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The book fuses the wisdom of the ages and cutting-edge science. The mission is to make visible our connection to all of life and our universe. Each month is dedicated to exploring an ideas more deeply with experts - unifying and expanding our global community.

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Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. Albert Einstein "Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality." Carl Sagan

Karen Elkins

Science to Sage Magazine and its other enterprises are dedicated to a golden age of wisdom. The goal is to weave a beautifully tapestry between the scientists, sage, alchemist, artist, inventors and innovative thinkers. Engage where the mystical, the magical and the miracle of life are explored. Science to Sage has a global network of contributors. I am grateful for their vision and fascination. Lets discover together.

Inspired by the book InsideOUT the Visual Guide to Understanding the Universe, Sage to Sage by Karen Elkins


Harmonic Evolution



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Life Emerges From the Seas’ As we exist in the abyss of the eternal waters’, we swim in the cosmic aether where thought creates a wave, where light reflects the projection of our immortal longings. Our electrical charge, our thunder, strikes with its whip into the mighty seas’. It stirs and spins the primordial soup and from this impulse, life is sparked and creations, and consciousness emerges from the mist.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void;

Life Emerges From the Seas’

and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. - Genesis, 1. 1 After separating the different universes, the gigantic universal form of the Lord, which came out of the

causal ocean, the place of appearance for the first puruṣa-avatāra, entered into each of the separate universes, desiring to lie on the created transcendental water (Bhagavata Purana 2.10.10)

Origin of Life Feyman

In exploring life’s origin, one conundrum has been the issue of how scattered molecules coalesce to form a condensed mass. Recent experimental results imply a potentially simple answer to this conundrum. In aqueous media, it has been long known that likecharged substances do not repel one another, as expected; they actually attract one another. Feynman referred to this paradoxical attraction as “like-likes-like” and went on to postulate that the attraction occurs because of the “unlikes” that inevitably gather in


between, thereby creating the attractive force.

Like-charged particles or molecules attract one another because of an intermediate of opposite charges. The opposite charges arise directly from exclusion-zone formation.

Feynman’s thesis has been supported by elegant experiments of Norio Ise at Kyoto University and we have recently been able to confirm this thesis with direct evidence (Nagornyak et al., 2009). We found that like-charged gel spheres immersed in water and separated by as much as half a millimeter attract one another; they attract despite the large separation, and after some time they coalesce. Further, we confirmed the expected presence of opposite charges lying in between the spheres. The opposite charges derived from the exclusion-zone that develops around each sphere, generating opposite charges beyond, and in high concentration in between the spheres. Thus, it is true that like-likes-like through an intermediate of unlikes, as Feynman theorized. We now understand why like-charged entities attract in aqueous solution. The energy mediating the attraction comes from radiant sources, which builds exclusion zones and separates charge. The attraction is therefore energy consuming, although the energy is freely available from the environment. The upshot is that a mechanism for building condensed masses is now experimentally verified.

In order for it to work, all that is needed is

water, light, and molecules/particles. Even if those entities bear the same charge, they will self-assemble into a condensed mass. This process is presumably the first step in producing the condensed mass that ultimately became the cell. It is sufficiently simple that one wonders whether life is being produced this very day (Pollack et al., 2009).

Origin of Life By Gerald Pollack http:// faculty.washin

The book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life ( builds on the central role of water for biology. It provides evidence that much of the water in the cell is very near to one or another hydrophilic surface and therefore ordered, and that cell behavior can be properly understood only if this feature is properly taken into account. It goes on to show that seemingly complex behaviors of the cell can be understood in simple terms once a proper understanding of water and surfaces is achieved. The book is an award-winning best seller, yet it has aroused debate because it questions some long-held basic features of cell function such as membrane channels and pumps. Many others have praised the insights obtained from building on a foundation of first principles (see book website above). One prominent reviewer from Harvard University opines that the book is “a 305 page preface to the future of cell biology.�

Gerald Pollack

Sound, Vibration to Creation

Universal Mind exists like a vast and boundless ocean, Waves disturb the surface, but beneath, all is calm and eternally unmoved. Having no personality, all things exist in it. But due to the disturbance upon its surface, it became an actor playing many parts. The Lankavatara Sutra

"Water invented life so it could walk around on land" ...

ALORIA WEAVER "Submersive Synchromystic"

- Gerald Pollack

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Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D

The Shape of Life

Cymatic Trilobite Image Credit: John Stuart Reid

Trilobite Image Credit: Science Photo Library Early Cambrian Period. 526 million years ago

By John & Annaliese Reid Spiritual traditions from many cultures speak of sound as having been responsible for the creation of life. The words of

questions in science: what triggered the creation of life on earth? The hypothetical model we have developed was inspired by ancient traditions and demonstrates that sound and cymatic forces could have worked together to become the dynamic force that created the first stirrings of life.

St John's gospel are a good example: In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. ['Word' meaning 'sound'] The science of cymatics, the study of visible sound, is beginning to yield clues to one of the most challenging

Around 4.5 billion years ago immense sound 'storms' reverberated within the earth's molten core and mantle, contributing to the formation of the early landmasses. Then, around 3 billion years ago, following the formation of the oceans, the first primitive life forms are believed to have evolved in the watery depths.

with sparks. The sparks changed the character of the chemical soup and created several primitive forms of amino acids, the building blocks of life. Dr Stanley Miller was working under Nobel Laureate, Harold Urey, when this seminal Miller–Urey paper was published.

Dr Stanley Miller with his seminal Miller-Urey apparatus

The nature of the structuring and organizing force that triggered life has baffled theorists for centuries. Many scientists have come to believe that fierce lightning storms ripping through the early atmosphere were the magic ingredient that literally 'sparked life'. There is a classical experiment, created in 1952, which offers some validity to this theory. A glass jar was filled with a small quantity of methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water (thought to have been present in the surface pools of the early earth) then sealed.   For several weeks the concoction was irradiated

Neat as this theory sounds it fails to explain how the helical nature of DNA evolved or how the building blocks of life were assembled. What force was at work to cause the building blocks to coalesce, and begin to create form from formlessness? What forces built DNA in a twin spiral? We believe, just as the ancient seers prophesied, that the creative force was the most obvious and potent of all: sound. When sound interacts with matter cymatic forces organise the matter into microscopic and macroscopic structures. Of the several competing theories for the creation of life, most envisage primitive life forms arising in the harsh environment around hydrothermal vents on the ocean-floor where hot gases, escaping from the core of the earth, came into contact with water, just as they do today. Accepting this theoretical model as a foundation, let us explore how sound and cymatic forces could have triggered life.

Cymatic model of life The hydrothermal vents spewed mineralrich gases from earth's core into the seawater and made contact with molten lava in the vicinity of the vent, causing bubbles to form that ranged in size from melons to microbes. Our discussion will focus on the microscopic bubbles. The elements that poured out of the vents emerged into highly turbulent

water in an ocean of rich bubbling sounds. It is important to understand that although sound is invisible it actually carries structure, both in air as well as water. The watery membrane surfaces of the microscopic bubbles offered the perfect places for sound structures to be imprinted with cymatic patterns of energy. The areas of stillness

on the surface of these tiny bubbles are called nodes, and areas of vibration are called antinodes.

It is important to note that only pure sounds can create perfect cymatic structures on the surface of microscopic bubbles. In searching for a possible source of pure sound in the early oceans we originally envisaged the sound being created by wind-driven storms. During such energetic storms the wave action at the ocean surface creates broadband white noise that theoretically contains all frequencies of sound. As this noise penetrates the water the high frequencies are immediately filtered out because water acts as a natural acoustic filter. When the noise has passed through around 100 feet of water only fairly pure low frequency sound remains. However, we recently learned of a second possible source of low frequency sound in the oceans. In 1996 scientists discovered pure tones in the vicinity of hydrothermal vents in French Polynesia, using the SOSUS underwater sounds listening station. They theorize that the largest bubbles, generated by the vents, act like Helmholtz Resonators, effectively tuning out all frequencies except those that resonate with the gas cavity formed by the bubble. Thus, we have two potential candidates for the source of pure sound that created life.

Helmholtz resonance is the phenomenon of air resonance in a cavity, such as when one blows across the top of an empty bottle. Hydrothermal Vent Image credit: Atypical Media/ Capstone-Beautiful cymatic patterns on the surface of oceanic microscopic bubbles may have been the precursors to life on earth. Images Credits:NOAA/Public Domain

The elements emerging from the hot vents naturally found a safe haven in the nodal areas of the microscopic bubbles, attaching themselves to the “sonic scaffolding” created by the accompanying pure low frequency sounds in the vicinity of the vents. Put simply, in this model, life structures formed in the stillness of cymatic patterns on the surface of microscopic bubbles. The patterns of stillness were geometric in shape, such as that of a dodecahedron. Adjacent to these still areas were areas of dynamic vibration, which we could think of as the dynamic creative force of Source who many call “God.”

If this hypothesis is correct then it may be the reason that many people NOAA/Public Domain

meditate in stillness to reach the God within. Sound and stillness, manifestations of Source, reside within all of us. When we use the CymaScope to study the visual geometry of sounds, we see that they include many of the mathematical constants of the universe, including phi, sometimes known as the 'golden mean'. This ratio is approximately 1 to 1.618 and it is found in all living things, thus demonstrating the connection between sound and life. Cymatic geometry is composed of patterns that form on a membrane 'imprinted' with sound vibrations, thus allowing us to observe them visually.

Cymatic Pentagon

The reason that all living things have the phi ratio imbedded in them may be because the phi ratio is mathematically imbedded within sounds that are devoid of harmonics, sounds that we might label as “pure.” (Pure sounds do not contain the rich complexity of a musical sound. Two examples of are bubbling water and whistling wind.) Such pure sounds contain the allimportant phi ratio and they create sonic scaffolding that we believe organised, structured and triggered life near hydrothermal vents.

Image credit: Erik Larson A pentagon created by low frequency sound on the CymaScope. Since the pentagon contains phi, the golden mean, prevalent in all life forms, this image demonstrates the clear link between sound and life.


Cymatic Starfish Image Credit: John Stuart Reid

Image credit: Vera Gadman/Gadman Graphics The starfish demonstrates one of nature's almost perfect pentagonal forms, linking life with the golden mean and with sound.

divine irony that the very mechanism that may have created DNA is now being employed to manipulate it!

Sonic scaffolding Image credit: Erik Larson Water CymaGlyph created by low frequency sound on the CymaScope. Note the fine tendrils emerging from nodal points--evidence of sonic scaffolding But our story doesn't end there for we have not yet taken into account the helical nature of DNA. Viktor Schauberger, the brilliant Austrian scientist, working in the 1940's and 50's, may have been the first to study micro vortexes in water. Interestingly, micro vortexes carry the same basic structure as DNA. More recently, scientists in Hong Kong have demonstrated that micro vortexes can be created in the laboratory and are used to manipulate single DNA molecules. In other words, the diameter of the micro vortex approaches that of the DNA double helix. It seems like

Cymatic vortex Image credit: Erik Larson Water CymaGlyph in a drop of water created by low frequency sound on the CymaScope. Note the matrix of tubular vortices, in particular the vortice that begins near the three o'clock position and snakes up to the two o'clock position before tracking further left   The CymaScope can also image spiral movements in water under the influence of low frequency sound. The image below is that of a twin spiral created by a pure 78-Hertz sine tone. Notice the similarity with the twin spiral arrangement of a daisy head. Sound has the ability to organise matter into regular forms including the double spiral.

Cymatic twin spiral Image credit: John Stuart Reid Thirteen clockwise and anti-clockwise arms created at 78 Hertz on the CymaScope

Daisy head twin spiral Image credit: Science Photo Library

Gymncalyizozogsii twin spiral Image credit: Science Photo Library If sound was indeed the trigger for life we would expect to find many examples of early life forms that resemble cymatic sound forms and, not surprisingly, this is exactly what we do find, as you’ll see in the examples below.

Cymatic Virus Image Credit: Erik Larson Trilobites, Radiolaria and Diatoms are marine creatures that emerged much later, in the  Early Cambrian, Cambrian and Jurassic periods respectively. Here are three examples that demonstrate the clear similarity between these early creatures and cymatic images created in our laboratory by pure sounds on the CymaScope instrument.

Hepatitis Virus Image credit: Science Photo Library Paleoarchean Period, 3,500 million years ago

Recent research at Yellowstone National Park in the USA suggests that the earliest life forms may have been what we would now recognise as viruses, life forms that are often highly angular in their outer shells. Cells, according to this research, evolved much later. The angular aspects of the earliest primitive life forms and organisms provides strong evidence that sound was involved in the creative process.

Radiolaria Actinomma Leptoderma Cambrian Period, 542 million years ago

Cymatic Radiolaria Image credit: Erik Larson

Diatom Arachnoidiscus

Cymatic Diatom

Image Credit: Science Photo Library Jurassic Period, 200 million years ago

Image Credit: John Stuart Reid

To summarise, we propose that the first strands of DNA were created in the micro vortex environments of primordial hydrothermal vents. Should micro vortices be discovered within microscopic bubbles we have a cymatic model that begins to resemble a living cell: a membrane (the surface

of the bubble) with strands of DNA within. We suggest the creative power of sound then shaped life in many different ways, a process that is probably just as much at work to this day as it was in the primordial oceans of earth. The shape of life, we believe, is sound.

Da vid He sk in Driven to create by our mysterious Divine source, while chronicling his path of awakening on this heavenly Earth, David’s purpose in creativity is one of sharing inspiration. Not only in regards to Art, but more importantly, reflecting upon the necessity of humyns to find nourishing ways in which to harmonize with all other life systems. This most basic concept of co:creation guides his artistic dreaming.

Naturally, modeling this principle of unified dreaming through a growing & morphing team of artists has manifested as a way to live the message of planetary cooperation, as well as becoming an epic opportunity to create on levels unavailable to the solo artist.

Inextricably woven into a vast & intricate tapestry of Cultural Creatives spanning more mediums & methods than are possibly knowable, it is Davids ultimate honor to be recognized in his artistic offerings toward our highest collective destiny.

