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TABLE OF CONTENTS Yoga Mudras in Orthodox Christian Art: A Hindu-Buddhist In uence? 
 ~ Bibhu Dev Misra

Unknown Life of Jesus Christ - Nicolas Notovitch (1892)
 Introduction Gospel of Thomas - Abbot George Burke

Cochin Jews in India - Wikipedia

The Esoteric Meaning of Mediterranean Mosaics: Ruins of a Future Science, Deep in Europe’s Past - Richard Cassaro
 Will Science Verify God? - Walter Russell

Wisdom-Verses - Harvey Kraft

Mystery by Another Name - Akasha - Lisa Barnett



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 Adam Abraham

Yoga Mudras in Orthodox Christian Art: A Hindu-Buddhist Influence? My research into the Olmec culture of Mesoamerica had revealed that the Olmecs were ardent practitioners of hatha yoga – a set of asanas or postures that balances and aligns the body, mind, and spirit. Quite unexpectedly, I also came to a startling realization: a large number of religious icons of the Orthodox Christian Church depict Jesus, Mary, and the saints performing hand-gestures which correspond exactly to specific yoga mudras. This indicates that, meditation using yoga mudras must have formed an essential part of the spiritual practices of the early Church. Before proceeding further, let me briefly explain the concept of yoga mudras. Yoga mudras are generally regarded as a component of hatha yoga. They comprise of a set of hand-gestures performed during meditation. The hand-gestures direct the flow of the vital energy (prana) to the different parts of the body through the energy channels (nadis). This helps to balance the five elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) which constitute the human body, namely fire, air, ether, earth, and water. In Ayurveda, it is believed that imbalances in these five elements results in various diseases. Yoga mudras not only regulate and strengthen the physiological functions of our body and assist in healing, but also provide a number of mental and spiritual benefits for the practitioner.

By Bibhu Dev Misra Yoga (means to unite) is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of speci c bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. At its broadest, yoga, from the root word “yuj” in Sanskrit, means to unite. Most Hindu texts discuss yoga as a practice to control the senses and ultimately, the mind.


“The essence of yoga is to reach oneness with God.”
 - Pattabhi Jois

The following images illustrate the 10 yoga mudras that I was able to identify in Orthodox art There must be many more mudras waiting to be found out.

Salvator Mundi is a painting of Christ as Salvator Mundi (Latin for "Savior of the World") by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, dated to c. 1500. The painting shows Jesus, in Renaissance dress, giving a benediction with his right hand raised and two


extended, while holding a transparent rock crystal orb in his left hand, signaling his role as savior of the world and master of the cosmos, and representing the 'crystalline sphere' of the heavens, as it was perceived during the Renaissance.


Leonardo da Vinci [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1.Prithvi Mudra The Prithvi (Earth) Mudra is performed by touching the tip of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb. The mudra is very efficient at strengthening and healing the body. The mudra also activates the root chakra, which promotes a sense of stability and self-assurance.

2.Prana Mudra Prana Mudra is called the Mudra of Life. It is given immense importance in the yogic practice for it can heal more than a hundred different kinds of diseases and health conditions. The Prana (Vital-energy) Mudra is formed by touching the tips of the ring finger and little finger with the tip of the thumb. The mudra increases the flow of prana in the body, which strengthens the immune system and gives the body the resilience to heal itself. The mudra activates the root chakra which promotes stability, calmness, and


The mudra is very efficient at strengthening and healing the body. The mudra also

activates the root chakra, which promotes a sense of stability and self-assurance.

3.Apana Mudra (and its variation Karana Mudra) The Apana (Descending vital-energy) Mudra is formed by touching the tips of the ring finger and middle finger with the tip of the thumb. The mudra regulates the excretory systems of the body. It detoxifies and purifies the body, and also helps in digestion. A variation of the Apana Mudra is called the Karana Mudra, in which the ring finger and middle finger are folded but their tips do not touch the tip of the thumb. Sometimes, the thumb might hold down the middle and ring finger. The Karana Mudra is believed to dispel negativity and obstacles, and ward off the evil eye. Although I could not find any representation of the Karana Mudra in Byzantine Art, the mudra is still popular in Italy and some Mediterranean countries where it is called the Corna (phonetically very similar to Karana). The Corna has the same function as the Karana Mudra i.e. it wards off bad luck and offers protection in unlucky situations. In popular media, the Corna is sometimes interpreted as a satanic symbol, which is quite certainly an idea propagated by people with hyperactive imaginations.

Warding Off Evil

“Orthodox” means the Right Way

Awareness of Our Inner Divine Self

4. Shuni Mudra or Akasha Mudra The Shuni (Saturn) Mudra or Akasha Mudra is performed by touching the tip of the middle finger with the tip of the thumb. The mudra generates awareness of our inner divine self, and promotes living in the present moment. It also encourages compassion, understanding and patience towards others.

5. Dhyana Mudra The Dhyana (Meditation) Mudra is performed by sitting in a cross-legged position (preferably padmasana or sukhasana) and placing the hands on the lap, one on top of the other, such that the thumbs touch at the tip. This mudra stills the mind and helps one to build the one-pointed focus which is essential for meditation. This Byzantine image of Jesus shows him meditating with his hands in the Dhyana Mudra. He is seated on a double-lotus under a mustard tree, with a conspicuous protuberance on top of his head. The Buddhist influence in this imagery is palpable. The Buddha is frequently shown seated in Dhyana Mudra on a double-lotus throne. While Jesus is seated under a mustard tree, the Buddha is often shown seated under a Bodhi Tree – the place of his enlightenment. The red protuberance on Jesus’s head corresponds to the topknot on Buddha’s head called ushnisha, which was represented as a crown-jewel radiating rays

quiets the mind

of light or as a flame signifying the Buddha’s

spiritual power and illumination.

The Monastery of Saint Anthony is a Coptic Orthodox monastery standing in an oasis in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

6.Surya Mudra (Agni Mudra) The Surya Mudra / Agni Mudra is performed by folding the ring finger and pressing the second phalanx with the base of the thumb. This mudra has a therapeutic effect on digestive disorders, and it helps to lower body fat and bad cholesterol.

7.Anjali Mudra The Anjali Mudra is the “Namaste” gesture. It is formed by bringing the palms together in front of the chest, such that the thumbs rest lightly against the sternum. The mudra brings together the left and right hemispheres of the brain and makes us aware of our divine essence. This releases stress and anxiety, and promotes

respect for others.

Therapeutic effect on digestive disorders, and it helps to lower body fat and bad cholesterol

Masters Dispel Fear

Blessings and Charity

8.Abhaya Mudra The Abhaya Mudra is performed by raising the hand with the palm facing outwards. This mudra is performed by deities and spiritual masters to dispel fear and afford divine protection to the devotees. The open palms radiate the silent will and vital-energy of the spiritual master.

9.Varada Mudra The Varada Mudra is performed by holding out the hand, palm facing outwards, with the fingers pointing downwards. This is a boon-bestowing gesture, and symbolizes the act of bestowing blessings and charity. Like the Abhaya mudra, this mudra is performed by deities and spiritual masters, whose divine energies are directed outwards through the open palms. The Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra are often performed

together, one with each hand.

10. Ardhapataka Mudra The final mudra in this list is the Ardhapataka Mudra, which appears in both Byzantine and Buddhist art. In this mudra, the ring finger and little finger are folded while the others are kept upright. It is believed that performing the mudra enables people to free themselves from the nuisances in their lives, such as those who take advantage of a persons’ generosity etc. This mudra generally does not appear in the traditional list of yoga mudras, and the knowledge and practice of this mudra has been transmitted orally. The term Ardha-pataka is used for this mudra in the Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam. It is possible that the mudra had a different name in the context of Hindu-Buddhist yogic

practice in the ancient times.

