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Trial and licensing runs. SBB Passenger Traffic Operating – your partner for trial and licensing runs.

SBB Passenger Traffic Operating. Your full service provider.


SBB Passenger Traffic Operating has everything you need to have your rolling stock approved for service. Trial and licensing runs. With Switzerland’s topography, the right conditions for every possible trial run are just a short distance away – from the serpentine curves of the Gotthard line to a high-speed run through the Lötschberg tunnel. Our prior experience in this area covers the registration of a large number of vehicle types in compliance with either Swiss or international regulations. On request, we can also bring our experience as an official centre for trial and licensing runs to the table at an earlier stage, during the procurement process. The ETR610 is just one example of how state-of-the-art technology is prepared for cross-border operations. SBB Passenger Traffic Operating provides professional support at every stage of the procurement process, from initial specifications to fleet commissioning. Our services. We organise and plan for everything required to execute both domestic and international homo­ logation and licensing runs, make a requisition of the necessary permits, create a train path and plan and reserve your selected test routes for you. Our qualified staff – including test engineers and locomotive crews – will be on hand to help whenever you need them. The benefit to you. You quickly receive a well thought-out plan for your trial and licensing runs and we provide everything you need for their execution. If required, we also provide access to our workshop infrastructure or to technical staff, for example drivers or test engineers. Why choose Operating as a partner? • Proven experience in vehicle commissioning in Switzerland and neighbouring cross-border areas • Comprehensive know-how covering every aspect of rail operations • ISO 9001 quality management certification • ISO 14001 environmental management certification • OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management certification • Regular internal audits carried out by our specialist Risk, Safety and Quality unit • Regular external audits carried out by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) and the Federal Office of Transport (FOT)

Trial and licensing runs. Our full service portfolio at a glance.

Regulations and permits. We organise the necessary permits from the infrastructure manager and the Federal Office of Transport in compliance with the relevant national regulations, expediting your progress to the point where you can start the execution of your trial and licensing runs. We make sure that all the necessary documentation has been obtained and that all the necessary operating conditions are in place. Train path management. We work with you to develop a train path plan. Whether you need a route with plenty of bends, a mountain pass or mountain railway, long or tight corners, a high-speed run, or sidings to enable you to perform static measurements and tests: we can give you tips on which route will provide the run you want. Together with the train path management body, we work out a schedule for the run, order the necessary train paths and reserve the sidings. Test runs. We liaise with the relevant rail operating, industrial and engineering bodies to bring together everything you need for the following run types: • Test runs • Commissioning runs • Licensing runs • Transfer runs Want to perform tests requiring an element of technical expertise? We will organise workspaces at our maintenance facilities and also offer technical support. Qualified staff. We support your runs with qualified staff who assure coordination on board: • We organise professional and flexible locomotive crews to operate the trains. • We provide test engineers and equipment. • Our maintenance staff are on hand to assist you, either at our facilities or on board. • Our cleaning staff are there to ensure that your vehicles reach your customers in a clean state.

Vehicle security. Your vehicle is safe with us, both during trial/licensing runs and afterwards, when it is laying over on railway land. In order to prevent vandalism, we employ well-trained security staff who know how to move around safely in trackside areas. They ensure the integrity of entire trains, day and night – professionally, and with minimal staffing. If necessary, they will also contact the police.


August 2012

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