“My paintings are alive! As such, like us, they are entities


progress striving toward greater understanding of their own selves in the universe.”


Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean by Gustave Dore

“The Theory of Everything�

"An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything" by Anthony GarrettLisi is also know as the E8 Theory. This theory shows the geometry of space and how things unfold via gravity, particles and spin within the coordinates of this grid. You will see in the next few pages how this timeless geometry code demonstrated in numbers, angles, shapes, forms and ratios; and they ALL relate. Geometric symmetries are the foundation of whole cosmos as in atoms, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, tree branching and nautilus shells.

e8 graph of the Gosset 421 polytope as a 2-dimensional skew orthogonal projection inside Petrie polygon. It is an emulation of the hand drawn original by Peter McMullen - File:E8PetrieFull.svg


Gene Webb’s Notebook

Gene Webb/copyright/Feb 2012

If we add all of the infinite sets of frequencies that are represented by this pattern we begin to see that the whole is equal to way more than the sum of the parts. In this case we can see that the whole is in everything, and everything is in the whole.

L. Shyamal cc-by-sa-2.5

W hen each of us realizes that we are bound

together by a unity of purpose, we are bound together by a bond as powerful as the forces in the nucleus of an atom. When we are part of the whole we move together with

A rose is a rose

symmetry and balance–unity and precision.

And will forever be But who knows

We have a common energy with the universe that is

What one may see

represented in the electromagnetic pulse pattern

When one looks at a rose

(EMP). This pattern gives us a visual image of

With the greatest of feeling

something that is in harmony with all things. This

There may be more for those

pattern when understood more fully is the form and shape of things, as well as what makes them function.

Whose heart does the seeing By Gene Webb

Just as light is a medium we see through, it is also something we see as an entity, a source. It has form and function. The pattern of this (EMP) is what forms us, it is present in our DNA. It gives us shape and dimension, but it is also the energy, which is the information that moves the shape and dimension. Energy and matter are just different forms and functions of the same thing, which can be demonstrated in this electromagnetic pulse pattern.

Gene Webb/copyright/Feb 2012

The DNA helix with its major and minor portions arein the ratio of 1.618, the Golden Ratio from the Fibonacci sequence.

If we add the infinite sets of frequencies that are represented by this pattern we begin to see that the whole is equal to more than the sum of the parts. In this case we can see that the whole is in everything, and everything is in the whole.

Perhaps a new way to examine the elusive theory of everything. The perfect pulse pattern can self replicate in both the macro and the quantum realm. It is partially represented in mathematical form in the standard model, the theory of relativity, string theory, and the holographic universe, in the hyperbolic universe, and others. We have never expanded the relationship of the pulse pattern to this extent, with radians and proper proportions, vector points with mathematical references to the fields that are shaping all things, the lines of force which are morphotropic phase boundaries that move in the midst creating transitions from one form to another. The (EMP) pattern may be telling us about portals in the universe for regeneration, perhaps dimensions of our mind and soul that have a oneness with this universe we are perceiving. There is a wholeness, the ultimate oneness of the universe associated with this pattern. When we expand this conceptual level of possibility thinking, we

allow science and philosophy to blend, allowing metaphysics and physics to share the paradigm. What we want is already inside each of us; it is that part of the universe that we have found and unfolded. When you see me you are seeing the part of the universe that unfolds to make me who I am. Using the EMP pattern I can explore my inner universe as well as the outer universe in the same way the EMP is a model for exploring science. When I have an idea unfolded and you have an idea unfolded and we share, we each have two ideas.

From the idea of origami, one can take the basic square and unfold many creations.

What does it mean to be in the fold? How are we formed out of geometry? This is Gene unraveling the mystery of how things unfolded out of a square into the fold. This is the dimension where thing begin to take form. From this single idea many patterns unfold. This is the concept of ONEness. From this demonstration one can see the many faces and the geometric nature of our universe. Origami is the real art-form.

As we expand our sharing and combine ideas with others the exponential growth pattern goes beyond the limits of the mathematical constant e (Euler's number approximately equal to 2.71828). Because ideas are not governed by this probability theory, ideas will take us to knowing all things, where we become complete. Ideas are often called enlightenment. This enlightenment bears a resemblance to the Source of light, yet visible light is only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is an infinite set with many others infinite sets to make the whole, which is more than the sum of the parts. Using the phenomenon of predictability it gives us evidence that we “see” to find the unseen. Each of us is a light unto the world and we need a medium for expressing our ideas. The light on a hill that cannot be hidden may be seen by others to enlighten them. When we add our lights together it becomes brighter and brighter. We must remember, however, that light is only a portion of the total EMP enlightenment. When we understand something new it is important to understand the language in which it is written. Galileo Galilei in his 1623 credo says, “Philosophy is

written in this grand book –I mean the universe—which stands continuously open to our gaze, but it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its' characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it, without these, one is wandering about a dark labyrinth.” The EMP pattern has a language with many facets. When used as an over-lay for the platonic solids it matches points in 2d form. In spherical form it gives direction as an energy field would to create a shape. The key is knowing where to start and which part of the EMP pattern to use, i.e. the numbers or the field lines or both.

GNU Free Document

From Gene’s Notebook

This becomes the code that is given to everything that takes form or shape.

Gene Webb/copyright/Feb 2012

Stanwhite607/domain public

Public Domain

Like any master plan it must have a builder and a frame in which to unfold the plan. But unlike "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything" I see this pattern as an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which pushes the gravitational field. This EMP pattern also shows the nature of spin; add frequencies and you bring form to structure. Where two opposing forces mesh, like hot and cold air, electric and magnetic forces converge to create spin - i.e. vortexes like tornadoes!


intelligence is inherent in all nature which is electric and magnetic by design. This EMP pattern forms the atoms of each new element, from the molecules, which are visible from the cells of your body, to a pinecone, to the galaxy. Each nodal point is like a light switch illuminating a DIFFERENT idea! This is where the concept of fractals, the flower of life and dimensions come in. Life unfolds rom this single idea that self replicates. It stands to reason we will all get our light and juice from the ‘Source’. The Master Designer’s white light contains all colors, which reveal its oneness, yet rich with spiraling and ascending spectrum. We too often get fixated on one view or hue by compartmentalizing; it is like living in only one room. Great thinkers and innovators are divergent thinkers, as they see the whole.

The interaction between matter and forces is described by a trilinear map involving two spinors and one vector. This map is often drawn as a Feynman diagram/wikipedia

8 Spirals going right

13 Spirals going left

White light contains all colors in its ONEness.

Karen writes, “to me it looks like a coil with 2 antennas with which to send and receive information. Where two opposing forces mesh, like hot and cold air, electric and magnetic forces converge to create spin - i.e. vortexes like tornadoes! Also, spin is what distinguishes life from no-life”!

In order to build an atomic structure we need to blend the atomic fields. For example, we place 55 atoms of copper, iron, and nickel, etc., in the proper order to get a pentagon crystal. (not found naturally in nature) By matching the frequencies of each atom, we can begin to create other elements and be able to sustain them by properly combining each field with the Master Field, (EMP Electric Magnetic Pulse Pattern) which is also the basis of each atom’s field and the particles that make them.

From a

Single Idea,

that Self Replicates, a Perfect Pattern Emerges and Life is Formed.

The flower of life contains all wisdom found in the universe; all the vibrations of matter, light, sound, thought, Cell Division emotions, spirit and soul lie within this geometric structure. -Ivan Rados

EMP is also the energy itself as well as the shape of the energy. Since we are a part of the universe, and perhaps have the whole universe encapsulated, folded into us, we have a connection to this geometric design. The proportions of the human body that match the proportions of nature in the Golden ratio of 1.618, match the EMP as well. As we begin to unfold the universe of who we are, we sense we have a lot in common with some designs that are more attractive to us, and we are drawn to them.

I am an expression of the creation in all ways, I am life which begets life. I am an eternity that has sprung from an eternity, and when I join the Source of eternity I will be complete, capable of replicating all intelligence and eternity over and over again in one eternal round. People throughout the ages of time have each experienced something similar, and for those who have shared their enlightenment we will be ever grateful. We see a completed perfect geometry that can relate to all the numbers, all the geometric shapes and their harmonics, the vibrations of the universe, the planets, the galaxies and me. We are the completed spiral of life. The EMP has a design connection to the molecular structure of water which sustains life as we know it. The angular structure of the hydrogen molecules on the oxygen molecule is approximately 105 degrees and is found in the EMP. When it is plotted on a frequency chart it makes a pattern that equals the rms (.707) of electric propagation of radiation. It is represented in the tessellation patterns of Gene Webb/copyright/Feb 2012

the medieval art work.

Penrose sun, Tovrsta/GFDL

It works with the manipulation of plasma and plasmons, with pseudospheres, equipotentials catinoids to great works of art.

Sheikh-Lotf-Allah mosque wall and ceiling CC 3.0

Gene Webb/copyright/Feb 2012

From Gene’s Notebook

Penrose sun, Tovrsta/GFDL

It also replicates what Walter Russell was trying to tell us through his geometric designs. Through the creator of elements and the electric and magnetic stillness association it represents math of the ages. It represents the patterns we are a part of; it represents the power of the universe, the energy fields that hold everything together from portals to new dimensions, the folding and unfolding as re-giving to sustain life eternally, the infinite One, the un-manifest to the manifest.

Scalar Interferometry

Gene Webb/copyright/Feb 2012


Gene Webb’s Note Book Related Philosophy

to understand the truth and oneness of all things, we are limited by our perceptions I nandourwequest see only what we know. Like the seven blind men, each at a different location on the elephant giving their description of the elephant from feeling the tail, the trunk, or an ear and having rather different points of view.

You canʼt take the music box apart to find the music. And you canʼt just play the notes to have the music because the true music comes from the heart. - by Gene Webb

Each would argue that the others view was not the correct description of an elephant. With many cultures, religions and sciences, and many perceptions of God, we may be as the blind men expressing our point of view from our experience and miss the wholeness of life. We are all joined together by the elephant, we all have similar wants and needs, we are more alike than we are different. Yet the differences are what make us unique as individuals; the differences are what truly make the whole a beautiful thing. This is not about making everyone the same, but is about recognizing our oneness with others, with science, and with the Source of all things. It is about having unity, in purpose and in love. Once we have all the parts joined we can then see that the elephant is not what any of us thought it was. It is bigger and more powerful than we may have expected. It is bigger than any of our parts. In fact this oneness when expressed as a wholeness becomes far more than just equal to the sum of the parts. You can have all the parts to make a chair, but if they are just lying there in a pile on the floor, they are just parts and could be used for a number of purposes. When they are put together as a chair the whole becomes more than being equal to the sum of the parts. It becomes a whole new form that is capable of doing more than any of the parts themselves. It is held together for a purpose. When each of us realizes that we are bound together by a unity of purpose, we are bound together by a bond as powerful as the forces in the nucleus of an atom. When we are part of the whole we move together with symmetry and balance. Even something as big as the elephant moves with rhythm and precision. The universe moves with unity and precision. You are a harmonic balance of unity and precision. How beautiful it would be to have humanity move with such harmony and unity.

The Seed of Life

The seed of life holds us together within a cycle within a sphere within a spin within a particular reality within a galaxy a vortex of energy a fractal geometry a repeating pattern again and again.

Karen Elkins

One Web

Within this cosmic web, We dance as a particle, A ripple in the wave, Expressing our light, Like a pearl on a string, Spinning our desires, On a silver thin string The place where our live is thread. Karen Elkins

Richard Merrick To find our deepest connection to Nature, we need look no further than the geometry of the human body. (Fig. 1) It is at the apex of Creation, reflecting Figure 1. Life can be described as the outward spherical resonance of atomic energy contained by the inward gravitational pressure of cubic space, crystallizing according to a recursive orthogonal harmonic lattice of ÎŚ-damping rings.

the beauty of the cosmos and embodying the order of its physics. Yet in spite of this self-evident truth, we still have very little understanding about why our bodies are shaped the way they are and how that might be connected with the evolution of perception and human consciousness.

The contemporary Darwinian view from the fields of biology and anthropology hold that the appearance of life on Earth was driven by chance from the molecular level up, then adapted over time to survive better in a hostile environment. [1] Indeed, the theory of evolution depends exclusively on natural selection and survival of the fittest (with the occasional random mutation) to explain the shapes of the tiniest plants and organisms up to the largest animal. [2, 3] The theory is probably best summed up by the rallying cry of the neo-Darwinist “If we could somehow restart life on Earth (or another planet) from the beginning, it would probably turn out completely different.� As things stand today, Darwin natural selection combined with Mendelian inheritance has become the only generally accepted scientific explanation for life on Earth. Without a better explanation, most scientific-minded people choose this theory as is, defending it without question in spite of the fact that it cannot tell us, for instance, why we have five fingers instead of six or a wave-like spine rather than a straight one.

Everyone knows instinctively that something is missing in evolutionary theory to answer such questions, but what could it be?

...v.s. Charles Darwin

Richard Merrick

Re-thinking Evolution What if there is a less obvious but universal property in Nature that physically guides evolution from somewhere beneath the environmental process of natural selection to carve the basic shapes of life? What if life is as much a function of the way atoms bond with one another as it is genetic mutation and selection? Common sense alone tells us that for natural selection to be the only explanation for why life appears as it does, the fossil record should show many times the variations found. For instance, since eight legs work so well for a spider, shouldn’t we find fossils of higher organisms with eight legs capable of outrunning, outmaneuvering and even out-boxing their fourlegged predators? Or, how about only three legs, which might have enabled a more efficient cardiovascular system? Where are all the “failed” animal fossils with entirely different appendages, re-arranged internal organs, extra joints that offer greater flexibility or even eyes in the back of their heads? Wouldn’t some of these have been more survivable than many animals today? Yet for some unexplained reason, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and even dinosaurs all ended up with the same basic skeletal structure consisting of a wave-like spine, cardioid- shaped rib cage, single head and four limbs. While natural selection does imbue each of these creatures with a particular anatomical variation or morphology,

this basic 5-

fold archetype was the one and only internal skeletal template that emerged as life evolved in and out of the sea.

