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PUPIL TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNET RESPONSIBLE USE CONTRACT At Sciennes Primary School we want you to use technology and the Internet to help you learn. All the adults working with you will help to keep you safe but there can be some risks, so we need you to behave responsibly at all times. By signing this form, you agree to use technology and the Internet responsibly and to keep yourself eSafe. ●

I will not reveal personal details about myself or others, such as an address or telephone number, and must not arrange meetings with anyone I meet online.

I will use nicknames and avatars online to keep my personal information safe.

I will keep my passwords safe and private.

If see something on my screen that makes me uncomfortable I will report it immediately.

I will not browse websites which are not part of the lesson.

I understand that bullying of any kind through the Internet or mobile devices or phones or computers in school will not be tolerated.

I will not open an attachment unless I know who sent it.

I will only download or upload files with my teacher’s permission.

I will check copyright permissions with an adult before copying or using material from the Internet.

I will only use will social networking sites or chatrooms (e.g. within Glow) with my teacher’s permission.

If I bring a mobile phone to school it must be switched off from 8.50am until 3.20pm unless my teacher has given permission for it to be switched on.

Handheld electronic devices such as PSP and Nintendo DS can be brought into school for Golden Time or project work only with the permission of my class teacher. (I know that Sciennes Primary School has no responsibility for the loss or damage for any electronic devices I bring into school.)

I may only use a camera or video in school or on a trip with permission from a member of staff

I will never use a camera or video in the playground.

I will look after ICT equipment carefully and report any damage immediately.

I know how to use technology and the Internet responsibly and will keep to these rules. Name ____________________________________________________________Class ________ Signature ________________________________________________________ Date _________ Parent/Carer Name ______________________________________________________________ Signature ________________________________________________ Date _________________

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Sciennes Pupil Responsible Use Contract  
Sciennes Pupil Responsible Use Contract  

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