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OUR STORY Advanced Shelter Systems grew out of a leisure and lifestyle requirement for festival goers around the globe and a desire to help those in need. We started with a simple concept. Buy a shelter, have fun and help others in need. For every 20 shelters sold we donate one to someone in need. As villages of SHIFTPODs were deployed at festivals worldwide, first responders and relief agencies took notice. This led to the development of the RESPONSEPOD, SHELTERPOD and CAMP-IN-A-CONTAINER. Designed in partnership with some of the largest users and providers of temporary

shelters in the world, our SHELTERPOD have been purpose-built to be the most rapidly deployable and robust shelter solutions for disaster response and recovery operations on this planet! We provide scalable shelter needs: From housing a single family to supporting thousands of responders, refugees or internally displaced persons, Advanced Shelter Systems has a solution. Production is in full swing and we are shipping orders now.

Get yours today and help a family in need tomorrow!

Christian Weber, founder & CEO

Christian Weber


Responder & Disaster Deployment SHELTERPOD: For those wishing to be better prepared for when disaster strikes, the SHELTERPOD is designed to provide a comfortable and secure shelter environment for you and your family during times of survival or simply enjoying the outdoors. Complete with a preparedness kit containing the necessary tools for surviving, the SHELTERPOD provides the best environment for you and your family to sleep comfortably.

 preparedness Kit

 RESPONSEPOD: Purposefully built to provide a rapidly deployable and highly mobile and multi-purpose SHELTER solution that is as tough as you are. This line has been designed with all-inclusive features to meet the specific mission sets of medical, fire, law enforcement personnel and relief agencies alike.


RESPONSEPOD commander: A force multiplier; expanding your shelter or workspace footprint to increase both capacity and capability. Designed with all the same features and durability as our other PODS with double the size. The Commander can serve as a stand-alone expanded mission shelter or can be connected to other PODS to increase work or bunk space. 


 SHIFTPODXL: When extreme heat is your foe, the SHIFTPOD has you covered! Designed to be the most energy—efficient shelter on this planet. Built to the same robust specifications as our other lines with the addition of extra thermal insulation and comfort features provides a more luxurious living environment.

SHIFTPODmini vs xl

SHIFTPODmini: Perfect to sleep 1 conformably and 3 cozy. It is also great to for storing ideas. 

CAMP-IN-A-CONTAINER: A complete selfcontained, rapidly deployable and National Incident Management System (NIMS) Typed camp system ready to go in one package. Establish a fully functional camp within hours with few personnel, no specialized equipment and little to no training required.


Designed for Emergency Response

 Record setup of 22 seconds! Setup time of seconds to mere minutes with one person. No special tools and no training required. Establish a camp within hours. An entire camp can be set up in 5 hours with 6 people.

 Due to its geometric design the PODS can stand up to sustained winds of more than 50 MPH! In a recent demonstration our shelters survived sustained winds of over 100 MPH. VIEW VIDEO CLIP HERE (ONLINE VERSION) 


With a new synthetic down micro-fiber insulation our composite superfabrics reflect and retain heat better than ever and even dampen outside noise.

 Patented insulation, runs hot and cooled
 Our advanced proprietary fabric technology is comprised of a 6-layer super composite reflective fabric that will maintain a 5—20 degree variance from outside conditions. Stay warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat.

 Connect our PODS using our patented tunnel system. Customize your footprint on the go to meet your sheltering needs. Our PODS provide a multi-mission capability ranging from individual PODS to “clusters” capable of housing hundreds or thousands. Responder-focused features
 Meticulously incorporated features have been added with first responder needs in mind. Replaceable floors permit sanitary triage or treatment and allow the POD to be placed directly over a casualty. A “bay door” accommodates stretchers or those with access or functional needs. Heat or cold a factor? Our RESPONSE PODs have built-in ports ready to receive heating and cooling ductwork.

Wind Test Video 
 Triton 32 disaster preparedness exercise

PORTABLE SHELTERS FOR… privacy shelters for a mass casualty event
 triage and treatment unit base camp shelters Command centers Portable de-con ICS clusters Fire rehab 


Purposefully built to provide
 a rapidly deployable and highly 
 mobile and multi-purpose SHELTER solution
 that is as tough as you are. This line has been
 designed with all-inclusive features to meet the specific 
 mission sets of medical, fire, law enforcement personnel 
 and relief agencies alike.
 Size 135 Sq ft, 12” x 12" x 74" 
 Weight 57 lbs (25Kg)