Similarly, insects are a morphological adaptation of a single 3-fold exo-skeleton template comprising a head, thorax and abdomen. These, too, appear to have occurred during the transition to land and air from simpler sea creatures. As for invertebrates like jellyfish all the way down to bacteria and viruses, all manifest a morphology of simple periodic geometries, such as spheres, rings, toruses, tubes, helixes, stars and even icosahedrons. Plants and fungi are much the same, branching or spiraling as groups of about 62% and 38% into the extruded regular geometries of fruits, vegetables and flowers. But for natural selection to favor survivability, shouldn’t we expect to see fossils of plants that once branched randomly (or equally) or land animals with much more diverse features? Shouldn’t the animals alive today have descended from more efficient and fiercely competitive, anatomical archetypes?

The fact is there is nothing in the theory of evolution and the fossil record that can explain any of this, any more than it can explain why leaves are not square or why fruit assumes the shape of regular geometries. So, what else could be at work to guide the evolution of life?

Atomic resonance as a framework for life All life on Earth is composed mostly of carbon-12 and water. This is the case because carbon-12 bonds or resonates with more simple elements than any other element in the universe. It is for this very reason that carbon-12 is the international standard for atomic weight and all other elements are measured against it. With 6 protons + 6 neutrons in its nucleus and 6 electrons orbiting in two shells, carbon-12 exhibits the lowest possible energy of all the elements and is said to be ‘unbound’, thereby creating the most stable atomic geometry possible (Fig 3). When mixed with water, carbon-12 creates endless chains of sticky amino acids capable of crystallizing into life. This idea of life as a crystallization process is a good one because just as minerals align under pressure into lattices, coils of amino acids fold under pressure into threedimensional protein structures, aligning into the familiar helical lattice of DNA. It is the geometric pressure of hydrogen atoms in water that helps create the lattice and give DNA its twist.

In recent molecular studies of water, biochemist Martin Chaplin found that water organizes itself naturally into a lattice of icosahedral clusters,

just as Greek philosopher Plato

proposed more than two millennia ago. Water really does resemble the 12- pointed, 20faceted geometry of an icosahedron.

C a r b o n - 6 0 F u l l e r e n e geometry is a result of the t r u n c a t e d icosahedral packing and spacing of carbon atoms in a cage.

Carbon-12 Geometry


Fullerence Connectivity Map

The water lattice begins as 4-fold tetrahedral units of 14 water molecules, aligning into 20 clusters to create the geometry of a 280-molecule water icosahedron (Fig 4). This structure then assumes a variety of stable, geometric sub-structures (such as its complementary dodecahedron) that form into even larger superclusters. At this mesoscopic scale of water, molecules arrange themselves into a 2-dimensional connectivity map of a regular 5- fold pentagon. [4a-f] Water’s molecular geometry begins as interlocking tetrahedrons of water molecules that combine into icosahedral clusters and pentagonal superclusters at the mesoscopic scale. When the 5-fold icosahedral superclusters of water is then combined with the complementary dodecahedral structures of carbon, something very interesting occurs - they resonate with one another to produce the characteristic geometry of life. There is nothing random or arbitrary about this – it is an inevitable outcome of the physics of harmonics acting at the atomic level. Carbon vibrates or resonates with itself and other simple elements to form a wave-like spine while water acts to deaden or ‘damp’ everything into a pentagonal framework. The role of atomic resonance in creating organic shapes was demonstrated in another recent study showing the first step of enclosure needed for a living cell occurs from a geometrical folding of carbon molecules. In a 2006 publication of the American Chemical Society entitled, Tb3N@C84: An Improbable, Egg-Shaped Endohedral Fullerene that Violates the Isolated Pentagon Rule, it was reported that a large, Fullerene, carbon-84 allotrope constructed its own egg- like cage when two adjacent pentagons in the carbon molecule became fused together in a reaction with terbium.

Hexagon collapses to pentagon to form an egglike cage. Geometry of a hen’s egg.

Endohedral carbon-84 Fullerene Egg shown warping into the quasi-crystal geometry of a common hen’s egg. Discovered by a combined team from the University of California, Virginia Polytechnic and Emory and Henry College, this was the first indication that the regular soccer ball geometry of hexagons and pentagons in a large carbon Fullerene could wrap itself into an egg-like cage by reacting with another atom, thereby producing a uniquely organic geometry known as a quasi-crystal. This discovery could help answer a lot of questions. It may explain how amino acids ‘learned’ to form cellular containers to protect themselves from the environment. It could even offer a reasonable explanation for how ribcages came to form around vital organs in all vertebrate animals. It suggests that the atomic balance between pentagonal and hexagonal molecular geometry is the primary cause for the enclosure process of life, rather than some mysterious external selection process. The egg clearly came before the chicken! In each of these studies, we can begin to see how evolution could be guided by geometric harmonies at the mesoscopic scale of carbon-water bonding. The 5-fold inward-damping geometry of water provides a kind of pressurized container for the outward- resonating carbon-12 atoms, bonding out of inanimate elements into living harmonic crystals. The entire process could be described as a kind of biological music resonating out of a finely tuned atomic framework contructed primarily from water and carbon atoms. From the perspective of atomic resonance, Darwinian evolution becomes a veneer of adaptation that depends on pre-existing and universal harmonic laws intrinsic to Nature. Simple animals resonate into uni-body and 3-fold carbon-12 shapes while more complex forms succumb to the 5-fold damping pressure of water, branching out at approximated Golden Sections into pentagonal clusters, such as roses, starfish and the human anatomy. As the most resonant life form of all, we humans exist at the razor’s edge of atomic harmony - perfectly balanced in 12:5 proportions by Nature - to achieve consciousness and ponder our own existence. Perhaps it is time to update Darwin’s 19th century theory of evolution to include atomic resonance acting in concert with natural selection. And maybe the first goal for this new theory of harmonic evolution should be to understand how carbon-water geometry is preserved in the genetic code.

Evidence of geometric encoding in DNA A recent paper by physician and researcher Mark White, entitled The G-ball, a New Icon for codon symmetry and the Genetic Code, proposed that the codon table of the genetic code follows the shape of a 12-faced pentagonal dodecahedron. Since there are exactly four nucleotides in DNA that combine in sequences of three to produce 64 codons (43 = 64), White suggested that the genetic code organizes itself into the shape of tetrahedrons, which then combine into the shape of a spherical dodecahedron – exactly like clusters of water molecules. M a r k W h i t e ’s ‘ G - B a l l ’ D N A dodecahedron model showing the 20 standard amino acids organized in space according to water affinity. Following the equilateral genetic structure predicted by Russian physicist and cosmologist George Gamow, White explains how the 20 edges of a dodecahedron (or 20 triangular faces of its dual icosahedron) can be used to represent the 20 standard amino acids in DNA. The amino acids are then assigned locations in the geometry according to their water affinity (how much they like or dislike water). From this, protein bonds into sequences of amino acid tetrahedrons, forming into a 12-sided dodecahedral framework that is then twisted by hydrogen around a fixed polar backbone to produce the 10-step spatial symmetry of the DNA double helix. DNA double helix modeled as a dodecahedron rotated around a central axis. Another study by Chi Ming Yang at Nankai University in China claims to have also found a quasi-periodic, egg geometry in the human genetic code, paralleling Mark White’s G-Ball model.

Figure 8. CM Yang’s ‘Vector-in-Space’ DNA model showing five geometric stages of evolution. When combined with White’s G-Ball model we have the encoding of a quasi-periodic geometry of an egg.

Derived from the same building blocks of 20 standard amino acids and 64 trinucleotide codons in DNA, Yang found a cooperative ‘vectorin-space’ addition principle that s t re t c h e s i n t o a n ellipsoid or egg-like shape called an icosikaioctagon.

Not surprisingly, this geometry was determined to have originated as five ‘stereochemical’ growth stages over a period of millions of years. [7] So, when we combine Yang’s quasi-periodic model with White’s G-ball model, we arrive at a structure common to all forms of biological life – a 5-fold ‘egg’ with a 12fold ‘yolk’ inside. Through the harmonic physics of atomic resonance and damping, Nature has engineered DNA with its own eggshell container to protect the geometric resonance of life over time. This can be understood as a natural interaction between space and time. Water creates a spherical container for carbon-12 resonance, allowing only whole number harmonic structures to form in the yolk. Around this, a pentagonal water crystal forms to protect the yolk and gestation of life. This cage is then shaped into an egg as the pentagonal crystal recurses toward the square root of five and the yolk region is displaced along a polar axis. This causes the egg to assume the quasi-crystalline shell dimensions of Φ3 long x 2Φ wide, which reduces to Φ2 / 2 = 1.3090165. While the idea that DNA could be encoded geometrically as an egg may seem “improbable” to some, the idea appears to predate even Pythagoras. As a symbol of balance in all life, early natural philosophers seemed to understand the egg as an instance of the Golden Mean - cubed in its length and doubled in its width, derived from the square root of 5 in a pentagram.

As example, Aesop’s fable of The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, based on a much older Egyptian story, probably has more to do with how life grows harmonically inside a golden-proportioned egg container than it does the precious metal. In an ancient worldview founded on the physics of music, the golden egg could have been seen as a pentatonic container for a dodecahedral yolk, creating a living 7-fold diatonic animal in between (“dia-tonic” means “thru the body”). But even with the growing evidence of harmonic structures in DNA, one last puzzle remains to fully understand how DNA unfolds itself in space during reproduction. How exactly do the carbon and water atoms in DNA self-organize into larger organisms? And while the resonance of amino acids clearly start the crystallization process at the mesoscopic level of water and carbon, what can we say enables this process to continue outward into the macro structures of highly evolved life?

Space as a resonant container It is a well-known fact that sound will produce regular geometric patterns when particles of powder are vibrated on plates or inside liquid containers.

Known as

cymatics (from the Greek word for ‘wave’), researchers such as Ernst Chladni in the 18th century and Hans Jenny in the 20th have shown how harmonic waves will reflect in containers to form circles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons and other, more elaborate, mandala-like patterns (Fig 9). As might be expected, the simplest cymatic patterns occur inside a circular or spherical container, always aligning to a single line of symmetry. As waves resonate into standing waves, different harmonic frequencies combine to form regular patterns by crossing one another at whole number proportions. The same thing can be said to occur in the atomic substratum of DNA as harmonics guide cell mitosis. The only difference with DNA is space (together with gravity and atmospheric pressure) act as the cymatic container.

According to quantum chromodynamics, the vacuum of space is structured as a noncompressible, stationary cubic lattice. Cymatic resonance pattern in a circular container show how water molecules resonate together inside a pressurized bubble to form pentagonal supercluster crystals. One interpretation of this lattice is as a field of nominal Schwarzschild black holes comprising a field known as the Schwarzschild lattice. Within this definition of quantized space, atomic particles (bosons) are said to center on spiraling vortices (called a Flamm paraboloid) in a given cell of the lattice, forming geometrical patterns in its nucleus and orbiting electron shells. [8] So, when we now consider carbon and water atoms resonating together inside a geometrical space lattice – pressurized into spherical bubbles by Earth’s gravity and atmosphere – the atoms and molecules in living tissue would naturally entrain and resonate synchronously into larger and larger cymatic patterns. For life, it must be the quantum structure of space and the pressure of its gravitational “egg” that together have the ‘know how’ to arrange vast numbers of resonating molecules into life-size crystalline structures. In this way, living cells would dynamically self-organize into stable geometries much like powder vibrated inside a spherical water container.

In the container of a human body, the energy of resonating atoms, molecules and cells would have little choice but to entrain into a reflected harmonic standing wave, rippling outward from the 12 x 2 = 24 vertebrae of the spinal column with less and less energy tothetipsofour5x2fingersand5x2toes.Hereagainwefind the body described as a 12 : 5 dodecahedral proportioned carbon- water crystal resonating under intense gravitational pressure into the container of the quantum chromodynamic lattice. It is not a matter of metaphysics to say that life is crystallized light formed by spherical harmonics in a structured space.

The universal harmonic pattern of life This discussion now brings us to a definition of life based on the physical process behind the formation of harmonics in a circular or spherical container. Properly defining this process is essential in understanding the physics guiding evolution and the patterning process of organic growth. As we will see, the geometry of life can be traced back to one universal pattern of harmonic interference. Not too surprising, this universal pattern can be easily found using a “Blackman spectral analysis� of two musical tones diverging at a constant rate from unison upward to an octave (Fig. 10). Reproduced here with a built-in function in Adobe AuditionŽ, the analysis reveals the spacing and size of resonant gaps that form naturally according to small whole number harmonic ratios, just as Pythagoras had discovered over 2,500 years ago. Each gap corresponds to a simple musical proportion, such as the 3:2 ratio of a perfect fifth, 4:3 perfect fourth and the highly resonant 5:3 major sixth - the widest gap of all.

To be clear, this is not a random, variable or contrived pattern, but the one universal pattern of interference produced by all harmonic standing waves as they vibrate through any medium. Figure 10. The Gaussian shape of harmonic interference. This spectral pattern is not limited to sound only, but exists everywhere harmonics form, including electromagnetic fields, laser light, musical tones, natural vibrations in the Earth, the spacing and sizes of planets in our solar system and the coherent cellular structures of life. We can represent it mathematically using a statistical curve called a first-derivative Gaussian distribution (shown in red in Fig. 10).

You will probably never learn in school how important this harmonic curve really is, but it is present everywhere in Nature.

