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SCIENCE TO SAGE Insights from the Electric Universe Conference – The Third Human Story Mel Achesmon • World-view in Succession Thunderbolt info • What is Plasma • Weather: Fair, Foul or Electric? Wal Thornhill • Stars in the Electric Universe Don Scott • The Electric Sky • Electric Model of the Sun James Ryder • IBEX’s Surprising Results Gerald Pollack • The Geometry of Life David Talbot

The Special Relationship Between Sound & Light Dr. Kontantin Korotkov • • •

What is Energy What is Biological Energy Electrophotosphernes & Energography • The Kirlian’s Dr. Joe Dispenza • The Wave of the Future Karen Elkins • Excerpts for InsideOUT ARTIST GALLERY Clayton Mabey • What is an Amigram? Karl Herrmann •

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The Electric Universe – Seeking the Third Story Robert M. Schoch • Plasma Earth & the Last Ice Age James. L Oschman • Understanding Earthing (Grounding) Steve Smith • 3D Mars OTHER FEATURED AUTHORS John Stuart Reid

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Electric Theory


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