These units can be set up in under one minute by one operator and can be lifted over a victim and responders without 



expanding responsepod commander squares off with the responsepod


RESPONSEPOD COMMANDER A force multiplier; expanding your shelter or workspace footprint to increase both capacity and capability. Designed with all the same features and durability as our other PODS with double the size. The commander can serve as a stand-alone expanded mission shelter or can be connected to other PODS to increase work or bunk space. 
 Size: 128 Sq ft
 96”x 192” x 80”
 Weight: 50 lbs


new item 2019
 This is our largest SHIFTPOD so far! It is 14 feet across and sports a huge bay door opening. Yes, one entire wall lifts opens like a garage door and turns into a porch cover or access for those with access and functional needs. So, when extreme heat is your foe, the SHIFTPOD has you covered! Designed to be the most energy-efficient shelter on this planet, it is built to the same robust specifications as our other lines with the addition of extra thermal insulation and comfort features providing a more luxurious living environment.
 The first 25 of the SHIFTPODXLs were out at the Burn this year, and they performed very well. We took what we learned from these and made even more improvements. Features: Same as the SHIFTPOD2 The XL stands 6’2” at the shoulders, 7’ at the center and its hexagon shape reaches 14’ across. Weight & Dimensions: TBD



SHIFTPODmini All the best features of the SHIFTPOD but lighter and easier to travel with at only 37 LBS! Some accessories my will vary.
 No extra baggage fees on most airlines. The

SHIFTPODMINI is good for getting

out quick with little production. Sleeps 1 to 2 comfortably.
 Includes a backpack bag so you can carry it through airports or to your camp site!

DIMENSIONS 8”x 8”x 40" Stowed 72” x 72” x5 6" Setup WEIGHT 23 lbs

SHIFTPODMIN does not have 
 AC Ports
 It is not compatible with AC units unless you cut holes yourself. The power port is a 3.5” opening. Mini VS. XL

 & Features

shiftpodxl responsepod responsepod commander

NEW Quick-cleat TieDown is fast and easy. Simply draw down and release. It will not corrode and has UV resistant coating to prevent corrosion

12 x Metal Carabiners

12-inch Stainless Steel Stakes with 900+ pounds of combined down force to hold fast in high winds

6x per pack (Holds) 200 lbs each

(Lifetime Warranty)


1x Center Roof


Composite Fabric

Support Pole for high

Internal Fiberglass

wind conditions

Increased privacy and protection from the

2 x 5 Layer Welded


Spars 600D Zip Out Floor

Available in multiple colors.

Sturdy Zippers with our new large tooth design. They handle dust and dirt and can be repaired in the field.
 (Patch Kits available) (PRO TIP: Lube your zippers!)

Enhanced NEW Sealed S3-SeamTechnologyTM for more weather resistance

Multi-pocket Wall Bag Organizer to keep you buttoned up

Engineered Hydrophobic Thread which does not wick water through the hull

meticulous features

Bay Door allows unrestricted wide access & ventilation while providing an awning for cover from the sun or rain

2x AC/Heat Ports
 12" round

Heavy Weight Fabric Enhanced 2019
 Hydrophobic Thread which does not wick water through the hull

7x Rubber Hub Covers to protect your floors and get a clean look

Doors & Windows with fine mesh for cross ventilation and to keep out the little bugs

2x Power Ports Cables that fit easily through the wall ports

thoughtful details

2x Combo Locks 
 to keep you safe

Carry Bag styles varies with POD

Compatible Connectors

Improved design for team carry, roof tiedown for auto transport

System for SHIFTPOD 2 and XL

for New Tunnel


Use the tunnel system to configure your 
 PODS on the go to meet your needs.
 Connect them in clusters OR connect an entire camp! Need a single POD? No problem. Need to establish an entire responder support camp complete with work space, dining areas and bunk space? No problem! The POD tunnels will keep you “connected”!

NOTE: Connecting PODs with the tunnels will increase setup time. While tunnels will keep rain and dust out they are not completely waterproof but are designed not to allow any moisture into the POD.



With stands high winds in the field and on landing zones

Wind Test Video



NATURE DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE Disasters are a regularly occurring event

Be prepared with the SHELTERPOD survival

across our nation at an ever-increasing rate

kit. The SHELTERPOD can be set up by one

costing billions of dollars and leaving

person in under 2 minutes and can sleep

thousands of families temporarily or

up to 8!

permanently homeless. SHELTERPOD features include military If you had to shelter you or your family

grade spectra stitching with S3 seam seal

away from home, where would you go?

technology for the best protection

Would you feel better knowing you had a

available, with a multi-layer composite

quick solution for shelter and survival all in

fabric designed to help regulate internal

one package at the ready? If so, the

temperature to keep you cool during the

SHELTERPOD with preparedness kit has

day and warm at night.

you covered. Deployed all over the world, the SHIFTPOD The SHELTERPOD Preparedness Kit comes

has proven itself as the most reliable and

with many of the tools and gear you and

quick deployable shelter on the planet!

your family will need to survive on the worst day of your life.