Free yourself from those who take advantage of your generosity

Evidently, a large number of yoga mudras are depicted in the religious icons of the Orthodox Christian Church. It is interesting that the

term “Orthodox” means “right belief”

and Orthodox Christians consider themselves to be the inheritors of the “true faith and Church” passed on in its purest form. They claim to have maintained the original teachings of the Apostles, and preserved the correct form of worshipping God.

This implies that meditation using yoga mudras must have formed a core part of the spiritual practices propounded by Jesus and the Apostles. Most of the Orthodox icons were created from the 6th century AD till the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD. Therefore, the knowledge of these yoga mudras may have persisted within the Orthodox Church till the 15th century AD. In the present day, however, most scholars do not seem to be aware that these hand-gestures are yoga mudras, and instead refer to them generically as signs of blessing. The relative abundance of the di erent yoga mudras in Orthodox art reveals that particular emphasis was placed on two speci c yoga mudras – the Prithvi Mudra and the Prana Mudra – for they appear in the largest number of icons. While the Prithvi Mudra strengthens and heals the body, the Prana Mudra forti es the immune system, which gives the body the resilience to heal itself. Both the mudras also activate the root chakra which promotes a sense of tranquility, stability, and self-assurance. The oldest surviving panel icon of Christ Pantocrator, encaustic on panel, c. 6th century, showing the appearance of Jesus that is still immediately recognized today

The Resurrection of Christ from a 16th-century manuscript of La Passion de Nostre Seigneur

Since, both the Prithvi Mudra and the Prana Mudra are extremely e ective “healing mudras”, it helps us to understand why they have been accorded so much importance in Orthodox art. The Gospel records tell of the presence of a multitude of sick people in Palestine during the time of Jesus, and how they were brought in great numbers to Jesus to be healed. In fact, healing all manner of sickness and disease was characteristic of Jesus's ministry. It appears that, not only did Jesus heal the sick people, but he also taught them certain techniques of yogic meditation using mudras, which would ensure that they remained healthy and energetic






even when he was no more.

on common ground It appears that, in its infancy, the Church did not draw a line between the east and the west, and instead adopted all those religious practices and customs which they felt would help their followers to lead healthy lives and establish a closer communion with God. This also explains why a number of Christian rituals and customs overlap with those of Buddhism

Fig 12: The Holy Trinity Monastery in Meteora, Greece. Source:

and Hinduism. For instance: •

The rosary beads of the Church are the same as the japamala used by Hindus and Buddhists.

The holy water used by the Church Priest for baptism and blessings correspond to the sancti ed water called “amrita” used for puri cation in the Hindu-Buddhist faiths.

The asceticism, prayer, meditation, fasting, and monastic life of the Eastern Orthodox priests is similar to that of Buddhist monks.

Some of the Eastern Orthodox

Fig 13: The Buddhist Monastery of Taung Kalat perched on top

monasteries, perched on the top

of Mount Popa in Myanmar (Burma). Source: Wikimedia

of hills, are reminiscent of the


Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas. •

The use of religious icons, and their worship by lighting candles and incense sticks, by the Orthodox Christians is very similar to the Hindu



mode of worship.

The question is, when and how did the Hindu and Buddhist beliefs and customs get incorporated into the Christian religious practices? While there appears to have been long-standing contacts between the Indians and the Greeks since the time of Pythagoras and Plato, trade and cultural contacts along the Silk Route blossomed on an unprecedented scale after the conquests of Alexander. The Romans traded heavily with South India and Sri Lanka for luxuries, and there are a number of historical accounts of Buddhist monks and Indian philosophers being present in Alexandria and the countries around the Mediterranean, before and after the period of Christ. In the third century BC, the Indian Emperor Ashoka sent Buddhist missionaries as far as the Greek kings of the Mediterranean. In Rock Edict 13, Ashoka says: “Now it is conquest by Dhamma that Beloved-of-the-Gods considers to be the best conquest. And it has been won here, on the borders, even six hundred yojanas away, where the Greek king Antiochos rules, beyond there where the four kings named Ptolemy, Antigonos, Magas and Alexander rule...”. Interestingly, one of the Buddhist missionaries named Dharmaraksita, who was sent by Ashoka to propagate the faith to the northwestern parts of India, has been described in the Buddhist historical texts, the Dipavamsa and the Mahavamsa, as being a Greek (Pali: “Yona” which means “Ionian”). This shows that the

Conquests of Alexander

Greeks even took active roles in spreading Buddhism as leading missionaries.

Buddhist gravestones from the Ptolemaic period (305 BC – 30 BC) have been found in Alexandria in Egypt, decorated with depictions of the Dharma wheel, showing that Buddhists were living in Hellenistic Egypt at the time when Christianity began. It was in Alexandria, located at the cross-roads commerce and cultural interactions, that some of the most active centers of Christianity were established. Historian Jerry H. Bentley notes “the possibility that Buddhism in uenced the early development of




This 9th century fresco is from the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves near Turfan,

Xinjiang, China. Also the image of Jesus to the left is doing a sutra.

Roman historical accounts describe an embassy sent by the Indian king Porus to Caesar Augustus sometime between 22 BC – 13 AD. One of the members of this delegation was a Sramana (wandering monk of Buddhism / Jainism) who burned himself alive in Athens to demonstrate his faith. The event made a sensation, and was described by the Greek historian Nicolaus of Damascus who met the embassy at Antioch (Turkey) in 13 AD. Strabo states that, as per Nicolaus of Damascus, the following was inscribed on the tomb of the Sramana: “Zarmanochegas, an Indian, a native of Bargosa, having immortalized himself according to the custom of his country, here lies.” These accounts indicate that Buddhist / Jain monks were circulating in the Levant during the time of Jesus. Clement of Alexandria, a Christian theologian and Church Father of the second century AD (c.150 AD), was the rst Greek to refer to the Buddha by name: “Among the Indians are those philosophers also who follow the precepts of Boutta (Buddha), whom they honor as a god on account of his extraordinary sanctity.” Clement was also aware of the Indian philosophers called gymnosophists (whom Alexander had met in India), and writes that, “the Indian gymnosophists are also in the number, and the other barbarian philosophers. And of these there are two classes, some of them called Sarmanæ (i.e. Sramana) and others Brahmins.” The founder of the Neoplatonic school, Plotinus, was so serious about learning Indian philosophy that he took part in the military expedition against the King of Persia in the hope that it would bring him into the region. According to one tradition, Plotinus went to India in AD 242 expressly to study its philosophy. There is, in fact, a strong similarity between Neoplatonism and Vedanta and yoga systems. Neoplatonism also had many points in common with Buddhism, especially abstention from sacri ce and from eating meat. A doctrine similar to Neoplatonism later became part of Christian theology as re ected in the writings of the Egyptian St. Anthony, St. John of the Cross, and Meister Eckhardt, among others. Scythianus was an Alexandrian religious teacher who visited India around 50 AD from where he brought the “doctrine of the Two Principles”. Epiphanius mentions that Scythianus wrote four books: Mysteries, Treasure, Summaries, and a Gospel. He went to Jerusalem, where he disputed his doctrines with the Apostles. The account of Cyril of Jerusalem states that after Scythianus' death, his pupil Terebinthus went to Palestine and Judea, where he presented himself as a “Buddha”. This suggests a link between his philosophy and Buddhism. His books and knowledge were




taken over by Mani, and became the foundation of the Manichean doctrine.

