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Rugs during Wartime and Peacetime The Rug Art of Mark Mothersbaugh

Greetings, Citizen. In this time of turbulence and uncertainty, we must all do our part to ensure victory both at home, and in the field. And there is no better place to start, than right under your own two feet; right there on the floor. Be it hardwood, linoleum, concrete, or dirt, there is no better place to place your feet than on a brand new, clean carpet. But choosing the appropriate image or design can be complicated. That’s where we come in. Please be aware that although it is important you pick the correct carpet for your environment, the truth of the matter is, the BEST RUG IS ONE YOU PERSONALLY LIKE. It can be a picture of a truncated worm riding a lawn-mower, or it can be a log laughing like a ninny, if you yourself like the carpet, THAT’S WHAT REALLY MATTERS! Think about the final destination of this rug, and what you plan on doing on it. Will a baby be learning to walk? Will you be scaling fish? Is this your new prayer rug? Taking a moment now to visualize this new rug in it’s new home, where ever that may be, and imagine the sense of peace that will prevail during a time of war, or the patriotic huffing that may occur during peace time, and expect the joy that you deserve to accompany the arrival of this rug. Anyhow, it’s been my honor and pleasure to provide you with this little update on rugs during wartime and peacetime, and feel free to refer to this chapbook as it were, during this all important time in history. Sincerely,

“When I was a kid, I loved rugs, but carpeting freaked me out.�

- Mark Mothersbaugh

WARTIME RUGS Rugs as Propaganda Mechanisms Let’s be honest. Isn’t Planet of the Apes a little too close to hitting the current state of affairs right on the nose? In a world of troubles and turmoil, we all need something firm beneath our feet, a rug that reminds us of where we are, and what we must do. A sturdy article that we can depend on to look up at us every time we encounter it, that will telegraph the appropriate message to give us fortitude and strength in a time of uncertainty? Yes! These rugs have a variety of messages tailored to help pull us through and keep us marching forward until deevolution can be reversed!

A technical note regarding Rugs During Wartime. All of these rugs in the RDW series were constructed one or more at a time on a computerized weaving machine in the United States. They are made of nylon fibers with customized coloring to match the original art. There are some finishing discrepancies between the different rugs, even within the same design, most notably some are backed with a waterproof rubber backing and finishing edge that make them more suitable for outdoor and/or indoor use, whereas others have a fabric backing that while it could leave them more susceptible to the elements, may be a more permanent backing material. These rugs also have a serge border of stitching that is a different look than the black rubber edge. Some rugs have been constructed with one or the other backing and border, while a few have been built in both styles. Where this information is relevant, it is duly noted in text and documentation. This rug series was conceptualized and constructed starting in 2004, and are a continuing series. “Wartime Rugs” available in 2 sizes; 4’ x 6’ and select rugs 22” x 34”

Booby-Trapping Rugs

Carpet Bomba Rugs

Friendly Fireside Rugs

Wartime Metaphor Rugs

Interrogation Carpets

Parapet Safety Rugs

- Booby-Trapping Rugs -

Freaked Pig

Get Going!


Here to Go, Shout

Hippo (tan)

Hooded (purple)

Did You Know‌. A quick and easy booby trap can be constructed using a rug to conceal a hole or pit beneath it. Often times sharpened sticks or dangerous animals can be placed inside the hidden pit, so as to enhance the effectiveness of the trap.

- Friendly Fireside Rugs -

Dive For Safety

When He Fell Through the Trap Door, Then Everything Started Going Wrong

Fingerbot and the Boy

Robot Chair Dive

Dos Equis Rocketo

Enter Robot

Did You Know…. The word ‘rug’ is a slang term for a horsetail wig, dating back to the time of General Custer, and ‘cutting a rug’ was Apache Indian slang for ‘scalping the enemy?

- Interrogation Carpets -

Jihad Detecto

Kiss Me



Policeman Blast

Bulbous Politico Gets a Hand

Did You Know…. Rug beaters were a t-shirt popular during the great depression of the late 20’s +30’s. These shirts were so named because they were made out of old carpeting.

- Interrogation Carpets -

Cerebrum Flora Part One


10 Year Check Up

Are We Not Men?

Crabb Tents

Crime Scene

Did You Know…. The so-called ‘magic carpet’ ridden by Jesus at the Garden in Gethsemane was actually a ‘charmed rug’?