The ultimate shelter for durability, reliability and FAST setup time. 
 Be prepared.


SHELTERPOD preparedness kit includes 
 DIMENSIONS OF THE SHELTERPOD Set up: 11' x 11' x 6'7" 
 Stowed: 12" x 12" x 76” WEIGHT Shelter 65 lbs
 TECHNOLOGY This product utilizes our patented 6-layer super-composite reflective fabric with a fiberglass frame and metal hubs.



1x Survival Water Filter System

1x Medical First Aid Kit

1x Survival Kit

4x Sleeping Systems with Air Pad

4x Sleeping Bag

4x Air Pillow

1x Family Care Kits — Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Laundry Soap, Combs, etc.

1x 15 Liter Water Bag, Solar Shower, Dry Bag Combo

same attention to detail as the responder

2x Camp Cooking, Mess Kits

2x Mini Stick Lights

1x Wind-Up Solar Radio, Battery Charger

1x Machete & Saw

1x Team Carry Bag with tie-down straps

1x SHELTERPOD Set up: 11' x 11' x 6'7" 
 Stowed: 12" x 12" x 76”

1x Survival Water Filter

2x Mess Kits


Sleeps 2—6

preparedness kit

4x Sleeping Systems with Air Pad 

4x Air Pillow

4x Sleeping Bag

2x Mini Stick Lights

1x Set of Tie-Down Cleats

1x Survival Water Filter System

2x Mini Stick Light

1x Set of Poles

attention to detail

1x Team Carry Bag with tie-down straps


1x Family Care Kit Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Laundry Soap, Combs, etc.

1x Medical First Aid Kit

1x 15 Liter Water Bag,

1x Survival Kit

Solar Shower, Dry Bag Combo

1x Wind-Up Solar Radio, Battery


bunk it

This COT based sleeping system includes the comfortable collapsable cot, the cot pad, a medium-weight blanket and a little pillow. It keeps you 15 inches off the ground and has a pad to help keep you comfortable and warm.

cot AVAILABLE COLORS Khaki and Grey
 DIMENSIONS 11’ across and 6'4" tall WEIGHT 22lbs, Capacity 300 lbs Folded size: 5" x 5" x 30" TECHNOLOGY Heavy PE canvas and foldable metal frame COST: $99


Rapid Deploy Camp System National Incident Management System (NIMS) Typed camp system Establish a complete support camp in a matter of hours with a small staff requiring no special tools or training Lease options available for qualified agencies/organizations Eligible for funding through state and federal grants

 preparedness Kit



TYPE 1: Supports up to 830 personnel

TYPE 2: Supports up to 482 personnel

Contains 243 pods

Contains 110 pods







TYPE 3: Supports up to 294 personnel 

TYPE 4: Supports up to 226 personnel

Contains 74 pods

Contains 54 pods







Mission Operation(s) Center Comes in a Steel Shipping Container Need a complete camp solution for
 your responders to be on site at the ready?
 Need to deploy a highly mobile camp to support your sheltering operation for those displaced?

The Camp-in-a-Container comes in a NIMS typed
 self-contained, self-powered shipping container complete 
 with office space, dispensary, phone charging
 station, and a camp communications 
 center with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Camp-in-a-Container is available for agency and organization purchase through a direct made to order sale or through our cost-effective lease option. 
 Our staff is available to assist you in identifying the best purchase option 
 with grant identification and writing 
 assistance available at no cost.

it is the ultimate all-season 
 quick-setup/quick-strike camp system


Cell Tower for Mobile Phones
 Level-5 Ballistic Dispensing Room
 Office Air Conditioning / Heat
 Camp Air Conditioning / Heat
 On Board EMP Hardened 


Low Voltage Electrical Grid for Camp
 RO Water Filtration System & Storage
 Camp Shower System w/Water Recycling
 Basic Decontamination System

Systems are fully configurable for 100

to 1600 people per

mission profile options

unit with the ability to


expand the footprint if needed. The system

Command + Control
 Commissary / Dispensary
 Medical Lavatory / Decon

can be stored at your site and at the ready and fully charged.


Our crews can set up and strike approximately 800— 1200 units per shift and can run 2 shifts per day to get you in and out of venues faster. We can provide the pods delivered on pallets, or deliver, set up, strike, and provide hospitality turnkey.