There were some contacts between the Gnostics and the Indians. The Syrian gnostic theologian Bar Daisan describes in the 3rd century AD his exchanges with the Indian Sramanas (wandering monks of Buddhism and Jainism), passing through Syria. This has given rise to suggestions by Zacharias P. Thundy that Buddhist tradition may have in uenced Gnosticism and hence Christianity. Thus, there is no dearth of historical evidence that Sramanas i.e. Buddhist and Jain wandering monks, were present in Alexandria and in the countries around the Mediterranean during the time when Christianity was in a nascent stage of evolution. It is quite possible that Jesus and the Apostles became acquainted with eastern mysticism and yogic practices by coming in contact with the Sramanas. This would explain the presence of so many yoga mudras in Orthodox art, and the overlaps of Christian religious practices with those of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Unfortunately, the outlook of many modern-day Church Priests towards yoga, and eastern spiritual practices in general, seems to be diametrically opposite to that of the founders of their faith. Every now and then one hears of Catholic Priests who deem yoga to be “satanic”, a “sham”, “dangerous for the soul”, the “work of the devil” and much more. It is alarming that such mindsets exist even in the 21st century, especially when yoga has been scienti cally proven to confer many




health bene ts, and is at the forefront of holistic healing techniques.




Manichaean painting of the Buddha Jesus (yue) depicts Jesus Christ as a Manichaean prophet, the gure can be identi ed as a representation of Jesus Christ by the small gold cross that sits on the red lotus pedestal in His left hand.


Common Ground Union of the Individual Self with the Universal Self

Such misgivings appear even more absurd when we realize that yoga mudras formed an essential element of the religious practice of the Church since the beginnings of Christianity. Going by the large numbers of Orthodox icons that depict Christ and the Apostles performing yoga mudras, it would appear that the early Church actively enjoined its followers to practice yoga mudras to heal themselves. The legacy of yoga in Christianity needs to be explored and understood in order to dispel many irrational fears and doubts harbored by the leaders of the Church.

"Encyclopaedia of Oriental Philosophy and Religion", ed. N.K.Singh, A.P.Mishra, Vol.8, Buddhism, Global Vision Puslishing House. W.W. Tarn, The Greeks in Bactria and India, South Asia Books. Strabo, Geography, Book XV, Chapter 1-73 Clement of Alexandria, Stromata (Miscellanies), Book I, Chapter XV Susantha Goonatilake, Toward a Global Science: Mining Civilizational Knowledge (Indiana University Press, 1998) 29-31. Hippolytus (Romanus), 1716, pp. 190-192

About the author: Bibhu Dev Misra is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management and has been working as an Information Technology consultant for more than 16 years. He is also an independent researcher and writer on topics related to ancient civilizations, myths, symbols, science and religion. His research has taken him to many places of historical interest across the globe.


“Olmec Yogis with Hindu Beliefs: Did they Migrate from Ancient China?”, Bibhu Dev Misra, 31 August 2016 < 2016/08/olmec-yogis-with-hindubeliefs-did-they.html>

Cyril of Jerusalem, Sixth Catechetical Lecture Chapter 22-24 Porphyry (De abstin., iv, 17 [3]) and Stobaeus (Eccles., iii, 56, 141)

Sign of the Times

Mudras have always been considered an esoteric science and even as of date there are thousands of Mudras that are not available to the uninitiated (like in the Chen Yen Buddhism or True Buddha Schools). However, besides the mudras providing spiritual gains, there are mudras which are likewise of tremendous value in therapy. - READ MORE CLICK HERE

Your Body is Fractal and in each part is a sum of the whole.

Earth | Root

Throat | Aether

Air | Heart Water | Sacral






2.12. When the ve fold quali es of yoga consis ng of the earth, water, re, air and ether are rmly established in the body, then in that body strengthened by the re of yoga, there is no place for sickness, old age and death.

Fire |

Solar Plexus


The finger tips of every living being have many concentrated nerve root endings which are free energy discharge points. Science also confirms that around every tip there is a concentration of free electrons. By touching together of the tips of the fingers or the finger tips to other parts of the palms this free energy (Prana) is redirected back into the body along specified channels, back up to the brain. The redirected energy traveling through the nerves stimulates the various chakras. Keeping the hands on the knees stimulates the Gupta Nari and makes the energy start from the Mooladhara Chakra. Thus, the tension applied to the nerve/s and/or the neural or psycho-neural circuits formed by the mudras help in balancing the five basic elements (or building blocks). This balancing of the tension, and redirection of the internal energy effects the changes in veins, tendons, glands and sensory organs, to bring the body back to a healthy state.




Any living systems are made of 5 distinct elements

Fire |

Solar Plexus

Air | Heart

Air | Heart

Water | Sacral

Earth | Root

Throat | Aether

Fire |

Solar Plexus

Water | Sacral





“Asanas (posi ons) are not meant for physical tness, but for conquering the elements, energy, and so on. So, how to balance the energy in the body, how to control the ve elements (5 senses), how to balance the various aspect of the mind without mixing them all together, and how to be able to perceive the di erence between the gunas, and to experience that there is something behind them, opera ng in the world of man - that is what asanas are for. The process is slow and painstaking, but a steady inquiry facilitates a growing awareness.” - Iyengar




By Nicolas Notovitch After the Turkish War (1877-1878) I made a series of travels in the Orient. From the little remarkable Balkan peninsula, I went across the Caucasus to Central Asia and Persia, and nally, in 1887, visited India, an admirable country which had attracted me from my earliest childhood. My purpose in this journey was to study and know, at home, the peoples who inhabit India and their customs, the grand and mysterious archæology, and the colossal and majestic nature of their country. Wandering about without

xed plans, from one place to

another, I came to mountainous Afghanistan, whence I regained India by way of the picturesque passes of Bolan and Guernaï. Then, going up the Indus to Raval Pindi, I ran over the Pendjab—the land of the ve rivers; visited the Golden Temple of Amritsa —the tomb of the King of Pendjab, Randjid Singh, near Lahore; and turned toward Kachmyr, "The Valley of Eternal Bliss." Thence I directed my peregrinations as my curiosity impelled me, until I arrived in Ladak, whence I intended returning to Russia by way of Karakoroum and Chinese Turkestan.

One day, while visiting a Buddhist convent on my route, I learned from a chief lama, that there existed in the archives of Lhassa, very ancient memoirs relating to the life of Jesus Christ and the occidental nations, and that certain great monasteries possessed old




copies and translations of those chronicles.


Why Jesus (Issa) in India? Free Full PDF [(Pg 49+) (Pg 98-137)] Free Audio Book (Excerpt) The royal lineage of Jesus, his rare intelligence and his learning,


caused him to be looked upon as an excellent match, and the wealthiest and most respected Hebrews would fain have had him for a son-in-law, just as even nowadays the Israelites are very desirous of the honor of marrying their daughters to the sons of Rabbis or scholars. But the meditative youth, whose mind was far above anything corporeal, and possessed by the thirst for knowledge, stealthily left his home and joined the caravans going to India.

It stands to reason that Jesus Christ should have thought, primarily, of going to India, rst, because at that epoch Egypt formed part of the Roman possessions; secondly, and principally, because a very active commercial exchange with India had made common report in Judea of the majestic character and unsurpassed richness of the arts and sciences in this marvellous country, to which even now the aspirations of all civilized peoples are directed.