It approximates the change in the number of spots on the Sun, describes the

change in diameter of blood vessels in living organisms and estimates the thickness of tree bark as it reduces upward in a tree, to name but a few. As a representation of the velocity change in a Gaussian “normal distribution” (or “Bell Curve”), this one function is the foundation of probability science and the very cornerstone of modern statistics. But while most scientists accept and use this distribution and its strange equation without question, some of us might still wonder what physical process is at work underneath it to cause harmonics to always self-organize in this way. How can we understand what this

Gaussian equation is trying to tell us about Nature? When we stop to consider the curve from a philosophical perspective, we can begin to understand the basic principles underneath it, driving the harmonic patterning process. A more intuitive and organic description of the resonance pattern can be expressed as the square of the linear harmonic series as it is curved (one might say carved) by the Fibonacci series (Fig. 11). As we see in the figure, the interference curve is a natural byproduct of harmonics as they resonate and damp one another. It results from the square of the first twelve frequencies of the harmonic series, as {1, 4, 9, 16, ..., 144}, divided by the first twelve

Fibonacci frequencies {1, 1, 2, 3, ..., 144}. This is summarized by the Harmonic Interference function in the figure, expressing the balance between spatial resonance and temporal damping in a simpler, more beautiful symmetric form. With this one equation, we can see how Nature balances itself between the finite and the infinite, harmonizing a closed resonating circle or harmonic wave with an open Fibonacci spiral. It represents nothing less than the geometric harmony of π-squared divided by the golden ratio Φ, otherwise known as the “squaring of the circle.” Figure 11. An organic expression of the Gaussian first derivative. While this may all seem a bit abstract at first, its relevance to understanding how harmonics guide the evolutionary process will begin to become clearer after a minute or two. Consider first the fact that spherical stars and planets form out of spiraling clouds of plasma. Then consider that life also grows out of a spiral. We see this in the unfolded Fibonacci spirals of tree branches, the spiral of a chambered nautilus and the spiral of a human embryo. In a very real and physical way, everything emerges out of infinity as a spiral, eventually stabilizing into a harmonic wave or sphere. So when we now take this harmonic interference pattern and geometrically square it again, folding it back upon itself as if reflecting inside a circular container, we arrive at perhaps the most important geometry in the universe and the one guiding pattern at work in the evolution of life – the symmetrical Reflective Interference Model (Fig. 12).[9] Figure 12. The universal harmonic pattern of life. Formed from the harmonic mean between a circle and a spiral, this organic-looking curve is the shape life assumes as it evolves into higher and more complex organisms. We can prove this by observation. First of all, DNA and all forms of life always orient around a polar axis (see Fig 13). In humans and other animals the primary axis becomes the spine while for plants it is the trunk or stem.

Harmonic shapes in Nature. As cells grow and resonate outward from their polar axis, the Polar Reflective Interference Model tells us that they resonate or explode outward (in slow motion) as a circle or sphere, but then begin to lose energy and damp back inward, spiraling and twisting back toward the polar axis. As this reflects in two opposing directions, a heart or cardioid shape forms with an intersecting almond-shaped region called a “mandorla” in the center. We see this geometry in such things as plant leaves, fruit, bones and internal organs, such as the brain and cardio-respiratory system. A MRI cross-section of the chest is probably the most impressive example, revealing how the heart nests inside the mandorla. Sometimes this harmonic pattern runs along a line instead of around a polar axis. Examples of Linear Reflective Interference can be found in such things as wings, shoulders and even the Earth’s spherical tectonic plates (stretched at the equator and narrowed near the poles). The most noticeable example of linear harmonic geometry is the double Gaussian shape of human breasts. As the organ that generates more energy during lactation than any other organ (including the brain), female breasts act as a damping container for cellular resonance either side of the heart. Nipples are a function of this resonance, forming near the apex (or max velocity) of the interference curve, opening at golden ratios to the surface of the body (Φ and –Φ in previous Fig. 12). All sentiment aside, mother’s milk is a physical expression of the heart’s harmonic resonance. This same harmonic interference pattern is found repeated at different scales and orientations throughout the entire human body. Yet, it is not immediately apparent why the pattern configures itself the way that it does. Is it strictly random, a result of mutation and natural selection as the Darwinian theory of evolution claims, or is there an even larger harmonic pattern involved?

Harmonic patterns in the human body A larger pattern does indeed appear to be guiding evolution. When we take both the Blackman spectral analysis and Reflective Interference Model and compare them proportionally to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man illustration, we find a number of correspondences between the resonant gap pattern and key locations in the human body (Fig 14). The point of maximum resonance (a 5:3 ratio) aligns precisely with the lower throat and top of the heart. The point of maximum damping (the golden ratio) then aligns with the lower heart. Together, these two locations correspond to the pumping action of the heart as it contracts in a twisting or wringing motion from top to bottom. Arms occupy this same resonant region, branching outward along the wide open pattern of gaps. This cannot be only the result of natural selection or random mutation. Other correspondences include a pronounced stripe aligning with the top of the Vitruvian square and several gaps aligning with the brain, navel, perineum and knees. Based on these alignments, it seems undeniable that the human body is structured just like two musical tones diverging over an octave from the toes out to the fingertips. Thus, if the geometry of life is a function of harmonic resonance like a musical octave – then, the spine represents an axis of resonance in the body, partitioned into 24 discrete harmonic frequencies. To this point, if we take the radius of the circle to be 2π and then align one full cycle of a harmonic standing wave with the navel, the fifth harmonic (a 3:2 proportion) can be found to match the curvature of the human spine - exactly. More amazing than this, the location and spacing of the seven tones of a musical major scale align with the seven Hindu chakra locations in the body. Even the traditional chakra colors align to these

locations when the perineum (at the bottom of the torso) is assigned red at the bottom of the visible light spectrum. Obviously, someone understood harmonic interference patterns and their presence in the body a long, long time ago. From here, we can reverse engineer the basic harmonic framework of the body using the physics of a circular cymatic resonance container. We begin by following a series of concentric damping rings spaced by the golden ratio converging inward toward the center of the body (Fig. 15). These rings represent the calmest and most stable locations in a circular standing wave. At the outermost ring, there is 100 percent damping and no resonance, but as we move to the next two rings, appendages appear followed by a space for the torso. At the fifth ring in, a split occurs at the solar plexus, creating a new point of symmetry for the upper and lower halves of the torso. From the solar plexus, a 3:2 harmonic shockwave (fifth harmonic wave) apparently travels along the spine to the brain, creating a dipole nervous system. The head itself is dimensioned by Figure 15. Reverse engineering the geometry of the human body. another set of seven rings with the seventh ring migrating tangentially downward to define the basic geometry of the face. Within this ring set, Polar Reflective Interference patterns paired with a few simple waveforms can account for virtually every facial feature – from the coronal geometry of the brain down to the skeletal structure of the face. Even the tongue seems to fit perfectly inside the almond-shaped mandorla region in the lower interference pattern. When we take a closer look at the geometry of the brain itself, we find more compelling evidence of spherical harmonic patterns guiding the evolution of perception and the five senses (Fig 16).

Geometry of the human brain and skull. The brain begins as a single ring set at the end of the spinal column that resonate at a 90degree angle from the temporal lobe (as cosine) to form the frontal lobe (as sine). This frontal ring set then continues by taking a right angle turn down, phase shifting another 90degrees from the frontal lobe ring set (as sine) into the mouth-jaw region (as cosine). In this way, the geometry of the head completes a half-twist or π-radian phase shift from cosine harmonics to sine and back to cosine. This half-twist phase shift between three sets of harmonic rings would explain how our face came to be cross-wired to our brain. But the twisting does not stop there. It appears to continue spiraling inward, opening up the mouth to the nasal passage and displacing inner cells forward, carving out the sinus cavity and forming the peculiar shape of a nose (Fig. 17).

Our head is indeed a fifth appendage that winds around our ear canal into the jaw hinge, clenching into itself like a chambered nautilus instead of unfolding as our arms and legs do. If it were unwound, it would form a perfect star geometry with the body that sequentially hears, sees, tastes, smells and feels as it narrows to a point. Top this off with the pentagonal cranium found in every human infant and it becomes pretty clear that our body evolved as a pentagon in the anterior and dorsal dimensions and as a Fibonacci spiral in the lateral (or side) dimension of the head, unfolding into the sinusoidal wave of the spine. So it is through a brief geometric analysis of our bodies that we can understand how life evolved according to harmonic principles – not merely through natural selection and accidental mutation as commonly believed. The same Reflective Interference Model is repeated over and over at different scales and orientations in the body, spiraling and twisting at right angles into itself to fill the gap left by the previous pattern. This is our body’s fractal logic.

Human cranium as harmonic focusing apparatus.

But of course, the body does not begin from the outer ring and work its way inward – rather, it starts somewhere in the innermost ring (conceived as an idea, perhaps) and unwinds outward. If we follow the rings in reverse order from the inside-out, we find that growth must begin at the center of the brain where resonance is greatest, unwinding into the spine and splitting into an upper and lower torso under damping pressure of Ring 5 (seventh ring from the center). From here, it extrudes outward into five appendages, each with their own five appendages to touch the world. The significance of five in all this can be found in the damping pressure of the fifth harmonic wave (crystallized into the 3:2 “perfect fifth” of the spine) in slowing atomic resonance and stopping cell growth. It is this very special harmonic that generates the golden ratio Φ at the center of the body’s spiral by crossing or interfering with its fundamental resonant frequency. This is expressed by the equation for the golden ratio as Φ = (1 + √5) / 2).

The Harmonic Lattice Based on the previous discussion, a Harmonic Lattice is now proposed as a resonant container for organic growth that guides evolution. Using an outer orbital radius of 2π, a grid of mutually orthogonal standing waves can be superposed over concentric Φ- spaced damping rings to create an organic Hilbert space. This lattice is the only arrangement of standing waves in two dimensions that can sustain field resonance. (Fig. 18) To match the harmonic proportions of the human body, each ring is assigned a frequency multiple corresponding to its ring number. For example, Ring 1 is assigned the fundamental frequency, Ring 2 the harmonic frequency of 2X, Ring 3 the frequency 3X and so on. In this way, growth is represented as an inside-out patterning process governed by twelve cylindrical harmonics shifting in step- wise fashion from maximum resonance to maximum damping. Using this recursive lattice, we can calculate the squaring of the circle represented by the Vitruvian model as a balance of resonance and damping. Beginning with radius R of Ring 1, equal to 2π = 6.28318, the area of the Vitruvian circle is: ACircle = πR2 = 124.0248 The area of the Vitruvian square (according to Vitruvius) can then be calculated as the golden section of R as: HSquare = R x Φ = 10.1664 ASquare = HSquare2 = 103.3555 Taking the ratio of the areas of the circle and square we have: ACircle: ASquare= 124.0248 ÷ 103.3555 = 1.1999 ≈ 1.2 = 12:10 = 6:5 This result is consistent with the 12:10 ratio of carbon-water resonance and the dodecahedral helix structure of DNA. Figure 18. Harmonic Lattice provides a recursive Hilbert space model for organic growth and evolutionary classification. The Lattice provides a single platform for the inclusion of other harmonic models and offers a theoretical framework for previously unexplained physiological properties. We see here that “squaring the circle” is really the closest possible ratio of 12 to 10, making the Vitruvian model of the human body a 12-fold ringed recursion divided by 10. Indeed, this is the only way to balance π-resonance against Φ-damping in the orthogonal standing wave model of the Harmonic Lattice. As the penultimate harmony of space and time, the 12/10 or 6:5 ratio in the human body is an embodiment of the balance between spherical energy and cubic space - a circle and square: π : Φ2 = 1.1999 ≈ 1.2

From this, we can calculate the precise point of balance in the growth of the human body where resonance transitions to damping. Since it was at Ring 5 where the torso splits to create a new center at the celiac (or solar plexus), we begin by calculating the surface area of Ring 5: ARing 5 = π(R * (1/Φ)4 )2 ARing 5 = π(0.9167)2 ARing 5 = 2.64 On either side of this number we find the outermost “squared circle” proportion of π : Φ2 = 1.1999 (or 1.2 rounding up) and its reverse-squared proportion of π2 : Φ = 6.099 (or 6 rounding down). When the area of Ring 5 is taken as a proportion to each of these square proportions and then multipied together, we find the point of transition where damping overcomes resonance in a standing wave to be: Torso Split = (ARing 5 : (π : Φ2) x ( π2 : Φ : ARing 5) Torso Split = (2.64 : 1.2) x (6.0 : 2.64) Torso Split = 5 Not surprisingly, the point of balance in the Vitruvian model (and in the human body) is at a 5:1 proportion. The reversal to square Φ (replacing square π) represents water’s pentagonal damping pressure against carbon-12 resonance. This is the math behind the previously unexplained split in the human torso. At and below the fifth ring, we find π and cyclic harmonic proportions resonating to drive growth - but, as we reach the fifth ring, Φ (= (1 - √5) / 2) becomes dominant to damp inner resonance and gradually slow cell growth in the outer four rings. Growth stops altogether when cellular resonance reaches zero at the toes and fingertips. In the body, this transition at Ring 5 must be the defining event that generates the 3:2 spine and nervous system. The spine, measuring a half-period or π-radian in length, is then partitioned into 24 discrete vertebrae (as the proportion 24 : 10), each scaled proportionally by π/24. And, since 10π/ 24 ≈ Φ3 : 2Φ, each group of ten vertebrae closely match the proportion of a golden egg - cubed in its length and doubled in its width. Parallel with the spine, the heart, celiac and uterus also align with the 3:2 anti-nodes of the spine’s sine wave, fitting perfectly inside the lattice of Ring 3 (Fig. 19). The overall structure of the torso is triadic with vascular branching along a vertical sinusoidal flow. The analysis suggests that cells entrain along electromagnetic paths during growth and evolution, crystallizing coherently in accordance with the proposed Harmonic Lattice.

Additional work is required to parameterize the lattice for deformation in order to accommodate the morphological adaptation found in the fossil record and living organisms. Further correlation with the genetic code is also needed to adequately explain harmonic entrainment in terms compatible with the existing fields of organic chemistry and molecular biology. Doing so could have a profound effect on the direction of medical research, including computer modeling and even the engineering of entirely new species.

Suggestions for additional research Since harmonic physics is universal to all things, the Reflective Interference model and Harmonic Lattice can be applied to any number of other fields of study with surprising results. Topics normally not associated with evolutionary theory, such as psychology, cosmology, sociology, music and computer simulation, can all benefit. Harmonic models offer a powerful cross-disciplinary platform capable of connecting diverse findings while expanding the scope of evolution into these fields. Here are a few examples.

