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elcome to South India


handni is a warm and passionate woman

with a deep understanding of her Indian heritage and a gift for storytelling. Her innate leadership led to successful posts in student politics during her University days as an undergrad for Economics and Mass communication. Since then, Chandni immigrated to the West in 1996, and established herself as a thriving businesswoman with her husband and three daughters.    She is the ultimate connoisseur of life and its many splendors including gourmet food, arts & culture, fashion, history; her favourite activity is creating deep connections with people through the sharing of stories.

In her youth, she was a classical Bharatanatyam dancer, and maintains her strong ties to India  by staying current with the latest cultural and social development.  She is passionate to unveil the mysticism of the India that westerners have come to know through pop culture, so one may experience the immense history, spiritual impact, awe inspiring natural wonders and the tremendous cultural diversity that she is so proud to share.  Her myriad of connections will ensure the best of everything from where to eat, where to stay, where to go see and play to private visits with acclaimed Yogis. Acara Awakening is a project of love for Chandni; each journey is aimed to awaken your body, mind and soul in a stress-free and luxurious setting.  Join us for the next chapter of your life, you will never know what new insights, wisdom and excitement awaits you in INDIA.

Mission Statement To create extraordinary experiential journeys that engages all the senses in a deep and spiritual manner. An elegant and refined cultural immersion with elements of spirituality, wellness, adventure, sensuality and pampering, offered up in a gourmet and luxury trip of high class and value. Chandni is the friend who is the guide to her homeland and is there to overcome cultural and language barriers so that space is created for a deeper and richer understanding of India in a once in a life time experience that is transforming and enlightening.

I won’t take you on a journey of superficiality. I won’t take you on a safari or a bus tour or a simple hotel stay.

This is India, my homeland.

This journey is for those who want to resound with India, to tap into her deep springs of knowledge, enlightenment and truth. To bathe in her beauty and emerge anew. Taking a sliver of her and holding it in your hand. Each place you go you’ll take India with you.


ourney with Chandni to South India When I moved to the West fifteen years ago, I spoke endlessly about my beautiful homeland to my new friends and realized how much I missed it. My friends responded with great interest and a deep desire to experience India at a personal level. This grew in me a desire to be the one to share the beauty and magnificence of India with them. “ACARA Awakening� was born.

About Chandni  

About Chandni - background, & education

About Chandni  

About Chandni - background, & education