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to the inaugural monthly edition of FiRST - our research newsletter. As we head towards our REF submission it is exciting to hear about the dynamic research portfolio which, increasingly, is involving our research student population in publication. We look forward to hearing more as the year progresses. Professor Mike Cole Director of Research Faculty of Science & Technology

Global Sustainability Institute project shortlisted GSI’s Low Carbon KEEP project with Sustainability East has been shortlisted for a Green Gown Award in research & development. This KEEP brings together over 140 stakeholders in a regional network to tackle adaptation to climate change.

Research Student Conference 29th June 2013 Dr Peter Allen reported on not one, but three successes at this year’s Research Student Conference for the Visual Function and Physiology Research Group. Laura Monger and Richard Hollingsworth both received prizes at the Research Student Conference. Laura, a College of Optometrists funded scholar, is completing her PhD investigating Objective Correlates of Visual Stress under the supervision of Dr Peter Allen (Head of the Visual Function and Physiology Research Group) and Professor Arnold Wilkins. Richard is also in his final year of his PhD studies investigating Visual Function in the Deaf under the supervision of Dr Allen and Dr Richard Calver. Laura won 1st prize for her abstract and 3rd prize for her poster whilst Richard won 1st prize for his presentation. Left: Prof. Arnold Wilkins, Miss Laura Monger, Dr Peter Allen and Mr Richard Hollingsworth


FIRST Faculty of Science & Technology Research Newsletter September 2013

Dr Tim Rowsell furthers Teaching and Knowledge Transfer Tim’s research effort continues to focus on establishing a cloud computing infrastructure suitable to support teaching and knowledge transfer. The support of colleagues and ITS in particular has proved very beneficial in the progression of this work. Earlier in the year pending completion of this project, Microsoft, in a donation of facilities worth some $56,000, made their Azure cloud computing platform available to Anglia Ruskin students and researchers. The Azure system was evaluated by research and project students and was successfully used to support teaching in a new module on Cloud computing. Tim, with the support of Simon Daly of RDCS, has also been successful in winning two knowledge transfer projects both with i-dash Ltd. - a local and fast growing IT services company. Project 1: Low Carbon KEEP £40,000 on Development of Software as a Service. Project 2: Low Carbon KEEP £60,000 on Design and implementation of a low carbon data centre. Visit the Low Carbon KEEP website for further details: low_carbon

Mr David Kroll - London Housing Histories David, a lecturer for the Department of Engineering and the Built Environment, organised a conference in June at the Centre for Metropolitan History, Institute of Historical Research (IHR), titled: ‘Mobilising London’s Housing Histories: The Provision of Homes since 1850’. Papers from the conference, including David’s, can be found as podcasts on History SPOT at David writes: “I’ve been a PhD student at IHR, University of London, since 2009 prior to joining Anglia Ruskin. That’s how I got involved in organising the conference. “I’ve been looking for ways to relate my own PhD research about the history of housing in London to current debates and issues. With almost daily reports about the housing crisis in the media, our idea was to see how historical research could bring another perspective to the issue, as many of the problems are not necessarily new, and there are perhaps lessons in successes and failures of the past. “Writing the call for papers and putting the programme together took most organising, with help and feedback from staff at the Survey of London, IHR, and also Urban Lab, University College London. Organisation and promotion of the conference was much easier with their support. Sponsorship from English Heritage helped to keep the registration fee low. “The response to the conference was very good. We had to close registration early because the room could only take 100! We are now discussing options of publishing a selection of the conference papers.” David wrote his conference paper whilst attending the Anglia Ruskin writing retreat and was at the conference representing both Anglia Ruskin as a lecturer, and IHR where he is currently in the final stages of completing a PhD.

