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Advantages and Disadvantages of OEM Schwinn Parts Customizing your bike’s parts is very common in the UK, where a growing number of the population now cycles from home. When shopping for parts to put on your bike, you have two options. The first option is to use original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) parts while the second is to use aftermarket parts from a different company. Most people prefer the former especially when their bike is Schwinn. Here are some advantages to uses original schwinn parts. 1. They are genuine parts. OEM parts are created by the manufacturer so they are 100% original. These parts add value to your bicycle and if ever you resell it, you can demand a higher price for it. 2. The parts fit. All brands add something unique to their products to create a signature. It could be that their parts are an inch smaller than their competitor’s. If this is the case, there is a possibility that the parts won’t fit your Schwinn. This can make your bicycle wobbly and accident-prone. But if you’re using original schwinn parts, you don’t have to worry about the fit. Remember that they are designed with the same specifications as the ones original installed in your bike. And the quality will be just the same as the original too. 3. More parts are available. If your Schwinn bike is an old, or considered an “antique”, then parts will be more readily available when you buy them OEM. This is great news if you are someone who is very sentimental or are just thrifty. Most indoor cycling bikes are not replaced unless they become wrecked and safe usage becomes impossible despite the change of parts. So with more parts available, you can hold on to your Schwinn much longer. 4. Keep your warranty. Licensed dealers of OEM parts may be authorized to replace your bike’s parts and

you still get to keep your warranty. However, this may only be possible if your bike has been damaged within the period covered by your warranty. Customizations may not get you new parts for free. There are only three known disadvantages to OEM parts for indoor cycling bikes. These are : 1. They are more expensive than the aftermarket parts 2. They are not widely available 3. Selection. The main disadvantage to original equipment manufacturer parts is that they cost a lot more than the aftermarket products. But because they are made by the original manufacturer, they are meant for long-term use. Of course, the manufacturer has a reputation to uphold so parts will only match the bike’s quality. The second disadvantage is that the parts may not be readily available at your nearest store. To counter this roadblock, OEM parts have been made available online so you can buy them and have them delivered to your location. The third one is the limited selection of OEM parts available. When you’re using aftermarket parts, you have styles and designs to choose from. But if you stick to your bike’s quality and use OEM parts, you will only have a handful of options to choose from. Most fans of genuine indoor cycling enthusiasts won’t mind this, though. Spending on OEM schwinn parts is worth every cent because in the long run, you get a quality product. Think wisely. Please visit our site: KRISLYNN.NET

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