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(lat. comma) segment, incision


Executive Director Wolf-Rüdiger Schwarz Agency PR + Werbeservice Schwarz GmbH Fichtenweg 21 D-41372 Niederkrüchten Telephone Phone +49 (0) 21 63 / 8 30 54 Fax +49 (0) 21 63 / 8 37 91 ISDN/Leonardo + 49 (0) 21 63 / 99 07 60 E-Mail info@schwarz-komma.de Internet www.schwarz-komma.com


Bank Details Commerzbank Krefeld Kto.-Nr. 18 40 222 Code Nr. 320 400 24

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V.A.T Reg. Nr. 102 / 5838 / 0080 Identification Nr. DE-120 15 69 62 Local District Court Mönchengladbach HRB 99 58

Concentrate on your core business - profit from our core competence: Communications.

W e are an owner-led, medium-sized agency. Founded in 1982 with the accent on core-skills press and public relations, we have since developed into a complete service company in the field of communications. We show our clients not only various levels of communications, but also direct them to „many ways“ to market success. As a result of this strategy our clients are assured of current markets (IS) and attaining new markets (SHOULD).

“We prove daily that this is possible to achieve”, promises

Wolf-Rüdiger Schwarz




(ital. profilio) side view, outline of adistinctive personal idiosyncrasy

W e are not the most creative, not the best, not the wittiest, not the largest … No, this is not the way we advertise ourselves! Our “lay-outs“ are also neither more colorful, flipped-out, hipper cooler, extreme, or whatever … No, this type of advertising is not our way either! Our clients say: “They are different!“

What do we do differently? Most of our clients demand turnover and optimised economy. They have already experienced that the “either … or“ (only advertising?) does not help them; and eagerly await from us that „as well as“ (Communications Mix)! As a “Full-Service“ Agency with the basic skill Public Relations, we link target group specific tasks to a tailored Communications Mix.

Client‘s advantage? A networked Communications Mix reaches more of the public and markets, generates maximum enquiries and therefore maximises the potential prospects / contacts.

Do GOOD and speak about it

Concentrate on your core business. Profit from our core authority.



the systematic linking of several separate contacts in order to bring about stability

Public Relations


<amer.> Public(ity) work, contact cultivation

Visual, acoustic, audio-visual broadcast (subject to charges)



Direct Marketing


Direct advertising message/dialogue between sender and recipient

<engl.> function, event with specific marketing pointers


Do Good and speak about it! Show presence, so that others know what you are offering and where one can find it. PR is to be found in editorial parts of media.

Here, provative, exaggerated and animated statements are possible.

Motto: First tell then sell!

â&#x20AC;&#x17E;Head cinemaâ&#x20AC;&#x153; for the recipient.

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Limited target group numbers in individual conversations. Directly contactable in order to transfer the message to the public/ consumer group.

Via letter, telephone or e-mail.






<engl.> Support, financing for advertising purposes

Various media types (picture, tone, etc.) combine to work together

Through professional arrangement and preparation of the event in order to awake interest in the public/consumer group.

The sponsor will, as such, be named, referred to and pointed out. Use each other.

Information presentation in the worldwide-web.

Meaningful experience: smell, fell, hear, see, taste

Restricted to patron, donor, endorser.

Increasingly replacing the classic brochure /catalog: Permanent updating, shorter information transfer.

First tell, then sell



Information carriers

Public Relations

Media (visual, audiovisual, print)

Press work



Media & Adverts

Direct Marketing

Mailing, telephone, E-Mail

Post cards



e.g. Seminar e.g. Exhibition


People, Sport

Sport shirts, sporting colours

target markets





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Your business

Return Recipient

Letter Telephone Fax Reply cards

E-Mail Download Visual Info







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target groups




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Marketing/Communications Mix


