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Dannon Brief

Paul Schweibinz

Objective. Take a stand and propose band level campaign to change current CSR initiatives. Being transparent with the intensions of the company will ultimate yield profits. Lead Americans and clients to choose the yogurt product to increase their health and live a better life. Channels Setting aside a section of 16 pages in “Dannon Cares” section will not inform the general public of efforts aimed to change the CSR initiatives. Money must be spent externally not internally. A campaign illustrating the internal efforts such as interacting with kids would generate external awareness yet remain transparent and truthful. Suggestions Reach out to the government to receive tax incentives to promote health and lower healthcare costs. Again, the ideals and values of Dannon are positive so be transparent when marketing a new campaign aimed to inform the public of these efforts. Calculating ROI is a long-term progression that will pay off with a positive CSR campaign. Target Audience Children between the ages of 5 and 13. If the CSR is marketed externally to showcase Dannon’s efforts to interact and promote children’s health then mothers and families should naturally adopt the product. Again, being external and transparent could increase sales and revenues. Competition Yoplait. While there are a number of competitors focusing on children and health gives Dannon a unique selling proposition. Rather than focusing on three attributes (Nutrition & health, people, and nature) Dannon should capitalize on promoting children’s health. Current Thought Dannon is for kids but who knows how healthy they are, plus they seem very childish. Desired Thought I buy Dannon for my kids because it is the healthiest yogurt for them, I will even have one now and then. Rationale Dannon is for kids but the brand is linked to health and a better lifestyle, thus even older people can respect that message.


Current Thought Dannon is for kids but who knows how healthy they are, plus they seem very childish. Objective. Take a stand and propose ban...