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may 2010

Dear oikos friend! The past two months have been exciting for us with a lot of activity in the Local Chapters, oikos International, the Alumni and the Academic Network. Especially the Spring Meeting in Reims was a great success bringing together oikos students, alumni and PhD Fellows. Stay updated on our events by checking out our homepage!

Anna Ritschel, oikos International, President 2010


oikos is the international student organisation for sustainable economics and management and a leading reference point for the promotion of sustainability change agents. Learn more at

Newsletter | may 2010

oikos Bayreuth organised lecture on the DESERTEC project

PLP Kick-off Weekend near Aarau Six project leaders met, getting to know each other, presenting their ideas and discussing their projects. Two guest speakers were invited to give a practical insight into social entrepreneurship and share their experiences.

a h c l aprloca s o k i 25 - 28 o s r 25 30 e t mar p a h apr c 8 al c o l l a s apr o n k i Model WTO at oikos St. Gallen o io s r t e t a 22 p a n 12 - 13 h r c l e mar a t c apr o n l i s o s k oi “ I want to be sustainable” ko i o conference by oikos Opole The first Student Conference “I want to be sustainable” was devoted to issues of sustainable development such as transport, energy industry and spatial economy. 55 students participated, of which 26 held presentations, which were followed by animated discussions.


Fifty students representing all five continents gathered at the University of St. Gallen and Geneva in order to simulate negotiations of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the topic “Climate Change and Trade”.


going Organise Spring Meeting 2011

Application for the Spring Meeting 2011 is now open. Organising the Spring Meeting is a great opportunity to increase your chapter’s visibility while fostering your management skills!

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For the Spring Meeting 65 students from the oikos Local Chapters around the world came together to listen, discuss and work on the topic of sustainable marketing.


Spring Meeting in Reims

o k i o 9 - 11 l a n apr o i t a n r e Join our social network! t n i s o k i o l a n io t a 8-14 n r e nov t n i s o apr k i o 7-10 ed

Solar power produced in the Saharan desert should supply Africa and Europe with energy: Is this concept the key to solve our energy and climate problems? About 230 students and professors from all different kinds of disciplines came to hear the lecture by Dr. Frank Schüssler about the DESERTEC project.

oikos Winterschool at oikos Witten-Herdecke


The chapter was inaugurated as part of a thematic colloquium observing the World Water Day 2010. The event was organised in close cooperation with other institutions and counted a wide variety of participants from the university and outside.

oikos Graz met up with two trekking guides from the Indian region Ladakh who work for an Austrian company called „WeltWeitWandern“ (English: world wide hiking) to have an inter-cultural exchange and talk on sustainability.

Newsletter | may 2010

oikos International President 2011 elected


oikos Chennai chapter inaugurated

Workshop by oikos Graz on travelling

international news



local chapter news

Harriet Jackson of oikos London was elected the next president of oikos International. She will start working in the oikos office in St. Gallen in October.

Autumn Meeting 2010 in Warsaw



Presidents and Advisors Retreat for presidents and advisors of all oikos Local Chapters


going No chapter in your town? Create a chapter! Interested in starting a new oikos group? Founding an oikos group has a lot in common with starting a company. So actually, you can be a bit proud of yourself. You are just about to become an entrepreneur!

The oikos International Team is always ready to guide you through the process of founding an oikos Local Chapter. Please contact the International team at

academic news

2nd oikos PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy Check out the feedbacks, photos and the papers presented for the 2nd oikos PRI Finance Academy on “Mainstreaming Responsible Investment”. On the the final day of the academy, the participating young scholars and a group of finance industry professionals developed an international research agenda on responsible investment.

Case Writing Workshop at AOM Conference in Montreal Prof. Kate Kearins (Auckland University of Technology) and oikos PhD fellow Liudmila Nazarkina (University of St. Gallen) will host the second Corporate Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship Case Lab at the 2010 Academy of Management Conference in Montreal.

2nd oikos UNDP Young Scholars Development Academy in Costa Rica The second annual oikos UNDP Young Scholars Development Academy provides PhD students and young scholars (PhD rewarded in last years) working on poverty and sustainable development from a management or economics perspective a platform to present and discuss their ongoing research projects with fellow students and senior faculty.

