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oikos Newsletter December 2008

Dear oikos friend, we are happy to provide you with the second edition of the oikos newsletter in 2008. Have fun reading news about our Local Chapter and International activities. We wish you all the best for 2009! Be informed – get involved – make a difference! Sustainably yours,

In this newsletter oikos Newsletter December 2008.......... 1! oikos Local Chapter News 2008 ............ 2! oikos Paris: Students at ESSEC consider sustainability in job choice.............. 2! oikos Cologne: Lecture series on development cooperation ...................... 2! oikos Warsaw: Change your thoughts. Change your world ................................... 3! oikos Monterrey: Round tables on sustainability 3! oikos St.Gallen: oikos Conference on Responsibility in Higher Education ............ 3! oikos Reims: Organic food and sustainability books at associations' meeting..................... 4! oikos Paderborn in accession....................... 4! More Local Chapter news .......................... 4!

oikos International News 2008 ............. 5! Pictures of the European Future at the Spring Meeting in Oslo ...................... 5! oikos Awards for UniDiesel and academic solution to Climate Change ............ 5! 28 students from 18 countries coached at oikos Winter School ................... 6! Project Leadership Programme (PLP) will take place again in 2009....................... 6!

Katharina Beck President 2008

oikos Project Development Fund supports 8 projects in 2008 ........................ 6! 10th oikos PhD Summer Academy in 2009 ........ 7! First oikos UN PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy in February 2009 ............... 7! The Executive Board in 2009 ....................... 7! Welcoming Kim in Sankt Gallen.................... 7!

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oikos Local Chapter News 2008 oikos Paris:

oikos Cologne:

In Summer 2008, oikos Paris asked the stakeholders at ESSEC business school about their profile, perception and interest in sustainability. They wanted to know about the typical ESSEC mind set. One out of seven students, one out of six teachers and one out of five persons of the school administration took part in the survey. In total, oikos Paris evaluated 651 questionnaires.

The first curriculumintegrated oikos Cologne lecture series attracts over 100 students per event. The participants approach the topic of Development Cooperation focussing on sustainability.

Students at ESSEC consider sustainability in job choice

The classical student is a girl interested in sustainablity The most classical profile at ESSEC seems to be the following: It is a girl (60% of the persons who answered were girls). She is a second year student and around 22. She is more interested in sustainability than the average French person, she does a few things concerning sustainable lifestyle on her everyday life and is likely to commit herself in an organisation that deals with sustainability or humanitarian aspects. She knows the ethical and sustainable initiatives at ESSEC pretty well, and in her eyes not enough is done. She believes that doing more will be fruitful for the school: its image would be better, and it might make a little saving as well. Nevertheless, she does not really know how the school could have such a change done. But there is one thing she is sure of: sustainability will matter when she will get a company's offer. For more information on the oikos Paris survey at ESSEC contact Alexis Angot at

oikos International

Lecture series on development cooperation

Speakers from theory and practice The course provides a professional analysis of aspects, goals, methods and problems of development cooperation against the sustainability background. The complex develoment cooperation issues are presented by practitioners and scientists e.g. from the German Development Institute (GDI) or the German Association for Technical Cooperation (GTZ). The goal is to draw a realistic picture, identify lacks of sustainability and develop respective responses. Integration into the official curriculum The University of Cologne accepted the oikos lecture series to be incorporated into the official Bachelor-curriculum (Studium Integrale). Students of all programmes are allowed to participate and obtain BA-credit points by writing a paper. Publication of the results All lectures and the best student paper will be published in a book on development cooperation and sustainability. For further information on this oikosCologne project please visit the local website /projekte/ringvorlesung.html (German) or contact the team at


oikos Warsaw:

oikos St.Gallen:

Change your thoughts. Change your world

oikos Conference on Responsibility in Higher Education

At Warsaw University, 40 participants explored ways to improve sustainability at their universit y and in their daily life.oikos Warsaw organised the event ‘Change your thoughts. Change your world’ on 14 and 15 November 2008. Lectures and workshops on CSR In a 2-day set of lectures and workshops on corporate sustainability, students of economics and management gathered knowledge and experience in sustainability. The introductory lecture by Dr. Maria Jolanta Welfens from Wuppertal Institute, Germany, gave an overview on the current debate on sustainable development. On the second day, the participants further developed the contents of the lecture in interactive workshops. Anna Ritschel from oikos Bayreuth and Kate Negacz from oikos Warsaw led the first workshop. The leaders of the second workshop were Wolfgang Machur from oikos Hamburg and Agata Walczak from oikos Warsaw. The participants developed innovative ideas for implementing sustainability. Support by oikos International oikos International has supported the event through the Project Leadership Programme and the Project Development Fund. For more information please contact Kate Negacz at oikos Monterrey:

