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SIXTH FORM PROSPECTUS September 2021 Entry



Poole High School Sixth Form will provide you with a quality learning experience, enabling your success both academically and personally. Students’ achievements enable our Sixth Formers to confidently progress to the best universities nationally – 100% of aspirant undergraduates achieved their places. Our close business and enterprise links have supported students to secure highly competitive apprenticeship places too.

With over 300 students, Poole High Sixth Form is becoming the post 16 education centre of choice in our area. Students join us from neighbouring schools, as well as from within our own Year 11, creating a diverse and exciting cohort of individuals, working towards the same goal. Our ethos of high expectations and enabling the rapid progress of all, is embedded in all we do at Poole High Sixth Form.

Our wide offer of courses include: traditional A-Levels, ‘Applied’ A-Levels and vocational courses. This places us in an unparalleled position. Our facilities are second to none, and our student body responds with maturity and independence, in an environment which is ideal for young adults to thrive - friendly, caring and ambitious.

At Poole High Sixth Form students are offered a wide range of academic and vocational subjects to study. Students will progress from their GCSEs to A-Level, BTEC or National Certificates, all at Level 3. For those who did not achieve at least five Grade 4’s at GCSE, including a ‘4’ in both English and Maths, we offer a Level 2 pathway. This will enable them to then progress to Level 3 study with us in the future.

Mr Paul Gray Headteacher

3 sixth-form

PASTORAL SUPPORT The pastoral support on offer at Poole High School Sixth Form is second to none. With experienced Heads of Year supporting both year groups individually, students will feel a great level of provision to guide them efficiently throughout the duration of their time in Year 12 and 13. Each year group is supported by a team of tutors as well as their Head of Year. Our Sixth Form tutor team are understanding and experienced in dealing with the various challenges that come with Sixth Form life. With a structured tutor programme, students feel well supported and ready to take on their exciting next steps.

STUDYING AT SIXTH FORM Opportunities for learning are maximised through exceptionally talented, specialist teachers in every subject. Students in the Sixth Form are taught lessons in their chosen A-Level and vocational courses and allocated study periods. A key part of success at Poole High Sixth Form centres upon organisation and using this study time wisely. Students will have use of the newly designated Sixth Form study area, with computers and space to work collaboratively. Students should also expect to undertake around 5 hours per week of extra study for each subject.

On a weekly basis in tutor time students will have the opportunity to receive individual academic support, get involved with class debates and discussions on current affairs, meet as a whole year group to share a weekly focus, and plan ahead for upcoming events, while feeling a sense of belonging and companionship with their tutor group.


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Additionally, when students proceed to Year 13 they will be placed in a tutor group with students of similar career routes and destinations, as well as having a specialist tutor to support them through their UCAS/apprenticeship/ employment applications. sixth-form


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We believe that we are not only here to provide excellent teaching and learning within their academic studies but we also have a duty to prepare our students for life beyond Sixth Form. This is where our enrichment programme plays a big part.

All of our Sixth Form students attend “ lecture” style sessions with a specific focus facilitating our PSHCE and Careers Education.

We also believe in having a healthy mind and body so students will have PE and mindfulness sessions as well.

Poole High Football Academy is an education programme aimed at developing students using professional coaches. Now in its second year, girls and boys choose from the whole range of subjects on offer. They train daily to develop higher level skills, which equip them for local and national competitions. Their success rate speaks for itself!

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Beyond our fortnightly sessions, we also run two ‘off timetable days: one focusing on ‘forgiveness’ and the other on road safety. We also run a charity event every year. In previous years we adopted a guide dog and supported the Wave 105 Children’s Christmas appeal.



In Year 12 students will have two hours per fortnight of enrichment on their timetable. During these lessons students will be learning about a number of different skills they may need later in life. These include: financial awareness (how a payslip works, tax and how to choose the best savings/ mortgage product), learning to cook some basic recipes, understanding basic car maintenance as well as first aid.

Each session is run by an outside body including local employers. Sessions include how to: ’brand yourself’ correctly; be successful at interview and assessment centres; effectively network and communicate with people.

