn’t really understand family medicine, through the ever-increasing demands of patients who have self-diagnosed online, to the confusions caused by patient– doctor misunderstandings.

Paperback | September 2018 140 pages | £8.99 ISBN 9781911510260

Amazon review ‘In case of any free time after your 24h shifts, this book will conjure a smile on your face. Entertaining book, to the point and perfectly summarizing how the NHS fails!’ 

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