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BE SMART Build a Credible Business 
 Do you have a trusted advisor partner that will assist you to design a business plan and model that will set you on your road to success? Let us gift you 9 tips necessary to a successful business model. i.

Executive Summary


Business Description


Management Team


Product or Service


Market Analysis (of existing competitors)


Sales & Promotional Strategy


Funding (Capital) Requirements


Financial Projections


Exit Strategy (uber critical)

Tip 1

Are you an expert in all of these areas? Lets see. ScaleUPCheckUP™ and our team of experts will guide you to realizing your dream. And, we can make it easier and have a few laughs on the journey. This stuff is second nature to us. Check out
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Lauren A. Cohen, Esq. | Strategist

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ScaleUP for Exit

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Many business owners spend their c a p i t a l , t i m e a n d e ff o r t o n marketing and sales - the fun stuff…the ice cream - but they forget that a sound foundation is the key to their success – just like “boring” broccoli can help sustain you, so too can proper professional guidance help sustain your business, thereby transitioning the otherwise boring broccoli into fun ICE CREAM." Lauren A.Cohen, Esq. Founder

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HOW TO ScaleUP YOUR SUCCESS! What is the Right Legal Structure for You? Limited Liability Company? (i)





Limited Liability Company?




Sole Proprietorship?



LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE We can implement.

8 to 10 Fail

Forbes Magazine - 8 /10 businesses fail. Harvard Biz School - 75% of venturebacked startups fail. Most businesses (>50%) cycle out within five years, and few manage to 
 sustain more than 10 years.

Tip 3

Must Not Forget: • Regular Ongoing
 professional review • Corporate Record Books – obtaining + maintaining! • Intellectual Property considerations 

Lauren A. Cohen, Esq. |EXPERT

When is Collaboration the Right Choice? THE SHORT ANSWER – ALWAYS!!! Some key options are: i.

Joint Venture




Partnership (Strategic)


Affiliate Relationships

Tip 4

Which option(s) are right for your business? In all cases, the most prudent advice is ALWAYS reduce to writing – DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!

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Where are you with your business? ID your gaps! Where do you need to focus? Are you looking for funding? Are you planning your lucrative exit?

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ScaleUPCheckUP™ Success Plan $997.

ScaleUPCheckUP™ Success Plan $997. Value $2500. Designed for business owners who struggle with the foundational issues
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Review of comprehensive questionnaire addressing various critical business areas Analysis of your business’s gaps and how to fill them Consultation to discuss areas of concern such as systems, legal, business planning, insurance, etc. And so much more! Ask us.

The 360º ScaleUpCheckUp™ Success System:
 1. Assessment 2. Diagnosis 3. Delivery

Tip 6

7 Critical Elements

The 7 most critical elements that business owners often ignore that could lead to disaster: 1. Funding & Capitalization  2. Business Planning (mission, vision, exit strategy)  3. Branding & Marketing  4. Legal & Compliance 5. Financial & Accounting 6. Systems & Operations/HR 7. Insurance & Licenses 

Tip 7

ScaleUpCheckUp™'s 4 Pillars To Success Vision + Mindset + Planning + Commitment




Several potential clients have asked me questions regarding their trademark rights similar to the following: “I have been selling goods under my trademark for several years. I never registered my trademark. Another business sent me a cease and desist letter stating that my use of … READ MORE INTERNATIONAL PATENT STRATEGIES THERE IS MORE...

Lauren A. Cohen, Esq. Globally-acclaimed entrepreneur, international speaker and #1 bestselling author Lauren A. Cohen is a transactional lawyer licensed in both the U.S. and Canada. Lauren is an expert concierge business legal advisor boasting a stellar track record of success. She has first-hand knowledge of the visa process as an immigrant from Canada who became an American citizen in 2012. 
 After many years of running e-Council Inc., a successful international advisory company, Lauren recognized a pervasive need among entrepreneurs seeking a one-stop toolbox to ensure their businesses are sustainable, scalable, and ultimately saleable. Designed to identify gaps and provide solutions to fill them, ScaleUpCheckUp™ is committed to helping business owners realize the highest value for  their businesses. To accomplish this, we apply our 3-step ScaleUpCheckUp™ Success System Assessment, Diagnosis & Delivery - to add Zero’s to your business’s revenues & value.  Lauren is thrilled to now be on faculty of the Forbes and INC.renowned global networking and training program for successful business owners, CEO Space International, and is a mentor to multiple groups and organizations worldwide. 
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How do you ScaleUp Your Business? Tips Here.  

Take the ScaleUPCheckUP™'quiz Where you are with your business?
ID your gaps! Where do you need to focus!
Are you looking for funding? Are...

How do you ScaleUp Your Business? Tips Here.  

Take the ScaleUPCheckUP™'quiz Where you are with your business?
ID your gaps! Where do you need to focus!
Are you looking for funding? Are...