OPTION CHOICES SEPTEMBER 2021 Choose 3 x Level 3 courses and either EPQ or Core Maths (all subjects offered pending numbers)

Level of study

A Levels 2 years

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D




Further Maths



Computer Science






Product Design English Language Media Studies

Art and Design


English Literature Photography






Religious Studies Sociology

Level 3


Business Double

Business Single

Sport Double

Sport Triple

Football Academy (Sport Triple Sport Single students only) Music



Vocational Performing Arts Applied Science 2 years (BTEC etc.) Art and Design

Travel and Tourism

Health and Social Care Double AS Levels 1 year

Level 2

Core Maths

Core Maths

Core Maths

Core Maths





Maths Retake

Maths Retake

Maths Retake

Maths Retake

English Retake

English Retake



Foundation English Retake English Retake 1 year sixth-form




I am currently studying Maths, Physics and

My career aspiration is within the field of

Photography. At university, I am hoping to study

Physics. Unsurprisingly therefore I am currently

Sustainable Development. I enjoy learning about

studying Physics, Mathematics and Computer

the environment and I am keen to learn how as a

Science. As Head Boy and Coordinator of

society, we can live more sustainably. As a student

Mentoring I can say that without the continuous

leader, I will ensure students achieve well and

help of such excellent teachers since I came to

enjoy their time in the Sixth Form at Poole High.

Poole High, I would not be in this position, nor have such aspirations.

Stewart Adam I am currently studying Maths, Physics, Further Maths and History. I intend to go on to study

When I started my journey at Poole High, my

Mechanical Engineering at university. As a

future career was unclear. However, through the

student leader I am determined to help improve

quality of education and support from staff, I

the students’ experience at Poole High School.

was able to find my passion for the sciences. Not only did this lead me to take both Chemistry and Physics at A level along with Maths and Further Maths but it has inspired me to extend myself


to study Chemical Engineering at university. I trust that my infectious enjoyment will influence

I aspire to study Medicine because I want my

other students.

actions to have a positive impact on society. My chosen subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. I decided to be part of the Subjects Ambassadors Committee with the Student


Leaders’ Team because I am positive about supporting students’ achievement. Poole High

I currently study Psychology, Maths and

School helped me to discover my passion

Geography and wish to study Psychology at

for Medicine.

university. As Head Girl with a lead responsibility for Student Voice, I regard attentiveness to other students’ problems as key to my legacy. I am passionate about ensuring that all students around me are comfortable in the Sixth Form and I always make sure that they can approach me with any issues through the Student leaders’ Team.

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UNIVERSITY ENTRY REQUIREMENTS ACCESSED BY FORMER STUDENTS Listed below is what is essential for an application for a particular degree course.


Essent ial A Level (s) required:


Generally does not stipulate, although several universities prefer Maths

Actuarial Science


All Languages

Language being studied (top universities prefer a second language)


Some require an arts and science mix. Many ask for an art and design portfolio to demonstrate artistic skills. An Art or Design and Technology A Level may be crit ical.

Art & Design

Art or Design Technology including AGCE/ National

Business Studies, Law, Anthropology, Archaeology, History of Art, Religious Studies, Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Media Studies and Surveying

Universities do not stipulate any mandatory A Levels. Some Law degrees and Media studies courses stipulate English.


Latin or Ancient Greek

Computer Science



English Literature and several require English and/ or Theatre Studies


Maths (some universities like Further Maths)


Maths and Physics


English Literature (English Language on its own is not suffi cient)

Humanities – Hist ory and Geography

History and Geography at A Level

Management Students



Maths and preferably Further Maths

Medicine and Veterinary Science

Chemistry, Biology and either Maths or Physics


Music and grade VII / VIII

Natural Sciences, Materials, Biomedical, Environmental Science, Optometry and Earth Sciences (Geology)

Two subjects from Biology, Chemistry, Maths or Physics.

Nursing and Midwifery

Biology or another science

Occupational Therapy



Physics and Maths


Biology (some require a second science subject from Chemistry, Physics or Maths)


One from Chemist ry, Biology, Maths or Physics

Science Subjects: Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry

Chemistry plus another science, preferably Biology

Sports Science

One subject from Chemistry, Biology, Maths or Physics (some may treat PE as a science)


Most A Levels count. You require at least one subject from Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Design and Technology, Drama (Theatre Studies), English, French, Geography, German, History, ICT, Italian, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Physical Education, Religious Studies (Theology) or Spanish


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Wimborne Road Poole Dorset BH15 2BW 01202 666988

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Sixth Form Prospectus  

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