Jonathan Kimmitt, Research student PhD student Jonathan Kimmitt recently had a game for the iPhone/iPad accepted on the Apple Store which, as well as being fun, comes complete with a link to the source code for interested parties. In the first month it had around 1300 downloads, so we can look forward to some great game creation in FST in the future! It is now available at the link below (including link to source code for instructional purposes):


FIRST Faculty of Science & Technology Research Newsletter September 2013

An investigation into the reasons for delaying a hearing test - Dr Maryanne Maltby The UK has the lowest hearing test rate in Europe. Whilst there is considerable research into the reasons why people delay in obtaining hearing aids, there has been little investigation into why individuals do not have a hearing test when they first become aware of a possible problem with hearing. A questionnaire was developed in order to investigate the degree to which delay in coming forward for a hearing test existed and to ascertain the reasons for delay. The questionnaire was distributed by final year Hearing Aid Audiology students and completed by 609 individuals attending hearing aid centres in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The results demonstrated that there are numerous factors that may combine to delay help-seeking behaviour with regard to hearing assessment. In general, patients did not act immediately when finding their hearing had deteriorated and often took no action for a number of years. The interaction of friends and family members had a significant part to play in helping the patient towards seeking advice. The study also found that there is a need to address lack of guidance, support and information for individuals in the early stages of recognising their hearing impairment.

OWASP Application Security Conferences comes to Anglia Ruskin! The ‘Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) AppSec (Research) EU 2014 Conference’ is coming to Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge! Running from the 23rd to 26th June 2014 it will be covering most aspects of information and application security, in particular web security, mobile security, cloud security, vulnerability analysis, defence and much more. This means we will be hosting up to 400 security architects, developers, technology thought leaders, CIOs and CISOs from Fortune 500 companies and OWASP members. As well as covering current security issues, it is also a research conference so many European academics, students and security researchers will be present. There will be training tracks (paid), free coding schools, hackathon/capture the flag, vendor exhibitions and more. Adrian Winckles, Course Leader for Information Security and Forensic Computing in the Department of Computing and Technology, will be the Conference Chair.

‘Cloud of Things’ and other news from Dr Jeanette Chin Jeannette recently co-chaired the 1st ‘Cloud of Things’ workshop in Greece: The 2nd of these workshops will be held in Shanghai next year. Jeannette also presented her paper titled “Educational Living Labs: A Novel Internet-of-Things Based Approach to Teaching and Research” (peer reviewed) at the IEEE 9th International Intelligent Environments Conference http://www. Gary Scott, supervised by Dr Jeannette Chin whilst studying for his MSc, has produced two short papers, one peer reviewed and the other double-bind reviewed. The first is being presented at the next CoT workshop by Jeannette, the second has been accepted and due to be presented in September at the IEEE 5th Computer Science & Electronic Engineering Conference at Essex University

The results of this study are to be published in the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists’ magazine. 3

FIRST Faculty of Science & Technology Research Newsletter September 2013

Dr Helen Keyes, Recent Conferences Dr Helen Keyes, Department of Psychology, presented a paper at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in April 2013 titled ‘Don’t mind me: Speed of processing advantages for selfreferential material are not due to attention-grabbing properties of those stimuli.’ This national conference was attended by hundreds of delegates, including Helen’s undergraduate student Aleksandra Dlugokencka, who assisted with the collection of data for this particular project. Aleksandra completed her BSc (Hons) Psychology degree this year with First Class honours and is set to continue her studies with us this month embarking on a Masters degree in Research Methods in Psychology.

13th International Conference on Industrial Informatics The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has approved Anglia Ruskin University to organise the 13th International Conference on Industrial Informatics INDIN’2015 from the 23-24 July 2015. Professor Marcian Cirstea, Head of Department for Computing & Technology (also Professor of Industrial Electronics and VicePresident for Membership Activities in IES) will be the conference general chair, alongside Professor Luis Gomes from the New University of Lisbon, Portugal. Professor Cirstea is also general chair for OPTIM’14 - another International conference technically co-sponsored by the IEEE, to be hosted in Romania, from the 22-24 May 2014.

Undergraduate wins first prize at International Research Conference Olivia Turner, who has just completed a BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree with First Class honours, presented her work at the 9th Annual International Society for Equestrian Science’s conference 17-20 July 2013 (ISES) in the US and won the prize for best student presentation. The presentation was based upon her undergraduate project on the use of clicker training for horses. There were 15 student presentations and many were postgraduate students doing Masters and PhDs. She was supervised by Dr Mark Kennedy and Dr William Hoppitt; Miss Alison Northrop also gave valuable feedback and advice on the presentation itself. The title of Olivia’s presentation was ‘Exploring Clicker Training: a Method of Positive Reinforcement to Improve the Welfare of Horse Training’. She discussed two elements of clicker training - suitable training areas and time needed for horses to condition to the clicker, with the aim that it will encourage more horse owners to take up positive reinforcement with their horses.

