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Parasites Believed to be Essential in Finding Cure for Arthritis, Research Suggests Who may have thought that gruesome worms might just be the solution to end arthritis, research shows. These parasites excreted substances that were able to reduce the inflammation, enhancing the overall condition and hindering the development of arthritis in some way in animals that were being tested, says a report by researchers at the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde. These parasitic worms are rampant in tropical places and scientists wonder why there is low

percentage of people affected with rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis in these areas. The answer might be the ES-62. ES-62 is the molecular component found existing in the bodies of those affected with worm infestation. With this discovery, scientists are targeting to make artificial ES-62 which may produce medicines to fight arthritis. ES-62 does not cause adverse effects to its host, and simultaneously coped with other infections too. Other studies also linked ES-62 to fight allergies, asthma, type-1 diabetes, and colitis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease which is the second most common type of arthritis. About 1.3 million individuals in the U.S.

are suffering from this, as stated in the Arthritis Foundation. The common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are inflamed and tender joints in the small joints of the fingers, legs or wrists, hard to heal injuries, eye problems, morning stiffness, insensitivity in the hands or fingers, locked joints, and others. Because the joints are distended, it will create so much pain. Mild cases of this may be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers to ease the pain, and in severe cases, surgery is needed. Several have yielded to surgical procedures to cease the torture they are experiencing. Sadly, instead of relief another set of complications developed. The metal-on-metal hip devices

caused severe pain, implant loosening, distension, and metallosis. More than a few orthopedic companies pulled out their products in the market such as the Stryker hip replacement recall. For further details about these problems, you may visit The study is headed by William Harnett, professor of molecular immunology at the University of Strathclyde and he explained "We will be focusing on mechanisms of combating hyper-inflammation that have developed naturally and with apparent acceptance by humans during their co-evolution with parasites."

Novel experiments resembling to this are surely welcome in the world of orthopedic medicine to

finally heal arthritis. Though there are medications for it, then again it is just designed for temporary relief. Rheumatoid arthritis devastated countless individuals and they are yearning for the time their agony will run its course.

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Parasites Believed to be Essential in Finding Cure for Arthritis, Research Suggests