27 aug 3 sep

a c a s o k oi c i m 22d - 27 e 6 os aca aug k aug i o ic m e d a First oikos Young Scholars c 31 jan a s 23 o k i Entrepreneurship Academy - 5 feb o jun c i m e ad c a s o oikos Faculty Development oik Symposium at GRONEN Conference in Milan

Want to know more about oikos Academic activities? research

The GRONEN Faculty Development Symposium offers a platform for reviewing key strategies how corporate sustainability can be integrated into research and teaching. Participants will share best practices and experiences from different regions and cultural backgrounds. The aim of the Symposium is to develop an overview on best practices and actionable know how for integrating the Corporate Sustainability imperative at the participants’ business schools and universities.

Our Movers & Shakers will meet again and you can be part of it! Are you an alumni and do you want to become more involved with the alumni activities, send an email to Kim!

Alumni in Zürich and London have been coming together over the past few months and in June, alumni meetings in Cologne and Paris will take place. Contact Kim if you want to organise one in your own vicinity!

Newsletter | may 2010 Register!

Local Activities


ni m u l a oikos

Jump Start! On March 28, during the Spring Meeting in Reims, we organised the first Jump Start on career opportunities in entrepreneurship. We will offer this seminar again during the Autumn Meeting in Warsaw.

oikos Alumni month During the whole month of November, alumni and Local Chapters will organise activities to bring together people, knowledge and ideas.

s o k i o ni Movers & shakers 7 - 10 os alum Find your match! ik oct o 10-11 i n m lu a jul s o k i o i n m u l a s o k i o

My name is Claude Siegenthaler and I am an associate professor for environmental strategy and accounting at Hosei, a 125 year old private university in Tokyo. My professional career started with oikos: as a high-school student I found a flyer about the first oikos conference and decided to attend. From there it was a small step to decide to study economics at St.Gallen, enabling me to join this group of like-minded activists. It turned out to make a huge difference: oikos gave me all the ingredients to grow into the sustainability movement. It provided abundant food for a thirsty mind, access to pioneers and thought leaders, plenty opportunities to develop managerial skills and finally provided me with a chance to create my own spin-off company in the field of eco-accounting software. Ready to provide companies with software and consulting to measure and improve eco-efficiency, I had to realize that most companies could not perceive the strategic opportunities emerging from sustainability, but they rather were occupied by compliance issues. So we tried to translate threats into opportunities and learned that sustainability advocates need to turn into interpreters, who passionately talk the language of organizations. After selling my business I am today back in academia and together with oikos I hope to advance our agenda from the niche of the specialists to the mainstream business education. If you are passionate about sustainability: Welcome! Make oikos your home and thrive as a change agent while we together make a difference!

oikos Guest faculty includes Prof. Tina Dacin, E. Marie Shantz Professor of Strategy & Organizational Behavior at the Queen’s School of Business, Ontario, Canada, Prof. Filipe Santos, Academic Director at the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Fontainebleau and Prof. Mark Starik, Department Chair and Professor of Strategy & Public Policy, George Washington University, USA. The event is supported by WWF, The Hub Zurich and the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.

alumni news

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We launched the oikos mentoring program three months ago and have already made seven matches! Do you want to become a mentor? Read more about the mentoring program and apply as a mentor!

Meet alumnus... - Claude Siegenthaler



Newsletter | may 2010

oikos Family Day In our last newsletter, we announced that oikos Family Day will take place in October 2010, but we have decided to realize this event in 2011. Keep checking our website and newsletters for updates on this event!



get involved

whom to contact on what



! ect

…on oikos in 2010? …on the Local Chapters? …0n international projects?

Anna Ritschel oikos International, President 2010 phone +41 (0) 71 224 2698 skype ‘anna_ritschel’

…on how to join existing oikos Local Chapters or support their projects?

Each oikos Chapter has a contact person for the communication with students and other people interested in oikos. You can contact them directly or first visit the Local Chapter websites:

…on oikos Debates on Sustainability in Eastern Europe and the Case Teaching Initiative?

Liudmila Nazarkina | oikos PhD Fellow 2009- 2012

…on PhD and faculty projects? …on potential involvement as a donor?

Dr. Jost Hamschmidt oikos Foundation, Managing Director phone +41 (0)71 224 2595

…on cross chapter projects?

Patricia Mesquita | oikos PhD Fellow 2009-2012

…on how to stay in touch as alumna/alumnus?

Kim Poldner | oikos PhD Fellow 2008-2011

…on member coaching and training programmes?

Nina Hug | oikos PhD Fellow 2008-2011

…on public relations?

Johannes Schwarzer | oikos PhD Fellow 2009-2012


oikos Newsletter May 2010  

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