The solar system as harmonic container By definition, Darwinian theory assumes that evolution began with the very first organism, or at least the earliest known fossil. But if harmonic physics was at work at that time guiding the growth and evolution of life, why would it not also have guided the development of the Earth and our solar system? Could there be a cosmological equivalent to harmonic evolution in life? As it happened, our solar system evolved according to the same harmonic principles in life. For example, the solar system can be modeled as a geometrical pattern without using any physical measurements whatsoever and within a cumulative average variance of less than -0.04 percent. Beginning with Mercury’s orbit, we simply calculate each successive semi-major axis as a multiple of the constant 1.6877, equal to 39(1/7) or one-sixth the semi-major axis of Eris divided by 1,000 (Fig. 20).

While only an approximation, the actual orbits of the planets vary from this geometrical model according to a Bessel envelope of cylindrical harmonics like those that form on a round cymatic plate. The spacing constant itself is a very special proportion that balances almost perfectly between the golden ratio and the base of the natural log: e ÷ Φ ≈ 1.68.

Because of this, we can describe the overall spacing of the planets as the result of the antiharmonic damping function of the golden ratio during solar evolution. Evidence for this can be found in the golden average of the actual spacing of the planets (Fig. 21). We might now understand the solar system in harmonic terms as nodes that resonated into rings within a spiraling disc of hot plasma much like cymatic rings forming on the surface of a vibrated plate of sand. As waves rippled from the solar center out to the edge and back, harmonics resonated particles toward the calmest locations, gradually spiraling into rotating planetary systems. Harmonic interference between colliding particles in the Figure 21. The golden mean in planetary spacing. Thus, it is possible to use the same evolutionary Harmonic Lattice framework for life to explain the h a r m o n i c development of our solar system. (Fig 22). E a c h Ό- s p a c e d ring in the lattice can be described as an orthogonal or 90-degree location on a golden spiral. Since harmonic waves are most coherent and stable at right angles to one another, they would naturally entrain with a Ό-spiral as illustrated in the model. The original solar spiral continues to this day as the Sun’s heliospheric current sheet. Just like the spirals of galaxies and other solar systems, counterbalancing spiral arms form as the pressure differential of gravity causes the space lattice to curve - triggering the Coriolis effect, starting rotation and polarizing the solar disc. Orthogonal to this disc, a toroidal pattern like the Polar Reflective Interference Model forms into the solar wind. All of this occurs according to universal harmonic laws, setting the stage for life.

In this way, we might extend the scope of evolution to include principles of resonance as they guide the solar system, bridging the study of cosmology with biology. Evolution is first and foremost a matter of harmonic patterning in a containment field, regardless of whether the container is a body or structured space. Darwinian theory is but a secondary process of adaptation to all this. plasma disc can explain why simple harmonic resonances are Figure 22. Solar Harmonic Lattice model showing max damping orbits. found in the orbits and relative sizes of the planets.

Thus, it is possible to use the same evolutionary Harmonic Lattice framework for life to explain the harmonic development of our solar system. (Fig 22). Each Ό-spaced ring in the lattice can be described as an orthogonal or 90-degree location on a golden spiral. Since harmonic waves are most coherent and stable at right angles to one another, they would naturally entrain with a Ό-spiral as illustrated in the model. The original solar spiral continues to this day as the Sun’s heliospheric current sheet. Just like the spirals of galaxies and other solar systems, counterbalancing spiral arms form as the pressure differential of gravity causes the space lattice to curve - triggering the Coriolis effect, starting rotation and polarizing the solar disc. Orthogonal to this disc, a toroidal pattern like the Polar Reflective Interference Model forms into the solar wind. All of this occurs according to universal harmonic laws, setting the stage for life. In this way, we might extend the scope of evolution to include principles of resonance as they guide the solar system, bridging the study of cosmology with biology. Evolution is first and foremost a matter of harmonic patterning in a containment field, re g a rd l e s s o f w h e t h e r t h e container is a body or structured space. Darwinian theory is but a secondary process of adaptation to all this.

Perception as harmonic focusing function One of the major shortcomings of Darwinian evolution theory is its inability to explain what caused inanimate matter to become animate. There is simply no fossil record of a trial and error process that explains how simple life “learned” to develop sensory organs during a process of natural selection and random mutation. Recent neurophysiological research is finding evidence that harmonic structures in the body provide an autonomous focusing function required by sensory organs. In vision cognition studies, the “Gaussian derivative model for spatial-temporal vision” has been found to best describe the first stage of processing in our visual cortex for motion, orientation, location and size. [9] Similar studies of auditory cognition in cats and monkeys have also found a natural Gaussian derivative filter in the inner ear and auditory cortex that helps focus sound. [10, 11] Together, these studies confirm the presence of a universal Gaussian derivative filter that helps mammals (and other biological life) identify and maintain attention on objects and sounds in the environment, a necessary skill for survival. As example, consider how a pitchsensitive auditory filter would help identify the sounds of a predatory animal in time to flee. Or how it could help recognize the crying tones of offspring separated from the pack. In people, a Gaussian derivative filter in our auditory system is the reason we can recognize the pattern of concordant gaps in a musical octave and effortlessly follow the melody of a single instrument in an orchestra. But since the Gaussian derivative distribution curve is just another name for the spectral interference pattern that harmonics make, these studies also tell us that we prioritize the world by focusing mostly on harmonic things. For instance, the Fibonacci spirals of our ears begin the focusing process of sound by “unwinding” or canceling out fractional enharmonic frequencies to prepare sound for the eardrums. And since eardrums also happen to be shaped as a Polar Reflective Interference pattern with the inner ear bones positioned to measure maximum resonance and damping on the membrane, harmonic geometries are again emphasized out of the ocean of incoming sound. As sound propagates further into the Basilar membrane of the ear’s spiraling cochlea, thousands of tiny hairs provide even more filtering by bending around the gaps that harmonics create. When you consider physiology as a prerequisite for cognition, the spiraling anatomy of the human ear evolved to reduce noise while enhancing recognition of harmonics. This must be why we can enjoy and respond emotionally to music. Simple music harmonies fit the coherent structure of our body like a glove.

Vision also has its harmonic filter. Around the fovea centralis, or “blind spot� at the back of the eye, color cones self-organize according to something called a Gaussian density curve. Neurophysiologists use the Gaussian Color Model of hue, luminance and saturation to describe how our vision system interprets color as shapes. Few people realize that color actually helps us recognize objects in space and that everything we see is filtered and prioritized depending on how harmonically shaped it is. Thus, plants and animals with their reflective interference physiology are easily recognized and assume a higher priority to our eyes and ears than, say, a boulder or some artificially manufactured object. In the most general sense, harmonics are a focusing property of Nature and should be central to any theory of evolution. The question is where does this process really begin and what causes it? What is the fundamental principle of evolution that focuses energy into life? We can trace the harmonic evolution process back to the lattice structure of space itself as it first focuses light into particles, then particles into atoms and atoms into molecules. It is from the resonant atomic geometries of nucleotides that Hox genes in DNA know how to shape networks of other genes into specialized organs, probably communicated as concordant frequencies inside the circular field surrounding the fetus during gestation (Fig. 23).

Some cells focus on extracting oxygen from the air; some on breaking down nutrients from food or eliminating waste; others on sensing the world around us and creating new life. All of this occurs as a kind of musical nesting process within the resonating container of the fetus. In fact, the central goal of evolution – beginning with the very first primordial interaction between light and space – must be to focus energy into harmonically structured life forms that are able to recognize other harmonic forms. Counter to the widely accepted theory that life is a fluke of Nature and guided strictly by natural selection and random mutation, Darwinists need to seriously consider the idea that the universe is predisposed toward increasing coherence through the omnipresent patterning process of harmonic standing waves. Increasing coherence is built into the very fabric of spacetime even while entropy works to take it apart according to the second law of thermodynamics. The proof is all around us, as the following story illustrates.

One morning, a small woodland creature wakes up and begins his daily hunt for food. Somewhere else, a truck driver wakes up and gets ready to haul a new load down the highway. Stopping first for coffee and fuel, he enjoys the beautiful sunrise as he drives. But then, as he rounds the corner he sees a small animal in the road up ahead. With no time to react, he hits the innocent creature and in a tragic instant transforms him into another road kill statistic. Repeated over and over, this is the sad story of how vehicles kill an estimated one million vertebrate animals a day (one every 11.5 seconds) in the U.S. alone.

Yet while each road kill event appears to be just another random occurrence in a hostile and uncaring world, you might be surprised to learn that they all occur in a very predictable pattern. If we were to add up the distances between each of the road kill on the highway and sort them by distance inside a spreadsheet, we would find they tend to approximate a probability curve known as a Poisson distribution. The more road kill we measure, the closer it will fit into the same curve. And, if we could measure the road kill everywhere in the world at any given moment we would find an almost perfect match to the Poisson curve! How could this be?

As it happens, the Poisson distribution is a special case of the Gaussian distribution, which, as we know by now, is the spectral interference pattern of harmonics. So, this story is really telling us that the physics of harmonics is a guiding property of time –no matter how random something may seem. It is also telling us that the second law of thermodynamics, which defines entropy as the decaying (or damping) principle of Nature, should be amended to recognize the counterbalancing effect of reflective resonance in periodic systems. Harmony should not be ignored or avoided. In the case of the woodland creature and truck driver, their very thoughts are guided by a universal harmonic pattern shared between their brains, which may in turn be locally synchronized by moving together through spacetime. While more experimental evidence is needed to prove such a claim, my own research and other recent studies do suggest this. During the 1980’s, I was surprised to learn that brains operate together harmonically. While analyzing large libraries of electronic documents in a search engine I was working on (ironically named DARWIN for DAta Retrieval With INtelligence), my engineering team found that the frequency of word occurrences would always sort into a Poisson distribution. We found this to be true regardless of language or subject matter – even computer languages fit into the curve. It was just after this that it finally dawned on me that anything I or anyone else ever said or thought would always fall into this universal harmonic pattern after a minute or two, as long as it was semantically coherent. So it is that each and every human brain thinks basically alike, expressing his or her thoughts through the shared harmonic pattern of language. As I pursued this line of inquiry in later years, I found many other studies to support it, including how neurons always fire in a Gaussian wave through the brain and how brain waves can be translated into musical harmonies for use in brain therapy. [12, 13, 14] The evolution of the brain must have been guided toward coherence over time by harmonic patterns in the overall body and the structure of space itself.

Consciousness as a property of spacetime Perhaps the best evidence of Nature’s predisposition toward coherence is how starlight becomes a harmonic standing wave as it travels through space. While light leaves its source as a spread spectrum mix of electromagnetic radiation, it becomes more coherent and harmonic over time. This is due to the fact that as it travels through the quantum lattice of space, enharmonic frequencies are gradually suppressed and filtered out, leaving only harmonic frequencies in a single wave front. The farther the light travels from its source, the more it approaches the shape of a perfect plane or standing wave. Lasers work the same way.

As light bounces between two mirrors inside a laser cavity, it also travels a great distance through space. And just like starlight, the lattice structure of space filters out all fractional or enharmonic waves, thus ‘focusing’ the light into a single frequency wave. So, when laser light is released as a beam, it is really a powerful blast of harmonic wave partials riding on a single fundamental frequency of color much like a vibrating guitar string. And like a guitar string, laser harmonics can even be separated out by over- resonating whole number multiples of the fundamental frequency, as is often done these days to create exotic higher frequency lasers at a lower cost. Now, since we can consider life to be a crystallized form of light, it too must become more coherent as it travels through space. We might even describe a living body to be a slow motion biological laser that focuses energy between its two reflecting halves; thus, becoming more harmonically tuned over time. When you think about it, a living being is just a resonating liquid crystal made mostly of carbon and water, becoming more coherent and more focused as it rides on the Earth through space. From this perspective, spatial movement should really be considered the first principle of evolution, since it focuses (or grooms) life toward greater efficiency, greater mobility, greater balance, greater intelligence and ultimately greater consciousness. Like the gravitational pressure that ignites a star at a certain threshold of mass, logic tells us that it must be the movement of life through space that strikes the match of consciousness during the evolutionary process. From this spark of selfawareness, it is then the two reflecting halves of the brain (like mirrors in a laser) that holds the fire and keeps it burning. One theory of the brain suggests that this reflective process creates a neurological hologram within which we recognize and interpret the world. Proposed in the 1980’s by neurosurgeon Karl Pribram in cooperation with quantum physicist David Bohm, holonomic brain theory describes cognition and memory as a holographic interference pattern produced by two coherent sources (two eyes; two ears) which act like lenses. Identical in principle to the interference patterns produced by a splitbeam laser on holographic film, this theory describes cognition as a simple and efficient pattern matching process between the outside hologram of the world and the inside hologram of the brain. [15] Extending this to include harmonic theory, we can explain how our brain measures and identifies objects through geometric proportions and pattern matching. In fact, each one of the principles of Gestalt psychology – continuity, regularity, simplicity, stability and unity – can be explained by the natural patterning of harmonic standing waves as they manifest in human physiology. The Reflective Interference Model, describing the physics underlying harmonic formations, provides a muchneeded template for both holonomic theory and Gestalt psychology to describe how our brain interprets, measures and predicts the outside world.

But if our brain is a harmonic resonator made of light, focused into consciousness as it evolves in space and time, might the phenomenon of conscious self-awareness be a preexisting property of space? That is, could consciousness exist independent from physical life and simply be “tuned in” by the resonant interaction of our liquid crystal brain with the quantum space lattice?

As incredulous as this may sound, the brain may not be much different from those old crystal radio sets back in the 1960s, picking up and transmitting certain frequencies through the quantum field of space based on principles of resonance.[16, 17] After all, as our brain thinks, quantum mechanics tells us that the electrons making up our thoughts are constantly taking “quantum leaps” in and out of this spacetime. This suggests that our brain may be acting as a kind of quantum transceiver with our thoughts under the influence of non-local quantum effects. According to quantum entanglement, thinking cannot be entirely local or physical, but instead able to exist anywhere in the universe or even outside of spacetime. The electrons of our thoughts do this by “tunneling” across the so-called Higgs boson boundary into some other place millions of times a second, where they could be affected or influenced before returning. According to quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker, non-local quantum effects could determine how electrons group together on a particular set of neural synapses before firing OR inexplicably cause them to land elsewhere in the brain, leading to an entirely different thought. [18] So while our body and brain may be harmonic like everything else in the universe, our mind must resonate beyond spacetime. All joking aside, human beings might simply be semi- autonomous biological robots under the remote control of a higher self. Given our current understanding of physics, it is really not that farfetched to think that we could be guided by impulses transmitted and received via quantum leaps from some other realm. Our concepts of free will, creativity and personality might well be a glimpse into this other realm, resonating through to us from space as subtle patterns in the liquid crystal antennae of our brains.

