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Planning A Backyard Wedding On A Budget Couples who are planning a wedding and have limited funds available can rest assured acknowledging that backyard weddings and receptions are very common nowadays. This trend implies great price savings for the pocketbooks of those who are considering joining their money, or lack thereof, in the future. With the proper planning and imagination, the help of appropriate event furniture rental, and borrowing and finding special party additions from family, yours may be a remarkable backyard wedding that isn’t lacking even if it’s on a budget. One of the most highly priced purchases in planning a wedding is certainly paying for a venue in which to hold the ceremony or the after wedding party. With regards to the season, you could easily wind up paying thousands of dollars for an empty room before even weighing in the price of food, décor, blooms and music. But if you choose to have a wedding outdoors in someone's fabulous backyard, or simply your own, you're already beginning on the right foot regarding honoring a tight expense plan. Food can be extremely expensive also, notably if you have a massive guest list of people you look forward to inviting. While a lot of people suggest trimming down the guest list, it's not always feasible - if this isn't an option, you must seek ways to trim expenses on food. Maybe there’s a rather new restaurant in the city that serves delightful Italian food but is eager to establish their business and reputation and will happily provide food at a discount to feed your invited guests. Perhaps some cousins or friends might be willing to help serve your other guests or man a number of the food tables so that you can spend less on a waiting staff. Finding buffet style tables embellished with bouquets or other decor makes for an elegant, refined feel even if the table is otherwise a standard self-serve kind. One of the hurdles with regards to outdoor wedding planning is deciding when to pinch pennies and when to go all the way. You can find easy solutions to save on the venue and food, but if you wish to keep your guests relaxed and the event elegant, think about spending a little more money where it matters, for example event furniture rental to properly and stylishly seat all your guests. An event furniture rental place can not only help you get chairs for all of your guests and tables for them all to sit down at, but also tables for your food or any presents you might receive. You'll be able to secure most of your details by asking if friends, family, or neighbors possess any items you can borrow for your backyard wedding. This plan might find you with bulk strings of lights, additional picture frames for decoration, and other items that people would be willing to lend for such an occasion. In place of purchasing a lot of drink dispensing units, you might manage to borrow several from a few different friends. Perhaps your next door neighbor possesses a variety of glass vases you could benefit from for flowers. If you know anyone who wants to be a baker, you may have the capacity to save on the cost of a pricey wedding cake. Perhaps you and your family can try your hands at baking your very own or you could always order a simple, plain white tiered cake from your nearby bakery and then decorate it yourself with flowers or pearls. One of the superb pleasures in a backyard wedding or wedding dinner is getting innovative and seeing the way to work with Mother Nature to highlight your fantastic day. Lounge 4 Events, LLC

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Planning A Backyard Wedding On A Budget

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Planning A Backyard Wedding On A Budget