 AC & HEATER UNIT Designed specifically for fire departments and commercial customers.
 Insuring durability and sure fit to our SHIFTPOD and RESPONSEPOD. Commercial grade AIR CONDITIONER/HEATERS built explicitly to our specifications for the S H I F T P O D2, S H I F T P O DXL a n d RESPONSEPOD.
 This unit has a remote control and plenty of power; keeping you cool in

the hottest weather or warming you up in the cold. Units come with hoses to connect to one SHIFTPOD or RESPONSEPOD. You can purchase parts at your local hardware store that split airflow to heat/cool 2 units.

It will cool two SP2s or one SHIFTPOD XL and one SP2.

built SPECIFICALLY for the
 SHIFTPOD, SHIFTPOD XL & RESPONSEPOD Please note: These units are metal and very durable. These are designed so they do not create a vacuum or pull the air out of the SHIFTPOD. Most store-bought AC units rob air from the upper circuit (the room) and blow it outside. This is not only inefficient it will also collapse most tents and hexeyurts. Nine out of 10 units we tested have this issue and need to be modified. This is what drove us to design these units. 

 3”x 3” x 5” 
 26" wide, x 24” tall x 32” long 
 Approximately 150 lbs
 110-115 VAC
 1500 Watt Start
 1200-1300 Watt Run

Warning: You should not plan to use a

 1x AC Unit 2x Wheels
 1x Pull Handle
 2x Hoses
 1x Power Cord
 1x Remote Control

consumer-grade "off the shelf" AC unit (without modification) with the SHIFTPOD without verification that it will not create a vacuum that will collapse the SHIFTPOD. 

PRICE: $1,899



blast shield Our all-new BLAST-SHIELD offers more protection from the sun and rain and eliminates the need for any secondary structure even in the hottest desert environments. If you want maximum protection from the heat of the sun in the smallest package possible, the blast shield is the right choice! Tie it down farther away if you want air in the windows. DOES NOT FIT ON THE SHIFTPODMINI! COLOR

DIMENSIONS Stowed: 6”x 6” X 15”
 INCLUDES 1x Blast Shield 1x Storage Bag 6x Tie-Down Lines
 (No Sakes) WEIGHT 10 lbs TECHNOLOGY 210D Composite SHIFTPOD Mirror Finish PRICE: $149.99

Hot Wet wind RAIN FLY 
 Extra protection from the sun or rain

 Soft Grey and Camo
 DIMENSIONS Stowed: 6” x 6” x 15” INCLUDES 1x Solar / Rain Fly 6x Tie-Down Lines WEIGHT 8 LBS 22 lbs, Capacity 300 lbs
 Folded Size
 5" x 5" x 15” TECHNOLOGY Standard Warranty PRICE: $59
 Another ASSI innovation, these QUICK ZIP ratchets make tie-downs quick and painless. No knots to remember in stressful conditions, just click, click and pull. Synch down, but do not over-tighten.
 INCLUDES 6 Pack of Quick-Zip Tie-Downs TECHNOLOGY 3mm reflective line with a nylon and metal ratchet system.
 PRICE: $19


mobile app
 for finding your place and space at camp!
 Download the SHIFTPOD BEACON phone app to tag your POD, camp, car or meet-up spot and follow the BEACON. Share your BEACON with others so they can locate your tagged spot. Simply look through the camera on the your phone and follow the BEACON. Works in dust storms and even works without cellular service! Available for Apple and Android. Send your team a BEACON, and they can follow the path to your location. Simply look through the camera on your phone and follow the BEACON.


LED WATERPROOF LIGHTS & PHONE CHARGER This dual LED lamp and power bank makes a great utility light and beacon in the rare case you get lost. As an added safety measure, it has a backup battery and USB charger. FEATURES • Rock solid and tough LED that lights up to 60 ft • Waterproof • Strong polycarbonate shell and bright white and red LED lights • 3 Settings for brightness • 2 Emergency red flashing options and beacon in case you ever get lost • A backup battery and USB charger DIMENSIONS 2” x 2” x 6"
 INCLUDES 1x LED Light 1x Charging Cord TECHNOLOGY USB Charging Cord PRICE: $29.99