Books Published and Available Dr Peter Brown has co-authored a new book this year on Ladybirds, a revised and updated edition of Majerus & Kearns (1989). Available online and in stores now. Roy, H.E., Brown, P.M.J., Comont, R., Poland, R.L. and Sloggett, J.J. (2013) Ladybirds (Naturalists’ Handbooks 10). Exeter: Pelagic Publishing. Dr Will Hoppitt, senior lecturer for the Department of Life Sciences, Animal and Environmental Biology, recently had a co-authored book published intended to introduce students and researchers to the field of social learning. It also aims to push forward the methods used to study social learning in humans and non-human animals. This book can be found in paperback, hardback and Kindle formats and is available to buy now. Hoppitt, W., & Laland, K. N., 2013. Social Learning: An Introduction to Mechanisms, Methods, and Models. USA: Princeton University Press. Other recent, related works include a study on Squirrel Monkeys and Social Networking and New Feeding Techniques Shared by Humpback Whales, details of which can be found on the Anglia Ruskin news web page.

Successful completions in 2012/13 Thesis



Angela Barry

“Towards a pragmatic description of dyslexic

Prof. Eamon Strain, Dr Mike Pake,


Daniel O’Leary, Dr Rachel Cook (Advisor)

Keith Gayle

“An evaluation of performance improvement

Dr Terence Lamb, Dr Alan Coday,

within public sector construction framework

Ian Frame

agreements” Dan Gordon

“The oxygen uptake work-rate relationship:

Dr Don Keiller, Dr Charlie Nevison

factors limiting VO2max and the implications for exercise stress testing in the field” Carlos Jimenez-Bescos

“Dynamic finite element analysis of hip

Dr Alan Coday, Robert Walker,

resurfacing arthroplasty and the influence of

Kevin Cheah, John Dowell

resting periods” Timothy Key

“Human leucocyte antigen and abo blood

Dr Peter Coussons, Craig Taylor,

group antibody incompatible living donor kidney

Andrew Bradley

transplantation” Zhenjun Li

“The identification of polymerized and oxidized

Dr Peter Coussons,

alpha-1 antitrypsins (ATs) induced by cigarette

Alison Thomas (Advisor),

smoke as proinflammatory factors in the

Dr Beverley Vaughn (Advisor)

pathogenesis of emphysema” Blaise Martay

“Insect conservation on created fenland: the role

Dr Julian Doberski,

of dispersal and habitats”

Dr Francine Hughes, Deborah Clements

Jonathan Ota

“Effect of hydrocarbon (crude oil) spills on the

Dr Sunday Nwaubani,

geotechnical properties of fine-grained soil

Prof. Munir Morad

(clay)” Berta Pacheco

Laura Sanchez-Parra

“SMR Neurofeedback for cognitive

Dr Peter Hills, Dr Neil Rutterford,

enhancement: the mediating effect of SMR

Dr Peter Bright,

baseline levels”

Dr Bettina Mohr-Pulvermueller

“Influence of biometric parameters and the

Prof. Rupert Bourne,

effects of laser peripheral iridotomy and argon

Prof. Shahina Pardhan,

iridoplasty on angle closure in caucasian

Prof. Roger Buckley

subjects” Colin Serridge

“An evaluation of partial depth dry bottom-feed

Prof. Munir Morad,

vibro stone columns to support shallow footings

Dr Sunday Nwaubani

in deep soft clay deposits” Heather Shorrock

“Optical, neural and perceptual basis of blur

Prof. Shahina Pardhan,

sensitivity and the effect of text detail in myopes

Dr Sheila Rae, Dr Ian Van der Linde

and emmetropes” Vineela Varikuti


“Further insights into letter crowding: the role of

Dr John Siderov, Dr Sarah Waugh,

contour interaction, contrast and gaze fixations”

Dr Ebi Osuobeni

FIRST Faculty of Science & Technology Research Newsletter September 2013

FiRST, Issue 3