Round tables on sustainability On the first Tuesday of each month, the new oikos Local Chapter in Monterrey, Mexico, organises a round table on sustainability. Target persons are students of the Master in Finance, invited guests from (local) business and oikos students. oikos Monterrey is currently designing a new course on sustainability at their University. For more information please contact José Ocejo at

oikos International

Under the motto “Core or Elective? Social Responsibility in Higher Education”, about 80 participants explored the “why” and the “how” of integrating social responsibility into mainstream business education. On the first day, Roberto Artavia from INCAE and Viva Trust, and Rich Leimsider from the Aspen Institute stressed the importance of preparing the next generation of business leaders for the challenges of the future, since in many cases universities are not aware of what is required of future leaders. In the afternoon, universities like Instituto de Empresa, INCAE and Graz illustrated how they have integrated sustainability. Workshops for achieving change at the University of St.Gallen On day 2, seven actors from the University of St.Gallen initiated brainstorming workshops in which the participants worked on concrete projects to integrate sustainability into their domain. For example, the 2010 introduction week for all new students will be organised to the topic “Entrepreneurial values – the values of Entrepreneurship”, the curriculum of strategic management at the University of St.Gallen has been thoroughly analyzed and partly rewritten to insert these issues and a student initiative has been started to offer NGO’s a platform to have access to the students of the University of St.Gallen. At the 2008 oikos St.Gallen conference, participants learned about both the ideals of integrating sustainability into mainstream curricula and the practical pitfalls and challenges. The conference was a learning experience for all who attended and pushed the role of social responsibility at the University of St. Gallen. For further information consult or contact Niels Rot at


oikos Reims:

Organic food and sustainability books at associations' meeting During a fair of all student organisations at Reims Management School, oikos Reims sold books on sustainability and self-made organic food. The gathering of students assoiations was organised to create a spirit of cooperation at Reims Management School. All were asked to bring food for the event. In line with our mission, oikos Reims prepared home-made organic waffles, cakes and juices. To inspire their student fellows, the stand of oikos Reims also provided books on sustainability - in partnership with the store "Nature&Découverte". “People here are ready to come to our events”

More Local Chapter news You may find more Local Chapter news at or jump directly to the Chapters’ websites at chapters/

“We were recognizable, had a good idea with waffles and people here are ready to come to our events”, says Benjamin, president of oikos Reims. One of these is an information day on climate change and its implications on business. Repetition on a broader scale Due to the success of the organic food and waffles, on 10 December oikos Reims organises a “sustainable snack day” on both campuses of Reims Management School. They will again connect selling food with offering books and advertising the upcoming oikos Reims activities. For more information please contact Benjamin at

oikos Paderborn in accession We welcome a group of students at the University of Paderborn, Germany, as new oikos Chapter in accession. Find out more about their roadmap at

oikos International


oikos International News 2008 Pictures of the European Future at the Spring Meeting in Oslo

Curricula Change winner: Campus Climate Solutions

From 26 to 29 March, oikos members from all Local Chapters meet in Oslo for the Spring Meeting 2009. Under the motto “Pictures of the European Future – energy, emissions and people” we will explore how a sustainable future in Europe can look like.

The award in the 'Curricula Change' track was given to the project ‘Campus Climate Solutions’ at the University of Florida run by Alison Erlenbach. Nik Hove received the prize for the project that trains students in carbon accounting and mitigation options. Students thus training shall be ready to offer carbon services in the market, as well as help the university to comply with their commitment to emit less climate gases.

All members are highly invited to register for participation until 15 February 2009.

As part of the award, both winning project participated in the oikos Winter School, a one-week intensive training programme for student sustainability entrepreneurs in Witten/Herdecke (Germany). As they already have at least partly implemented their project, both agree that the Winter School has greatly helped them for reflection and future scaling up. As Ioannis summarises: "It is a fantastic experience. You gain a lot of experience, a lot of contacts and its great fun, too!"

For further information consult meetings/spring-meeting-2009-oslo.html or contact Kate Negacz at

oikos Awards for UniDiesel and academic solution to Climate Change The 'BioDiesel' project from Crete and 'Campus Climate Solutions' training programme from Florida win the oikos Student Award 2008. Sustainable Campus Winner: UniDiesel In the 'Sustainable Campus' track, the prize goes to ‘Daedalus’, the world’s "first energyautonomous biodiesel unit" that uses solar energy to process waste household oil into BioDiesel. A team of engineering students around Ioannis Sarantopoulos has come up with the idea, developed and installed the technology and set up a collection system for the household oil at Crete University in Greece. Daedalus delivers energy to the university since August 2008, an achievement that has not only been embraced by the University staff, but might also lead Ioannis to start his own biodiesel company.