 Same Great Warranty and 15 Days to Decide! All SHIFTPOD products come with a 15 day satisfaction guarantee! If you purchase a SHIFTPOD product, and are not satisfied, repack it, call us for a return authorization number, and send it back **UNUSED** for a full refund (less shipping costs). See warranty page for details.
 Lifetime Warranty (with registration) Against manufacturer's Defect! All SHIFTPOD purchases include and automatic lifetime “fix or replace”(Our Option) manufacturer's defect warranty. See warranty page for details. (You must register your product within 30 days of delivery to activate the warranty).
 Anything anytime "No Questions Asked" VIP Insurance! We now offer a 36-month “No Questions Asked” VIP insurance that covers ANY issue at any time and free shipping each way! Low-Cost Repair Assurance If damage to your ASSI product falls outside of the warranty, we will work with you to get your product repaired at the lowest cost possible. We also now offer do-it-yourself repair kits, replacement parts, and sealing kits. We are building a video library of repairs and fun modifications that will show you step by step how to fix issues you might run into. Units in need of repair can be shipped or dropped off at our Napa, California, warehouse location.
 New Shipping and Pick Up Options! Due to losses and theft, we have now switched exclusively to UPS signature required for our shipping. If you cannot be there to sign, you can request that the shipment is held for pick up at your local UPS center. We ship out of our new warehouse in Sonoma, California, and we also offer local pick up for $50 for single units plus $10 per additional unit, by appointment only.

SPONSOR veteran reintegration organization
 with Veterans and Civilians working together

Team Overland is a nonprofit organization based in Southern Oregon that guides outdoor adventures as an outlet for veterans to overcome challenges associated with service-related physical and mental health disabilities, and to facilitate veteran reintegration back into civilian society. On the Trail: Team Overland guides outdoor adventures and hosts campouts for veterans, veteran families, and kick ass civilian supporters. Team Overland is unique in that it is not exclusive to just those who served in the military. We want to have an impact on veteran reintegration and we believe that it is only possible by having an organization with veterans and civilians working together. At Team Overland, we value and lean on our non-military members. We noticed early on that

civilians were passionate about sharing the burden of service. We have found that our approach builds bonds between those who served and those who didn't, through the shared interests of outdoor adventure and teamwork on the trail. On the trail, we work as a team to overcome the obstacles encountered on the way to our destinations. Around camp we have a saying, “the fire facilitates,” meaning we don’t provide therapy or plan any set questions for guests. We light the fire and it facilitates conversation and forms connections. From the point when we meet up until the time we return home, guests have everything they need provided for them, including all meals catered and any camping gear needed. On the trip, guests have the option to ride with a Team Overland Trail Guide or bring their own truck as long as it meets our minimum safety standards ( determined based on trail difficulty).

how to wash your shiftpod 1. Remove your floor and wash it in a large washing machine or by hand with mild detergent and 2–5% vinegar/water solution. DO NOT MACHINE DRY! You will end up with a ball of plastic that does not bounce. LINE DRY ONLY.
 2. Set up and anchor your SHIFTPOD. (We like to wash ours on the grass and dry on a tarp in our parking lot or on a patio). Clean it with warm soapy water. (Dr. Bronner's soap works great!) You can also mix in a 2–5% vinegar solution to get alkaline dust and dirt off of the SHIFTPOD. Make sure to clean the zipper too. Use a soft cloth to wash and wipe. Rinse with clean water.
 3. Dry your SHIFTPOD completely. Use a fan to move the air and or a heater if it is not a hot day. Dry it twice as long as you think you should. Our fabric system is complex and has many layers. This needs to be considered when drying it out.
 4. Spray and wipe down your SHIFTPOD with a silicone lubricant. This will bring the fabric back to a new look, protect it, and lubricate the zippers at the same time.
 5. Re-read step 3: Dry, Dry, Dry your SHIFTPOD before packing it up for the winter.

how no to wash your shiftpod
 1. Do not use Simple Green or other cleaners that may be too aggressive or abrasive for the coatings. Don't use hard bristled brushes or high-powered pressure washers.
 2. Do not put it away wet! Like any other fabric, SHIFTPOD fabric can mildew! We do not ship them with mildew... so if you find mildew it is because you grew it! Mildew spores are everywhere and they take any chance they get to grow on anything moist.
 3. . Do not dry your SHIFTPOD on a wet lawn and expect that it will dry completely. Green grass is wet.
 4. Do not set up or drag your SHIFTPOD on concrete or asphalt driveways without a tarp or other protection underneath. While the bases are protected and easy to repair, continuous grinding can wear away the lower pole pockets.
 5. Do not assume the wind will not be a problem while you are cleaning or drying your SHIFTPOD! The wind can come up without notice and take your SHIFTPOD away! Make sure you secure your SHIFTPOD while tending to it.


 responsepod | responsepod commander shiftpodXL | shelterpod | camp-in-a-container

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