Harmonically guided social evolution As life evolved into reflective self-awareness, primitive tribal societies evolved into complex civilizations. Guiding this social evolution were the many physical archetypes of harmony and balance apparent in the natural world. Translated from abstract forces into the stories of personified musical-astrological gods and symbols, mankind first based its laws and governments on the physics of harmonics. Unified over 2,500 years ago by Pythagoras in a philosophy known as musica universalis, ancient civilizations found order and a noble purpose in harmonic science (Fig. 24).

Yet today, this musical theory of everything is nowhere to be found. The harmonic models of Nature no longer guide our understanding of how things came to be as they are or what their purpose might be. Instead, natural selection or divine intervention are the only reasons we give ourselves to explain the magnificent order and beauty we see around us. We live in a world defined by theories of creation and life that completely ignore the central role harmonics play in all things. If mankind is to survive within a universe of natural laws, the truth of harmonic evolution must one day be rediscovered and accepted. When it is, the artificial barriers between biology, anthropology, psychology, acoustics, physics and all other fields of science will come tumbling down like the Berlin wall. Life will be seen as part of a whole and harmonically unified universe, falling under the purview of harmonic physics and described by musical philosophy. The quantum effects of subatomic harmonic systems will become central to all biological and medical research, leading the world toward any number of unimaginable advancements. And as society’s thinking shifts, Western religion will change too, transforming into great temples of natural learning. The Gnostic study of sacred geometry and musical proportions will once again infuse our culture with a respect and appreciation for Nature. Everyone from the staunchest atheist to the most dogmatic fundamentalist will no longer deny the truth of a coherent, harmonically structured universe and the life inside it. Today’s neo-Darwinian view that “restarting life on Earth (or another planet) would turn out completely different” would be replaced by the deeper realization that 12:5 geometry is as much a universal constant as the circular resonance of π or the square damping action of the golden ratio, woven into the very fabric of space itself. With the reintroduction of universal harmonic laws, we will also know that life is evolving in other harmonically balanced solar systems and that it cannot be too much different from our own. We will finally understand the cosmos as the purpose-driven incubator for life that it really is. Maybe then we will be ready to take the next critical step in Nature’s harmonic progression - peaceful coexistence.

Summary We can no longer ignore the overwhelming proof of quantum effects on electrons and the established role of harmonic resonance and damping in the magnetic fields that contain them. Biologists and anthropologists alike need to accept these new truths and find a way to embrace them in their theories about life. To make this happen, geneticists and physiologists must lead the way by acknowledging the importance of geometry, cymatics and the role of gravity in the structure of DNA and anatomy. Psychologists might also contribute to this new vision of life by considering the possibility that perception is first and foremost a function of physics and that consciousness likely operates beyond the brain under the influence of quantum effects. Change can only come when our most brilliant scientists and educators stop looking only for differences and begin looking for commonalities. The greatest strength of Darwin’s theory of evolution is its ability to explain the diversity of life through random gene mutation and selection in a hostile environment. But this is also its greatest weakness since it cannot explain the commonality of life as found in the overwhelming presence of 5-fold endoskeletons and 3-fold exoskeletons in the fossil record. Only a theory founded on the physics of harmonics can explain this and provide a complete picture of how life evolved on Earth. There are few absolutes in this world, but one of them is definitely the fact that a harmonic standing wave will always resonate into the same spectral interference pattern no matter what medium it travels through. Harmonic patterns truly are the grand scientific musical template for all coherent systems in Nature, repeated over and over in all things, especially life – yet, they remain completely ignored and written off as happenstance by modern evolutionary theory. As long as this doctrine is in effect, people will never know what they have in common with the rest of Nature. As long as Darwin’s theory of evolution remains incomplete, so do we. Let us all open our minds to an evolutionary theory guided by the physics of harmonics, yet adapted to the environment. Ω

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1 7. Yang CM., “On the 20 canonical amino acids by a cooperative vector-addition principle based on the quasi-20-gon symmetry of the genetic code,” Neurochemistry and Physical Organic Chemistry Program, Nankai University, Tianjin, China, 2003. 8 Misner, CW, Thorne, KS, Wheeler, JA., “Gravitation,” McMillan, 1997, ISBN: 0716703440, 9780716703440. 9. Young, R.A., Lesperance RM, Meyer, WW, (2001) “The Gaussian derivative model for spatial-temporal vision: I. Cortical Model,” Spatial vision (Spat. vis.) ISSN 0169- 1015, 2001, vol. 14, no 3-4 (5 p.), pp. 261-319. 10. Fishman, Y.I., et. al. (2001), “Consonance and Dissonance of Musical Chords: Neural Correlates in Auditory Cortex of Monkeys and Humans,” The Journal of Neurophysiology Vol. 86., No. 8, December 2001, pp. 2761-2788. 11. Cedolin, L. (2005), “Spatio-temporal representation of the pitch of complex tones in the auditory nerve,” Eaton-Peabody Laboratory, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 12. Nardo E.D., Nobile A.G., Pirozzi E., Ricciardi L.M. (2007), “Natural Computing: an international journal archive,” Volume 6 , Issue 3 (September 2007) table of contents, p283-310, 2007, ISSN:1567-7818 13. Cunningham J.P., Yu B.M., Shenoy K.V., Sahani M. (2008), “Inferring neural firing rates from spike trains using Gaussian processes”. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 20, (J. Platt, D. Koller, Y. Singer, and S. Roweis, eds.), (Cambridge, MA), 2008, pp. 329-336. 14. Levin, Y.I. (1996), “’Brain music’ in the treatment of patients with insomnia,” Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology, Pringer New York, Vol. 28, No. 3, May 1998. 15. Bohm, D. (1980), “Wholeness and the Implicate Order,” Routledge Classics 2002, ISBN: o-415-38978-5 (hbk). 16. Hadley, F., “Goodbye wires!,” MITnews, June 7, 2007. 17. WiTricity home page: 18. Walker, E.H. (2000), “The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life,” Basic Books (December 2000), ISBN: 978-0738204369.

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"An exciting new theory of sacred art, sacred architecture, and the music and magic of the earth ... a fascinating journey into the mysteries of human consciousness and the lost wisdom of the ancients." Graham Hancock, Author, Fingerprints of the Gods

By Jeffrey Armstrong

which, according to Ayurvedic Medicine, is as permanent as our genetic pattern or blood type. By knowing your body type, you and your health practitioner will understand how climate, food, herbs, medicines and other people will affect you natural energy field. This leads to harmony with Nature. Since disease (or disease) is usually the result an acute or long term imbalance, by knowing your Ayurvedic body type you can learn to take the


Each of us has a unique and recognizable constitutional type

appropriate healing action. What follows is an introduction to recognizing the Ayurvedic 5 Element body types.

The 5 Elements is a different paradigm from the scientific method to which we are accustomed. You could say that methods of thinking are tools for extracting a particular kind of information or outcome from viewing Nature.


to scientists there are 105 elements in the periodic table. Each one has a different atomic weight according to its structure.

Using that approach and the knowledge it has

given, we have been able to build airplanes and send rockets into space. But I am certain that most people make no use of that table of elements in order to live their daily life since it is so complicated.

Western Master of Eastern Wisdom, Inspirational S p e a k e r , Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, International Ay u r Ve d i c A s t r o l o g e r, A u t h o r, & Founder of VASA.

Many different cultures around the world have developed paradigms or mind tools which, like the modern scientific method, give access to Nature and make available various kinds of useful knowledge. Until recently most of us did not know how to use those tools since they came out of a different cultural context. To make a comparison let us say Nature is like a computer. At the engineering level computers are extremely complicated. In fact when they first came out only a few elite engineers could use computers at all. Eventually, new and easier layers were added to the computer until finally the userfriendly Macintosh interface was developed. Using that, someone with no engineering background can use a computer with ease. It is exactly the same with Nature. The world surrounding us is much more complex than any computer. We can interface with nature using complex models like the scientific model. In fact, just like our computer which can run many different programs, we can use many different paradigms to work with Nature. Each approach will give us different capabilities. But in recent years we have been prejudiced to think that only the complicated scientific model is “the truth� and that previous models from older cultures have been superseded or made obsolete. The fact is that many of the more original ways of thinking are deceptively simple. Their power lies in that simplicity!

The Ayurvedic model also has a periodic table of elements. There are only 5 elements to recognize: Earth (solid), Water (liquid), Fire (burning), Air (gaseous) and Space (accommodating). These are the fundamental elements of the universe as we perceive it at the most basic level of perception. You could think of these elements as the fundamental conditions of matter. Our senses are made to easily recognize these five states. When matter is so subtle that we only perceive the experience of emptiness and accommodation, that is Space. When within that we experience movement and perceive a subtle substance through touch, that is Air. When matter gives off heat and light and causes intense transformation, that is Fire. When matter is liquid, fluid and dissolving it is Water. When substance arises with solidity and hardness it is Earth. That’s it! There are only these five states in Nature as we perceive it with our unaided senses. So think of this as the simple Macintosh user-interface to Nature.

Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Space

Not only is the backdrop of Nature made of these five elements but everything that exists in Nature is made of some mixture of these five. Our

bodies are also created with an exact and permanent combination of the five elements which is called our constitutional type. By a further process of simplification the five elements present themselves to us as three basic energy fields: Vata (Space and Air) Pitta (Fire and Water) Kapha (Water and Earth) sciencevedicwisdom.blogspot-images from

In other words the Space and Air manifest together, Fire acts within Water, Water and Earth combine. Kapha then is recognizable in us as our substance, Pitta is seen as our heat, digestion and power of transformation and Vata as our Nervous System and subtle communication system. As an oversimplification this gives rise to three basic body types. Vata is thin, nervous, erratic, cold, dry and high strung. Pitta is medium build, muscular, hot, intense, angry, impatient, controlling, powerful and transforming. Kapha is larger or heavier, nurturing, substantial, emotional, caring, enclosing and conservative. At first it may seem an oversimplification to think there are only three kinds of people. But that generalization reflects the organization of Nature. Five elements give rise to three types which could be thought of as the Air, Fire and Water types. Air types are cold and high strung, Fire types are intense, warm and aggressive, Water types are nurturing, calm and heavier. If you only could choose one, which are you? Remember the point is simplicity, like the Macintosh. Another way to think of the same three types was described by a psychologist named William Sheldon in the 1930’s. Although he was unaware of Ayurveda, he called the three types Ectomorph (Vata), Mesomorph (Pita) and Endomorph (Kapha). Morph means body. Ecto means skin. The Ectomorph is thin and nervous, they receive too much information and often find life too intense. Meso means bones and muscles. The Mesomorph sees life in terms of power and force. Because they are ruled by fire, if they miss a meal they become upset and are almost always warm or hot. Their solution to most situations is force, directness and clarity. Endo means the gut and lymphatic system. Endomorphs are soft and yielding. They seek approval and avoid violence and confrontation. Their tendency is to enclose and nourish. They seek comfort and avoid pain.

Now the secret in all this is that everything in Nature is either Air, Fire or Water. Do you remember the childhood game scissors, paper, rock? One of them always is in control. Rock breaks scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cuts paper. Similarly, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are always going out of balance in Nature. Sometimes it is too hot, sometimes too wet, sometimes too dry. Our body, like Nature is a microclimate. If we eat too much heating food and are a Fire type and it is a hot day, we may develop a heat imbalance. So knowledge of our Body type is the prerequisite to knowing how to stay in balance with Nature. The variables are: food, climate, surroundings and of course other people who embody the energy of Air, Fire or Water. Think of each of them as food or energy which will either balance of imbalance you over time. The effects are gradual but lead eventually to the conditions that lead to dis-ease. Of course, there is much more to the system of Ayurveda than the first step of learning your primary body type. The five elements Vata, Pitta and Kapha lead to a simple and natural view of Nature. It is a powerful user-interface to the biocomputer of our body. The next step is the secret connection between your Vedic sidereal horoscope. The same body type which you can learn to see as an expression of the five elements can be seen in your Vedic horoscope determined by the stars positions at the time of your birth. That is why the horoscope describes you as a Fire sign or Water sign and so forth. A knowledgeable Ayurvedic astrologer will know what you look like before they see you. A knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctor will know how to correct the imbalance they see in you. They will both know your body type from the balance of the five elements in your chart and from your visible bodily characteristics. The same natural interface works from the outside in Ayurvedic medicine and the inside in Vedic astrology. Both sciences are important tools to help you learn to live in harmony and balance with Nature. The benefits are health, greater success in relationships, business and all of life’s complex interactions.

Jeffrey Armstrong

has been a

practicing yogi for 35 years and teaches the Philosophy and Lifestyle of Yoga, including bhakti, tantra and mantra meditation practices. He is an awardwinning author, accomplished mystical poet, and master AyurVedic astrologer.

Š 2008 Jeffrey Armstrong All Rights Reserved

Vibratory therapies, with emphasis on “Rife� frequencies, as we advance in technology there are a few precautionary things to consider.


Vibratory frequencies can kill

and destroy molecular and atomic structures. Sympathetic vibratory energy can be used for a number of purposes. You have to know what you want to use it for. It kills a cell or the mitochondria of the cell by harmonic vibration and accelerates it to the point that its bond of energy can no longer hold it together, like a crystal champagne glass that shatters with a specific pitch (frequency). In the same manner the sympathetic frequency of cells will cause the cell to burst, thus killing them. All cells that are sympathetic to that particular frequency are going to burst, good cells and bad cells.