oikos International

Winners participate at oikos Winter School

Watch the interviews with the winners Ioannis: Nik: award/student-award-2008/curriculachange.html For further information please contact Martin Herrndorf at: or consult projects/award/


28 students from 18 countries coached at oikos Winter School Marjo Hietapuro from Finland starts a project on sustainable consumption in her country. At the 5th oikos Winter School from 16 to 22 November in Witten/Herdecke, we empowered her and 27 other students from 18 countries to make their projects on sustainability a success. During the first days, the participants discussed sustainability issues with experts in the field from industry, the financial sector, consulting and media, such as Helmy Abouleish from SEKEM or Joachim Löchte from RWE. After the content part, experienced project leaders coached the international crowd in project management and giving specific advice to each project idea. In the final presentation session, oikos alumni and professionals gave feedback and tips on all ideas. Marjo and the other participants went home having a detailed perception on current sustainability questions with them and equipped with tools to make a difference with their concrete projects. Find out more about the oikos Winter School at ws/ws2008.html

Project Leadership Programme (PLP) will take place again in 2009

my project efficient and successfully. The feedback and coaching processes helped me to reflect on aims, impact and different ways of conducting a project. I can only recommend applying for the PLP 2009!”

Find out more about the programme at or contact Nina Hug (responsible for the PLP) at

oikos Project Development Fund supports 8 projects in 2008 In 2008, oikos International supported eight oikos Local Chapter projects by providing coaching and/or co-funding via the oikos Project Development Fund. Amongst them is a panel discussion on wood export from Africa (oikos Bayreuth), a solar panel installation in Clausthal and the lecture series organised by oikos Cologne (see above). The oikos PDF boosts the development of projects by oikos Local Chapters – by giving feedback on the project proposal, specific personal coaching on identified challenges and the provision of co-funding. The oikos International Executive Board evaluates the project proposals every month. Innovative funding mechanism The oikos PDF is financed through an innovative funding mechanism: donations from oikos Alumni are matched by a corporate sponsor, the GLS Bank. For further information consult or contact the international Executive Board at

You are an oikos project leader? Apply until 1 February 2009 for the Project Leadership Programme 2009. Wolfgang Machur, participant of the oikos PLP in 2008, highly invites you to be part of it: “The oikos PLP has been a unique opportunity for me to meet visionary oikos project leaders from all over Europe and to share experiences in the development of a long-term project. It pushed my knowledge of project management in a holistic way and provided useful tools to run

oikos International


10th oikos PhD Summer Academy in 2009 The call for papers for the 2009 oikos PhD Summer Academy on "Sustainability-driven Business Models" is now online. PhD candidates are invited to submit papers dealing with entrepreneurial strategies for sustainability, business models for sustainability, social entrepreneurship, corporate venturing and social innovation etc. until 15 March 2009. The faculty Dr. Oana Branzei (Ivey School of Business, Canada), Dr. Jeffery S. McMullen (Indiana University,USA) and Dr. Christian Seelos (IESE Business School, Spain) form the invited faculty. The 10th oikos PhD Summer Academy 2009 will take place in Switzerland from 30 August to 4 September 2008. Find out more about the Academy at

First oikos UN PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy in February 2009 oikos responds to the missing academic research and education for sustainable finance: Twelve PhD-Students and four Post-Docs from 4 continents have been selected to take part at the first international oikos PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy in February 2009. The Academy is organised in cooperation with the United Nations Principals for Responsible Investment (PRI) Initiative. Find out more about the Finance Academy at projects/finance.html

oikos International

The Executive Board in 2009 Katarzyna (‘Kate’) Negacz from oikos Warsaw, our new oikos International president in 2009, arrived in Sankt Gallen on 1 December. Katharina, the president 2008, introduces Kate, who successively takes over all tasks in the oikos office until the end of January. You can contact Kate at Kate is supported by the oikos International Executive Board 2009: Matthias Hermjakob (oikos Friedrichshafen), Frank-Elmar Linxweiler (oikos St.Gallen), Anna Ritschel (oikos Bayreuth), Johannes Thema (oikos Cologne), Marcus Tscherner (oikos Cologne) and Maciek Zyglowicz (oikos Warsaw). The board will focus on strengthening the Local Chapters and communication. Contact the EB 2009 at

Welcoming Kim in Sankt Gallen We are glad to have a new oikos PhD Fellow working with us in Sankt Gallen: Kim Poldner from the Netherlands. Kim pursues her PhD research on eco-fashion with Professor Chris Steyaert at the University of Sankt Gallen. Establishing an alumni network Her tasks within oikos are establishing an alumni network and guiding the organisation through the strategy process. For further information on the oikos PhD Fellowship Programme consult projects/fellowship/ or contact Kim at


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