Introduction to the

Gospel of Thomas Readers of The Christ of India are aware of the hypothesis (we think it is a fact) that from the very beginning there were two Christianities.

One was the Christianity we know today that developed in the Mediterranean world over the centuries. It accommodated itself to the current religious beliefs–especially those of the Roman emperors–and even absorbed and conformed itself to them to such an extent that after three centuries it became the state religion of the Empire presided over by the unbaptized and blatantly unchristian “Saint” Constantine. He was only the

rst in a series of “vicars of Christ” (this

expression originated with the Byzantine emperors and only some time later was appropriated by the Bishop of Rome, who also stole the title “Pope” from the Bishop of Alexandria) who ruled over the Church as well as the state, and who, despite their often shockingly violent and immoral lives were declared saints of the state servant-church. Today, divided into thousands of warring and warlike sects–the three leading ones being the Byzantine Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Roman Catholic Churches–it has become a multi-headed monster that, however wounded,

ourishes with the

tenacity and intensity often encountered in the mad and the





114 Sayings of Jesus

Found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, is dated at around 340 AD.

The Lost Forbidden Teachings of Jesus

The Lost Gospel of Thomas The Infancy Gospel of Thomas Explained

Gospel of Thomas: Why Is It Not In the Bible?


The other Christianity was the religion learned by Jesus from his Essene family and during his “lost years” in India, then brought by him back to the “West,” to Israel. Rejected and martyred for teaching that religion, after his resurrection he returned to India and lived twenty or more years at peace in the Himalayas with disciples. The apostle Thomas, the Twin, who truly was the spiritual twin of his Master, followed him to India. Saint Thomas went to Ephesus to be present at the death of the Virgin Mary, then journeyed on to Israel and persuaded a large number of the Qumran Essenes to come with him into South India (the present-day Kerala) to practice the religion Jesus had taught (virtually in vain) to the Israelites. They agreed and did so, linking up with a vast number of Brahmins who had emigrated from Kashmir after becoming disciples of both Jesus and Saint Thomas. It is this Christianity that is found in the Gospel of Thomas.

In December of 1945, an Egyptian farmer near Nag Hammadi unearthed in his eld more than fty ancient Christian books, written in the Coptic (ancient Egyptian) language. Among them was the book now know as The Gospel of Thomas. Portions of three Greek copies of the Gospel of Thomas had been found about half a century before in Oxyrhynchus Egypt. They are known as Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 1 (Oxy P 1) probably written not much later than the year 200, Oxy P 654, which can be dated to the middle or end of the third century, and Oxy P 655 dated not later than A. D. 250. The complete (Nag Hammadi) version in Coptic can be dated to about 340 A.D. The Coptic version is believed to be a translation of the Greek version.

According to the Pistis Sophia (Codex Askewianus), after His resurrection Jesus instructed Philip, Matthew, and Thomas to set down His words in writing. While Saint Thomas was in Israel visiting the Qumran community, Saint Matthew gave him a copy of his gospel, and perhaps at that time Saint Thomas gave Saint Matthew a copy of his record of Jesus’ sayings which became copied and circulated among those of gnostic inclination. Since the Nag Hammadi discovery we now possess Saint Thomas’ complete gospel.

By Abbot George Burk Other Articles




Sacred Heart Heart Sutra

Gregg Braden - How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Feelings [London TCCHE 2018]

HIDDEN TEACHINGS of the Bible That Explain Manifestation, Consciousness & Oneness (POWERFUL Info!) - with Gregg Braden

Thomas Thomas is traditionally believed to have sailed to India in AD 50 (but there is evidence of his being in Taxila in AD 43, where he did not have success) to spread the Christian faith, and is believed to have landed at the port of Muziris, (modern-day North Paravur and Kodungalloor in modern-day Kerala state) where there was a Jewish community at the time Taxila was founded in a strategic location along the ancient "Royal Highway" that connected the Mauryan capital at Pataliputra in Bihar, with ancient Peshawar, Puṣkalāvatī, and onwards towards Central Asia via Kashmir, Bactria, and Kāpiśa.[37] Taxila thus changed hands many times over the centuries, with many empires vying for its control.The Grand Trunk Road is one of Asia's oldest and longest major roads having existed for at least 2,500 years.[3] Chandragupta Maurya built his highway along this ancient route called Uttarapatha in 3rd century BC.[4] For more than two millennia, it has linked the Indian subcontinent with Central Asia. It runs from Chittagong, Bangladesh[5][6] west to Howrah, West Bengal in India, then across Northern India through Delhi, passing from Amritsar. From there, the road continues towards Lahore and Peshawar in Pakistan, in Kabul, Afghanistan.[7][1]





nally terminating

Cochin Jews in India

Cochin Jews or Malabar Jews or Kochinim (from Hebrew: ‫ יהודי קוצ'ין‬Yehudey Kochin), are the oldest group of Jews in India, with possible roots that are claimed to date back to the time of King Solomon. The Cochin Jews settled in the Kingdom of

They know the law of Moses and the

Cochin in South India,[4] now part of the state

prophets, and to a small extent the Talmud

of Kerala.[5][6] As early as the 12th century,

and Halacha."[7]

mention is made of the Jews in southern India. The Jewish traveler Benjamin of Tudela, speaking of Kollam (Quilon) on the Malabar Coast, writes in his Itinerary: “...throughout the island, including all the towns thereof, live several thousand Israelites. The inhabitants are all black, and the Jews

also. The latter are good and benevolent.

These people later became known as the Malabari Jews. They built synagogues in Kerala beginning in the 12th and 13th centuries. [8][9] They are known to have developed Judeo-Malayalam, a dialect of Malayalam language. 
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A compelling synthesis of modern science, ancient wisdom and timeless art melded into a revolutionary view of the universe, and our lives! Where do we draw the line between science, spirituality, and nature’s secrets? In a visual journey of natural rhythms, cycles and geometry Karen Elkins book InsideOut demonstrates how everything from the very large to the very small— from the birth of galaxies to the formation of atoms and cells—emerge from simple, connected and uni ed patterns of nature. In doing so she reminds us that the key to our healing, and ultimately our survival, lies in our ability to embrace ourselves, and the world, as living, conscious and connected.

Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, a home maker or a body worker, this book is about you, your world, and every relationship that you’ll ever experience in life. Inside Out is destined to become a cornerstone for teaching the uni ed science of the new millennium.

Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of Human by Design and The Divine Matrix


“A visual feast. Karen Elkins’s “InsideOut” brings the newest and most intriguing science to a lay audience in a way that combines mystery with understanding. Rarely has science and art been blended in so effective a way.” ~ Gerald Pollack, Ph.D. Professor, University of Washington.



Powerful! Elegant! Simple!