Viruses are susceptible to mechanical excitation. An experimental group led by K.T. Tsen for Arizona State University has shown that pulses of laser light can induce destructive vibrations in virus shells (HIV).

have become “hotbeds for highly-resistant pathogens” like methicillin-resistanat Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), “increasing the risk that hospitalization kills instead of cures .”


Vibrational healing has been done by many well intentioned people who saw something needed to be done. They developed and perpetuated the advancement of devices (machines) and potions to heal people. But then the quacks showed up with snake oils and great sales pitches to heal all ills. Because they are unscrupulous, no matter how sincere they may seem they are making it harder for people to trust the things that work.( consumerEducation/news/Rife.html) When radium (a deadly frequency emitting substance)was discovered it was thought to be a cure for many things. People were taking it for anything that they thought was wrong with them, and many got cancer and died from the “cure”. This is happening in the medical field today. We get new machines or drugs to heal us and we develop trusts that may be lethal. We need to be better informed. Speaking at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (March 14, 2012) Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization, said antibiotic-resistance could bring about “the end of modern medicine as we know it. We are losing our first-line antimicrobial. Replacement treatments are more costly, more toxic, need much longer durations of treatment, and may require treatment in intensive care units. Hospitals

Diseases that were once curable are becoming harder and more expensive to treat. We each have a little voice inside that tells us what we should do with the knowledge we have. We have to trust the knowledge we have at the time. Most of the time it is better than doing nothing. Hopefully we'll be willing to change our minds when we learn new information. We need to share ideas and information so we can make educated decisions for our health and lives. In 2008 there was a Rife conference that renewed hope in the Rife frequency generators. Information was made available about the “code” to the Rife frequencies, (the auditory frequencies) that nearly everyone was using. They were virtually ineffective by themselves. They were a ratio reference number for a higher frequency that destroyed the bacteria or virus. The “machines” are now more advanced and lethal. The promoters are now getting bolder about telling us that a specific frequency can burst a cell. Rife called it an MOR ( mortal oscillatory rate). There are larger number of new radiating Rife machines on the market today. Since it is illegal to practice medicine without a license or to prescribe a cure for an illness the sales people are very careful to avoid telling you anything that is of much help you.

Rife frequency generators are facing the same problem in combating antimicrobial resistance.

Many of the “Rife frequencies” programmed in the machines are not effective. The new machines that are programmable could be helpful if you knew what frequency to use for the evolving pathogens; these evolving pathogens no longer respond to antibiotics. But there is no current information on what frequencies kill these evolving pathogens. Don't be deceived by the “Sweep frequency” approach. They are programmed frequencies with subharmonic frequencies that do the shot-gun approach with hope that you will get some positive results. Again, if you do not have the right frequency for the targeted bacteria, virus, or cancer cell you will not kill them. Without enough information on what you are doing you could be accelerating their growth rather than killing them.

This Voice of Warning is not to discourage us from seeking the help we need, but to use our voice to get this technology safe and capable of doing if handled properly. The “Rife” concept, as it is dubbed, is using frequencies to “cure” illness. We need a well outlined protocol with constant updates on frequencies to use on particular ailments. The zapper devices are prevalent on the market. Make sure they kill what you want them to kill and not kill you with their side effects. Most cells in the body are not going to respond to frequencies in general. Frequencies need to be targeted to be effective. There is a lack of research demonstrating what the frequencies are doing to healthy tissue by stimulating and mutating the growth of cells. I spoke with the owner of one of the best advertised rife machines on the market and he said he always takes a probiotic following a session because the machine with its sweep frequency destroys bacteria in the lower digestive track. Frequencies are being used to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue. We need to know what we are doing. We need research to verify what is happening in our bodies, and not just anecdotal stories from people trying to sell a Rife machine. I know of a Rife machine developer who has enlisted a university researcher to verify that their machine will kill (burst) a virus or cancer cell. We know that works.

That is where we jump to conclusions about the effectiveness of the machines. What we don't know is the necessary frequencies for each of the growth stages of the virus, bacteria or cancer cell. Different stages respond to different frequencies, making this a rather technical science. Cancer cell as they grow on the skin turn different colors, each of which is a different frequency. (see color frequency spectrum) There is no question the technology works for a specific cell, virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. Most of what has been done is still using old information. There is a well know frequency that causes cancer that we are exposed to every day. That is UV rays from the sun. (see spectrum chart) We are beginning to protect ourselves with awareness and the right kinds of interventions. We need to do the same with frequency technologies. With consumer groups and we can bring about the needed research to make these new frequency devices safe and effective. Never underestimate the importance of this age of social media. My suggestion would be (and it is so overly simple that it just might work) to get a new and different type of frequency generator with programmable capability that can be easily tuned to the frequencies that we want. We also need a reliable source for new frequencies. To do this we should create a central world research facility that continually surveys and collects all the new pathogens, and super-

viruses of the world and determines the frequency that will destroy each one. We also need to know the length of time necessary for a treatment so that we do not destroy too much of the pathogen/virus at a time creating a serious toxic condition in the body. This would require an aggressive cleansing protocol. Much like prescribed medication, you can't take it all at once. The use of frequencies in this way would eliminate the need for most of the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies manufacture. It appears they don't want to make them anyway, because it is not as profitable for them to develop these antibiotic drugs that are used basically one time, as opposed to drugs people use on a long term basis such as cholesterol medication. This frequency approach would be safer, and also help many countries that lack laboratory diagnostic, quality assurance, and control over counterfeit and substandard antibiotics.

Do frequencies work to heal us? The answer is an emphatic yes!!! Let's get the right people enthused about doing this. I am grateful for all of the people that have tried to make this work. They have had to fight government regulations, the medical profession, and ignorance. They have tried to educate us the best they can. But it needs a bigger voice, and some serious researchers putting this most important branch of science to work for us. by Gene Webb

The Start of an Evolution...


2QH:RUOG‡2QH3HRSOH‡2QH6RQJ‡0DQ\9RLFHV &ODVVLF5RFN‡)RON‡)ODPHQFR‡%OXHJUDVV‡*RVSHO‡-D]]‡5DS a-­FDSSHOOD‡+DUG5RFN‡$UW6RQJ‡&KLQHVH)XVLRQ‡+LS+RS Lucas Hille   Bill  Sample   Kallisto  Trio   Wes  Mackey   Angus  Wilson   Heidi  Klassen   Randy  Ponzio   Steve  Maddock   Heidi  McCurdy   Gerardo  Alcalá     &  Jafelin  Helten   Edwin  Martinez   Tonye  Aganaba   Orchid  Ensemble   Tishomingo  String  Band   Gentlemen  Prefer  Blondes      

The O World Project is a multi-­media initiative encompassing the arts, sciences and spiritual traditions. The mission of the project is to celebrate the diversity of human culture and to add another voice of inspiration for a new paradigm of global community and consciousness.

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Gateway to the Cosmos Awaken your consciousness to the harmonics of the spheres. Journey the Solar System. Take the cosmic trip with David Hickey.

David Hickey




Planet Gongs are tuned to the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets. All of these gongs resonate in harmony with the celestial bodies and communicate a distinct aspect of the Music of the Spheres, which was first documented by Pythagoras in the 6th Century BC. Each planet gong contributes a vital pitch to the total harmonic resonance of our solar system. Named for the Greek Gods, the planets also embody significant archetypal, astrological, and mythological associations. The Planet Gongs provide a gateway back to our natural state of connectedness with the physical, emotional, and spiritual world. When the gong is sounded, we are physically connected to the strength and power of its resonance, sympathy, and correspondences. The Planet Gongs are used by both individuals and practitioners to uncover feelings, stimulate growth, balance, inner harmony, and evolution of the nervous system. Used on their own or as part of a "Harmonic Attunement," Planet Gongs are integrated into Crystal Journey's performances with the Quartz Crystal Bowls as well as private attunements that are offered for individuals, groups, communities, and organizations.

The frequencies used for the Planet Gongs represent the calculations of Hans Cousto.

38" Ohm (Earth Year) Planet Gong (Gaia) Earth in the solar year, season to season, it is our home tone. Approximate musical note is C#. Rules: Earth's Yearly Seasonal Cycle Character: Midlife, grounding, balance Key Words: Nature, sustenance, material gain, food, creativity, concentration, reason for being, remembrance, birth, youth, midlife, wisdom, and experience. Basic Function: Earth represents the ability to be comfortable in our body, and the homework we each must do. It provides the balance needed to complete our destiny successfully.

38" Sun Planet Gong (Helios) Approximate musical note is B. Rules: Leo Character: Self Key Words: Initiative, vitality, authority, leadership, generosity, individuation, power, confidence, and selfesteem. Basic Function: Helps to define our individuality, integrity, and independence; to overcome limiting environmental conditions, and to be in touch with our Divine seed.

38" Sedna Planet Gong (Sedna) Approximate musical note is C. Rules: Harmonics with strong affinity to Pluto and Neptune Character: New Paradigms Key Words: Sound, forgiveness, compassion, creativity, global view, water, purging and purifying toxicity, t ra n s f o r m a t i o n / t ra n s m i g ra t i o n , r i g h t c o n d u c t a n d responsibility, non-linearity/non-duality. Basic Function: Sedna expands and challenges our ideas and assumptions about the very nature of the cosmos, opening us to new paradigms and non-duality, providing us with access into the deep layers of the personal and collective unconscious, our super conscious, and Universal intelligences.

36" Pluto Planet Gong (Hades) Approximate musical note is C#. Rules: Scorpio Character: Transformation Key Words: Transmutation, integration, sexuality, illumination, transformation, liberation, potential, shadow, death and resurrection, rebirth, and polarity. Basic Function: Growth and transcendence through conflict. Pluto breaks down the old into its component parts only to reassemble them on a new higher octave. Pluto rules the raising of kundalini, the major driving power of this ongoing process.

32" Mercury Planet Gong (Hermes) Approximate musical note is C#. Rules: Gemini/Virgo Character: Mind Key Words: Communication, concrete knowledge, reason, realism, analysis, intelligence, cunning, alertness, eloquence, discrimination, versatility, dexterity, conceptual ability, and inventiveness. Basic Function: Activates our mind and reasoning faculty to promote knowledge, understanding, communication, freedom of choice, and synthesis.

32" Mars Planet Gong (Ares) Approximate musical note is D. Rules: Aries/Scorpio Character: Passion Key Words: Self-assertion, survival, decisive, activity, desire, the masculine principle, physical initiative, energy, courage, originality, courage, action, determination power, virility, and resolve. Basic Function: Propels you to take action, provides the courage necessary to remove obstacles in your path, and to find new ways of self-expression. Protects and assures.

32" Chiron Planet Gong (Chiron) Approximate musical note is D#. Rules: Virgo Character: Initiation Key Words: Non-traditional healing methods, alchemy, vision, destiny, self-sacrifice, animal power, integrity, strength, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, dependability, unconventionality, and craftiness. Basic Function: Chiron is the wounded healer, a catalyst to help us access our deepest wounds so that we may move forward with strength, compassion, and wisdom to achieve our true destiny.

32" Saturn Planet Gong (Kronos) Approximate musical note is D. Rules: Capricorn Character: Discipline Key Words: Stability, patience, structure, self-discipline, law, control, power, limitation, wisdom, perseverance, restriction, protection, caution, achievement, overview, and time. Basic Function: To restrain us; helps us establish healthy boundaries and forges us in the inner fire of discipline, so that we may gain the power and wisdom to actualize our soul's purpose.

32" Nibiru Planet Gong (Nibiru) Approximate musical note is E. Rules: Libra Character: Evolution Key Words: Evolution, travel, connection, the gods, roots and origins, genetics, change, feelings, emotional longing and resolution, enlightenment, initiator, and restoration. Basic Function: Nibiru crosses our lives and helps us to identify our emotional needs and longing, to achieve resolution and enlightenment, so that we can repair that which is not working and restore ourselves to balance.

24" Neptune Planet Gong (Poseidon) Approximate musical note is G#. Rules: Pisces Character: Creativity/Bliss Key Words: Mystical, illusive, transcendental, inspiring, visionary, compassionate, sacrificial, esp., psychic and cosmic awareness, and spiritualism. Basic Function: To dissolve out-dated patterns and attachments in order to make room for growth. Neptune points out false projections and illusions, allowing us to reclaim our lost power; helps us access the potential for intuition, inspiration, and artistic creativity.

24" Uranus Planet Gong (Uranus) Approximate musical note is G#. Rules: Aquarius Character: Change Key Words: Individualism, originality, rebellion, electricity, genius, creativity, revolution, transmission, innovation, and resourcefulness. Basic Function: Initiates changes wherever necessary in our life and habit patterns. Uranian energy throws us into the unexpected and unknown, forcing us to experience the new and unusual, ever expanding our field of awareness.

24" Venus Planet Gong (Aphrodite) Approximate musical note is A. Rules: Taurus/Libra Character: Relationships Key Words: Love, passion, desire, artistic sensibility, affection, harmony, beauty, magnetism, the feminine principal, cooperation, sociability, refinement, and responsiveness. Basic Function: Increases our awareness of others, brings beauty, harmony, creativity, and abundance, while opening us up to the power and potential of relationship.

The intent of the performance is to create soothing, meditative and healing music. Each one of my performances is c o m p l e t e l y improvised, and unique. The music attracts a full range of listeners. My concerts are in two sets, each lasting an hour in length.


David Heskin & Aloria Weaver

Nature divides all of her expressions of energy into octaves and tones of equal constants of equal dimension. The dimensional relationships of octaves and tones vary in ratio which are absolute and universal.

In equal measure Sacred geometry is a method representing the metaphysical relationship between physical and spiritual existence, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the individual and the Universal. Walter Russell, “The Universal One�

Photo/Liquid Crystal by Minutemen Solid Crystal by JJ Harrison/

Drawing by Walter Russell, The Universal One

All matter is crystalline. Crystals are the record in form of the state of motion of the potential which produced that form. Crystal are the frozen records in form of the genero/active effort of accumulating potential.