Public Relations

Direct Marketing




unicati Comm t concep

press group target tion u ib tr dis

onfere Press c

itors xt to ed Press te

te Up-da

Multi Media




motion Buy pro s article





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a Person

rketing Telema nted s in pri Advert media

er wspap ion ne Exhibit its Press k nels pa Stand s activitie Stand n gifts io it ib h Ex


ion bu


6 Months

5 Months

4 Months

3 Months

2 Months

1 Month

After the exhibition: Evaluation/ Analysis, Telephone follow-up, sending documentation, exhibition report


We are the centre of an interdisciplinary Network!


ermany is the largest economical area within the E.U. with 82 Mio. inhabitants. North Rhine Westphalia is the largest state of the federal republic with 18 Mio. inhabitants spread ober 34.000m². In comparison, the netherlands, approx. 16 Mio. inhabitants in 41.500m². The Euregio Area Rhine / Maas is one of the growth regions within the E.U. and is particulary attractive for foreign investors (small + medium concerns). In attempting to conquer the german market from „outside“ the great majority fail miserably.

The best route to success is called: Location Management Would you like to be present in the german market, in the heart of the E.U., within one week with: German, english, spanish, french, dutch speaking contacts, your own address, office + business equipped, phone/ fax nr., e-mail address, internet / website …? You need: Market analysis, customer contacts, sales organisation, logistics and much more besides …

Advantage: Speak to us we manage centrally



(frz. porte feuille) choice: Distribution of jobs between different disciplines.

[ Ëż

Your Company

Public Relations


Multi Media

Direct Marketing




e.g. press work, media consultation, editing, client / company house magazine

e.g. media, pamphlet / flyer, promotional articles

e.g. drawing up internet presentation, upkeep of internet / website

e.g. mailings, tele-marketing, call center

e.g. company functions, press functions, company celebrations

e.g. social relations, event sponsoring, sport sponsoring

e.g. exhibition preparation, building and personnel

Location management


e.g. preparation of offices, telephone, service, internet access, subsidiaries: registration etc. service

e.g. controlling, strategy developmentorganisation, financing, bank contacts, sales training



Tax & finance consultancy

legal consultancy

e.g. personnel recruitment, working hours, payment, personnel development

e.g. warehousing, sales structure + oragnaisation, I.T. implementation, project eastern europe

e.g. registration consultancy, salaries, bookkeeping, financial matters, tax declarations

e.g. checking, contracts, legal representation, trading rights

in cooperation

in cooperation

Full-House - Management



to work joinly to a common goal


General business conditions


he contract period runs ______ months from _______ until ______. After agreeing on the amount of work we are required to do and the commensurate fee, we will write up and send by recorded delivery, the contract valid for acceptance within 8 days. The commercial side will be dealt with ad follows: The total cost for the agreed work activities â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Public Relations work â&#x20AC;&#x201C; will be divided by the term ______ months. This gives a uniform monthly

payment. The invoice is raised on the first work day of the month and must be paid by the client by the 15th of that month in order to enable the agency to carry out the preliminary work of the agreed concept. All other costs due for PR and advertising, e.g. photo, litho, post costs, will be invoiced also with 14 day terms, after expenditure. This is further applicable to other agreed PR and advertising work which were not part of the contracted concept, plus any insertions in periodicals.

A termination of the cooperation must be made a minimum of three month before the end of the concept, by recorded mail. Should the cooperation not be terminated within the period stipulated, the term of the concept will be automatically extended for one year, at a cost of a minimum of 80% of the previous yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s business. The relation between PR turnover and adverts turnover must be maintained.

Contact us: +49 (0) 21 63 / 8 37 91 Thank you for the information. We are interested in the following options; Please contact us regading the following:

Communications Mix long term network

We have a single requirement:

Our contact address: Company Surname, Firstname

Public Relations



Post code, Town



e.g. press conferences

e.g. highlight â&#x20AC;&#x17E;3 Component advert carrierâ&#x20AC;&#x153;

e.g. company magazines


e.g. jubilee celebrations

Sponsoring e.g. german polo championship

Telefax E-mail Internet

Multi Media Exhibition preparation In Cooparation

Staff consultancy

e.g. staff advert texts, lay out

co. stamp.

e.g. CD Roms

Profile for Schwarz Komma

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