Award Winner | Science Category “This is the secret teaching of all ages for our times. Thank you, bless you.” ~ Foster Gamble, Thrive Movie “Karen Elkins successfully takes you on a journey from the Heavens to the Earth and back again. She has successfully expressed the Hermetic Axiom, ‘AS ABOVE SO BELOW.’ She goes one step further to include ‘AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT’ in this visually stunning presentation.” ~ Matt Presti, President, University of Science and Philosophy, (Formerly the Walter Russell Foundation) “Karen Elkins has created a book of stunning visual beauty and great inspiration. The simple act of opening it pages—in a well lit room—provides the reader with a form of color therapy in which light from the lavish illustrations bathes the reader in radiant beauty. But it is in the accompanying words where, for me, the true inspiration lies: a combination of evocative poetry and glimpses into the minds of some great luminaries, both current and past. Elkins’ book will nd its readers in all those who have a healthy curiosity about the Natural Word and Universe.” ~ John Stuart Reid, acoustic-physics researcher“ The visual and poetic masterpiece of Karen Elkins, ‘Inside Out’, may well become the greatest source for inspiration and wisdom in preparing our human future expressions. It’s displays of cosmic breath light-waves resonate throughout all of life churning a symphony of artist creations. This magical journey through the mysteries of the ages of the scienti c and mystical offers to propel the star-dust Us into an expansive consciousness of being.” ~ Ernest Richards

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The Esoteric Meaning of Mediterranean Mosaics: Ruins of a Future Science, Deep in Europe’s Past

Mosaic art once decorated homes and public buildings across the Mediterranean as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE. Mosaics have been found by archaeologists in far- ung places like Italy, Spain, France, North Africa, Turkey, and Syria. Rather than merely providing aesthetic enjoyment, I believe mosaics were created for a deeper spiritual purpose—as powerful meditation tools (like Eastern “mandalas” and “yantras”) designed to put one


into the trance state necessary to awaken higher consciousness.

Mosaics—a futuristic science hidden in the ancient past.

If you stare at this mysterious Roman mosaic, you’ll notice something “advanced” even “futuristic” about it. Its sacred geometric pattern is intended to put you in a trance—and for good reason. Scholars have never explained this reason. Mainstream academics think mosaics—intricate art scenes created by setting small pieces of stone or glass, called tesserae, into oors and walls—are purely aesthetic, nothing more. But I’ve always believed mosaics are rst and foremost visual aids designed to assist with meditation, helping initiates achieve the “trance” state, which is a doorway to higher consciousness




By Richard Cassaro

to have known that optical illusions trick the eye and stimulate the brain—or, rather, “mesmerize” the brain—in such a way as to bring about some type of physiological change in the viewer. Knowing their purpose, the viewer can then stare at these mosaics and fall into a kind of trance state, which aids and assists in bringing out the bene ts of meditation While I’m not aware of any mosaic patterns being featured in occult art, there are some parallels. One example is the image below, which was rst published in 1659 in the Azoth of the Philosophers by German alchemist Basil Valentine. The image is used by alchemists as a kind of visual guide to the operations of alchemy

“At the center of this striking drawing is the face of a bearded alchemist at the beginning of the Work. Like looking into a mirror, this is where the adept xes his or her attention to begin meditation at the center of the mandala…





…the drawing clearly implies that the face of God and the face of the alchemist are the same. Of course, this idea was considered blasphemy to the medieval Church, which explains why this drawing was circulated secretly in so many different forms during the Middle Ages. It was not until the Renaissance, when the idea of the divine nature of man, that the drawing was rst published.” —Dennis William Hauck, Ph.D.



The ancient artists who designed and crafted these masterpieces of miniature stone, seem

Parallel meditation devices are known in the East. They are called “mandalas” and “yantras.” The power of mandalas has been known among adepts in Eastern cultures for thousands of years—but their connection to Europe´s mosaics has never been recognized by academia The word mandala translates to “circle.” Mandala images represent the cosmos and the human being (microcosm / macrocosm) in balance, wholeness, centeredness, and

“In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool…as an aid to meditation and trance induction.”

harmony. When concentrated upon, mandalas can bring about a profound inner transformation


Among the most interesting mandalas are those that depict the hexagram pattern, a well-known symbol made up of twin triangles—one pointing up, the other down—interlocking. These triangles symbolize all the pairs of opposites that constitute physical existence, and they are intertwined; the triangles also symbolize heaven (upward pointing triangle) and earth (downward pointing triangle),



showing how the two realms are related and interdependent:

The “balance of duality” symbolism encoded in these eastern mandalas and yantras, and others like them, is designed to help initiates awaken their Third Eye, a vestigial organ described in ancient India´s Hindu religion as the ajna chakra, the sixth of seven major “chakras” or power centers in the human body Ancient Hindu tradition teaches that the chakras are aligned in ascending order from the base of the spinal column in the pelvis to the top of the head, forming the seven major regions of the human body. They are connected to each other and to the “thousand-petaled-lotus” at the crown of the cerebrum, which can be opened like a lotus ower to attain higher consciousness. Some ancient Mediterranean mosaics are even shaped like ancient Hindu chakras, giving us further evidence they were designed for the spiritual purpose of raising consciousnes :Left: Hindu depiction of the chakra system.





Right: Ancient mosaic scholars attribute to the Romans

Like their eastern counterparts, ancient Mediterranean mosaics also express deep esoteric symbolism in their pictures, signs, shapes, etc. Today, we classify this symbolism as “esoteric” and “occult.” These symbolic mosaics can be read like a book, providing detailed instructions on how to awaken higher consciousness More speci cally, mosaic symbolism expresses the so-called “Perennial Philosophy” (i.e., what I call the “Universal Religion of the Golden Age”) found at the inner core of all ancient religions. One of the most basic symbols of this Perennial Philosophy or Universal Religion is the swastika, which has been encoded in the world´s most ancient mosaics

The swastika is a popular ancient and universal symbol for mosaics because the swastika encodes within its symbolism the “balance of duality” formula required to (concentrate on one´s center and) awaken higher consciousness






Surprisingly, I have yet to come across any authors and/or researchers who have pointed to ancient Mediterranean mosaics as “meditation devices,” and I have not found any academic studies on the subject. While researching this article, I learned that two books on mandala meditation—both of them coloring books—did include a few photos of ancient European mosaics, but with little more than a one-sentence caption; there does not seem to be any seminal literature on the subject. The more noteworthy of these books is Mandalas For Meditation by Ruediger Dahlke, a coloring book that is a meditation workshop rather than an academic study; the author treats the idea that Mediterranean mosaics are meditation devices as a foregone conclusion, rather than a theory, and he presents only one Mediterranean mosaic

Other esoteric symbols encoded in mosaics include the hexagram, pentagram, ower of life, eight-pointed star, and Taijitu, all of which are occult symbols that in general terms express the concept of nding the eternal and divine nature within

Like their ancient Eastern “mandala” counterparts, ancient Mediterranean mosaics appear to be brilliant meditation tools that can aid and assist with self-re ection and even self-therapy

For more on my theories on ancient mosaics and my research into their symbolism and meaning, please sign up for my Newsletter. My books, videos and







complementary information.

lms provide

Richard Cassaro Richard Cassaro’s new book, The Missing Link, explores the meaning, transformations and propagation of the ancient world’s most important religious icon. His rst book, Written in Stone, is a wide-ranging exploration of hitherto-unknown connections among Freemasons, medieval cathedral builders and the creators of important ancient monuments, in support of his theory that a spiritually advanced mother culture, lost to history, is behind many of the world’s architectural and artistic traditions Prior to the publication of Written in Stone, Cassaro enjoyed a successful career as a U.S. correspondent, professional journalist, and photo researcher for Rizzoli Publications, one of the world’s leading media organizations. Cassaro, who is a graduate of Pace University in New York City, has examined rst-hand the ancient ruins and mystical traditions of Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, England, India, Peru and Spain; he has lectured on his theories to great acclaim in the United States, Egypt, Italy, Spain and Peru Richard Cassaro © Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and






speci c direction to the original content.

Solar Absolute Absolute Abstract Space The rst use of the root of the word "yoga" is in hymn 5.81.1 of the Rig Veda, a dedication to the rising Sun-god in the morning (Savitri), where it has been interpreted as "yoke" or "yogically control".


