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EasyFundraising EasyFundraising provides a very easy way to raise money for Sciennes every time you shop on-line. If you do your internet shopping via EasyFundraising, participating retailers make a small donation (usually a small percentage of the sale price) to Sciennes PTA every time you make a purchase. All you have to do is go onto the EasyFundraising website to search for retailers rather than using Google (or any other search engine). If you find the retailer you want, EasyFundraising directs you straight to the retailer’s site and you then shop as normal, with a donation being made automatically once you’ve made your purchase. It doesn’t cost you a penny and with EasyFundraising and the new Find & Remind Toolbar, you only have to do the following ONCE and all your future online purchases from participating retailers will earn money for Sciennes PTA. Once you know how to use it, the only difficult thing is to remember to use it! Our guide takes you through the process of setting up to use EasyFundraising and the steps that you can take to ensure you get your EasyFundraising donation every time you shop.

How to set up First of all open up the web page – At the top of the page, click on the Register Now button.

Type Sciennes in the Support your cause box & select Sciennes Primary School PTA.

Then enter your details in the fields shown, and click Register.

It’s as easy as that. Now you can start raising money for Sciennes PTA!

How to use Search the EasyFundraising site for the retailer you want to buy from. You can do this by either using the Search tool or going through the A-Z of Retailers.

A list of Retailers will appear and you select the one you want to purchase from. Sometimes there are special offers on top of the standard donation the Retailer will make to Sciennes PTA and these will be shown here.

Then click Next.

When you click on Go Shopping, you will be taken to the Retailer’s website and can then purchase the goods you require as per normal process. Once the purchase is completed the donation is automatically made to Sciennes PTA. You will then receive an email within a couple of days notifying you of the funds raised for Sciennes PTA.

You can also see the fundraising progress that you and the Sciennes PTA community have made on the EasyFundraising website.

How to remember to use For Sciennes PTA to get your donation you must access the Retailer’s website via the EasyFundraising page. There are a couple of options to help you remember to do this.

Update your home page to EasyFundraising You can set EasyFundraising as your home page: -> For Mozilla Firefox select Tools from the toolbar at the top of the screen, then Options. In the General tab of Options amend relevant field. -> For Internet Explorer select Tools then Internet Options then update relevant field.

Install the Find & Remind toolbar

You can also set up EasyFundraising so that it appears as a toolbar on your screen which will: Alert you when a donation is available when you start to shop with an EasyFundraising retailer Tell you which retailers work with EasyFundraising Show you the latest voucher codes and offers Display how much you and your cause (Sciennes PTA) have raised Let you search Google directly from Find & Remind and highlight which retailers in the search results work with EasyFundraising Safe to use - no adware or spyware. This link takes you to the web page to install the Find & Remind toolbar - Just click on GET FIND & REMIND NOW as shown below.

You may need to close your internet browser and re-open to load the browser with the toolbar.

Happy shopping!

How to Set Up EasyFundraising  

Guide from Sciennes School Council