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Science to Sage I n t e r n a t i o n a l

Venus awakening

M a g a z i n e

Photography by Robert Leon

By Robert Leon

The Dance of the

Masculine & Feminine Divine

As a travel and documentary photographer I love contributing to the appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures and their traditions.


Greece Art is everywhere and living and being immersed in its aesthetic characteristics is a passionate way-of-life.

Life’s Love


...something about our inner beauty, the Atma, our physical bodies are temporary and how the beauty of this woman's soul radiates in her uninhibited laughter.

Istanbul Photography is a mirror reflecting humanity back at people to contemplate themselves.


Passion I'm passionate about the World and my life in it.


Rich Tapestry

I love photography because it's my way of creative expression.


light up the world My curiosity about the Earth and people has progressed into a mission as a responsible observer showing truth and beauty around us.

Lacandon Maya

...bridging that gap between me, being a Westerner, and the indigenous people takes patience and gaining their trust.

Sacred Spaces

Honoring the Mother

...I love the opportunity to serve a greater cause by doing my lifework and being a voice for Humanity and the Earth.

The SpiritsWarriors


Seeing we all have souls we can look at each other very differently than just looking at another person as a material subject for personal gain‌

It seems the only way balance will be re-established on Earth is with an enormous shift in people's consciousness that evolves humanity to respect each other and Mother Earth a lot more ...

American Legends

Robert Leon

I'm originally from Montreal Canada and I've been a professional photographer for the past 31-years. I started in photography as an advertising and corporate photographer and in 1987 moved to Milan, Italy where I lived and worked for 9-years as a fashion and advertising photographer. I am now based in Vancouver, BC, and shoot travel and documentary photojournalism projects for editorial and book clients, personal projects and corporate/ advertising photography. Robert Leon : photographer Email: Website:

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•The Dance of the Masculine & Fe m i n i n e D i v i n e

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Photo by Robert Leon

Venus Transit & Healing

Rober Leon  
Rober Leon