Realm of Barbelo Each individual life begins when the soul associates itself with the embryo at the time of conception. But the association is not material; the soul does not enter or leave the body and does not occupy physical space. Bahá’u’lláh uses the metaphor of the sun to explain the relationship between the soul and the body:

“The soul of man is the sun by which his body is illumined, and from which it draweth its sustenance, and should be so regarded.”4 … “inherent properties of the soul, even as the radiation of light is the essential property of the sun.” The body of a man is “like unto a mirror, his soul is as the sun, and his mental faculties even as the rays that emanate from that



source of light.”



….when Space has given up its secrets to the patient research, workers of the world, humanity will then know through them what was meant when Jesus was referred to as "the Son of the Living God," and when He declared, "I and My Father are One, and the Father is in me and I in Him."

Will Science Verify God? As we study Jesus teachings from the standpoint of science, we become convinced that He understood l ight, energy, motion and space and knew what lled space.

literally true, and that the body, like all other material phenomena, merely registers the intensity of the thinking of a Supreme Intelligence. If Science proves this it will give meaning to the words of Sir James Jeans that "matter may eventually prove to be

Cosmic Consciousness will ultimately become the basis of a new religion as it was the basis of the religion Jesus taught. The bible describes those who experienced this state of illuminated consciousness as having been "in the Spirit." Jesus and Paul referred to this ecstatic condition many times. He said, "God is Light, in Him there is no darkness." This statement can never be explained through faith and belief. But Science not only can explain it but can prove it. Science has proved the universality of Light as the One Cosmic Essence, by photographing a room filled with people in pitch black darkness, by a brilliant invisible light. We are now familiar with "dark-light."


Jesus taught that life is eternal; that there is no death. Science may soon prove this to be

pure thought." Man's body would then no longer be considered man, but merely an electric mechanism of patterned matter through which man thinks and acts his will. Jesus did not teach that bodies are eternal, but that life is eternal. If the Church would but realize this, and Science prove it, the present dismal idea of death would end, for it would then be understood that our bodies are merely borrowed from the planet for light to flow through for a time,

and must be returned to it as “dust to dust." Logically then, man created in the "image and likeness of God", would be understood to be Cosmic Mind, working from the invisible flux of space through each forever evolving individual, in cyclic repetitive, patterned waves of measured force. Science is already giving a dynamic meaning to the idea of omnipresence. Through the radio we are learning that whatever happens anywhere happens everywhere. The universe repeats every word we speak at every point in space. This we may prove by placing a proper condenser anywhere. A condenser is but a mirror. Place a mirrored sphere anywhere in space and all the universe is repeated in it. When we toss a ball in the air, the farthest star adjusts itself to that movement. The universal sea of electro-magnetic flux communicates this action to every corpuscle in the universe through so-called "lines of force" which connect every magnetic pole in the universe to every other magnetic pole, and bids them move the masses which they control, to maintain the universal balance.

At this period physical data began piling up amazingly. Science became intensely physical. The only facts it tolerated were physical facts. The microscope opened up new worlds of crystals and of micro-

About the same time Spencer and Darwin began collecting data for modern biological research, and Franklin, Cavendish and Faraday began their work on the embryo of the photo-electric cell and x-ray.

Mendeleev opened up a new world of thought in emphasizing the orderly repetitive nature of all matter in octaves of tones which exactly correspond with the color spectrum and with the octaves and tones of the musical scale.

The only catalyst for religion is a knowledge of God, gained through demonstrable knowledge of His works. There is constantly increasing evidence that Science is tracing the Source of Creation to the Creator Himself.

…new knowledge which Science is giving us, we are entering into far broader conceptions of the Intelligence which governs the universe. cosmic cells where life impulses spelled out generations in a moment of time, while the spectroscope, camera and telescope were extending the universe to where life impulses are but one in billions of years. Still more physical became Science as it added relativity to its concept of physical things of varying potential and action, until the time came when ostracism from the fold threatened any scientist who flew off on a so-called “spiritual” tangent.

The many differing creeds and doctrines with their traditions, dogmas and abstractions, cannot be united except on a foundation of scienti c



Universal Mathematics “Nature divides all of her expressions of energy into octaves and tones of equal constants of unequal dimensions. The dimensional relations of octaves and tones vary in ratios which are absolute and universal.” ~ Dr. Walter Russell

“Records of Motion are seeds for repetition of motion. In the seed is desire for manifesting imaged forms of an idea. All forms are wave forms. All wave forms unfold from seed records of those wave forms.” Walter Russell, The Secret of Light

the human egg evolves

the geometry of seed development


the seed of life to the flower of life ~ ancient wisdom

Within this new domain some Dr. Crocker of the near future may unfold the mystery of the seed and the electric pattern within the seed, and find not only that plants think, but evolve through their thinking as man does. Conservative Science is slow in co-ordinating the data it collects. It wisely draws no conclusions until its data is

sufficiently convincing and premises sufficiently dependable. If Science the Searcher, were asked if scientists are searching for God the answer would be "No," we are searching the visible universe of matter for material evidence which will allow us to segregate cause and effect

in order to find out which is which and where each is. If Science finds itself justified in altering the traditional concepts of our Newtons, Keplers, and Maxwells, in regard to energy, space and motion, the first of the two necessary steps will have been taken toward verifying and explaining God.

Science says, the universe is full of forms which appear from other forms. But where do their patterns come from; from themselves, or from the ground, or from the seed or from space. What controls growth? What is

the Life principle, and what is the pattern principle of growth

But then the question arose,

"Is there any line of demarkation between a spiritual and a physical universe," and "have we been calling the invisible universe spiritual just because we could not see or sense it?” Power seems omnipresent but evidences itself only through matter. Is power

and dimension. There must be a limitless source of static energy somewhere back of all

disintegrating body. What is this organic soul emanation? Is it really "spiritual" or will it

actually within matter or is matter but the marionette of space? What is that mysterious energy which motivates our thinking?

dynamic expression. May not static energy be the seed out of which dynamic action grows?

be proved to be electrochemical such as those emanations which integrate inorganic bodies.

The power we use in our bodies, may not be in our bodies. Our minds which command our bodies may also not be in our bodies. We know that the singer's voice is not in the radio, it is merely condensed there from space. As a radio condenser records but one of the unnumbered extensions of one voice, operating through it, perhaps mind is a multiple extension of One Universal Consciousness operating through the gradually improving radio sets which we call our bodies.

Are the familiar Alpha, Beta and Gamma emanations in any way related to what we call the human soul? If a human body is electrocuted the human soul is supposed to leave the body. If the element tungsten is electrocuted, helium emanations leave the tungsten body. Are these effects related? If so, Science will prove not only the existence of "soul" within everything organic, but may it not be found that the chemistry of the soul is confined within the inert

We have begun to sense

The soul of man is considered

gasses which we know will not combine with any other

something tangible and inspiring beyond place, mass,

to be a "spiritual" something, emanating from a

M a n y o f o u r f o re m o s t scient ists are seriously considering whether that invisible blankness which we call "space" may not be God's invisible universe of omnipotential force. Millikan says: "I do not believe that the eternal laws that govern our world are limited to the physical."


Such statements are not made of cially, mind you, b u t a s p ro p h e c i e s a n d usually with profuse apologies.



It may be found that within these gasses lies the possibility of a new science, the science of "phycho-chemistry," in which the patterns of unfolding ideas may be rolling themselves up in the "souls” of things and in the seeds of things, ready for their next periodic unfolding.