Crystallization Chart Walter Russell, “The Universal One”

All crystalline forms are records of tonal period-ices. - Walter Russell, “The Universal One”

Crystals - liquid to solid

The image above represents how the cusps of several astrological signs regard each other by aspect. This lattice reveals the geometry, and nature of our harmonic universe. What is your geometry in this space time? –1533 Hervagius edition of Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, published in Basel. Latin text by Plato of Tivoli.

By Joyce Hawkes

As we become more and more aware and appreciative of the sacred ground of these recycled bodies we inhabit, the question of cellular evolution shifts to the evolution of consciousness. What is possible? What is already in process? How does our body support transformation of mind and consciousness? Can we mindfully assist this kind of change?

C e l l - L e v e l Evolution: Where are we headed?

This is an excerpt from Resonance, Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality by Joyce Hawkes. Published by Hay House

transformation The body is so astonishing in its complexity. Numbering 100 trillion cells of 200 different cell types, it cannot be anything but sacred ground. The elements within us, recycled from the beginning of biological time are 90% stardust. There is not a new atom in any of us, yet we are renewed continually every day we breathe. Our cellular evolution can be traced back in time through the genome and fossil evidence, but what about where we might be headed in the future? Evolutionary biological change has been theorized, but the time-line extends far beyond our life time, thus it is difficult to notice in the short sweep of our days.

harmony Many of us seek answers in places of antiquity and in the practices of shamans, who have discovered routes to transformation in the harmony of the universe.

Many of us seek answers in places of antiquity and in the practices of shamans, who have discovered routes to transformation in the harmony of the universe. My biophysics professor was a shaman in his own very academic way. Ernest Pollard, a founding father of biophysics, repeatedly said in his classes, “The Universe is a Harmonic Oscillator.” In other words, the basic nature of the universe is to wiggle in a harmonic (not dissonant) manner. Years after I received my PhD in biophysics, with Dr. Pollard’s blessing as a committee member, I had the most wonderful opportunity to work with another shaman, in a totally different cultural setting and context. I was to experience ancient rituals in Bali of testing and initiation that took me back in time, but bumped me forward in such a significant way in consciousness that I have never been the same. I am grateful for this strange juxtaposition of both old and new practices that advanced my personal evolution. This is the way my experience unfolded in Bali. I encounter an old woman with wise eyes, shrewd glances, and hair so long that it reached to the back of her knees. Through my translator, she says, “I will take you to an empowerment temple for our own healers, and do a ceremony as we do here.”

I don’t want to appear overly eager, but I am thrilled. After 12 weeks in Bali, this is a connection to an authentic part of the healing culture I’ve longed to experience. Plans are formed and agreements made about the time to gather for the drive to the healer’s temple. I am eager for the next day when we will embark on the journey of initiation. I feel so at home and resonant with the island of Bali and with this particular healer, Jero Mangku Srikandi. Before this trip, I had been satisfied with my work and my life, but now I feel restlessness. It is time to expand and break out of the confines of my current level of consciousness. Morning comes and we gather at Jero’s home. She is dressed in a fine sarong, with a temple scarf tied at her waist. Her hair is freshly twined high atop her head. Jero’s husband, often the gracious host, server of coffee and fruits, is today splendidly dressed in priest’s attire and carries a tray of offerings, ready for the gods. The driver, one I have not met before, formally opens the car door for Jero, and she settles in to the front seat. He slips in behind the wheel and the rest of us, including my translator, Budi, squeeze into the back together. Off we go. We stop at a small outdoor market to pick up additional flowers for the offering baskets. Everything is heated by the equatorial sun, close and hot. Trees, people, and market wares exude perfumed oils. Essence of spice, essence of heat, essence of flowers, essence of dust, essence of color, and the essence of intensity mingle in the soft touch of ocean wind. They foretell the coming initiation and its evolutionary push of body and soul to higher consciousness. At this point I cannot get the flavor of the story, I cannot understand the soft whisper, nor see the form to come. After an hour-long drive we turn down a narrow, unmarked road. The asphalt surface is no longer smooth, but crumbled into pits. The car slows markedly as we climb into and out of one pothole after another. Budi is very quiet. His usual chatty, gregarious self has buckled into an unfamiliar silence. He speaks softly to me, “I do not know this temple.” Chills of fear run up my spine. My thoughts race: “I could die out here and no one would know where to find my remains. I am completely at the mercy of the goodwill, not only of my companions, but of the powers of life and death.” I thought that my near-death experience had completely purged me of a fear of death, but I realize that was not totally true.

It is not a social outing. No picnic basket was packed; no jug of lemonade was prepared. Rising out of my thoughts and worries, I smell sea-air and lean forward to look past the driver’s head. There are black sand beaches, palm trees, and an ocean that shimmers in the distance. Our car trip ends in a dusty pullover. We pile out, and I notice chunks of black pumice and lava pebbles scattered on the ground that had been spewed out by Mount Agung when it last erupted in the late 1960’s. In Bali it seems that there are always people, a small village, or a few family dwellings on every road. Notably, in this place there are no people, no priests, nor groundskeepers. There are no other cars or buildings of any kind. Silently, we troop along behind Jero to the gate of the healer’s empowerment temple. Very directly, Jero walks through the split gate that represents the threshold between sacred and secular, and the split of the dualistic mind. She sits on the steps that lead to the whole gate, which represents the prepared, undivided mind. She gestures for me to sit in the dirt at the base of the steps. She lights incense, prays, and sprinkles holy water on the offerings arranged on a gilded plate. She leads me in a prayer and purification ritual which includes the required sprinkling with holy water from the petals of a Plumeria flower dipped in a small vessel of blessed water. Budi translates as Jero speaks. “The god of the temple accepts our offerings and accepts Joyce. Proceed.” We follow her to a side court. We pass under an archway into a dark shrine. It feels as though we have walked into a place that could not be entered of even physically seen without permission from the temple gods. Jero sits in front of the shrine on some steps and motions for me to take my place again in the dust of the ground below her. She repeats her chants and offerings. Smoke billows from a cluster of incense sticks and rises to the carved god of the shrine, a visage I have not seen before in Bali or anywhere else. The statue is about five feet tall, dark, with a narrow somewhat human but mostly otherworldly face. This was not a familiar deity as seen on many Balinese statues of Shiva, Ganesha, or other gods. The stones that surround the statue are dark and seem very old. Some chunks have broken away and were restacked with care, but not with mortar. Jungle vegetation curls around the shrine from a green place behind. Tendrils reach for the god’s arms, legs, and brow. Jero completes her chants and pulls me to No one chats on this trip.


doorway stand, takes my hands, opens my arms as wide as they can go. She begins to dance, swirls, dips and spins ever so fast. To my astonishment, I begin to dance with her as a joyful spirit buoys my awareness. As she finishes her dance, she declares that the god of the temple welcomes us and is pleased with us being there, and, furthermore, accepts me and my vocation as a healer. We move deeper into the temple grounds. Glistening in the sun is an enormous pool of water, fed by a fresh water spring. The sides of the pool are formed of stones that make a rectangular container for this unexpected source of clear water. The ledge above the pool is wide enough to walk upon. At one end the ledge juts out into the pool forming a walkway to a small shrine. Jero proceeds across by herself and sets up an offering at the base of the shrine. At some subtle signal, her husband walks around me, takes my hands in his, and leads me out to the shrine. Jero motions for me to sit down and then begins a lovely chant. The air is sweet here, the sun is refreshing, and the pool dazzles the eyes. I look down and see that I am sitting inches from a red ant hill and ants are scurrying around. I choose to ignore the possibility that these ants could crawl all over me and thoroughly bite me. My eyes close as my spirit drifts upwards along with the smoke from the incense. There were many tests as this experience unfolded: tests of my confidence, my awareness, my focus. Each aspect of the experience pushed my boundaries, jolted my awareness, and guided me to an evolutionary change of heart and mind. The teacher, without ever speaking my language opened a doorway to the inner realms, a path that continues to open to this day.

Not everyone needs to sit at the feet of a shaman in front of strange statues to find a route to their own transformation. But we do need to find ways to free ourselves from restrictive beliefs and from stuck places. We must find the deep inner resonance that connects us with the life-giving essence within and with that which is greater than ourselves. Where do we find guidance for this journey? I’ve come to think of the myriad voices out there that have the answer, as voices that found their answer. I can learn from their insights and honor their teachings if some part resonates with me. We can take what works and leave the rest. At some point, many of us were conditioned to believe that we have to take the whole package of any belief system. In the long run, it is far better to use your own judgment and discern bit by bit what is resonant with your inner truth. How do any of us find inner truth and discern the harmonious from the dissonant? One way is to learn to trust our deep self. I learned that if I veer from my guidance, I feel terrible, become unhappy and feel estranged from myself and from Spirit. Over the years, the process has become more and more fine-tuned, as I discovered that there is a quiet guidance of exquisite reliability. This guidance is the presence of a mysterious love that holds the best for each of us in our journey through this lifetime. To break loose from myopic vision and truly see oneself and the universe, to receive blessings in near or far-away temples, or within the temple of the heart, and know that love abides with us forever is invaluable. We are transforming. We are in harmonious connection with ourselves and the universe.

We are resonant with life through love.

Joyce Hawkes, PhD, is a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with a longstanding career as a research cell biologist and biophysicist. After a near-death experience she embarked on an exploration of indigenous healing traditions and now teaches energy healing at the interface of science and spirit. Hawkes teaches nationally and internationally, and is the author of Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell, and Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality. Photoʼs by Joyce Hawkes

Photography by Joyce Hawkes


Joyce Hawkes Ph.D Resonance:The Mystery of Science & Spirit for Healing Saturday, June 22 Free Talk & Signing 6:30-8pm Sunday, Workshop, June 23, 1-4pm Cell-Level Resonance for Healing and Vitality Prana Yoga College, 293 E. 2nd Ave., Vancouver,

$30 in advance, $45 at the door . (+hst)

Resonance nourished my soul, cleansed my heart, and set my brain on fire. It is a thoughtful compelling book that reads like a detective story yet presents the cutting edge of energy healing, science, and medicine. Melvin L. Morse, MD Near Death and Consciousess Researcher. Author of Closer to the Light and Where God Lives.

Listen in Coast to Coast with Joyce Hawkes

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Your Personal GPS for Conscious Living The bud becomes a glorious rose, the acorn a majestic tree; the wild flower seeds a luminous field of color. The stars and planets multiply into galaxies, and galaxies into super galaxies. The embryo grows into a fetus, the fetus into a baby, the baby into a child, and the child to adulthood. The broken-hearted become lighthearted, and the emotionally wounded experience healing and peace. There is a universal impulse to grow, to change, to become “more” of who we truly are. Built into the fabric of all existence is the element of growth, of progression. Everything is in a state of evolving to a higher, more complex order. We can call this universal element of creation The Grower. All existence is propelled by the creative energy of this force. When it comes to our personal growth, our evolution to a higher state of consciousness, we can appropriately say it is our Inner Grower at work. Our Inner Grower has our highest and best interests at heart at all times. But what do we really know about our Inner Grower? How can we become aware of it, aligned with it, say "yes" to it? For most of us, our Inner Grower is an unacknowledged part of our being. No wonder humanity as a whole and most humans have been stuck in repetitive negative cycles. We cry out in pain: Why aren’t we learning to live more sanely, more lovingly as a species? Why do I feel so stuck in my life? And why do I make the same mistakes over and over again?

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Miracle E x p e r i e n c e May 25th

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Constance Kellough - Magical Journey Founder of Namaste Publishing, Author of The Leap Theda Phoenix - Intuitive Singer, Songwriter 7:30 pm, Unity of Vancouver, $30 Tickets @ Banyen Books and

This is a collaborative experience in consciousness, intention and love that's sure to touch your heart, boggle your mind, and open doors to undreamed possibilities.


Miracle Makers

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The in the Mustard Seed

Miracle of CoCreation Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called "the voice for conscious evolution of our time" by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch's new book "The Mother of Invention." A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

In 1945 the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and the world caught its breath. This pivotal event deeply impacted the young Barbara Marx Hubbard, who found herself asking President E i s e n h o w e r, " W h a t i s t h e meaning of our power that is good"? Barbara's 40+ year inquiry, and the answers she has found, offer invaluable assistance to us all at this time in our history. Despite the state of the world, we are truly on the threshold of great possibility, of our own conscious evolution.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

“There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.” ~Buckminster Fuller

Miracle Energy My first glimpse of the torus - the fundamental energy pattern of the Universe - happened when I was 14 years old. I was riding on a school bus, gazing out the window, the sunlight blinking through the trees, when I suddenly had a vision of a whirlpool pattern and I just knew that the flow of energy I was seeing was the same in an atom as in our entire solar system. I felt deeply that I, too, was somehow made of that same pattern. The quest to understand this potential template for sustainable systems became a life-long pursuit, leading to clues from ancient cultures, real-life free energy devices, and greater understanding of the features of healthy living systems and how we can mimic them to thrive.

Foster Gamble

This adventure forms the story line of our film THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take, which has already been seen by millions of people in five months and is available on DVD or for free online at our website: The vast site is in turn a toolkit to empower a self-creating movement for thriving around the world. Solutions groups are forming and linking together other in many cities and countries, all working with a "whole systems" Sector Model that allows activists to cover many issues effectively while sharing knowledge, best practices and resources.

Free Sample Issue

Interview with Foster Gamble, producer of THRIVE by Jeanne Manning with insights into new energy and so much more....

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

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Ela Rezmer Design featured

Design has a significant impact on body, mind and spirit as everything is interconnected. Giving absolute consideration to

Ela Rezmer Design

energetic flow means that we cannot design without honouring

With every breath of air we share, we co-create our existence in our b o d y, o u r i n h a b i t e d spaces and all of nature. How we breathe creates our inner space, which is reflected back into our living environment.

the energy of the space we are working with. That includes any pre-existing structures as well as the energy of the people who will be living and working in those spaces.” With that in mind, she integrates the principles of Sacred Geometry into her designs to create harmony, peace, exquisite functionality and flow. Ela is a practicing Int er ior Designer with a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design who runs her own company: Ela Rezmer Design Studio.   Ela Rezmer, M.A. 604-780-3400 Ela@

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Harmonic Evolution- Volume 10  

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