- Carpet Bomba Rugs -

Elephant Puppet Time

Farmers Feet

Pots and Pantalones


Andy Warhol


Did You Know‌. The first rugs were probably animal furs that allowed prehistoric man to avoid lying directly in the mud and bugs that inhabited his cave floor, yet due to primitive manufacturing methods, more than likely stunk to high heaven?

- Carpet Bomba Rugs -



Goatee Pompadour

Good Garshk!

Google Eyes 1

Google Eyes 2

Did You Know…. In days of olde, when knights were bold, and everyone foul-scented; They’d wrap a rug, around their mug, and scabies were prevented. Traditional limerick of English origin

- Wartime Metaphor Rugs -

Pink Meatball

Robot Loses his Head


The Sleepover

Laughing Mewlers

View From Up Here

Did You Know‌. There are sometimes over 150 individual pieces of wool per square inch in each of the Peacetime carpets on display here?

- Parapet Safety Rugs -

Hooded Imp

Welcome / Go Away

X-Ray Visionaire

Did You Know…. The term “Rug Burns” originally referred to the Finnish mass ritual spring cleaning event in small villages across Scandinavia where peasants and noblemen alike would toss their worn and funky “hovel rugs” onto a mass bonfire that would sometimes burn for weeks. Each village would emanate it’s own unique stench from the resulting burn-off of spilled brew and animal chattel stains that was cause for simultaneous celebration and embarrassment, yet gave the entire village warmth around the chosen public squares.

PEACETIME RUGS Rugs as device for Peaceable Coexistence Oh praise be the homo sapiens that have the ability to co-operate, co-mingle and prosper. These rugs are not constrained by the confines of bomb shelters, lookout nests, or safe rooms. These rugs have the ability to stretch into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They offer room and nest to the full gamut of human activity, be it a comfortable place to watch reality television from, or do homework with the offspring. These rugs allow for happiness and peace of mind to blossom and grow. These rugs will be the sweet memories and precious heirlooms your progeny will fight over years from now.

A technical note regarding Rugs During Peacetime All of these rugs in the RDP series were constructed one at a time out of 100% New Zealand wool, except for a few exceptions, as noted, that are made from 100% New Zealand wool and Chinese silk. A company in China was employed to construct these rugs. Many colors in this series of rugs were custom handmade at the time of the weaving. Where appropriate, these rugs employ a sculpting technic using both short and long fibers, creating a three dimensional effect. This rug series was conceptualized and constructed starting in 2002, and are a continuing series.

Cease Fire Rugs

Benevolent Rugs

Armistice Rugs

Treaty Rugs

Peacetime Relaxaturf

Harmonious Carpets

- Armistice Rugs -

Log Rug 8’ x 12’

- Armistice Rugs -

Refrent 3’10” x 9’9” **Cut Pile variant Available

- Armistice Rugs -

8’ Round

Animax VI 8’ Round The Animax V1 rug is offered in a variation with fine silk thread.

- Peacetime Relaxaturf -

Artcheteckoma 6’6” x 9’10”

- Peacetime Relaxaturf -

Baton Rouge 6’6” x 12’6”

- Benevolent Rugs -

Birdees V2 6’9” x 10’2”

Birdees V4 6’9” x 10’2”

- Treaty Rugs -

Duo Worm 4’4” x 6’9”

- Treaty Rugs -

Goldfish V2 5’4” x 5’7”

- Treaty Rugs -

Log-E 4’2” x 9’6”

- Treaty Rugs -

My Twisted Friends 7’9” x 13’7”

- Harmonious Carpets -

Wah-Hmm 7’8” x 10’3”

- Harmonious Carpets -

Orbow-Woool 4’8” x 4’11”

- Harmonious Carpets -

Orbow-Woool X6 9’ x 13’7”

Afterword Another Reason For Doing Images On Rugs I designed my first rug about 12 years ago for the foyer in my music company, and it really looked like that was gonna be it until 6 years later. I was looking for an alternative way to present the images I had been drawing at the time, and didn’t really want to keep them relegated to paper and frames. When I started investigating rugs, I found out that you could get a nice color intensity with fabrics, and I liked the idea that you had a functionality with rugs that you missed with framed art pieces. They are much more pleasant to lay on, walk on, play on than pieces of paper. Rug burns are generally better than paper burns. The rugs featured in this show are predominately “one offs” or “one of a kind.” Many won’t remain that way, but I’m sure some will. At the factories I work with both in China and the USA, they are made one at a time, and even when duplicated tend to have slight variations in them, in spite of the fact that I use my own custom-dyed colors. There will most likely be an open-ended numbering system to them, but these rugs you are viewing in this show are almost all “#001”, the first of their series. A few of the rugs have been in use in my home over the last 5 or 6 years, and have the stains of new children, dogs and parties still apparent. These specific rugs are not for sale, but duplicates of them can and will be made. All duplicate rugs will be numbered starting at #002.

- Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh - Group and Solo Exhbitions 1975 February

Postcard Series & Hand Stamped Prints - Packard Gallery - Akron, OH

M. Mothersbaugh - Psychedelic Solution - New York, NY

M. Mothersbaugh: Serigraphs & Paintings - LaForet - Tokyo, Japan M. Mothersbaugh: Peek-A-Boo Room - La Luz De Jesus - LA, CA Bad Influences - The World - New York, NY Bad Influences - Parsons School Of Design - New York, NY

M. Mothersbaugh - Sarah Bain Gallery - Fullerton, CA

Ford Beckman’s Clown Paintings - El Punto Gallery - Rome, Italy

M. Mothersbaugh: Re-Sent Works - The Tunnel - New York, NY

Syntax Error/Peek-A-Boo Room - Cement Space - Detroit, MI

The Bingo Ball Benefit - S.Monica Museum Of Art - Santa Monica, CA Forming/Punk Hall Of Fame Induction - Track 16 - Santa Monica, CA Art In The News - USF Contemporary Art Museum - Tampa, FL Edgar Leeteg Tribute - Copro/Nason Gallery - Culver City, CA untitled group showing - Lumpy Gravy Bistro & Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

Hi-Jaculate Yourself - LUMP gallery - Raleigh, NC But I Wuv You - 31 Grand - Brooklyn, NY Juxtapoz 8th Anniversary Show - Track 16 - Santa Monica, CA Bad Touch - Ukranian Institute Of Modern Art - Chicago, IL

Digital Purr: Computer-Aided Kunst - Beaker Gallery - Tampa, FL Homefront Invasion! - Wild Banana Artspew Gallery - Maui, HI Homefront Invasion! - Matthews Gallery - Tampa, FL Homefront Invasion! - Recon Gallery - San Francisco, CA Homefront Invasion! - Objex Artspace - Miami, FL Homefront Invasion! - Blah Blah Gallery - Online Show Homefront Invasion! - FUSE Gallery - NYC, NY Bad Touch - Keith Talent Gallery - London, UK Homefront Invasion! - Forbidden Gallery - Dallas, TX Homefront Invasion! - KM art Gallery - Milwaukee, WI Homefront Invasion! - Chindogu Gallery - Oklahoma City, OK Homefront Invasion! - Roq La Rue Gallery - Seattle, WA Homefront Invasion! - INTOXICA! - London, UK Homefront Invasion! - Aron Packer Gallery - Chicago, IL Homefront Invasion! - The Derby - Hollywood, CA Homefront Invasion! - Orbit Gallery - Edgewater, NJ Bad Touch - The Rose Art Museum - Waltham, MA Homefront Invasion! - Eyedrum Gallery - Atlanta, GA Homefront Invasion! - Bfly Atelier - Vancouver, BC - Canada Homefront Invasion! - Th’ink Tank Gallery - Denver, CO

Beautiful Mutants - OX-OP Gallery - Minneapolis, MN Beautiful Mutants - Capobianco Gallery - San Francisco, CA Beautiful Mutants - TAG Gallery - Nashville, TN Fun House Art Show - C-Pop Gallery - Detroit, MI

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Mark Mothersbaugh was born in Akron, Ohio. He studied fine art at Kent State University. He is near-sighted. He co-founded Devo, wrote, recorded and toured with band, which is still active. He has tinnitus. He has written music for over 150 television series, feature films, and video games. His hair is turning grey. He scored countless tv and radio and internet commercials. He is over-weight. He has exhibited his visual art in over 125 gallery exhibitions worldwide. He no longer skateboards. He and his wife Anita have joined forces with Walteria Living to collaborate on products for the home and bunker. He has been published in Limited Editions: “Beautiful Mutants” 2007 “What I Know, vol. 1” 1988 “My Struggle, by Booji Boy” 1975

All material herein © 2007 Mark Mothersbaugh Photography: Eric Stoner. Art Direction: Johnny Brewton. Production: Ryan Di Donato

Rugs During Wartime and Peacetime  

Scion presents ‘Rugs During Wartime and Peacetime’ Opening Reception: Saturday, November 17, 2007 Show Run: November 17 – December 1, 2007...

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