The old physics decreed that space was a void. Space then became an ether. Today's physics places energy within matter. Tomorrow's physics will undoubtedly divorce energy from matter and give it to space. Perhaps space is all t h e r e i s ; a l l e n e r g y, a l l intelligence, and all concept. It is to space that Science shall look for a comprehensive God. The first step will have been taken when it is recognized that matter is merely the visible effect of an invisible cause and that energy and force belong to space and not to matter. I am convinced that we are today at

the threshold of this revolutionary concept.

Einstein forecasted this far

reaching change of base from matter to space when he said that the next great step in Science will be the solution of space. "It appears," he says, "that space will have to be regarded as a primary thing with matter only derived from it, so to speak, as a secondary result. Space is now turning around and eating up matter." I am certain that we are at the point of finding that electricity is but an expression of force in matter and of itself is not

The substance of all “created” things is light.

energy or force. Also, that we shall soon learn that matter is not energy but merely the quantum or measure of electric expression. In other words, we are on the verge of ascertaining that the dimensional universe which we call the physical visible universe of form emerges from non-dimensional space. What we call the spiritual universe may prove to be the undivided static Source in space of all divided electric energy. We already know that force can be made active only by division into oscillations. But what is being divided?

That is the super question. It is not possible that space is being divided into definite points in space through polarization? Is it not also possible that space may be found to be the flux record of all images of Mind's ideas, and that all mass is woven forms of those ideas?

If Einstein's prophesy is ful lled it would cause a far greater upheaval in Science than Copernicus caused to the concept of Ptolemy. Practically all basic conclusions of today would either be reversed or discarded entirely, for if energy belongs to space as the cosmogony suggests, light would belong to space as Jesus, inferred.


If the thinking Mind of God is eventually proved to be the flux of space, light, Mind, energy and the flux of space, will be found to be the One Universal Essence, expressing itself through electricity, weaver of its patterns and constructor of the forms of its ideas in corpuscles of light.

The universe and God are one All created things are one substance and that substance is light

A falling stone in water multiplies gravity, wave ripples (are spheres) which are dissipating gravity at the same rate

Necessarily both the first and second laws of thermodynamics would immediately go to the board, for heat, being dimensional and measurable, could not possibly belong to energy. Nor could heat belong to space. Heat could only belong to the divided "points" in space which we call "mass". When energy is found to belong to space, light will be understood to be an emergence from space, and God will have been found to be what Jesus said He was, LIGHT. Light would then be found to be the Father-Mother Source of all things, the One Reality, the Spiritual God Force from and to which all evolving-devolving things electrically emerge and merge in cyclic periodicities of genero-active and radioactive pole-creating oscillations, acting dually in absolute balance.

In-so-far as man shall come to know the dual working principle of light will he know the mechanics employed by God in assembling His universe of form and tearing it apart in forever repetitive cyclic sequences.

In-so-far as man shall know energy from which light emerges will he know the Spirit of God as Universal Mind, from which man-Mind emerges as patterned idea, and man-body emerges as the polarized form of that idea. If matter is electrically derived from space, Millikan and Dirac should get together, for the secret of creation could logically be found in matter being pumped sequentially into appearance at the compressive end of the cosmic piston and into disappearance at the vacuous end. Integration and disintegration would then be found to be continuous everywhere, in the hottest stars as well as in the cold of space, pumping forever back and forth between the two focal poles which control every mass in the universe. Personally I believe the Dirac discovery to be the greatest of this generation. Astro-physics would then have the advantage of new periodicities, now unknown, such as the periodicity of magnetic poles, the periodicity of prolateness and oblateness and the periodicity (video added here) of orbit.

Dr. Shapley might localize his work long enough to make a continuative and connective "graph" of the orbits of Jupiter's moons for such a slow-motion-record would show just how electric force unwinds the cosmic clock by its gradual gyroscopic expansion of pressure gradient, how it gradually develops equatorial deserts, then belts, followed by rings, satellites and comets as expressions of its negative, centrifugal oscillation, just as a slow motion picture of a runner plainly shows actions that are too quick for the eye to see. Our present cosmogony is built upon the dissipative power of one of the attributes of electricity, that of radiation, the distributive oscillation. But what of the other, the compressive one, gravitation, which accumulates? Should not the balancing power then logically be found in gravitation? Gravitation could logically be the genero-active force which centripetally winds up the cosmos into what we call dense mass, as radiation is the dissipative force which centrifugally unwinds it.

Certain it is that gravitation accumulates and holds things together by its attribute of attraction. And equally certain it is that radiation distributes, and tears things apart by its attribute of repulsion. If gravitation could be suddenly obliterated and leave radiation unbalanced, the universe would instantly explode and disappear. The "expanding-universe" theorists claim that the u n i v e r s e w a s " c re a t e d " billions of years ago. What could have assembled it other than the attractive power of gravitation? Has gravitation resigned from its job? If in doubt one may ascertain that it is functioning as usual by stepping off of a

high building and observing the results. This cubic inch of wood was generated quite recently from many cubic miles of low potential. If the power of gravitation which assembled it were suddenly released by great heat the terrific explosion that would be caused by the return of this cubic inch of condensed solid to its cubic miles of tenuous gases would blow this building to smithereens. When astro-physicists discover that all systems are fixed striations of cosmic waves, and gain more knowledge of wave principles and the electrical nature of the universe, the heavens will

become even more interesting and these orderly structural relations will be safeguarded from such impossible inventions as the De Sitter roulette wheel concept of motion. The world of Science is willing to accept God, but only a God which could reasonably be the Source of His Creation. "But," say the theologians, "Jesus taught us to accept God through faith and belief." Why cannot Science do likewise? "No," replies Science, "Jesus did not teach us that. He taught that to an evolving people two thousand years ago, whose capacity to comprehend was less than that of children of today.

When greater knowledge of space brings to man a consciousness of the reality and dependability of space as all energy, man will then advance into the rst stage or tone of Cosmic Consciousness. This transition should be considered no more remarkable than other transitions in the evolution of the human mind.


The University of Science and Philosophy



A Mystery by Any Other Name From what the super symmetry conundrum physicists call the Cosmological Constant Problem to Galileo, people have been trying for thousands of years to name the place that holds the “secret” of life. Science has moved closer to defining where that mystery lies now that many of our most advanced minds hypothesize it exists in the vacuum created by the theory of zero-point energy. As for me, I have a different name for the place where all of the answers reside. I call it the Akashic Field.

The history of the term Akashic is complex, but the belief that there exists a place where all is known is simple. From the Moors to the Tibetans, the Hebrews to Indian sages, most cultures have contained a sect that knows each soul, neshama or atma has its own library of sorts that documents every moment of its existence. More importantly, they developed methods of properly attuning oneself in order to access this information.

Although the concept is ancient, the word Akashic wasn’t coined until the 19th century and stems from the Sanskrit word akasa, which means sky, ether or space. Nostradamus asserted that his ability to access this place, which he claimed to do through the Greek Oracles, is what enabled his accurate predictions. Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce are two of the more well-known modern philosophers who accessed the Akashic plane to further their work as spiritual explorers and healers.

