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“ This is a good school ” - Ofsted 2018

Blackpool Aspire Academy Prospectus 2019-2020

“ Academy Council members and

trustees share leaders’ passion for improving the school - Ofsted 2018

Fylde Coast Academy Trust We are part of the Fylde Coast Academy Trust. Our mission is to transform the lives of young people on the Fylde Coast and across Lancashire by raising aspirations and achievements. Our guiding principles are: To work locally to ensure maximum support where and when it is needed To provide a catalyst for innovation and problem solving To inspire a generation to be the best they can be To foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across our educational communities By attending our academies, we aim to prepare local young people for their future and to become responsible, honest, and respectable citizens. Our Fylde Coast Academy Trust logo reflects the qualities we wish to instil in both our students and staff, and the community as a whole.

The best we can be

PRIDE - A feeling of deep satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements AMBITION - A strong desire to do or achieve something RESPECT - A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements RESILIENCE - The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties INTEGRITY - The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles EXCELLENCE - The quality of being outstanding or extremely good

“ Leaders are ambitious for all pupils ” - Ofsted 2018

Headteacher’s Welcome I am proud to be the Headteacher of Aspire, continuing to ensure that our students have access to a high quality education. Blackpool Aspire Academy continues to be a vibrant, exciting and inspirational place to be in every day. We are fortunate to have the amazing resources available in our state of the art facilities but that is not the best of us. Educating young people is a privilege and a responsibility and our expectations for students are high. We maintain a sharp focus on positive relationships and respect, putting them at the centre of everything we do. All staff at Aspire are ambitious for all students, which is key to raising the aspirations of our young scholars. We have created a scholarly community where academic achievement is high on the agenda. This is of vital importance in ensuring that all of our students have Golden Futures. I am very proud of our school and look forward to building on the successes to date.

- John Woods, Headteacher.

“ Pupils value their learning ” - Ofsted 2018

“ Leaders have created a culture of exceptionally high expectations ” - Ofsted 2018

Golden Hours We aim to deliver lessons to the highest possible standard. Quality teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do at Aspire. We plan each golden hour to be challenging and engaging. Our teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic and demand the best from all of our learners. Golden Hours are tailored to the individual needs of our students so that everyone is supported in an inclusive learning atmosphere. At Aspire, our lessons follow the FCAT way, to ensure that students gain from every golden hour: 1.

Preparation is effective


Relationships are positive and purposeful


Learning Objectives are explicit and challenging


Explanations & Modelling are clear and precise


Feedback is timely and impactful


Learning is demonstrated

“Pupils are polite, considerate towards others and respond attentively to instructions from staff - Ofsted 2018

Golden Character At Aspire, we encourage students to develop important characteristics that will help them succeed during their time at the Academy and into the future. Golden character revolves around five key attributes: Leadership Organisation Initiative Resilience Communication Students will have many opportunities to demonstrate and improve these important skills so that they leave school as mature young adults, ready for the wider world.


“ Leaders have unashamedly

prioritized the promotion of academic learning - Ofsted 2018


Curriculum We offer a diverse curriculum that motivates and inspires students to be the best that they can be. Coupled with high quality teaching, our students leave school as young adults equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the future. At Aspire, we deliver a curriculum that offers a variety of subjects but maintains a strong academic core. We believe that there should be an emphasis on literacy which is woven throughout our scheme of work. We supplement our curriculum with Knowledge Organisers which students will use to complete prep work each evening to reinforce learning. Our curriculum is enhanced by day trips, residential visits, clubs and speakers. All students are offered these opportunities to enrich their learning experience.

“ Pupils are well supported in maintaining their physical and mental health - Ofsted 2018

Pastoral Care At Aspire, students are supported by a dedicated team of case workers and student services. We work closely with other agencies to ensure that our young people get the care that they need. We provide a professional level of care, so that our students are supported in their development into young adults. We want our students to maintain strong physical and mental health.


“ Leaders have built a strong safeguarding structure ” - Ofsted 2018

Transition At Aspire, we maintain very strong links with all of our feeder primary schools. Students regularly visit the school to take part in Science and French classes. We run a “Transition Week” in July, where all prospective year 7 students visit the school and take part in a week of lessons and activities. We hope that this will help them to make the transition from primary to secondary school. They will be able to meet their new form tutors and subject teachers and interact with the rest of the school to ensure that the new academic year starts as smoothly as possible.

Blackpool Aspire Academy Blackpool Old Road Blackpool Lancashire FY3 7LS Telephone: 01253 353155 Email: Office Contact: Mrs K Clancy

Fylde Coast Academy Trust Company Limited by Guarantee Number 08364709 Registered in England & Wales Registered Office: Armfield Academy 488 Lytham Road Blackpool FY4 1TL

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Blackpool Aspire Academy Prospectus 2019-20  

Blackpool Aspire Academy Prospectus 2019-20  

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