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An innova5ve,  integrated  pla?orm  for  the  fully  automated   management  of  poster  sessions  in  a  scien5fic  conference.    

Explore new  ways  to  promote  your  brand     in  a  scien5fic  conference  innova5vely  &  effec5vely.  


ePostersOnline ePostersLocal  


The ePostersLive  workflow  

Poster Creation  

PosterGenius™, MicrosoM  PowerPoint  or  any  other   soMware  for  crea5ng  scien5fic  posters.    

Poster Submission  

Through PosterGenius™  with  the  click  of  a  buIon     or  through  a  user-­‐friendly,  Internet-­‐based  wizard     for  users  of  PowerPoint.  

Poster Presentation  

ePostersOnline: publica5on  on  the  Internet   ePostersLocal:  presenta5on  in  the  Conference  hall     ePostersDisplay:  presenta5on  in  the  Conference  hall  

Modules of  ePostersLive   PosterGenius™   ePosterSubmission  

Crea5on of  a  scien5fic  poster,  in  less  than  10   minutes,  with  the  award-­‐winning  and  widely   considered  as  the  best  so=ware  for  the  job.   Electronic  submission  of  poster  within  seconds,  through   PosterGenius™  with  the  click  of  a  buAon,  or  through  a   user-­‐friendly  Wizard  for  users  of  PowerPoint.  


Publica5on of  conference  posters  on  the  Internet     for  at  least  two  years  or  for  as  long  as  the  Organizing   CommiIee  wishes.  


Presenta5on of  conference  posters  in  the  Conference   Area  on  a  large  number  of  desktop  computers.  


Presenta5on of  conference  posters  in  the  Conference   Area  on  large,  high-­‐defini5on,  LED  displays.   Patent  pending.  

ePostersOnline Promote  your  brand  on  the   Internet,  innovaDvely  and   efficiently,  before  and  a=er  a   conference  for  at  least  1-­‐2  years.   ü  ConDnuous  and  large  amount   of  traffic.   ü  Targeted  audience:  scien5sts   in  the  scien5fic  field  of  your   interest.   ü  Your  logo  and  link  at  dis5nct   and  contextually-­‐related   points.  

See an  ePostersOnline  example  in  ac5on  at:     hIp://  

ePostersLocal Promote  your  brand   during  the  conference   days,  innovaDvely  and   effecDvely.   ü  ConDnuous  and  large   amount  of  traffic.   ü  Targeted  audience:   scien5sts  in  the  scien5fic   field  of  your  interest.   ü  Your  logo  and  link  at  dis5nct   and  contextually-­‐related   points.  

ePostersDisplay Promote  your  brand  &  products   in  the  conference  hall,  in  an   impressive  and  innovaDve  way.   ü  5-­‐20  large,  55-­‐inch,  high   definiDon  displays   ü  presentaDon  of  your   promo5onal  material,  logo,   anima5on  and  video,   concurrently  on  all  displays   ü  during  contextually  related   5meframes.  

Works side-­‐by-­‐side  with  PosterGenius™   Eclipse  Community  Awards  2010  Finalist,   Best  RCP  ApplicaDon   March  2010,  Santa  Clara,  CA,  USA  


PosterGenius™ ü the  best  soMware  for  the  crea5on  of  scien5fic  posters   ü allows  for  submission  of  a  poster  with  a  single  click   ü works  side-­‐by-­‐side  and  syncs  with  ePostersLive   ü can  promote  a  sponsor’s  brand  throughout  the  poster   creaDon  and  submission  process.  


special sponsor-­‐branded  edi5on.   Promote  your  brand  before  the   conference  during  the  poster   creaDon  process  and  every  Dme   the  scienDst  creates  a  poster.   ü  special  sponsor-­‐branded  edi5on   of  PosterGenius™  including  your   logo  and  hyperlink   ü  a  reminder  that  PosterGenius™   is  offered  by  your  organiza5on,   every  5me  the  scien5st  uses  the   applica5on.  

Patent pending.  

ePosterSubmission Promote  your  brand  during  the   poster  submission  process.   ü  special  edi5on  of  the  poster   submission  wizard  including  your   logo  and  hyperlink   ü  a  reminder  that  this   environmentally  friendly  way  of   submiUng  posters  is  offered  by   your  organiza5on   ü  assurance  that  all  poster  authors   will  view  the  message.  

Make use  of  a  “Green  technology”.  

Adver5se your  environmentally  friendly  policy.  

For every  1000  printed  posters  3  large  trees  and  70,000  liters  of  H2O   are  wasted  for  the  paper  alone*.       ePostersLive  minimizes  the  environmental  burden  associated     with  the  use  of  standard  printed  posters.    

* Source:  American  Forest  &  Paper  Associa4on,  Washington,  DC,  2001  

ePostersLive - Sponsor Benefits  

The most advanced and innovative end-to-end solution for the fully automated, electronic management of poster sessions in a scientific confe...

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