By Lisa Barnett

knowin My introduction to what I now call the Akashic Records came at an early age. I was born with a spiritually curious heart, and as a young child, felt connected to something greater. Although it felt confusing at times, I had memories from before I was in the body I now inhabit, and I knew the bliss and peace I felt at times was not of this world. My parents weren’t religious, and although I attended services at a Unitarian Universalist Church for a while, I never found the answers to my big questions, like “why are we here?” As a teen, I began to read books by teachers like Baba Ram Das and Carlos Castaneda and was introduced to concepts like past lives and journeying out of the body. This knowledge, along with my meditation practice, made me feel a part of the Divine. Then, within six years of each other, two of my best friends died. I was angry and confused, and more curious than ever about the “WHY” of our existence. Without a satisfactory answer, I buried my pain in a successful advertising career and reckless lifestyle, which eventually led to a lot of physical issues that modern medicine couldn’t fix. I found relief in alternative medicine and energy healing and studied with a clairvoyant, who helped me to explore


my own intuitive knowing.

I found I could connect to expansive information which came to me as a wise voice with images. The information covered past, present and sometimes future and was deeper and more powerful than any information or healing I brought through with my standard intuitive healings. I worked with this expansive wisdom energy for 5 years, not know who or what I was speaking to. Then I met a woman at a retreat and she offered to do an Akashic reading for me and was able to label my wise voice as the Akashic Record Keepers. I felt like I’d come home. I began to study the Akashic Records and started to see, both literally and figuratively, that the universe is a like hologram; that everything we do here, on this planet and in every other realm or dimension, is recorded into the holographic light library – the Akasha. Or as Hungarian scientist Dr. Ervin László refers to it, “the A-Field.” Over twenty five years of studying and working in the Records has nurtured my understanding of how this information, or memory, is always available to support your soul’s plan. When I read the Akashic Records, I gain entry into the universe’s memory throughout time. It’s the same as tapping into the pages of what some call "the Book of the Life.” Since I committed to this path, I have worked with clients from all walks of life and am still constantly amazed at the growth that occurs from accessing such powerful and life-changing information, especially around family and understanding your purpose. One of my clients, Sam, was a realtor and was in business with his brother for 35 years. Sam called me because his brother had been very angry and was not speaking to him for over 15 years. As you can imagine, it’s a challenge being in business with someone who is angry at

you. I introduced Sam to the Akashic concept of a soul group – a collective that travels the time continuum for the purpose of learning and experiencing together – and asked him to consider that he chose to be related to the people in his family. Things began to shift, and he discovered he had karma, or unfinished business with his brother. In their past life together, Sam and his brother had been father and son. As the father, Sam never believed his son would amount to anything. He ridiculed him and put him down every chance he had.

Sam admitted he treated his younger brother the same way in this lifetime and that may be why his brother was angry with him now. After doing Karmic clearing in the Akashic Record, the Record Keepers suggested that Sam do the Forgiveness Prayer the beings of light had given to us all. Sam was diligent at doing the healing prayer and one day his brother walked into the office and said, “Well, sometimes you just have to forgive”. Sam told me it was a miracle. That is one example of how accessing your soul’s records can affect your life.

Knowing our purpose is so important to many of us. Sometimes we want an answer so badly, we overlook the value the Akashic Records can provide before we dive in head first to a new venture. When a client shared how exhausted she was after only a few months of working in a new business, I intuitively felt we needed to explore her Records before she continued. Erica had started a consulting practice to help seniors and their families navigate the healthcare system. In accessing her Akashic Records, we learned Erica had spent many lifetimes in service to others. This habit had crossed over into this lifetime, even though the Akashic Masters told her that wasn’t her purpose in this lifetime. It took a while for Erica to change her focus, to shift how she saw herself and step out of the role she’d played. Today, instead of feeling resentful for doing something she believed she “should.” Erica uses her creativity to bring joy into her life, and by extension, the world. I realize my evidence and experience are anecdotal, not empirical. But twenty five years of story after story, of seeing life after life changed from the information that comes from this infinite space, is enough to make me believe that we don’t need The Large Hadron Collider to access it.


Lisa Barnett is the international bestselling author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. She is also the Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she has taught thousands of students worldwide to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to transform their life, working directly with your Akashic Record Keepers.

With more than twenty five years of experience in spiritual healing, Lisa teaches these simple tools which empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health. Lisa helps you align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows.

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By Harvey Kraft


The present encompasses The present that was and The present to be The present that could have been and The present that could not be Because the now is Simultaneously The intersection of Cause and effect Where All is in one and One is in all A paradox in time The time between time Whose seeming ever-presence is The only realm of perpetual existence Depending on the angle Through which Its observer Chooses to view the present Ever-inclusive Ever-incomplete? Ever-recorded Ever-unknown? Ever-hidden Ever-apparent ? Ever-changing Ever-lasting?


The System I am a system Composed of systems

Change is relative As we compare What WAS to what WILL BE But so is the illusion of stability When IS appears to stay as IS.

Existing in a system Composed of systems

We live in a world of

Creating new systems

Comparative perceptions

Out of existing systems As I perpetually seek The heart of the system The source of all systems.

Via mental constructs We create between The bookends of gain or loss Wherein we struggle to survive Even though What we are really doing is Neither for the sake of THIS nor THAT. Relativity is A built-in sensory application, Endowed to consciousness To give us the means We all use to measure progress and Create goals To help us y Within the framework of What we are conscious of. Simultaneously Unconscious of the lion within, Our overarching Superconscious drive is the Program running in the background Directing an awakening To help us evolve into beings Fully conscious of our


Higher Consciousness.

“The Illusion of Time” The planet we live on Is hurling through space Which means we are all in Motion Whether or not we are Physically moving around or at rest.

As a result They were able to Comprehend relative Changes within the Time-space-scale construct Enabling Their conscious minds To sense context by the Measures of motion.

Since our global trek is Relative to the Sun and stars Our ancestors ingeniously invented TIME By ascribing Incremental segments To the measure of Our collective motion Relative to our surroundings.

Furthermore By dividing time into Past, present and future They conceptually Linked changes and trends in Human expression to The grand crossing of life Through these dimensions.



In ancient times

Observations of Relative Growth, distance, speed Re ecting that everything moved Gave rise to Mathematics As the language of deciphering Relative positions and interactivity, With which consciousness Is set in motion thereby Conjuring the Illusion of time, Mind in motion observing the Perpetual motion Unfolding in the Cosmic eld of form.

By Harvey Kraft

Harvey Kraft Harvey Kra is an award-winning American author, and a spiritual archeologist adept at interpre ng ancient mythic language. His personal quest to unearth the meaning of Buddhist wisdom has been based on a life me of research...he has been a student of Buddhism for forty- ve years. Mr. Kra ’s breakthrough history, The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama is the culmina on of his aspira on to explore the Buddha’s visionary scope of existence. Recogni on: Double winner of the USA Best Book Awards for (World) History - Non-Fic on and for Eastern Religions, plus a 2015 Independent Publishers' IPPY Award Silver Medal for best book in Religion (Eastern/Western), and two Honorable Men ons at the LA Book Fes val Awards for Spiritual and General Non-Fic on books.













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mathematics is the Knowledge of the ONE’S equation Music is how we play the ONE’S measure and notes in time dance is how we embody the ONE’S movement and rhythm

art is how we present the ONE’S vision, the full spectrum of his delight


our living canvas represents the ONE we pick to experience and express this Gift in this ONE life time ONE is no better than the’s all ONE’S creation and exploration revealing self to ONE another in measure, rhythm, cycles and time.

Karen elkins


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About the Researcher : Robert A. Nelson

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is a 10th grade dropout with no credentials. He established Rex Research in 1982 to archive hard-tond information about suppressed, dormant and emerging technologies. He persists despite the seeming futility of the effort.

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